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1 I
Colored Cadets Participate Pal 1 ticip1te
in Annual Contest
Competition Was Keen and Decision
Turned on Fine Points Points1fames Tiames
of the Judges Jndg
With btwren b twsen six Ix x and sevmi thousand t
persons yelling yeUln ye1iig like ike mad madC Company mpan D
of the th h Armstrong rm rn strong Manual Mtnu ii Training raiI1 iai irg ns
Sehcol Schcolconunmded commanded conunmded by Capt Henry H > nr
Vetdcn e 1cn < was 19 announced tne w winner inner cf f
the thethirt ihlTteenth < mth annual competitive drill ruI
of the t1I colored toloredhig high h hs schools s hoo S or or the theDIs Dis Di ¬
trict held at the tb American League Le ttw
baseball park yesterday afternoon ThC
four companies participating drilled ex c x ¬
ceedingly well and the result r es fi fiwas was in
doubt until the last moment mom nt
The Th grandstand gr ndstan I Icovircd covered co red bleachers
and sun stn i is s ha ded de d bleachers ble chers were crowd ¬
ed C to t their utmost utm stcapacity capacity with the
adherents of the four companies The
grandstand grm d tal1ii was as draped with i tll the t he colors oors
of both the M Street Stre t High School and
the Armstrong Manual anual Training Tra1nn School
as well j as s the thecolors colors of or the four fO r com ¬
panies In the boxes b xeswere were w ere Commissioners I
West W st and Biddle P F Hughes Hugh Direc Dln c ¬
tor of High Schools Assistant < Superin ¬
tendent ten dent of Colored Schools W Y S Mont Iont ¬
gomery gOl 1ery J A A Clianiberlain < Director Djn ctor of o
Manual Training to the Manual Train ¬
lug schools chooh > of the District Di > trict J J Bundy
E E Southard Parker W Y Yo o T Stuart and
Commissioners in Boxes
Commissioner West West was wasac accompanied qmpanied
by Mrs West and nndComm Commissioner sioner Biddle
had as guests in his box Dr Kaftan
and Capt Paul Kirch Klr h of ofthc the general
staff of the German army armv Both Bo h of o r
these officers were highly hIghl pleased Pleased with w ith
the theexhibitlon exhibition and frequently frQquentI applauded
the movements
The T judges for the thedrilI drill unlike those
for the white boys were chosen from
the National Guard Instead of the regu ¬
lar army arm The judges yesterday esterda were ere
Major MajorC C H Ourand inspector general
of the National Guard Capt Capto Harry Harr
Cope of the Washington LIght Infan ¬
try tr and Capt Ca p Eugene EugeneC C Edwards of
the Corcoran Cadets The lhedr dr ill was
somewhat different from om that of the
other high schools several of the num ¬
bers being omitted and several different
ones nes added
Last Lastyear year the prize was won by Com ¬
pany C of the Armstrong School and
the students of that school were very
confident that that one of their thelreompanies Companies mpanies
would woul nuld < carry all y yoff off the honors this year
Company Compai B Bof of the M Street High
School comman ded by Capt Laurence
A AGoines A Goines was the first to take the
field 1 d They marched up and saluted the th
judges j j1ges promptly at 410 oclock o lock arid then
whee wheeled vh eled led and andstartedthrough andstarted started through their move ¬
ments rn nts This company cO Inpany drilled d 1l1ed well but
was ragged at times especially in the
foot movements mo vements Company B also took
the longest time to go through the drill
of any of the companies
Company D Effective
Company D commanded by b Captain
Weeden was the next to go through the
paces pa c cs s The boys went through all the
maneuvers wi I out a hitch and l1d at all
times had plenty of snap and vigor in
their work In their firing they were were
especially strong
Captain Menard enard in command of Com ¬
pany A of M Street High School was
the th next to take the field His company
drilled rm d Well but b t seemed to lack en ¬
thusiasm Their Their skirm skirmishing > ishing was a little
lagged I at times t mes
The best exhibition next to that hat of the
