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I t
I 1 r
F Miner Never RadaLook BTacl a Look1 In
With Negro
f WhiteM White Man Couldno Could Do Neither In Infight flght
ing ing Nor Boxing > and Has
Gone GoneBack Back
pHILAI PHILADELPHIA > ELPHIA PaJune27 Pa June 21Ita lt a
g1eat tohnve to have a Uttlebl little blaok ckmnn man but
Wh hen nyo you havea ha e a big onethatsdiffer onethat s differ
entsaidJohn eat said John llunroe of B Butte tte as ho
st tepped ppe d douto outo out of the ring with blood
st steamingdowlihls streaming eamingdowlihls down his face and weartnga wearing a
farawaylo rav y look k
OneJ One T rUmr rohnson of Galveston
Tex Tex hadbeenplaYing had been playing tagwith tag sith Jacl
an anti d tl1e the miner w sas s lt all the a
The Nation atIonal l AthletJcClubwas Athletic Club was where
the lie battle was held and a crowded
hous house e egrected greeted the two bIg fellowswho fellows who
were n ore looked Upon upon as the two bestheayy best lieav
boxers before the public at the pre Dresent enf
time t
lIunroe has just come coflC out or 1de a deep p
sleep and Johnson has been coming
rJghtalong right along 50 thlsfighlWas this fight vas to sh show
us which whIchof of the two would he a POSSI
bilfty ns a coming champion
Twentythree ForMunroe For Munroe
As Jar as 3l Munroejscor nroe s concerned c rncd we
h hae ve hisnumbe1 his numbei It s 23 2 He went
outofhisclassaJtogether out of his class altogether lu meeting
18 clever a malasthc man ts the bigbla9 big black j and ndln In
mitone hot one roun round d of the six sI did t ieminer ie miner
even get a peek at the winrilngsld winning side ot f
tJi the argument Johnson was all over
hh him j jolting jabbingamlrati jabbingamlratinghls jabbing and rattling nghls his
manwfnphig nvtn winning eastb aSl1ya1J ai tJt tJ isa ay
Inhis11ghtwitli In his fight with Shark overhere o or here
f1 f1e the e miner miner showed that h he could slug
Ji like e adcmonui a demon tn4 wasw1lIing aas willing to take
the punch if it there yasa sas a chance h1hc of him
gEtting back but last night lie wns up
agairistndJfferent against a different Jort of a fighter
Sharke harke3 isa is a slow lumbering feUow as
compared with Johnson and the miner
t had no chance at t an m fighting long
range or rushing With Sharke Sharkty the
minerknew m ner knew thatwl1en that is hen he rushed he
would ould find hIs mark but WiU1Johnson with Johnson
hwas h was never quite sure of anything
nnd nd w c ts up 4 int11e in the airfoqmfirst ali from first to
last Johnsonpccked Johnson pecked awa wlththe wIth the
left at will smm smilrg as he landed and
wbentheope when the opon1nn n for a rIght carn came
fh aliot titoer it oer vIthlightningIUmravId nIth liilitning lii c rapid
ityH ity lie st3cbeed Jack Jac cut his ere e e
and InaUmadehlm In all made him look like an tn old
lad lady chasinta ehasIng i mosquito
J Johnson hnsQniheL the Larger rgeL
Wb Whu nt1ic tile r refei fe mlIed lled the thcmeu mel1 to
t11t tnt center ih and ro JoInson nso seemed C e to
t tsei welover oet his c chinl h nl a athersar dcrJarj
Go Gong gso sounded n < ed an and d they Went at It
lIunrocwith Munroc r ith his right rightrnisedand rnisedand ialsed nnd his
left sW swinglrg n irsarOl iround nd m much cha after terth the
fashionOf fashion of a jind isind m mill J wenl went at the dark
man a as ihoughbeint thoughheintended nded to annihilate
hlm HQ He ru rushed SbcdJOhn Johnson son to11i8 to his cqrner cqrnerand eoner
and rammed rght and left to the bows
YhHcJa while Jack k replied with short rights I
tqthe tt the face Thy mixedthere mtaed there tor1 foc ij
f9wmoments tv moments anclthen and then broke awa twa t o
the Center ente where Johnson was 11a8tet
ot all times
H Had a No Chance
HeW He waited a ited h haifa a ifar iound iu11d < sizth z zi zJ1 i J1 UPh up his 15
matt man and = Dd th then n llted a f fer er him with
leftS tb that t tsimplj simplj bewUder bewildered d the man
WIth tltll thepiclr thC pick Poor 3unroc unroecou could lll not notJetawa
Jetawa get away from fi om them at all He Ie tried
rushing in wIth his head down but
Jolmsons Jolincon sidestepped estepped and chopped him im
on theba the back kof of the head Hetried c tried left
l lid tdsandonly and onb got an even 0 en break John
8011 uor aore a confident onfidentsmUe smSle and ham
m mered ered awas with left and tiShtSn rights as S he
pleased The minerwas mmci as cr er slowon sioc on
hti feet Ycn clumsy and shy ondls on dis
tance tun
Johnsons cleverness ma may have ma made
it appear w wose rse fha than n It was but Mu run runroe
roe certaInly rertainl dId look t to be the orIginal
lumberw3gonkid lumber waOn kfd
May Uty Obtain His Diploma
at Yale Yal
M Mny ny imberu enibers S Said aid toBeli to Believe ve an an
In Injustice justice tray Have Been
Done Oarsman
K x1w W H 1VEN VE C Coiu II1 Jun June e 2ilt 2iltma 27Itmay ma may
be that Con DaI Daly the Yale oarsman
who was dIsmissed bl b the faculty for al
leged cribbing In the examinations will
00 reinstated after all
A A petition signed by pracUcaJIJ every
TJonibr of o1 the senior clasis elais Is now no said
tob to b r rcad a9 for for submission to the fau a
uUrand nit hud the chances look good for him
S Several v raIIJromlnnt prominent seniors flIor5 among them
Stuicsant FIlh Fisli of New York clty
coaCh to the YaJetreshman Yale freshman crew crew and a a
le leaultng dlngoarsmanat oarsman at Yale became Indig
nantand nant and stirred u1 > lheclas tho class Fish
