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I 7
r 1 F Fair ir today fair fa fairtoorro r an n d II f h + nr + ti I IFIVE I
1 warmer mmertomorrow mr tomorrow toorro 1 j 1 QLtt a it 11 t i n < g > t 0 1 n Q1 trn t m e eti p I IFIFTYTWO FIVE FIFTYTWO SECTIONS PAGES
Time Tim img ms 111 11145 lll45Equals 4 > Equals
Record d Set by b Y Artful
Last Year
Metropolitan i Turf Associa
tion and Coney Island
Directors Clash I
RACE TRACK Sheepshcad Bay Ba X
TL YA Y Aug g 26 6Ormonda1c Ormondale carrying the
colors of the Ormondale stable and rid
den by b I Redfern Re e dfern won the classic Futuri
ty t here this afternoon with Its purse
of S33J50 3350 33 tO HaIT Harry Payne Pnnc Whitneys
Timber imber was ns second and Belmere F
Burleys colt third The winner was
a 5tol shot In the betting and was
bac ba backed ked for thousands going olng to the pest
a split pl1t favorite with Flip Flap
The race was one of the best that
has ha ever e er been run In the rich stake
for baby races race The winner at the end i
was as but a neck In f tr9 1ry4t ro ijl i t of o L Tim Timber ber who
had half a length lead over Belmere
The rest of the field was well up and
lighting for every Inch
JThe The time for the race rac e 111 45 equals
the the race rncc record made by Artful last
year car and Is wpnderful when the going
Is considered The course was heavy heny
and dead
v r jI Timber Timber Breaks First
Timber was was first to get away from
the post Cnpt Sam Browns Ac
countant was right on his heels and
next was Ormondale In the rush to t o
the quarter Jacobite Jac obite came along like
an express train and when the field
flashed past the post he was but a u
neck behind Onnondale The running runnin g
positions changed d drapidly rapidly from the th e
quarter pole to the wire for all the th e
horses but Ormondale Superbly rid
4 t den de n by Redfera he held his hi lead and an d
turning turnIn into the stretch he held held the th e
distance between between himself and Timber
Ii Iiwho who had taken t second place
Inthe racetljiO c throe h hihe th stretch tch J31ld t
brand made nn an effor r tr t t tto to t get mbar Tim llmDtr T ber p to t
l the therront front and the th horse hO rse responded re spo nded no no n o
r bly bl but Redte Redfern cot down down to to a hard har d
t drive drive and kept Ormondale Ormondale Jn front fro nt t until
the wire was reached re aChed
s Albert F after being beln withdrawn from fro m I
the Futur Futurity uturi ity Y came c JIlcon on on as an added adde start
t er at the eleventh ele eleventh venth hour in the ti e big race rae e
I today todaysol solely ly ow ow w ing to the theteudthat feud feud that ex
ists on the turf and in politics po litics between n
Phil Dwyer the the theQrner owner of Albert F an and d
Jack Bennet the owner of o f Flip Flap
Bennet Bennet had engaged Knapp when Al ¬
bert F 1 was withdrawn and to prevent preven t
Bennet B nnet from using the Jockey Jockc Dwyer r
reentered re entered his horse
Trouble With Meta etL
As predicted the old trouble troublebelween between n
the th diets let8 and the directors dlr torg of the th e
Coney Island Jockey Jocke Club broke eu out t
afresh here to day du be bcort fore the prices were wer
chalked chalke d up for the first race race because e
Ring Superintendent Superi 1tendellt nt Cavanaugh refused refuse d
to allow l1cuv ninetytwo of the Nets Met U t to o
enter the lh rinir rln =
Ill allow only onbseentfive seventyfive of th the
Mets the number which drew in on a
y Thursday Xhursdn to take stools in the big line
r emphatically declared Cavanaugh When Vhen
the th fact act that seventeen of their fellow
members me nllnrs were debarred from bookinn booking g
became lH < ame known the other Nets Iets re
fused to chalk up prices
Finally inal1y a conference conf renle was h d at the th e
clubhouse clnbhou < the upshot of o which was a
compromise compr comproni ntise lse The he seventeen barre barred d
Itt J Sets < ts were squeezed Into a side line lip e
near n ar the first lines
Amon g Society
In the paddock there th > re was not only the th e
attraction of the mettlesome mettJ < omt racers s