winning company O was put up UI by Com ¬
pany UU C Armstrong rmstrong School commanded comm anded
Ly Capta in Mitchell the last company ompan r
t3 t take the field This company com > anywort Wort woil
the drill last year and andexect except for a
little cverconlidcnce would auld have come
t ff f victorious y torious this year ear The overcon
Jidence 1idencemade made them careless carele sof of the small
cetails c et etalls s and consequently c onsequentl their thef1driIl theirdrill drill was
not up to the th standard
After all the companies had drilled
i znd nd vbile the judges were counting up
the averages the whole battalion was
lut l through a few paces by Major
iJuunders crders the Howard University Lnhersit Band
lajing n ing the while
Rooters in Evidence Evi 1ence < I
When the judges decided upon UOfl the
winner nnr they the marched out to the home
rate and informed Adjutant Wade
ho marched straight down the field
rld after a tcr hesitating a few moments morn nts
t lined a dan and told tol Captain Weeden to
arch his l is company to the front When
i ic e 1 people in the grandstand grand > tund especially
1ie t C rootors for or the U e Armstrong school
L W the adjutant stop in infront front of Com
I my ny D they set up a yell that could
i e heard for or blocks
The rile winning company was marched to
t AIKXAKDRIA IEXA DHIA v Va May 27 7 7Blaifl Blalu
C r refg aiff a clcred boy bo eighteen years
rid ill was otiS run over and an killed at a t Tater T ater
ico ill Alexandria lexan na county about 1 5
cclcc tlcck k this afternoon It is said that th that t
Ca Craig rate br was w s jumping on O 1 a passing freight
irnin tminln in order o rder to come to this city from
the brickyards where he worked when
he 11 > alippe JUp Upjed d and was a s thrown undor the
wheels of the cars which passed over I
him completely < ompl tel dividing divldln his body His
scin tmaloG liJns worn w ru taken in charse by n >
VhcuUcy h uti and brought bro ught to this city and
ijreoarcd I lrcd for burial l
Mrs George Geo ge Hall H ln died at her home I
corner of Eighth and G Gstreets streets south
vest cat Washington this morning She
< va s a native of this city and her funeral
wilt take place here next Tuesday Tucs aj
A meeting of the Republican city cit
committee commil ee was held last night The 11
resignation reslgnat on of City Chairman Joseph L
Crupper and several other members of
the comm ittee Ltcc were accepted The
i committee committeeth then n reorganized reorgamzedby by the elec dee
ticn t1 < n of the following Frank M Phil
lips l1pschairman chairman A H Agnew secretary
city committee R E Grover and C A A
Dean first ward J E Johnston and fil I
C M t Hancock second econd ward Paul B
Hullish and J A A Eggborn Eg born third ward
W v H P Kelly Kell and J S Mullev fourth I
ward ard ard
i 4 II
n t 1
t e0
ij I
I t J
t c co 1
i 4JzE
the he front and CommmissioI Commmissiorier er West pin
led the diamond medal donated by the
teachers of all the colored public schools
of i f the District on the chest of the win ¬
ning ningcomm commander comm nder He also ls pinned the
permanent perm Uient gold medal on with a few
appropriate remarks l
Commissioner Biddle pinned the sil s H ¬
ver er medals med ls lson on the two lieutenants l euten nts
7 s
1 c
Ten meYi me h hsaId said to have been shoot ¬
ing crap in James Watkins house at
2325 232 G street northwest when it was
raided by Sergeant Sergeant1Vilsonand t1Vilsonand Wilson and Privates j
Newton Scanion Lawton Van Horn f
find Hewlet about 1 oclock this morn ¬
ing ing
Watkins Yatkinswas was locked locl ed e d dup up at the Third
Precinct Station charged charg d with permit ¬
ting gambling on the premises The
others were summoned as witnesses
The police confiscated confis ated 742 in money mone
Yeast YealitI I always alwa s supposed suppos d a lobbyist
had his pockets lined with wlt money
Crimspnbeak CrlmsonbealeWell Well hasnt he h 1
Heres Here a story tOy of o ope on one rie who had to bor ¬
