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MAY MAY29 09 291995 1905
i Partly pa tlY cloudy cloudy cloudytoaa OUdYto today toaa toaay aand y and 1lrh i d nto m mm m ti I FIVESECTIONS FIVE FIVES SECTIONS CTIONS I
UA tn U
tomorrow morro 1t
U G I 1 Directors De ¬
cline clin to Enter Into a
f New NevContract Contract
Mayor Weaver May Go Back
With the Ring Now N w Fight
Is Over Ov = r
PHILADELPHIA May 11a 2iThe 27 The fight
over the the extension of the lease of the
municipal gas sasworks works in this city to the
United Gas Improvement Company for
a period of sev seventyfive entyfive years is off at
least leb t temporarily
The struggle s truggle which was precipitated d
by the announcement of Mayor Weaver
that he would veto the bill extending
the lease passed by the select and com ¬
mon councils last week sv eelc was ended by
the annou anmourcement rmou ncement of the gas company y
that it would not accept the lease l nsc even
if it should be ratified
This hls announcement was w s made at 2
oclock this afternoon at the offices of
the gas company A A letter in which which the
company company tells why wh it has u ui i taken this
I r course and which was addressed to both
branches of the municipal le gislature l <
was was then made public
The letter l tter recites the history of the
passing passingo of the ordinance and recites the
provisions of the lease especially dwell ¬
ing on the theamendment amendment made in the
council providing for a reduction after
a certain certainperlod period of the price of gas
from 1 toSOcents to SO cents per per lCu 1M 1l O feet The
tact i ct that the movement to extend the
lease has aroused great public indigna ¬
tion lion is also referred to
Public PublicOppo Opposition ition
Continuing the letter reads
The manner in which whic ti tithe 1 the whole sub ¬
ject j ct has been treated indicates that the
community commun ity is opposed to any extension
of gas lease upon any terms
This being so this company is is un ¬
willing wjJU1 g tollC to accept Pt the theordina ordina ordinance ncee > ncewhf which a hich 1
I has ha ib Been en passed bass d ortoonter or ortoenter o enter w < iriib n l Cnnv ajiy r iy
contract cont ract whatever h lev r with the city eft look Joo Jook k
Ingf Ingto to lvariation a variation of the terms of the
present pr t lease j lease i
The United Gas Improvement Com ¬
pany p n therefore ther f r e begs be gs respectfully respectfl llto to t
advise councils that for the reasons
stated above should the pending ordi ¬
nance become becornea a law it will not be ac
vepted epted by b It
The The letter is signed by the president
of the company Thomas Do Dolan lan
Directors Surrender
The action of the directors In thus
yielding Yle lding to public opinion on the ques ¬
t tlon ion of the gas lease was only taken
after a long discussion of the matter
and an d dat at the express demand of Israel W V
Durham boss of the Republican organ ¬
A A conference lasting from 10 oclock
this morning until 2 oclock was held
before the directors surrendered Then
the letter referred to was prepared pr < purerl It
was addressed to Harry C Rausby
president pres dent of the seJ se1t sett > t t council and
George McCurdy president of the com ¬
I mon mon council
Senator Penrose President Thomas
Dolan of the U G I Company Boss B ss
Durham 1 urhum James McNichoIs and other
political po l tica lleaders leaders and followers of the
gas ring were at the conference
It is i understood that thlltBoss Boss Durham put
I his demand for the withdrawal of the
company from the fight in no uncertain
terms He referred to the state pf of pub ¬
lic 1 1c c opinion in regard to the proposed
extension extens ion and pointed out the embar ¬
rassment which the passage of the bill
has brought upon members cf the two
The gas company he Insiste d has no
right ri ht to put the councilmen who have
been the tools of the organization Into
the predicament of having to choose e
between the people and the gas in ¬
The defections defections s from the ranks of the
gas counc llmen were also referre r cferre d to
Durham Prevails
His arguments finally tlnall prevailed and
the the directors directolssurrendered surrendered Their capi ¬
tulation to the people in this instance
was announced in the l letter tter addressed
to the councils
The rhesurrendr surrender of the th company did not not
