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Memorial Services Observed
in Several Churches
Spanish Span ish War Vets and Lineal Descend ¬
ants Assemble in St Stephens
Episcopal Church Chrlrch
Memorial Sunday Sunda was observed in i 1
Washington WthhtngtOia < in n all nlrtbe 1Eth the churches ch rchesw1th with
solemn solcmnserviccs socmn services In eulogy cul of the Ameri Amen ¬
can sailor and soldier dcd In Tn certain
churches special services s rvicos wc wer were held he 1d in
which members of the Grand Arm Arm7 or
the Republic and a nl kindred patriotic or ¬
ganizations ganzatlonstoolt took part Eloquent
tributes were pa paid id to the men who fell
in the Union armies during thechl1 the civil
war and patriotism was the keynote of
a dozen sermons
Services were held at the Metropolitan
M 1 E Church under the auspices auspcesof of the
Department DeDltrtmentQf pr of the Potomac c Grand GrandAr
Army Ar y of o r rthe the Republic P Pepublic epublic at t St Stephens
Episcopal Epls op l Church Fourteenth street
and Columbia C lllmbla road by b b3 the members or
the Lineal Society of the Spanish War Val
Veterans Vett > rans and at the North Capiuy
M E Church by b Encampment No O Ill
Union Vetran Vct ran Legion The Th Span Spa nis ish h
War Veterans held their memorial
service In the morning the other so ¬
cieties in the evening p
Dr Bristols 13rist Is Address
At the Metropolitan Metro PoIit n M 1L E Church ChUrchDr Dr
Frank 31 Y Bristol delivered an eloquent
address before n congregation COl1ST tlon that hat filled
the auditorium The center of tho house
was was occupied by old soldiers most of
whom had fought in the armies of the
Potomac Many members of the Wo
mens Relief Corps were present Dr
George W V Walter at the organ played
nt the beginning and closing of the serv
ice 1c The only onl other music of the even eeno
ing was congregational singing owing
to the th failure of the promised chorus of
I young oung people from the Eastern High
School under the th direction of Prof H
P Hoover Hooverand and nd Miss Mason to make makenn ah a ± i
4 appearance
Dr Bristol began by saying that an
old soldier would always find himself
welcome at the church of ofLogan Logan Grant
and McKinley His address was deliver
ed With a patriotic patrioticferor fervor that thatthrlUed thrilled
the audience whP repeatedly greeted
his hL remarks with applause pplaus The speaker
called lIeq to the minds of his hearers h arers a
vision of the t1i war time the soldiers soldl r de de
parture from home the first battle life
in 1n the prison pen and on the march and
the home coming Tears welled to the
eyes of many of his hearers he ilrers as he told
of battles won and lost
Sav SaVing ing of the Union
Dr Bristol attributed the position of
the United States
today as a a power in
the world worIdto to the men who h saved the
Union In Gl65 From that victory for
nationalism he drew a lesson for today
He made a plea for a magnanimous
spirit throughout all the country at the
same time demanding that the true
facts of the war its
cause and Its re
suits sult never be concealed concealedfroni from the youth outh 1
of f th the nation Let us never forget and
let it 1tnever never be forgotten forgott n who wno saved the
Union ho h said id
The members of the Lineal Society of ol
SpanishAmerican panjshAmerjcan War Veterans Veteransmet met
in the parish hall or St 81 Stephens Epfs
copal Church and marched to the
fnttrf Vh
church rt
S0 Cox Colonel ClonelT Clonelrell Corps > UrelJ T rell Commander past commander cOmmanderIn a S ClIfford M ln I 1
chief ot the
SpanIsh war
warveterans veterans Mrs
Capron widow ot CaptaIhCapron Captain Capron of the
Rough Riders and Mrs Hodgson
or of Major F B Hrfdgson H dgson w who ho served I
with the First Regiment District Vol
Volun un ¬
teers were present Col Co i iLloyd I Lloyd S Britt Bniti
and Capt CaptFced Fred Cook of the general
staff Harries represented Brig Gen George H
ifr r Dudleys Dudley Sermon S nnon
The Rev G Fl P Dudley conducted c1 the th j
services taking for his theme the the1lD8elr unself I
ish sacrifice acnifice of ofsQldiers soldiers who lay down dowa L
their lives for their country U UPatrIotlsm Patriotism L
