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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, August 29, 1905, Evening, Image 10

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1 S S 3 S S I U S I ss s S s s s S I S S I S SS S S U U S S UI 1U S S S U I S I U S S S U S S UU
1 I t Times ii e iW Wants ants 13ring Bring 1 Results s tstoOiii to Others rs whY Why Not Not t to rOt You a P S S l 1
tiiiies 111es Utnatlt Lilt B ktb s
For ForSitUation f Sib1ationor or Hclp cIp Wmte
Ads AdRcoms Reams for RentBoard
lngRooms and B ardWant
0 f
td edRoorns ooms
p 4
rfinim h ia Cbar Charge e lSC OIl lnsertion
Iv 1 For All A11Othe Other C13ssifi Classified d Liners Lthcr
If I YU havc not I
the tune 10 Sefl I13
or bring br ii gyoUrA your Ad
to Th h 1 linies 111es or o
f any of the fol
lor loMin in g Bran h 1
Qt Ofiice ic s just cal I
up Main 3093 3O9 I
4l11d tid Qur qur Vant r
Ad Messenger essengei
will caU callfqt qr y you n
Ads No extr xtra L
charge 1O or U h I
5 rvice
OOLDENBERGS ith UI arnd nd K a3 nY
8th Lnd rk t p1 p1e ce
s KANIroNtili ANNONS co
ERVl RVINt7C1GAI SCIGAn STQRli TORI Utb th 1n I1 9 9f f l IU e
L i S DAY CO Hth an1J 1U1 P t8lt fl
A A EPOWELL E POWELL tlh and East C41Jtol UP st
A M DA DANIELS IEW Or < cur Utb and T tt tt1m > llhodn 1m
L 1 FRECH SI flMPSON PSO cor 7th at
11and ave nnd It s flW
c cHi caAs Hi C IIOkNUNG 6Rw Clirtsttant ri n 1tPhatmlCY
SW co aiid M sts fl
tv liurJiJ ARMSTROXG c rn lt ZL1i l nd d lIsts It 5t ne
CHAS lL H nLUJ1ER N CaP and n sU n
It A A VEITCH 20th and I ZIts n flu
w V D BRACE t tor r 30th aid l its > nw fl
QUIGLEYS PILUUIAC lst 1st and Gats G 8t nw fl
ODONNELL DRUG CO 5th an and 1 0 sts ac e
DODGE CO corner lith and nd LII JZt fl
H U T BUTTS cor 4th and 1 MaSs avo n
1 L TTYLOE T TThOE corner 9th and ndP P ats nw
L M S 5 FEALY n nw cor 11th st Pa Le a e Zle e
CHAS B CAMPBELL BELL cor 2d and 1 1 ats n nc c
V liUGO ElIillElSS 7th ano1 B IIU 5t loW
4A A OST osTI4 H i
BURrSPHARMA anra PHARMACL y corn r J oniooe 1DiirO 8
lefferson au at3 I
Sues the District
Mary Agnes Kclle XcIley hasbegun has begun suit sul
against the DistrIct to recover 5000 OOO as a S
damages for alleged personal Injuries
She sasrIa says May 15 5 1901 she stumbled and an i iShe
fell over a a stone or raised part of the th
pavement In front of 215 eaton street stre
and severel severely bruised her right hand I
Lambert Sr Baker are named m is coun t
6el eI for the plaintiff
CA C A Ji MUddLInI dd lm 1Cof 8CJhbr r tight t
It will nol make any dlf difference rence whether
you wish to bu buy a fow fo tips for a nickel
A hundred burner chandelier for or 100 ioo
gas drop light for 150A fine B II I
Lamp for same priceAn electric rUle to I
an an electric drop light etc etc
This is the place
12M l2GlGzt G st 616 6l61thst 12th at
Order Your GrQCeri GrOceries s and an Meats
at Johnston s 7317th 7317th nw
Auction Sale FumitUre1few PurthttireNew Rugs
Horse bU buggy SI harne ss ct f tomorrow tomorrO
commencing lO a m r llson Sr Mayer tacrs S
Auctioneers AucUone rs 12ZTand mr antl 29G 29 G street
Escaped From Pen
Police or Hampton Vahavo Va have reo r e
quested theloeal the lo iml authorities to 1001 lo
out for for1r 1r VUliam jllia Coomes colored who wi
made his escape from the penitentialS
In the Old Dominion city lty yesterday sterdl af a I
ternoon after beating a guard Into In I n
sfnslbllIty Coomes Is said to brwe been be
joined 11 another colored man outsidE outsli
the prison w lls 1I and UfO thOtwo two are b 1
lIevedito ha come lo lor loas thVnzJiington r as lngton an ai
3ta Maz tll 5lv Sylystcr stcr fi4 h5 het f lHih tUJi
a descrIption or the tw r
Unadulterated Ice Cream
Rosenfelds Sl2 H st et ne Phone EnS Ez
loro 1cxi
Keep on H Hand nd a Supplyof upply of lIavenners flavenne r rs s
Cre m Bis uits uits
If you ou want delicious crackers toaerYI to ser
with soups salads c They contain conta
only the choicest IngredIents Light Ligi
crisP and wholesome A delightful rel r tl
Igh at all times Sold in aert1te pack pac k
ages and In bulk At grocers
Exclusively for u Royal PiIsen
Bars selling this superior liShtbeer ar a
provided > roIded ilhspecIal with ilh specIal glasses for s seryli e17InS
It It qrder Order It It AbnerDrui BrewCo Brew Co
cl l
I Susp Suspected cted Cored Woman I c
Clothing worth several dollars and n
In cash were stolen from a sldeboazd sidebon
In thedlnJngroom th dInIng xoor ofn ofMissMay Nay tar Lr
tlnshome tIn5 home 810 O Ilth ith Jtrect treet 1orthwcst nortJtct sit
yesterday mornIng Last night she re i e
portedthe ported the larcen larceny to the police and a
stated that she tWpected a colored coloreds Wo s 0
Fines Ice Creamat Cream at Reisingers
n pl 50c Oc 4 gaL 235 5 G st st Phone Phone Me A f
u No Cream Tastes Like Fusselli p
Prompt del1vcryaervlce 142jN Y Yo o ave a ire
WM V XAHO MAflOY EY the ptogrelUllt rogreuive PAper Pap er
banger reliable promPt ch ap lgnl gwu gu ar
ante ntee Send pos posaifor ltor tree samples and e5 1s
Umat MaIn IItor ros PennsYlvania ae a
H phone East IIIF or 1olJowln oUowing agoncles agon l
1230 12 E lit at se se Ii 1 Monroe Ionr It AnacoaUa Anacos Ia
MAttlngls llto store Congress Heights 00 607 I ew
YorJcven Yorkve nw Ed Ediar2tcjs Ian t II lIto stDre Do Bowje e li Sd a
ODonndl3ote 32dlUJd 32I anti lICfJ nw n au2G7t au2
WALLpAPZRa WALL PAPZR4f r L nU1KER will Uldoou do r
Pflperhan paperhangIng I good uork I Iolk olk ana a a prlCeSTeuon on
L bIt able 916 8th at st n aw O3t
SILEXCE MANDER ADER Paperhangers and
Decorators lowest prIces estimates tur I Ut
atllhec1 tih d 910 E lit st Phone 1aIn aln 4413 au21t au2
THEORDWAYS 431 11th St St i WEvery WEv
IucudarFr1c1ay Tuejday Friday and Saturday evening be
atnnera clan 730 7 z0 advanced 830 Lady 811
L 1atant a1 huolUl a2liO 250 PrIvate lenons lesU
k lIyappotntment iy appointment Prot WYNDILaM YNDUAI lad i
W1LLIB ILLI2 au73Ot au7ZI
FOR SALESlny paJislqUBbb pairs iquabreung f 1lng homo lb
era cz best stock tod 00 pair R It H S SMITh IITH 3t
8th th at ae aU2fSt au29 it
FOR BALEBOston temcrs 10 0 w weke ka old
OS 6th at st nw Lu283l au 3t
FOR BALETullt receS7ed young Janots parr t
she imported JJatz hIa tz n7 rouNatn > untatn canaries ancJ ann
aHh h supply Flee Ie Pita d dog g and cat lIoap a ap
f edlc1n edicinet etc SCl1oUIDS BIRD STORE 5T0 RE
D tu ub at it f Lw au auS t
L L i
= =
1 WTI VNTlI D t nrot Oltn coiore4 t 001 OUst tUf ok
m c wRhlnlt nhin lronln antng 1 sta t gefld 1 hou hOUQ
WQIk urI must ro hon hO1P Ihhtll Wl 1g1S 1 I PI 1
I Inttr nttr a fter r 1 nt t5 lnl taisehuPIts < chutOUIO 141 He u
nui augtt Jtt <
vANrnD T1i = guod girl rltb fb rlVIl I tuu
work w ork 1 17 Qrn L i It
VANT1D2nunet TliDJnu8dll1tI1 ltaoiy wonU1 VbflUU te t II Kon
ernJ o ral hout houework work In a 1111 tztuttty or tWO 1r
v corJonlem gtOd I NOm anti Wt vae I 1111 ZIY
HST l IST Ructht pu piacuat u M 7 1 flm Zti 1I It
T DlmJ to cook WllIh was h and iron
or o r cook and do hUl hutnewotk wQtk bnng rfNn roIettncu