come however until the people pe ople had
given pretty good evidence that they the
would force the councilmen to defeat t
the ordinance or demand a strict ac ¬
counting counti cou nting g from the city legislators
f It ie h d doubtful dr + l1btfllI even ven whether Durham
would wo d Iu have ivetaken taken the stand he did had
it not been for the great outcry against t
the th steal
Handwr Handwriting iting on the Wall
The boss has never been noted for fo r
lying ing much attention att < ntion to the desires of
pn1la Philadelnhians l de1thians Had he not ot seen th the e
handwriting on the t e wall it Is doubtful doubtt i
whether he would ever have taken the th t
course cour e he did
The people p oople ever since s in ce the the nght against t
x the extension extem io l of the lease began have hav e
been working hard to defeat the pro ¬
ject They fuH failed d at the meeting of o f
the councils List week and the measure
went C1t through thr ough Without yielding to this thi s
discouragement di couragement they theat at once went to t o
wrk with wit r renewed energy en erg Determina ¬
tion to win in the end headed off th the e
final ratification rat1t1c lon of tho bill bill
Mayor Weaver became the center of
their hopes On him their arguments
prevailed He announced that he h < would woul d
N veto the hill In doing this the mayor r
broke completely comp letely with the organization organization
for the time be being ing at least
Eyen with the mayors pledge to re
ruse his signature to the the bill the battle battl e i
Continued on Second Page Pa e
1PyoM 1
Qy Qyo o M A I
i j wASRjhGTOC
THE fpyTATioiM I C NT a a
OF THE BuKTEAO u1f6A C py I Y Yof
OF ManuFAErux3 MANU 9
I I Ilu fi x 1
River Conceals Concealst ConcealsBodies ls Bodies t 7
Of t f Two a o Men 14 en Drowned vr e I THAT A AULE A ULE DO IT 1 g
> W Rf5 BOrtl WAi
Soldier Enoch and Coal Passer Massino 1lrassi o Sink
After Ma Making king Strong Efforts to Reach Rea h m
Places PI aces of 0 f Safety 5 aety f Jr1E DIPLOM1 ANt1tTAI S Er6HT rGHT 1
Two wo m men In in n the serviceceof service servlceof ser of 0 the tl e Untte United L l position Massino made every every effort effort to J
States were e swallowed s swallowedswallowed up by the East h c reach h the Dolphin Wh When hen he y n was s di ¬ I 1 r GE
ern ern er n Branch J3ranchyestcrdfi c h yesterday rectly in the th path of tf the Triton he he saw saiv C 0
As yet 3E neither of f the the t h bo bodies o dies es has h b been a he could not swim across across to to the Dol ¬ ENI END D OF fl flacross T F STRIKE i ST > RIKE RIKEAs R I K E IYTOt r
ned COKVfc
recov recovered eredalthough d although severas several al l hours were tir were Dhln phin and turned tur around to get on the 1
spent near the th scenes cenCs or or the e catastrophe t ophn other side of the Triton Tr iton Before Mare he
by b the crew crew cr ere of of o P the police POIlC e boat b oa Vigilant Yigila n L was able a ble e to this however the e side sideot of o f a
The The first firs t victim t ictim was w ass Private Private Wilburn the boat boa struck k him and ant i shoved him ft
Enoch t thirty years years old o ldnri1ember a a n a member memberor member b of o under the water V
Company E of the Hospital g ty tysital spital ptal Corps orps an and d When R heu h he he arose arose arose the swells sweUs from life te il e t
stationed a at the Washington t1ashinton Barrac Barraclis 13arraclia ks s tug tu g s struck k him In the face faceand f and U when I r
He rriva ri rid d isa wag iv g j0 rowing 1TS ne0 near ar the h o outlet o outl tlet Y of oft o the the e 1 last la st s seen e his mouth was wide open N It d So
James Creek Creek canal w when whenhis hen hen his boat boat boatcapH boatcap cap It His Is IB believed hIs his lungs lun6 gs were wer < tlledWi filled with WI ll Jl k + o
I sI sized e a arid 1dheWagdrownedbeo 1d he hew was drownedbeore drowned tie before beo = ore ehe ehewatcryhlcl1 > he l water watervFhieh St wa water watcryhlcl1 atcr terYhICl1 w which made mad madgillI mad ma l g111 ihi ili 1 tUylwd fsbody s lu bod i3y tQheu tooheavy t Dow ohea nes JOll111g No Noelinging N NJl a tJi11g tJi11gA l f b c Acteezc A Jt ll nipt T j Usl 1 rSJ sld s11 1 d T To 9 P11R P11Rr C r