tooKthe to the Initiative and l1dcoming coming Oerrom over from
Nev ew Londol1aded London aIded in securins the th pe
Mano Many of t the fac1Jit faciilty it isn is now w said
have doubtl about DaIyi guilt and it
may be that lIe will be allowed his hi
diploma at the last moment
atrlktout strlke out record for t1f the geason in this
re reion fol1 W3 aa mndent made at NewBoston 1Lsv Boston iiin llCn
111 tiic < team or Ih LiiOt tQWnIJcntMahanoy tOWn beat Mohanoy
Cit City tt O
Sfat1rCelI S1atifetberger J r or New wBlstoll l3toii truck
out twel1tYOIJC batznen atsmen while Pyan ranot of
thIs tli1 eft City tanned J1ineteen
LEXINGTON K Ky Junc2iJotn June 7iJOhn E
Madden th not noted d turfman has ar
rlvfcl herp ler from New 7P York to sp spnnd nd a
f few wW ks onhL on his breeding farm JIam
i hur burg Place > He is wcU wehIpleased pl < asd with rae
f JtJ lug l eonditions on iUoJf in th the East and Ias he
will sttrt hl lila hors horss g next atSaratogt at Sarat a
Hlpinf J4i Initial lal sale or orycar1iug earJlng5 fulfilled cx x
xctaH Ucetailons ns
1 1ns f
If II J 117 l7il lil R
r 7 1 < 1 llIijiJIt = = t E
L J ON l
s oMFryMa4rpN 1 ld 1 r
Want Eastern Bowline
Congress Organ Oreanized zed
Harry H arry Davisand DaVis and OthersAgit OtherS Agitating ting Question
Idea Well Received on All SidesWash
i ingt iflgtofl hWili Will BeRepresented Be Represented
Plans arequi are quietly tb being laId for the
fornia fo rmation tlonof of an an Eastern BowlIng Con
gr ss ess whic which hwlll will cl1taway cut away from the
AmericanjJowIingCongre meriCan howling Congress s arid an d hold
champlonsblpsin cl iamplonslilpa in the East each year
Foiseveral For several years years there has been
muchdissaUsfactiim m uch dissatisfaction and a at t times open open
ki d king at at the ma manner I1ner in in which the
AmerIcan A merican Bowling Congress conducted i
its it s affairs ir lrs but while hile secessiontalk secession talk has ha I
beell1 b ecii rife f no defin definite ite stepsWLvebeen steps htve been
takeh ta ken Now It Is safe safe to s say y the
chances c are that be before freChristm Christmas the tile
larger la rger dUe cities In the East East Will have an n
organization o of tJielrown their own arid will hgld hold
a congress in t1i the early partot part of next
spring s pring
W 1ling Listeners
Theagftation The agitation has be been n carried ui < 1
qtJi q uietly tl but but wherever theorganiz the orgailisers rs
h 1avE1 ave gone they have met with a los
pItnblerccepUonarid p itable reception and wi1Un maen flteners rlJ
Oneo O ne of those those who is taIdngnnacfue taking an active
plrt p art in thcworkoQringing the work of bringing the East East
erners e tog together eth er is Ha Harry rry Da Davi h the
first fi rst baseman OrU1e OC tile
A mericanLeague merican League baseball team which
is playing in Washington toda today He I
111S h as tak talceri adantage of the visiis isits of r
the th e team to Washington N Nw w York
and a nd Phila Philadelphia delphia to talk to all th the
prominent p rominent bowlers he eouldfin could thud pa Davis yis
r r ports that in e every e ri i instance 1stuncehe lie has
b ecit li assured tha that t the sCheme is n goOd
011e o ne and th thaiNtis this hearers are read ready to
l1elpthe h elp the cause
i 111 Washington he had talks yesterday
Iwlth w itjt President k George rgeLIlngStonor Livingston of
th t h Departmental League h I 1 Ward
l lot ot i f the PostofficeQulnt PstofTiCe quint George Camp
i ihen hen b ell fnJanager of th the Palaeo alleys and
Othll o ther Washington Y experts wIth the bLIls lat hs
I 1nd a nd pins and found them favorably
I in i nclined Uned toward his vIew views Today and
tOmorrow t omorrow he will m seasUIl ace still others and ex
P ect oets 1Vaslngton to enter heartily Into
th t ite enterprise a as the bowlers or this
clt c it have shown themsclvescapable themselves capabhc not
only o nlr on the allcysb alleys bitt t in the business
tI mi d poIftl politics S ot lliegame the game Da Davis i5 said
this t ills morning
East E ast Neec1s Needs Congress
H HWe We ha have felt for a a long tlm tune that the
East E ast ShOUldh should have avc a a bowling congress of
its i ts ownandO own and we llTIean mean to have one The
sport s port has progressed with with amazing nmazhuui
stries s tr ides an and d the new al1c alleys 5 constant1j constantI
being 1 eing Installed arc not sufficient to keep
pacwilh p ace with the demand
Ihc rowth growth olbowlingand of bowling and duckpins
in i n Washington Baltimore Phllad PkflIathphia lph a
New York Boston and othercitles other cities h has
surprised cen th the men who are 11nan
ci ially lI interestedind Interested In developing veJoplng the game
andtherehofno and there l no r reason ason why tile thous
andsof ands of bowlers in in the Last 3houldnot hou1d not
hayea have a aeries of tournaments in1hlch In which
the they mny niayt t leterrnintlheir ieterinine their own cham
pions plonsilips ups After the East Eastern rn bowlers
hate fixed upon their be5ttrien beat men the tbe3
could easily arrange to play the best
ot the Westerners and in that way ny de d
tetm1n the championship ot thecountr the cOuntry
for the year
Westerners Predominate
Many 1nn crack cracc bowlers cnnnot afford
the 11cayccpcnses hat ctpcnsts entailed by b a1rip a trip
West Vestand tnd the West shows no incllna
Uonto tion to come come East U It did there
would be man ninny bJwl bowlerS r from the west
who could not see their way toshe to gh e 1
up the Jric price c co o of a i long journc The