1UJ6 t 1326 lbnlonna lornDm n flVO nu NSt
w xTiil NT1IEt h oman mt lot r rnarol general narol hO bousowork IC o ork rk
In i n Ilrhnt > t titil mn 1nlf SUT 11th at stnuA2t nulO2t
TF oTwo eoLnretont mOtoJt saiesg1rt IUe rI In
quire q Qlre nt NlCOla lC01ID1 MDLS 1 12I i o tit nw
I nU ISt
W EDt once waitresses g OO1 ol wages
nnd a nd short horl hour 100 100 1nMAlllt nc
Ru au3t lt
W NEDExiericnee TiDoXICrIcnl d I elrls trIs on CIntll stnI steady
warK sun U1l g04x1 OOI1 1 pay AO 7th I5t Mo May bulHl
In I ng HQOt Iii nU 3t
wA 3gD iiiD lad for plain cookln cooking widow Ido
Irttcrnl p no flt objloctlon to child 11110 girl to
t a i care ot chllu 1 11 l K11AMtJt nAMEn l liorist lorist
11lU ti le F t nw nU auit ll
W wANTEDplrenuce CrEDIIrenthe to itun earn mllllner
M tcDO vDONELtl1OOll5t ELL HOG 11 It II
WAXTEDStrong DStIng i financial nclnl Institution opcr
nUnc fl ung In District or ColumOlIl would lUte to
CnSU e nguie lONvlcOII ut 1nt llrstdass la s woman soilcitor o tcltor
remunCIUUn r contract Utlrss tlr ss BOX I this
1ltlct o tliec a J2U3
ATEDA lad lady to take charge of house
widow w idow preferred one who Uk likes s children chlldrenCnll
Cnll C all nfter after4pxn1T42 a pm 1i42Sth st nw nu 93t j
WATE WANTEDColored M Molo olo olorcd rcd w woman om o d do gen general 1
hou h ousework ework fam1l1 ot thr three go home nights I
good g ood wa wages 8 reference required Call Call14j H 14j 1
h herIdm ae 11t Mt PlllU Pleasant < ant nu292l
WANTEIGirl ATEl > Glrl for general housework no
washing w 510 Sth st St sw W It
WATIEDYo WASTEDYoung un cCol colorod red girl for light work or k
and a nd errands IOU Hth 8t n nn It
n WANTEDA AXTEDA good cook APpI1at tppl at on once e
A APARTME PARTMENT T 32 The Decatur 21st lst and R
sts s tS nw U au2t 2t
I IyATEDA yATEDA servant to do general h bouse t1
k i stay ta nights Call at JjtO lith JI nw
WANTEDExperienced TEDExperIenccd girl to work on gen
tlcmens t coats best prices paid UH F st
SWARTZ S WARTZ third floor It
WANTEDCotored ATEOColor girl fo for s nernl hou house
work orkgiome go home al nIght US A st ne It
WANTEDStenographer EDStenOgrnphcr careful beginner
state s tate wages wanted ddress BOX 67 this
omcc ° au2t
ATEDOne good cook and one servant
to t o do general enernl hOU8cWOlk Ap Apply > l l22 i22 ClIt
ton t on ait t n = au29 au2ihft t
WANTEDOne TEDOne first class colored waitress
I B lth th 6t m nw 11
ATEDGlrl for general housework Call
nt a t lll2cth iit cth It at nw It
WANTEDGirl YATEl Glrl > to do housework ata stay lu
nightS n lght reference required Apply 2 24 5th
st s t nw au292t
WANTEDWhite A TEDhlte girl for general enernl house
work mWtt be nice lAundress to In fRm
lb I ly no children Call alter 11 D m 1800 ISO i
Vernon ernon aye n ate U st au293t
WANTEDWhite w A TEDWhlte cook p25 5l1ft lifteen n whit whit
wnltresses for ladys private school colored L
cafe cook cook 15 houseworkers 12 to sia 18
ATEDCook 5 chnmbennnid 15 for 101
C Cecticut = lcut way paJdhelp paid help for or clt city 163 lt1l i
11th 0 aw It
YATEDGlrls to learn pressing Call at a
WOTIKS OItKS 21 l 10th at Ut nc au293t
AITEDGlrl for general housework must mus
be good washer a her and ironer G2 624 I 8t st nw
WATE1JGlrl for tamlly ot three no wash
In lag or Ironing Apply FLAT 55 3 De Soto
13th and Massachusetts ave It
I ATEDGennan or Polish girl to m mini i d I
two cl1i1dren i and do light housework good good I
home and good wages 1S34 K nw au2l3t
1VATEDActIve A T1uActle Industrious young worn om 1
an offered living expenses and future a
ci tOmpinsatioa m mnlatlon nlatlon tar assisting lad lady In geneml genera
h housework usework give references Address BOX B0
b9 Si this olllce It
W WANTEIAt ATEJ > At once a colored woman as a
l laundress undreJs by the month Apply at 1211 K i
lit st n no fly o It
WATEDGerman chllds nurse Gesuc Ges cht ht
Deutsches K1ndennaedchen 1412 Hopkins lit si E
ANIEDNeat colored cook Apply I1t 200 2C 10
5th st st se It
ATEDExprIenccd girls to se sew barber r
coats on machine 65i Hat H et ne au292t
ATEDColored girl for housework must mm it
be good cook two in tam family II 1320 G nw P
WaNTEDColored TED < olore l girl to doceneral do general house
l work assist In cooking stanlght StA nIghts 1123 iL ii
6th 8t at It
ATElJLlnrn room keeper muSl must be IWOd g o i
l at figures Apply between 9 arid 12 to tc
WAXTEDA good waitress for lunch roo goon
Apply 1312 E lit nw al283t
WATEDYoung ladles to address en eav l
o opes and do docircular cIrcular folding those living In I Ln
northeast preferred wag wages tI weekly eekl Ad A
dress In own hand writing BOX 53 this of 0 t
I flee au2B2t
WANTEDSeveral A TEDSeernl women may fim SnO emplo
ment as canvassers agreeable work ork good soc sI
commission Inquire at circulation office of C
The m Times b between twcen 8 and 9 a m au83t
ATEDYoung lad lady for general office ofIli
work Address BOX 56 541 this office au2l3t
WANTEDA ATEDA girl to do general houllework c
510 13th at St nw au283t
AlTEDGlrls 14 years ot age or over D4 c L
store messengers permanent poslttoMnntl positions at id
good salaries to willing worker Apply to 1
Superintendent S KAXSO KANX SONS S CO
VAlTEDGlrl for general hous housework work nn1 at id
plain cooking stay nights 3OU N tit nw at C
VATEDYoun girl rl tonslst to assist In ollce 0db
I work Apply 315 th st st nw T t V
I EJSErA au2S3t
W WASTEDColored ATED < olored woman aacook an cook must be I ie
Well ell recommended 13H harvard lit st a1123t au27 3t
ATEDExperlenced 3111 salesiady 81301 > p permane nnll nt
position Address BOX 38 this office
ATEDYounl W lady to learn osteopath 3
or ltUUIllage treatment fair compensatton n
AddrefsBOX Address BOX 33 this office nU23t
ANTEDnespectable girl Irl general houJ < e
work12 work 112 146 Thomas lit st n nv aU23t
WANTED ATED Typewriter and IItenogrnpher r
Address BOX 4L L this office au27tt
W AEDPa AJEDPapar r boxers experienced toppers
machine and table workrGEO Workers CEO P IaL NIl I
LUX CO 452 PennsylvanIa ae nw
W WANTEDA ATEDA white or colored butcher
18th and L I its t nw It
WANTEDAn > n du dutriou industrious triou bright young oun co c
or orcd man for lunch counter 1008 iO lennsl Penn
anla nIa ae au2J3t
iATEDoJportunlt iiEb pportunity to for r rnSghc1all3 nSghc1all3 8
Ucltor to make desirable contract t1th lth D
strong campan company operating In District ot Co C
lumbla Address BOX 73 73 this office n1293t abO t t
WANTEDYoung w A TEDYo ung man manabout about IS as steno > g
rapheI pher state age and experIence AddreJls Addre 53
BOX 68 68thisoftice this office au293t E
WATEDBrIcklanrs nonunion wblte wI2 ite or
colored long job 142Q U st n nw Au2D3t L
SALESMENHIghgrade wanted tor C1t city and a i
South expenses advanced reterences re i e
Qlred to close small
contracts aIread aready par pi Lr
Ually arranged by correspondence penna penn a
neat no canvassing oI it ddrells BOX SQ 8 this U Us
oIDce au2Dt c
ATEDThree V good tlnners and thr three e
perenced helpers steady work Apply14 Apply 14
