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The The vagueofthe vague of the separate eparatecoatfOr31l coat fprll for all sorts sortsof of occasions oceasl n formal ro oma1 ma i ia and a d In in
formal l increases daily da1I l Il There are breakfast jackets luncheon lunch pnand and tea ea jackets jack ts
bridge jackets and hd dinner d nn r coa coats ts Of a thousand thousandandonearIe and one varieties tles at least le east astso so
It stems s < ems to toth the woman who whois is trying ryJngval valiantly antly to make makea a choice and make makeo one e
jacket jaclFetdo j cketdo do duty dut for a a dozen The subject of the illustration is one that will
fit fiCin in well weliforagreatnum for a acat great number num her ot oto of o occasions There Therels is a aearefuIIJbonedand carefully boned and
fitted lining a vest of tucked tucI > cdmousseIine mousseline being cascaded with lace and the
front irontri rolled > ll dbac back bac 1lri k In iriS S long revers reersthat that match the round collar A closely
swathed swathed girdle 1 rdle of black bla cksaUn cksaUnmake sain makes s a 3 3very very piquant pJquantnote note to the the front of ofpale5t palest
yellow ellowcrepe crepe de echlneand chine and the thcsmart smart basqUines are ar shirred shirrcdto to this thisgirdle girdle and
lined Inc inside i sde with w Ith the black messalineThe me mef f 5aIlneThe sleeve s ee is a adou double doublepuff hlepuff puff that ends
with iith a atrillabo frill above ihe elbow
The matter matteto of neck ne e ktlr k dress dr ss ssngs ings ngsisa is v va a very ve
Important Importa toneln one in these da days ys pa and 1nev nevec I
has there ther been a at1me time when whentnste taste will
and and nd Ingenuity were Wer at such a ptemimn
for th the production of novelties whcre w cre
with v1th todc to dec it kthe the summer girls throat
Ithtis It has become ccome quite qultea a a leshionable fad
to make ones one s own n nca cK dressings in
these days and the most modish piazza
work for the summer resort will doubt ¬
less be the fashioning of odalnt dainty collars
indstocks and stocks and pr pravats lvats < in all sorts sor ts of
materials and an w with ith all the fancy
stitches lace la estitchcs stitches drawn work
Mexican and Madeira work with with as
many more more as ascanbeearned can be learned or copied
for tore their better adornment
j With Wit h the plainly vlainly tailored shirt shirt waist
that accompanies acc mpa1ies the CTiart Z arttailor tailor made
skirt skiItor or suit the th collar llar and cravat of
linen more or r less ess decorated with plain
or fancy stitches stltc h hs s is tIle correct co re ct thing
The Th shape shave and the theIW fit s all in all in
these theseatdoneiriust and one must find tin doutby but by careful
experiment expcrlm nt Jis just jsi1 jsi1exactly tex exactly ctly r what form of
collar ollar best hestgults suits the face fact ac and the type
of of features f t1e5 and lndstfc stick tlck determinedly determine l to
S Stiff Linen in Paris
The Parjslennes pa Islennes are re indulging in an
extreme fad for the stilt line linencollars h hy hcollars y collars
and cuffs and nd they are wearing them
I Iwith with all but the thedres vdressiest > est of frocks But
with their characteristic touch the they are ar
making makingeen even the plainest and stiffest jf U
these take on on3omeaJr come air of elaboration
The sets are finished with hemstitched i
h hems nis instead of machine rnachlncsUtchlng stitching l
Jrench r rQQch och knots kno ts v hibroidered polka dots
little sprays spraysofflowcrs of flowers done in raised l
blind work as we well ll us the excessively
popular popuJarbrodprieanSlalse broderie aijglalse or English
eyelet embroidery embroide aro all allcalle called calle d dupon upon UIO
4 to tomIUgate mitigate the severe scve plainness PIainne > S of thin thl
style I
There arc two very Cr distinct i Unct styles