row his car ca r fare t re > W2CJcco 7wi Tiz
Oh wellhe w 11fe < was on his way home
from rom the legislative le slative slativehaIls halls I suppose
Yonkers Yonk rs Statesman
f UC n Tt t nC 1J f Co
Mr Gotrox q trox says sa sYery very bitter things
about these lazy sons of his but his hi
wife is always alwa s making excuses for
Yes she makes excuses but he has
to make allowances for them thats
w what hat t makes him so sore sorePhiladelphia o Philadelphia
Teach me the true poetic touch
gushed the beautiful bea tIrul girl who wished wiJhedto to
pen IJnmetl meter r
All right chuckled the bard with
the fringed trousers roan me 510 10
Detroit Tribune Iri une
A teacher te cher in a certain school said to
a dull pupil 1 u11
When I was your age I could an ¬
swer any question in arithmetic
Yes said the small child but you
forget that you had a different teacher
to what I Ihae I have
Collapse of the theschoolmasterChicago schoolmaster Chicago
You need a rest spend six s fx months
in the mountains
My wife will be delighted to spend
six months in the mountu ins
Well then let her go it will
amount to the same thing I suppose
Houston Post
He has h a habit of standing in one
plnc place lac < and doing nothing
A perfectly natural habit
Natural tural 7
Sure youll admit that if he tried to
stand land in two places hed be doing some
thinsHcu1tol1 i hhig Kcunton Pest
u urhis This mornings paper paI > er in its account n < count
of f the concert con ert speaks of the sopranos
high notes as tS full of warmth Is Is that th t
orreet 11
Of course They come from the up I
1N iOr register resi ter you ou know knowPhihtdelphia Philadelphia
A tablet to the memory memor of the Rev Re
Phillips Brooks has been erected at the I
Theological Seminary near this city It
was presented to the Seminary semillar by b the
alumni and undergraduates un < < rgraduates of Harvard I
University lJulvelsll The < tablet will he 1 H dedi ¬
cated next Tuesday afternoon Ad ¬
dresses dre scs on the occasion will be delivered
by the Rev Dr Carl Grnmmcr of Nor ¬
folk and the Rev Dr Floyd Tompkins
of Philadelphia
The citizens of Del Ray have extend ¬
ed an invitation to Crandal Mackey and
the IJgn George Geor l lj L j Simpson to uddresg tddrs
a meeting in the interest of Governor Govern t
Montagues ronla ucs canvass < an I S for the United I
States Senate S unt at Del D l Ray next Tuesday Tu < sday
evening I
At a mooting m > tln of UK th < joint committees
on streets and public property ho ld last
nf night ht it Jtwas was agreed n that the committee commltt c
will report favorably fa ora hly on the application apPliCl tJon I Iw1l1
Cur a franchise < for a new telephone te Jhol e
company in this city clt This will rnako
three telephone Wl phon lines line in Alexandria the
Bell and the Capital City Cit having been
here some time Um
About 1030 oclock laat night
Jarneg Jilm 8Jon Jones s colored co1 rcd was shot ii luthe the
side by a strange negro In u barroom
near the city jail The asailant es
caDed oaue
M Man n nUpbn Upon Whom Horse an d Wagon V agon Fell Though Ba dly
In injured injuredt jured Will t Vill Probably Recover and Return to
His Duties
James Doyle one 1
strangest accidents ever ever known n in the a
city cityf f as related exclusively xclusive iy by The t
Times yesterday yester d Y will be a patient at
the Emergency Hospital for more than I
two weeks to come according to state ¬ L
ments of surgeons at that institution
last night It is confidently predicted I 1 11
however that Doyle in spite of his
broken leg and terribly bruised body bod I J 0
will fully recover r ecover andbe and be able to resume i v
his old position Dos ltlon as laborer at the Navy NanS S
Department j h
Those who saw the accident say one
3f the Navy Department wagons had i h
driven up U with its usual load of morning 0
nail and stopped at its accustomed ac accustomedt ustomcd t t
place alongside alons de the low coping of the I l Ii
subbasement areaway The driver c 0
