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Fat Men and Orientals in inClose in inClose inClose
Close Finish FinIshGarrisons FinIshGarrisonsLast FinishGarrisonsLast Garrisons GarrisonsLast
Last LastSaengerbund LastSaengerbund LastSeenerbond
Saengerbund Seenerbond Holds a Safe SafeLead SafeLead SafeLdad
Lead in the District DistrictLeague Districteag Districtr
r League LeagueKrauss LeagueKrauss eag eagKrauss
Krauss the Only Bowler BowlerWhose Bovl BowlerWhose r rWhose
Whose Average Exceeds
200 Mark MarkWith MarlWUIt Mark111th
With the Saengerbunds and Garrtsenasafely Garrisons Garrisonssafely GarrlsensBarelyeftOftoed
BarelyeftOftoed safely eseonoed at the top and bottom bottomrespectively bottomresptCUv8ly bottomrespectively
respectively the District Bowling Bowlingleague BowlingLeague BowlingLeague
league interest now centers In theflght the thefight thetlght
fight for second place between the theOrientals theOrientals theOrientals
Orientals and Fat Men who are nowpractically now nowpractically nowJr8ctlcally
practically tied the latter being only onlyone onlyonp onlyone
one point in the lead leadKrauss leadKrauss
Krauss has lost a few pins but theSaenger the theSaenger theSun
Saenger Sun er expert is J still over the themark 300 300mark AO AOmark
mark and will ill no doubt finish the season sea season se seson ¬
son with 8 a double century averageAlliean average averageAllison averageAmMn
Allison and Burdine also of the theSaengers theSaengers theSeengers
Saengers are ti tied d for second place with withan withan withan
an a average of ISSTeam 1SI 1SITeam 1StTeam
Team Standings
G W VLPcL VLPcLSaenger I L Pet PetSaenpers PctSaengere
Saenpers TK i U UFat JW JWFat 811Fat
Fat Men U > ii M 3 > II atOrlentals MS MSOrientals IIOrttals
Orientals 78 M 11 II 141Bank 141 141Bank 41 41Bank
Bank Clerks 72 7 l at > 4 2C m 473Acmes mAcmes S SAcmes
Acmes 51 7 Sl K ISMarket Jf JfMarket 311Market
Market Houa House 7S I 27 48 48Florists Ml 111t
florists YloristsGarrleons 7 11 t M 52 5 J7 J7Garrisons M MORrrlSOQii
Garrisons W 19 9 47 47Team 4 311 311Team
Team Team Averages A verag05
G P TIG Av Avg
Saengers 18 TUgB IIIII IJtTJ IJtTJOrientals I11 I11Orientate
Orientals 7 M MJtl iUB I IF8t 711
Fat Men I8n Si 71380 71 OT 1IfAcmes SN
Acmes SI 4SMS 41 tn 1lIBank 9K
Bank Clerka 78 7 l 11747 47 7 P75 f an
Market House II 0M4S 996 S 9iI
Florists Flortsts If 44E316 CS 34b SSI
Garrisons 11 51878 852 92 8 8Saengerbund yb ybSaengerbund II IISaengerbund
G Pins HG Av AYJ
Krause Kra I8IiJ 7S MIS7 9ff 300 III IIIAlU9Oft
Allison 7S 141H 917 SC7Burdine 47 131 131Burdine
Burdine W 11407 11 m mImec l t
Miller Imec v 41 illi I1 i i41 iai 72
Eckstein F ksteln 7 7Ii 1W9 fib MS
Crist M SM5 5it 3 911 179 179Fat li liFat 179Fat
Fat Men
G Pins HG HGA AY Avg yg
Brosnan m 11171 tll 212 33 33ft
ft Smith R T 1 I Itt7 SU 19 131Waters
Waters 7S lSCai 11 I 2 311 IS 1StField
Field 31 SJtt Jl1 321 II Iffl 181Rodrick
Bodrick TV 1S4K 11 JA 171 171Miller 17 7t 7tMiller
Miller I Bl M sib 174 74
Baum 74 12298 11 > > 1 212 173Harlow 17 17Harlow I1J I1JHarlow
Harlow M 3tJT7 DD 2 171 171Bennett
Bennett IS I 174S 17 111 145 145Orientals H HOrientw
1 Orientals I
G Pins PItt HG Av AvBrown A Avg
Brown 7 7i rH rHODonnall 14 5i lilt liltODonnell L LfDonnel1
ODonnall 71 1JU4 3fi 181 182Campbell 181c
Campbell c m n 72 mW7 Hill 187 31 litWeiner 31Vete JIV
Weiner Vete V r X 11 SK 1 1M 173 1T 1TJIarshaH 111larU
2 JIarshaH larshail If Itvaffi 11II SK 177 177Spelrs HiSpeir 177SpeIrs
Spelrs Speir 73 1SSW 11 2M 2MWilliams 1M 1Mlllilams 1
Williams 6 9 9kernes iii 1 1Acmes 162 162Acmes
G Pins PI HG AVK AVJlJtoblnette
Jlobinette 38 8 S7 271 1 2M 3 3Cobey 33 33Cobey I ICobey
Cobey S s 164 M6 J4 J4Warren 11Warren 184Warren
Warren SI i2tt f824 2K 1S1 1S1Gorman 181Gorman 81 81Gorman
Gorman 4i SWK I 2tt IS 171Fritz 17 17Fritz 171 171Fritz
Fritz IS XfCT 1r 81 if 17SPlutch 178 178Plutch 1 1Plutch i
Plutch I litf 1 310 II ITS ITSWilliams 17SWlIllamf 1751Villlams
Williams 1 i 6117 7 3S2 lSZHardie 16 3 3Hardie 111 111Hardle
Hardie H SWS 2 391 3 1Cox 111 111Corr 8 8Cox
Cox K s 5831 9H 1R7 1R7Crane l 7 7Crane
Crane CraneSpSpaeth 3C 24 2 3431 2 311 i 3C4 3C4paoth ft ftjp
jp SpSpaeth paoth 6Lk I i6411 1114 4 3tt 153 153Conroy aConroy 1 + d dConroy
Conroy 7 1 1en 7 1 196 158 158Bank 151Bank 156Bank
Bank Clerks Clerksr
r I G Pins HG Avg AvgBontr
Bontr Bon tz St I44t J3 341 S4 S4TValker 4t 111 111Walker 133 133Winker
Walker 4 4 ttlH 244 244Barber 3 tI 171Barber 171 171Barba
Barber 31 I 1142 1142Barclay 1i14 111 179Barclay 111BarclKy
Barclay j r 4t Mtg 214 l4 174 174Scharf li4Scharr 174Scharf
Scharf 7 71 ll1K 11 1M t 172 172j 172JacobseR 172Jacobsen
4 j Jacobsen M Ml 4344 2W 3 3tt 1 1Ghe 111Gheeselll
Ghesselli Ghe elll St tgMl 214 l4 M2 M2SUiart HZStuart 33Stuart
Stuart 1 Ii 2 237 8 2W 300 IK IKMarket 1 1Market 131Market
Market House
G Pins HG Avg AvgnUec AYgJIIUez AvgRfillec
JIIUez nUec C filii R OJR Jat 22 111 311iiUer 111BAllet 111Ballet
BAllet iiUer 21 L7t4 I 7f4 22S I 173 172Bruegjjer 173Bruegger 173Bruegger
Bruegger 44 + w 1 7141 7 i 1 2tt II 171 171X InDeyo 171Deyo
X Deyo > eyo 31 at M 1196 MI 305 6 178 178Williams 111vnUams 171Williams
Williams 4f at Ti Y y3M 2tt It 1 1Bishop 114 114i 14 14BlsbQp
i Bishop W i J 7 286 III Itt IttV 1
V JTofmanp 12 1 X2W 1II 11117Keane1 411 1 1KeRnlt 102
Keane Keane1 8f 4JH 4 3t8 1t 1 1owenberg 111 111owftberg 113Lowenberg
owenberg xivi t 8 8f 177 II IIWhite III IIIWhlte 111White
White Jf 3JK M HI m mMIHer 118t 156Miller
t Miller II II er E 3 < Mi Hi 3 6 111 3SCJlorists 111Flo 111Florists
Florists Flo sts v j
BJ JjF Pi ptiis Pls s HG Av Avg AvgBaker AvgBaker r rBaker
Baker d 815 SW S i2 1 174 174McLennan 174YcLonnan 17 17McLonnan 4
McLennan i II U 1130 6 33E 2 17 17Goodman IM IMGoodman 1 1Goodman 71
Goodman I 510 178 1i 17 17Simmonds 17t 17tSimmonds 1 1117
Simmonds MP7 S SCooke 244 44 1 1Cooke 11