to the sum summer surnmerneckwear mcrneckvear neckwear There are the
stocks finished with either elth r a rabat rabatQr or a j j
bow which demand some little starch in
their laundering to preserve the GUt
finish finlshMd and there are the bands that fit t
In fnbCttcrw better with lth the prevailing modo
ouplc and m i which whfchmust must rely upon those I
little Uttcrods rods of featherbone f therbonc for or their stay sta ¬
ing ngo ni in shape
Featherbone Fca thcrb ne Foundations Foundat CD3 Useful
Those featherbone toundaUons foundations that
arc arcrealy really shaped collars ot soft and
sheer s1eerfi featherbone itherbone and which one can
1 1 purchase purchnseat at any notion counter in a de ¬
lightful variety arJetYoshapcs of o shapes are a boon to
the girl who desires to tol1ae have a large
number nm nbcr of different neck dressings drC5slngswlth with ¬
out the labor of sewing the sustaining
little rods into Int every ever one oneoe of them At
the best shops of course all of the I Ithe
stocks and collars are so supplied in the
making but butv where hereone one JallhIo fashions 80ne ones I
own ownlh the ready read Y made m ad C f foundation oun datIO n will
t prove quite qultean an acquisition I
And here the thE need nce do of finding the right 1
s shape hape hap can readily rcad1I be filled for one can
try and anddete determine lne just what shape If J1f tic f
the them most ost becoming bCcom n g Then T hC n the collar COll collars r
Can can be adjusted adjustedtO 7 to this with any num ¬ 1 1Can
ber of those dainty little fancy pins p Ins
that are such a rage at present prese nt and
one can have the the comforting com for ortlng ting conscious ¬
ness that the neck n ckdres81ng dressing is ever in
order and the most becoming that could
possibly be desired
Consider the Contour of the Face
S One might mIghtsay say something anent the
style and apd lit of tho fashionable fashionable mhf onnble tbllors Inrs
end their wearers wearers The girl with the
round ro n ci ciand and plump face would better
elect the foundation t und Ion collar that has a a a
very v ei marked dpolnt point right in the center
of ot o f the frpnt rpnt Her He sister srst r with vith the long
and a nd slender type of features should sh uld on or
the t he contrary mtrary select select the plain round rounc I
band b and and the thinner th the face the tIn
higher h igher and better bett rsettJng setting the thecol1 collar colln
must be if she Is to make the most most t
of o f whatever measure of good looks may ma r
be be hers Some leaders lcade of the mode on or
the t he other side of the Atlantic w who ho are arc
of o f this latter type are nrereviving reviving that it
little I ittle lift to the collar right under the thi U
ears and fin finishing ishing the back with the thi S
perklest of upstanding upstandin g genl1s ends With the thi a
style stleneedl needless ss to say the hair would I
better be dressed high or orJ if worn low
a net must be deftly pinned around the thi S
low 1 0w knot on the neck
The he Button Buttonis Us Uses
A recently imported princess dress is It S
trimmed with no less than lifty llttydozens dozens S
of buttons The dress Is of apricot t
taffeta and the buttons bu ttons which are ar C
smallare small are coer coered d with mardorc yel
yet t
One new tailor rig iJgthatwaS that was designed l
In London is sof of a o blue blt blu mixture m fxtur the th C
flared skirt buttoned down the center cente r
front The Th Etonlike jacket is also ala 0
buttoned butIoned down the front In this in in ¬
stance the buttons are covered with wit h
taffeta taff e iii
There are however no cutanddrled f j I
rules to regulate the t e use of the button I i I
Tiny ones are arorut put on In hl rows anywhere e j I
to accentuate accentu te gores or trimmings while whIl C j I
large ones arc just the thing thingeither either elthe r
single or in threes to appear app ar to hold bolt 1