Washingtonians will be given an oi 01 > > J +
ortunity this week of viewing the mys
erious picture In the Shadow of the
Cross which though unfinished as its it 1
author left it more than six years ago
has las attracted more attention than any
other > representation repreent tfon on canvas of the 4
face ace and iieure of the Christ I I
The exhibition will be l held in t5 the < e store t
of f S Kami Sons Co < 0 where here special I
irrnngements have been made to show I I
the he seemingly miraculous property of I
nw he canvas of being visible in the dark
icss J
The story stor of this painting is as won j
lerful as the canvas itself is beautiful 1
It t was painted in the late nineties bj b I J p
Henry Iunmond Ahl who when sud j <
denly inspired with the ideJ that till th i 1
con conception cptlon of the ideal idealsought sought for wa was i
about to be realized arose one night and j i 4 <
painted the strangely stran el loving lovin and benevo
lent countenance cf the Christman Not No I
1m long oig afterward a the artist was astounded i II
to o discover that the picture could be seen I i
Intht n > the dar k kilu an ot d that the figure seemed ecm d J i 1
to o be standing before a cross C1u > s though
he se had placed no suc h design eslbn upon the I
c jjtnvas j
S Kann nn Sons Co have h lYe arranged to I <
have lave the picture so placed plac < that visitors I
to o their gallery may mu pass pas > before and an 4
behind > thfi tl canvas and thus assure assU th them m I 4 j
selves that no artificial tffects tfiect lects are used us <
to o produce the thestrunge strange result I i
Mamma MumnutNow Now as this is your fifth
birthday > irth lay Robert would you like to have I
a t i pretty cake with five candles In it Itf i
Robert HobeltVcll Well I guess Id rather have 1 I
fiv five ive cakes and one candle andleCleelal Cleveland d i
A Follower oK Grip
Many tany persons find ihcmneives affected a Ccctell j jtany
with a persistent IJC1515t nt cough after an attack
of the grip As this cough coughcan can be
promptly II f om p tl cured by the use u se o at Chamber Clla m b er ¬ 1
lains 1 lns Cough Cou h Remedy it should not be
allowed to run on until it become b come
troublesome For sale by all flriiTlstu
a strap
nd weight went cnt Into the building with
he mall For some som e ereason reason the usually
ellbehaved horse became restive and
n a few minutes his forefeet were
ntangIed In the stra >
Then he began plunging He
prang to one side and backward his
l Ind quarters jamming into the front
f the wagon toppled for a minute
nd then crashed down to the bottom
I f the s subbasement on top of Doyle
0110 ho had all this time been quietly
weeping Cping the pavement
Beside a broken leg surgeons at the
ospital found it necessary necessar to dress
Teat bruises en each of Doyles el
ows and abrasions on almost every
titer section s cton of his body
The wagon was a total to tal wreck but
he horse escaped unscathed and was
d up a flight of stone steps > teps to get it
ut of the inclosure
Increases in Families P am ilies
At 1lat National oltal Zoo Pt Park Lr
Two Litters of f Blue Foxes Foxf3sa a Buffalo Calf and
Four Foqt Canadian Wild Geese Added to
Its Denizens
The T e animals anima aninlasatthe Lat1he at the Na National NaUo ti til l nal al Park Zoo
are now uw housed In the their ir summer surnmerQ quar uar ¬
ters tos1h The large arge9 openair open e 1 air ir cages which whic h
extend xtendfrom from the bac b ct k c of crtha the house cages
have hay a ll llb ll boon > e put in order and the ani an ¬
mals are rocn enjoying j jylng ylng the tqe suns sunshine ns hine bineun and d
fresh fres h air a aficrscveralmnt1s after fter several months of In ¬
door lob life 1ff
The h h s spring sprin planting p ian t1pgl is we well under way w t
Many Mun tvin improvements in the th way of grad ¬
ing Ingare are at C now being e ehIg ig carried on on to t make m ke
this already beautiful b a tlf l landscape landscupemore more
pleasing to totqe the eye