c consequence onsequence is that the Westerners pr pre
GClmlnite at t allthe all the congresses and out
number numberthe the EasterncoI1t1ngentin Eastern continntIn eer every
way This Is manltestI manifestly unfair to the
arms or men from this section who
would like to have a crack at a cham
plonshin and it isorthat is for that reasonwe letson nc
ar are co constantly st nU forcing the Question or
aseparate a separate congress
W ss c arcd are dong ng missionar work no now
i an and expect tohae to have theflrst the first m meetIng eting
some time 1nOctQber In October We wIU ettle
idown dOrn to to business atobce at once perrectour perfect our
I Ioranizationan oranizationan organization an d arrange for thefiISt the first
series > 0 Of tto tournaments Urna m en tsto to bel1CId be held in the
I JatcVInteror late winter or early spring in one ot the
big Eas Eastern tern cities I speak s so o oeonfl eonfl
dent1 entI b bocause cause no car are get fctting lngthegJad the glad
I hand onall on all sIdes andevcrybody and everybody seems
hdifng tihung to help I I have been talking t to
I Ithe the prominent bowlcl3Tthcreer bowlers nhercver 1 go
i and the they p mC mCu mCth u th the Wti Idea In Washington
I ffireeeption my reception has l iS beellpartlcularl becil particularly cor or
dial and wluui 11cn thecaltis the call is issued the
I Capital promisEs to send a large and
I representnt1edelcgaUon representative d hogation
Baltimore in Line Lin
r I i want aan to talk lk ftoverwith It oer aith t the h hBal Bal
Umorc tirnorebowlers howlers as soonaj soon as an ppport
n1lY nib tr offers er a tnd n d iro from tn tnW W ha hat t I have Ita he heard r d
i there Ill be no uo difficulty in ii brln bringing ng
I them into lIne Many weUImo1l New
Yorkersar Yorkers arO wIth us heart and soul a5
I ar are ethe the experts epci ts IUBiO In BrookI OkhIi n a and nd Gotham
will be oneo one of the principal factors iI in
the campaign
It Ili1 has been suggested d thatbecaus13 that because
of its great reatpopulation populati ui and large drmy rmy
or bowlers and alleys that hat N New w York
n1i utlght ht domInate lhcEasterncongress the Eastern congress
too much but I clonot do not thInk that fear
wellgii wellgiiound well gtounddd ound d fOr ac C ca Can n dei devise esom some
means of gIving everybody a show how
Charles Bre Bremmerinan merman sonotThon1as son of Thomas
Bremmerrnan of 13li Taentinlnth entynlnth
street has entlreJyrecoere entirely recot ered d from the
injuries sustained in an acclden t t tume > ume me
Urn time ago Brcmmcrman who i is stat station on
cd with the United States arm army at tFort Fort
Ethan Allen Vt being troop clerk had
his rIght footcrushedba foot crushed by acnvalry c alry horse
stepping tepplngupon upon it and for a timeit time it was
feared that th the same same would have to be
amputate at thean the ankle kle
The Re Rev ThomasO Thomas 0 Cr CroOse se pastor
of o tIteConsress the Congress Street 1f PChurch P Church of o
Georgetown is expected to return from
AtlantlcClty Atlantic City Thursda Thursday Last SUJlda Stniday
the services at the Congress Street
Church were conducteclby the Re Rev Dr
lVoodfor of Baltimore Md
Excelsior Tent No 1 1f7 7 Independent
Order of Rechabitcs vras aas recently or
I g ganized an izedat at Red 1lens Mens lIa flaIl l la a at t th the
sout southeast hea < t corner 0ihirt2 of Thirtysecond con1 and N
I streets The following OfCCIHWC officers were C
Us Ust UsDy UseDynainite t Dy mite and Blow Up Safe and
BuiIdiI1gThen Bu ildingThen Whirl Away
With Loot
PHILADELPlIL < PaJune Pa June 7Fol1r
robbers In an au automobile tomobile believed to bi
the same who some months ago created
a vc verItable rltablo reign reign of terror In thesmaIi the small
towns toWns along the main Uneo line of the Penn
5Ian sylvuuiht la roitroml itu lhruui near this ell city and an d in
Camden county N J 1 earl itrly thIs morn
ing looted the IlostotIJCe nt Elmer X J 1
Xoone o one sitn fl the automobile or the men
arrive Shortl after frildnlKht however
the cntin 10WII Vaawakenttl was awaleuul h htv l
ht heavy txplfJ xpluslohi lolI
Vhen hen l ri BldentH in the th vicinity hlnll hlnllor or the
PQfltoftl rtlsh ruwhiOd d to Li thei their wlnd ivlrdows w8 th thv
saw thll tlomnll ttit 5111511 uultdlng hall be heti
almost turuurhiil omplet Jy wroeed Tlced Iour men
w vOrtu r jU jLii t letlnrr Iet nilc hltl Into a t blgtrln1 big tourhuug cnl en r
whicbstood wiiheb stooi he lde th true wrecked wreekt 4 hulld
B Before tote an alarm could he sounded the
car a lad dashed awa away Into the darkness
apparentlY headingin hieUhiitg hri the direcUlnor thirectiutri at
the Brldg lirhdgeton ton pike
Jm8tfgatlOlI r rvealem eaJ l the fact that c a
heaT charge Qfd of dynamite nam ltc had wrccltct
both hot h thf postoftke ml fc md Ihe I he build
lug mnd ndthat that flit rlbb robbers r had ulfl cerurcc secured
stamps and mone mony IJrder to to the yalue valt
If if rf
I Ag gonirah njirRl alarm alarm iabern bar beam 2 2n sent n thlOUS1
autsouth ou1 south Jcr1e Jersey >
eJected untilfheregular until the regtilar meetlnC rneetln in July
W when he n the rtg regular u lllrom officers cerg WitiIJ will be e II select
I ed P C Hr P T J J Gilhooley C H How
ard Fearson D CR C It Howard Bangs
S P Po o F Poore jr recording secretary
D DavId vd Upperman financial financialsecretary secretary
Andrew Poore treasurer O OT W T Broa Broadt t
L Brooke King Thenewt The nea tent ntwm a 11 meet inee i
ee every WcdnesdaycvcnIng Wednesday evening at Red 1lens Men t