proudly prou y stepping In the ring showin showing t
their fine points point 5 but > ut in addition there they e
were w wer ro e the Hl famous society soclet beauties wh who s
v Wtre re as closely studied as they thc them t
iilves 1 elves le i studied the UI horse through their thei r
Sold nd lorgnettes 1or nette
These fJu 8 were present pre > ent the famous eques equee s ¬
triennes and admirers of the turf N Mrs Irs re
Clarence Mackny Mucka Mrs 113 Goelet oelet Mrs R F
T r Wilson Ilson Mrs Irs Tommy Tomm Hitchcock of ° f
F Meadow Nldow Brook fame Mr lira Jack Ker Ire r
I ncchan cchan < han Miss J1 8 Barney Mrs Is Joseph Josep h
AVideacr Vldc > 1 Philadelphias famous beauty b beaut > auty y v
iJ Miss I1 1I Randolph and Mrs Irs Cornelius Corn Uus Fel Fe ¬
lows wife of t the president presd nt of the Xa N a
tional Horee Show S ow Association Arm Ar
i in arm in the paddock and much o ob b >
Nerved ned were Alfred G Vanderbilt and an d
his h 1 chum Bob Gerry Gt rr And nd there th > re was va s
August Belmont displaying a new hat ¬
band erf green en In color < 0101 and an l of a novel art a rt
1 eilbIla design a hntband that transcended transccn led < In f n
E brilliancy 1ril1lanC of coloring those of his hi young youn >
i t vans rnj August Jr and Raymond Ra mond strIp str p
I lings who have Inherited among oth other
f things t hln s from their opulent sire his h
great g rat love of horses
Sydney S dne Paget > tget put Jacobite his Fu ¬
turity tur1t entry entr through his paces for a bic bit bt c
cluster of friends
James Jam R Keene appeared aJ nred at the club ciu b
hci hc ise with a smile no broad and briai bright at
thin tli thht kt it sent 2I nt the 1 betting going hard on a it
his Jap entries in the big bl race i
Many Notables Present
i i Big Tim Sullivan Sulli an Little 1 4 IHle Tim I
i Y Florle and Christy Sullivan Senator S Senat SenatY > nator or
Pat at McCarren Bat Mastcrson Pad Paddy Pdd d
Rcche Doc Owens Snapper Gar Ca r ¬
i s rison Tommle McGIH lcGilI Plttsbu Plttsburg rg
+ Phils nephew Torn Sharkey Sharkc and of
l li course Kid McCoy McCo and Little Tod Slo Sloan an
vere e ere on hand for the big race
t t And the footlights produced produc d the ever eve r
fair Lillian Lillian Russell Bla Blanche la pchl Bate Bates s
1 i Marie Inrle Cahill and Silvia Sanderson
I They were wer surrounded by admirers In
W boxes In the grandstand A lone strik strl k ¬
ing figure was Hannah Elias El1a1lwho who was w as I
tCQD Continue L1ed d on Eleventh Puce I
of 0
Will Surrender to Proper
Authorities Authorities Tomorrow
Morn ing
Accuseds Lawyer Insists
There Was No Necessity
For Fu r Warrant arrant
Edwin S Holmes jr former statis ¬
tJ tician ticinnot of the Department of Agriculture
a and who ho was Jointly jointl indicted by the
g grand grnnd rand Jury with Frederick A A Pec kham
a and Moses loses Haas for conspiring to de ¬
fj fraud the Government In the recent cot ¬
t ton leak will m surrender s urrender rrerder to United States
S Marshal Palmer tomorrow morning
It was ascertained yesterday after ¬
n noon that a warrant warrclnthad had been issued
f for the arrest of o Holmes on a charge
o of conspiring to defraud the Govern ¬
n ment Just why wh his arrest was not af
f fected < at once is not known It Is un
u erstood d however that his h attorneys
A SWorthington S Vorthington and Wharton E Les ¬
l ter have arranged r ith i dl h District DlstrlctAttor Attor ¬
n ney Beach to defer Holmes arrest un ¬
t til tomorrow
Attorney Attorne Lester promised prom ised sedllr Mr Beach
several severo 1 days dns ago that Holmes would be
1 in Washington 9 ashln g n yesterday and 11ndwo would uld ap ap ¬
F pear ar In court Holmes however did did
ji not not notappear appear at the District Attorneys Atiorne s of ¬
fice on schedule s time His attorneys i attorneys ornes
i then lilenexpZained explained to Mr Beach the caUse
0 of the delay dehl 9 claiming that It was an
unavoidable delay lela In the malls that
c caused the mlsconnectlon misco nneetfon of plans and
t the tardiness of Holmes In arriving
Beach Ordered Warrant Issued
Mr Beach Immediately immedlatel gave orders rder8
