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U ATYV i Was 4 = r
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j If c 2 I 4 rt W Chfr
rc ½ 1 I 7
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f EBB l F J
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ff r r p c
2 1 r I fl P
R 4 p 1 tij
Waists Worth Vi th up to SO 3 8 50 for > 98ci 98c
F On Sale Tomorrow r Morning > i Promptly r at a 8 oclock o 9 Clocl Q j
t V i Its Itstheyears the years briefest brieftist and most exciting annual sale To explain explainThe The makers of of best Shirt Waists vVa gists ists critically critical1yexamine examine examin and class cla clas s s as tc tcsecon secon seconds ds dsan any ywaistvfth waist with slight slightest defect
A tiniest t ni oil oi l spot or an uneven stitch condemns any anyone an one These C secondscome r rs seconds s come to the Palais PalaisRoyal Royal annuah annually at at a nominal nomin a1 price price 98c tomorrow t morrow for waists waistsY worthoit tt1i P t to 3 5o
I Timesreaders Tim sSreaders are fortunate fort fortunatethe nateihe the waists arrived yesterday a evening just as the Times advertisement was was being bein g w written ritten The Times readers have hav e a scoop scoo pNteI1he Note 3p < doors will fit
1 i be open 9pe promptly at 8 oclock tomorrow morning mornir and early earl visitors are promised romiced the years year s best bes bests s bargains bar tins i i x > i J
r 1 i 1
il1r1 J 4 J 1 ti
u I If f 398 398or for Dresses Se Selling lling in m 0 New ew York Stores at 690 6 6O O 90 f t
Ih The Palais Royalll Ro Royal d buyer bu er Miss M Clancy Clanc y is just j just from from New York Yorkand and andis is is ready re adv to vouch for the statement statementthat that she saw Dresses selling there at i t c4690 690 690i identical i ellticaltQthose to those r
that thatwiU will vill be bean on sale here tomorrow tomorrowat398 at 398 They The are Shirt Waist Dresses of white dotted muslin and India linon with tucked and embroiderytrimmed ed waists and tucked tuckedsp skirts sp irts Ii f
some sonic w with with ith deep flounce Eight styles in all V l t I I
Either ier it is is that New Yorks trading stamp craze craze is is an expensive luxury or it is is that the Palais Pa1 Pa1H H ls Royal Mill and Factory Sale is is creating lower 1 o ver ti prices than possib1eelstwhere possible p ospossible elsewhere in +
i the United States Its one or the other otherNew New Yorks 5690 690 Suits are here at 398 Y g o 1
V 1
i J i 1 r L m
1 r
7 Y
j I r
89c 89 for These 1 to 2 Dresses
Vash V rash ash Dresses whiteand white and colors sizes 4 to 14 years ears Regular p patrons atronsknow know them to be the best 1 1
to 2 dresses procurable Ho Honesbdresses e dresse = made to withstand washing and the romping g of healthy chil
dren An army of mothers w wi Itt ll cehere early ear ly tomorrow For other hargains ha rgains see see below
k 1 7 7 f Dresses for Superior good enough White
e f to wear to the Com ¬
mencement men cement They The are not L77
dresses dresse5some some are worth 3 3
i for fu r Whlte hl te Dresses Dr eSSCSj
28 9 1 worth up to 55 5 Not
o a all sizes in each style
but all sizes in the lot 10t4 I to 14 years ears
To Dressmakers
r r
Honest Notions
The Mill and Factory Sale
brings you Warrens Silkcovered
Featherbone Featherbonet blncitand black an nd d dwhite white
guaranteed l5e t5Cr aTyard t a 3 i1rd ard value for
only 5c
Choice for 5c
4 English Roll Tape 10 yards a ar ads r ds 5c
Roll Roll Tape 24 yards 5c
Black Mohair Braid 5 yds ds 5c
Horn Hair Pins dozen 5c
Girdle Formers Gc 50
Mercerized Corset Laces A 5c
Mourning Pins sheets 5c
Elastics per length len STo a
Shoe J aces aces dozen 5c
Shoe Paste PA te JS L5C 5c
DeLong Hump Hooks and Byes Eyes5c 5c
Featherstitch Braid C yards Be
Best BestQu Quality alit HairNets Hair Nets 5c
Taireta TafCeta Bin Binding ding all colors 5c
11 C CChildrens Childrens Ribbed and Lace
1 1 Stockings StockIngsk StockIngsall all sizes In black
tan pin k blue and white