Dth Othst st aU9t t
W WANTEDPlaning TEDIlanlng mill and anat sas door an a nd l
blind factory superintendent must have had ii ad
ten years > e8l1l previous eX experience rIence WI supertn supez in
tendent and not above fifty years > ears oC nge aj Ce
ApPly THOMAS IV SMITH corner lsl st
and Indiana ae Vuhlmrlon DC D C
o6t 6t
W WANTEDMandolin A TEDMandolln InstructIon by ear Ad d
dreu dre3sBOXSS BOX 65 this office It 1 t
W WANTEDTwo NTEDTwo sober stair builders App Appi Appy tp i y
l lD50 D50 ° Grant ave nw nwshop 8hop It I t
I WATEDColored boy not afraid or work V0 tic
for It drug store corner 11th th andP au n use
V ANVli Tl D RoUeItor Liberal commls lon
1 111tkl 11tkl lui Il tIi1iII 111 nt 30 1th t st nw between 12 1
luul iti tti lI nu110
W NTlDYoung I man a with II knowledge I of
i ft ftu ar r
leu ttilig ui furniture u and n to maKe himself I ft I
t ge n1I1 UIlffUI n and a about o1t urnllure It1re
O7th 1 7th lit nw I
V NTIllloy TI Dno with lIh wheel hlll for errands rrnnll I
AlII A pply to H1O 1IV1tON S ADAMS DA IS 512 11th Bt at
nw I H
W ANTED TEDA firstclass nltcla cnmI carriage washer and
do Ioentul work around 11 carriage rellosl
lor io ry PHOB P1OIhEY l CnRIG cO 1r lillO lillO2L t2d 2L I lOt
1 11Iw 1Iw u w nuWt
V tNTEDn TEDn cxperlcllCetI grocery ccr clerk nt
n w Reference required requirednu193t nu193t
V ATlD Male stenographer anll type
st rhtr Permanent pOrIUon st stat t i al 5ahir3 r Ad
dttlI1 dr ess lioN 8 this olfict oll1c 1 it
V i tTJD NTFDhtarbcr arbCr guarantee li38 PcrmI
va unl nta Ie IIW J 3 D A AVERY EHY It It
W ATEDYoung mm as typewriter Can
it JO LII I F si ow nom ll1 Id t
W A ANTEDFifty TEDl1t1 colored laborers for railroad
worlc w ork Cnll nt 03 lUt st st way 1 1J1ld Wue svages
Lt4jandl7o r J md 17 per da day It
W tNTEDCarpenter T DCar1 > nter and trimmers l1G
Xorth N orth Carolina ae s so aU auht l
V tNTEDThrce EDThrce strong bos boys to work at
stoe st ove and tin business Y H oHyr IiI
14th 14 th aul 3t
W VTEDA colored boy to helu bob around
br ba r experienced preferred 227 7U1 st sw
aU auiij3t 3l
W 1 ANTEDGood TEDGOOII shop 00 boy 111 pply 00 G
sl n nw auwt
W AXTBDTwo e hator men live k kitchen
IIwn ln en alters tor hotel and cnc cafe three hall
nwn ni na nlllI work In flat fU 3u 1tULLIP >
U01EL H OTEb CE GENtY Y SV ath th Mt n nw It
W y lEDDnrlJer 4 424 lOth lit at nw nu aui3t U3t =
V ANTCD TElColortoJ i rvi barber who rho understands
eo loe4 trade IU 2b ii et nw auPt
W TEDAn experIenced house salesman
In fah111 faiiiiiy wine and liquor store good sat
nl a ny to t omuelnt man A No o 1 re ferences
requlrel1 re quired Address BOX 1I 11 this otllce nU29 aUtilit l
W V ATED ANTEbCarpenters < arlCnICrs APII Apply lith and
Gront G rant 51 ats 11 na It
WA W ANTEDHead TEDH > ad waltr Q head headcook cook 03
secor1 se cond cook 2 dishwasher butler Prl
ate lmU lmUl family l nai 11th ow It
WAXT WAXTI V ANTELExpezjcncett I ExlJerICneCl1 Installm Installment < nt collector
ref re ference nnce and bond l r qLllnd Address llOX
I t thbc olhe nUS3t I
W A ANTEDCanvassers TEDCan1Ssers to sell jewelry on In
litnUment s reference and bond required sal al
nl a r rS S 10 wee weeh aLd commission OD only I hustlers
need n eed appl apply tAbEitiEltG A LE11StHG npltu apltuthsatl thaat
t VANTEIWhite TEI > White bar barber r 21t steady l1d job lag wages I I
g uaranteed arant I9 dlEastCapttol l Eaot Capitol au5 auSat
W > T Te n nS1les S1lesm m
WAE ANTEDTen e S1les S1lesenI salesmen enI rood payto to re
liable li able and energetic men Appy 31i1 ith
at nw auS7t au2s 1L
W ANTEDA TEDA furniture poUl poiibher > her one one who un
denlwndl d cleaning up woodwork woodwo Appiy IIII to
THE T ilE HOREHAU hOTEL hOTEL5Ii2Sit all 5Ii2Sit 2l
WANTEDlo A TEDl00 firstclass nstclL able ablebolitd I1 labor
ers e ns for District work Apply at ROO ROOM I 45
District D IStrict building au2GGtexSu
ATEDTcn men to 8e 11 household roods
on Installments big ommlulons paid tp I
pl p ly NEW YORK SUPPLY CO II3 New Jer
lie s oy ae nw before 9 am Au2U2S21
WANTEDFlrstclass XT ED F u upholsterer ph pho o anti ll hard
wood s t ood nnlsher Apply Ill the Raleigh first
clas c lass Workman only need npp appyau2S2t au282t
WAIEDGood workln working colored o oi i boy t to
drIve d rive grocer wagon alOn coal and wood Appl Apply >
700 7 00 7th 5t a st T C SA dANDEIIS DEnS nuStt
VANTEIYoung A TE1 > YoUJ1g bo boy with some experience
In i n hanging wat11pa wallpaper er willing Ullng to learn
6n ii H nc flu Au2S3t
WANTEDOne TEDOne good oyster cook and one
dlshllsher d at DALES 1 p11214th Ith lit at nv
nA VANTEIBoyii TElJBo H years ears of age an and 1 over
who have had experience In wrappIng bun
dles d ies goolposltlons good positIons to those proving capu
ble Apply to uperInatendent S KAXX
ATEDhlte man 10dOg od0general ernJ work on or
small country place near clt city APpl Apply C05 1511 5tl
st t nw aUtj3t
WATEDPaperhangers at onc once also oo
that has experIence around store 521 9th 9thlit lit
W WANTEDMandolin A TED andoUn and nd banjo leMons by bi
to pupils thorough and quick course Ad
dress BOX 28 this ollice U23t
WXTE WANTEDA D DA A good wlllh1 willing 1 boy to to wor work k ni
Unnl tinning g one with some experIence pre
ferred Call at 211 tll7Gst G st n nwaut73t au23l
AXTEDI1ustJer to collect on commls
Ilon lor or Singer Sewing IlachlneComtnn Machine Company
1716 i7lI4th 14th 5t at nw au2i3l
WANTEDColored A XTEDColored man to drive grOCe grocer xT
wagon Apply with references NEW YORK
AENLE E cE MARKET 12th st and New York on
ae avenw nw au273l
WANTEDBright ATED rlght south outh to work 2S S days In it I
return for business college course 4 4d d
dress BOX BOXOOIthis eoJ this o 0111cc lce nu530l
est opportunity ever offered 1 eight Weeks
completes diplomas awarded position guar
anteed Catalogue tree BARBER COL
LEGE 131 31 Prince at New ew York city
WATEDFour cans 2 2 per day S hours
tour strstCIaSIl lAborers 5175 15 per da day 8
hours MONROE O ROE BRICK CO Oth and nd IS I I
IStll lie au25tr
WANTEDTwo A TEDTwo or three pla plasterers terers antI two twi a
or three lathers O U ZA ZANTZLGER TZLGER
214215 cGI11 bulhl1n aU25tt c
Ay ANY Il INTELLIGENT ELLIG XT XTper80n person may earn li gooi d I
Income corresponding for newspapers ex expe
nence unneccsaar unnecessary Send for particulars
newspaper routes Get a list or customer
for the Evening and Sunday Times and you yot
will make good money For further In
formation apply CIRCULATION DEPARr
MENT IE T The Washington Times ap23tt
WATEDProspecUe pupils to know that the t
We teach Syllabic Pitman Graham Barnes
and Gregg systems or shorthand also type
wrIting and Spanish and Spanish ahorthllnd I
Speed or i5 to 100 00 words per mlnut guaran I
teed In the B Syllabic liable in ILl hours actual IItudy scud I
or mone money refunded Positions procured tor Ic r
pupils Competent corps ot teachers8TEN teachers 8TES
WANTEDLadies A TEDLldlcs and gentlemen for dna
matte compan company Address MANAGER IA AGER 226