Hall j
P T Moranhas oran hn sold to T Sack the tb S
I houserec lioue recentis ntt purchased b him at t t
pUblic auction lm known wn as the Hillhouse Mill house p
on th the e northsl1 north sid or M 1 5frect trct betee beta eel n I
Potomac and Thirt second
Mrs SamQ A McKay rcKa has p pOrciiaseu rchased I
the fourstory brIck storenn store and dwelling
12 1219 Thittsecond stre street t northwest
The Sunaay bunda school sal aol oC the Eldbrooke 0
1 E Church oCTfnleytown of Tenheytown will go on oi a
a trolley ride rIdaYcvcnl rlday evening 1g Special 1
cars cars will leave Georgetown at Thirty
second and P streets at 715 and Ten CIl
lc heytown town at 7O 30oc1oclt oclock
He Taxes axesHimse1f Himself 375 on Every 5
He G Gives ves to Cleveland
CLEVELAND Ohio J June ne27he 27Wite a
John 1Rocketc1ierr D Rockefeller reaches oche Jorthe for the yel ye
1 lotwrapperea roll In hI hula lefthand d
POCket di IiS 15 lnto hilt the middle of C itex it e
1 humes 41 Z note and deposits It It In the ti e
plate at at the Euclid AVcn Avcniic C B lIapti ptst 3 3t t
Church he taxes tiiXe himself 375 gh gh1jIdt 1jIdt esld i
th j i which hlch he cfJlItdhutes Cuzitrhhitit
The rho r1 ibenl cal 1rItl trlLingexntnt g mfnt helw ICLWctfl el1 M r
PO RoilkCteLe f1el1cl intI hl Cleveland c ehutuic hurch h
stpuin gtipuiatca t tha that t ror for every er dollar of hl hi p
come lcceit 1 bylh hiy the euuuuchi 1111cl1 through throng l
colkctionllr coilectuorla cr other i sOiitcts ur < s lr nocke C
feller thaltglve s hhh give 7 CCllt Thi l11all jhn Lit
m mciuls eans that approximately y 4 lltt cento ct C
th the coat omalntniningt11e ofnialntolning the church and ar
ill 1t yari018fnsUlhUonSfii1d variops inmtlt tions and beneolm 1Ces
falls on on t 11 RO flochcefellcr ktreUer 1
The rpv revenue l1ue or o1 the E Eiehld clid Avenu yenHe me
B nU5tChJr iiurhu h 1 list lt
I3Iptiat year el1rwas was n near rlY ly
rio 33OjfJor y ni nhhch hlch about 1700 17fsj WAS fl mpei PCl1t l
In th hi support of rOle foreign l ln n J1jsllollJ An am 1
ther tei h 1trmvoleuice < n oleljce Th riir other tItCr half ha 11
Went entAvthe t the 1JPportorth support of the thefl fl chutclJiIt I
self elC i
u > i
I Pers Persona I naI Comment on lien and 1
j Things in in the Pfeld Field Qf Sports
It is sa said Id b by good goodauthority aulhorlt authority that
Proto o wheeler has made a plea to t1te the
Yale faculty acuJh in behalf of Con Daly Da1
the oarafun n ndropped dropped from tile the creo cre i
andunherslt arid universIty forcribbing for cribbing and that
the professorfirmlYbeIiees professot firmly beiiees jn in the i
oalsmms inno 1nnocence
= I
Annapolis defeated 1 qoll1mbJuonthe Columbia onthe
water as eas easily 1y as as it did qeorgetown i
so so the odds on an these r rews ws in the
Poughkeepsie regatta are not ju justifi stlfi
ibie blesay cay foIIovers followers orthe of the Blue and
Gra Grar Graand r and there will b be a wad of
mone money on on the localoarsmen 1octl oarsmen to11nish to finish
third Their ajmirers say the they have
as goOc11 good a cha ehailce eeashaJ as has Columbia or
lViseonsln Iseonsin and a betteron better one u than Penn
sYh sylvania anla
Tod Today is the date of thecrtn thee ibiai lgame game
otth 0f the YaleHarvard lale Hartard basehaIl aeries
BQt Botb tMms ar are depe depending 1dlng up upon ti their
twlrl twirlero r Jackson for Yaleand ale and Co
b burn 11l forllarard Jr rvi1rd The only other othergame game
resuIted resuIt d In a tIe
Ke Keene n Htzpatrlck ahiom homYale Yale was
2fler after to succeed Mike ike M Murplr rph as
tra traIner fnr of Old ld Ells th1etes sashe sass ho
wlhl m remain with 1Ii Michigan hlgannQ no matter
wbtt hat offers come from Eastern col
leg lenes s
The English Henley has more entries
thaneer titan er before This year th there rl ire
fiftYsev fittyseven nj agai againstfortyfour stortYp folJr in 1904
WhittIer Whittler captain of the Yale crew
wh ich ch meets Haryard onThurg1Iay on Thurs1a is
dr one i iot ot l thud J ni finest t s specimens peeimettRotm of manhood nhood
at the the Nc Neiv Haven unlv university iSity He
stands six feet two inchES and yeighs
190 poun pounds sCaptain Captain Fme Filley J 01 Harvard
1s also a Iixtooter jut docs not
broad bioadea n out to the propPrlionsof proportions of th the
Yale man
Th Time Jockey Club stewards l have te noti
tied John Drake John ohn Gates Joe Yeager
and oth other r plungers th that t they eymust must be
mor more cautious au t ou5 in in th thLir lrbettIngas betting ts the
pubUcit giveIk gite t to thefr thel stupendous op
eraUons in in thcrin the unit lutsa hits a tendenCY tendenet to te
i injure racing Thcsearningsare These warnings are given L
about twice cyervsummer cer summer nan the
plungers usually leepundcr keep under cover for
i abJ1Jt about two o weeks but the gambling
S c pirit rJ I Is JWr JWrl born l 11 In J them he and allpta all pf a mid ud
acntnuy aen thay cut 100S Idose and ttielr he r cren dense is I
las flagrant as as eve ever
i >
I The most scveredisa1pointment severe disanpointment Harry
ExcellentPerformance Excellent Performance ofHenry of Kenry Arthur r
JOIi Jones s The The Whitewashing or
One or themo tile not f enjoyable perform
ances et Ct givEn g1 en b the Colunibit olumbia The
ater stock toel company was 115 that ivhicl htch LI
1205 last t niShiOV niglil opened enedthC the S seventh c en tll w week eek 0 I r
1 this pede srsanlzationseng organizations engagement semen t
The offeriu offering was Hen Henry Arthur Jones 5
