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Continued From Second secondPa secondPask Page Pag sk 1
patch patchwas was wa received containing cont lnlngthe the in ¬
formation that the naval battla was in
progress and resulting rcsuItingfa favorably vo b to th
The minister expressed deep gratifica ¬
tion over the news transmitte d to the th
State Department D parlment by b Minister Minist < Griscom
and seemed convinced that rj ace act actwiU a t twill will
be the inevitable inevlable result of the hc downfall
of Ronestvensky Ro estvensk
Peace Must Come
Should Russia continue con tinue the t thewar war wa r now I
Said one member of the legation Iv I
will will mean the needless destruction of I
lives livesand and an unnecessary unneeessar r expenditure of o
money and property
Since Sh1C iti this final naval battle batt1 has ias re x e ¬ I ISh1C
suIted favorably favorabl to Japan the outcome
of the war is determined For Russia to
S continue to fight would bo a return to
the savage barbar barbarism ism o f uncivilized war ¬
The legation contemplates s the possi ¬
bility bilit of peace hegotiations being con ¬
ducted in Washington It is i pointed out
that Russia remains a great power and
Japan is not in a position to dictaUs
terms as a to an absolutely ubjugated
The United States is the most avail ¬
able neutral power of sufficiently im ¬
pressive pressivestandtns standing to act as mediary in
so important an arbitration The Jap ¬
anese here hope thatVaShinton that Washington will
be asked to participate in the settle
float numtof of hostilities
Japan Likes Rosen
Baron de Rosen the newly appointed
Russian ambassador amb ssador to the United
States is personally liked by b the Jap J ap ¬
anese said an attache atla h today Should
he be b selected to represent Russia I
think I am am right in saying there 15 no
Russian Rus sian with whom the Japaneso would
be b more willing to treat
Minister Minist Takahira Tal ahira hlra Is under the impres nnpres ¬
sion ioa from in information gathered from
various sources that fully threefourths
of theRuss the Russ ian fleet C twas was wiped out and
that the victory was even greater than
has l13sbeen been officially announced in Tokyo
The Themlnister minister also called at the White
American Ship Sunk
By Admiral Rogestvensky
Confirmation has been beenrecelved received here
from Shanghai of o the press report that
the Russian warships have sunk an un ¬
known American merchant s hip off the
Chinese coast
Crew Expected in Japan
TOKYO May 29The 9 The name and des d s ¬
tination of the American steamer which
Vice ViceAdmiral Admiral Bogs Bog s tvensKy 1reportetl i I reported
to have haVe haVesunk sunk off Formosa about May 21
is lsunknown unknown here her
Details concerning the sinking of the
vessel are expected to be made made known k own
when the crew of the steamer reaches
Although nothing nothingJs is known here hercab011t about
the th case ca e it is expected pected in official circles
that Vice Admiral dinlra1 Rbgestvensky R gesLvensky will
claim cIai that tJiatthe the Vessel v veSwds ss l was cruising
Justified by Russia
ST PETERSBURG May Ma 29 29Nothing Nothing
is known at the adm iralty irolt of the re ¬
ported sinking of an unknown imlmownAmerI Amen ¬
can C4u steamer off Formosa by Vice Ad ¬
m n miral iral ral Rogestvenaky RogestvenSh
It Is recognized at the admiralty as
aulto possible P0581b1that osIbi that Rogcstvensky mayj mo may
have lafebeencom been compelled pelled by military neces I
sr sljy y to destroy a neutral If he feared
that Uta to allow it to proceed and report
the whereabouts whcle bouts and direction of the I
Russian R isim fleet would endanger his
strategic st rategIcpl plan n he had no other alterna ¬
tlye except to take oft the crew and
sink the ship
Such an incident is unfortunate but
every naval naV officer must admit that the
risk in In such a crisis Is too great to take
any chances If the snip was unjusti ¬
fiably fitblysunk sunk from the standpoint of in ¬
ternational t rnational law Russia or course will
have to foot the bill but any cost is
mlasj6n iJ cheap P n if f fit it furthered Rogestvenskys
Will Demand Reparation
For American Ship Sunk
Coincident with Japans tremendous
victory at sea sea the United States Gov ¬
ernment has been informed of an in ¬
cident cidentwhich which places Russia in a serious
light in her relations with the United
This Incident is the sinking of an
American merchant steamer stea er by the
Russian Baltic B ltic fleet fleetofJ off Formosa about
May 20 Minister Griscom has reported
the matter to the theSta theState State te Department
Acting Secretary Secretaryof of State Loomis after
a conference with the President has
telegraphed Ambassador Meyer Mey rat at St
Petersburg instructing him to make a
full invest investigation i igation gation there obtaining any
information or reports the Russian ad ¬
miralty may have of the affair
Mr Griscom is active at Tokyo In
seeking information Further Furtheradvic advices I
from him are expected soon
If it is true that tha t the Russians Rus ians sank the
American < vessel or 01 if any of Rogest ¬
venskys ships even unwarrantedly fired
upon her herr reparation will undoubtedly be
asked for
Advices received here from Russian
sources but not officially officialiyconfirmed confirmed nfirm d say
the American merchantman was sunk
by the Russian fleet to prevent her I1mfrom from
furnishing information as to Rogest ¬
venskys wrereabouts
The incident it is said will cause
strained relations between Russia and
the United States
Russian Ships Collided
Ship P Returns to t Port
PARIS May 29 29Acc According C r ding g to t a pri ¬
rate ate telegram from fro CheeFoo one of
Admiral Rogestvenskys ships returned r turned
to ICiaoChbw the German portiin Shan
Tung on Friday Frida
She had been b en badly damaged by col ¬
lision with wit1 another ship
The Temps pays a glowing tribute to
Admiral A mlralUogestvenskys Rogestvenskys skill flkill kIii in prepar ¬
InS his squadrons for the final encoun ¬
ter and his audacity audacit in taking the
route where the Japanese were strong
7 The f fhe he Echo de Paris St Petersburg