On Wednesday V drte d2Y night seven skunks skm s
were born and also 1so two Utters lt erg of blue
foxes foxel This 1hts hls makes three three litters litt lS of ofblU blue
foxes born this yean They are arenatural naturally y
so w wild ild that that if i an attempt n elI1 t is made to
count them uhil un n grown growntpe the mother be ¬
comes so scared sear edl ed and 1d vicious that she
eats them It is estimated however
that th t the total is s not less le s ian twenty
young ones
Last LastSunda Sunday a fema fezu ale le buffalo calf was
born A Afewdays few days da3 previous r vious the hatch ¬
big ingof of four Canadian C nadian wild geese oc ¬
curred New Animals Bought I
Besides thnlmnlHbornnt the animals born at the zoo
new ones onesure are being purc purchased hased and ob obt ¬
tamed t aincd from outside sources S our ce8 rl right htalong along
The head keeper has just returned return d from
New N w York where he c went to select a
pair of llamas ll mag or qr breeding purposes and
an < Indian untelope unf lope or black b ck buck has
just been added to the collection
A recent r cent additon to the cages are ar some
macena m ccna or Hungarian lI ngaricnquall quail
As the weather continues to toimpove improve
so does the number n of ofvisitOrs visitors increase
Last week the daily dallyaveraic average attendance
was about bout 850 while for the past month
the number of Sunday vIsitors s hows
an average erage of 16000 The record day so
far this year w was s April 30 3Owh when n it is
estimated es 1mated more than th n 35000 50 0 people came
to look at the animals
New Building Buildi g Progress ing
The work on ont the e new building is
progressing rabidly raYidl It will vlll soon be
ready to put in the equipment eq lpment to receive
the animals anlmalsThel1ne The line of obear bear cages has
been reset and concrete wa lks and new
sewerage sewer Qe established es ablfsh 4
i An awning has been b en provided over the
walks > and it is not necessary any more
to stand In the hot sun to towatchbruhi watch bruin
as he stalks from one ol1e epdot end of his cage to
the other oth rr The e new ne w hig hihway hway connecting
Adams AdamsHl Mill road roadand and Quarry road lead
inc almost directly direcd directlyover over the old bear be r
den will soon oon be opened and am form a
definite boundary bou dary for the par p ar k
It is issomctime issomctimeggaid sometimes ggaid said that t h hat at snakes never
j eat en t tw while w l ile in captivity captivi ty but if one is for
tunate tunatec enoug enough oughto h to be present prese t at the N Na
tional Zoo when he n the keeper keeper gives
food it is readily readIly readIlyseen seen t that atsuch such is no
i the case The snakes not only
of oftood food but they are given the deli
cacies cacleso of the tl the ese season son
Feeding the Snakes
Can you imagine any more
dish at this time of the year
spring chicken l That That Thatf H f q what
snakes nakes are fed on n Not s spring r ing chlckei
as we getit on the table but little
chicks w which hich the they can swallow whole hole Ii
they go head first and andslowlydi slowly diaap ap
near pear > ear until only the 1e legs s are visible an <
finally the whole hole chick disappears an <
the theswelling swelling of the thes snake ake Indicates th <
progress of the chickon its journey t <
the thesnakes snakes stomach
One Onewomm woman i iwho who was standing by
was evidently a chic chick ken k n fancier fancier Be
fore the performance was wa half over shi
turned turnedawa away in disgust exclaiming
Poor little peeD or
The more m re one wat watches hes those mon
Charged with the larceny of 300 worth
of silverware sUverwarefrom from the Southern Express Expr ss
Companys office at Leesburg Va John
W v Davis was taken into custody by
Detectives Parham and OBrien yester ¬
day and locked up UI at the Sixth precinct Pre
I Sher She riff iff Monroe of Leesburg arrived ar1 ved in
Washington last night in response to
a dispatch from Captalp Capt ln Boardman