f fn for n the V VA A
Issuance ot a Warrant for
ll Holmes Holmesnrrest olmes arrest and It was stated on
good > authority author ity last night that the war ¬
rant rant r lit was In the hands of a deputy de puty Unit ¬
I ed e States Statesmar states marshal marshal hal who was specially
instructed to J serve cnc It on on 31r Mr Ir Holmes
Attorney it one y yr J Lester Lester er was wtsIi1 in n conference cQnfercnce co nference
vtthDfstr th Dftr ctAttorne ct ltof Bea cka 11 t i rg
q ii f t4f1d6h Gn
1ttc and an
asa again n last lasil1lghT night
a arid a nd while while neither of them the them m wou ld give
out ° any Information lnr ri1atfon as to the results of o t
theconter the t he coriferencDS conter enecs t tcs cs It 1s believed that Mr
Beach withdrew withdrew his instructions regard regar d ¬
ing ng Holmes arrest a rrest accepting accept llg Mr Les ¬
ters statement that Holmes will be on
hand tomorrow tomolT Y morning ready read to give gl giv e
bail laUor for his hisn a ppearance before the Su ¬
j preme p rime Court Courtotthe ot the District of Colum ¬
bia l In the October October term
B BaiTat Ba 1 a ailat ilat t 3ioooo io 000
Before Mr Beach left his hlsofflct office In n the
City Clt Hall yester yesterday estcrda day at noon he left In ¬
structions that should Holmes be ar ¬
rested he h would ould be held on 10000 ball
l It was said that Mr Ir Beach was decide decIdHd d ¬
ly J provoked by b Holmes nonappearance
early urly In the day In accordance with the
promise of his attorney attorne
Holmes when he arrived in intown town late
yesterday esterda afternoon immediately immedlattl calle cal d
at the th office of his attorney Wharton hurton E r
J Lester in the Columbian building
Holmes expressed exprcss d a willingness to up ¬
pear In court to answer the charges
upon Which he is indicted and duos not
appear upp r apprehensive of the results
Attorneys Statement
When Vhfn asked last night what Holmes
1 had to say In explanation of o the charges
Mr Lester said
Holmes was in a far Western V stern State
when the first publicity pubHelt was given to
what Is called the cotton leap lea He at at
once returned to this thl city and I notified i
the District Attorney ttorne of his hl presence pre ence
and that he would be on hand If he
was wanted He stayed Here for some ome
time and then took an extensive trip > I
West r rest est going as far as Washington r ashlulton State Stat
where he remained several days He
has never thought of leaving the coun ¬
try tr but on the contrary courts an in ¬
vestigation n stigatlot which will disclose the real
facts and which he 1 knows notrs will estab stab
fish his Innocence Innoet I
U UHis His whereabouts for the past several Bonrall
days has not been known to the author ¬ l
ities = but he h has at all times held hlm him
self ready read to answer any an charges and
as s soon as I learned that ne was wan wa wanted nh ted d
I notified him and he will be on hand ll llnd nd
Monday morning and give 1e such bond
as may ma be required 1 told Mr Beach
that 1 would have him lire h lu re today toda but
I forgot at that time that today was 15
really rea II but a shaltday halfday hclCdl1 and 1 could not
get him here before 12 1 oclock 1 did
not say that l would have him here by b I
10 oclock but he should have been here I
before noon but for an unusual and un ¬
accountable delay dcla In the malls
Holmes is not guilty guilt of the charges >
ayninst aanst aali + st him and He has h s given no ad ld ¬
vance information concerning the cotton
report which fact Is wellknown to all
those who know len 0 the workings of the
oflke 0111c lie held because becnu all allsuch such per ¬
sons I On5 know very cell > 11 that s su saih h inforins J
Hon an could not be given out for the
simple reason that the acreage and con ¬
dition of the cotton crop as fut furnLsiied nL9tied
by b the th department represented the unit ¬
ed Judgment udgm nt of at least lt ast four persons crons
one of whom Isr the Secretary Secrt tar of Agri ¬
culture himself and that Judgment was
formed only after the reports from the