correspondent cone5pondcntgaS says that a l Jolter tter has
been received from Admiral Rogestven ¬
sky written six ix weeks ago in which
the admiral said he des I ired red to reach
Vladivostok without a combati lf possi pass ¬
ble but that he would do nothing to I
avoid an encounter
Straits of TsuShima
And Their TheirSurroundings Surroundings Surr unclings
TguShima Straits or Korea Straits
givJrg Ivlns the entrance to the Sea of Japan
separate sepa rMe the southernmost portof Japan
from Korea They take their th > jr rft rttme ione bne from
the tlj island of TsuShima which lies
about half halfWaY way between Japan and
Korea KOf ea
The strait between b twccn the island and
Korea on the shore of which nearest neare t to
Japan la the important harbor and port
of Fusan ia is known aa the Broughton
Channel Chann el It Is is thirtyfour miles wide
between bctwc n Sen S SentiIICl n tinel Island and the south
point > of TsuShima narrowing to
twentyfive miles between the north
point of that Island islancland and Fusan
On the side lde of Japan J avan there 13 L another
I j
Island named Ik Ikl whence torpedo craft
can dart across across the eastern strait
known as the Krusensteon Channel
which Is twentyfive twe ntyflv miles wide at its
narrowest part between the south point
of TsuShima TsuShimaand and Iki Island The depth i
of the straits varies from sixty to ninety
The Island of TsuShima is helf h lfway way
between Fusan and Shimonosek a Jap ¬
anese naval station at the entrance e trance to
the inland sea and the Japanese Japal Se dock ¬
yards ards and arsenals are all near at hand
TsuShima Island is thirtyseven thlrt seen miles
In length running north by b northeast
and andaouth south by southwest Some S me reefs
and rocks show at its southwest end
and at its north end but there are no
dangers more than a mile and a half
from the th coast of the is laland land Tsu ¬
shima Sound which is a spacious Bpaciousiri1et inlet
In the middle of the west coast of the
Island possesses a large la rge number of
small harbors and basins basinsquite quite land ¬ 1 1Emall
locked and sheltered shelteredl l well adapted for
the operations of a mosquito fleet In
anything like moderate weather at sea
The TsuShima Straits have ha v already
been the scene of a Russian disaster dfastcra s as a >
the Vladivostok Vladivostoksquadron squadron after fter pass ¬
ing round Japan and navigating these
straits was attacked by Admiral dmiral Kami K mi
mura on August 12 and the Rurik was
sunk the Grompbdi and Rossla es ¬
caping though badly crippled cripp1e
Defeat Mighty Factor Fac or
For Universal Universa1Peace Peace Pea
Special Copyrighted Cable
LONDON L01T ON May 1Iay 23Andrew 29Andr 29 Andrew w Carnegie
has has been intervitwed by a representative
of 01011 all London Londo1papers papers and asked his
opinion as to the result of the defeat
of f Admiral Rogestvenskys Rogestvensk a fleet The
ironmaster ironmasteropHed replied that it will probably
mean a speedy end ndof of the war var
Hard as the f e blow bio will fall on the
ICzar Czar and the Russian RussUm pe people Dl Mr Mr Car ¬
negie Is reported report d to have said I be ¬
lieve that in the end it will prove a
mighty factor for good and will wmdo do
more than anything else recently for
the promotion of o f funiver universal univer sal peace Pe ace
Had the t e Russian admiral admir al won vic ¬
tory tOI y over oyerthf the TaDs Japs this would w ould undoubt ¬
edly have ha meant that thftj thliLwar ar would bfi b
prolonged Indefinitely with Ith enormous
loss of blo blood pd and money mone Now I am
convinced Russia Russia will bofjin bi lnto to see that
the fight is hopeless and sue for peaie
On the other side it Is important that
the Japs drunk drunkith with victory shall not
be allowed to impose too heavy condi ¬
tions upon their defeated enemy enem For Fo
this reason I hope that the th United States
will ba b asked to mediate
Nobody could in my m opinion better
satisfy satis t both sides then President Roose noos ¬
Domestic Events Ev nts Enacted
In Straits of TsuShima
NEW YORK May 29 9The The New York
Press Pre s prints a long dispatch dated
Tokyo TOkyoSunWb SundaY in which it says
History was made at the entrance
to the sea ea of Japan yesterday and Is
being made today In the greatest gr atest naval
contest of modern times While Vhl1esome some
of the main results resu ts were known In Tokyo
last night and the evening newspapers
were permitted to issue extras contain ¬
ing the bulletins made public by the im ¬
perial navy board bo ard the Tokyo govern ¬
ment for reasons reasons of national security
prohibited the transmission transinissInof of any news
by cable ea le that would indicate the results
so far achieved
Togos Ships Assembled
The world will probably have to wait
another day to learn even the skeleton tl
facts of the stupen dous drama which be ¬
gan shortly shortl after daylight Saturday 190
miles shouthwest of Shimoneseki
It Is permitted to say that at 4 1 oclock o lock
in the morning the scout ships of Rear
Admiral Ad miral Kataoka reported by wireless
I telegraphy the approach of the Russian
Baltic squadron from a point pointnorth north of
Uku islan d dat at the southerlyentrance 50utherly 4 4ntranc ntranc e to
the straits of Korea At sunrise the
Russian battleships were off the promon prom on ¬
tory tOr of Harado the cruisers in the cen ¬
ter teran1 and the three coastdefense ironclads
on the western line At 10 oclock in
the morning they were west of the Is ¬
land of Iki 1k which is the eastern channel
through the Korean straits into the sea
of Jasan
Long before b rorc that period the Japanese
fleet had been called from Its several s veral
stations near Tsu Island which sepa ¬
rates telJ the eastern from f om the western weot rn
channels at the mouth of the Japanese
Sea What happened thereafter during
the day and into the night and what
the th tI < story is this morning It Is not per ¬
missible to relate r late Even those bulletins
made public by the imperial navy board boa Id
may ma not be transmitted by cable for
reasons lf SOl1S which it is believed believ d will ap ¬
peal p < aI to naval strategists when the facts
become known