at st 5e St au2st
WANTEDAn ATEDAn allrounl1 good cook cookny us ny y
nights also neat compten chnmbrnn chaznbermnt1 I
alllO house clelln cleaner r dt day tonk ork reterenc
lr02U 15oi JLSte st nw a
4NTEDruree TEDTIlrtt chambermaids 4 co cooke kll 3
Jen general ral Ncfworllr 2 walters STHI STIt1CI < J >
LANDS 1000 iOO I lit t
WANTEDMan V TED flln or womnn woman to Work ork on mens men
curtom coats tiultonhol buttonholes 1I especially P I S
GOLDSTEIN COO Lilt 1 sLnse nw au273t
trumntal music and Jolce nt your houlle
tennsrewsonable terms reasonable Mrs C 51 1 CALDWELL i
lOC18 Virginia ac s ese au3t
WANTEDBy A TEDB experienced colored m map Islt
uatlon as Janitor ot apartment or office bulb
In Ing Address Atldre 2315 15 Champlain ave nurot
MASSEUR German just came from abroad i
wants IJO position > IUon prlate families altended j ji i
would go to seashore examined by European 1r
doctors and professors Address BOX 81 1
this oruce a au2P2t 192t
VANTEDfly ATEDn young ouns man position In et c 1
ne lice to do tJlCwrltlnK and glnernl Omce ofiti
work can furnish best of relerenCs ti d
dress BOX BOX76 G this onlce It
V WANTEDPosition A TEoPo sIUon as firstclan firstclass meat cut cu t
ter and grocer clerk or driver on a good got d
bread route Address BOX 00 this tUke
jto2t au2D2t
TEDDy TEDy white man honest 1nlt rnd good got id
character position Snprluto In private stable Ad A 0
dress BOX 9 05 this omce It
W ATEDBy young man 23 position oslti tn
where he can learn to run stationary engines engin Cs
and hohlUn hoisting machinery Address BOX 35 I 5
this office nu283 1
WANTEDExpert A TEDExprt electrician deslrel desirc posi pot ii
tlon understand installation nod care oC 0
machinery automobiles etc Address HOX BC h
al CL this onlce ofltc au282t
VANTEDBy competent man place as
managerot manager Of term rrerncell exchanged Ad A 0
dress BOX 26 26 this oIDce au21 nullP t I
WATEDB experienced lad lady ashier post
tion lio n ot trust where Intere3tln interest in buslne business s and
rellabUlt rel iability could bt appreciated Address ddn3
DOX BO X rs 53 this office auSt
WA W TE n nn y
ANTEDIJy n respectable pectable young woman oma a
place pla ce ns casiler or other light work Ad
drelII iln esit L L I 815 Gth st St nw au autllSt 5t
W ANTEDWnshingtodo TEnWus hi hin n gt do nt home 1 i3
Pierce Pi ercetLnw It nw It
W ANTEDB1 TED = ri colored l girl from South lig light light ht
hausework ho usework or nursing 1031 3d st nn It
tV ANTEDliy TE = a settled t ted ed lady d place as cook
D2G pe L st nw Il
W A ANTEDDy TED reliable colored gIrl Plnc place
to do light housework Address BOX W U this
office offi ce It
W v vTEDn1 ANTEDBy TEDn1 widow lad lady a fiat to toke
care ca re or for one or t tau ladles In office
Cnl Ca 1 or address MRS IRS E WELLS T ELLS 705 lth
< st nw au2St
W A ANTEDBy TEDB young oun la lady plaIn 1f legible lble
ur 1Itfr iter copIsts work at home Addre Address
nox B OX 1S thl3 thl oi11ce It
W A ANTEDBy TEDn to reliable glrs places nil
cook coo ks houcworkerr Phone N 3i1i 3Z12 133th 1337 7th
lit nw it t
V W TEDPace II nUre nurse Southwest corner
ot 3d and Elm lItS O nv It
W A ANTEDPlace EDPlace as as cook and chambermaid d
153 IS iS J1 st n no o aU2D3
W A ANTEDBy TEDD rellab reliabc e colored gIrl Irl a place
n as chambermaid or general houscworker In
small sn aht Cnmn family 6S Fcnton st ne It
W ANTEDBy i n areSpectable p ta colored tr t pman
bous lio usecheanlngbythe o cJ anln b the day dayitli lU 11 st at n no o It
W A ANTEDBy TEoBrellable a reliable colored lored won on n a
111ace pl ace WI cook or chambermaid CallJ8 Call 459 I et t
n flu It
V ANlBOlor the U I S ll Martha r1ne Corps
A blebodied > lebo lcd unmarried men between
21 and 25 gOod Od c1ura coaracter ter must speak
read ro ad and write English must bt citl
ZllIS 20 115 ot the Unittd tat tatis s or have de
clurcd cl ured their Intention tu become cHI tti
Zens ze is Marines serve at sea on mcnof
war W ar In rill pa Parts rts ot the world on land
in n our Islan land d posscsslons possess1ons and at naval
stations st ations In the Inited States Apply to
Maljne M arine Barracks Washington lJ c C
and a nd Recruiting Office U S M C cot
ncr nc r Hol1lda iloiliday and Iayctte actteste streets ts El1l1J
more rn ore McI d Jtito seomc
W AXTEDTo bu buy old feather beds H IL
M tARKS307 ARKS 307 7th th at au aui53t 3t
WATEDA W good second secoz idhand idhandset hana hanaBel set or a sur
re y collar harness Addreu BOX 21 2 thIs thu
ort1 o ftice = e au273t
Wol W ANTEDFurniture TEDFurnlture for cash cnshsell sell yo youz
goods g oodi to the man who g tves ve5 you OU the most
mone m oney See HOPOOlJ Sth and K S8
0 fl u a au273t 3t
peta p ets at stoves e < bricabracllnaaU bnlcabrac anti all kinds or 01
hou8ehpli1bOO1s h ousehpld goods BAu BAUMS r FtR FURNITURE ITURE
SHOP 5 1101 tab and U sts n use Phone North orth lJI3
autolot 2630t
1V AXTEDro bu buy six secondhand pool ta ta
blfZI b lea must be In good condition state make mak r
nnd a nd lowest cahprlce cash price Address ddress BOX 42 2 this I
otlice 01 11cc a1 3t
W ANTEDGrocery TEDGJCery st sleek Kk < and fixtu fixtures t r
cnsh c ash REID Gl3 7th st st ne au2Fit
nslde a side your our 011 clothing 1I01 snees e and hats be
fore f ore seeing me as I pa pay hhhest cash prIce8
tor I on them Drop postal will call H GF
WIRZ L9S 7th th lit st nw aU215t
BIG B IG MONEY oxEiPA PAID for ordirnble desirable ium1tu furniture
cnrpeu ca rpets will pay full value for stoves In Jr I
Cood g ood condition omce furniture anti boost
Iold H old goods of all kinds contents especially
D NOTES 615 Loul LouisIana lana aO l ihone > hone 51 000
n autOlOt u O3it >
F AMILY nLY ICE BOX repairing or all kinds
90S 9 08 Xe NeW York ae nw nw au210t
WA W ANTEDHighest TEDIUli hest cash prices pala paiafor for worn
ltU1J1entladles g arments ladles or entlerpenlI Also IIhoes I
nnd a nd hats Address pcataland postal and 1 will call lCY an t
hour h our B TARSHE 130S ith alt et nw Phone S
Xonh N orth 4 499 mrlSOOt
WANTEDIf W A TEDI you > ou are giving up houlel houselzeeplni eeplng
and Wish to sell part Dr all or your > our turnl urn1
ture send for tbeU1a1 the man whir he as th the r reputa puta
tlon o of 20 yeftrs eats fair deaun deatag 1 tAHCUS 3
NOTES corner ilthand itb and D 1 sea n nrc lhone S
Main aln 3ur nu233t
WANTEDPlwn tickets for dlnmon diamonds 1Jrrublef < rubles
emeralds e pearls II lpphl sapphires s cash paid for old oh I
gold g OI sliver dentist gold and platinum
LOUIS ADRAHA AJIRAHAMS tS 433 9th at st nw j2691t t
WANTEDBy A TEDByoung young lady or good tamtlr famll
unfurnished u front room with Ith private faroU farnill
Addrells A ddress BOX i7 this office au2D2t
WANTEDTwo T onthree t 1 1recunturnls recunturnls unfurnishe 1 d droom rOO room 5
5n i n Northwest nhwest for lIrht housekeeping not at it
to t o ex exceed d 10 per month ddres BOX 82 Si
this t his office It
WANTEDfly AXT nBy September 5 three unCut