Cooke CookeShatter 1 1MW 53 2 2235 3Ii 1 1Shaffer 181 181Shaffer
Shaffer N 3 Jli 3S S 2 SI6 315Goetz Itt IttGoetz 1 1G
Goetz G t T f CU14I 1 117 7 7Ernest I IErne8t 1Er M Miii
Ernest Er neet 72 llJW 11 22 Ii 1 1Collins 111 111CoUlns 1Collins iii
Collins 22 Sp 3 3331 212 I 1 1Murray 1Yurra 1Murray 11
Murray Yurra M t 8 fiS tIT 174 387 387Garrisons mGar 361t
Garrisons Gar sons
Go Or < Sv Eta 1S 1u1 HGAvf HG A AvS AvSGordon
Gordon GordonBuleeki f iSL 1 314 > > t 17 1 1BulaskI 175 175BulASkl
BulaskI 31 > > MM 3l4I s7 s7Parr + 1 174 174Barr 4
PArr 27 4IM 4IMAVilliams 4 143 111 111Vmtams 1 11Vmlams H
AVilliams 8 iH iHffi2jE5B i 17 1 1Akers
ffi2jE5B Akers Ii 17Hamner 111 111Hamnel I
Hamnel 3s 1111 914 > > 188 188Seltz 3 3tz As
Seltz Sei tz a E 393 II 53 535S 1tii 1tiilAnd 7f n
lAnd J4 41l 41lHarmel tl9
Harmel 31 > > 4715 5S lRC lRCE8 1 1Eeeex I
E8 Eeeex 8C a4 7211 1 11ti 16 16Schroder 151 151Schrod8r
Irr Schrod8r a i 5111 B 2M S Spitch 118 118Art 1 11Vard
1Vard Art 2S JAS 4415 198Pitcher 191 1 1Pitcher
Pitcher pitch r S 42 4f 13 163Volgt l lit litAN u t tVoig
Voig 11 106 < 178 119iKE 1 1MIKE 350
= LOS ANGELES ANGI LES Cal April 13MIkRllers 13 13Mtke 13MtkeRn Mike MikeHileys e
Hileys Rn s press agent has begun gun to make makea mak maka e
a noise like a typewriter The Tonepah Tonepahprometer Tonep Tono Tonopromoter pen h hprometer
prometer is planning according to his hisagent his8nt ht htagent s
agent to p pull H off ot a double event this thismonth thismon th thmonth s
month monthThere mon monthThere tho thoThere
There will be a daylight fight between betweenPhil betweenPhil betwe betwePhil
Phil Kirtght KJdg and Percy Cpve ve land andnight a anight 8 8night
night contest cont between Jack Wile WUJe and andMlke andIke anc ancI
Mike Ike Schreck Cove and Knight are areon areon ar aron I
on the ground training so It looks Jo ks lik likbusiness like likebusiness likebusiness e
business as far as this thl match figures figuresWille flgurem figuresVille
Wille m was bested In one SIght with withShrock withShrock wl wlshroek th
Shrock boMt Qct butwas 1t was wa > c dgtmed claimed 1BedbY by his ad adinlrers admlrers admirers
< inlrers that he was W out of condition conditionThe conditionThe oonditieaThe
+ The result of otho the talk wa was a 8 return returnsnatch returnmatch rota rotamatch rn
match which ended in a draw so that thatthe thatthe the thethe t
the men have still to decide whifih whluhhe Is Isthe 15the
the better
RItKEi 2uM 1 p J Jt h
AROurllJ AROurllJpur
t 0 H AIET yE Yr l QUN H t Z M ANNn nta Nan > t tGann
Gann rl rH pur Y WUYFORE f ft ZUP AA nI auR wr LIE
orNE S aN7NE F NN 0 r
ti A sts ll AtU M EZ 3aa Na o
atCAh1 0 r
1 A ON t SHoUt D Dh
h 1vE YpW YpWI
W4 HAS aox
q ill illr t
r t d
t tE 4y j LJ 1 I
ci2g 1i 1iV
Z c3V
i I I4 Iv
4 H v r7IufFAKifJ r7IufFAKifJr 1
A Cpl E aF H OP COTC r rT
T r 1FtT 13Y N10N5 HtCKMANi
r 6 tSrtaQSEN tAO tAOLQO lf lfTA t t
AT PIMLIGO TRACKS VOUlt i 5 You Y c UR DJCovER R 0 ale L t F FRlfH FRlfHFAtKEN R R44vur rtN rtNFALKE
FAtKEN FALKE ERt6 Jtl lUST 7 nt 0
A 44vur Qor ro TC O pub puroN oil rr Il f o
OVER Q QSeveral 0 0Several
Several Carloads in in From Fromenning FromBennin
Bennin enning This After Afternoon After Afternoon
noon 1
I Horse Already Quartered at atOld atOld
i Ii Old Course Far Ad Advanced AdI Advanced
I vanced vancedThomas vancedThomas
IThomas Thomas Clyde Has Some SomeGood SomeI SomeGood
I Good Two voYeftrOlds TwoYearOldsin voYeftrOldsI YearOlds YearOldsin
I in in Stable StableJiALTIMORlt StableHALTDdOIUI StableBALTIWORB
JiALTIMORlt April M lLSevetal aasv Several carloads car carloads earloads ¬
loads of 0 horse borINw arrived at tn the Pfeniico Pfeniicotrack Pt Plml4ootrack dko dkot
track t k this afternoon from Wasoington Wasoingtonand 1Ya Va8hSagtonand eihlagton eihlagtonand
and more are expected today By to tomorrow toIftOrrow tomorrow ¬
morrow every stall on 01 the grounds will willbe willH willbe
be occupied There never has been so somany somany > > 0 0maay
many maay tunes at Pimtico to takS tk part partin partla Mart MartIn
in a rac race mantling Not even in the thegood th thgood thegood
good old days when MJa the Baltimore Baltimorecourse BaltimoreCOUrH Baltimoreeouree
course wa was the th common battlefield for forthe forthe I Ithe
the thoroughbreds of the North South SouthEast SouthEast
East and We West st were so many animals animalsquartered aDlmaJiiquartred animalsquartered I
quartered at the track trackThe trackThe trackThe
The ofltcials of the Maryland JockeyClub Jockey JockeyClub JockeyCJub
Club ar are much gratified at the interest interestbeing Interestbelnc Interestbeing
being taken by the horsemen hoI flleR in n the thecoming thecemlng thenaming
coming meeting and Secretary Riggs is issanguine 18ngulne hsanguine
sanguine ngulne ths that > t the meet will be the beat beatever betltev beetever
ever ev r held at the Baltimore course under underits underIts underIts
its new management both from a finan flaanelal financial ftunclal ¬
cial standpoint and in a racing way wayThe wayThe wayThe
The program arranged will ill suit horses horsesof horeellI horsesof
I of all classes and there is I every pros prospect pN pNpect prospect ¬
pect that the fields will be the largest largestever laraeatever largestever
ever known which of course cour will re result result ¬
i sult in good prices I cea and brisk bri k betting bettingApprove bettingI bettingApprove
I Approve Nev Betting Pavilion PavilienThe PavilionThe PavilionThe
The new betting pavilion which hasbeen has hasbeen hui
been provided just back of o the grandstand grand grandstand grandstan ¬
stand stan has been greatly approved of ofby otby ofby
by the horsemen who arrived today It Itwill Itwill Itwill
will accommodate comfortably thirty to toforty toforty toforty
forty booths and it t is safe to say thatthere that thatthere thatthere