Selected His Battleground
I What may be told is that Admiral
Togo with invincible reckoning as to
his enemys movements succeeded succef ded in
bringing about a naval engagement in
part at one of the two points where he
had planned it should take place There
is I now no censorship on the fact lcnown
hero for ten days that the Baltic fleet
was shadowed every hour of its it Jour ¬
new from tho French IndoChlna coast
From Frommldnhht midnight on Wednes cdnes day the di i ¬
rection of Rogpstvensky nos stvenBky pointed 1 ointed > uner ¬
ringly to his course through the Straits
of Korea Had ho elected to go o through throu h
the North Pacific Pacificoecan ocean and around the
main Islands of Japan to the Taugara
straits Togo would have 1iav been b en ubl ublp to
have met him there
The great strategy str wfa of the Japanese
admiral in not wasting his ships ih1p in the
several Formosa channels is now clear
to t all Although the navigable straits str ults
entering the sea of Japan are about
sixty six six h hmiles ty miles wide for fleet purposes the
Japanese system of scout boats made it
iImpossfbl Impossible for any an fleet fle et to get through thr ugh
either in the night or in the day or
even to approach the entrance to the th thy
sea without timely dlscQfery
Know the Day Before
So s it itwasthll was that t Togo rogoand and his vice vi e
admirals Kamlmura Uriu and an d Kata ¬
oka knew on Friday exactly what they they
should do on Saturday morning mornlngand and the
only handicap handl p they theythen then had was was in
the fact that the hostile hostHefle fleet t heavily hea yilY
outnumbered them in battleships
Against this Tokyo 1 01 0 knew lcne it had not only o lly
a 1 victorious navy n avy disciplined diS cPli riC 1 for just
such a battle but also ships of greater great r
mobility mob1llt In the hands of veteran sea
The imperial navy officials today es ¬
timated tim ted the battleship strength strengthof of the
enemy as nearly onehalf on haU greater grea tcr than
that of Japan but regarded it as
counterbalanced by circumstances which
cannot anll t be related at atthiS this time owing to
the censorship which is enforced Cor ¬ 1
respondents are not permitted either cltherto to
speculate as as to whether the sea sc fight figi
continues northerly in the Sea of Japan
or as to what hat po lr llt ht jt it has hasextend extended d
north or south Nothing may be sent
showing any loss to either citbernnvy navy nor
may the action of oC a single ship hlp in the th
Japanese squadron be sent out onLoCTokyo or Tokyo
So S while the curtain is is up here and
surprises mixed to some extent with
joy the curtain cur t inmu5t must remain r nlnln dwn d n for f l
the rest of lh the world
News Ne ws of Sea Drama
The Thefirstfiash first flash of war news news came to
Tokyo at sunrise on Saturday Sat r 1a Then The rt it
was announce announced In a bulletin bulletint thut f during
the thenight night the Baltic altic squadron had h d been b cn
signaled west of Nagasaki Then Thc pcI11e came
a flas flash h from Sasebo reporting r portlng that the
fleets were wereprobabl probably engaged eJ1Sag d The Th news ¬
papers began printing prin ting extras announc ¬
ing that the Japanese Aav navy was In
action with the enemy enen Next came a
wire from Nagasaki that Rogestvensky Rog sty ns1y
had with him all his battleships
cruisers c and small Ironclads Ironc 1 a d s sf evidently eVid en tly
his entire fighting fleet fic t No f o mention 1
was made of the torpedo torp > ctoboat boat destroy dcstro r ¬
ers ersAt At noon on Saturday the annOUnce
ment m ent was as posted postedthat that the tienuss Rusalahs ia ls were ere
southwest of the easterly Korean
straits strsi ts
For four ourhours hours the city was kept in I
suspense SUsp nse Not a bulletin of any anysort sort
was received by the navy department
There was great enthusiasm in the
streets because the Japanese people be ¬
lieve Togo to be belnJncible Invincible and not for
a moment did the idea of defeat or ir ¬
reparable damage to the main fleet
come comelato Into their minds
Dramatic Drama tic Surprises Surpr ises
At 4 40clock oclock came another bulletin
which the censor would not permit to be
cabled AH the news following there ¬
otter filled with dramatic surprises and
unfolding a great drama at the gateway
to the Sea of Japan while made known
In all the cities of the Empire was re re ¬
fused at the cable offices by order of
the th Tokyo government
It Is not Improbable that th t the events I
of this Sunday will raise the curtain
sufficiently Bufflcientl to permit the transmission
of certain happenings since yesterda y
morning but while the theomelals officials as usua usual l
are ureintensel Intensely polite there Is no cer
1 I
tainty as to when the th censorship will be
raised rah ed All dispatches when wirtten out
I I Iin in French are submitted and thereafter
1 pass the scrutiny of two Japanese cen ¬
I I I sors one educated In Paris and the other
at Annapolis In the United States A
I I long strain of waiting for the great
naval battle has had its effect only on 0 11
the th tho e foreign fOr lgna attaches and the tn < newspaper j
I I correspondents corre o pondents The Japanese have at
no time seemed to be anxious or ex ¬
cited citedas as to what might happen
Togo Japans Nelson
Trained in England
J 1
I When foreign fOl Ign experts expe ts and even Wn the th
Japanese themselves discuss the vic ¬
tories won vlOn on land by the Mikados
forces they theymrequently frequently assert that It Is
a mistake to give the chief credit to the
Marquis Oyama that as a a mtittor nmtt r of f
fact he Is but a figurehead and that the
real work is done by General Kodama
and by the strategists at Tokyo
In a sea battle however there can be >
no question questionf questionof uestionof f of divided credit or divided
responsibility The historic attack of i
February 8 lOOt was Togas To os work wor the
tactics which sent the Petropavlovsk petroPUVIO t to I
her doom were Togos to Togos ability
was due d e the great naval victory of last la > t
August and Ho to Togo must b ascr cibr1 ibed
i f fJap Japans Jap ns latest latc st victory on the sea Audi And Andso