down pane panels s or any emplecements
And theres as much variety variet in lnthc the th C
buttons us in the way of using them
IFor For cloth costumes the they are are covered co covere vered
I IwJth with velvet or silk while for or walking walkin S
I suits leather Icath rmay may serve
For afternoon and evening wear wea r
therc thcrCs s no Umit 1mIt There are re handpalnt handpal nt I
ed cdsUk silk ones to represent r prescnt Dresden china U
and there ther are many covered with lace a
Or a tiny motif In real lace is applied d
to toa a button covered with silk sill
Then there are arethe the jeweled buttons of c f
various varlouSl3Qrts sorts some of them set in 1 ri
gol gold goldrlrnsPhiladelphla old rims rlmsPhiladelphla Philadelphia Record
7 They hey Aevez Quarre le d
It Is an Englishman EngUshmanspcaklng speaking in the tl
interest of o woman suffrage who tells tell
the thefolJowin following foIJowIn story to show his apprc ¬
elation of the good qualities of women
A minister r r lnfst lnister rjnan in an a address nddr dr sst ss to the mem me I ¬
hers berao of his congregation asked all the tli IC
women womenwho who had never quarreled quarr led with w wit ith ii
their husbands to torJsc rise Every woman woma a
in the house remained rem I c d dseated seated
Now Nowsald said the m mJ minister inister sCrlct let all the th C
men who wh have never neerquarreUed quarrelled with wit it
their wives stand Thereupon ten te n
men each wearing an tti expression of c ct
conscious righteousness rl hteousnesR n look say sa p
Ing plainly < 7 7Jl It is Eve EvewhO tWho who has caused cause U
all my troubles stood to receive the th e
ministers blessing
But Butcontrary contrary to their expectations expcctatlonsa a
stern expression stole over his face fact
and raising his eyes upward he prayed praye d i i
fLord O Lord bsvr b hav vn mercy upon ur nthese these ten te ii
nnd lake
TT a fun1ch fLer cads meal TheyposillveJy They positively
hg Ii1 LureConstipn cure Constipation tlon ilioUJltleM
Indigestion DyspepsIa etc
reg regipate late the bowels and benel henedt l
t tije lJe stomach liverand liver and kidneys
100 xooWaerl25c Wafer2Sc IrvfniOrugCo
I Sale P oprletors PhlJadelpJda
sa brill LeWI Drnl
l Change hang I is essential ess nt Aal to every eeryone one and
i if 1 they cannot cannotget get It It t in inth the warm season s season ason
by going out of town they theyshould th 1 should do all
that they can can to have ha ve var a r1et iety at home
It Unot not only o nlyreststhe rests the mhid mind but it Jtac ac ¬
tua tually ly refreshes refrcshesand and tha that is i why any ny
effort t put put Into lr f fixing 1 1xlngncIJhOUse xlngncIJhOUse a city house oi Or l i
apartment np rtme t for the summer su jxmer is more than
worth w whllc hile
One < neot of the tlzoinost most noticeable otcoable and andp plsas as j I
1n ant fc t changes a gcsisgaine is isgalned ga ined through covering i I
the furniture fur 1thrc with a atigured figured cotton an and j I
the expen expense S eor of this thisaiertha after erthc the first 1irstseaso season n
is absolutely nothing nothingat at all ll The 1 l e set 1 1is
will require r uirc only I ohclaundering Onlaul1lc nng a sea ¬ I
son and if thlsIscareully this is lscaretufly carefully done and th the
material is IS a agooci gpot g go o j quality qu l1 < the he hECOI colors S I
w will ill hold perfectly pe rfecH A Siet shou ho hqdId ld hii last s i i
lour easily e asUy easilyfOr for x thre iIi thrceceaan e s Beasons Qnsnr j and sometimes sqin ti 7s I
When Vhcnmoney money monOyis isno is n no > object obJecttlieco the covsrs rS 1
mlJb may be made m to to ojr rder dcr r al and ln indeed de d dJ J I
this is by no o means rncaiis l1caris expensive Never N CV l ¬ 1
I theless there if is a great greatsav saving + ngln in mak akI ¬
I ing ones pwntnd own and nd contrary tr a y Jo to the th gen g n nJ J ¬
l eral ral idea Iien i lea the work wor Is s not hard it is I
