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em just what they didnt want 1 We Va e this inside play theyre talldn about says my ays a this slow an emphatic empha cfor for he I
the game am e So S 0 he S Sb Snt b bunts nt an beats It t out The next nex t knowed Rufe R ufecouldnt couldnt couldnt go g O any any higher
C College I lege rVmtl Captains ins Penalties tO 10 i PlPiV PI Player for T0r fo r rlaughed laughed B e at em all through I minute 1 ute Sh h thout
O captain b renames a flay ayer WB eiie the second in ¬ 1 1ute he was up up an n steals steals teals second he made e five baggers like they
W Veil S eii the limit come Jj W with 1 the t th the h ball In the pitchers pitche itC l r rs g han hand d do ddown c lo down d wn in Hammerhurst iIammerh t
ning ing I was first first t rst uj up u > and 1 d on the first When n the e pitcher Pitc n nh h l winds lri In Ina s up to c throw ro an the
Lack L ac k of 0 f Brainwork B ralnVOr I Called C a 11 e d fora f fa ora r ra a ball pitched I boomed one over the left next ne a ball Pinch is s half half up way ay to to third I dont don t know whether r Rufe would woul4 woul4a a
an anhecomes h he sn11ns while e slugged d the thesClenUticguy scientific guy gu but he he was w was fls
field fence nce I was just turnin turn first e comes soffit saUlt in in to the plate pla te e w
I i ti i A o i theyre they they re mossin messln tl things > irtoa urv up nvar over o Jim Tim m Har Har ¬ mad enough to do o most anything a
Run Of of1 105 05 MlleS M II easy when the first rst yer
es swlngln sw In61n easy cas risons rlsonson ISO nsbunt s bunt Then Brownie Browmebuntedan BrowmebuntedanHowev bunted an However Howev r just ju stthen t then Josh Josh h Hapgood butts but s
SJ sa ants says s I S Sear Merritt l erritt bunted an an I tried to to bunt bun in n butt t
base b ase
Hay Ha come back here First but near near ear took the t he e li live liver ve out ou o the tie short
Often w hen you go to ball games nowa ¬
days you jouhear hear some such expression as
U UThe The day of the homerun hitter Is
overt Over
This generally comes from fr ml one o o those
heavy tliinkin thlnklnguys guys with a wrinkle In
his forehead foreheadthe oreheadtheklnd the kind that run ball
teams fm the grandstand announcin
the play thats comin next n tto to the poor
benighted ones alongside alongs ide ideof of em and
who howl with joy at ata a base on balls
an fall into a fit applaudin a sacrifice
hit Theyre the guys who Invented
What 1iat youd call callscientific scientific baseball and
Inside play and headwork They The
all amount to the same thing sim simply ply a
confession that a feller cant can t bat the
ball hard enough to get out of the reach reach
of the fielders fielde rs
Lined Em Out
Fine thing for baseball aint it when
a a combination o bad eyes e eT T esan an weak arms
an laziness is malcin mnl n > it so theres there s no no
more rnoreslashin slashln drives like they used to
be bedrives drives that wistlcd as they went
for f r the fence an m i imade made tie theoutile1ders outbidders
hump themselves an a n the pitchers s shiv hiv ¬
er erY There was a time when a fellerd
make ma ke all sorts o efforts to stretch a a hit l t
into a homer an the the audience would
applaud an angive give him credit for it But
mow It aint scientific to make homers
You make a homer an these heavy heav
thinkln guys up in the grandstand turn
up their noses an say dumb luck or
a horrible exhibition o brute force
Wy aint 11 e made to play the game sci sd
entitle His play then was waS a a asacrifice sacrifice
prettily prettUyplaced placed between first and sec ¬
ond o d All 11 this guff mind you when the
batters home run has sent in two men
ahead o him an nncleaned cleaned the bags
Yes the day o the < homerun seems s ems to
be over the he day o o the threebagger hit ¬
ter Is most over overi the day o 1 the twobag ¬
ger ger hitter is about over and soon the
day o the onebase hitter hitterll 1 be over
too an then ball gamesll be one grand
sweet song o bunts an force outs outsan an