nlshed f ished rooms for light hou housekeeping ekeeplng Addre t
stating s price BOX 00 this office E autOIt 2t
WANTEDFour T DF unfurnished nf l shcd r rooms wit Uh h
kuh b ath heat and gas for light housek hoUskepliit plug
Itlltelrlceand s tate irlce and location Address BOX 5 L L
tlls t hIs edict au93t
Fcn FLItNISIIED ISllED ROOMS s second c cnd nd floor i S5
nnd a nd10privatc 10 prlate tamI1 famIly 415 11 11at at n ate 1t
7001T 7 03 15Th STW ST NWNicely I tI fu furnished i inl nl OOm roomt
aII a lso hail rooms terms moderate ode t aU23t
OXE ONEJAI1GI IARGE nlcI nicely furnished c einser mer room root ii
and a nd on one smaller single room 803 8th st at n ne
GD ST XE opposite Capitol southern souther Is
eXVOllure e large arg beautifully rurnl8hed rootus reeds 5
FURNISHED BOOMS for light housekeep
Ing i ng 1211 ew ewYork York ave nu29 autoit 3t
sE SECONDLOOIt D F FOn On front ont room bath IImall
rooms r reasonable aU conveniences 41G 451 0
st a t n nw It
I iOSIOTI1 S SOTIl OTIl ST WFurhtlf hed rooms a alt to
lIghl l houllek housekeeping eplri flats reasonable au293t auto at
FOJ FOIl l1E RENTTwo TTwoturnlshedb furnished bedrooms rooml sult sul t
able for three gentlemen 1003 East capitol iapit ol
lit l it It
FOR RE RENTFurnished TFurnillhed room II communlcllt
Ing l ag central lOOl 0 st 51 nw au293l
men onl only 1218 218 Sst 5 at nw au993t
FOR RE RENT10i3 TI013 5 1 at st nw one cornIer
IIbl ubly turnlshM Zurnish i l bedroom huge closet and at
WindoWs very ery tle deslrdble 1mble < houze steam hnt lien
porcelain porcelainbath bath nu229
iibarix O I X FLATXewly JlIlpered st stea r
heat S 7 pet month SiltS tIS WET VETMORE IORE 2 10
F Fst 8t st nw 4 au22931
FOR RFNT RENTNicely Icel turnlllhe 1 d room In The Ti
PIErpoht 217 17 F 1 st moderate prICe FLAT 2
It t
THREE well furnIshed rooms noufkeepln
allowtod donssniali on6 mall room m III D It mlt it
diGTwo l6Two fine rooms turnlllhed complete tor f or
light houseke housekeeping pln IlLS range dishes lIht hg lit
and heat 2309 1st is st stsa nw au29318e2
Tw TtVOsecond o c dnoor floor 7 7fr fr front n t rooms nicely fu fur r r
nshed for IIItt housekeeping gas rur cOk coo k
Ing use ot bath 465E 455 E It s SW au2D3t
TOlL RE RENTNicely T Icely turnlsned room and a i
good hom home table D24 lltulIachuseUa ae at e
nw aU autOIl 22l L
TIIREEnentl THREE neatly furnished rooms for gentle gent le
men near two twocar car lines 6121 29 Q st n no nw o It ii t
FOR RETXlcel RENTNicely furnished room heat her
gas bath second J1oor 6 per month 9 I 2
Est B at sW nu292t t
XICE NIELT urnlshNI room G per month cen cc i
tmlb located 412 12 3d 3dIII III n ate It 1 t
ills FLU Sr NWNicely Icel furnished tront fm nt
rooms porcelain bath large closets 510 10 to
512 12 month nu283t
THREE THREE furnished rooms sa 58 7 and i5
63 I lit nw nu293t t
I IARGE RGEturnlshed furnished room also front hall roo m m
aecond seconduloorSl3Fatnw fioor 513 Flit n It 1 t
FOR FORn FOR n RENTTwo T = Two rooms m mstu stu furnished riJlhed to sOul t
single or en suite private fanlll family porcelain pomcel i ii i
tub loel lovely location Apply 1008 638 Rhode Island Isla nd
ae nw au293t t
FcR FURNISHEDBright ISIIEDBrlght second floor tro front t Alo a lo
back backroomll9GsLna room 119 0 lit nn autoS
FORR FOR RENTSecond TSecond floor front and h ball i43
11 at nw au2S3t
RENTFront t and back C rooms s porcehi c ii n
h 4i8 i8 h hC
bath steam heat 4 418 1th at t ate Call l af ter
230 au283t
810 NEW EW JERSEY AYE XWri XWriau NWBeautl au autU1 tU1 fl
rooms lIngle or enllulte en suite housekeeping It
delllred aU283t t
OWXERoCne OWNER ot newly WiTt furnished r private te home hot
I with eel convenience IS smart m 1111 raml1 raml1would ramily would y i a
rent a cheerful room to refined gentlema cii
i breakfast If de desired Inc1 idol 13th at at nw
FOR F Ort RET RENTNicely Iee furnished umnished bright nl airy
dfIlrnblt de sirable front 2d floor roorrs for winter
I Iexcellent excellent ex cellently heated 510 10 S 8 and 56 per r month I
I I Jth st at no ne a aUtoIt 282l
t IARGE L ARGE front room very er cheap 210 D at t
1 se aU2i autt3t 3t
I IFUR IF FUR F URNISHED ISHED BOOStS large bright t room 00 I
with w ith buffet u et kitchen kltchen3iI 301 E Sl my nn aii7tt 3t 1
light li ght boulieke housekeeping e lng 23 232 2Bt F st ate auIT3t 3t
XICE N ICE furnished front room roomsultabhe suitable for 1 I
two g gentlemen ntlemen 2112 1I2 K ZIt n ate auill3t
ELEGAXT E LEGANT second floor front room corner
h ousc nUalle fur student also back room room I
with w ithporch po lnlotO t10lI 11th th st n nw a autT3t 23t
SUtMER S RATE8Plea1nt front rooms I
p rcelaln bat bath 505 o 10th th 8t at n ate a aut3t
FOR F OR nEXTBright cheery room rootnal central I
fine fi ne location 1210 19 G lit n ate a aU273t 3t
oR F t R HEXTwo front furnished room rooms
1Iultabie iu utabbt fUi r light nomeJeepng IG lttl
st n ate
O EFtRXlStiED E FURNISntEIFI1ONT FItOXT r room o Couple for
Ibht li ght 1JouoItIJ boueiecping ln ill Line st St nw ntli atitot
for fo r man and wife or to 1an istoles tiCn seconi
Iro Ir or r JU Massacnusatts Msacncs tts ac ne auS3t
hall ba ll room ba bay windows turnce neat handy
tJcJtII to ears SV L tin a nutSSt 3t
FOR F OR nE RENTNicely Tlcel furnished roani fac1n facIng
JJark hia rk with good tnlJle bo1n1 L IJOtS L I st n
a ataSit S3t
10 r to LArtGE ± GS w whi n furnished rooms terms
11r0L8onable re sssonable 400 I nw a autSZr st
FOR F OR RETChcap nice nicely furnIshed room
In apartment hous liouseelevator < eleJror service suitable
Cor fo r one or two gentlemen Address BOX
24 this office au23t
1329 I tO9 Q STLarge andsman and small bright c1ea clean
rooms ro oms also stable Inronr au23l
SEVERAL S turnlshed rooms board I if de
sired si red mechanics taken 31 n 0th th at t nw
auI73t 3l
THREE T furnished rooms light lu lousekeep > keep
in ng g adult 320 2d st St Ie ac U 3
115 Il l B bT SE SEeattSt eattSt and coziest t tIecond second
rtoor fl oor room In the city aU23t
3 13 03 T STX 0Th sr X NWTwo Two large bright room
turnlshed f complete for hocscKeepmg 1117 IT a
month m onth au2I auIT3t
TYO T WO second floor rooms one south front
porcelain po rcelain bath private rhatc lamU lamily Jlreakfa1t It
desire d < erY very desirable Ui lI Mount > uot vernon ternon
placo p lace nn au23t
FOR F OR RETlIandsomcJY furnished r front ro rort rt
ro r ooms ml complete for housekeeping gag range
running ru nning wl1t isalec r excepUona exceptionally clean excellent
location lo cation LWI L st nw nu23t
4 17 G sr srXThree ST XThree furnished rooms S4
5 operrnonth per month gentlemen nu2Git
FOR F OIl RE BENTCool XTCoo i tech l iurn1shed furnished room In
quiet q uiet house ch charming nnlD locat10ngenlemen location gentems
on o nly 1 4ooJthlt 400 0th at se corner Pa Pa ae au5t
T1O 1 sO BEAt71FCL B Er TFLL unfurnished rooms nl
coe c ove closets porcelain bath 2O W 1503 Ver
mont m ont ae facing Iow Iowa circle aUD3t
toUR r oit n1JThree unfurnished rooms t on n se see