is isthe the fruit and expression of unselfish unself sh ¬
ness iE S was the keynote of o f his hfsaddress address addres
Impressive services were held at the th
North NcrthCapitol Capitol M r E Church Addresses
wero delivered by byCoI Col Charles S Wilder
and the Rev Harold M Rider pastor J astor of oJ
the church church Special music by the choir choi
was a feature of the occasion A large larg
number of members of the Union Vet ¬
eran Legion were present
Bugler Sounds Assembly
A 4 k bugler ugler of the United States artillery artiller h
opcned o the services by sounding the the as ¬
sembly t emblY James JamesA A Allen colonel of the thi m
encampment presided at the opening
services The Rev Henry Henr X N Couden
the blind chaplain of the House of Repre ¬
sentatives offered an eloquent prayer
The special object of the service was to t j
pay tribute to a a deceased comrade
Jesse il Ellmore who died December I 21 2 p
A A feature of the service wan the tb
crowning of the vacant chair draped In ii j
black with a wreath wreatho of laurel A A sec ¬
ond draped t1r ped chair was crowned with wit i
laurel in honor of the loyal women wom < n of o f
the war Major J H Hartley recited
The Sentinel at His Post andMrs and airs
Ella S Knight pres president ident of Ladies
Auxiliary No 32 32made made an address
Tomorrow the fast St Stephens tephens club I
of the Sunday Sunda School Athletic Assoclar
tion will w11lmeet meet the strong War Yar club clubor of a f
the Departmental League In an exhibi ¬
tion game on the grounds at Fourteenth
street and Lydecker 14 avenue The Wa War
boys are leading in their th = 1r league and an
should give the theSunda Sunday School boys a a
hard game The game will be called at a it t
In the afternoon tho St Stephens s
club will cross bats with the fast Cal Ca I ¬
vary ar Baptist nine of Section B of the lb Q
Sunday School Athletic 4 thleUc Association > i
This game should sho ld prove interesting for fc r
it will willafford afford the patrons of the Fouff FOl
teenth teenthstrcet street and Lydecker L dccker avenue avermu
grounds an opportunity to seo the arti art jt I
ole of ball the Section B boys are an e
putting up This game will begin at 4
COLUMBIA s C c May 29 29As As a re r s
suit s lto of the thein investigation in s gauon into the cause cau ie a
of th thq wrecking wrcckJn of Robert RobertCOgdens C Ogdens Ogden s
eclal train near Greenville In April Apri I
the the Southern railway officials announce announ
the discharge di charge of Engineer J 13 1 Hun
ter and Conductor Acker who are nl a r I
leged to have entered the yard without vitho Lt
having their train tri1 under control
5200 200 to toCumnbnland Cumberland CJlmberI l11d e 100 oo Harpers Harp rs s i
Ferry and Martinsbunr arid nd return retu rn 1
Leave Baltimore 8 Ohio R It XL R station statia a i
S05 05 A A M Sunday Sunda June June4th 4th Beautiful Beautif 11 1
scenery seeneryenroute seeneryenroutei en route i 0
I f i j I mm i iiiyis is NOW
A Alle Alleged llegedAbscouding ged Absconding AbscoridingExecll Execu ¬
tor Held Without BaiL aiL
On ° O n Trip Across From London He Was j
a Model Prisoner P soner and Life L e of
Smoking Room f
I p
John Conroy who jtrrivecl arrived in Washing ¬
to ton n last night from fro from froIre m Ireland Ire land where he
Was was w as arrested on a a charge of ofcmbezzle embezz mnnbezzle le ¬
m ment ent was committted committted to jail today
w1 without thout bail to await a trial In in Criminal
Court C ourt No o 1 Owing to the fact that the
po postofllce postofllcEcass stofilce cass are now on ofitrial trial It Is
un uncertain certain when he will w1lbe be given givenn a hear ¬
inS hi
j Detectives Carter and Trumbo who
went wentto w ent to London n for the prisoner on
Mi March arch 31 1 say Conroy was a mode model l pris ¬
on oner er and is thoroughly penitent penite nt for his
crime cr ime The detectives were wer present at
th the e hearing he rlngsiven given Conroy in London
about a afc b O out ut six sim weeks 1 e ekS ago when hen he pleaded d
guilty suiltYand gu j ilty and was held h ld for extradition
Conroy < is a soldier and until last
ja January nuary was an inmate of the home
ne near ar Brightwpod John Shannqn a