sacrifices an bases on balls ballsan an strike str i ke ¬
outs Wh Why I heard a a guy say once
that hed rather see a man put out at
temptin a a scientific play pla than see him
make a home run run What do you think
o tommy rot like that Hed rather see s e
it maybe 1ut > > alit Ut I wouldnt have it Iton on any
team o mine especially espec1a Iy If runs was
scarce an we we needed the money
Real College Coll ge Team cam
All Allo o which reminds remin ds me o the Ser ¬
rybellum College Co ge team the time I took
the Alfalfasup Alfalfastupthere Aifalfas up there to get some so me early
practice There = was a big crowd around
an the Serrybellum nine ail guys with
long hair an glasses were practlcin
We were bein be n directed to the dressin
room by the th manager an captain wen w en
a longlegged d idjit with with a rubber band
A round one wrist an an a it i leather ltther anklet
round a leg an a slidiri sUd l glove strapped
to o his belt comes rannin unnin up with a
book in his hands han < ds 1 1f7 f7 f7J J
Look here Cap he says sas very ex ¬
cited cite d Rufe has lp is s just thrown the ball
to third ba base base e Instead of to the plate
with the bases full an nobody out On
page l1t1ge2G 3C s of t The National Game by b Oile
It distinctly says in n treatin tre t1n of ofa a sit ¬
uation tationex exactly etly analo analogous gous that that the throw
must must be to the plate
Here Hufe Ruiea a guy who looks looks like hed
just got down offn a oat thrasher he
butts in an says
I couldnt ketch the guy goin liome
so I throwed to git gitthe the guy I could
ketch Aint int that right
The guy with the book slapped it shut
an laughed The captain he give gi v e Rufe
a very indignant look an 2n says
Follow Instructions
Two hundred times runnin round the
bases tonlghfll tonight improve your memory
I thing Rufus Who taught you to
play ball = that that you think are greater
than Oile anyway How many m ny times
have I taught tau ht you OU to follow his instruc ¬
tions rather than depend on your own
frail judgment judgme nt Youll never learn to
play ball scientific if ifou you OU9ont dont play it
according RlC rding to Oile
That squelched 3 < Rufus an him an the
guy gll with the book chased back to the
diamond mond I says to the captain
Funny Funn but I ben playin ba ll for some
years yars an never heard o o Oiles The
National N National ational Game Wot does dQcsit It teach
All the fine points Elucidates them
all with lIth photos showin how each play pIa
should be made includin the position of
the arm an the poise of the body bod at
each stage o the play pIa Very Ver r fine book
He has a series o chapters on the posi ¬
tion o the feet during a nineinning
game vch Is very helpful But you
pfcssionals p fss fessionals onalsrarely rarely discover the fine
points o the game You have a few
standard plays which go very well but
in Intlcate or ticklish situations you
have no guide to fa fall ll back on Now
Dooley on Double Plays is a very
good book we use It quite frequently
Brownings Bunts is a delightful little
brochure you will find It Interesting I
am sure The same authors Sacrifice
Hitting Is a gem in its It Ii way U J should
be in the hands o every batter in the
country countr
Clout Em Out
Ive always thought T Td d like to write
a book an now Ive decided on It
says I 60 Ill send you a copy copy as soon
as we go back to Alfalfa Itll be call ¬
ed Hugger Haggerly ty on Home Rung How to
Clout Em out Im sure youll like It It
Say that guys eyes bulged out out as they the
pushes the glasses off his nose His face
looked horrorstruck lOrrorstru k so Reggie said I
though he had a sudden pain in his tils In
sides His voice was tragic when he
Dont dare send It here Ill barn
every eVHYcovy copy of it J get I worked with
this nine two years now an Ive got
them playin fairly scientific and I
dont have any anysluggci sluggers breakjn in an
vndtin t nddn my work
Well I calmed him himand and we went in
and got dre dress ss ed < 3fl I put ncS Reggie I in t tb
pitch for forI d I didnt didntltnow didn t know how good these hese
guys S ys might be on jiecount of their