various > agents from all over tS the e coun < oun ¬
try tr had been t tabulated bul1t d and average a averaged vera d
all 11 of which was done don In the same hour
the report r Ort wan mode mnd public The con
tents of these reports r < PQrtlf which canto C lmo
from rom these many n It1 agents and which were
tabulated wore ro unknown to any person
until they t teti e were w ere known to ail four
Remarkable Occurrence
It Is s most remarkable that so much
credibility should have been given to
the unsupported testimony of a man
who says ea Jrs s that he br ibed a Government
Continued on Eleventh Page Pa e I
From Left L ftto to Right RightMiss Miss Roosevelt Secretary Taft Captain Thompson Representative Longworth As the Big ig Steamer 5t amer Entered Enter dthe the Harbor It Was Sur
rounded by Small Boats Filled With Japanese Men and Wo Women men All Cur Curious ious to Catch a Glimpse of t the e D Daughter brer of f the Anie Americ ic an President
uuiu Illu THROAT Iliilunl I
American Attempts Suicide
in Liverpool
Will Probably Die as Result of His
InjuIlesHad Injuries Had No No Incum
7 brances
IVERPOOL 1 9 ERPOOL Aug I lUJohn tJ John Reginald
Simpson an American attempted attemptedt att nph d > etui ud
his life h here re today todt by cutting his t hroat 11011 t
and then leading lo aHg into the Mersey Jtr y river rh
Hew HI trus US resealed b by a IJO poaeetnan l IUan and la tar
en to t the 1e hospital hO Iltal where it is wild I he
will probably die di
Strpson S rpon was a salesman for the Deco D o
ratixe r the Plant Company of New X > York ork
and sailed for Europe about three thre > weeks tls
ago to visit his parents in Ru Ramsey Ransc nse Isle
of Man He > expected l to return by b the
middle of September Sep Cm 1lr He > Is about thirty ltirt
years Eas old and was W iS earning e lnrg about 53000 409
a year eur with tlt no incuiroranees Incum t nnc anees s Ills hi hJO o
ther e a former > 1 purser pur fr on the UI steamsi steam stearnehp hJ >
Baltic Is I now n a eaniixrium in London Lon don
mentall mentally deranged ernnsedIlhl and it is i h thought
John Reginald was 21 also ahotemporarll temporarily y de ¬
ranged ran > d when he eojnnit coamitPd > d the t > iced
here today toda
result of a race war at Carlisle the col
ored Baptist B pUst Church was destroyed d trod yes
terday terda by b dynamite which was placed
under the altar
Bloodhounds have hn e been out on the trail
of the dynamiters namllers Threats are twin boing g
made that thu t if any arrests arr > sls are made every every nh
colored person in the > town will be driven
The he famous famous1iot set of chimes > in the thECnthe Cathe ¬
deal ral of tie the ih Incarnation lncnrnu Incarnationwill tfo1 tfo1will will scon con be b e
rung by elc electrjclty ctrjclty X Xorman Norman grman B Gardi ¬
ner ner an e electrlcinn lectrician lectric ian having h v1 g taken th the 1
contract to connect connect it llujobells lh belhi b ells so tha that t
all that t will n i11 be necesx n r t ccest et SHarrO i ifryto ry to ring them the m i
Is s the thevresslnl Dressing of buttons
Yellow Fever Interferes
With Harvest of Crops
An Attempt AttemptWill Attempt Will Be Made to Mitigate Quar ¬
antine for LaborersSeptenlber Laborers September Will ill
Probably See Crisis of Epidemic
tidal report up Ul to C p in Saturday Slturda j i
evening shows New Xewcuses cases 41 total
cases to date dllt 1172 11 2 deaths 10 D total l
deaths to date 242 t cases c ases ses now no under I
treatment J3 3 new foci 12 1
Oa the corresponding date in ISiS the I
r record onl shows 223 new coses making a
total of 2334 34 I 4 deaths making a total
of in SB deaths
So far this years years epidemic ep crnc has been
less than onehalt as virulent as a that i
01 Qi 1S7S IS + S j
But the theauthoriUe authorities agree a rce that Sep Sep
temlKr has ha always UlW l been the th worst
month for the th sprea d 1of < 1 of yellow enow fever ver j
and the coining few weeks WleJisll will see s the th
crisis Tine jt e accumulated heat of all the th j
summer seems to be stored up p in Sep I f fsummer
t ember siies ses
The 1h lar largest est complication foreshadowed j