could cou ldsv ld swim sn sv sm to shore to After rise ter after the t going g accident down town numerous n num name Uinerou eroous S boats ward Wal arcl I dS a a Settlement e ttl elnen t C GOMES O M ES 500 ft ftw MilES w I LES E WHSri WHE N lov OtJ
The Th e Second S econ d Victim v IC t un I 61iT G
were ee hauled uled out from f the th Navy Yard IL V T ff J3EAR J3EARwere AR
Frank J Massino 3tass in o a an Italian enlisted 11isted and a d two were lowered oa eyed t from the he Dol ¬ THEC
as a coal coa l lpasser passer on the United Untited States States phin Graphing G rapliP n G haoks r 1 ooks > oks were were used ed by THEN
steamship ste m hip Dolphin was x was as i the he second man man mu the sailors snflorsnboarJ abboaroarl aboard d the e ship shipand and an a atiter river rlv rlve e r FRICTION FR I CTION IN THE COUNCILS COUIJCI COUNCILSthe L S
+ n nn n Tn n hn + L n l 1 > I 1 r
to go to a a watery grave He was bath ¬
ing near near n ar the Navy aYy Yard bridge about t G 1
oclock yesterday afternoon when the
United States States tug Tr iton steamed up > I ITnltcd
the Eastern Branch Before ls rore he could cou ld d
reach rea ch the t he Dolphin DOlP hin toward which he
swam he was carried carried beneath the sur ¬
face by the swells swe lls from the tug and
drowned before the eyes e es of several com co m mrades ¬
rades and fellowbathers I
Although A IthOU gh Enoch was drowned before J lre
3 oclock the police were not > told of olthe
I the affair until nearly C oclock The l
po police lice boat Vigilant was was hastily dis ¬
patched to the scene of the accident
and dragged the river for several sever al hours
without success
At dark the search was given up for
the night It will be resumed this this
Enoch had been a member of the
Company E Hospital Corps for eight
years years and was serving his third en ¬
listment Recently Recen tl he came to the
I Washington Barracks from the Phil ¬
ippine Islands
Upset by Wash
Yesterday Ycste day afternoon he obtained leave
for several hours Upon informing the
boat keeper that he could couldrow row he was
given ghcnone one of the th small batteaus He
started off down the channel and turned
Into the Eastern Branch When hen he
reached a point opposite the arsenal
wharf near the outlet of the James
Creek canal his boat began to rock to
and fro because of the swells from a
passing tug boat
Enoch pulled hard on his oars to pre ¬
vent the boat from upsetting but but threw I
too much of his weight to one side The TheI I
boat turned turtle
He was a good swimmer and had often
bathed in water much deeper than that i
into which he fell when when the boat cap ¬
sized He immediately immediatel struck out to ¬
ward the arsenal wall and swam more
than Ulan half way across the river
Attempts at Rescue Fail
Several men standing on the Anacos
tin side of the river saw him One got
a boat and rowed to the scene scene of the tl
accident Before Befo rc he could reach the
soldiers soldl rs side the latter sank beneath
the surface and did not rise the cus ¬
tomary three times time
This is attributed to the fact that
Enoch had on his Kahki uniform and
shoes His hat was found floating past
the arsenal some time after the acci ¬
As Enoch was swimm ing to the s hore
he h realized that the wet clothes would
bear him under before he could reach
land He yelled lustily but no one
seemed to hear him
Those who witnessed the theoverturning overturning
of the boat endeavored to trescue rescue the
soldier When Vhen all attempts failed they
communicated with the th police
Mass ino Goes Swimming
Several sailors on the Dolphin sug ¬
gested to Massino that he take a swim
In the river about C oclock He had been
In the stifling hot fold of the boat all
day and agreed to join them shortly
after the evening mess Donning a suit
he plunged overboard and swam out In
the direction of the Navy Yard bridge
When h lie < reachest t the farthest point
cast he turned around and started
toward the Dolphin About the time
he was thirty yards ards from the boat the
Triton steamed up the Eeastern brcnch
having tugged several barges to In ¬ I
dian Head earlier In n the afternoon I
Realizing that he was In a perilous
men mcnalso also dragged the stream for the
body but without success After
working until dark the men gave up
the search and communicated w with ith po po ¬
licemen at the Harbornuster8 office
The crew will nl start out finis morning
to drag for both bodies at the same sar ne
time as the scenes of the drowning