scientific talk talk
We batted first Pinch Hobbs got go
four balls offn the Serrybellum pitcher
an Jimmy Harrison bunted bunt tl I was In ¬
terested In seeln how those scientific
guysd gu sd play a bunt accordhV to Oile
but it wag just like e everybody verybody you ever ev r
see The pitcher an anthlrd third base rushed
up on on the thebaU ball an the pitcher sat down
and the third base who was wa the the captain
with the book Icarnia fe icn icnuVfr ll i over vrr him
By the time they t IY had ha d picked the he ball
up Pinch was was < m n third an Harris IiarrisJfI
uas wWlon was on second econd Then Pete Brown eo eol o1
hit with a Inshoot an filled filled the bags
That fetched Merritt t up
u uCha Chance Cha ce to break her up Sam Sa m says
I T Socket it
Sam he hekelched ketched the first ball square
an lined it out over second like a bul ¬
let The hit was marke ma mar rIce ke d homer u all
over over it but just as It was was tearin tcarln over
secon second d dbag bag this here Rufus guy the
feller that had got called town for
us usln in his hea head d he goes up in the air
stlekhV up his right paw an gets the
ball by two fingers Then hes down
quick steps on second putting out out Har H ar ¬ I
rison an an runs down the first base line
an tags Pete Brown before he h could
stop top an get bac back k to the bag It was was as
nice a triple playas play as Id ever ever seen In a
year an an I joined in In the applause just
like the rest rest But did it suit his his nibs
the captain who had just messed up
Harrisons bunt I Ishd shd say sa not He He
ran ran out across the diamond book book In
hand an sings out
Rufe you laz lazy y hound hound if you 0l1 ever
make another play like that tha t Ill have
you sent sent offn the grounds Oile dis ¬
tinctly provides that in a case case like that
you ou must throw throw to third an then cover
your base for a throw to second
The h with Oile says Rufus Rufus 60 I
got the thefellers fellers fellers out didnt didnt I J
A look o pain an disgust fairly con
tortloned the capta captains ins face Hed a
chased Rufe to the bench right then
only onl the poor unscientific unscien tlfie guys guysin in in the
stand were clappln clapp in their hands off for
him Rufe to takeoff take off his hat He let
him go sayin
Such Suc h Instructions
Make that 400 times round the bases
tonight ton ght an you wont be so s o Insubordi ¬
nate an an anxious for the applause of of the
rabble in the future
Well YellReg Reg goes in the box an he
ma made de them them college mugs look I like ike ten ten
pins pl s Theyd try to to play scientific sclentIfictIT sc try
to bunt an an sacrifice an an wait for bases
on balls an such su suchand < hand and Reg would wou ld hand
1ac 1e
on a hit over the fence
Sure enough the captain comes run run ¬
alt up an explains that in order or er
to pmote inside play and headwork
home runs had been cut out outlikewise likewise
all extra base basehltsunles8 hitsunless hits unless the drives
stayed Inside the grounds
But we discourage hard hittin all
around says he H HIts Its very very unscien ¬
tific Theys reely nothln gained by It
It degenerates a game ga me r c ball Into a a
contest o brute strength an puts brainy
work out o the questin questi n Browning
Dooley Doolc aileall Oile all the great authorities
condemn it Oile admits Its use In ex ¬
ceptional cases but most well informed d
people unite in declaring it obsolete
More Instructions
Well Yell the game was so easy that I
let It go an stayed on first base
Johnny Harrison struck s out an then
Hennessy plugged out a liner right over
second Rufe was was r right there this time
too an he took the ball In one hand and
then lien run run me down with the first fi1stbase base ¬
man man Rufe got a a big hand from from the th
grandstand but but that booktaught booktaught cap ¬
tain calls him down for ketehln the
liner with wthone one hand Utterly unscien unsc ien ¬
tific he said Rufe Rufe tried to show him
how he couldnt a reached the ball with
both hands unless hed been seven foot
tall an for his impertinence he got told