co comra comrade mrade de who fought beside bes lde Conroy In
th the e civil war wardied died in January and an left
51 51030 1 O3O to his hisrelatlves relatives In his will he
nj njj named na j med Conroy as administrator admlntst to of the
es estate tate
An Alleged Absconder Abscon der
WbII While acting as executor exccUtorr G nroy 9Y r ris is
sa said id to o have collected two Uo notes fe i ia and hd
all also a1 so > 0 drawn al all 1 1o o f the th cash out of obank bank
H He e then thcntoolc took passage p Ssag on a steamer and
went w ent to Ills home in Ireland Captain
Boardman B oardman was requested by the Mary
land la nd Bonding DondlngCot1pany Company through Thom ¬
as J De be LashmUtt Lasnm tt to t look lo k out for the
absconding I abscondin ab aconding g geccutar executor and a acablegrun cablegram
was w as sent to Ballymote county Sllgo
Ireland Irell Ir eland d Conroys home He was ar ¬
rested re sted as ns he stepped from fr m the train
The local authorities were apprised of
his hi s arrest 1 and Major Sylvester decided
to send the t he two detec detectives tives for the piis
oner on er e The trip tripwna was the longest ever
taken ta ken by men from the local detective
office of fice and nd covered a pcrio period d o t talmos almos almost
two tW O months
Has Roughed It Many Years
Conrfty Conr is about sixtyfive slxt fivc years e rS old
His H is face shows that he has roughed
it for many years He Is about six
feet fe et two inches tall and weighs about
170 17 0 pounds He seems to be in tngood good
health h ealth and talks freely
Tmmbo and Carter spoke so highly of
their th eir prisoner who traveled as an or ¬
dinary di nary passenger on the steamer St
Paul P aul and was not no put In Irons that he
was w as locked up in a witnessroom at the
Sixth Si xth precinct station and remained
there th ere until this morning
Both of the detectives look theplctUrc the picture
of o f health heatthand and say they were much hene nene
filed fi ted by the trip While waiting for the
court c ourt to dispose disposeot of Conroys ConroysC1sethey case they
visited v isited Dublin and several severnIotherplilc other places a
in Ireland and England Both brought
back b ack a a large number of presents pres nts and
souvenirs s of the occasion
Life Lif t of Smoking Room
All the way wa across the ocean oceaQ Conroy j
was w as the life Ureof of the smoking room rO Jm Was
It a story of Indian fighting on the
plains p lains that the crowd wanted to hear I
Well W ell he could ould tell many such Buchastor a story
because b ecause they were part of his history
Did D id somebody ask asl as k for a yarn of the
Mississippi M ississippi campaign with hot coffee
spilled s by b the pootsandsaddles call callnnd arid
forgotten torgOlt f n ten minutes later In a dash
through t a swamp Conroy could tell it
These stories he not only could tel
but b ut did tell He had as much fun in
the t he telling as his listeners lIstenersdl did in the
Jl hearing
Representative Grosvenor of Ohio ex
p proflsel pr ronseI nse4 the emphatic opinion at the
White v l11lte House this morning that there
v would w ould be no extra session of Congress CQngro 1
v until 1 ntil after the November elections
November November oem ber 13 General Grjsvcnor Grosvenor
t thinks hinks is the date dat upon which which Congress
will yfll probably assemble a emble
While WhUeno no legislation would likely like ly be
p passed assed during an extra c tra session beginning b giuning
I in n the middle of otNovcmber November and ending
n about a bout December 1 said General
C Grosvenor G rosvenor the time would not be wrist w st ¬
ed e d as all tho committees could bo or ¬
I ganized ganf g anized ed before the thetJmo tlmo for the regular
J session s ess s ton and when It begins we will bo
ready r eady to get right down downte to work
Senator Foraker saw the President
t this morning but said as ho left the
T White House that he had not discussed
the t he extra session Ic 5lon matter
Representative Slayden Siayd n of Texas
echoed e the opinion of General Grosvenor
j to t o the effect that there would be no
extra e xtra session before betorethe the middle ot No
ember v
LONDON LO GN May 29 29James James Francis