are toot more than a city block apart
Justice Harlan One of the Counsel to
Prevent Legal Entanglements
of Consolidation
WINONA LAKE Ind May Ma 27 27The The
Presbyterian general assembly ended at
noon today The lawyers la w crs named to pre ¬
vent any legal entanglements in the
consolidation with the Cumberland
branch include Justice Harlan of the th e
United States Supreme Court C urt
The only important measure that was
Lrought before the assembly was the th
holding over until next year ear of the re ¬
quests of the South and East Florida
presbyteries to establish white synods s
in these districts Only colored synods s
arc there now Final reports of minor r
Importance importance wert wei read before the as
st simbly mbly adjourned
Detective Tyser last night arreste arrested d
James Bodine living on the Conduit t
road on a charge of petty larceny
Tyser says sns he caught the young man ma n
in thff th s sact act of stealing a bicycle be ¬
longing to Harry Cameron a member r
of the Hospital Corps of the Unite United d
States stationed at the Washington ashlngton n
Tyser was on his way to Police e
Headquarters when he saw Bodine e
walk to the curb look at Camerons g
bicycle and then walk to the shadow v
of a building where he watched the th e
r machine achlne for some som moments He then the n
suddenly rushed to the wheel and
shoving it in front of him dashed
down Sixth street from Louisiana Louh iana > ave ¬
nue Cameron then appeared upon th the e
scene and shouted Hef H He V Catch that
man with my wheel
Tyser gave chase and caught cau ht Bodine +
who was led to Police Headquarters Hea quarters
Before going up the steps he sudden ¬
ly began to cry and defied defted18er Tyser t to o
take him Into the building
Bodine turned upon the detective dCl < cthc it i t
Is said and dealt him a vicious blow v
in the mouth He was not charred d
with assault however but was sent Ben t to t o
the Sixth precinct station whore he h e
will be held until tomorrow morning
w hen he will be given a hear hCil rlng ing fe in the e
Police Court
SI775 1775To To Atlanta and Return Return41775 1775 5
Via Southern Rwy June 4 and 5 final 1
limit of tickets June 15 1905 account t
Muster rHster Plumbers Association Appiv Appl
Southern Rwy otficcSAdv offices Adv
Much Trouble in Streets at Var Various ious
Points PointsSteamer Steamer Stoned From j
a a Bridge
CHICAGO May 27 27Sofar 27So So far as ef ¬
forts to bring about a settlement of
the great teamsters strike are con ¬
cerned nothing was done today The
executive council of the Teamsters In ¬
ternational Council spent a large part
of the day In endeavoring to arrange
the dispute between the Iron teamsters
and Iron workers regarding jurisdic ¬
tion which threatens the loss of finan ¬
cial aid from the Building Trades
This evening members of the coun ¬
cil expresed txpres d themselves as confident
that the matter will be straightened
out by Monday
There 11 ere was a great dea l of street
trouble and two new features were In ¬
troduced troducedone one when a woman wo man was ar ¬
rested for leading a mixed mob and as ¬
saulting an officer with a brick and the
other when a crowd of strike str ike sympa ¬
thizers gathered at the apprcachna apprcache Jl Oa
bridge and stoned a steamer carrying a a
load of lumber to an unfair dock
Several Persons Clubbed
Several persons were clubbed severe ¬
ly by the police in the squabbles suabbl B and a
few patrolmen were painfully but not
seriously injured
At Thirtyfifth 1hirt tirth and Morgan streets to ¬
day a crowd of 500 Including a large
number of women attacked attacl ed a wagon
driven by a nonunion man and a fierce
fight followed A riot call brought
many officers ol cel and the crowd erowdwas was charged
vigorously A 1 number were arrested l
Including inclu ing Mrs Margaret Corcoran who
had been a leader and had knocked kno < kcd Of
Jlcer Dresslers helmet off with a brick
and cut his scalp
Later in the day the lumber steamer
Oregon while passing through the Ar ¬
cher avenue draw was pelted with all
kinds of missiles by a couple of hun ¬
dred rioters who stood on the ap ¬
proaches at either end
First Mate MeConnell who was at
the whoel wh < cl suffered a fractured arm
from a brick which hit him Captain
Elliott escaped He had noticed the
crowd before reaching the bridge and
warned the t he crew to hide themselves be ¬ I