now ro SB 8 the Interruption intz ptlon to the planting j i
industries The pane cutting Mid izriad rind I
lib in season is now no rapidly rupidl approach ap1 > ronch 1
ing and unless there is a letup I > tup soon
I In h the rigidity rhhUt in the quarantine the ef ¬ I
fect ft eat t will be marked on other ther crops than
augur SUb1 Harvesting n lestlng this this year ar will he an I ISUb1
extensive task tus under any circum ¬ I
stances tm > s for the weather ather hus been fa f + j j
vorabie and with the t e additional restrlc
tiol1lS ioi s hrpo Imposed ed because becl use se of the th > scare the th I
I difnenltks may ma be multiplied j
I Action looking toward the mitigation mIU 3 tlon
of quarantine regulations so tar as a al ¬
lowing laborers uborl to enter plantation re r ¬
I gloss where the laborers are in demand l mand
i has already boon taken by b zt a number of Q
parishes The matter will become becom one
of widespread l Interest until Se Sptembel ptember Is
half over
Camp Vyman Yym m the detention t camp on
the t1l Louisville and Nashville railroad
will be reopened reoJen t1 by b order of the sur
Koon in comman com comxand an d White hlte owing to t the
release rflas < cf 1t men 9 women and 3 chll ¬
dren When Vhen the announcement was
iraile in the city thai there th > re were these
vacancies in the > camps a rush cf ap
plicntions pllCJ Uon immediately immediate immedntJh ly began gan on Dr
Maudesley Maudesic whof wheFe < > province pro vlnc it is to issue
the she health certificates which open 011 en the
doors r the camp to persons desiring to
puss pu s over fe th tho > Louisville and Nashville ashme
A meeting of o the leaders lead rl of the citi ¬
yens ens xolunt volunteer olunt 2er er association was held in
thv th Whitney hltne National atonal Bank Da n nwith nk with Gen ¬
eral Superintendent Warner presiding presl llng <
Reports were en received from all wards ard
as to the general conditions of the th ileht fi ht
conducted by b the citizens organizations
Most Iost of these th e s showed showedexcellent excellent headway hea lwa <
made ma lc < in the matter matter of protection against
the mosquito Whole train loads of sul ¬
phur and oil have ha been consumed by h
the ward organizations in the h conduct
of the fumigation
That Tha Mcn 3klphs 3klphscaSt Me ipiiis case whose host discovery disoer
se two States Statc by the ears was traced
i y Dr 11atbtoday Wii Ht te today todnyt to Memphis cmphis and as ¬
certained to be actaaiiy actuni y of Memphian
germination The woman a Mrs lrs Gio
vanna lna Gnercio is an In Italian woman
who moved to > Memphis some four weeks
ago She left Memphis emphls on August uglJst ir 1 = >
und l i id d contracted the fever fee in New Or
tans waits on thelTih tle llth She he must have h e caught
it in Memphis 1mI > ls according uccordn ng to the present
theory th O of tie te limits l1nlt of Infection She
died rl d here hf Tour rou days da s ago
When hen Dr Drt While hae first gave ave out the th e
itom that the th case ca e wuj v va a t tram Cra m Memphis Iemphis s
prompt action aotioi a = tioq followed on the part o of f
H number of oChealth health boards who in
Stantly put up lIJ the thebas bars against aint Merit Icm ¬
phis I
The board of health of Memphis sent sen t
out indignant challenges h J1enscs to all tir the e
boards State and city and to Dr White
to come > over and ant I see se about it The Th e
challenges were uniformly unirorml denied < bu but t
Memphis f mphis Is still getting ettin quarantined
The quarantine regulations re lations announced unnoutice d
yesterday by b the State board of healt health h
are still perplexing the railroads
Superintendent Charles Marshall Mar hall o of f
the Louisville and Nashville today toga
wrote the board asking for specific in ¬
formation as to the necessary quaran ¬
tine of persons J t rSonH trave ling from infected d
to infected town Mr r Marshall said
What Imt 1 want to know is First do d o
the lh regulations rcula Hons affect the coining comin of well 1
persons from Bay St Louis Mobile oblle
New York and places free rc from infec ¬