will take t n1cc the prisoner > ris lner back to the
scene of his alleged crime to stand stIlI d trial
He will probably probt bly leave this morning mOrl 1ing
I iD
+ + 494 e + + +
+ 4 0 C C
K K ii P DROOP SONS CO If Its a Talking 1all1l1 Machine
Y asliingtun uhinltunEaltimlre Ealtimtre We Ve Have It
About a year ago we determined to enter the Phonograph and
Talkin Ta lkin g gJ Machine J field fieldwith with the same energy that has characterized eh aracteriz cd t
our work in building up the largest Piano Pian o and Music House in inthe ir ithe 7 the t
South The entire fourth floor of our annex 923 Penna P nna aye was
fi fitted fittedup tted up for this business Our success has been phenomenal
The growing demands have forced us to open a wareroom in
Baltimore at 109 N Charles street I IBaltimore
We Ve are w holesale ho lesale and retail distributers in ill the t he District the
entire South and the State of Maryland for the
The most perfect cylinder cy1in er machines in the world Every machine m chin t
equipped eq pped w with ith a genuine enuine Sapphire Point Reproducer which pre ¬
vents rasping rasping noises Our system of selling s 11ing is unique WHY t
Edison Gem 10
Edison EdisonStandard Standard 20
SdisonHome Edison Home 30
Edison Triumph r 50
Gash and Time Payments
Are Ar all gold molded mOldeda and n d practi ¬
cally call imperishable 50000 rec ¬
ords embracing emb lcing every number
in the catalogue in stock For ¬
eign records Edison O S r o
3 5
records sell for foreach each 3 5 J C Co v
Nothing Down and a Promise Jromise
Puts Pll S an n Edison the prince of ofntertainels entertainers in your home Then Theres s
nothing of equal value val a1ie le or costing costin K twice as much m ch that will give you
half the pleasure See us about it It
AgClIts Wanted Everywhere Ynnt outs I E r D ROOP R ° ° P SONS C CO 0 I File Application for Qr an Your Agency
925 Pennsylvania Pennsylvanialvenue Avenue
0 + O t 0 + + o t 1 f
keys k sthe the more one 011Q on believes they the y yar are ar E
gifted with almost alrnOlthuman human intelligence
said aid one of the keepers of the monkey rnonke
house Arid Mr Keeper Ieeperis is about nbout rIght right
In In Inone one of the th cages c ages is a vcr very young I
monk nlqnk who wl o has hasncquitt lttt acqu acquitted itted d himself hlm plt most I
creditably and become the he pride prl of his
1 hairy 1 airy parents
The r other day daysevc several al small boys
uniused u 1 1uscd themselves making a klng faces and
s shooting hooting spit balls at 1iimf him for rsom some
time tfm For F r a while he he merely made mrl dc faces
I in l return but bu finally fina tthail l lr r one One of the th paper
wads w dsrefich reached d its destination
It was more lno rethan than the dignity of f the
I young oung monkey monkeycpuldsttlnd could stand lie let l letotit topt out
such h a aery cry cr of o f fwrath wrath and hl drcar fear rca iu c Is 19s sOl l ¬
rdo11 dom heard h ari Immediately the two twolnrger larger
monkeys were wer e by hlg hl dde iide ide on o n the shelf
They placed plac d their thirarms arms around hJ his neck n ck
in an assuring Il suring manner mann r and with Withhea hea heads ds S
a alaft alpft loft defied d cfied anyone an one to mqtest moJ st their thehoflc off ¬
CHICAGO May 27 27C C < 1C K Billings
In retiring from the th trotting turf
leaves some pretty hard targets for fo his
successors su cessors to shoot at when when they go u f
record breaking br aking
There is not a record in the trotting
or pacing division dh isl n that Mr Billings B1111ngs or
his horses do not notpossess3e1ng possess Being ori one
of a the best be st amateur atnateul relnamen re lnsmnen in tIIC h
world he has succeeded fiucc e ed in driving drivinghfJl hIs i t t
own horses to records that undoubted ¬
ly will stand for fat some time to come com
It would appear that Mr 1r Billings IS
willing to rest on his laurels He ha bU f
wen the hono hon hotiora drs Vs he so long sought
