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The The utility suit of to day ay Is very far from the idea once shown in such cos ¬
tumes tu Cs The term utility carries carrl s with it an idea of becomingness bec rmngness as well as
service servce er Ice as we understand nd stand it today toda The Th silky mohairs and slciliennes slc1l1ennesare are much
liked for these practical and dressy resy costumes combining as they do the lus lus
uqusand uqusandquallty trqus and U quality l look o k of s silk ilk with the dustshedding dust shedding and noncreasing non creasing
qualities qu 1tties A steel gray sicllienne cut cutwlth with ith a very cry full skirt fullness laid in
pleats to well below the hip line and the coat a a ashort short bo bolero lero er also l pleated > leated is
an anemlnentlypracUcal eminently eminenti practical and smart aSCair afraJ Cachets Cachet is given gi en the whole wh hole le by meda l ¬
lions 1ionsIngrnyembroidery in gray embroidery showing tints of green these disposed on OIl the th skirt
above the hem and appearing appearlnghgainon again on the sleeves with wftha a narrower trimming
of the same banding the jacket With this may be worn w rn an anelaborate elaborate lingerie
blouse or ora a simple shirt waist as the occasion demands either being equally
appropriate and in keeping with w th the general generalUnes lines of the costume
The Cedar Chest hest Is the Nicest and Cleanest
< i
Receptacle Rec ptacle to Store Away Woolen Goods
When T hen the time comes to pack away awa
winter winter flannels a housewife who owns
a cedar chest is to be congratu lated
Just J t what is the real virtue of that
wood as a moth killer one may regard
as a moot moot question but certainly the
cedar wood chest ch tis is the nicest and clean ¬
est receptacle in which to store away
heavy wbolen kolen garments
After flannels fl nnels have been received from
the the thewash wash allow them to air on the roof
or pulley line for at least least t three hours
before packing them away Take them
direct dlre t from their airing to the packing pac ing
process for forif Jf if left leftln in the kitchen folded fo lded
they the absorb household househa d odors of cookery cooker
As they are taken in from fromth the line
have ready read seme clean brown wrapping
paper or ortresh fresh newspapers newspa pers
The Necessary N ecess arypreven Preventives tives
While some omo expert packers decry the
use of camphor or moth balls the house ¬
wife finds such agents necessary to help
keep away moths Of course no amount
of camphor or moth ball preventive will
kill the larvae once they have deposited
It Is for this reason that one should
lose no time in packir flannels after
they th y have been washed and aired or
in in the case of heavy gowns aired
brushed brus hed and beaten
When the flannels are all ready for
packing have at hand l1 nd then the fresh
uncrumpled newspapers or brown wrap
ping paper and also a number of small
camphor filled lled bags These are ar best
made of thin cheesecloth cut into
J squares of tree inches and andflllcd filled with
loose bits of otgum gum camphor Two or
three thrc of ofthese these may ma be used us cd in the folds
of a garment Fold each garment con ¬
tained in one set together Wrap Vrapthese these
car caful13 efully In several severaJthlckncsses thicknesses of news ¬
paper priperor or one of wrapping paper folding
the ends in tightly Tie these bundles
with cord S Now label each package so
that thtltwhen when It is necessary to unpack the
trunk you you will know what is in each
package before unwrapping It If you
should have to take out any particular I
set of flannels or wool garments before
the fall you can can find it by means of its
label without disturbing any of the
other packages It i JiI worth while to
take the precaution of wrapping each
bundle in an extra piece of otpaper paper
To Wash the Blankets
Before packing away blankets they
should sho uld be carefully washed with soap
bark or ammon ammon ia suds fl ds
If the latter is used us d the following
method is best Take quarter or ha hn1fa hi1f lf a
bottle of household ammonia according
to its strength Pour this into sufficient
warm water aterto to cover the blanket bllU1ketPlunge Plunge
the latter into the water and work it
about after the fashion of kneading l
bread until all the soil has been re ¬
moved move d dand and the water Is discolored Have
ready nearby a bath that is one just
like the first but slightly less alkaline
Wring the blanket out with the hands
unless the blankets blanke s
never n ver use a a wringer
are ai3 very ver old plunge them into the sec ¬
ond bath and nndtr treat nt thorn exactly as In
the first Tills should rinse ft sufficient