Answer was made m ade by b acting President t
SlcCtUeheon that the regulations do not no t
Continues Continuellon on Eleventh El enth Page Pt e
Major Alert and Watchful 1
as Ever
Character Vlitnesses Called to Tell Tel 1
What an m Esemplaiy Person
Mrs Taggart Is
WOOSTER Ohio Aug 25 6lrs Mrs Ta Tag o
gart has h1 been absent from court for to r
the past two days da leaving 1 ln everything en rything b I Ithe
to her lawyers In WTtS Major fajor Taggart Is at his hi s
post every eer session and seems alert as as
ever with no apparent signs of fatigue faU fatig e
although his 11 is face shows signs sIsn of ti Ute t li e
constant care and an watchfulness he h has hit s
given to the proceedings proceedln s scrutinising scrutinizlt t
every en r question and answer and pointing 1 points olntln a °
out to hs attorneys uttorn s the princ principal ipal poin points is °
in the testimony of the defense l1ee e whl which c r 11
they th have 1m e overlooked 1 1th
It I t was the Intention to have Mrs Mr lrs s
Taggart follow Billy Bill Tasgnrt Ta gnrt on the ti e
stand but as only an hours time tim re r e ¬
mained before tore time to adjourn her at a t ¬
torneys decided < to take up the tf time m e
with character witnesses wltn sscs < and leave lea t e
Mrs lr Tnggsirt Tn nrt to take the stand Monday Mora Morls Ion a ls n t v 1
morning I Irhe
The crossexamination of Billy oc a c ¬
copied most of the morning mOlnin session He I Le i
was questioned IUestlou > d closely osel as to the sources > sours s I
of his hi income but nothing satisfactory satlstactor ry J
was developed except that he has sex se C 1
eral times rece received ived money from Mrs Mr lrs
Tascart Ta art
Whivhe r rh h Z1hc left the th stand stftn l today he left ie ft
a bad impression A Abloom gloom settled I tt1cd oc over cr
the defense for behind Billy BIU was the th U IC
unexplained uneXll llinell receiv rcccidn ing by b him of a suit s alt
of clothes from Mrs Irs Taggart from Cali Ca i ¬
fornia He admitted ltimftte he got them and a d
that he srill has them He H admitted admfti
i having had a ring rn and lost It There are a re
those who clas clam cla t m he toM them at th t o
time dm it was worth 5CD and belonged d to
Mrs Irs Taggart ilGgart
His OneDollar Ring
He admitted having inserted an adver ade adv ¬
tisement In n a country t ountr paper offering otrCrin oficri n s
J50 i0 reward rew d for its recovery recover That pa p s l
Continued on Second Page Pa C
Keep Conference From
Being Abruptly Abr uptly Brought
t to o a Close
Defiant Russians Agree to
Consult With Vith Them Again Again b
Tomorrow T omorrov
PORTSMOUTH N H Aug 25 iiIf if
peace pea e does not not come through the ne nego 1i io go ¬
tiations now In progress at the navy
yard President Roosevelt will lay la moat
o of f the blame at the door of Russia Russ ia The
deadlock if such It proves to 0 be be bewill will
have been caused almost entirely by
the refusal of the Czars envoys to list
en to the most selfevident arg ar6Ume1 argumenta ument
throughout the proceedings
The attitude of the Russians has been
from the outside that they have not suf ¬
fered te d defeat at atl1L alL all The reverses everse3 that
have overcome them they have been
pleased to call merely merel troubles trou bles
At 4 oclock yesterday afternoon final fln
agreement was reaChed over the th termi term ter mi i ¬
nology nologo nolog of the bothersome bother isomo somo protocol ani antI and l
fineen fteen minutes Jat later lat er the signatures of
the iie envoys envo s had been appended to the
French and English copies noting each
of the agreements and anddsagreements disagreements
arguments propositions amendments p
rejections r jections etc on the twelve clauses in
the Japanese original plan of peace
Psychological Psy ological Moment Mome 1
That marked the logical end the work
of o the conference was performed ac
last ast there was no other business be ¬
fore It It There was a pause during
which literally lIteral the fate of thousand thousa nd
of men hung hun la the balance
Ten Tenmen men Impassively mp iYely faced each ch other
across the mahogany table and war or