there will IU be enough layers on hand to tofill totill toill
ill fill it completely The old pavilion pavilionwhich JNlvtllonwblch pavilionwhich
which was under the grandstand was wasso wasso wasso
so dark and cramped that it made madethings madethings madethings
things uncomfortable both for bettors bettorsand MUONand bettorsand
and layers The new one is open on airsides all allsides allsides
sides which will afford plenty of light lightand l1 lightand ht htand
and ventilation ventilationOwners ventilationOwners entlJaUonOners
Owners elf horses hor es that have been rac1ft raciag rac racing ¬
ing 1ft < < at Benning wilt be likely Ukel to And it itfar Itfar t tfar
far from easy to beat the animals that thathave thathae tha thahave t
have been at Pimlico for several weeks weeksThere wpeuThere weeksThere
There are upward of MK > thoroughbreds thoroughbredsthat thoroughbr thoroughbrthat ads
that have been prepared at t the local localcourse Joca1course localcourse
course and they are as fit to to run as asany uAn asany
any An horses hor that have been racing atBenning at atBenning atBenntng
Benning or the winter tracks tracksClyde traeuClyde tracksClyde
Clyde Has Good Youngsters YoungstersThe YoungstersThe
The stable of Thomas Clyde has beenat been beenat bHnat
at Pimlico for several weeks and amon amonthe among amongthe amongthe g
the twoyearolds are some colts that thatare thatare thatare
are said to be high class el Several eral other otherj otherowners othe otheowners r
j owners have youngsters ounpt that will mak makthe make makethe maketbe e
the best t of those tbo that raced at at Banning tBennlflgextend Bennin Benninextend Banningextend g
extend themselves tb mlielve Jubilee who whogenerally was wasgenerally wasgenerally
generally regarded as about the bes best bestyoungster bestyounnster t
youngster shown at Washington is i ithe in inthe Inthe n
the Ciabaugh Clabau h Memorial but he will willhave willhave
have his work cut out to win In for there thereare thereare that thatare e
are several dark ones Me that have not notappeared notappeared no noappeared t
appeared in public Fred LJUtefteld the theowner theowner
owner of Jubilee is anxious to win in the theCiabaugh th e
Ciabaugh for he is I a resident of Mary Iary ¬
land and is anxious to put his hi best bestfoot beIItfoot bee beefoot t
foot forward t < < rwArd Mr Llttiefieid bred Jubi Jubilee JublJee ¬
lee and regards the colt as very ery nearly ne nearl nearlfirst rly y r
first class He says ys that Jubilee is ya a afaster aI
faster and sounder horse than Computer Computerwas r
was at this time latyear last year and It will tll
I be remembered Computer brought S7SM S7SMvhcn 1 1when
when hen sold soldWalden soldWalden
Walden Has Strong Stable StableRobert StableRobert
Robert WaW Walden nt son of th the late lateWyndham lateWyndham la laWyndham to
Wyndham Walden 8IdeR who always alwaysa tooka took tooka
a keen interest < t in thf t Baltimore meet JMe
Ing tnga ha h has a strong S rORb stable and will m rate rateall ra e eall
all of them here He thinks Lord Be B0anerges BeI
anerges aner es will be bea a star during the meet meatting meetUng meetting
I ting Last fall this colt was oyfair oh only y a afah atab
tab performer at Pimlico but he ha haimproved has hasimproved hailI e
improved d go o much over winter that h he hewHl heHI
I will HI be a hard hors horse to beat In nearly nearlyany nearlyany meant meantany Y
any company He is fast and Mr MrWalden MrValden
Walden thinks he will stay better than the n
he did in his only start tart over a dlstanne dlstanneat e
at the Benning meet Belle of Jessa Jessamine Jessamine ¬
mine is another from which Mr Walden Waldenexpects Waldenexpects Wald
expects much The Belle was a a mighty mightygood nigh
good mare in the early part of the themeeting themeoting th thmeeting e
meeting here last l st fall but she is a deli delicate delicate delicote ¬
cate miss and will not stand a Sr great eat
deal of racing Skillfully handled she shewill shewill sh shwill e e
will hold her own in good companyDade company companyDade companyDade
Dade Is the Starter StarterStarter StarterStarter
Starter Dade will again preside presidethe at atthe atthe t
the barrier and Secretary RIggs attti atttiJudge antiJudCe a 3
Judge Frank Bryan Bryanwfll will be in n the stand standvhlle stamlbIle s swhile
bIle the stewards will wdl be Samuel Ross Rossof Rpssof Rp Rpof ss
of Washington Wa btnlton H J Morris and Wil William Wl1Ilam 1 ¬
liam Manly John Job Boden Boil the well wellknown well wellknown
known racing experts wild S4ithi has recently recentlybean leeeriUybeoo retail retailbeen Y r
bean elected l oteJl secretory sac gt t Brlsbtonr Brighton rlgJl 9 jrtll jrtllbe JVUlbe N Nbe 11 1
be th the rftblng r t1ng setoewryi stllr t + s
I AMATEUR BASEBALL BASEBALLBrightwood II IIBrightwood i iBrightwood
Brightwood defeated defeated TakomR Takoma Park Park al alTakoraa it itTakOIfta IiTakome
Takoraa Park by S to I Lineup of ofwinners ofwinner ofwinners
winners Faulkner catcher ca fterJckJo fterJckJoArat EcklQlE EcklQlEfirst ckigtC ckigtCfirst < <
first base Roche second HOOfl second bane bane V Grit GrhJttha Grittblnl Griffitbs
fitbs Jttha third baj b > Ne 3ti MaleM It t carter < Iter IterW oeM fleMW oeMw
W Griffiths pitcher IJ Moore t ore short shortstop shortatop shortstop ¬
stop N S Seltz itz left field W V 31kkcatcher Mick Mickcatcher Xiekeateher
catcher Howell right field Score by byinnings byInntncs byInnings
RHE RHEBrightwood RHEBrtghtwood RHEBrlghtwood
Brightwood I 21 21Takoma 1 S 1 11 110i72 110i72Takoma 1 1Z 1ZTakollHL
Takoma e 11 11Teams 111 1110 111 111TeallNJ 6116 6116Teams
Teams aged a fourteen rear rt ad4rM ad4llo N NSeitz NSeltz NSeitz
Seitz Brightwood BrI tood D CThe C CThe CI
The Victor Athletic Athlotlc Club wants wantwith game gamewith gameswith
I with teams averaging fourteen yearsAddress years yearsAddress ysI