all 11 done on machine andcutting and cutting the
thel l
pattern which Is the thefUSSlesthingto thefUSSlesthingtobe fussiest thing to
be done is Jsnot not hard for fora a woman who l
knows anything of f fse sewing se tin g
Cutting Cutt gPattem Pattern
The best way to do this is to take a
large piece of brown paper and laying layJ ti tig g
it ItQer over the seat cut that first fir t It ItJ IP
easier tQ to make ma ke the pattern the theexl exact
size than to try to allow llowseams seams in the
paper pape r That Thatcan can be bc done afterward in
the cloth clo th and care must must be taken not
to t forget fo gct it t After Art r theseat the the seat pin another
piece pl c of paper on the back bac kQthe of the chair
ana and nd cut ut that to fit If the chair is ver very y
thick through the thcbac back k anc ancther n Jther ther side sid
piece picceas as it were must be cut to 1oin oln
them them Qtherwisethe Otherwise the cover will be found
lo too osmanas small as the th thickness x xo o f the back ba ck
will take up some Two back pieces
are yequiretl 1cqulre r one for the front and one
for < he back If the th chair has arms u s
cut Those Ihoseseparate separate by simply laying a
piece pJec of paper paper across os5 in one long strip
Great GreaLc care reshould should hou1d be betaken taken that it L is i
wide Ide enough to tojln Join to the back backcQver cover
otherwise the the gap will sooil the entire
When it itcomes comes to cutting cutungthe the material ma terial I
shrinking when being washed must be
considered Very Ve ry wide seams must mif be
allowed and it must not be forgotten orotten
1 Iretty 1r rel1 i1y Summer Work WorkE WorkEasiJyF WorkEasily Easily asiJyF Fashion sl1ion sl1ionl l ¬
I ed edan and dRa Rather fherDecoratiYc Decorative >
Bcadwork Bca dwork shades for candles ndles and
lamps l mpsare arc one one of the prettiest decorar dec ra
darts for summer summerc cottages ftagesori ori on the mar ¬
ket and an l they thcyarc arc practicable prpct1cableand and most
attractive attr c va for hail ha l1 l1andt and andt table ble lamps and
bedroom b droom andles
The The glint glin t from the tiny fringe tringeoglass of glass
globules iis ta s it catches the light makes H
a pretty pr y picture pic ture and an dtllectrect the effect Is most
cheerful h e iCul whether whether the whole shade or
only n1y the fringe frIngeis is made from rombe bea beads ads Ss
Nothing could be simpler than than string
Iion on bead alte after another H ia FY two and l1
onehalfinch O ne lalfinch le lengths lengt gthS arid an d then th tho en sewing BeWn aewtn g gthem
them to a a round wire wirefra frame e covered l
with w ith tape for a foundation which o makes t
the t he plain plainringe fringe They may be in red
blue b lue or ot any color desired and an d dor of any
size s ize large l rg small or graduated
Beads that make ma ke the mpst attractive
s shades that hat have the most m ost sparkle are an
the th i ie e lined styles stylesclear clear glass with a touch
of otco o f color orat at the top and a nd bottom where I
the t he head head1s la pierced
The damondshape fringe Is more S
complicated o npJjcated and can be le e made elaborate
witla with witha w ith itha a variety varl t of different colored beads bead
worked w orked into the pattern
One way to make this design is to tc
start s tart at the wire foundation with with three
beads b eads strung on one thread each string
being a separate piece Pice e at atthe the the beginning j
Two needles must pass through a fourth I
bead of the same color odor > lor or a a different
shade sh s de If a color design is to be worked
out Have the threads thr ads5eparate separate again
three t beads being caught on either
strand s trand and both catching a a fourth one
together t Continue this until the pat ¬
tern t ern is the desired size
To Tocarr carry out the diamond shape in
the t he loose ends begin where the pointed