to chase c ase himself around the bases 200
times more as soon as the game was
closed close d dmakin makin makinGoo 600 times in all all
Well things doped along till the sev ¬
enth innln innin r us tappin the ball to the
infield infieldsos sos to see them infielders make
mistakes from the bo book ok an an have that
bug captain come runnin up sha kin
Oiles National Game In front t of em
an ca callln fin em down He was s flckern
a a old woman makin ma kin soft soap on rea ¬
sons 50nsan an whys an wherefores o things
bein scientific but when Pinch Pinc h hshot shot a
hot one to him in the sixth slxthh s he made
just as big a mess of of It as any o o the
rest Only then there there was was no no one one to
hold a book in in front front o him him an ancall call
him down
Well in In the eighth Pinc Pinch h hHobbs Hobbs says
cut loose an well show em em some o
stop top And then Jack Jack Harrison Harrison ati Jin Hen ¬
nessy le S an jim Barney Barn ey kep it up bunt
fn in IUcm em right down the third base base line
an ut U1 gettin that captain with the book
learnin J arnln more more tangled every m minute inute
Finally F ina ll to to get the th e third t hlr d man out he he picks
a a bunt up up with two two hands an an butts
Into a man mancomin comin comin 1 in from third I
called him down for playin u unscientific
Whats Browning iay ay in his Bunts
ia f a cas case e like that I r should think a a
little trot around the th diamondd refr refresh esh
your YOur memry a bit on on these things
I Git away fro from m mme me he snapped
Browning only teaches teaches you you how to
make bunts he never never had four barrels
of of em em fired at him him at ntonce once once
Youd a thought thatd that take the the die ¬
tionary an an cyclopedia starch stachout starch out o o that
guy guy but it didnt He was was just as brash
an buggy the next nextlnnlu main an called
Rufust down own hard hard for knockln out a
slzzlin threebagger that come come within
a ace ace o bein beina a home run
Told Em Again
Youd Youd ought to sacrifice with with men men on
first an an second ah anone one out says says he
IH your your drive had been ketche ketched d no one one
would a been advanced an an wed wedonl Only a a
regged to the twoout hole Be scien scien ¬
tific tific
Yas an If Id ldbatted batted Into a a double dou ble
play tryin to s sacrifice acrifice Id ldl a got fits any
hcw says Rufe exasperated You an an
that Oile guy guy that wrote that book
ought ot > ght to to go playin three ole cat with
the th kids Mebbe theyd learn you
scmethin s < methln
Sech Impertinence blazes the cap ¬
tain Two hundre hundred d times mor more e around
the bases tonight and andyouUlearn youll learn not
to make a a safe safe hit In that position
again agai
That lhatmade made 800 circuits clrc 1llso o the bags an
Rufe looked tired already
Yes 1 will says says he he Ill hit safe sa fe if
I want to to
Two hundred hu ndre d dmore more times on the run run
sings si ngs out out the captain
Ill lllmake make ita It a twobagger dum you
sings out out Rufe Rufe
Two hundred more yells yells the cap ¬
tain ta taking king out a a little book
Now u itll be a triple yelled Rufe
shakin his fist fist
Two hundred d more screams screams the
captain capt lri wavln wavIri the book
Ill Illmalee make a a homer by gum says
Rufe an an I Idefy defy r
Two hundred more The captain
Cap < on he says M to + the U feller f 11 ller < that tho t
played accordln to Oile wen youve
finished raisin r < on that little jack pot
id like a chance to say a a word Do
you ou know know how much youve fined fined finedour our
friend here
Sixteen Slxteenhundred Sixteen hundred times I figger It
the captain Why
Real Real Runn Running R nning ing
Well them sixteen hundred times times
round that thafdiamondsasJps that diamond says Josh h hre re ¬
veals to to my mymathemaUc mathematical mathematic al l m mind ind that
l hell ell have have to to crawl 556000 feet or or a
m matter tter of slightly over over 105 105 105miles miles
Say that that he he averages threequarters of i