Xavier OBrien national member of
parliament 1 p arliament for Cork ork died here yester vester
day da d ay His death was sudden Mr drODrien OBrien
was born In 1831
Continued from First FIrst Page Fag
r record of 13 days da s 20 2S hours and 38 min mm ¬
J utes mi tes made mac1cby by the Endymlon End mIC n In 1901 19O1
T The T he A Atlantic tlan GPlsEcd passed the Scilly Islands
a at t 0 iii iiioclock 7 oclock o cloc k this morning
I I Committee Caught Napping
The quic k run of the Atlantic caught cllu ght
t the he cup committee napping
The members of the committee arrived
y yesterday esterda esterday y but the they y did didnot not expect the
y yachts achts befre bcf r Wednesday Vednesda When W When en the
Atlantic Atlanticwas A tlantic was sighted off the Scilly Scill
Islands Is I slands lands this thfsmornlng morning the German gun ¬
b boat oat oats s Pile which should have been
u anchored nchored off the Lizard as a mark boat
wias was as at Fa Falmouth lmouth As soon as aathe the news
v was was w as received re ceived the Pf PIleI lei started from
j Falmouth P almouth full steam for the Lizard Lizard d
t twenty miles awaj awajv T I v
The Pfiel will anchor one mile south
o of f the Lizard and when the Atlantic
p passes asses through throughUds this opening she will ill be
o officially declared th the 9 winner
A Popular Choice Cho cc
The Atlantic is a threemasted threemastedschoon schoon ¬
er c r designed by W V Gardner Gardn er of of80s Cos
t ton on and built by Tbwhsend 8 Downc Downey
of o < f New York Her Hersuccess success last year ear in
the t he cruise of the New N w Yor XorkYacht York k Yacht Club
made her l1crthevopular the popular choice cho Ice for the
3 Kaisers Cup race
Wilson Marshall engaged Charles CbilrlesBarr Barr
the t he smiling master of the Americas Cup
defenders d efenders Columbia and Reliance Reliance The
Atlantic Is 185 feet over ovcrall all with a beam
of o f 203 feet She has a draft of 15 feet
and A nd nda a tonriage ton age ge of 20653 net She la fore
nndaf andatterrigged a torrigged
Near If Tea ear ± Finish FiI1isb1tIllr Mark Ma k
The Bcho schoo dher Atlantic is now off
Landsend Landsendthe the southwest southwestpolntf point of Corn Corm ¬
wall wa 1landseventeen and seventeen miles from fr011the the fin ¬
ish i sh line at the theLl Lizard ard
The Th yacht acht is reaching l lchtng > up the Channel
on o < n the starboard quarter The Ugh Hgm
weather weatherjR Js unchanged
Demand for a jury trial was made In
i the th t he Police PoUcoCourt Court today by James Wat WatT Vat T
kins colored cOloredchargedwlth charged with permitting permittin g
gaming gnmingon on his premises It is probable
that th t hat t he will rill have to wait several months
for f or a hearing 1
Sergeant Wilson Policemen Lauten
Van Horn and several others otherawho who raid ¬
ed e d the thehom house s near Twentythird and G
streets a1rectsnorthwest s northwest say they f cumd ten
colored coloredmen men playing crap In Watkins
at a late hour Saturday Saturdaynight night
Seven dollars and ands andseveral s several pairs of dice
are held by the police as evidence In L
the case
Continued from Qm First FirstPag Pag5 j
From this judgmen t Mr McCaully McCaull
took an anappeal appeal to the Court of Ap 1
peals Of f the District whic h affirmed afllrmei 2
the finding of the trial court
Application to Supreme Court
Through Tnro iSh his hi counsel Mr McCauJly McCaull V r
applied to the Supreme Court of the tb 0
United UnUedStatesfora States for a writ wa t of certlqrari certioram I
for fp < r the purpose nrirPoE pArposti of o f having ha 1ng the th upper 1ip > r 1 r
court co rt review r evimv theactlon the action of the Court Coat t
of Appeals Appeals Tills ThisappUcation application was ynsde vas de
flied niedtwo two weeks ago
Awhile hile the proceedings in appeal to t o
the Court of Appeals were pending pendin ndlng g g
McCauIly filed a petition for a writ of a r
habeas corpus which Chief Justice Cla f la
baugh directed to issue isue
j Petition Dismissed Dis ss d
Attorney George GeorgcE E Tralles of the th e
firm of Birney Woodard counsel couns ml 1
for Mr McCauIly told Justice Wright Wrigli t
that tha t their client was In attendance be b