neath the piles of lumber on dock
A blockade at Market and Randolph I IA
streets resulted In a serious row in
which many Toan arrests were made and
several were severely cut and bruised
Mayer Goes to New York
Levy Le Mayer attorney attorn e for the Employ ¬
ers Association and the express com ¬
panies left hurriedly for NewYork Ne Net work to ¬
day da after several conferences over o over er the
long distance telephone It was said
that he had ha 1 been talking with Sena ¬
tor Platt but he refused to atllrm this
Do not raise any false hopes in the th <
breasts of the express drivers said I Ibreasts
Mr Ir Mayer layer as uni unted ted he boarded boat boatf f dtd the Twentieth
Century Limited L1n i A statement that
pressure has been exerted to get the
express companies to modify their po
s ltioiu is untrue I know that the ir po ¬
sition is utterly Irrevocable I am go
Ing to New York on professional busi ¬
ness the nature of which I shall cer cer cer ¬
tainly tain not disclose at this time I I am
not going down for the purpose of di ¬
rectly recti or indirectly influencing the U e ex ¬
press officials to recede a hiiirsbreadth
from from rom their position
D Operator er at t Navy RVY Yard Ya rd Be ¬
comes Eavesdropper Eav esdropper
Remarkable Results Achieved by In ¬
strument in Operation Here
in Washington Was hington
Will you please give me that mes ¬
sage you said you got from Ports ¬
mouth this afternoon I I forget to get
a copy of this Pg PG PG
This message came clicking into the
wireless telegraph office of the Wash ¬
ington Navy NavyYurd Yard the other day It
caused the usually Imperturbable wire ¬
less operator Mr Bean to jump to his ilis
feet Great goodness he exclaimed
to one of f his friends in the office did
you hc hear r how clear that message came
It was Boston Navy Nav Yard and Thath
cers Island talking 500 miles off Our
instrument got In on the circuit That
was a long distance call all right
This lhl Incident is only m mily ily one of the many
that have occurred at the Washington ashIngton
Navy Yard recently recentl us showing the tre tre ¬
mendous area way which the Instru ¬
ment Is covering All sorts of stray bits
of o conversation are floating into the
little office at the southeast end of the
Navy Yard where Operator Bean holds
forth v
Becomes an Eavesdropper
Bean Is not by b inclination an eaves
dropper but in these days day when a man
i is in charge of a wireless instrument
he overhears much talk floating through
the air that ordinary mortals do not
know about It is the business of the
operator op rator to watch the Instrument every
moment of the day and a record is kept
of the long distance calls
Recent ° there have been some mar ¬
velous results obtained with the ap ¬
paratus at the Washington station The lb
naval officers stationed there are be ¬
ginning to hope that the instrument
will surpass all others In Its range and
In accordance with this theory plans
have ha ve been made to enlarge the scope
of the station sta tIon
The wireless wlrel ss station is now located
at the powerhouse pow Qrhous The two tall smoke ¬
stacks are utilized to hold tho appar ¬
atus which is elevated levnte to a distance of
185 feet Very soon It is planned to
move the 9filce office 500 feet away and
another mast ma st 200 feet high will be put
up and will be used in connection with
the east chimney of the new power ¬
house Between these two structures
the plant will be strung
Long Distance Calls
An officer connected with the wireless
system at the Navy Nay Yard said yester ¬
Vc consider it nothing at all now to
receive messages three and tour our hundred
miles on art In fact live hundred mile
messages drift in often and are quite
distinct We Ve expect however to im m ¬
prove the th present IHes nt apparatus There Is
no calculating how fur we will then be
able to send 8 send nd and an receive dispatches It
may eeem put out of reason rea on to say so but
we confidently cOl1tld mt1y expect to have the ap ¬
paratus in such shape eventually cntually that
Porto Rico will not be too far distant for
us to reach it and Uncle Sam here in
Washington athlngton may converse converl C with the in ¬
habitants of his hlstarthce fartherest t island pos
session > of this hemisphere
Party From FrOlllFatherlanfl Fathe Fatherland rlalld to t a
Visit Capital Capital