so he is already called Japans Nel Nd ei ¬
son I
A Mysterious Character
Since the war began much has been J < en
written about Hehachlro HeihachtroTogo Togo and yet
the sum of what Is known about aim is
curiously little It Is known that thathc he Is
about fiftyfive years old that he la h a
I Samura i bu b but t not of princely birth t that hat h 1 t
he was one onoot of the first Japanese naval
cadets to be sent sent abroad to study that
i he served on the training tralnln j ship Worcester
Thames and that later like
on the ThamesL L oth ¬
er Japanese officers he was allowed uUoW to
study at the Royal Ro al Naval College Collleat at
1 Returning Returningto to Japan his was employed ompl < 1
un in various vJlioucapuclues capacities In 1891 when war
I began between China and Japan he was
In command of the Naniwa a cruiser
I of 3600 tons one of the vessels compos ¬
ing what was then known as the First
Flying Squadron of the Japanese navy
During the th war he greatly distinguished
himself hlms lt and earned the reputation of
being a firstclass flouting man Ho
was present at the lfirst first battle of o
phmigdo arid at the thehattle battle of Haiyang Haly ng
took part in the bombardment of orr orTaub orrTan r Tans
r 1 I
i Battleships m BattleshipsAlexsnder leshipsAlex Alexander nder HI J IBoro Boro ¬
dino dln < Orel Suvaroff and Oslybla each
with itha ith a gun power po w wr r of of sixteen sixte n 12inch 121 12 inch ch
four ou r lOInch 10inch 10 inch fiftyeight fifty eight 6inch one
hundred hun dred 12poun 12pounders ders and one hun ¬
dred rM 3poundGrs the Sisal Veliki and
Navarin n eight clg ht 12inch 12 12nch 12 inch fourteen fou rteen Cl 6 ¬
inch inch and d twentys twentysix twentysix ix 3pounders the
Nicolai two 12inch 12i ctand and two Glnch
Armored Armor morOd d Cruisers CruisersNakhimoff Nakhlmoff Nakhimofr Dmi ¬
tri tn Dons koi each w s ith a gun gun power
of offou fourteen t en 6nch 6Jne twenty 47inch
nineteen 3 3aId and 1pound Ipounders 1 ers Vladimir ir
Monomac h five five61nch fl e 6Inch s slxtl1Inc six ix 47inch 4 7 Inch h
and smaller guns
Protected Prote i d Cruisers CruisersOlig Ollg Aurora
Svfetlana S etlana Semtchug S mt hiHt Izumrud Iztimruq and
Almoz Almozeach each with a a gun power power of
twentysix 6inch thirtyfour 12
pounders poundersand and fortytwo fort tsc 4V iand t and 1
Coas Defense Def ns Vessels VesselsOushalcotT 1 Oushakoff
Seniavine Sentalneand Senlas me and Afrakain each with a
gun gu n npow power pow erot of three thr 10inch and four
Torpedo Boat Destroyers DestroycrsBiejory Biedory
Buiny Buin Bystry Bstr Bezuprets hny hn y Bles
tiashty tiasht Brav y Bodry Gromkl romkl Gros Gros
nly ni Preaorlivy Pregor Hvy Rezltky Rezitk an and d Jllany TIian
Unconverted Merchant Steamers
Kuban Terek Ural RIon andvDnelj al1 anDnei Dn I
per with small fighting fi tll1g strength stre ngtl r but but t
of value as scouts
Balloon BalloonShinRtisn ShI ShIr r Rusa t
Repair Shipr ShiprXenla Shl Xenla
Hospital ShJpKostroma
Transports reported report report5dOkean dOkean Okean ye Ve
ronej Tambaff T mbafr Yaroslav Y r slav Orel
Kamtchatka Kamtch tka Kleff Ki fr Vladimir Vla dimir Korea
Meteor Kltai itai Jupiter Esperanza Espera 1za
cold storage ship Mercury Iercury Anadir Ana A adir dIr
an d Gdrtschakoff
chow oan and < saw s w the final overthrQw and
dstruction at WeiHalWel of all that
was left le Ct of the Chinese fleet Nor did
his ship the Naniwa pass entirely
scatheless through these ordeals
though she received no vital damage
Ranks as Vice Admiral
After the th war with China he was
raised to the rank of Rear R ar Admiral and
promoted to the third command in the the
Japanese fleet fi et Prior to his present ap ap tj ¬
pointment he was was commander r in phief hie
at Malzuru a dockyard pn on the sea of
Japan Ja an His present rank Is i ishat that of vice
In person person Admrlal Togo is a short shqrt
somewhat stout man with full black
beard beardandmustcche and mustache and a distinctly C Sth1Ctl P
lrapane i rapane Japanese e appearance appeara nce Me is not a
great talker in deed in u manner he Is
somewhat reserved Above all he is a a
resolute determined very courageous
sailor quick and alert or perception
but calm and unpreclpltate in action
He H knows his fleet well wellknows knows what it
Can ca n do to a anlcety nicety and he knows the
spirit and temper of his men
Afcr Af > cr the blockade of Port Arthur
was over Togo went to Japan J pan where
the Emperor thanked him the people
chcored him himand and the admiralty dis
cusse d with him what should be done
to beat Rogestvensky
Kniaz KniazSuravofi Suravoff Lost
Rogestvensky R Wounded
ST PPETERSBURG May lIa 29 29It It j
Is seniiofilcially admitted at the thee I
admiralty that the th Kniaz Suvaroff Ad ¬
miral Rogestvens kys flagship and an d the I Imlral
battleship Oslaya have been sunk by
the Japanese and that the Russian com ¬
mander has been wounded
No details are obtainable but it Is
believed that Rogestvensky must be a
I i I prisoner Jrison r in the hands of the Japanese
The impression Is that the Suvaroff
was Injured in the general gcne al engagement
so badly that no hope of O f savipg sa ViP g her 1lerwas was
loft I ft and s she he was therefore destroyed
This however is merely Iner ly surmise 1
The most amazing news to o the ad ¬
miralty is I mat which tells of the cap ¬
ture ture bv the Japanese of the Ore l an d
I other battleships Absolute instructions 1s
were w re given to all commanders of armor ¬
ed ships that they should destroy dc > lroy their
I I yca vesse ds ls rather rn tliei than permit them to full
Into the thehan hands s of Japanese r
l It Is practically admitted admltt d at this hour
that the worst WOIS has hushappencd happened The lhead ad ¬
miralty still professes to depend on c t
press 1101 dispatches for its news
A meeting of the board of officers of I I I
the Army War VUl Co llege was he ld at the I
College Building 22 Jackson place to ¬
day Among Amo mo i g other business recommenda ¬ I
tions to the Secretary of War Val for fill ¬
ing the vacancies v ca cies on the general staff
were WCIomade ma made de The officers present pres nt wpre
General Bliss General Baldwin General