Address Bill Smith H2 Btghth streetnortheast street streetnortheast
= northeastThe northeast tBtIl j jThe
The fifth nnhgrade grade Dent defeated the thefourth tJIefourth thefourth
fourth grade of the same school by 41 41to 41to 41to
to 7 The features eatur were ere the pitching ptteh lg of ofWalter ofV8Uer ofWalter
Walter Hughes and the batting batu of ofFrancis oCFrancis ofFrancis
Francis Kane and Ralph Tucker The Thefifth TIMftrth Thefifth
fifth grade wants WAftts games with teams teamsaveraging t taveraging
averaging twelve years Address Ad re Fran Francis lnuacls Francis ¬
cis Kane 4M New Jersey avenue south southeast ItOtItheut southeast ¬
east eastThe eutTbe eastThe
The North Washington Athletic Athletic AthleticClub Club Clpbdefeated CIbcletlecI Clubdefeated
defeated the th Gage School team tea f to toat toat i iat
at First and W streets northwest The Thefeature Thefeature Thefeature
feature was the pitching of Brooks for forthe tortM forthe
the winners winners lnner who want anC games with withteams withteam withteams
teams team av averaging raKinar fourteen years Line Lineup Ueup Lineup ¬
up Brooks pitcher hoot catcher catcherJones catcherJone catcherJones
Jones first n t base Grinnell second base baseGill bAMGill baseGail
Gill shortstop Spiedle third base Ste Stevenson StevelWOll Stevenson ¬
venson center field Perry left field fieldMiller fteldIlIIer heldMiller
Miller IlIIer right fijrid Address ddre8tl W V Grinnell Grin Qrfetnell OrtnneU
nell 3 Todd place northeastThe northeast northeastThe northeutTbe
The Adams School team wants wantsgames waRtepnle wantsgames
games with teams averaging fourteen fourteenyears fourteenyears I
years The lineup Naughton and andAle and3reroher
Ale MeIolNr 3reroher i oner catchers Tuck Kenner Kenft Kennet < < and andCre andCreslftLw I ICreshkw
Cre CreslftLw shTtw pitchers Crenahaw first firstbase ftr firstbase t tbu8
base Pennyfcaker second seco second d base Ken Kenner KeRer Kenter ¬
ner ter er and Tuck third base Cotley Colle short shortstop shortstop hott hottatop ¬
stop Menoher Dawson R Bond F FBond FBond FBond
Bond outfielders Address F Col Colley ley ley1S10
1810 Sixteenth street stree northwest northwestThe northwestThe northwestThe
The Phelps Ph lP8 School Sct > ol team has ha organized organizedand organizedand organisedand
and wants games with any teams tenta aver averaginjc averaglnK averaging
aging fifteen years The Th lineup Connors Con Connors Connon ¬
nors catcher F Davis and E Davis Davispitchers Daviapitchers
pitchers P Miller short shortstop to J E ECharleton ECharJfton ECharh
Charleton Charh ton third base W r Cady second secondbase MCODdbase
base W Brown first base P Talbycenter Talby Talbycenter Talbycenter
center field J Dulley Dulle loft field WRkhardson W WRichardson
I Richardson right rl ht field H Yetton R RKing RKlnf RKing
King and E Schuyler subs Address Addresschallenges AddrMIIlhallenges Addresschallenges
challenges to Chapin Bauman 90S T Tstreet Tstreet
street northwest northwestThe northwestThe northwestThe I
The Bradodcks want ant games with withteams withteams ith ithtNm8
teams averaging thirteen years Ad Address Address ¬
dress Harry Cash 1747 14 T street north northwest northwest northwest ¬
west The lineup Harry Cash Ca h catch catcher catcher ¬
er and manager ma ger Hiram Cash and andHerd I
Herd first Ar t base Colley and i isecond McIntyre McIntyresecond I
second base Crane third bas base R j
Adams short stop and captain captainAdame J JAdams
Adams Adan1m and Mudd tudd left field Trilby Trilbycenter TrilbyeeRter
center field Torina Torilla5 Torilla5right right field J JThe J I
The St Anns baseball team of Ten Tenleytown Ten1eytown Tenleytown
leytown wants wa games with teams aver averaging averaging ¬
aging thirteen thirteen years ears Address John JohnODay JohnODay
ODay Wisconsin V onsln avenue Tenleytown TenleytownD
D CThe C CThe CThe
The Barney School baseball team eel colored 001ored eeldefeated ¬
ored defeated the Garfield GtufieldSoIIool Softool aol colored 001ored ¬
ored by 9 to S Wet Vet weather eather prevented preventedgood preVentedgood preventedgoad
good playing laying by either team The win winners winners ¬
ners want games with other schootteams schoolteams school schoolteams
teams averaging sixteen years Line Lineup LIneup Lineup ¬
up William Harris first base captain captainClifton captainClifton captainClifton
Clifton Anderson pitcher manager managerGeorge mana managerGeorge er erGeorge
George Samuels Samuels center cent r field Joseph JosephScott JosephScott Josephtt
Scott tt catcher LeRoy Le Qy Smith shortstop
Henry Watts third base George Thom Thomas ThomAS ¬
as right field Sumner Moss o sf second
base Percy Perc Lacey Lace left fieldAddress field fieldAddress fieldAddress
Address William Harris 700 00 Nichols Nicholsavenue lchol lcholaVeJtue
avenue or Clifton Anderson 194 19 Morrisroar Morris Morrisroa Iorrj8 Iorrj8roaf
roar < Aracostla AracostlaAMERICAN AracosUaAMERICAN
LONDON April 13Two 13 13Twolnternatlonal 13Twolnternatlonalftghts Two International Internationalfights
fights will be fought in the ring of the theNational theNational
National Sporting Club on the night of
April 22 In the first firstAl Al Delmont theclever the theclever theclecr
clever featherweight fight ot Boston Bostonwill Bostonwlll
will take on Owen Moran the little
English boxer while in the other Sam Sa m
Langford the clever and hardhitting hardhlttlnrcolored
colored weltcrweiRht of of Boston will
tackle Tiger Smith the mldleweight mldlew ght
who was knocked out only a short time timego
ego go before tho same club In one round roun d
by Gunnei Moir the e English heavy heat
tho thoe
weight champion Both fights will m be e
for twenty rounds roundsFOREGONE roundsFOREGONE roundsFOREGONE
Do you think marriage mnrrll6e is a II lottery lot1 to ttfyry7