fore Chief Chler Justice Clabaugh Clabaugh for the pur
pose of dismissing the petition pe tition instituted institute d
I to toPro prouiire 11ro his release on habeas corpus < 5
The Thecrurt court thereupon directed that Mc
Caull > be taken Into custody custod i and he ii te I
was was taken taken In charge by b D Deputy < put Marshal lIarsh l
Bonn ionh x
Mc McCaull MeCaully CauIly accompanied by his counsel counse
then appeared in Criminal Court CQurtNo No 1
and was surrendered to Justice Just1 e Wright t
in accordance with the terms tcrmsof of the lii Le
mandate1 mandMOof of the Court of Appeals which whic h
affirmed the judgment of the trial court cour t
Justice Wright right then signed an nnorder order ordc mr
committing < McCauIly to jail to serve ser 0
his six months sentence sentence
It Is understood unc1e1 tood grounds groundswHl will be sub sul
mitted mlttedln in the application to the Supreme IC
Court Courtof of the United States for a writ wr it
of habeas corpus coc uS which will involve invol re
questions of cocf f the he jurisdiction of the tI ie
court which imposed the sentence s ntenct
The bodies bodies bodiesof of William Enoch of Com 1 ¬
pany panyE E Hospital Corps and F J Mas a
sino a coal passer on the U S Ship Sh Ip
Dolphin Dolphlnw w who ho wer were drowned while bath bat k ¬
ing in the Potomac Saturday were re r e ¬
covered COccdyesterd1y yesterday morning by the po D ¬
lice I ce boat Vigilant Both the bodies bod es were we me
discovered after a few moments of f
The body of Enoch was turned over ov en
to Undertaker ndrtalcer Zurhorst to be prepared preparc
for burial Funeral exercises were we e
held from the undertaking establish establis m ¬
ment at at10 10 oclock this morning and in ii ¬
tcrment will be made at the Congres Con Conre res ¬
sional Cemetery
Masslnos body was turned over over to
Undertaker Lee who prepared It for f
burial burlalnml and will ship it to North Carolina Carolin a
where the man had relatives
A Lead the Simple Life I
Wear goo good d clothes but dont don t pay
4 4c c t fancy prices for them
Our metfyod of obtaining wooleriS
direct from the mills enables us to build
gg gg7you 7you you a Strictly Custom
tf Made Suit at half halfv what v hat
the ordinary ordina y tailor charges
Special for a few days
mor m ore
W4 W4c W4PF c PF Twopiece Suit to order or Serge der 14
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Glasgow Wolen Mills IIis Go I
n w 615 Pa PaM M Aye u I
i Worlds World s Largest Tailors
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l 1
j En EUtYtands glands Indifference Indiffel i ence Driv DI I V
ing in g Them into U S
I Decision of Home Government ovcr mcnt to Abol Abol ¬
I ish Agricultural Department
Provokes Cris Crisis is
KINGSTON KINGSTONMay May 29 29Once Once nceasalnthe again the
question of annexation to the United
States St teshasbecn has been raised by b Inhabitants
of the British West Vest India Ind Islands
This his has arisen through the refusal of t
the the Britis Brltlsh h treasury to continue conUnuethe the
grant of 050OOO 50000 a year given Iven to the im <
penal department of ofa agriculture in the
West Vest Indies Commenting Commentingon on Oz the sub
ject the the Jamacia Daily D Dally ally Te Telegrtmgh legraph cSTtlh by
far the largest an and d most mostlnfluent1al Influential
journal in In these Islands Islandssays says In part
Times Imes have changed chnngedSlnccMrCham since Mr Cham ¬
berlain spok spoke in confident and glowing
terms of the future of ofthe the West Indian
colonies colonies and the duty dut of o tthe the mother
country to regard them as undeve un eve loped
Change of View
There has been no change of govern
merit mentirtEnglan in inEEigland England d since these thcsewordswere thOsewords words were
uttered although thero have been beGseV bec sev se ¬
eral changes in the personnel crsonnel of the
cabinet But every observant onlooker
must have pgrce percehed perceit lved ed that a tremendous
change c ha nge has come over the spirit of the t
British governments gov rnments dream dr drOarnthat amthatt1 that the
interest of f this thIsportion portion Of ftho the e impire nptre