Remove and wring as dry dryas as possible
Hang out immediately in the sun sunS S
How to Dry Them
Cover the colored coloreqcnQs ends or turn them
in nso so s that they will not fade They can
be uncovered when the direct sun has
passed Do not notrlnse rinse blankets In cold
L Hear 4 1ear wr water ter The rinsing water should
be of the same temperature as the
V cleansing bath and at least half haltns as al ¬
Only In this tliI way can blankets be kept
soft and light
If aoapbaHc is used the same process
is followed except that the soapbark
is put into an old muslin bag before It
Is dropped Into the water waterJhe The second
bath b th must be sudsy as the washer ¬
women say and It must be ready so
that the blanket does not chill before it
Is brlnscd rinsed
After it I t has been thoroughly dr ied and
aired the blanket can be packed away
as just described
To T Wrap the Blankets
Round or or fiat packages can be made madeo of
blankets Some Som people > prefer to roll
them as they do not crease At least
four camphor bags should be used for
every blanket before wrapping it in pa ¬
per Each blanket wrapper should be
labeled according to the room in which
It belongs
Then if Mary is sent to fetch the guest
room blanket she will not have to t un ¬
wrap the trunkful before be1o e finding that for
which she Is in search
Wool gowns and those trimme trimmed d with
fur should be packed away at the
earliest possible moment after they are
discarded diacardedfor for the season Prompt action
lessens lcsse n the likelihood of moths deposit ¬
ing their larvae Such garments garmen s should
be brushed and beaten thoroughly left
to air for five or six hours and then
packed at once or hung in dry closets
covered with large muslin bags sewn
tightly around the coat CO thangers hangers from
which they th ydepend depend
Accompanied by a delegation repre ¬
senting thfe Masonic fraternity the body
of the late George eorgc A A Plummer left this
city ov ovr r the t e Baltimore and a rid Ohio rail ¬
road yesterday ste rdaY afternoon for Minne ¬
apolis Minn where the remains will be
interred with Masonic rites
Mr r Plummer was employed In the th
Government Printing Office omc for a num ¬
her of years ears was a member of Columbia
Typographical Union No 101 and was
well known in frateral fratcrnlclrcl circles s being a
member of King David Lodge No Na28 28
F A A A M of Brookland D C and of
the National Union
The deceased leaves a wife and on1 on
child chiz d who reside at 1537 l537Third Third street
Store Stor Closed
All Day Tomorrow
I I I Decoration Day
GaIt Bro
Jewellers Silversmiths Stationers Statlone rs
Established Over Ovora a Century
J1O7 Pa Ave
Dainty Dai ty Linger Lingerie ie Made at Home Home Is Not
Expensive ExpensiveSome Some French Models
The girl who Is to be bemnr married ried In June
and even she s he whals who Is not contemplating
matrimony can add to her be trousseau
many charming ch rmlng extra ex m pieces of lingerie
tf she Is clever with her needle
Handmade underwear un derwear is always the
daintiest likewise the Inostcostly most costly to
buy therefore any additional addlt1 nal hand
sewn garments which w ch can b be counte d
in in the outfit are to be beapprecIated appreciated
Regulation R gulation bridal sets contain three
or orfoar four pieces Sometimes t the 1efaurth fourth
piece plec takes the th form of a dainty knee
length petticoat or a acafset corset cover
Threepiece sets sell from nO 10 to tanOO 10 1OO
the latter being trimmed with lace of f
n quality whi6h < whih makes for the expense
Gowns Gownsnre are made almost exclusively
now in the chemise stYle style to be drawn rawn
over the head Short Sh rtsleeves sleeves s1ee as too have has e
entirelysuperseded entirely superseded the long ones None
of the new sleeve patterns patternsaremnd are made to
faU fall below the elbow lbowand and many are quite gu lte
short shortreaching reaching only to midway of the
upper arm
VShaped V Shaped Yokes
Most Qf the chemise gowns are
trimmed in V Vshape sliape yoke oke effects the
back being cut with a round neck from
which the fullness fu hncss f falls l1s
A new feature of the June brides
lingerie is the thocmbralderle embroiderlo anglalse
which Is is used in waists and combined
with with various v lious laces While most of
the elaborate clib9ratesets sets are beyond the reach
of girls with small Incomes not a ate f fe ey
of the most charming gowns could be
made at home Yoke and sleeves of a Ii
pretty gown can be made of wide emr em
broider brolderyedgingthe y edging the scallops finishing
the square yo yoke ke and edges of the th
sleeves The sleeves can be made very
short Sh lt and flaring Narrow beading
should be used to attach the yoke to