Quit Quit kidding Youre married arenU ar wren wreny m t
you y 011
1 I am aml1JbQt1 s
l1JbQt1 Tllflttwhy T n + y a asks 1k 1kS c sjJh SJJ 1f foolish rQO Ush ques
Monaitallle onsjamw U1L e S Se nun nttncl J
cR rwRee EE o oFxe OF F Er M TO 0 PA S OVER o vF R WITHOUT TPPNi < O
McCarey 1l cCarey Fails to Post I
10000 to Bind Match MatchThat
That 30000 Purse for the BurnsOBrienFight BurnsOBrien BurnsOBrienFight BurnsOBri n nFight
Fight Is Is Probably Probably Mythical AJiythicalHeavyweights AJiythicalHeavyweightsMay l1ythicalHeaVyweight l1ythicalHeaVyweightMay Heavyweights HeavyweightsMay
May Not Meet in Californip CalifornipBy Californi CaliforniBy
SAN FRA FRAlsCIJCO rauCf CIQ AprU Apr MLTheres Tbere a atangJe ataash atootle
tangJe In the JtertisCTBrten OBrIeIt flght and andit aacIIt sadt
it I t will taM some same unraveling unrY8It g From some someone 1iJOII1 1iJOII1who someare
one who IP very very v doe do close e to Jack JackOBrien JackOBrlen JackO13fieer
OBrien it ia teamed that the puree of ofI900M
I900M with which McCmrey eerer of Los Aa Aageies A Awas Axgeks I
geies was supposed to Mitbid the Rhyo Rhyoi1t Rhyoiyte
i1t fite iyte tt6CO 4100 Oil itMeral gH rai mont rtion iJ4t t + ir ago a ass ia III i a acllimera ° more morechimera merechimera
chimera and ad that the only r real a4 moneyat money moneyat mone moneallMue
at allMue issue to a sum of 211109 1 AM9 Q which OBrien OBrieninsUUc QBrienn QBtienbtslts
insUUc shill n be posted a as a guarantee guaranteethat praateethat guaranteethat
that his his share are of the gate receipts willnot will willnot 111 111not
not be leas Ie than that amount amountOBrien aanountOBrI amountOBrien
OBrien OBrI n who was in San Francisco Fra el e a aday aday aday
day or two ago SO vice 141 that MeCarey xeCareyw was waato wasto
to have posted thia th > a QB 211101 tot O on March 1 1Failed IS 18Failed ISFailed
Failed U PNt P t M limey limeyHe aey aeyHe ey eyHe
He hasnt t done so so 0 or he would have halvewarned havewarned Ye Yewarnecl
warned me said Jack Until Unt the H HM SIt SItI 31
110 M goes I up u I will keep away from Los LosAngeles LosAnftele LosAngeles
Angeles I have other link to fry and andXeCarey andX andMcCarey
XeCarey X arey neednt think he te going to toget togt toget
get roe to box Burns on a percentage percentagebasis pereentarebIIaIs percentagebssia
basis without any guarantee guarauteeFrom guaranteeFrom rante ranteFrom
From Los Angeles An ecome comes word that thatMcCarey thateCafty thatMecaiey
McCarey eCafty denies having promised to post pcMJtI
1 31000 OW on March IS i oh or at any ny other time timeIn timeI
In I n delivering himself thusly thu ly McCarey tirchhreywithout McCareywithout YcCILreywithout
without noticing not1cln < < it maybe is knocking knockingthe knockingthe knockingthe
the prop pro from under his contentionthat contention contentionthat contehtlonthat
that there is a 30003 Q puree purs at stake for forthe fortbe forthe
the merest mere t tyro m In matters pugilisticknows pugilistic pugilisticknows lI 1t1c 1t1cknow
knows that promoters who offer prize prizeof prtzalor prisesof
of that amount have to place some if ifnot Itnot ifnot
not all of the purse in safekeeping safekeepingsomewhere safekeepingsomewhetb fekeeptn fekeeptnJIIOIneW
somewhere JIIOIneW somewhetbAs here hereJ5
v vAs
As J5 the matter stands atan McCarey Crey Insists Insiststhat IR Insiststhat iJt5 iJt5that
that th the match is for a 980090 l8fO purse and andthat andthat J Jtbat
that the fighters are to take his word wordfor wordfor wordfor
for it It OBrien says ys that the match sofar so sofar o ofar
far as he Is concerned is for a guaranteed guaran guaranteed guaranteed ¬
teed sum of M000 and as much more moreas moreIUI moreas
as he can get et by the percentage route routeMaybe routeXayhe routeMaybe
Maybe In a day or two when the mat matter matler matter ¬
ter in dispute is threshed out thoroughly thorough thOrough thOroughly
ly by wire we will hear that it was all a amblundel8taadlag amisunderstanding
misunderstanding and that the con rest restwill e eat eatwill t twill
will take place on time But whether heth6r It Itwill Itm itwill
will m be for 30009 000 or leas Je or more 1 H > > re we will willnever willnev willMyer
never nev know knowOBrien knowOBrltft knowOBrien
OBrien according In to report speaks speaksquits speaksqult speaksquits
quits qult frankly when arguing that It Itwould Itwould itwould
would be poor business bu tae s for him to fight fightBurns ft tightBurns ht htBuMUJ
Burns for a bare re per cent He Ie says saysthat SfQStlutt saysthat
that having bain boxed Burns onee the gilt gilthi gUtIs giltie
hi off the gingerbread ngerbre d and it is hard totell to totell totell
tell whether the public realty wants to tosee toe t tsee o
see e Tommy and himself in action again againThe againThe againThe
The fact that the articles rtic1 S call 11 for fortwenty fo fotwenty or ortwenly r
twenty rounds round the same 8111 as 8 before will willlead willMad willteed
lead many to expect another draw say sayJack says saysJack MYSJack s sbe
Jack If this second match were re toa to be bea bea
a finish it would be different dUYerentOBrien differentOBrien differentOBrien
OBrien May Ida Meet Moir MoirOBrien MoirOBrien MoirOBrien
OBrien has been offered a match with withGunner withGunner wi wiGunner th
Gunner Molr olr the same me to take place p1Aeeln p1AeelnLondon in inLondon h hLondon 1
London in the autumn in connection conneetlonwith connectionwith 1
with Billy Nolans Non grand international internationalpassageatarms Internationalpa internationalpsesegeatarms
passageatarms pa qeatarma hi which American Americanpugilists Americaspugilists merien merienpugillsls t
pugilists will be pitted against gIllnst Britons BritonsUp BrltonsUp Britons BritonsUp
Up to date Nolan NOI has ha been quite tact tactful blctful tactful ¬