whic w vich lc h hMrCham Mr Chamberlain berlalnevokcd evoked was w s only o tlly
A AOash flas flash h in the pan p nsofospeakandthat so to speakand speak and that
the ru r rz ling llngstatc statesmen metl of the thamothcr mother
country have reverte reverted d to their old atti ¬
tude t de of indifference to the welfare or
progress of the West In dies
The policy of extravagance for the
adoption of which Mr Chamberlain was I
mainly ma In Iy responsible has brought broug ht trouble
on the head of his majestys present I Ion
government and the result is that ef ¬
forts are now being made by that gov ¬
ernment ernmentlo to < cut down expenditure wher I
ever possible
Hence the abandonment of ofPort Port
Royal as a naval station Hence tho
proposal pr posnl to withdraw all the white I
troops from the West Indies and to dlsr dls
band the West Indian Regiment Hence He nCC
the decision declsionot of the secretary of state I
for the colonies to save the West In
dlan mall subsidy And hence the latest
change chnn e in policy polleythe the decision to abolish
the West Indian department of otcgricul cgricul
ture and to throw on the undeveloped
estates etat s of the empire mplreth thetask t sk of devel
oping their resources for fa themselves
What of the Future
All A1lthls this must make disappointment
a and nd disheartening 1 reading to Intelligent InteIiig n
residents r In the West Indies and it w WJIl ill 111
n naturally suggest the old question What
is to be the ultimate fate of the British
P possessions ossessions In this part of the world
T With W ith the Indifference of the English pea
P pie pl ie on the one hand and the increasing
trade tra t o of the United States on the other
it It is not difficult to furnish an answer
t to o that Question
Sooner Soon I or later laterand and we cannot help
thinking t sooner rather than later lateltho the
T West W est Indian islands are bound to to become
ii incorporated I in the th great American Re Re
P public ublic In fact if the British govern
ment m ent continues the policy on which it I
j has h as entered for the last eighteen months
o or rsothat BO e that is I to say 5 Jr continues continues to With
d draw raw Its sunnort from the West rest Indies Indies
the t he colonists themselves will be forced
tons t o ask k the mother country to hand over
t the islands to the United Slates J
It does not require r qulre the vision of a i
P prophet to appreciate apprecl the significance of 1
the t he present drift of things f
PARIS P pJ AllIS May 29 29Secr 21Secretary Secretary tary Hay ar
r rived ited Tiere yesterday morning for a three
days d ays stay stn His train was met by the
0 officials om fficials ii iis s cf the American embassy and L
l later ate > he was palled oal1 dupon upon by Ambassador
3 McCormick former Ambassador Porter
and a ° nd a number of old friends He will
accept a no invitations
= =
Nervous Disorders
I include all affections of o f the brain spinal spin I
t cord c ord and nerves they thoyembr embrace ce head
t troubles t such as Dizziness Dullness
Headache Hei1 ache Fits Blues Melancholy and
Insanity I
Also Backac he h Neuralgia St Vltus
Dance D nce Epilepsy and all disorders aria j
j Ing ng from a weakness of the nerves of o
i any organ or part as Weak Lungs
Heart Stomach Kidney ndneyBladderetc Bladder etc
The herves furnish energy that keeps S
In i n motion every organ of the body
If you jouhave have any of these ailments
your y our nerves are affected affectedtmd and you ouneed need
Dr Miles
Restorative RestorativeNervine Nervine
because it reconstructs wornout nerve
tissue is a refreshing revitalizing tonIc
foodmedicine prepared especially to re ¬
build the wornout nerves
My Iy son when seventeen n nyears years old
had epilepsy could not notnttend attend school
Following the failure fallureot of physicians to ti
cure e him we w gave v Dr Miles Nervine VI
ew ei i vi i > W
and Nerve e em and m nd Liver 1 Pills In ten tam
months > he regained perfect health
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Only 169
Like L Ll l ke the pictures piduresiurdylraveling pictl esturd sturdy travelin traveling g I
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said a nd safety safe tY tYcatches catches covered with