The Yliitewashin Vhitewashing or Julia Julia and th e
pJcasure whlcll which the large audjence a diCncc de
rived rem the presentation was less lea 5
due to the Intrinsic merits of the plaY pla
than to th the admlrabl dfstributl distribution n of c f
the roles an anl theweU the well 11Igh 1lawlcs t
manner in in which each and everyon every on
or th these se was i interpreted terpreted by the mem
bern be u or the cast
Theacjon The aczion hinges upon the unror urifortu u
nate position In whi which h an estimable e
young woman flndsherscU finds herself by reason of c dt
I a rorme morganatic marrJ marriage ge w1tha with a
foreign lo lor royal r al duke ret1rdlngwhich regarding which thll th
society dames orn of ncr r 111tivetown native town upon tupo i
her retum to the place feel themscl s
impelled to demand emand an explan explanrtion tlon
From tIns embarrassing Ulemme she he Is I s
rescued by theotrer the offer or marrilg from rot it its
the brother of the euler of oclety
vhowIth who with absolute trust In th the purity putIt
ot the woman he loves refuses toac to a
c cept pt any ny explanation at her bands amI an el
hy his lction completely rehabilitate
her In the esthnaUonof estimation of the 3m muu rt
I1j Ch Charlotte rlottc Walker JistintUios hed he d
herself In the prIncipal woman part t
that of TuUa TuUaT TuUaren Wren T ren It Is doubtfulex doubtful ci
cellent LS LS a ll C her work has been if i
sht sl > has d done nc any anything thins ito absolutel Ly
perfect as thechnracterizatlon the characterization she un ur I
drtakes rtake8 in this piec piece The su subdue due d
IGtho in the more serious phases an i d
the spontan spontaneous ous j joyousness ousness of the sun
flier moncntswet moicutts were ein In the hlghcstde hIghest ci
peeartistic gree artistic and thoroughly r deUghtful ml
In G1 Guy Standing sh she has an admIrable admitnb to
I f foil 011 11 His 18 WilIIarn Stlllhlgn Suhlingfleot eeti Is s a tru e
tolife portraiture or th tira < debonnalr man tnt Lu
ot the world who ho amid all hIs ex e h
rerien rerleuues cc 11 has as k kept e Pt hiS hear tsound sour 11
a afid 1d has pres preserved tVcd his trust hi woman l
kInd Both11iss Both Miss Walker aiker and lr M r
Standing were frequently requcntl honoredwfth honored wil ii
da deserved red curtain calls
No lOss Jss pleasing titan these two were we re
hid Hammer af Lad Lady Pinkney Louise Loul IC
Gal1Qwa as TrIxie Blenllnsop and at ul
JcfrreY3 Lewis as 1r5 Itr BeuJow Be IOtv JOhn Jell in
V Dean gave a l graphic picture or IL
priggish young Benedick who unde mmd er r
the Hssmnplioll 01 supelrlghtousnfss superr Iglttcousnct us
seeks to hl hide e the moral lapses of his Ii Is
earlier aars 1rs MalCom Duncan as tL
lfjab1e 3oung oun swell who is always In in
earch or fcrmhe < male yrnpathy tact gen
fr1Ii fiuds fin ds 1Ilm hulmelt elr 111 a 1 ghastly hastl hoh
nr arid Gc Gcrge rg Onstoit h Htun us UUshrewd time aitreird ol old
family IJlWYH WlJt were equally quali good lh Flit
minor rmrts vere In the hands 01 May la
HennfHer DI1l tartly thy HlInmod CaUuu
in L Loughean ughran Elizabeth N Notmntyetthie > l1lne erthe
J latter ltel LWO tvo arnatenrsPhlHp Sheffield
aol i l Samuel Kiaivans Iawan9
TvelfthNight Twelfth Night Attend Attended d by a
Another Perfect Per fect Performance Per formance o of
I Large Crowd
GThe rile 1hJJ1 hilt ci V eSi klC U thtc ftu0dgrnnt htagtntcl1t of
I theS lie Simmn Ian Plarers openoid IQst night
WItb5A1 itJ iU1 excellen vp f p r torn1ance u oc
P ayne Yne Whitney h itn y IJa has s experienced perience d On on t the 1
turf tu f this season wIth tl1 the e c exception ceptIon of I
the t he c cutting utting dean o of Hearts Desire was
t ti 1 nt C in indblhity blIit OC Burg Burgornaster Omaster to Pic pick kU up p
stake st ake weightandcarry aeight and cartv It to Ictorlin ictor in
the t he Great Tidal StakesW1th Stakes StakesT T ith as Jood
racingluckafr r acing luL k as ami1jorityothefleld a majority of the field
he h e 1inlshedbackin finished bacic in the niCK
Disgrun Disgruntled tled bettors attribute Bet
dames d ame a defeat in the Tidam IdaltoONe to 0 Neill li
handling h of the t turf rQueen queen They con
tend te nd thatwfthahonsewIth that with a horse with aJeputatIo a reputatiori ff
I1kegIle li ke Agile 19 a strong finIsher he should
haVe h ave onen onened dupabiggap up a biggap toiM to the stretch
Insteadotholding in stead or holding th the mare under a
pun p ull the better Jart otthe of the earJystages early stages
It Is said that thepro the pr6geny g gny ny oreU of Mellon n
do d o not deyeJon Into ood three year earo olds jds
despite d great form as two lameyear ear olds lds
SY5on S ysonby by h timnet pset that theorythls theory this sea
s on rurtmen sathatifhe sa that if he hadrun had run
he h e would h hate vebeaten beaten both Agile trid and
Beldame B eldama In t the e TidaJvith Liclal with i tasttrack fast track
lrinycobs M any cons lderhlm ider him th the best horse of tthe the
jcar y ear Hecertahljr He Certainly galloped itway from
A ne a week betore
Good racIng is promIsed at Sheeps
h 1d d Bay With Vlth the Spendthrift run
ou o > ThurSda th the Pansy on Friday PrIda and
the t he com Commonwealth m O nw ea ltl 1 on Sa Saturday turda y t the h e
r regulars should setsatistacflon get satisfaction
Jim Corbett Cor bett sa says s the trouble with Uh
Eddi E ddie Hanlon was that hetrledto he tried to
reach r each the top notch too qufcklyand quickly and
outran o llInselt himself before he landed