shape ends the row Run a thread
through t the last little littlebead bead and string
on enough en ough to hang down to the longest
point of the figure and end it by b care
fully ful1 f ully knotting over OVer the last las t bead The
ends are made by b following this plan
with wftheach each little figure in the thedJamOllp diamond diamon
Another way vaYand and perhaps en cneasi easier ea8l
one is to tQ take one thread all the th way
round the wire wirestringing stringing first three
beads b ads and then one of different color
t fi e j thr > o l jgu g1n In in and take a a stitch in
the foundation fo ndati5n Repeat until there is a
zigzag row all the waYaround way around Next
slip the 1eedlethrough tieedle through the bead that
comes to toa a little point pontand and begin an
other in the same way leaving lcavinga a long
thread hanging that is later to be
strung with beads beadstor for finishing the
fringe At equal intervals leave a
thread hanging at the end as at the be ¬
ginning instead of going all the way
around S
The third row is started in the first
point of the second and the fourth tourthdone done
In the same snme way each one growing
shorter shorteruntllthe until the last is only a tiny
paint p nt Thread the ends and the thetrlnge fringe
is complete com lete
To Tomake make frames framesfor for the shades fine
wire should be used to make It light
and ant i serviceable
For the novice in bead making the
easiest plan is to string the beads on
single wire patterns and andthc then n nputthem put putthem them
together In a whole and sew on on the th the
fringe frln e
In every ever large city themlsslonsuper the themisslon mlssion super ¬
intendents i are brought closely into con ¬
tact tactw1th with the terrible results of drunk ¬
enness and realise reali realln e what a fearful f arUI curse
It t is j to humanity w V C MeMichael it
superintendent BuperJ 1t ndent of the thePcoplcs Peoples Mission
in I n Washington Washln ton Bays I 1 am superin ¬
tendent of the Peoples Mission a
recognized Christian organization that that
is i s doing a world of ogood good One of our
people peoplewho who had been drinking a pint of
whiskey a day for a a great many years
was put on Orrine and I lam am happy to
say s y that a cure was effected tre te l within ten
das da dau u s from the time the thetlrst first dose was
given glvcnnd and he Is now restored to perfect
sobriety I have no nowny way to thank thankyou you vou
for thev the valuable luablespecltlc spec specific ific for this terrible
disease drunkenness
Orrine No 1 is given givensecreUy secretly In any
food or ordrink drink while No 2 21s is for those
who are willing to be cured Either
form is 1 1Jtr per Jtr package Orrlne is a
guaranteed cure for the liquor habit
Is sold and Jlndr recommended comm ndedby by
SIMMS 14th St and N YAve Y Ave
WILLIAMS 9th 9thand and F FSts SU
WELLEIV8 7G5 Eta st S E E
DAYS 14th and PBts P fIts
> HENRY EVANS 92224F 92ZFSt St
F P WELLER Aqueduct Bridge On Drug
B e
I k
T thatall that th at all the th covers cQer must I1Ust oe o made inadeso ade so so11 that ll
ltheysJlp they th ey slip on easily to tofast i fasttuX 1 ylth Ith ta tapes pes
If 1Cthrv they are Ire ar tack tacked tackedon d on onth thev are not R
I prettj lretti Ir ettY and a nd d are arem more ore flifilcult mIDC l lota to tae 1tetr off
CarefUl car Ca retul e UI makers bind all ltth the t1 seams seam s witli
I tnpe tnpeofacolor ta pe of a color contained contnin d in the design
but bu t this Is is quite fussy tuss arid adds addst a
I trifle ttjfi tti tlEt io t O the theexJens exyensc An Aneq equally I1 nice ntc
iih iihi tinISh i lsh > lv Jsn is made e by French sea seaming m Ing mak ma k ¬
lug In g the tll first tlzst run on the wrong wron side so
that th at the l last st seam comes oh oIithe on the right
sii sf sU le c This Thimakes makes I kes a ccrdlike ccrdli te pdg dg9 < j thatf thD that
washe9 cr ashes well eH an and d holds holqs the th shape 1iap bf tfth f the