ond o nd floor nIsI three on third floor wIth
hratgas h eat gas and bath for light h1s housekeeping k pms
306 3 06 Ttn tn lit ne au autoit t
FOR F OR RE RENTThree TThree plengl p1ensat urturnlshed
rooms ro oms lccondfloor second floor onnwest bath JU gas
I nndhe a nd bent t 16 lGApplytlO ppl 210 l 12th th st stawautil3t I au 3t
roR F OR RETTwo newl newly papered unfurnl unfurnihed hed
rooms nis heat and gas for cooking dli 12 2QV 0 G
8t s te ue au2l3t
FO F OR R RRE RE RENTOne Tone or two unfUrnished room
In I n flat Northeast steam heat and gas Ap Ap
py p y 6VJ G8t G st RW C a auiOtt 2J2l
lFUR t NFURXISHEDTwo ISUEDTwo large commun communicat ica t
Inlroomsseeund I ng rooms second floor also tworooms third
1100r fl oor Clul all before 10 or after 5 no 1 st n no o
a autOSt 3t
roR F OR RETThree rooms unfurnished 57
1511 1 511 Gales GalesL st ne aU93t
ROO ROOMS MS fo foTlI for TlI light Sht housekeeping reasonable
neaIcars n ices 5eaton st nec J cktngton It
FOR RE RENTTwo TTwo large rooms second fi fleer r
heat h eat gas porcelaIn tub 31 20 d st at ne It
FOR R RENTThree T = Thr Conmunica ConmunicatigrOOm communicating tigrOOm roonta
second s floor back porch adjoining bath heat
and a nd gas no children 2100 X st n use au292t
THREE light basement room8fronl rooms front ud side Ide 1
eontrnnCE e 10 also frOnt Parlor 128 MA 2asisa
chu c husetts eUs Be nw au autoIt 3t
FOR RETTo or three unturnlshed rooms I
on o n Iecond floor bath lame floor illS ith th t
st S t fly w au293t
THREE unfurnished rooms suitable i for r lighi lght
hou housekeeplngi ekeeplng second floor gas anti Lath
SOD 0 at stnw D a autoIt t
FOR RETThree RENTThireerooms rooms light ighthousekeep housekeep
Ing i ng with privilege ot hou house In slxt sixty da days S
511 51iD D st at ne au93t
FOR FOIL nE RENTTwo Two largefl1lt large first floor rooms
lhht l hous housekeeping k plng heat gas bath VIrginia t
FLAT 7th and Virginia Irg1nla ae A 11 BUR
DINE a autStt 2t
FOR FOR RE RENTFour TFour communicating u nafur
nlshedrooms by eptember 1 UI5 10h 101 h st st
aE n no o al83t
FOR RENTThree unturnlshed rooms sout south b
era exposure heat and lg1t l 12 Appl Apply to U
own owner < 9 X stnw st ate aU autoit 3
FOR RE RENTTwo TTwo large rooms light house housekeeping
keeping bath new house 747 7 Princeton st st I
nt au83t
T TILItEE REE or four rooms light housekeeping
1670 m mdntlti41 nth IUS 11th st stautO2St9 au 62s 1
O ONE E In large oc a and one one small room light lou Louse
keeping heat gas ns bath summer price 510 <
525 2d 8t Ie au aut7it 3t
T TWO O unfurnished rooms on parlor floor ij 70
5th tii sL at n nw S a aut73t 3l
t7XFURISHED ROOMS for rent three on em
second fiO floor lr < front communcatlng no chil
dren 1121 I st n fly au23t
TWO ltO delightful front ront rooms with heat and ant
gas 8ultIWletor auitahe for tI light ht house keeping fourth
floor Walter LUer building 1010 F 8t at nw
TO unfurnished rooms for light house
keeplngI33 G st nw au273t
FOR REXT BENTOne One large front room part I
furnished w 407 XW Yorkae York ace n nw nu23l
t INFUI1NISHEDThree FURISHEDThree rooms third floor
heat heat bath and gas vacant September I
15 per month no children 418 H el t
ne au3t
FOR RETThre e ecommunicating communicating rooms on o s
second ttoorone floor one large front andb1ck and back room
furnished 4r n st n use nU auttJit 3t
FOR FOIL RE RENTRooms = TRooms with lth leat neat gas and an
bath G per permonthl3litthst month 31 12th st nw 1t
FOR R RENTTwo TTo or three room turnlshed l
or unrurnlshed 1403 5th Sth3t st nw nwauto3t nu93t
913 NEW YORK YORK AVE NWecond Wse nd tt floe oor
tronl frontandothem and other rooms It
NICEUI ICEL Y F FURNISHED Is ED front room > nnd two ttv 0
unrurnlrhecl rooms for light housekeeping I
1118 10th 8t at n ate nU9t
FIVE NICEROOMS ICE ROOUS for rent single or en e
suite two ot them unturnllhe4 unturnllhe4prices unfunniahe 4 4pnices prices low I
PATUXE PATIYXENT T 810 12lh It at nw au23t
FORRETTwo FOrt RENTTwo rooms partl partly turnlshed I
or unfurnished for light housekeeping ra ret L
lIonable sortable633 633d 2d st sL ne u292t
F FOR RENTNice TNlce cool furnished or unrur unfu r
nl8hed rooms for rent Call 204 D 0st st nw
autS3t 3t
CAPITOL HILLParlor floor and basem basemen nt t
111150 aisofumnished turnllJhed rooms 7 5th st se au nuts 3t
t42 2 1 ST STNewly Iy papered and pain painted led rooms S
single or together tiled bath one n1t fin P Pt t
PhoneMainiG7tM hon 1Lln 56i I llu2 antISt
FOR nETJumfthed or unfurnished rooms goon Is
In well kept house Second floor D 925 II It s t
n nw au23t
WANTEDBy v ANTEDB lady with one child ae age1 10 0
rQ9m and board In 1rhate taml family ret referenc rences es
exchanged must be reasonable In prIce wdy lot ly
Is employed Address BOX 2 this elite
TWO YOUNG MEN E desire two o smKll roomll root
and board In private family Address J ress BIX B X
70 this office au293l
2122 M t ST NWRooms Rooms an ane good board boar d
535 for to single 1QOm 518 18 and 510 20 earl ear l1
breakfDJIt bneakfastmechanicstaken mechanlca takn It ii
DRIGHT h he cheerful e rfu ir room 1 1with with good hom hot ne
table 1232 10th st n nw It ii E
FOR F0 RENTFurnished rooms with Ith or with wit h
out board suitable for two HIS PennftI d
main anla ae 1l it L
R ROOM OOM AD BOARD married couple or p w to o
gfmtlemen one room 122 1227 New e Jersey ae at e
nw u293t L
DEAlTIFlL BE AUTIFLL furnished front room on second
floor flo or with excellent board for two phone
35t6 ast o Main Ialn IllS 1 st at nw au293t
120 201 4 K ST NWDesirabie WD slrnble front room three
wlndow wi ndows new newly papered firstclass board
515 ti for two ate3t
IOJr b y EYE ST X NWNcwhy cy furnished rooms
and an d good board central location facing park
au a uJit VU
PRIY PR IVATE ATE FAMILY board permanent gen
tJeman tie man 515 15 month good board lArge room
hent he at L1nKdon D C 5c tare near c vaTS S
Address Ad dress BOX i4 this omce 1t
1002 100 2 llT ilTifgrXwFumaished i iST ST X WFurnlshed 2d floor front
and an d back porcelain baths with or without
bonrd bo ard gentlemen au2S3t
F FO RR RRTSlngle IRENTSingle TSlngle and double room south
ern er a coekln cocking central locatIon D19 K at St nw
au2S3t a
FOR FO R nE RENTNicely T lcelY furnished d rocm board
if desired SOJ 11th st st n use au283t
SM 11ALL ALL HALL room good board 370 350 per r
tc ek k II P i at St ne near North onh CaPitoL
a ut5it t
FenXISlmD FI PNlSIED nOOMS IIOOMSZtOd nnd board at 1 a
woek n eck nt 1 iIt East capitol It at nu autia t
WIDOW in w OF GOER GOVERNMENT IE T clerk desires
sIx or eight boarders would select house
tl > suit guests good table tare Address ddress
IOX LO X ti3 j thisomce ths otitce n autoat t
onO F RONT T Hoo ROS tS with 1th board 35 and 1 10
month mo nth single ro Ims rooms 55 5 V per ieee ec iI5 15 Iota
st 51 no fl ati atitStt l
S03 K ST WFurnlsbed rooms good borne
tnble ta ble central au73t
TO G GENTLEMENFront TLE lEXFront room well lighted