the body of the gown for which nain ¬
sook is used The bottom of oithe the yoke
can be cut yshape V shape and the thescallaps scallops
whIch finish the he top of the yoke can be b
trimmed with baby ribbon which is
run through them If the embroidery
is not open enough to admit of this
inch w ide satin or wash ribbon libboncan can be
attached at one side of the yoke in a
rosette with lop ends near the shout ¬
der The same idea may bo followed
out in the other pieces to toeamplete complete the
set Another pretty design to follow I
is this Use fine sheer nainsook and
crisscross it with halfInch wide Val
insertion Cut from the thepleco piece yoke oke and
sleeves the latter bell shaped or flow
Ing Edge yoke and ands s leeves > with Val
beading and edging Run narrow narrowwlSh wash vash
ribbon through s leeves to finish In
bows at the theelho elbow and a andribbon I dribban ribbon in Inokes yokes
to finish in bows at the left side or
center as liked Yoke and sleeves
can be cut first and crIsscrosed with
the lace afterward If prefered but the
material must of course be cut out
underneath after the lace Is sewed on o
Colored Colo Batiste Ba tiste
In n i some of o the smart lingerie shops
in Paris pale palecolared colored batiste Is used ueedtor for
underwear In America however the
custom has not been adopted Pale
fleshcolored fiesh olored batiste in beautifully
handsewn gowns and chemises is
among the loveliest of the foreign
bridal sets however
Medallions lrIed 1l10ns and lace lacemotlfs motifs are so
cheaply bought at present that almost aI most
any an girl can trim a plain pla in gx gown > vn or
chemise to quite an elaborate degree at
small malt cost In the trousseau of one
June bride there is a dainty daintynl night ht ¬
gown which hl was a originally i iif1 if1 if1na na of f plain
nainsook g uain oo k made d with 1 t a round un lace a e
edged neck This was transformed
into loveliness by appliqueing a dozen
or more butterfly motifs and cutting I
away the the gown underneath Sleeves I
and yoke were treated In this way to
good effect
I l
Rubber Silk Is the Newest Material
Lightweigth and Cool CoolIn In Str Strik ik ¬
ing Colors
Rubber silk is the favorite material
how for raincoats While many good
models are shown in other fabrics fabricsnoth noth ¬
ing else seems to equal it in choice for
suitable stormy weather wear wc r
Among the bestliked bestllkedpatternsln patterns in these t ese
garments is the redingote gathered in
a belt at the waist line a very trim and
comfortable coat
These coats are all unlined having the
rubber finish of the fabric on the Inner
Navy blue of an attractive and rather
I bright br1ghthu hu2 hu is used us d with pipings of white
I satin Wide dolman s leeves are faced
with white satin as Is also the Ul front
hem of the coat
Straps having similar pipings trim the
side I ide seams and button flaps and epau ¬
lettes over the shoulder should r have the same
finish One threequarter length coat
Is In bright scarlet with cuffs trim ¬
med with stitched selfmaterial and
velvet and pipings of the latter on
the stole which finishes the mili ¬
tary cape The other threequarter
length garment Is in the loose uni
brella pattern of covert colored silk
rubber with cuffs and collar trimmed
with navy nav blue satin The sleeves are
Immense bishop affairs and the coat is
finis finished hed with a deep hem of stitched self
material These garments while doing
duty for rainy weather outer dress are
also adapted to automobile wear For
the latter usage they the must be matched
in appropriate headg xr
The annual Children Day service of
Foundry FoundryME M E Church was held yester cster ¬
day The Rev Robert M Moore M ore the
pastor presided
An organ selection by Herman L
Amiss was followed by an entertaining
program of songs and recitations by the
little ones
Simple Sim ple blouses made full and graceful g rncefulbelow below shaped yokes make some of a the
most attractive models m dels yet ct shown and are are seen in great numbers
This one is of violet ialet chiffon chl1fonmessaHIle messaline with wUha a unique yoke yo k formed of cord
ings of o the silk and ending in two ts 0 shaped tabs A band of lace matching that
on stock is Inserted between the latter The sleeves are particularly pretty
the fullness all gathered to the top and confined on the shoulder
This Soft Graceful Grac eful and Serviceable Ma ¬
terial terialNow Now in the Shops at
Reduced Prices
Of t course when one has all the money mone
in the world it Is iSDlcasantcr pleasanter to wait
until just before one needs nee ds a new gown g ovn
to purchase It but when it is not always
possible to order three or four new
costumes at once it Is bettetr to buy buy