Mr lr Billings has accomplished feats in 111 J
the driving d1 ving line J ne that have never been
equaled by a a professional
Many Iany lovers lon rS of cif trotting pairs spent
thousands of ofdQUars dollars to get a pair that
could beat tJ the e 21234 212 I2 of C CJ J 3 Ham Iaz
Uns teanumade teamJ team m made de in 1891 All failed dla
mally mnl until un til Biliingg not only succeed ¬
ed in inbeatJng beating the record but actually actu lW
drove them four f urtl times tlin nes s below 210 2 lO Oset set
tng the mark marItat at 207 He H was equal ¬
ly lysuccessful lv successful with pacing teams hav
ing driven drlcnHontas Hontas Crook and Prince PrincfDl pi DI
recta reef a half hal In 100 1 IOO4 0014 Prince Direct an 1 l
Morning orning Star a a half in 1 100 004 An and hd d
Prince Direct and Morning Star a full
mile in 20G With ith saddle horses butt >
year he also made worlds record rcCOr recors d for
trotters and Id pacers Pacers
1io tWIIirl r
Open Late Tomorrow Might flght
Close i o oCIcck Clock Tuesday
The Best All
AroundSummlJr Around Summer i 1 J P Q 0
Suits in in America hnIerca at j rAt tii i
C < 1 < lr lrv v >
S SI Ii On Yfl Z fiJY j J X n < f f r C1u c
n r 1J r Z r
1 0 9 0 a > j lJlt 1 j J < tJ
U d J iI u i1 itY u 1ftJ rj 5 i
F 1i 1
For Decora Dl t Ui Uio o i r t < t > > R c a
cort ¬
your f fJ J La 1 1t c J JJ J ilJ
bon Day Outing Outmgfor for J ff 4 f1 =
w r
Dress Dresstrtoreir wear weartor for wear L I ff 1 W t f
r v 1 4
at lt any time and nd all t u4t si i3 to I > o 1
times youll oull find the c 0 t 1 0 s r
American Amer mericrl ica n True Blue i it8 it
Serge erge the 1e j test L est all ill fJl z I ft Jif 7
1 u
> i t
around summer suit
t < s
you 3 Oil > can own o I The 1 li e fa ¬ 7 JwN c t tii = f 1
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U L flans Man S Store Make Handmade Handlll ma de Suits Suits
Honsstly Kon 3StIy Worth Twenty Dollars
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This Is merchant tailored read readytowear readytowearthe towearthe the best built clothing clothin
ever produced producedIittndtnade handmade th qlloughout roughout iouglioutstyled styled on the swellest sw nc t 1905
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and other handsome colorings also fine black bl ck unfin unfinlSh tiiifiti1tlitd ished d worsteds
suits suitstlll that t belong belon be long g in the twenty twent dollar class classSp Special ciaIat at 1650 1365
Othar i3tlier Speciais Specials For a Busy Days Seilin1 Selling
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I 250 2 50Sfraw Straw Hats 190 1 9q
The latent late t and smartest
blocks in Straw Hats nobby nobb
I Yachts in high hig l and nd low
JI JIcrowns crowns Special at 1 t
I SI S9O 1 11 90
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Sf SI 150 50 Flailed PlaHedShirls Sliiris SI LT I
One of our own exclusive
Shirt productions A Vhite
Soft Shirt with tine plaited plnit d
bosom worth 51fo liiO Special at
50c Suspenders
A nice lightweight
Lisle Suspender > r
for summer wear
Ut 29e c
20c Hose
Fast Black and
Fanc y Half Hose
made to sell
for forQc ic 0c
Very special at atllc lie
S75Q Panamas 3 S415 475
Our own importation i portatlon of t ben on
uine Onepiece Panama Hats
sold everywhere at 1330 730 A
special spe lal leader at
8475 4 4a a 75
SI 150 50 Fancy Shirts hirls 1
The Th < handsomest line of Fancy F l
Negligee N CgHgl > Shirts ShIrtsin in Washington
with or 1 without euffs qualities
worth wolthS1JO S1iO lr 0 Special at r
SLOG 1 11 00
B ni J Kaufman Ka ilfman
Collars CoJ1ar1 JOc I0c
Allsi All sis
all shapes sh pes
Cuffs at 15s 15
1 2pIr p plr pair lr for f rS3c Sic
50o Neckwear
The prettiest prettl st
Scarfs cart5 of the
season seasonat > ca ona u In Ilh1cy city
purchase of GO
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sell for 50e 5 >
Special at 29c 29 < W
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DJ Kaufman
10057 Pennsyvania Ave a
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