YoungCorbett Young Cdrbett Is never never in lIkely ly to
flghtrn fi ght me say 1C s Abe < beAtten Attell and nd Ill
te t e ll J ou ouwliylte T whYhes s afraid p of mc Xow Xoa
dont d ont that soundcutecspeciaUy sound cute especially H Ill n
teIlouwhYACter t ell you why After tlieend the end or a I
twent twentround t r round fight Poor S Little Abc
might sound appropriate
I PJeter Pleter ViS ViSsdr S1r a a amous ous B Beer O er athlete thlel e
yill i sill probably appear un imdei e1 Parson
Davies management nextta next fall las as a
wrestler Davies avles was as managero manager of
qeorge GeorgeHackenschimidt Hackenschmidt during the th Carly arI <
part p art of th the chltI1pions career but
tl1 t he < hvocouldnotagrce two could not agree and split Now
Parson wants to match his neYo1tn flew find
against a the Russian lion
You e1l1l caut lUCk > uck a against nst mosthny most aity old ld
tilIng hut hutc c 2t t i3 a athisable Yisable tO eliminate
f fthe the law when you go bucking Pre Ptcal I
dent Ebbltts or thelkooldjnbaseball the Broohelmn basebal I
club has at Itst Come to i ialfzethig rCdlise alfzethig thi d
Twelfth Night a and nd irispltcf in itpIte f the thE I
incIement weather iseath r a Jalgeau laige audienet ience S
witnessed the piayanci play anti sh sbOwCd w d reat greal I
I appreCiation of the work oithe of the com
pan pany A At t th thCI this CI close oseot oi th thet epe perf rrormmce rmaxict i
J the players were given an ovatIon
vhjeh hieh was nCknowle acknowledged geil b by 1r An
dres rewsln In a happy speech
In addition to the lilghl liIghly 3PproprIate i
surroundings In which Shakespeare i I i is
pro produced uced by this compan company the Indi s
dual i iork jrthe of tint pide lael s iso 1 of an a I
unusuall nusuall1high high or order 1el < Last night 2lr lr
I Herbert ca captivated t tcc1 his audIence with 1
I Ihis I his impersonation o or r 3Ia 3lttlvohlo ouo wItUe whit a
IIiSS C Cortelycu 0 r tel 1 n1adea made a great eat hit witi m1
1 her ViolnThe I ioh The wholesupporting ahiole supporting com
pan patty p1aycdwithgreat played wIth great splrjtand spirit and abl1
It ity Jhe worko work of Mr lr BowserfiS Bowser is SIr Si
TOb loby Be BOich Jch aucl l Mr ri Heaton asSir as Sir An
1 orew irew AUcchecl was cspecmllymerl especially men
I torlous TweICth Lsmei fth i igljt htis s at aU times an en
joyablc corned comedut out ut uuder u ider th the tr treat at
m meat ent at and 1 d a auspicbs U HPI c CS 01 of time Sylanp Sylvan Play la
ers and wltbthereat with the great work QCMr of Mm
1 Herbert and lUscCortel Miss Corteiyou ou it t proved prome a
last 1ig lt to hc one oC the best plays play
ever seen il1 Washimugtoti ashintoIi in point 0 o
I I enjoymdnt njOym nt and pre5 presentation ntation
I Alltrue Ml true loversoC lomers of good ood Shakespearean a
1 l lrama drama rama are hoping that b better tter we weathe ther r
iwm I aIll P prevail r cvaU during theres tile rest tor of t the h C Co corn m
panys engagement here The location I
of the r performances lformances Is ideal in ever e V
respect and ndhere here Shal Shakespeare esPCare can be b e I
seen ecn as it was when the great dramatist t
wrote presented b by an excellent com L
vany o
Specialsenice Special serwicex < wm be held heldat at S S
o oclock clock to tonight night b by the SalationArmy Salvation Atnm y I
in Jtsnew its new tent which has just Jecl lice m i
crect erected ai Pennsylvania avenue and an ci
lfridisonplace Madison place
The tent wag comn1etedYctelday completed yesterda y
and will iu QC formally dedicated to the ti me
uscs of theSahatlon tile Salvation Army tllseven thIs ever i
Ins when the principal address will be 1 mc
made Jiy H B J I lfacrarland prcsldent it
or the Board of CommIssioners of t1 e
Services will be held as us usua7 u a to I 0
nl imighit htat at the cornel of lenthand Tenth and Penn i
sylanla avenue northwest and from fro m
thercthe thrc the member ot the tlt Salatlon Saltath n
Army rm will go direct to the tent when wht ill
the dedicatory service wJ1IbeheId aill he hOld
The Misses l1SSC5 Tones of Canada anada two tv O
weBknown singers will parU participate lpatc In
thelwogram the program and other speakers and at
singers wIUasslst aill assist in milking the sen SCm
ice notable
Flags an amid h11in manners rs have 1a beet1drlpe beeh drxpu td d
about the tentandccrythIngis tent and evOrything is in
readiness for thejpcnln thIO Opening service lhe TI IC
tent emmt has a scathi seating capacity of 700 OOb b Lit t
will latel beelJlarg b enharge l to ac accommoda ommo nt to
jooo OOO
OiiLy ii iitli tli the tightest LgIitest Work to
Be Done
Q QiakITake a etheLong the Longest stRowDodge
< t N No 0 2 Su Suffering ffcringFr From m
tri train fngo ing of l lalIc all thc crews rews torthe for the big In
rorcollegiatci r leli1 e regatta isno Is non wpract pracikuily ny
over verRough Rough water Int intcrfcred rered with row
lag rig yesterday esterda and cen even if conditions
should should befayorablc lie favorable toda today onl only the
Hghtest li ghtest kind of practice wIll be done onc as
the th e s several veraTcoaches coaches are arc desirous of liar
i instheim la nstheim g their ufhn 1s ttong and rested for for the
great k neat eventol event of Wednesday
With interest at topnotch the last
da d ay but one nc beorethe before the regatta was was
pa p assed se dun unventf vent l1Y b by a alt U othe of time trews crews
T 1e he < winI wind wh which hblew blew off the west shore
1ll a ll day a krck kIcked d upa up a heavy sea eaon on Jc ac