Grant Gentral Wade and General Mills
The lh Seccnd SeccndSquadronof Squadron of the tl Thir ¬
teenth tc nth Cavalry compris c ceinprlsing mpr1s ing Troops E F
G and D and numbering two hun hundred 1rcd
men Inc n arrived llrrh ed at Fort Myer 1 her yesterday to
I take up tips s tation t tlon there They are in com ¬
mand of Colonel Hatfleld HatUeldand and have havejust Just
I come from the Philippine >
Battleships BattieshipsMikasa Mikasa Iika aAsahl Asahi Shlki
shima shi 111a and nd Fuji each ea h with wl h a gun
power of ofs1xteen sixteen 12i 12In 12 hah h fiftytwo flft two 6 6
Inch seventysix s se enty six 12pounders 12pounde 12 pounders ra forty
2V6 2 to t03pounders 3pounders theOhin the Oh Chin In Y YI1 Ten en I1 four 01 X
12inch 6inch and two 4pounders
Armored Cruisers Cru CruiaersAdsuma er sAdsumn Adsuma Yalcu Yal u
mo lurate Idzumo IdzumoTokIWa Tokiwa Asama AsUma
Kasuga and Nisshin Nis hin each w wltha with ith a
gun gun power of one 10Inc h thirty S
inch te ten I 4inch 41 4 inch < h ninety ninetytwo two 12pound 12 pound un 1 ¬
ers erst t arid forty fortyrtwo > two 2Virpounders 2lpounder
Protected ProtectedCrulsersK Cruisers CruisersKasagl Kasagi sagiChito Chito
se Itsukushima s kuhima Hashidate H HashidateMatsu ashidateMatsu Matsu I 1
shlma Kaniwa Kaplwa Ta Takachlco kachico ka i1ico Akitsu Aklts Akitsu
shima Idzumi Idzt Idzumi mi Akashi kashi SumaChl Suma Chiy
oda o da Nijtaka fttaka Taushima T slllma and Otawa
each ea ch with a gun power power of three thr 12 12Jj 6
inch four 10inch 10 n < h four 8inch 8incl1 thirty thi
six 6lnch 6 inch ninetyfour niict four 47Inch 4 7 inch sixty
two tWQ12 Vvt 0 12pounder3 12 po pounders nders forty orty 6pounders 6PDtn 6 lders
fiftyflve firtyfive3 3pounders Pounders arid twenty 1 I I I
pounders pound rs
Unprotected Unpr Un tect teOt0d dCruls Cruisers CruisOrsTak rsTalcas Talcas Tile
garno gama Tenrin Katsurugl Yamato Y mato mato
Musashi TsukushI and Amagi Ani agl In
the order of their size
Torpedo Torp edo Boat Destroyers D stroyersShiaku Shiaku
mo Asaahlo Harusame Harusame Murasaine
Akatsu Ak Akatsuki su ki kil l KasumI K S miI Ikadsuchl kads chl Ina 1
zurna zu ma Akebono Ake oono Saza S Sdzanami zl itiami harnii Oboro
Shinpnome Murakuirip Mu rnkunioYugill Yugiri Shir
anuhl al1uh Kagero Ka ge ro Usugumo USU gUl10 Asaglro sagiro
and Hayatorl
Torpedo Gun G nVesselsChiI1OYa Vessels VesselsChih Chlhaya a arid
Gunboats GunbpatsAkngl AkagI Banjo Oshima
Atugp < Maya aya a and d Chioka l
Three Hundred and Fifty Children Childr il Par ¬
ticipate ticipateinExercises in inExercises Exercises at St Sty y Josephs
At St Marys
A A scries of orMay May processions s swas was held
In several se veral Catholic thoUc churches yesterday yesi rday
afternoon Banners were carried bear bea r ¬
ing appropriate inscriptions s and after aft er
a a march about the streets adjoining
the churches the children filed in and
sang May Ma ray hymns l
More lorethan than 350 children took part In I
the th e procession process 10 n at S St t Josephs Second
arid a d C Cstreets streets 6tr ets northeast The Holy I
Name Society Socle y composed compo ed of many of
the men in the parish the resident
clergy and about twentyfive altar boys bo
marched with with the children The pro ¬
cession was accompanied by the cadet
band from Gpnzaga a College College which play ¬
ed May hymns during the march
Six hundred hundredchildrenbelong children belong to the
Sunday school of St stPaurs Pauls Church Fif ¬
teenth and V streets participated in the th
May procession there The procession
formed form d in the chapel adjoining the
c hurch and proceeded down dOl1F1fteenth Fifteenth
street stre t into the church where it passed
by the statue of the Blessed Virgin each
child placed a wreath at the foot
Father MackIn pastor of St Pauls
addressed the children
St StMury Marys Fifth between G and H
streets fitreetsnorthwest northwest also held its annual
May hl tty procession proc sslon yester yesterday day afternoon
Special music UiUSlc by the choir was provided
for the th vesaer service and the children
of the parish then marched through the
interior intcri r of the church and along Fifth
street Miss nS5 lis Berberlch placed the crown
upon the statue of tho Blessed Vtrgin
placed in the sanctuary
St Peters Pcler t s Church Second Secondand and C
streets southeast and St Anthonys Anthm s
Church Chur Brooklind acre ere others to hold
their childrens chitdlenscc1obruti eeJbrution n yesterday
Thirty dollars fine or ninety days dasin In l
jail Tan the penalty imposed upon I
Joseph JoscphYeat West colored In the Police
Court C rt today tfda for tor assaulting Mary MaryAddi Add
son The woman alleged that on Sat ¬
urday urd y night West Ve st was thrown out of a a
window Vin ow by another occupant of tin al a l ¬
icy Ie flat house hOl e and entered her rooms I
with a knife knifein In his hand and without
provocation stabbed her in the face
He then attempted t mnpted to get away but
was captured by Policeman Jack of o
the Second precinct who heard the i
we wcman mans screams after a tei the cutting
A Pollower of Grip
Many persons llnd thcm then1lv thernilves jlves s affected I
v Yiith 1th a persiatfnt persiJt nt cough after an attac k i
of the th > grip As this cough can be
momptly tJ1 omIitI cured cur d by b the use of Chamber
Iains lalnsCough Cough Remedy It should not bo b
allowed to run on until it becomes J
troublesome houblt > ome FOT 1 Q sule sub by all clrugststs
Continued o fi nue dfr from First tPaie Page
ships shipsmustere mustered d d14n and 14n 1 Ir t ih waitin g ftor for over ver 1
a fortnight In the meantime keeping his hi >
scout out ships following up the mover mpvementis nents
of the t e ehemv
The Theyiew view iew that thc th b beginning ginning of the end
has come with Roges BogesJvenskYsqeeat Rogestvenaky rivenskys s defeat Is
not notconfined confined toi to Aotoiral Acsb h1iral ral Dewey Dev e alone
Among J all the high naval navalofflcials officials the
same view vi < W Is Iscxpr expressed ssed that Russia Is
now i nos in a position where she shernust must sue u for
Was Russ ias Las t tIrope Hope
The Ba Battic Baltic ttic fleet was Russias last I