waterproof vaterpro df dfc c canvas nyas On basement =
f floor
Best 5 5 Trunks Tfu Tfun Trunksone n kSone one of of the Steamer Trunks canvas cov
best best b i est bargainsin bargains barrains inc included citicted iu ded in the theered ered iron bottom 7 brass lock lock and
u uMi1 Mill Mi1 Mi1J and andFactory nd Factory < 4 2 f > rvo 98 A Q safety safety af ty catches ca ches 7 4lftC 195 1
Sale Sal S > J p O 28inch 28mchslZ size CplyD
Club Clu b Bags69c Bags 6Pc 9
Look Lo worth worth5 S5 5 c
Like Lik the illustration a fac
i 7iI g simile o of f alligator j produced
by bythe the stereotyping stereotY ing process p ocess
I finished with attachments ttachmentsas as
on onexpensive expensive bags On base b ¬
ment floor
Alligator A1Ilg atorDress Dress Suit Japanese r3pLn cs eStraw Straw Suit Cases
p Cases Cas C as made on onsteel steel very light but strongly made = ffC g v fK 8 8c 8o c o
frame f rame b brass sgtrimmltigs trimmings 1 79 j L 2 2v 2 va value 1ue lue
24 2 4 inch
Japanese Hand Sa Sachels tchels ic hels
Genuine G GenulneCowlddeDress cnu 1 ne Cowhide C o h i e D Dress res s strongly made Better B Uer than V J
j Suit Gases made on steel 2 298 9 98 8 the American Americ an mad bass gs sell B l1 2 4 ft
j frame rr ine 5 5 value y li1e ing Jngt at 5Qe 5QeT T > Tr
Japanese Japan se Extension Cases bound
Straw Suit SUltcasesVith Cases with j with solid leather and f
sole sol s ole leather SUltcasesVith39S corners Cprners lras tmrass rasa P 39S 4 11 heavy heay y ystraps straps Usually Vsu I Y fljf P 4 1 a 9 i5 i5sol I f
lock l ock and d dbOl bolts bOl 6 vaiiie v ue J250 25O 5Q n
Hammocks H ul1nocks89c 89c te i
Best l3est of 1 Woven Vov n Hammocks for
f JI Jn only y 89c fi fitted t d With pillow inOV an and d valance I
Fo FoOU Fourth OU hjJPrf9rhammo floor for hammocks Basement Basementfor for I
4dL dL picnic plcmtneeds needs c
Lunch Baskets askets with cover cov r 19c IQ flC Steel f3teel Knives 1f 1fies ies and n Forks wl with bh bhC C
strongly s made mad polished polisimedimandles h ndles h
Picnic Pla Plates tes lar large ge size Doz 4C At 4 C Folding i Drinking Cups In tin C
e en n = f box oo iMi iMiV iMii V i 5 5C J
Tea e Spoons good Quality Six 1 10t AC fl Paper r Napkins np1nins Denisons flag 1 C
jfor 1 fo f or iv tu l design d Dozen f u u3c 3c J
10000 I Novels 4c I
Seven L22 for for2 2tfc 1 c
Youll be asked ask 1 1edi25c edi25c 25c on the cars c carsand f5andhave and have choice of o fimeager a meager
selection See big table full here hereat at Eleventh str eet et entrance entrancf
Japanese Fans F 5c s
Thousands of them at at 5c for choice And Andnot note not ithatchoic dthat that choice Silk
Fans suitable f9r for pre presents nts are re here at less than half usual sual prices price rices
importers sam samples ples
5750 750 Hats Hats398 S398 3 98
New York Pattern Hats Hatsa a few
less than fifty fi fty of them Choice ho ice
D for only on1 398 Ready tomorrow tO nOfIOW
1 t mornin morning g on Ii second floor
Other OtherHa Hats limits98c 98c
7 7r r m hm Jk These are the Hats made to
wear with tail tailor rsuits suits and will
p m be recognized as best of 5350 350 to
ai 5 kinds
l J Childrens Childr n nf ns f s 198
I V II Of fine white liite lawn shirred
7 J crown with deep deep ruffle or em ¬
I broidery finished finish d with large satin tin
ribbon bow
r Sh Shirt i rt Waists W aist pSc 8c
Less Than Half Price
On the way from New Yor York Yorkdue kdue due here this even evening ing or early
tomorrow morning morningfine fine Dotted Swiss Waists A companion co mpanion sur ¬
prise to the beautiful Waists distributed this morning at 98c
3 jParasols Parasols 9 199 i
59c 59for for Childrens hildrcnssizes Sizes
Silk Parasols white and colors with hemstitched hemstitc ed borders also lso
fancy fan y Chiffon Parasols S 199 for ladies 59c for childrens chi1dren
Cut Out This Coupon
This Palais Royal Coupon and
nine nin cents 9c 9centitles entitles bearer to lA
onehalf pound of of4Oc 40c 1cc quality
chocolates chccolatesand and bon bons Good m
only oi yforTuesthyMay3O49O5 for Tuesday May 30 1905
She f fe e Pa lais Royal I
A ALisner Lfsner Gand 0 and llth 11 th 5ts L i 4

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