cover Co ver All fastenings to hold the dir
fererit f fei e erit t cornera Or ers together should shuldb bb made
with wlthtapCS wi th tapes colored colorc rather than thanwhite white
When WhcncutUng W hent cutting if the thedesig design lI is of a typ type
that th at runs runsdlrectly directly up or or qi down car care < must must
be bptakenthat taken that in ii allthe all tn the pieces ces it Is JsgQlng going
the th tl same s me way wa preferably preferab up
5 French Fr nchCre Cretonne tb tbne ne
One dp oct ofte the e most mostservle serviceable able materials
for fo r1cQycrln1s r cQverinss is ii French cretonne cretonneThe The
imported im p ported ortedmacrIal material holds hOld S Its colors better
l than thnnt th an the domestic arid arido for o that reason is
far farmore fa r more economical in the end end al ¬
I though th ough it costs more at at first 1irstTh There te
arefrequentl are ar e frequently sales when a a75cent 75cent
qua qJaUty c iah1ty tlty may mll be had for 37 cents or even
less l lO ss s Denim is good and andwasMa washes well ell
I Figured F lgured burlaps are too sleazy and
loosely lo o Osely seh woven Woycnelther either to wash or to hold
their th eir shape shav t
The flowered ftower deffects effects are the prettiest
oC 01 any patterns pattcrnsandpinks and pinks blues bluesrind and
pa pale le crreens as well weHas as yellows yeH < ws are
i cool co ol in effect and pleasing pI aSli gtptheeyc to tp r rthe the eye
Whatever W hatever design de Sign is Is selected S elect ed should S b 00 j
used us ed exclusively exclusivel for the designs are
I very v cry strlklIiand striking and more than one Is dis
I cordant cordantlfancushioIl co rdant if any cushions are re used It
is better to toeover cover them in plain colors
j of r the same tones as those which ap p ¬
pear Jear p ear In the design
I A bachelor girl who spends her sum
rners mers rn ers in town completely completelytr8nstorms transforms her h l
rooms rO oms each Eac season se son The hcJivy h y mahog ¬
any anycb a ny c hairs lrs covered red in dull red through
th the e winter are hidden under cretonne
coverings co verings of cool oolfigured figured blue I e and green green
The T he window curtains are taken down
that th at tcvcry every breath bre th of jtairmayehter air may enter
Heavy H eavy ayyruss rugs are taken up and in their
placcareothers place pl ace are ethers of jute combining the
same samecolors sa me colors that appear appearc appearln c in the covers cOV 1S
A Acoruer corner window seat Is draped with
I cretonne c and andal al all the cushions are done
I ovor C o ver r in the same Two Twoiteam steamer rchairB chairs
oCf 0f1I o1 tr r comfort and coolness to informal
I visitors vi nitors and andhlsh high on a a shelf is an an elec ¬
i tlc tr ic fan n that sweeps the place with cool ¬
ing hlgbr la g breezes ezes when wli nthe the air outside fails
i This T hIs particular woman womnnabsolutely absolutely re ¬
fuses fu ses to go away in the summer
1 I get change ch nge enough enoughrignt right here and
I am too comfortable > to move she de ¬
clares d ares
Last L d ds ast s t tC suhaay C suhaaysL Sundays SndayLsf sL List sf i 1ofPijzles of ofPijzles iPuz iPuzzlesIncluae Puzzles zlesIncluae Included
Onlythe Only JheEligibles the Eligifcles
The c list list st of otnam names s whic whlchwas which h was published ubl ublshed shed
on on O n the ih Puzzle Puzzle Page of the the Washington
Sunday S unday Ti Thrs = xes es last Sunday contained cont lried
only o nly the names of those who are still
eligible elilblefaI el igible fW or the Puzzle Contest Those
names na n ames mes which whic h have been beendrppped dropped from from
the th e cardindex c r dJ dex syst system n either because becauseof of
failure f on the thepart part of the contestant to
send G crid nl In ipany any answer to toa a rtizzle or be