st eam nrn nented with board FL FLAT T 51 I uruns
wick wi ck aUi3t
FUR F URNISHED ISHED BOOS with board si25 per
week w eek 3J1 D st at nw a1273t
sI N ICELY E YFURXISH FURNISHED ED EDtront front room second
and an d third floors suitable rem or two gentle
men m en or couple 1207 nth It sLate nw a1123t
i13 71 3 K ST WDe3lrnble roomssood rooms good board
trn tr ansients rslenta accom accommodated odDtedaU2i autT3t 3t
10 03 3 IR1LND MARYLANDAVE A E NitLarge Llrge front
room ro om with b board rd s second nd Sleet C convenient nenlent
to bath furnace heat au2it
roR F OR nfrSecrnl RNTEevcrnl nicely furnished rooms
wIth wi th or without board 105d 103 Id st ne auGt
FOR F OR S SJtLEFine LEFlne Holstein nod Alderney lderne ca calL
l1I M R rtES Tenle Tenleytonn onn D C C aJ auto3t 3t
GRAPHOPHOXE G ao Hz ii dozens r records ecords
tartube ea r tube macnlne ot Q 8t st n s n autoit 3t
FIE F INE ne new drophead se sewi sewing wi machine ct n tUl fully i
IWlntnttetJ gu aranteed Jet of best steel attachments
o JO O Aso 50 Davis t erUcalIed crtical1 ted the best lam
11 y machine sold toda today because It does more
and an d better work than any t other ther D DAIIS 0 I >
A GE GENCY Y 425 4 45 st st s SW Phone 51 > L ZOS
aU 3t
A A B Chase mall upright used on one
year > ear ioo
lers Pond mah u upright rIght 1nUJUL
ne nese
Poole teal 011 upright excellent condlUon conditionsttJ
Xeiro eltO mali upright I50
Jackson 1 rosewood uprIght I
Kimball mali up uptight 1gbt hand canedl carred5175
Pianola mahogany l
Angelus manogany L 50 I
L Lb raphone maa10gaIJ la
Ceclllan ebon ebony 100
AnJte Angeus us mahogany 15 Including one 1
years > tJJ s L1brar Library ubscr1pUon
lWG G St t W nU autoit 5t
FOR F OR SAL SAL3Sh 3Sh register u used e t three
months m onths reasonable prI price 1550 so 7th sL n nw
a auti3t St
FOR F OR SALETwo house boa boats two skiffs
one o ne hammerless gun 12 bore B WESt
Cabal U shal road th three boats aU93t
FORs F OR SALEA L A Sh 5borsepower Deponer ele ctrIc trle moto
hafting s and boilIng used but UU litCe and i
for f or sale cheap It sOld at onCE HE HENRY RY T 1
OIFJEROLotER O 504 9th st nw au293t
FOR F OR SALEri SALEPatent nt street Indicator for use
011 o n Stret t rulha railway econoUl camswillwork Work either
a automaUall or othennse For particulars I
all allon c all on or address EVERETT DUboUR 1e 1
Droit D moit bullllng ntCt
FOR F OR SLEContcnu of new newly furntsh furnlshei I
tat fl at everything must be sold atonre at once Call I
bttwcin be tween I and I p m 30 3OJo bth st at nw II
FO F OR RSAL SALEFeather = F Fth th bed ill dining gUble table bOOk heel r
ense c ass polish stand 1c Ice box x couch bedstead
matting m atting ga sWes curtain poles cheap
1323 I 3tiSsL S st nn anSit
FOR F OIl SALEHandsome qunnered quarte ied oak oakse se sei swell i
tront f ront bedroom test et 515 15 smaJllCE smail Ice chest 51 ex
tension t table 1 swel1tront oak bedroom set
8Wi iO s several ernl odd chairs 3 rockers 2 oak cal
center c tables bureau and washstand tS4 at d i
ar S t ne
a 3t
F OR R SALEXc fixtures for dairy lunch c h
Address A ddress BOX 46 46this tbls office auS3t
FOR F OR SXLEFamU SALEFamily cow gentle MRS
HAYS KAY opposite Brl Briglitwood htwood riot mlotel l Bright
w ood au autoIt it
FOR F OR SALLarge sue box couch cost 45
will exchange fur any anything thin or sell cheap
AddrelS A ddress BO BOX 5i this Office JU2S3t
FOR F OR SLEF1eburner gas stove t for 55
cost c ost 15 will deliver drop cud J 1 L c C
138 i 3s Xew ew York ae au2S3t
F OR R SALELlrge Ice boxes suitable to =
JJOCery g rocers or meat store to the skeptic I wIll all I
gle g ive 0 das trial tree It you OU have an as I
tee i ce box made b by a tinker and have trouble
blame b lame no one but yourself > ourselt See ee HOPWOOD
Sth E s and K sLs n no nw o at12it t
FOR F OR RLEStandard sewing machine droj dro p
hend h ead good ood ns new 520 cost 565 HOP
WOOD Sth and K Ksu su n ate aui3t
FOnSAL FOR SALEUpright EUpright piano excellent or orci der i
5 75 Cst 3350 50 ice > ee HOPWOOD 8th and K I
St8 s ts nr the he Man Who Y o Saves You Uone iioney
au nullSt 31
FORSALEHeatlng FOR SALEHeating stove Radiant Home
No o 3 fine condition cost 325 no now 1 b
See HOPWOOD Sth and K Nsts st n use Tb Ihe C
Man Who ho Sates You MOney lone at1T3t
FOR SALEStoe pipe 10 cents per Joint
aU sIzes best make See 1101 iIOlWOOD > WooD 8th St ii
and K sts nw au23t
FOR SALEHeatln6 stove excellent co1dl I
tlon t ion iro co cost t 515 IS See HOl HOiWOOD WOOD 5th St
nnd anditstsnw K 21ts nW aU23t
FoIi FOR SA SALEDary Dar lunch mugs best kind
cSc 4 50 dozen See e HOPWOOD bth and K s
nw at12i3t
FOR SALESquare piano tine condition I
cost 300 303 now t2 See HOPOOD tith anll an 5
K it 21ts nw aU antIit 3t
FOR SALEHandsome rosewood bearoom n
suite cheap ito 6th 5t st nw au3t
FOR SALECounter 20 feet long 315 611 lb hi
t t n no o nu23t
FOR SAIETo good Iocans cheap lat
ilorI Florida Il II ave e ne au nullit 3t
FOR SALEBedroom set carpets chair a
and tables 900 D st st ne au2i3t
OAK BED BEDROOM oM SUIT SUITE p springs mattres t tt ttess ess 5
and toilet set lr39 i5S 9th st st nw aU23t
FOR SALEFour fine cabinet mantes 150 I 50
feet regulation Iron fence lot doors doors etc et C
218 Jth 6that I at se au273t
FOR SALELeaInl elt city mahogany m mans in
cabinet rtt 12 fine mahogany bedroom aulte suit e
t45 5 cost itOo OO cherry bedroom suite lS 1 S
cost MO silk parlor suite 40 40 cost m soUd sol
sliver gold mounted Carl Fischer cornet comae
with leather case 50 30 cost 200 chairs
rockers pier mirror 12 l2 cost C 503 cheri cbers ri
dresser 9 Lieut A ORXDOnF 1467 14 51
P st at nw au23t
FOR SALEHandsome quartered oak mlr ml
ror front folding bed WIth hair mllttrrss
20 cost i6 itO 9 yth st St n flw nu23t nut 31
FOR SALEAntique hand handsomest omest old ma In
hogany sideboard In existence 200 yea ears
old cheap 4 423 9th st at n ate aU7 antISt
F RSALETh FOR SALEThoroughbred r iJU lbred St Bernard Jp g p
with pedlgr pedigree Call or write C H uc ii C
DLTELL Langdon I D Co C at12il
We Ve hate a number or good square pianos pian Os I
which we w111 loan free ot chare tor I or
six months to the first applicants Xum Sum U
ber limIted so call at once you ou PD pay only ott ly
the cost ot hauling
Bradbury buUdl1g 15 PennsylvanIa ave at re
au2 nutStI t
FOR FOR SALEBuzards Roost buUdng mate mal e
mini aU kinds windows doors lumb mm r
Plumbing show windows and firewood Chiil chic at >
lor oasIs 11th Lu I t sta nw J i D hOME i
bol1erstoam boiler steam boxes basket etc for stealn steal In
II ing t to o oysters yatens BAUMS FUR FURNITURE ITURE SHOP SHC I
11th tit and U lit Phone North 1313 Ju1715t null Lit
= =
You can sac from 515 5 to 10 io cn < n Ill new
plan pi anos this month Also tollowlng llpe1aIJln specials
I Iused used us ed upright pianos Knabe 323 likene like nev its
ChIckerIng h lckering 5175 1 SLIesT
I tO0 OO Cabl T 175 i75
I Christie ti irlatie 5125 ii l Jnabe nabe zo 0 aquarts aqu Pnaos