ful in making his arrangements for the theW thebi th thhi e
W tourney across Acro a the pond being fear faarful fa fearful r rful
ful that if too much were said about h hplans his hisplans hbiplan
plans some unkind person might re remark remark r rmark ¬
mark No wonder they are avoiding avoidingGn avoidingGtUIII avoldin avoldinCane g
Gn GnThe GtUIII GtUIIIThe CaneThe
The scheme scheme as far as can bo learend learendIs I > acrendis
Is I as follows A rich Englishman with withsporting withsporting wiltsporting
sporting instincts is behind Nolan and andth andthE an anttt d
th thE series of Queenaberry contests ntests will willbe t111b
be be b held at Olympia the Madison Square SquareGarden SquareGArd SquarGarden e
Garden GArd n of London in August next nextNolan nextNolan nextNolan
Nolan who came across from England Englandto Englanto d
to sign up men for the tourney tmrne > told toldsuch toldfluch tor d
such as a he places himself in n touch with withthat withtlUtt Sri ti
that he wanted anted four championship championshipevents championshipeents champlonshievents p
events After canvassing canV1tS ln the Ule situation situationhe situatlobe n
be decided upon the following tollowln program programJimmy programJImmy programJlmmY
Jimmy Walsh V vs s JCMggec DlggeIStanJey Stanley Abe AbeAbtell AbetteU A AAtteIl
Abtell tteU v vs Joe JOe Bowkar Bowker Battling Dtfu attI ng Nelso Nelson Nelsonvs Npl on onvS n
vs Johnny Summers um4nersapd m ersapd and Sam am Langfeed Lang LangAfter Langf
f feed r4vs vs Gns unneriMolr lioi nf nfAttar r rf
After f thU th1QlcJn klnsnflrtt m rt1terspver tt TS 9Y 9YQr rN 9IDnde 9IDndeetiIed in n de deefffBd deoHled
efffBd ha h could Improve upon upon theheevy thr1 the h8avy vy
welghtvard wel htcard and J14 invited O CTBrftm Brisx to tak takthe taQ taQtbe talcsthe
the place of Lenxford O CTBrten < YBrIeaJtIhez YBrIeaJtIhezUkes > lrieth Mrthar tyttihutrlikes Mrtharlikes
likes the Idea and will lit be a among AMOR the theNolan theNolan
I Nolan voyagers probably when the theAmerican Utei theAmerican
i American Queenaberry Queeu specialists set out outfor outI outfor
I for England la July JulyBill JulyBill JulyBill
Bill Squires and Bums BarasBUI BsI1l8I BumsBill
I BUt hqditee 9o Sqdh iiie ea the Australian chair c pfoh pfohwill pIohI plohwill
I will be here in a few days He said In taan InI Inan
an Interview at Honolulu that he wanted want wanted wanted ¬
I ed to begin his American career with amatch a amatch amatcb
match with the winner of the tII tIII Burns BurnaOBrien BurnsOBrien
I OBrien light and JHI that he would wOu1cl08t post postOW post25t
25t OW > oll with the writer on arrival the theuot tlaeme thesame
1 same uot me > to KO as either forfeit or aide Ide bet betIt betIt betIt
It is s his intention to be at the ringside ringsidein JiDpWtI
in Los Angeles if Burn and OBrien OBrienmeet OBdenS OBrienmeet
I meet meetShould meetShould
Should S ouJd the BvrneOBriMi Bvm OBrten match tch fallthrough fall fallthrough talltbroum
through It is highly probable that thatSquire thatSqu thatSquires
Squire Squ and Burns will be matched to tofight tot totight
fight t at Colma on Decoration Day Da Jim JimCoCfroth JimCoIlroth Jimc
c CoCfroth fCroth the San Francesco promoter promoterwho promot promotwho pt omot t twho
who sent Nelson and Britt together at atColna atCobra t tCObD
Cobra has been working on the Squires SquireaBurns SqulreeBur SquiresBurns
Burns Bur contest for several HY several ra1 weeks Burns Burnsstarted Bu BuItartecl Burnsstarted
started the ball by writing wrlttn to Coffrott Coffrottand CoCrot1ancl Cotrrothand
and asking a klnK him 10 0 arrange the affair affairIn aftatrIn affairIn
In replying repIytn CoAroth reminded Burns Burnsthat Bunwthat Burnsthat
that he was already matched withOBrIen with withOBrien withOBrlen
OBrien and to this th1 Tommy sent t suwer an answer auwer ¬
swer wer You To go ahead and pt et Squire Squirefor SquIresfor Squirefor
for me rn whip OBrien O rt rarely 17 a and aadwill andwill d dwill
will be ready to box Squirm a few fewweeks fffllfweeks fewweeks
weeks laterCoffroth later laterCoffroth laterCotfr6th
Coffroth says I think a Squires SquiresBurns SquireBarna SquiresBurns
Burns match would be Hable a big bi card even eventhough oveftthough eventhough
though it should hotld d happen that OBrien OBrienand
I and Burns boxed another draw dra You Yousee YouSquires Yousee
see Squires and Burns are built on the thesame tbeS thesame
same S JIM lines and each of them t ia the do dotermined de determined det ¬
termined t rmlned rushing fighter I dont know knowof knowor knowof
of anyone among American A rtcan heavy heavyweights hea heavyweights 7 7elghts ¬ I
weights elghts betted fitted to give ve the Australian Aus Australian Australian ¬
tralian a thorough tryout and for that thatreason thatreason thatrensen
reason I am looking 1ooIdn forward to bringing brln lng
th too men together ta < < etber Of course course I cant cantsay lIIUItMy cantsay
say that tl at I have ha the match cinched cinchedBurns daCbedBurns cinchedByrne
Burns has hasvoid told oldDe me to go ahead aheadmake and andmake andmake
make arrangements AtT1in nt5 but Squire willhave will willhave U
I have something 3OmethlK to say on the subject subjectwhen 8Uhjectwhen subjectwhen
when he arrives i dont expect that the theAustralian theAustralian
Australian will throw any 111 obstacles mthe 1nthe m inthe I
f the way of a meeting l ee though thoughBut thowghi thowghiBut I
But if f OBrie should s kl defeat Bnrns Bnrnswq Burns Burnswas Burnswas
was asked aek of Coffroth CoffrothThat CortrothIs CoirothThat
That is something I havent allowed allowedfor aJlewedtor allowedfor
for said 141 Coffroth with a SMile smiteThis SMileTid
This Tid is tantamount to saying that he hebelieves hebeUev hebelieves
believes beUev Burns will win from OBrlen OBrienif
t if they meet again againOBrien a AhalrrOBrien a I It