catise c ausc of actual act actualfallOre ilfaUur < failure In u the e working of
a a puzzle puzz le weroom1tte were omitted from tcim that list
Should a contestant Contestant rtnd ndthat that her he
name ame was published vU blls hedonastsun on Just Sundays I1Y3
list li stof of otellgibles ellgibles in Insplt spite of o t the fact act that
it I t was published pubUs d the week before betoreJune June
18 1 8 in the thell list 1ts of thetaUures the failures she may
assume as sume that that hiir hir name vas as incorrectly
published p ublished on the ticLlst List of Failures and I I
has ha h as s tll therefore erefO r e1 teen bOen enrelns reinstated ta tedand and pu Po1b b ¬
lished IJshedagaln li shed again In the list lIstot of those still
eliclblc e 1
The Washington Sunday Su St inday nd y Times Imes will b2
pleased p leased to correct any a ny orrors btTOIS POS poshble < II bl L1C t
but bU b ut t cCvhot ca n ot trelnstateany reinstate any contestant contcsta n tWhtJ tWhtJCalls who
fails f to sign her name to her answer answ r I
does d Oes not send in ir an answer or neglects
to t o mall her answer within the allotted
time t limit I Iime
Simple but butwo wonderfully wo nd uidOnfully rfu hy effective eaeCtlveis is gown of cu pale pink pin k kch1ffcn chiffon cloth loth and and
fashioned f after ter thlsmod this model l makes a delightful lIghtul gown for summer even evening ing hops
atresort at resort hotels Fine vertical wirti altuc1tSconfineU tucks confine the fullness ul1nessoYer over hips dnd d dnd nd the bot ¬
tom of skirt skirts Is finis fiplsh fipished hed d with lthtl1reedeeptucks three deep tucks at graduated distances
The low cut cutbodlce bodice iSbuUtSnthesu is built h n the surplice u lines 11 and an d lsqulte Is quite pointed poi ed at
waist Unefront line front and back backShoulderp Shoulder p pieces ieces ceso of white whiteIrish Irish lace and bands of
same on Jh the elbow elbo w sleeves 8IeeYeJa1 are the only onfrfmmint ony trimming < <
Mourning Ve VeJIs tl5AreShorf ls Are Shorf
In the front E = ront and andLQng ricl Long in BacK BaCRI Ba I
Mourning M Ournlngy veils s are are now being worn
short in front the thedraperyextendlng drapery extending
In I n the back to below belowth the waist w aJst line
Time was when all aUells veils used for first
mourning mou rnIng reached below the knee in
front sometimes sometlmesextendlngnearl extending extendlngnearly nearly to tot the e
hem hemo of the gown Time Tiniewas was was too when
mpurr mournhiveJls thOurnii Vln veils held hcl i to t the th class cl classic aslcand ic and
almost m si s shapeless folds Old8o of ofthe fhed the drapery e g gOf of
tho ancients but II10derr modern mot mOrniDg motniitig rnlngr is
anything but butdoletul doleful In lltse lJ1cthe the color
being belnSthe the only token tha that t t the wearer wear er erseIad
is seIad clad Jngarmentsrepresentlng in garments representing grief l
For Young Girls Girls
For F young oung girls a a veiltwo veIl elltwoyrdsand two yards and I
a ah aht ahf half t f long ongis is worn wo rn rnasim as asim immediate nediat mount mourn ¬
ing This ThisveU veil is usually usu nyofsUk of silk nuns
ye veiling lling iUn draped to below the chin in
fri frintbutfalls Irtint lnt but falls In folds behind ihe ih the hat
After the first tlrstthree three months this thlsvell veil
Is put aside as ldeor for a ashortone short one of tpolnt point
or other net with a mourning
border b rde i v
Hats Hatsor for young girls to to be beworn worn with
these veils vensare are in in many shapes The
smart an and d Jaunty jaunt little lIttJepolo polo seems an
odd sort of mourning headgear yet it
Is shown in inheaypeaude heavy peau de sole with wJthduH dull
j jet t aigrettesani Jgrettes aTdeverithe5omber even the somber na ¬
ture of Its trimming takes but little
from its Jtscheertulaspect cheerful heenful aspect o Then there th re
are numbers J1umbersofmodlfted of modified trlcornes mush