rheyWill hey Will There Compete for for Pr Prizes izes ize s
Offered at International Gym o °
nastic Festival
All German citizens c ttlzen s of Washington Was hington
Saengerbund Saeng rbund the Columbia Turn Tur n
Verelnand and other societies societies are pre ¬
to give a grand reception to a
of representative athletes from fro m
German Empire who will pass pas s
the Capital June 15 on their them r
to Indianapolis to participate in ii n
twentyninth International Gym ¬
Festival Festivalwhich which is to be held in 1 n
city June 2126 126 J +
President Roosevelt will receive the th e
from over the sea at noon o on n
the day of their visit to Washington Was iningto n
the balance lJ balance lance of the day will be de ¬
voted to most lavish entertainment of o f
s sturdy turdy sons of the Fatherland
George W Spier has was been chosen as a
of the committee on enter ¬
and he will name his fellow v
during the present week wee k
two hours last night Mr Spier Spi r
donations toward the expen expense s e
tctulmsr tctulmgrrore more than S OO and an
is proposed prop sed to swell this amount to t o
1000 1000 before before the arrival of the day da
Invited by Turner Bund
The invitation which brings the rep ¬
e athletes over the the thespa spa was tva s
by the North American American Tumor r
un which consists of 400 societies s
lth a membership of about a bout 40000 Ger ¬
mauAm rlcans all over the United d
The eleven men who will strive SU suit < C
their th their lr brethren on this side sl e of o f
Atlantic for the valuable prics ttriuc s
as are always offered at these thee e
were chosen from the bOOOOO I OlfO 10
who compose 7500 local societies i in n
ermany and the team represents rer > resent the th e
of the young oung manhood of Ger ¬
That the team Is purely amateur is s
lest indicated by scanning the list as t s
George Bade Ba de < a clerk clerkcity city gas office
Hanover Henry HJnr Berger merchant t
runkfortontheMaln ranl fortonth fortontheAlain Ialn Theodore Brand
merchant tailor Kiel Carl Cu rl
teacher te chcr Berlin Julius Keyl
at law Munich Herman n
uhr college professor Leipzig Lelpzlg Au ¬
Mayer Ma er merchant Stuttgart
dolli h Schirmer bank clerk Pforz ¬
Frederick Wolf Volrsurveyor surveyor Han ¬
r Prot Proto o Kossaff teacher Berlin
ll Weller merchant Crlminstschan
In charge char e of team Prof Fr Kessler
lircctoroC of the Royal Academy cadem of Phy ¬
Cultnre Stuttgart Stutt arto
War and Navy Depart ¬
ment mentOpen Open All Night
Expectin Expe tin g gN News ews s
Togo Well In formed of the
Enemys nemys SituationCony Situation Con ¬
f fidence dence of ofOfflciaIs Officials
TOKYO TOKYO 3iay May fa 27 27520 520 55 c a m mThrough Through ¬
out the night the lights have burned at
the war and navy navy nav departments and
high hig chiefs of the bure bureaus aus have met in
secret conclave conela conclave ye and J1a Jmave ave ye discussed the
probable outcome of the naval battle b tt1
which perhaps has already been be en n fought
or or oris is at the furthest but a a few hours
Whatever VJ1atev rncws news has been received la
a asecretcarefuIIy secret carefully guarded Nor will
the searchlight of of publicity be thrown
on the happenings of the tlr nlg night ht until unt1 ab ¬
solute news shall come come from the com corn ¬
mander mandcrof of the Japanese apan s le fleet t
Censorship Strict
The censorship is is the strictest since
the war began It is reported that that all
ircoming cable messages arc held he ldd up
and will be detained at the receiving 1
station until stamped by the censor censor
The rheon only thing officially admitted by
the Japanese officials is that the th maIn
fleet fi et of the t he Russians Rus5i ns flying fly ing the flag of
a vice admiral adm i iral ral was on Saturday
steaming in two columns co lumns through the th
Tsu Tsu Shima straits with flotillas 1 otlll as of tor tor ¬
pedo craft c aftin in front and an4In in the rear
The battleships were in the van while whi1
behind b hind them came the the armored cruisers
the volun volu nteer teer f er fleet and the colliers The
rear rear was w as brought up by two two battleships
All AllJar larger er vessels veselshse have ha ve been be n cleared
for action act1o n Their torpedo torpe do nets are down
Togo Well Infor Informed Ihfo r ned
No one kpows where the Japanese beet
was wa s at that time nor what was the