d ount ot wh1 whIch h the practlceo practice of Wiscon
slnS si n Syracuse 1acu Jeand < and Georgetown had to
bereducef i e reduced to 6mere mere paddHng al1d and splash
ing tr ig t the othr three named being on the water
but b ut once durIng theaay the day
Quax Q uakers rs Long R Row w
By B skir skirting ting the west shore Cornell l
Pel l erixm in ino o and Columbia were able to get
out o ut morning amI amid eenfngThe erentng The Quakers
had h ad the Iongestrow longest row or alL all They were
seritup s ent tip t1 t1erher the erher rIver far enough toatroid to afford
a fOiJr fourmile rnU course urse back to quarters The
v trsit arsity re iowed t the ie dis distance nce fn Tacin6
torin f orm tlefeat eealfng iuug the freshmen thre three
J le pgt ngths jnW in two miles The varsity row
e d an anaverue Yer of 3tSpurtJng 31 sptirthng to Z6 Its
lI i Jprov mproverneuit m iJ Intonn in lenin over last ast week was
such s uch astr us tr can forth favorable com
ment in ent frornElUs from Ellis Ward Ward the coach who
said s aid tha that t the rest over Sunday had done
good g ood The Penn fr freshmen shmendld did not show
up U p so wcUas we ll as lastweek1Vhen last week when the they sev sew
eral e rtl Umesdefcated times defeated thyarSity the varsity iutwo in tau
mne Ta hiti scraps cra s
Dodge N 2 2 is sutCeringtr91Tiasthma suffering from asthma
andlle a ri d hue rowecl with difficulty in getting
hIs h is wInd
Practice P ractice Light
Col Columbias mbias practice rftcUce was asver very light
Tli T ime Work do doiie Jeand and the they are re3 ready
f orthewor or the word d II tItemen the men are are in fine
condition c a fact which gives their back
Crs e ra a gz great at deal deal or enco encotiagemnertt rilgement
coup1ed c with the the excellent form which
they t hey have shown iu the Jastdars last dav of
practice p rtctlee
Van S an Meter Xo3 No 3 has developed ton
sIUUt a Should he be unable to row one
of o f the varsity rsltyour four wHlbe uill he putiJl put In his
pl p lace e and and that ere crew wJthdrawnfrom withdrawn trout the
rac r ace ens as there is no Other SUbstitute I
a1nab a vailable e 1 1a1nab I
ICs all 1l on accountoCmy account of my wife She Sb n
w aomml 1t Jiye live mtlt with nie l1e I
Thlsre This reas son ba Chr Christopher topher Eaoer p fort forty
fie yearn ear50Id old
assigned for taking an ar
Overdose erdose oC laud haudanum numat at 1 iZl Union 1
street s treet southwest about I I oclockthis oclock thir
morning orninS He Tls was alen to o the Emer
genc gency Hospital where tire stomach
jmnpsv prunpim rare reput put to adantageoususe advantageous use
Iaer was formerly a saJoon saloon keeper
bisdomesUc his lomCatIe troubles haemorc hirtve more than
once oe been aired in in the various ariouscourts courtr
of the city be beginning nning inJudgc in Judge Kim
balls tribunal and nd e ending ldlngin in the diorce
branch of the Supreme Court of the thu
He and hiswir his a ife have notlive not lived 6 o
getler th r tor ci a year ear or more
About12 About 12 ocloek last night he lie v kted I
the 110me of r h hla wife in Southwest Southwc t
Vashinkton and nd implored her to let hem
1 hint in time h hoase O Site refused
1W W
He c took a hiotti o oO ot t of f laudanum from Itl hi 1i8
pocket aria drank rinkthe tIme c contents > nte tS Ar n
am amuulance bUaIlce wacmmonedb war eumrnoncd by POI police iCe or o t
the1fourth the Fourth precinct and he was v115 1m lint
ned t to the tne hospital
The Washin Washungton tonmanatIng managing comniIltee em
rtlie or the Amalgamated Society Of Car
rtnt pemters rs and Joiri Joirins Joiners ns or orgauuizerd l lllizeda llizeda a third thir
lrancho lrsnci of thatsocletyat that society at a a special special meet niet
lug held lmtniglit last night in in tI1 the Bull Buildin ing
Trada lradsHaH hail 624 ISixth Sixth str Street et nort northwes 1vest
TIle i1ew new organizatIon starts with a
membership of fort forty The offie officers e ap at
poInted for the year ear are W L I
Chacncy president J 3 W V Leedy sec set
rotary J Waters treasurer anti nd ref re 1 I Iretary
eree lexanGcr lrcLucilS R S New
mran Alexander ilcLuCas and nd W V L I I
Chauncy w weir r designated as a britnch brant
ccmm cammuttee ttee Hegular weekly meetings
w11lbe tihI hat held beginning vtith lthJuly July 5 at i
C08 Coatello teno rra Trumhh l mo G C Street northwest imorthwes t
A At t the m metiig t1 g last mght the AIna Amalgr 19a i
muteclSocl urutted Sod ty cy of Carpenters and Joln
crs tnt innounce anioumxeen l that their new wage vtas
5ca scale 0100 of 1OO a m day would go into ef c
feet oct onTul on rtuiy 1 1 the masters having hamu
accepted th the scale submitted hythe by ti
jGn1eymcn Qut tour months a ago go
The rite first cf f the midweekYednesda midweek Vet lnct hm y
trIps willb6 vihl be made to River View to t m
mOrrow undelthepernmal under the pertrana direction of f
Captain Randfill and hl assistants antI am
musicdnnelnrndall iminisie dancing rmmd nhl the amUSEments arnnmsemeut
will be tead ready to give pleasure These Thn
e emelnest ncsdfi30 lay outings have nlwa always s been ben nil
popular particularly with the young your mg
pcoplevho People wino go down to enjoy the danc dan C
ingand ing and haYca Imavo a good time Th Tha n mit w I
and fastste fast steamer mer Pocahontas will be 1
used for the trIps and wIll leave here he en
at 10 l ni21 in 2li and615 and 615 p m The rc r
turn trlpswlllbemade trips will be manic at 215 5 Sand 5 am RI
1030 101 P m Tickets for the round trip tr ii