materials at any rate when bargains
are to be had It may seem absurd to
think thlnkat of Investing In winter clothes c1athesat at
this time of year ear but If lfone one will willtako ta tako ko
the trouble to look l okabouti about tht thtshovs shops at
the remarkable remarkablercdu reduction ctlon sales in silk
and all light dress materials the idea
of o f purchas purchasing ing now nQwwl1Uo while the iron is hot
seems altogether feasible
Fashionable New Mate lilaterials rials
There are certain silks which are fash ¬
ionable lonabl year in and year yearout out and al ¬
though the novelties maY5top may step in from I
time o time clamoring for attention atten tion
s siill iill till the t old fa reliable Is always alwa s a goo d I I
Investment Take Ta1te for torlnstance Instance crepe de I
chine c hln elt It is almost impossible to taconc conceive lve
of a aUme time when this has haunot not been smart
winter or summer spring or autumn
and it is quite sa fe to say that it will
be fashionable next winter In every
sense o f the word there Is no time
like Ute the t he present pr cs e nt for purchasing crepe de d I I IUte
chine that Is if careful attention is
paid to sale days Everywhere the I I
large stores are getting rid of all that
happens ha ppn s to tOb be C left of their winter w Inter stock I Iha
no matter in which department and
hence hencematerin1s materials are to be hu d for about
half the price demanded originally
Plain Crepe De Chine Modish
The T cplain plain crepe de chines are always alwa s
pretty if only because of the exquisite I
shades in which they arc to be ha d
Dotted and figured crepe is however how ver
slightly newer but both styles are in
yaguennd vogue and the dull vies with the satin
finish in popularity While shirred
plaited d and tucked skirts are all very
much in fashion still for soft crepe de
chine one of the most attractive models
Is the simple sun plaited princess gown
made with ithlace lace yoke olte and large grace ¬
ful elbow cl ow sleeves
For the spring and for a gown to
wear on holidays dining the summer
a n taffeta s ilk gown is almost a neces ¬
sity ity In light shades the costume can
be made madesutncientl sufficiently elaborate for a
wedding reception or as an evening
gown in an hotel and Indeed it Is
astonishing upon h how now ow many different
occasions an effective taffeta gown can
be worn In the new pastel shades par ¬
ticularly the queer blues and old rose
pink the taffeta models arc truly
charming this year car while the many
changeable silks are all extremely popu ¬
tar Flowered taffetas are either for
afternoon or evening wear and it is
difficult to find any material so pretty
for fora a simple dinner or ball gown
Taffeta Waists and Jackets
Taffeta waists or jackets worn with I
white hite lace skirts are sure to be fash ¬
ionable next n xt whiter wh tor and 1 1aco aco robes are
now to be had as Inexpensively incxpe1 slvel in
comparison as all other materials
whic h hwCN were laid in during the winter
These combination costumes are very
effective and are different from the
many styles which although they
may maychal1ge change in detail rrom rromycnr year to
year are after all very much alike
Even if the the gown is made up now
and not worn Farn but two or three times
during the summer It Is the greatest
comfort to have laye some one smart silk
costume to start with In the autumn
when hen all the tli wardrobe shows so evi ¬
dently the hard summer campaign
July 3 to July 26 Account American Medical Association Conven ¬
tion at Portland Ore Special Pullman Train from Harrisburg
Rate 215 All expenses except oxcep hotel accommodations in Portland
July 3 Account Epworth League International Convention
Rate Ratef from ro roo m Washington S6O 60 Special S PC cia I Pullman PUllm an train from Harrisburg B I
going Tickets good to return on regular trains until un til July 14
and until August 8 upon payment of c 50 cents
For detailed o Itineraries and full Information apply to HM B M 1 New
bold Passenger Agent Southeastern District N E Cor 15th
and Q Sts Washington D C Pennsylvania Railroad R Uroad Ticket
Agents gents or Geo w Boyd General Passenger Agent Age n
Broad Street Station Philadelphia Pa
J R Wood oPassdnflerTrafficManaer Passenger Traflic Manager
ff ffoPassdnflerTrafficManaer I I
I IPethr Petfer Grogar G ogan Credit for All Washington
kuninier Summer Needs
In InFurniture Furniture Mattings etc
We Weneverallov never allow our out stocks of Parlor Bedroom and Dining <
room Furniture to tobecore become depleted A whole floor full fu n nof of Parlor
Suites are herd for your sbctioru ction Fivepiece Suites in silk and
satin satinJlamask damask tapestry tapestrypanneplush panne plush and ndhairclothall nd haircloth all prices from