intention of of time the admiral commanding co mandirrg
It It is certain he wa was s fully cognizant of of
> tits thewYier wfiereabo w hereabouts 1fo ut t5of m Of the enemy and the
disposition dlspO itiou of his forces
If a battle has been b cn fought to tought ught or oreYerl or even even if
there has been preliminary skirmishing
between ctween the thcadyance advance guard of o f the Rus nu
fsiaris signs and the the Japanese Japan ese scout ships ship ships
that tlillf fact Is a closely guarded secret
History Is being bein g gmade made at at the the present
moment The curtain must remain dow dowl dowl > > i
until Japan decides to raise ra5eit it or a
shipload of wounded reaches a neutral J
In In unofficial quarters it is believed
that the res result ult of o f the fight fight will be
favora favorable ble to Japan No one cares cares to
hazard any guesses guesses until the govern ¬
ment gets ready read to issue is sue a astaooment statement
Certain it is i that the attitude of the
officials oflic ia ls is most con confident fident far from
being that thatol of men men apprehens ive e of re re
ceiving bad news news new i
Excitement in City
Not since the breaking out of of the
war has has there been so much suppressed
excitement and anxiety atLie tY tYin in this city as ls
prevails this morning
Throughout the night there there have been een
many rumors in circulation circ ulation to the ef ¬
fect that the fleets of Admir Admirals dla Togo
and Rogestvensky R gestyenskyhad had met in battle
and that one oneal or the other had been Yic vic ¬
torious toriousWhile tor ious While these rumors had the the ef ¬
fect of stirring stirr ing the people as they the se l ¬
dom have been b en stirred before none of
them could be verified nor have they
apparently any confirmation at the
navy department
At t midnight one of the leading offi ¬
cials of the Japanese governm government nt gave
assurance that up to that time no word
had been receit received ed from Admiral Togo
He added adde d in in leaving however signifi ¬
cantly cantl
Wa V cannot tell now what 1 moment
may may bring br bri ing i ng forth We are ar waiting for
Battle Expected at Once
This Thi remark was pregnant with mean ¬
I ing inn tn inasmuch as the Japanese fleet i9 is 1
i equipped eQ eQi i ppe1 with wireless telegraphy and
word of a battle would come so soon on as
the fleets ne ts met met It is 13 i l believed be lieved that either
during durin Saturday or Sunda Sunday nights an
attack attac by 1 y destroyers destro ers und torpedo ta pedo craft
on the Russian l usstnn fleet may ma ma be be expected
Rogtstvensky confident in his
strength stren th is making a bold movement
through the eastern Tsushima channel c hannel
and apparently is desirous of reaching
I the lw su a of Japan Ja pan by the easiest easiestrouto route route
regardless of the plans of 0 the Japanese JIP anse
I Should he gain his po int and an d be b < unop ¬
posed he can be depended on to cut
the Japanese lines of of commun nication ication
I and interefere with the theland thelandlocked landlocked ocked bar
burs bJ whore yh le the Japanese transports r nsports are ar e
landing landing ng troops at will at at the th present
time f
I However it can be stated upon the
highest authority that this will not no t be b
the case The Japanese squadron left
r its base ba in the Elliott I mott islands some
days ago and all of the heavy armed
ships under Admiral dmiral l Togo are with the
Mo1nentous Momentous news can be look loomed ed for at
a moments m ments notice Japanese a anes experts exp r15
will be greatly gxe tly surprised unjri ed If the out o it ¬
come come is s not ne t the tota total lanniltilrttian l annihilation of the
enemys fleet
Rogestvensky Rt gestvensky Mute
Until Battle Is IsFought i Fought
word has has been bee n nreceived received d by b the Russian
officials o lclals from Admiral l Rogcstvcnsky Rogc > tv nsky for
forte fortycight ight hours None is i > expecte c pectc d d
until u ntil a decisive battle shall have been be n
fought off the coast of Japan
Officials who should know kr ow declare the
admiral has 1m signified his intention inti > n tfon to
shell the coast towns of ofJupan Japan and then
to proceed IHO ccd leisurely to Vladivostok Vlr dlvostaf
where he will refit and plan the next

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