will be 25c
How far far is it from hcreto here to the next ite
suburb asl asked ed the stranger in th ti
Its four rocky h111s lu lls to deep den ci
cre creeks s and nIneteen polic poilcornea mcn with st thi
stop watches said tho native b by the ti ne
wn wnyncideChtlcnmgo sideChicago Tdbune Ti lburie
I h B t Hot ENMILLIONBOXESAYEAR Weath 1 Medicine I
I 50
l I
IE J E JD Ingraham aha t Giv Gives s the JvIa Man a Beat
ing Ha Has Smm Him Put in J Jail ii iiana ana an
l r MayBeAir MayBe Arrsted sted
U > 1 i L 4
GOSHEN Inc1 md June 27 27J J JE E Ingra
lam ha m an attorne attorney o of f Ch Chicago cago whose
summer sn ummer home is in 1i 1ieWJ3ar New eWJ3ar arls ls lsp ls1tqere4 p angered
becaus be cause i Peter f r J JOhnnton nns iii huh huhcoachman s cb coachman c1 =
became be came Jntoxfcateaw Inzoxlcatcd walked t dupth up the m main
street st reet of the village 11Iageyes yesterday i rdsy and d gave
Johnson Jo hnson t ttcrri a tcrri terrible iIe beating wlt1l with a bu Y
whp w himi
Then hen jIr Mr Tngrahari Ingraham teeP telephoned oned
Goshenf G oshen for r Sherif Sheriff JI Manninu h iID
Take this man to o jgl jail and ndkeephim keep him
there th ere until next Satu Saturday rday night Iwi11 I will
th em nco come e and mdsend send h hIm b back k to to Ch Clii
cago ca go an and d par you for YQ your r tr trouble ouble n
s sa aJd id fur Mr Tngr Ingrahani bamand and time sheriff d14
as a s the Ja lawyer Y r request requested d
Johnsonwas Johnson was wllUngt willing to go whereh where h
couldobtalnm co uld obtaIn medical dical treatmen4 treatment and 1 Is
w l illing 1inS PrJ prisoner er in thcounty thm county ja jail alj
tliQugl1l1o th ought no commitmenhbaS commitmeni has been issued
ItIs It is Probablcthat probable that XrIngrnbamwlU r Ingraham will
be b e arrested on charge preferred r fe red by 1 i
di cl igiirnumt nantcitizc CitIZCSS i
m Why J IS the wasbin Washington gtoJl base baseball n Cll club IU i
like li ke a a countrybaon country barn2 J r rlike
I Because i it is sometimeswhitewaelhed sometimes whitewashed
i E YHEISKELL Y HEISKELL 12 12 years old
I =
c f 0 LU M B IA IAttatsTJuin IJ A aneSSto ttatsTJuin rttsThra
By B y srl srlClatAira Special ClatAira Arrangement gein geinenit1 enit1 with ch res Charles es Fr Pro i i
nan nian
First Time In th this s CIty
The Whitewashing ofJun of Julia
Henry Arthur Joncs Best Comedy
In His Original Part art
Supportcsl p pgr gr t tart by t t
i AND r
TheColum T he Columbia biaTheat Theater r CO i
t j je2dtf 6
Sylvan Players
T Tonight nlgbtaI83QA at 830AsYouLlkelt Y uLlklt
TomorfO T tat AsYou s OtI LlkeIt330 Like It 330 1
I U IIU I I U W fl Merchant o of Veni Vesitce e 830 830i i
Prices SOc 75 75c < 8100
SPecIal matIrieeWednesday matinee Wednesday Ml seats SOc
On O ur sale T Arthur Smiths J 1227 T Fst 5 at and at t
grounds g reuuids je2 ieS7tf t
fddayEel F riday Evening in JUne June 30 O815c 85 sclook i k
First app umtreartLnce arance iri in America c OFeo of Pmof Y Y
Ya Y amnat uthlta thna the tli foremost exporeiit nentotha of lbs
mot n tost mod rinudrs rn too nd bestTaponese best Jarancc art of
PhSkaJCulturean l lnythaih Culture antI SeJ Self Dete Defense 15e Assisted Assis ted
b y Mine lme Tamaq Ysuea4tita hita and ndaCorp5otEXpert3 ns Corps of Experts
Jcsuat Iilelrnleit d Lecture on n the he R RussianJapan ssI nJapan
War by Mr lr Saburo Ko Kositiba hiba o of rrokYo
Japan J apan
rickets on sale aJe at L T Arthur thill Smiths l 1ii7 1
F st at m 1mW in Sanders t Stayman Price 250
to t o hOO 3eSd5t
GranlCOncert Grand Concert at
0 IASE HEYY EVY n L n AV n E =
n By Bya y a L3 Large e Se Sedlion tfQn 91 ot ro
Every E Evening eniDgIr Incladiag clud1 Sund Sunda r
Dancing Every Evenin Evening Exc Excupt pt
Sunday Admission mfssion Frea
Oz One enightOnly night onlyS ton30 to 1130 P x 14
WED WEDNESDAY ESDA JL JUNE E 25 21 1905 Benetlttl Beneilt to
SHpoL SHOOL HALL 1mpRY FUND D Glen Echq Echo
Mel t It
Todayat4 Todayat430 30
Nationals ationalsvs vs 1 Philadelphia 1
je jeesff 5tf 5tfl > l
Go With Ancient ifcient Order n of mbe Eiberniaa
and The Ladies A Atixiliary o or the
B C Wcdnesday JulIe 28
Ch Ch8saeake sa p keleaCh each
Nal rt aleys ysBand Band
50c RoundTrip Round Trip 50C 50o
Train Schedule in b BaUroad Column ot
AU Da11yPapers
Largest ahdFarlCt ari Fatest E EcursionSteam Escursion cursionSteam Strainer r
on the PotomaC Potomac
1 MondayTI1 ronday Tuesday SdaY W Wednesday dnesd y
rhursdayand Thumday and < Priday r1c1 Y
At t 10 am iLrn 213 l and 645 p Pm
STEAIE R 1 T T V trRowsMiri WS
Situr Satnrday day iOAm 10 A IL 215 and 645 Px P M
SnndayU1 Sunday l a 1L M 245and 245 and 615P OtlS PM
Musc MusIc and DarcJn Dancing vek eek di13 enys
Band Concerts SUlc Sunminys
Plent Plenty to Amuse No o slow time time
AU the amusementS all the time
Di1ll are care chased hisedava awa i
MuslcDancIngAll nllsen iunuscment ts
FARE ex except ept Satud Saturthiy y FamIly Day
Adults SIC c ChIldren 15 ite =
StrCharles Str Charles Mac Macalester 1 ester
6 nizti ocJ un ioek ckp p n mit
Dallyl Daily 10 am nm 230 and 630p 620 pm
Sundays ii a in dS0 and 1 650 in
AJ Apolntmernta n tliutthiLt iS lt o til W amuaemutent l i is s
Concert and Dance Music
Pare round trIp h 25 een eent
t few C spoorfuls onfuls lit a glass ass of
mvater wat r wm nm iii prodle product a deHciousnon eleliciotna non
alcoholic summ sunmnur bcveragc > 150
mak a a r itt < h fruit sauce
SOc f14Uqt fuU qt Szoo oo g gaL L
TheQuality tlOUSe 909 1tI1St
cc ccPhQ PhQ 1274

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