hope hOiJ h ope as one o h prominent promimmtofllcr officer expressed ex preSsed i 1
it i t and she has abso absolutely absoluteb lutely nothing now
to 1 torelyn rely on to pus push h her li r campaign campl i gn The
fleet which whi hs she he has l1enn penned enned dup up in int the ie
Black Blackseath sea though tlgh a comparatively compa tively
strong st ong one cannot cann tb be bi gotten cut of
there tben without raising a storm st rmof of pro pr ¬
tes test t from England It is not likely
that 1 Russie will attempt to bring that
fleet Into play It is my opinion that h t
Japanese gunnery gunnerywaschiefiy was chiefly chiefh respohsi responsi
ble for the crushing blow administered
to 1 Rbgestvenskys RogestvenskysPoW 5 powerful rful squadron
Among Among5pme some officials there th re Is a
fcVidency j idcncy denC3 to the view that the naval bat
tie ti t ie will w n not nqt mean meanthecessatlcl1of th the cessation of hostili ¬
ties altogether aito ether as asthere there Is isah a il hfellef 1Jef that
Japan will now npwImr1 flO Imri diately diat diate1 ly y attempt a
tremendously crushing crush ins movement movem nt by
land Even with a small land victory Victo ry
Japan would be belniuch In such a position th that t
she i would have Russia In almost an
abject abje t state and ndte the Czar would have
to agree to even eV n the most exacting e xactin g
terms term
About Wu that t You Eat
whon When It com coines to < food oOd demand to tc I I
know k 1J W the r facts about a b ut what w at goes g sinto into I
y6ur y6ur5tpma our v 5tpma tpmaci < bh f
Not otonh only that tlu t it Is pure but that hat you YQU L I I i
are not d deceived deceit eCe Yed ed in lh the e description descrtptl onof of o its I
contents and condition Some flaked l j
breakfast brealtfast foods that have thus tlius far ar fa il ¬
ed are how now being advertised In inclose close
imitation of ofthe the Qr GrapeNuts Grape peNuts uts advertising adver tising
thinking in that way w sa y to tox x finally make a ii I
success of the failure
But false als e estatements statements of the merits meritsoC of 01 I
human food will never on earth build up u J
a business These flaked foods are not >
predlgested pro digeste d They are not fully cooked coocec L I I
and nd the ile starch star chlnthem in them Is starch still and anc I
has not been turned to sugar as claimed
Chemicalan Chemical analysis alysis tells the truth and and L I
the analysis of the famous chemists of 01 f
the world show GrapeNuts the only onI
prepared breakfast food in which the I
Starch part of the wheat 13n and d barley has ha
been be m transformed Into sugar and there ¬
fore ready for immediate digestion Why Why r
is this true All the thin rolled flake flak
foods ar aI made by soaking the thegr grains ns of ci E
wheat or oats in water wat r then ro lling dry ¬
ing and packing These operations do dc j
not cook Oolc or predigest the starch t rch
Contraste d with vriththis this pretense preten retonie e observe
the care method a ald id skill in 1 making makin
The barley Is soaked about one hun ¬
dred hours then it is slowly warmed warme 1 I
for some SOID e days and sprouted the dias ¬
tase being developed dev loI1 d and part of the
starch turned to sugar and later on all al
of it th then n the greuns grr ns are baked and the tho
sprouts stripped oft Then comes comesgrmd grind ¬
ing sifting and mixing with the creamy cream
colored flour made from white and mac
cajpn caY9QiVheat caroni wheat This mixture must be in
skillfully made in right proportions
This blended flour fiourconta contains Jls just the in ¬
gredients demanded dema n ed by nature to rebuild 1
the soft gray su substance bstance in the nerve cenr cen
tres tresand and bra br brain a1n in but how 10W to make the food foo 1
easy to digest that was the question
It certainly would not do to mix mi mh in in ii 1 1
drugs for there Is a a certain failure sure a r
to come to the person pe on depending dependingon on o 1 t
drugs to digest food f od They may do for
a temporary expedient but pure food foni I
and digestible food foodls is the only final re ¬
sort and safe way Wil So to change the re ¬
maining starch part and prepare the theoth oth ¬
er elements in this blended blendedfiourit flour It is F s
made m de up into massive loaves like bread
the inside being dark cream color and an i
quite sticky stlel y lathe to the touch t ch These loaves
are sliced sllc d and again go through thro gh long lon
cooking at certain temperatures Then
the roe khar kha rd rds d s lices are each one or iecare care ¬
fully inspected and ground ready for fo 1 I
packing and use having gone through l 1
10 or 12 hours in the different operations
When finished each little li tlegfa granule nule will wii 1
show a 8i 0 sparkling substance on its sun
face A magnifying l1agn1r ing glass will bring bnin r
it out oUtclearor clearer and develop little pieces piec s 9 C
of pure dextrose sugar Hot not lOt put puton on or a l 1
poured over ove r as the head of a large lang e
Sanitar Sanitarium ium once stated in his paper
thus exposing his appa lling ignorance Ignoran e of o f r
food processes but this sugar exudes S
from the interior of each as the starch
is slowly turned to sugar In the process a
of manufacture This kind of sugar r
is exactly like what Is found in the hum ¬
an Intestines provided the starch of o f
the grains potatoes bread rice rlceeaku cake
etc etc has been perfectly digested
But many are weak In t that > hat form of di ¬
gestion and yet et need the starches so s I
GrapeNuts supplies them pre digested digeste
and andreildy ready to go quickly into the blood I
Visitors Isitors are shown freely freel through the th e
works and can follow the steps of mak ¬
ing GrapeNuts from the grain to the th e
finished finsh d product The Theproportlonsof proportions of dif ¬
ferent kinds of flour and the tempera ¬
tures are not disclosed and It seems Im ¬
possible for others to steal these secrets secret s i
of the makers ma ers But purity purltycleanUness cleanliness s I
an d skill are shown in every eel corner of o t
the Immense pure food factories Peo ¬
ple ri le who hoore care for results from choicely cho1eei iv