And Ribbed Vests and Pants 19c to
25c garments at only 13c f tOItchofce fom OF choice e
2 2 5 5C 5for 7 w C 1 sizes for Ci Gowns 6wns wns 4 Childrens to Drawers Dra 14 wers years TJnderwaists 39c Skirts
Choice for 3c
King Kings s Basting Cotton Cotton3e 3c
Milwards Best Needles 3c
Richardsons Spool Silk 3c
Pin Cushions best 3c
Shoe and Button Thread Sc
Hair Nets all colors 3c
Columbia Hooks and Eyes 3c
Linen Corset Laces > 3c
Hair Pin Cabinets 3c
Machine Oil 3c
Emeries best quality 3c 3c
Snap Fasteners o t 3c
Gum Tissue for mending Sc c
Pearl Pins all colors 3c
Imported Hat Pins 3c
Choice Chd Chdce ce for Ic J c
Darning Cotton black and white whltclc le
Crochet Croel1 t Cotton all colors Ic
Kirby Beard Hair Pins Ic
Pin Sheets 400 count Ic
Mourning Pins 40 count cou nt Ic
Ironing Wax ax 2 for Ic
Unenflnlsh Thread d t t Ic
Hooks and Eyes h Hump ump Ic
Collar Buttons t Ic
Roll Tape lc
Marking Chalk Ic l
Shoe Laces 6 for i lc
Tape l lpeMeu Measures urcs CO 0 inches inc inch ince h e s lc
Hat Elastic yard 0 lc
Stocking S ocking Darners lc
C Cfor for best bes t of 75c Gowns Skirts
5 Oc Ocfor and Drawers or fine cambric
trimmed with rows of lace and
P7 j C Cfor for usual SI 1 Gowns Skirts and
75 Drawers nainsooK and ca cam m ¬
bric elaborated trimmed all
19c i9 29c 49c 49
Worth orth Up to 51 1 t
Not a pair worth less than 25c
plenty of 01 1 i hose in the lot at 49c
for choice Plain ribbed an = and d lace
effects in white black tans c
Ladies mens and childrens
lOc 25c 5 49c
Ribbed Undergarments
Superior lacetrimmed Vests
at only loc Union Union Suits Vests
and Pants worth 39c iri in the 25c
lot Si 1 l Silk Vests and best Union
Suits in the 49c lot lot
WNote SNote Note that the Palais Royal has h s
the th sole Washington a hlngton agency anermy for forfens liens
Oneita Suits
Reliable eliable l U Undergarments ndergarmen t5
D E Sicher Si cher CO makers of medium priced pric pricedundergarments ed edun un dergarments and Seigel
Brothers Broth rs makers of the famous f mous lt ltE Eagle E Ea gle le Brand Lingerie Li gerie have sent their lheirsurplus surplus
spring ringsummer summer stocks of gowns skirts corsetc corset coy v ers drawers and chemises chemises
iB lliSfl Lot Lo L > IMostly I Mostly 50c Garments 33c
IiLe v r Lot 2 2MostJyLOO 2Mosfl Mostly 100 0arments69c Garments n 69c u
Lot 3 3 3hZostly Mostly 1QstIY200 X200 200 Garments93c Garments J8c l
Lot 4 4Mostlv MostvS2SO 250 Values 8129 129
1 I
clp i ZP 63 63r r = ts 1e yJ s L 1 lot 5Mostly300 5AlOSt1y S30I1 ValuesSI69 i 1 a
lt is t 4
r li j f i
r 33c e
i f
0 0
t j o r a
c 98c
zrseecont See contents l1ts of great grea t tables tab yson on first and t third floors All sizes in n one style or another r Critical cr Critical itjcaI ¬
ly exammeand examine and learn of truly satisfactory sah iactory bargains
t 9c for 25c Organdies 7 Tc c fOf15c 6inghams 25c f fOr f 390 Silks
i f Making MakgtsScondLoor thisS this Second cond Floor the thBuestSpotinWashhigton Busiest asiest Spot in Washington
L The The Thetl tl tlMi11 Mill and Factory FactorySale Factor Sale brin brings gs many rarely good bargains but these earn headlines They The must be seen Org Organdies andies so sheer and so beautiful in designs and an d dcoloring d coloring so lovelyr l lov velyan el y an extra ex e xtrai r good goodvalue value at 25c a
b sensational bargain barg ain at 9c These silkfinished silk finished Ginghams Ging hams in such artistically attractive soft shades are are splendid value at 15c and a a marvel at 7c yard ord These Japanese silks in white and all the best colors at25c at 25c in ¬
stead of 39c conclude a trio tr io of bargains such as never n ever before seen in Washington The following White Goods and trimmings trimming s are almost as great surprises
4Sinch wide Persian Lawn C
very sheer sh er quality usually 21 21C
sold old at 35c
i 32inehwide India Linen C
fairly sheer quality sold soidat at 11 11C
15c yard ard To be
37c 3i acqualit quality White Figure d
Madras mercerized highly high lY C
recommended bargain A rarely good 2 5 5C