a a minute for e etfchround etch ch roun round d Itll take him
twenty hours to get through Hell be
about on on his last las t lap when you come
out to practice plactlcetomorrow tomorrow afternoon
Rufes Rufes jaw fe fell ll llso so It near broke off
him him The captain loo looked ked happy i
No penalty Is too severe severe for blun ¬
dering ball playing playingsays says he
Right says Josh lO lOIn In this this case case
however the punishment is cruel an an
unusual an an angoes goes against the Constitu ¬
tion wich guarantees life llbferty an
the pursuit o happiness to everybody
If Rufe rounds that diamond 1600
times he wont wonthfve hove no no life 11 fe an an cer
tlnly he wont wont have no liberty or be
pursuln happiness Not much much Now Now
1 I offer him a chance to play ball ball for a
livlnhos Hvin hes got the makins of a ball
player In him spite splteothe o the way youve ouve
knocked It out outan an Im goin to offer
him him 80 a a month an an his board an a
share In the gate receipts o exhibition n
games Which do you want Rufe Ruf Rulea a
downy couch in the Alfalfa House or ora or a
1600 1600ume 1600time time gam game game e o o tag with yourself
here Speak up upl
We Ve cd cd see that Rufe was was undecided undec ided
He looked first at Jos h an a11then an then at his
ca ca captain ptaln Then Josh says
Come onto the diamond d Rufe
where where ball is not an opera opera bouffe
where where every every player slugs the ball and
where the bleachered bleachered thousands call
for for homers homers doubles dublesand and triples and the
longest drive gets the biggest hand
Youre of on says says he And And with one
last lingering look at Serrybellum Col ¬
lege the big farmer guy guy gu come with
us UL
Copyright 1905 1905by by George William
Daley Dal y
Lost Lostc osi c and n c Foun lr oulzdArticles Fourcd d Articles Ar ticles
Numerous at attie the Capitol
lurious ur ous List of Things Gathered in by the the
PoliGe PoliceEverything Everything EverythiogFrom From Diamonds
to Shoe Buttons
Many ra 1Y and an d dvaried d varied are are the the articles artic les
ound In the Capitol building in the
iourse of six six sixmonths months
Yesterday Yes tEn ai was Cle clescnlng aning out day
Vny thing was was liste listed d from fro m a jar of
i ta to a dollar dpll do llar r bill w whose hose owners are
lot to be found foun d
Of course course urse there is way to to dispose of
he heproperty property The money mon will get getback back
nto circulation The Thecheese cheese was eager
y devoured by YOne one oneof one of the dogs that was
empo < uUy incarcerated incarcerated d In in the Capi Capi
ols sub pound
The police system system of of caring for for the
oat and an d found foundarUcles foun d darticles articles articles speaks well for f9r
he officers officers In in charge Every Ev ry article artic article le
whether whetherlnsignlneaI1t Insignificant or valuable valuable
s promptly recorded recorded In aboo a book i for that that
jurpose e
Valuables Valu ables Found Found d
The police In making the the rounds rounds of
he building often find find valuable valuable prop prop
rty In no known case cas case Is the article
ound ou rid withheld withheld from the captains of
ice A diamond brooch brooc l1valU h valued d at at 400 400
L L ladys gold go ld watch and several l dia
nond rings are among some some o of f the mos most t
things thingsthathaveb that have been been en found found by
and turned in
Capt J P P Megrew and and Fred Fred Fre Webber
ire the men men Who look after the lost and
found articles articles
All All things found that cannot be be iden
lined within six months are returned to
he parties finding the same same
While the Daughters Dau ghters of of the Amer American ican
Revolution were here one one Daughter los lost t
In n the the Capitol building a a handsome ame
LIrT st necklace She said said it ha had d been in
the he family for for over 150 years and she s he
valued lued It at 1000 1000 1000 It was was found found in the the
and returned the the finder finder getting
EL i handsome reward