52 5 Up On easy payments it desired 01 0 1
I IDeUOLL DeUOLL D eMOLL t CO 1231 ito G st nw Three ts
f tire tir e boors 2tock stocked with init hJghgrade pl
I anos os
W cnre e are se 1Unl every er plato at a sacr1nce sacrIfl U a
SOOb UO cTh as our stock 1JJ 1 reduced W We wlltmaka wilt make
ImproeJ1le1ts Izn proveuients lIt ou warerooms reroom to 0 do this
at this s season asOn wemut we must offer eve every piano at
a bargain figure iso the pianos we 0 are
orer ofl eriug nn and be convinced or the ad advantage llntar I
ot delivery direct < wIth the manufacture
tprlght L pright han03 UId as 10 low aI I
Square Sq uare Pianos as low aa
O Or gans as Iou as
CftA2 at STIEFF PLO yzn U
Szt Eleventh St St X V
1 JCCONLIFFMauageg C C05LIFF Manager j29tt
FOR FORS F OIL S SALEGoto ALEGo t ttosiOAs1 tosiOAs1 SLOus 1407 7is t t
you yo u have anything to sell sell
go to 0 c C G
HLO bL OA co HOl G Glit lit at Ben results results quick
returns re turns SaeJ every tiaturday turday Goods re O
celsed ca lved at an any Was No 0
eh3rgc for
st storage rali cs
whUe hile
w 3waltln
awaiting sale Phone 5tsj 1a1n IJISS
YOU T OU CA CAN GET the bell best prices U you come
to 113 with your Our goods to ell at aUct10B
wEr2SMAN VE1 sxui 8r GUSA GUaAcx x
919 D lit lIW puone la
DRSCRIDLERS D IL SCHIXDLEipS Peanut Oil Butter But j r
zhnply si znply delicious for sandwIches Will
J post si
theS li vely cure constipation toe JQcpound pound at aU
Iocers gr occrs Factory OO 14th h It at au7Gt 3
20 FIE FlXEDOORSnadwiidows DOORS and windows also rooet 1
foteam at eamn boiler 116 North oth Carolina ae Be
a autl3t 3t
FOR F OR SA ALEe per cent discount on on picture pict
franes fr ames daring th the summer months TYL TYLE
iI S 9th t t n fltt
5ALEGocxI quality opaque abaaes tat t
ted te d to your our wimzdows 111110 only c the JQ beat qual
Ityoll it T oil Cl opaque 3Que > shades We hun hung tree wilL
call ca ll with samples KLEEjLATrs lltb ua1
Ii it tLn as I1on Ibone East 250 D mhU uiisiit5
f lL kt FOR 5A dA2C1TARY lTARY COUCHES oro urop siC1 stats
rockers ro ckers Gc SEe SIc and 1S parlor anoJ ant i bed
room ro om suites uUes Sl per r week eek KED SCEDaIOND O D m
an a nh 213 th st st nw sDtZ
l i OR Eji Ejiuiiarber t
shop three chalu clmlrz 1d
couplete co uplete Iurnture Iurntture In s good goodcondluon Od comUuon bus
ne3sgJaranteed n ess guaranteed rent 55 Y FOIIE2iO ORE O llt th
Jt and hiicnigan knlan a ave i3rookland DC P C
FOR F OR SALEGrocery sto stone 101n doing good 001
nttls n ess good JONUon will sell cheap 133
lennsynnnla i tflflsyivania axe ie au293t
FO F OIL R RSALEnbldest1bIlZlhed SALEnbldest1bIlZlhed SALEAn bIdestablished Photo pbotogmapk
studio st udio
AI reputation good Prices Audrtsi oc1nt
i OJL J 9 thIs office au23t
F OR RS SALESaloon 4 Lri n one or o or othe r the b bestfO t ro
C3ttd d and equtp equippd places In the city Ion long
It ase reasonaoe ren rent re8llOD reason ill bealU1 Ad
clfS u ttSS Cn Cxih hA s IS General 1JtIe Delivery
tasnilngtonDC aslln ton J C a autoit r
E GROERY RY Northwest orthwes gOOd Joca
uon Li on reJlable trace reason for OrseLJng sebing utber
bUsn b usness am be bought quick for 51uj W 20 d
are38 a reas l IsOX OX iI this ottlcc It
FORSLEn F OIl SALERooming OO OOmig mig house on Macsach U
a etta Je ave l B8 use 3if splenuld location t1on Ch cheap reat
A ddress BOX 43 thIs office autolit
I VAtTEDBcanch Branch mana managers ens for P1Iad Phuladel
Pll1a p als and New ew lurk must have 1tiJ gOOd
s alar aint > guarant guaranteed amid n money ne J5eC secured Ad
dress d ress JjX 24 this ottlceau office autoit 3t
W W ATEDWelipaylng it uWe pay1n bU business ln exdmng
fo f or first mortgage 6 6er er rc cent nr gale IJ5C5 > 1Cs
Address A ddresS BOX Sf ni this eDuce au93t
ROOlli R OOMING G HOUSEex ROUSE excellent e1Ient location will 111
sel1 s ell at sacnl1e l leaving aJnI Clt city rare can cncu
lit t aultt
CORER C ORNER GROCERY Sothw Northwest t Illi daily sates
S ti ctl eneap Ii ren rent7 price rIc OJ genuine lNrJLJB
oNW N I6W lURK ORK BLdINtS l5L 2 13h01UnS bllh bhi I
S t autOit 3 I
COXFECTIOERY C notion and dry goods
store s tore excellent stand makng mone money price
050 5o will m invoice prIce ask askeeL d NEW 10RH
JUhI B LbISESS y yOKffi BltOKsRd OKffi bl i Lst au3t
A ROOMIXU EOUSB on Pennsylvania ave
n w near Cia St fur sale 14 rooms Xbr
n ished Adartes BOX 511 this ofilcc autoSt
e iSa GROCERY 5700 t Ine business cheap
r ant dwelling CAPriAL BUS1NES EX
C ziaNGEAtsantie building autOSt
B OOMING MOUSE for sale 3 Apph 51
S tn at ate
WE HAVE a flue list of business places
f or sale from 520 to s000 QUICK SALEd
C O Room i1atoer puUdinauti5s
S ALOON in wholesale district chance is
d om onere d must be sold on atvoudt dl
i llness Dtt1N 617 oulaamair aveaOBh3
S ALOON close to Avenue finest trade Ia
c ity twelvct furnished rooms DUGAN gj7
L ouisiana ave
S ALOON best stand Southeast conducted by
s ame pmoprietor nfteen ycara DUGtN ti
Louisiana are autoic
BARBER SHOP one best stands nths
c ity must be sold DUCAX 617 Louisiana
a ve autiJ3t
BAKERY including wholesale nd retajj
t rade boise wagon and everything corn
p lete 5650 DLGA 611 Louisiana ave
FOR SALEDry goods business oa 7th sL
a bove X good locution teasons br selling
Address BOX 53thlsolice auti3t
FOR SALEDairy lunch must be sold by
S eptember 1 goon location Address BO 4
t iislice antSSt
n ess in Northwest must scu on account of
going away Apply SIRS THORNTON 3
5 St autoit
and confectiount wits dwelling
c heap Address Box St this 015cc antSit
FOIl SALEAt once cheap for cash dairy
l uncL 512 E St me antSSt
SALoOt cash balance monthly
o thers 51PA upward CAPITAL BUSINESg
EXCHANGE Atlantic luxeing au355L
DAIRY LUNCH business 5500 central Ia
cation clearly SItO monthly CAPiTAL
BUbINESI ECRANG Atlan tiS Building
CATERESS wants dining room kitchen wlt
boarders plenty of urnlture 1003 IL st flW
market price 5100 paying business theap
once at any prIce Apply 1111 7th st na
it itxcii e xcii AND DINING ROOM near schae
and market low cash price reason for isU
ing other buziness Address BOX 39 tItle
onset aul7it
grand location to right party Come g
once 304 indiana ave use aull3t
FORSALE43mcery store aum four hurg
living rooms 12 rent doing god business
must be sold quickly owner leaving City
1501 Half at SW
IIALEFlrstclass twochair harDer
Shop 64 H et use nutSat
boiler steam boxes baskets etc for steam
pen and U sts Phone North 1313 anilig
tiomea Nothing too small or too large
1107 C Street w jytitI
WTEDFiratclassautomobila ian
change for gilt edged bonds bearing 6 peg
cent interest Address BOX oi this offic
Inost reliable Full line on hand Guago
teed vulcanizing and retrmdlng rrduc
prices JONEF TIRE WQRES 6ntG04 S
REMEMBER KItETOis prevent typho44
and reduces fever term haiL Apply po body
solution AIi druggists Take no othert
VHY PAY StORE We store for 7c 1oa4
itith st ow Phine Main it mayc

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