selected food those who want the food foe I
to rebuild the thesQft the soft gray substance in ii i
brain and nerves that give the go the th C
vigor the life will understand why the th C
imitators Who try to copy the announce ¬
ments about GrapeNuts have h ve failed In I 11
the past
Theres a areason reason for GrapeNuts and an d i
a profound prooundone one
I THOS TU OS J OWEN SOX SON SON A Auctioneer cUortee
NW WUnder Under the theauthorLty authority to us us contained crm ln d
in fnn a a certain deed d d of trust chattels CJiltttCis dated
January 2 A A D Dd505 IOCS and recorded January
10 O A A D p 1905 905 In ri IJber I r > No Jo o 5S3S 5S3Sr s r folio 51 et
seq seqoIl one of the land records of the District
ot Columbia CoJu bla we will w1llaeHat vIil sell at public ubUc auc
ton on the premises known asXos as = 05 11232J ll2J
Thirteenth Thlrt cnth street sired northwest on THURSDAY THUR SDAY
JUNE 1 119Q5atU 1915 at Jl OCLOCK A M I all and
singular the goads and chattels and personal p nona1
property described dcJcrib d Anschedufe in schedule sche dule B It annexed
to totnqatoresaJd the aforesaid deed of trust trustehattels chattels a we
the t same silic ilme appears ppe rs of record rewrdntQr recor d aforesa terne a id Term f
lotsale of sale Cash All conveyancing at the pur ¬
chasers ch e s cyst Trustee reserveright r serY rlg t to r fit i
Isell sell saia saldgoodli goods and andchatteis chattels after three day days
iJI public JI bUC notice notfceln in any newspaper publishe d
iii 1 II the th city Cityo of t Washington t hlngt on D C pa C at t risk
and cost of defaulting purchaser p rchaser G C
TOWER B W BAUCKMAK DAUCK rAN Truste Truste4 60 a
j THOS T1iOS i x J OWEN OWE SON 80 1 Auctioneer
913 F Street N W W
Under Uld and by b virtue ot otthre three certain c rtAlnsep sep
Iarate arate deeds de ds of trirst U st duly recorded respec res pee ¬
tively I l1li 1li Jn Liber t r 232S at folio O 54 4 et scnj 8 eq
f i Liber 2453 l MI2 folio 2S3 ot t aeq q and d Liber I r 8l l lisT l
I folio toll0201 201 ct BCC se of the land records for the tb
1 I District lstrict of Columbia Columblaandat and at the request of
Ithepartsec I the party secured r thereby we weth the under ¬
signed will sell scUatvubllc at public auction In front
of the th respective lots on TUESDAy Y THE
I 6TH DAY OF JUNE JU E 1905 commencing cominehC lII at at2 2
OCLOCK I P M Mthetollowingdei ii the the roHowinsdeiCriDed frlbed < land f
l land and premises situate In the county COuntQf of Wash ¬
I ington in int ltprr District Dlstr1ctotColumbla of Columbia known and dill ¬
tinguished t t nguished as and beinr beinlots7and lots 7 7 and 3 42 4Zu 43
I Innd and nnril429 44 29 and southern uth rn half nllJfoflot of lot io 30 in in
Brownings subtil subdIvision vision as per map recorde d
In the land records of the District of Co ¬
lumbia Liber J653 65 folio 319 31 of Jot 8 In J
t i HW H TV tV Burleys subdivision In Whfttingham
as recorded In In Guy Shepherd S e heJ1i folio 5 Sur S r ¬
veyors e ors office of the District of Columbia and
I more more particularly described d In said deeds deedsot of
trust Terms 7ermscashO cash of which Whl h a deposit of t
I IWwHJ I 550 WwHJ ° will be required reqUreduponaceptance upon acceptance of bid
Sale to O be closed In ten en days Convey on
nJ J l enp ll llser onrit rit
1 1 ancing n and rceerding ln at p purehapers ser cost
I tees may252931Je25 nin 2 31je2
WEST WESrBYYlr WESJliy By virtue we of n a a deed ot of trust trug dJJ dated
April opr Arli l 13 13 1903 and rcorded April A1 April ril 22 Z 1903
Ih in Liber 2707 at a at t folio 37B ri et seq one of the th
la land tuircoJds records of > t th tiN < i District Pls rtctQf of Columbia
an cndat rlid d at the request of the party secured l5e red jyO > vo o
will sell s u at t Dubllc cbIlc auction au dionihthe irv the office ffice of
said s aldIbomas Thomas J Owen Son S nat at No 913 3 F 1
streetiidrthwest itree ti rtbwest on on FRIDAY FRIDAYJUNE JUNE 9 9190 190J 110
at 4 I OCLOCK P SL M L1Xlrtot part of lolone lot one in
square s qulire 553 53 beginning begIn ning at ata a a point poin f fon oB the west West
1i side e pC ot Joint Iirst street vest e eat lt5G 5C feet north to
thqs the southsost theiiscOr corner l rof of said lot Iptllud and square
thence north lrth eighteen eIg lecn feet tee along First E1rsts street et
thence west < cst 5l tK 0 > feet t ct thence t hEm ce sou south ut ih h IS feet t t
thence then e east 90 feet to the beginning together to ether
with with the thc Imuravenients Inmro Dlents thereon Terms T 1en nnsot ot
sale safbA saleA A deposit leosito of 100 100 to be made mad at t the
time tlm of otsae sale Convey Comeanclng and hsr recording rECOrdinet etc
at tIur j3urc ourchasers cha5e haserB s cost Terms to he complied
with within ten te un UO 10 days front tro day ofi < of
sale sulOr otherwise QtbcrwJsetrustc trustees reserve reserVe the he right
to tosellat sell at cost and risk of defautinR pur ¬
GUY AJPr A A JPHNSON N 9X Trustee 1 stee
lm iny2794el345 Jel3456 6753 9
1654 i654 1SSO 1666 16001668 lGG 1668 KRAMER STREET
COLUMBIA COLeMBIAu L By Y virtue t of a deed of trust t
recorded te rded In lAbor Lf er2e23 2623 folio 438 438of 423 of the land nd
records of the saId District DIstrl the under nd r
slgncrf slJncO1is as surviving trustee tIUstlewnJ Trill offer for
sale saleat at public auction In front of the re r
spectlve spect1 premises on n the 5TH DAY OP 05
JUNE 1905 > AT 6 P M all of lots lo numbered mlmber d
ori one hundred hundredUlld and ninetyeight t two h hundred ndt d
and six tyo two hundred hWJdred and pine pine two hundred
a and rid twe tw lve a and rid two huftdred hU tdrcdap and thirteen
in William IL Tl Manogue M1n gue et aLs subdivision subdfvlsI n
of Jots In black bic ktwentY2iellen twentyaeven In Long
Meadows Mea ows as said saldsubdivislon subdivision 5Jf is is recorded re orded la
the h Surveyors Suney rs office ot the District of Qi CQ
lumfaia in Book County Book ok 3 page tli t t
Said lots will 1Il be offered offero separately 3Dd and each elCi
xvtll rtll be sold subject suble ct tto to e u deed of trust trwItse se