Whoever the pe person Vson may be who finds fin ds
the articles his or her name narn name Is taken tak tI
If an an owner own r is not found the th articles articieS1Uf are
then returned retu rned to the finders find < rs t Stru Sci lairs iiirs r3
and members membe rs rsof of the Supreme Supr eme Oourfc n > u rt and
House who have found things hing have 1Ju had
them returned returned to them them by the police ll lIce
with a statement stateme nt that as as the th owner w eer lwr
could not not be found they ure ire entitled entitled to
Several artic articles les still remain remain rem ln uncalled
for for They willbe given to to the folders fiude
in n a a a day or or two
A Curious Variety
Among the things found ouncll1lay may l le > e met men ¬
UonedA tioned A small silver brooch e su sunburst nburst
In shape a handsome round gold locket
with a a lock lock of dark hair halrin in It a ajar jar of el f
cheese found while whlleth the Swayne ease case Cas
was in in session a pass from Washington Was hingto n t
to New York returned to railroad 01
which which it it was drawn a sold fourleaf fourl l
clover stick pin a gold go d threeleaf clov ¬
er er stick pin about one on one dozen dozen umbrel ¬
las las a a solid solid silver G Go o O P elephant ele phant
several s several C Ceralwcket eralwcket pocket books with different differ ent
amounts of money in them three three ya yarls ls
of pink cloth found in Inclcvator elevator elevator six gl
pocket pocketknives knives two ladles jackets bab ¬
ies caps feather boas boas ladles fur col ¬
la lar r mens mens overcoats overcoatsi carpenter carp enter tools
squares hatchets hatch bts ts saws etc two two Bibles
lap r r Lobes jbbes bes silver thimble thimble pipes ear
muffs hat and and hair pins 1 1n5 all kinds cf
gloves s ss single s and in pairs and an d dover over ove ¬
shoes by the hundred 1
A check c checkcaused heck caused caused a good deal of specu ¬
lation as to the motive motivefor motive for which it was
drawn The amount was for 8265 It
was was dated date d June 23 1905 and wa was s son on n
the National MetropolitanCitizens
Bank of this city When sent to the
bank it was found that the name name of
the signer was was not not on on the books
Since Since the the books have been balanced
several articles have been turned in
IIB 11 1
B 1 0 0eir t
C01nplete Home eir furnishers is rs
When II
g an Bu
t o 1
I = i p ff
Hundreds and fJ lIa Hardwood wood
It p
llgjndrecls of r Refrigerators
I Ice Capacity 35 lb lbs
1m Refrigerators p U Only Onlya 650 a f 4
II l
There is both bothsatisfaction satisfaction J The famous rt rtStar Star
Absolute1yreliable Absolute ly relia ble
II < and economy in c hoos in g
Perfe Perfect ft constructi construction n
f from stlc h a big stock of Re enablIng proper Clr
1 fr igerators as we carry You JUHUiiHhi Ksssssssss s cu lation of dr dry air
Charcoal CharcoaZinc sheathing r
can get just exactly w hat you Zinc lin limn in g geasily easily Bas il Y a
II want Without be in g forced to cleanable
Jl av more than ou intended r
II I Buvir g in car load i io ts en u ° be s
us to get inside price an d e f Terms P a de o Suit
B 1
feet a big saving i + freight so
II C that we can assure you the
realest values
i f 1
All Metal
i R e r erg a or r
I I One 1 G
ver As well as au styes Cye r
I m xe ttAC ft < V and sizes size a in woodencase rr denease i s
Refrigerators we early a
the hyglenlo aU allmetal metal a
1m r 1 ones Made Ma de ot o f roUa
v + sheets o steel with wit h m1l ml J Y
tk p t era Insulat1oIlaJld d enam m t
1mrI g4 sled st eI I or zino z ino Un1nG t i
i There Is s n nothing othing to ab
sorb moisture and no nos 1 s 5
l l dgmentfor germsAnr scrota l
I other adVaI1tago o isthat s that
l i they c1UlJ1ot 9wal1 qr 0 N r
IC6 i shrink and are are pr prActl J
I cally call indestructible i
Chests i I 1
I 4 n U L
e 9 at I l
All n
II = Prices
I E p 1 L I
I 1 r 1 O On c
1 ii a
ft i 1 JI
j Gi a
ISl V I J J a
i1 v a
I t
f Seventh Seventhan an d I Eye Streets N e W e =
I a a
1 8 t a
m 1 M lill

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