peace depended upon tile next spoken
word This was the real crisis crisl reached
at last
Baron Komura broke the sentence
Ho spoke spo Jn English ngllsh and Witte > im bar + t
patleltb rft tly 1iioot Ho oOK 6lchJsheaa hlg hta l1eati an andL nd d turned t rned
to Korostove Kbrostovetz tz Komura motionless aa as
a a bronze Buddha Bu ddha ddha waited while Koros Korpsfo K ros to
vetz translated The Th message messa pewas pe was was
In be beialf Calf of his Imperial l majesty miJ stythe th the
Emperor EmpCrOlo of Japan Japanweha we have the honor
to td tdreqv request reqv st another meeting on Monday lIonda
One who was present Is authority authorit for
the statement that WItte as well as
the other Russians made no effort to
conceal their surprise WItte In par ¬
ticular was speechless for an Instant
lIe Ie had expressed the belief on leav lea
ing ng tile hotel that todays session would
end the conference
Russians Unprepared
The Russians generally general were wholly
unprepared for any further discussion
WItte finally tinall nodded his head vigor igor ¬
ously and andspoke spoke rapidly rapl In Russian to
ICorostovetz I orostoetz who translated as fol ¬
Very well the Russian plenipoten ¬
tiaries t shall be very glad to grant the
request of the plenipotentiaries of
That was all The spoken word
vouchsafed v neither peace nor war but
on onl only ly further delay dela The time for the
next meeting was set at once nnd
amid formal bows the envoys separated
retiring to the hotel Mr fr Sato speak ¬
ing for the entire conference made this
emphatic statement
In the sitting of August ugust = 2o o the con
ferenqe f < ren c proceeded to the signature of the
protocol of the previous sit sitting ting The
next n xt sitting will be held Monday onday after att a fter r ¬
noon the 2Sth th of August at 3 3t oclock
t tSAro SAro
Not a word about abou t the latest move of t
Japan it will 111 be noted M Witte itte who
got ot back to the hotel half an hour later
va va a < < asked
What Is the result your ou excellency excellenc
All of the th protocols were signed
Did the Russian envoys eno s offer any
counter urozujsltlon ur ost1on
Xo after the protocols were signed
Baron Komura made a a proposition to
hold another conference on Monday Ionda
What does that indicate your OUr excel
lc le Zear = or
New Proposition
It t must mean that the Japanese have
a new proposition to p present ent
h And will Russia receive a a new prop >
oa oltion oltionU ition U
Oil 0 Oh It yes es If t one is presented l it will
bo forwarded ror ar 1 d to St St Petersburg and we
shall shu s hall 11 await a wait the answer here
Later it f is understood unde tood M Witte Ute de
eared but he was as surprised at the new
turn affairs flairs had taken ta I en He had be ¬
lieved that today would end the confcr
epee m but he Is in u t measure bewildered
now and has no definite Idea when the
end ud will be reached r ached
It is said that he assured a a friend that
as In Zang as Japan Cares to pr present sent = a ne new
prop proposition ition h he will receive it remaining
here indefinitely for that purpose But
the Russian attitude has not changed
Their slogan still is Not ot a kopeck and
M Witte took occasion O to deny this ar
tcrnooe the story s8r that the Cza Czar V had of ¬
fered to cede ct le < a part of Sakhalin Island
and pay pl Japan liberally hbernll for tc > r her care Ot
the Yussian Kussian prisoners of war
Japans Peacefulness P accfllness
The amazing feature f > ature of the situation
to all observers here cre Is the attitude of
the UwJnpancse Japanese One man well W lllnro Info Informed rmed in
diplomatic affairs ntr irs said tonight
It almost 3lmo looks as though thou h Japan were
willing nan to secure peace peacoat at any an price
The fact 5s that Japan is the nation
that on the face of things is suing sun for
peace She has modified her terms t > rmBinsome In Insome some
Take the Family t tc tt Chesapeake Chc Feake cake Beach BE ch
Tomorrow and enjoy enjo a days outlno outing
Good crabbing nnd fishing h1n See rallroaa raUr raflrp ur 06li
athtdul h ul Aol ddv

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