room shapes with black silk snkroses roses and
the little round duchesse bonnets bonrietslook look
lug like Ukembthers mothers of the smaller polo
All these are shown in peau peau peau de sole
black crepe andduUblack and dull black strawand stnasv and
are meant to be worn with veils
Widows have a large assortment of
hats hatsandbonnetsfrtn and bonnets from rota which to select
their tfielre early rlY mourning mOUrninghea headgear gear Toque TO < U
shapes of ocrepe crepe can be worn from the
very vEryfirst first Of Qicourse course the t e veil yeilis yeiliswo is wo worn l
over the face tac forthe for the first three months
after c ter which It Is draped drnped1JehJnd behind the bon ¬
net or or hat Bonnets are arerarel rarely worn w worn rn
except by byol1er older women women the exception
to t this rule rul is fuan an English style styled decree cree
ingit small pointed bonnet bonnetusulJll usualljf usuall
trimmed tr nm d heav heavily ily with dull Jet beads
This nis is wornaiter worn after the first year eato of t
mourning nourningwIthnvellorsUknun with a veil of silk nuns s veil ¬
ing IngdriIpedin draped In the back ba k and falling to tc
below Iow thew the waist Jst WhitechJmJrstriIgs White chiffon strings
tying beneath the chin In a a soft bow b W
are added to tothisarrangemerit this arrangement of f veil L
and bonnet
Very V ry smart marf is a rather wide toque of 01
crepe with veil draped in Ina a a wide 1d box bo r
pleat which ma maybe mry > x be worn H over overone one oat S
shoulder houlder or orallowed allowed to fall straight be b ¬
hind from the crown of the hat h t This Thi
Is if Is to be worn wornaftersiXmorchs after six inorchs or o a
year enr The hem of the crepe c repeven veil is not no I
less than a foot in Indept depth
For Immediate Mourning
Veils of bombazine having ha ving deep boy ¬
dens of silk are also s hown Jfor fora for r ra a m I
wld widows wsimme immediate diate mourninRV mo ri1IitY These Th s a
are arranged to fall fall to tothe the corsage c6rs c6rslgeItl lgeItl in It
front and ndbelow below the hip at either eIthe r side sIde
Quite odd Is lhesIIia1lhatofcrearri the small hat of cream
i iviicd S viicd vedc ea ccpe c worn during the second second secon
year ear of mourning This is sometjnies soY sor lhes iilesa a
tricorhe and again agaJnapolntc a pbintc point S toque
shape and to match it ther Is i face fact S
veil of white net hav havinga having ing a tjvbIrich t ttc V inch incl 1 I
border bcrderofthe of the crepe cr pe This ii b WOJTI v on n with
a ablack black gown ownand and Is Jsdecld decidedly dl striking
While ciepe 1 ePe is still the fivshionabie snJ nable
mourning material both fcs c gowns
veils ells and hats ponderous ponderouseilS veils veilOUre re no nc
longer lcn r seen and all the effects atS as a
i light weight in Jnapp appearance aranceas as possible pos sible
even e eo ven o en those to be used for Immediate Immedl te
1 1i i
t Practically QL L t I
Womans Worn an f fs s
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frigerators frlg ratoISGas Gas G Bange Ran taUgUetC geRetc 1 etc We
allow alloW10Per allowjO 10 per cent c I t discount dlsc ritforc for cash Sh
or if accpunt flC accountls O 1tlscl Is closed sedJthJrty Irithlrty iith1rtydays daya ys J
7 per percentlfcount cent discount lt ltcIos closed dln in i
sixty s1xtyday iXty < Jays and5p and 5 pS i Cent1Pa1d cent nt if I paid
in u ninety nJpe n1netyday tY da ys u 1 i <
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Between JI Betw 5 5iee iee eaau4u JiC and I at gti
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EeH B ot T TeethiOO Teeth th 4SOO OO
f I 22K Gold Go Id Crowns J300 3OO and fi00 > sO6 00 o
r Gold fillin filllngz g LOOUpother 100 Tipi Opother othcr ftXUnsa tUl1nPno 1lnt 75a U
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against gaJnstthiees thieves or Or rfir fife worth that t a
much to you
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