curing on each each lot the hes11mo sum of Ii 4 0 with ac ¬
crued cruet Interest at 6 61er j per > er cent centverannum per annum from
AugUst Au ri1st 3 1904 which whic h Is nbwLdiie n now d duo eTennsof Terms of
sale as to each lot lqtone one one third thi of the the surplus
over over said trust arid nd Interest In In cash h tits
balance in two twoeqn equal l Installments inataltmerc payable
one one and two years respectively ater a ter date
with wit1i interest at at at 6 per cent per verannnn annam pay ¬
a ble semlsuintially or all cash h at at the t1i option
of the purchaser punl1l1 er < Deferred payments it
any n to be represented repr ented by b purchasers notes
bearing date On the day of sa sale iie le and se ¬
cured bv I a n deed of Ottru5t trust on on each Cue Jot lot ot De D ¬
posit of 50 59 wJHJe wil fel be F required l1ired at litsah sale on eacji ea
lot All Al1co All conveyancing v InclngIe recording tlrding esamltta eamiAA
tim U not of title and tax twccertlll certlacates atcs at atpur put
phaserg chasers edst st Terms Ter sto to be lec coi coIried riled lled with
I within ten cays ays fromday from day of isFJe Jfe ie or or de ¬
posit positmay j5it inav at attr1stees trustees option t te se e forfeited orfelte d
GEORGE G C JOHNSON it SON Survlvuis SuM 1 Trustee Trus
llS3T9hljeZ J 21
If f THOS THOS J 1 OWEN owz SOX SQN AucJoneers Auc icoecra
S13 n i 1 Street tr N f W
TRUSTEESn l troe oe Al l
J la t i
virtue of a certain i deed of trust trust t dated a the t
18th day da of May 1903 and recorded zecordedln in
Liber ElI at ntfQUo folio 201 et seq > C1 one of tJ
land records of the District of otColumbi Columbia
and at the request of the party secure secor ed d
I thereby we the th undersigned will sell at
public pubUcauction auction in front trontoi of the premises on
I I AT A 430 43 OCLOCK P il the followinsde
I scribed real estate situated in the said city eU
I land and known knoWnand and designated as and being lot
j numbered nU n bered twentysevSn te ntySeV n 127 27 21 in Olmstead Olm stead
j I Warner trustee trus tee subdivision subdlvJsionot ot lot in
j square e numbered b bed ed seven hundred u and twenty
LI I > bt t da a L1
three t73 723 as per plat a recorded d iii 1 Llbcr
14 folio 162 16 o of the records of the office officeo of
the Surveyor of the District of Columbia
th the ttit e same h being ein gimproT improved ed by twostory bride br ck
j l dwelling known as No 114 114c 114p 114street c D street north
cast Terms of sale Onethird One third cash bal
I Ianci ance anci In one and two years yertt eatS from day of sale sale
for which the promissory notes of the pur
I chaser must be gIven bearing Interest pay y
j 1 1ahle i able semlannually at the rate of 5 per
i I Icent cent Del annum until paid dr or all cash at at
i i I the purcliasess urcl6ss a option A deposit of SIt iuo will
j l i be required require d at time of sale All Ul convey COIne
i lancing I anclng acknowledging and recording at pur
I chasers cost If the th terms of ot Bale are not
compiled with within ten en days from da < lay o at
sale the tru trustees stees tees reserve the right ht to o resell
i I at at the risk and andcoSt cost of defaulting purchaser
j I I after three days iJuLUc JJui c notice in some news
f paper published publtr died in Washington D C
I I FLATHER Trustee my25ddsexSu
l I i
I IWashington Washington F DC B C May 2i ih lOO5S 1235 Sealed ed
I I proposals In duplicate d wnl l te b roceivaa n ieec ceicd ed
at the department de artm nt until 2 OCLOCK P
i thon thenonemdIn opened In the presence of such
I persons us may attend for the con Ctb
j I Istructlol1of I stiuction structlol1of of a new Freedmans Hospital
building bu iiding and accessories aec ssor1esat at at Washington
D DC I C in accordance with the drawings
an ttiid d specifications copy of which spet sped i
ficatlons and form form of proposal may 11141 ba > L 3
had hidnnd and the drawings inspeced Inspec etl upon
application nDpllca tlon at this department The
right r ight Is reserv reserved d to reject any au and UI 11 I
bids to accept one part and reje rejec rejet c t the
oth othi s jr r and to waive technical delects
as the th interests of the Government may ma y
il require requ 4e e E A A HITCHCOCK HJTCHCOC Secr Secctary etary
l 4
my2r29je351012 m 29je3 < Ol s
of Engraving and Printing Washing ztshilng ¬
ton iou D C May Ma 122 i2 1905 ltteScaled f Sealed propo prop 0 ¬
sals will be received at this office until
1 19 1915 for furnishing 135 registers fof cv
hand 11 rid plate printing presses The right
is isrescrved Is reserved to reject ie Ject any or all bids bId or < r
i jpar parts is of bids Blank forms of pro ¬
tposals I posals and further Information will be Q
furnis furnishcd hed on application to WM W VM I M
MEREDITH MEtlt IEft DITH DITHt t Director D irectol of Bureau
1 mY229j inyy2Jje5 J
I ID D 3 C Washington D C May 22 1905
Scaled prop proposals saIs will be received at this
office until unUl12 12 M M June 31905 3 lidS for eon on
I I strUctlns > the V Vr r ICi ICinn East nn fr TT7 TT7Tr Wing < Tr VlT W9rkhouse Vorkhouse lrVr ic for v
j Males exclusive of cells Washington
j I II Asylum Grounds Nineteenth street near
I E street southeast Forms specifications
i I and aJldneeesary necessary Information may be ob ¬
I tained at this oHIce HENRY B F
JOHN BIDDLE Commissioners D C
I my236texSu
1 l f PROPOSALS for Red Bricks Natural
V1vdraulir I Hydraulic Cement and Sand Office of
Building BUilding for National Na tionnl Museum ltu s um Library Lib ta
f of Congress Washington D C May ray
11 11 1905 l005Scparate Separate sealed proposals for
furnishing and delivering red bricUs brlcl > s
natural hydraulic hr dnttlllcce cement mentand and sand for
the new building for the National Ma
s sum um in thisciry this city vill bo b received r Gd at
this onice until u I tii 2 i OCLOCK P M ON
SATURDAY JUNE 3 1905 and publicly
opened immediately l1nm diutely thereafter Speciii
cations general eneral Instructions and con ¬
ditions and blank forms of proposal
isiay marbeobtai may be obtained p pcd cd on onaupHcation application at this thtt
intendent of Construction

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