Tho The usual tae 25cWhlte White Mad C
rag rasfigured figured and striped str1pe MlldlS at a lS lSC
very great price surprise
4SSnehwlde 4Sinc hwide French Lawn C
often sold at SOc and c Snsid 2 29c 9c
ered a bargain at 39c
Imperial Long Cloth
12vard pieces P ieces quality <
piece pi made c to retail iecesi retail retailat i at 139 139 vp 1 ° 19 19made
The importers extensive Me 1e i C
dalllon Applique and Band 5 Oc
Laces worth 1 to 29 293 yard
18inch Point Gauze and Or c
iental Allover Laces white J 9 9c
cream ecru 50c value
Point de Paris and Imitation C
Duchess Lace Edges and Insert 9c
ings to match 25c values
30inch Printed Prill ted Brussels Net C
white ground with witht colored t lored fig ¬ 3 9 9C
ures good value at 59c
Valenciennes Yalcnclcnn < s LaCes French
German and Italian 12yard 2 5 5C
pieces up to 393 393 A Ai a little as
45inch 4 inch Silk Chiffons 75c c
quality 1 for G9c auu and l Sic quality It 39 39c
for 6 only
Superior Warranted to Wash C
Embroider ies 1 to 5 inches 5 5C
worth nrthup up to 12c yard
30 inch wide Embroideries i
used values nlues for corset covers etc 25c 12 12C
Shirt ShirtT Shirtaist Waist T aist Patterns all 3 11
needed materials with em f C
broidery brolc1er 1 for trImming usually 7 79c i 9c
Ice Chests and Refrigerators
Ice Chests of hard h rd wood with
latest llt st improvements t
25x25 inches irtches n 5298 298 y
25x30 inches 5 548
30x30 inches 795
35x32 inches SS95 895
41x36 inches 1095
Refrigerators easily cleaned and otherwise best
38 inches high Ice capacity 36 l Ibs bs 498
40 inches high Ice capacity 42 Ibs 695
42 inches high lcecapacitJ Ice capacity 45 lbs 895
43 inches high Ice capacity 60 lbs 995
45 inches high Ice capacity 75 lbs 11 1 t95 95
3 3Ice
47 inches high Ice capacity 100 Ibs S 1395 0
Y More News NewsY for Times Readers e II
c Just as the writin g of this advertisement adverlisementwas was nearly firishedyes finished yes ¬
s 1 terday terdaycveningthe terda evening eveningthe the news comes of the arrival of match sets of em ¬
aka d P Values V slues S EP up to 50c for 19c
> All A widths those measurin g 1 15 15inches 5 inches wide are well worth wor th 50c
i Glllyt Only nly the lle Times readers have been be n told of these bargains
Em Embroidered broidered Chiffon Applique
white and colors Trimming c
department floor on second j 69 69c
Wash Braids as little 1 as 1lS I2c 12 C
for one dozen yards ards and up u p 2 5 5c c
to per yard ard
Pearl Buttons best quality
with selfshanks with trim trim ¬ 19C
mings Second Second floor floor Two doz
Mousseline e and Chiffon Taf ¬ c
feta Ribbons 7 inches wide 29C
Guaranteed to be 50c quality v
Taffeta Silk Ribbons In white
and all the best colors in all 19 19C
shades Best 25c 25cquaUty quality A
Best of usual 19c 9C Ribbons t C
guaranteed all pure silk in 1 1C J
white whlt and all colors
Best Carpet effect Mattings Mattingsr Mattin gs g s r at half t price Plain Plain at at I5c instead
of 20c at 12c instead of I5c and 9c instead of 12c On On fourth floor
with itil screen doors etc
Screen Doors 59c
F Complete Comp lete With AH Alt Fixtures
accurately All sizes sizes are are here hereplease please measure accurate ly
and bring measurements with you Ve e shall dev de i
u 9 E liver thousan ds of these doors an d dm m istakes are re i
aggravating ag a gravatiug both to us and you
r j Height H Heh ht Closed lo e d d Exte Extension n Ion Price P t
L f J I 24 4 4ht A 2 2e 22 2 2d 33 3 3n 3 3Ion iqc 1 t
12 12C 2 C 24 24 4 37 25c Sc
9 24 4 16 O4 24 25c 5C
Window Screens i T
j usually loc are to to 1 28 24 o 37 7 J 3 JC e
t tt t F be See c 12c list tomorrow to ri rlsht ht J 30 22 33 1 35c e
hand and for si sizes 30 2 21 37 3c
L s F ad Window and V Vindow indow prices prl Screens S c cree ree reens ns of I 3 30 0 28 8 4 4J j J 9 9C C
G I i in stock sto ck here I I 36 28 45 45c 45 c
F 11 The Th The e Palais Royal oyaI oyaIA A Ao o Lisn ill 6 and Eleventh Sts ks BR
1 Ii A t fWUI 1 i r rJ r iIiii1 IJ

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