t OBrien Is Talking alking Again AgainPlease
I Please PI state for men that no matt mattwhat matter matterwhat mattot mattotwhat ar
what others think of my ring quaiillcaflows quaiiflca quaiiflcawhen quaUfleaUona
flows I x ill be very much to tb the for ferWben forwhen e
when it comes mea time 18 to select an oppon opponent op Po + I Ifmt
ent for 9q 3qulres fres min 10 Jack OBrien OBrienI I II
I I ant still un on d dank fc and a the matchmaking matchmaklngdepartmtnt matchmakingdepartmtnt
departmtnt wife wh W h t i I preside ple81dt over 0 i ner nersonaliv > er I IsonaJly
sonally 1 hi as aritve a t it h + e as ever Like every everyother > er erother
other fighter ft < < hter 1 hci 1 ciwe jpve ve tn Inm malthhR makmg ktn good KOtKlterms R Rterms
terms and If I m mt rreseals r I > i oeal I are ar enter enttfrtamed enttrbhted entertrained
tamed who knows lr l h Vi r may y w met et Bums Burnsat e
at Los Angeles Anaet Sqrrs Sfr rig > at whatever whateverplace whateveIke Iatev IatevI
place the best lnduc meng T5ei s offer and andthen andthen a athou
I then make the Journey TI wish j h Nolan olnn a atackle and andtackle antitackle nd
tackle Gunner Moir the the English heavy heavyweight btavrweight hear ¬
weight champion championFrom championJ
J From which whl h it may ma be Inf rrrxl n fd that thatSquires thatI tha thaI t
I I Squires will get right down to lisJncss lisJncsssoon Ilsinnl is osinc
i soon roof ri after tPrh tPrhI he steps ashore ashoreI
l i
I f I Delivery Deliver Wagons WagoasJ a
J 85 to 0 S175 S175This 115 115ThIs 3
This wafireu is suitable for bakers dr dry drygoods drygoods y
goods and florists floristsbuilt built to stand th theat the thfeeet e
test = eat of durability in assortment aa ortment of cut cutors colors culors ¬
ors and stiles These The > > e are the cheapest cheapestwagons cheap > s sWagons St Stwagons
wagons to be had in the city at this thisprice thisprke th i s
priceS price priceS prkeS
S D Waters tl < + Son SonCarriages So Socariiaires SonCairlagas
Carriages Wagons Harneas Xarne s
310 PeanBylvonla enn8 lvnnJ Ave 27 Vf W
OrilyJ O Orl ° ly a FeV Events Bv nts for forOlder forOlder forOlder
Older Members lembersBoys lembersBoyst Boys Boysin
t in Limelight LimelightTh LimelightThe
Th The the athletic directors dtrec ors of the local Y YM YY Yal
al M C A tbave have decided to t pfece the t e raan raanagemajBt ntaahagett NU
agemajBt agett 5 f of o the tlJeJMft nheg meet t on 0i April pol K11 29 in the thehat4s theiOfC theInaiaals
hat4s iOfC Of Chase Mytor BIt the instructor instructorin
in the boys building The meet will willnot willROt willnot
not be In n the nature of aa It interdepart interdepartmental Interdeprtmental interdepartmental ¬
mental affair as previously previou ly thought but butwill butrill butym
will ym be open Pft only to members of the theboysJ thebO theboys
boys bO < attdtngnaxoej Udlng axohtptJgz axQIUt > tjCQrjiew 1qI few events eventsin eventsIn events1n
in which whit the men may compete codhpeteMr competeMr e eWI
Mr WI Beckett instructor in the mens mensdepartment mensde mensdepartment
department de tutment thinks that be can whip agood a agood agood
good relay Iay team out of this years yearsbaaketbatll yearsba yearsbasleetbelL
baaketbatll ba ketlMdl quint to meet the four repre representing repteatbac repre representlog ¬
senting atbac Company K of the T M C C A AMr Afl AMr
Mr fl Beckett has accepted the thechallenge thechallengeissued challenge challengeIssued cbaJselaued
Issued by Company K and his men menhave menhave menhave
have already started training trainingBesMes trainingBe trainingBooties
Booties Be ldes the relay rlaY race there will be bethe besIIotput bethe
the shotput < tWelve tweiTe pounds and the theMyanl theani theMlpaid
Myanl ani run These two events will be beopen beopen beopen
open to the boys and men mens h departmentand department departmentand departmentt
and to t Company K The closed events eventsfor eventsfor I
for the boys will be three twenty twentyfiveyard twentyftveIUd twentytireyard
yard IUd dashes for the different age boys beysa be s sa
a shotput two running runnl g high Jumps a a44yard a44tyard a441yard
44yard relay race a H1i lieyard d dash a arelay 8relay arelay
relay for A class teams team and a relay TelayCor TelayCorBchNs relayforB for forB
B BchNs class teams These The e smaller sma er beys beysshould beysshould boysshould
should give the intermediates a 8 hard hardrun hardnm hardrun
run for their money y They created such sucha ch cha
a favorable ramabJelm Impression HMlon by capturing capturingevery capturi capturingevery g gevery
every event entered at the National NationalGuard tint UonalGuam tintGuard
Guard meet 1ftt > et the other night that In Instructor InirtFuctor Inetructor ¬
structor Chase Taylor is confident ftdt of ofsuccess ofth ofsuttees
success with th these youngstersFirst youngsters youngstersFirst youngstlJ1trst
First and second prizes will ill be awardedfor awarded awardedfor awardedtor
for each individual event The winning winningrelay winningrelaT winnin winninrelay g
relay teams will also receive prizes prizesEntries prizesEntrln prizesEntrks
Entries will ill be received not later than
Saturday April AprilCulmbacher M MCulmbacher 31Culmbacher
Culmbacher Is Brewedunder Brewed Brewedunder
under u dff perfect Pftte < t conditions c < < Jdittons from rom carefully retul1y se selected Ireletted seladed ¬
laded malt and hops Pit amply matured A Adark Adalk A Adark
dark beer of superior delicjouanew dellclOUI e an and andthor d
health value lire It a trial trialCase fiji 7 K
thor =
175 175WRE
Case of two dozen dosengREUATE PI J JX4TRERATE
X4TRERATE WRE ATE of Sac for r > r return of bottles bottleswARTrnroToar bottlesW bottlesWAe
WAe wARTrnroToar W GTOA BEEWEur ° co CD5th co5th
5th end P Sts N E Shone hone E 2 2apiSti 254 254aplStf 254aplSt 54