1750 to 150 Especially Especial1ygood good
values at 35 to 65 Solid Ud Oak X
Bedroom Suites at l55ffiash 135at41 l35o cash h15 glS 15
on oncredit credit Other Suites at all prices pric s
up to 150 Sideboards in man many y
beautiful patterns at prices ran ging
from 1150 to l5o Handsomely
carved carveda am aci d i mirrored China Closets
at tpricesranging prices prices ranging ranging from 15 b to 75 i
The be b > t grade rade of Chinese and a 9d Jap
fneseMattmgsguaranteed nese Mattings Mattingsguaranteed guaranteed for f r dur ¬
ability an and d tacked down free If
you prefer to topaycas pay casib ca5hje y we allow the t e following discounts Ten
per percent cent for casnwit casn with h t order or if ifac account ount is settled within 30
days Seven and onehalf one alf per cent discount if paid within 60 days
and 5 5 per cent if ifp31d paid in 90 days
817819 81781982123 7th St Bet s H Hnd and nd I Sts
w 1 T lU Fwm
Picnic Supplies
Potted meats Relishes Jams Jamtand and I
all a ll llcanned canned goods goopsat at spring pr 1Jrl p ± ies icus
Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Co
Jlaln n ln Store torc or Cor 7th sal a
Store Opens 8 A M I Store Closes 1 P M
A Wonderful WonderfuiFive Five
Hours UoursSale Sale 1
Th The prices p ces hold good tomprrovTIltayj tomorrow Tuesday from 8 8 a m to 1
p pm m Remarkable Rem arkablevalues values in seasonable seasonablemerth merchandise merchandiseremarkable ahdiser remarkable emarka b Ie in in ¬
asmuch as the prices are fixed at a level in or order der to do doa a days busi ¬ I
ness in five hours
S 148 I 48 Saline Sa tine Petticoats 95c
Petticoats made of high luster satine in n rich shades of navy blue
green red brown and black in the sunburst stvle style 26inch accordion
pleated flounce edged with small ruffle ru m e finished fin is hed with double rows of
bias biasstrap straps gored at the top on French yoke with draw f 9 fl
string all lengths Halfday Half ay price 2 C
tlaUDay Hal = Day Bargains in
Colored and White Was W Wash as h hOoods Goods I
Colored Wash Goods White Goods
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for or half davs days da S sellinir selling vard yard ard O 8 I half rtnv day d1hard vnri yard l > 4
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36 Inches wide Vorth by 1w the r C 1 silk light blue gray grn and ft fr
yard lOc 12yard piece for 8 t black actual 69e quality for 39C v
half days selling J half days selling selUngard se lling yard X
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and Inserting the newest designs 100 1 linen ne paper In cream r am medium Squa square c
size i e that sell at a fltDCpZtCktOmOrrOWi 5c DC pack tomorrows s
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our price ce will be 2 packs for 5e or 21c for
valuc c
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Bt4Jttway ass Other OtlerianoB Pianos
49i Painless S
Extracting Fras
3 Registered 3i
Set of Teeth t 00
GOI Gold ioldCrowns Crowns 5 4j IJ
Bridgewor k k kJ j
Pattons Unic Union Denial Parlors Parl rs 1
910 7 1 Street ST T W 15
S to6SundaY3 to 6 CSundays Sundays 10 to r
The most modern i Per p
U up P todate Storage <
Warehouse in n the 2 mo
city Offers the best
selected rooms at i
rates from > Up A
Washington Safe Deposit Co
916 91 916Pa Pa Ave Ave918 918
Save the food foodSave save the ice Iceverytnod icevery very mod ¬
crately priced prIcednane none better at a t an Y
For Summer Cookin Cooking g
Coke is the cheapest and an d d11ost most
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Summer Cooking Hence its > wide ¬
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wives IV es Try T r Y it and note n ote for your ¬
self elf Its exceptional l merits mer ts
25 bu Large Coke delivered deliveredS2 2ro 250
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40 bur bu Crushed C C Coke 0 kedeuvercd45Q delivered L50
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41 413 TENTH ST N W
Teeth Extracted
ireo rco by our Pam
v t less Method when
1iltjjjj 1iltjjjjtit I tit P other work work Is done
For a short time we will make a set of th the
Best B st Teeth 500 500
22K Gold Crowns fSOO 300 and 500 OO
Gold fllllnKS 1100 100 up upother other fillings 75o l o
and nd 1100 100 Painless Palnle s Extracting SOc
Office hours SSO a m to 6 p m m Sundays
from 10 to 2 2 Female attendants
NE E Cor 7th and E Sts NW W over Atlantic
and nai l Pacific Tea Cos Store
Run R un Down
Take Chippewa Indian Blood Cordial
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50c a bottle
I Ninth and F F
iWP3 AT PYLE5 fllIi
N Best eest st Elgin Butter Butter
25o 2 2en 25 per e Ib
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