aplStf apiStiBASEBALL
Clubs organizing will wUl11nd find tho most mostcomplete mostcomplete mo mocompleto at
complete stock in Washington at atPORTING atWALFORDS
909 Pa Pavenu
40 AND S50 S50aicvciiES 50 0 0SCcrrT
p cssc r SCcrrT SCcrrTA1m > rNT e
Made by the Pope 3 Mfg fgv Co CoSEDUCED CoEquipped CoEnippe 4p
i Equipped with Coaster Brakes at ati
t 424 NINTHST1ltdr NINTHST1ltdrOpen NINTH ST N W V VOpen S
w Open Eve Evenings EveningsGbr EVen1n gr grI c <
4OA AA4 000 900C + + Dtl r 4DQ tli
i Cur hr Heurich Brewing Co CoPurity CoPurity
Purity and Excellence ExcellenceTtceo
i T Ttceo > rteo Baveraffcs D vert1BC Stand on onOwn o The Their
1 Own Merits MeritsliAERZEN Mert 8reatzMAERZEN s sIiAERZEN
A Axcz vsz3ea rte4 1ed fold Medal for Parity PnritoIUld
ana EzceUence CceUe o at Zileg Liege e 2 T = c cposition tposition
position position positionllTPltono Belgium Belginmf2rfharae BelgiumarPhone
f2rfharae arPhone West 34 for a Car Casm
OMJun i PIQti 1 1WiIi NrnACE NrnACEWiIr
WiIr B r Libefed Liber ted at t the theJlistcict theJarn theOat
Oat stQ n = = ExhibJtton ExhibJttonGr ExhibJtionQronds
Qronds QrondstOnal Gr < 9 nds ndsi
i qQnfllh tOnal ict a H i t l l Jlistcict iI p sfJrjct brict to toThe tot toMold
Mold t Jd f eetlog oettn Land LandBran tdmElJ
J Bran aJR i iS q t tS
S u u4ce < ce sfil 1 Tennirn1ltI Tn i n an n of ofAt ofArl
Arl At a tp > errle vneFf1S s rf0 f iBi iBitil 5ig 5igmght
= til mght I ITIle fit fitThe
The loll 9le eta + eeelta fltt SBloatftia ebloai after theprepare4ippsl the therepamiiwm thepreJHi
repamiiwm preJHi frr the fluaHhwestow rjra aHhwestow JJ jestow eato n nemlnif nhomla nhemhi
homla emlnif jtfww jtT race ra e1aae nae made more morer morepr moreprsgras
pr prsgras r fj9jrtHn the t jatost ti oit aansufrie couldharp could couldAt couldh
harp harpAt h n
At i a f a fewdaj t oieatiug tne UB reoe raeesuy ty tJy every everydetail everydetaill nf nfdet
detail det of l WR t vent f t was w carefully C cg r efplly Uy du ducusfceti di diCU5tit4 diicusbed
cusfceti 4 ajtf w ltcOw IcQ JJnaajr the p pular po poulsr pOi pOiular >
ular presjtent pr prbr detltI t of o the tlte e National Capit Capitl CapitlDWtrfCt I IDistrict 1District
District was W appointed to confer CQat r wltli wltliHon wltllHQII wf i h hHop
Hon R HJ5exton H JextoP extop chief c ief of f ftepartm iepartmllt iepartmlltof nr nrof
of Con CongrMtoH C t teares apd Spacial pecial Events EventsMet EvepuMet EveptsMet
Met With Seers SuecMr SeersMr K KMr
Mr Liwdear L departed eparteo eonDiv his mission missionwith mi missionwith im imwith
with much ozpe 0xi Munteyj taeey i and aMJ Kiet iet et with withsuccess WHL8ue w i d e esueeeeh
sueeeeh success 8ue e f In every erryiray way1 Y lift H11H report til tothe t tilthe < j jthe
the committee was received with much nuchjoy muchjoy 1Tu < h hJoT
joy ami IMI aratmaftOon L Each h reiut reiutmade rClutde reyu = c cIwaie
made de by H 1IIIrJLbWIiIay Mr r 1bldmay bMKuy on behalf of the theWaaMngtwt beV tieWaekingtea
WaaMngtwt V ° fanefcMiw was granted The Thenumber ThenVJWlt Then
number nVJWlt retwa ofbids f birds which hi ta are being beingtered n ntered ntered
tered will by far exceed exc any eomp eompvti eompvtitfcm eompdiUoft ti titien
tfcm W Waskhtutenn WitaWnitoit telft We4s bidsbwe have eever ever had hadThey hadi hadThey
i They wilt leavehere ftaav y 4 > ere cm May lay 7 arri arrileg nTh arrUIna nThI
I Ina leg in Norfolk on My X t 1 when they theywill tla tlawill ihcwill
will be ptaeed ItaIiiIII 3mrtNitlen NC > 4Ud14111t1e11 xMMti R until 11 11oclock lioclock J Joclock
oclock on May 9 Vbe rb tlhcst Ii tby will 1 1transported 1t 1ransported
transported t to t the uwaeftiiia IIfHit grounds OUnds < < f fthe flhe fthe
the aeronautical tending Mll dI lJ Jfai reef w to be th thfinest t the thefinest h hne
finest ne t ootieafc 0IIdIII aIIk of e the t expooiUon e Ion a a1 a1where 1 1where T Twhen
where eaew nirvlsiatf Jr VI1h i0lt tt > tar tutobctrueted ullOb rueted fir firmite f flea r rmiles
mite miles lea StMMMvUle thaeE + tbe UIey day x off > f HlieraUon tion i ia ja ia
a clear one as It moat generally Ib Is s in inthis inthis n nthis
this section in the month of May bay tin tinflight tl1 tl1i thflight
i flight ftl < < ht of the JJI pigeon eons may be b watchs watrhvu watrhvufor watrhltor i ifor
for nearly Jt rty half an hour jktttr lea leaving leavingthe v in inthe ing ingthe
the bafeketc ba4sketeLocalFanciersActire bafeketcLocal i iI
I Local LocalFanciersActire LocalFanciersActireThe Fanciers faocierli Active ActiveThe ActiftThe
The successful 5ta ul termination termiDatlCllnol of the ar arrangem arrangement 1r 1rraqemeat
rangem raqemeat U baa b9 mica more 18OIeen given tven ample ampleevidence ampleeYidenct ampleevidence
evidence oC 0 the proseeii Pl proSAumtvenMS tPlut1 os and af aftivity 3 3tivtly artivtiy
tivity of local local fancJenk t Not lot only onl didthey did didthey dilthe
they the pt nceoede + essdeetltsa ether ccttona by a year yearin ya yearin r rin
in endesvoiira en4eav ende rt K Xo pFOtasetha > f xa re e the flight 8ht but butis LJt1s
is now bettered hoaet red ed in q + receiving the be first offees of offers offers ¬
fers j jee S Sterested
A geateralmeM4uC g erai weeiiBft ee of 4 Call all persons rS in interested iatere ¬
terested tere teil will b be hM beldri = at t 737 Seven SevPnh SevPnhstreet > i istreet
street northwest BOIItweaton XflrU Ap U Htor 17 17 for for wluci wlucibaiMiuet whip whipa t
8 banquet has n been arranged arrangedAMATEUR arrancedAMATEUR arrangedAMATEUR
NEW YORK April rU 13 13Adion Action hasbeen has hasbeen hlsbeen
been taken upon the plan of sending au auAmerican anAmertcan aiAmerican
American amateur bUUardiat to the in internattonaL 1nternattooaL internationaL
ternattonaL tournament tOW1lmeatto 4a be e held h ld inParis in inParis inParitr
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