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'iTaft, Dix, and Gaynor
Among Distinguished
fe Participants:
General View of New York's Thirty-Million-Dollar Library 1
Midshipmen Eight to Com
pete Against Penn
sylvania. or you may
carry the boat
fc? asssssW'Mhi VImm'.'A
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ffEW YORK. May 23. Nearly nine
years after the cornerstone was laid by
Mayor Beth Low, the formal opening
ceremonies of the New York Public
Library were held at 2 o'clock this
afternoon, and tomorrow mornlnfe the
general public will be admitted for the
first time to the building. The cere
monies this afternoon were in the
main lobby, fronting on Fifth avenue,
and admission was by special Invita
tion only, as the seating capacity of the
lobby Is limited to 600 persons.
President Taft, Mayor Gaynor, and
Governor Dlx took part In the
ceremonies today. The opening prayer
was by Bishop Greer and the bene
diction by Archbishop Farley. After
the prayer by Bishop Greer Thomas
Hastings, of Carrere & Hastings, the
architects of the building, delivered!
the keys to the care of the city. It was
Intended to have this ceremony perform
ed by John Carrere, who was the prin
cipal spirit in the designing of the build
ing, but he was run down by a taxicab
and died before he could see the comple
tion of his greatest work.
Stover Makes Response.
Park Commissioner Stover made the
Epeech In reply to Mr. Hastings, and
the mayor followed with another re
sponse for the people of the city. John
Blgelow, who is now ninety-three years
old, president of the New York Public
XJbrarv, Astor, Lenox., and Tilden foun
dations, made a short speech, and
George L. Rives, one of thr trustees,
.made the historical address, telling
of the founding of the thiee branches
which are now combined under one roof
and tne Inception of the present build
ing. Governor Dlx followed Mr Rives
with a speech on behalf of the State,
and the last speaker was the President.
Though only six hundred persons were
admitted to the opening ceremonies,
invitations have been issued to some
fifteen hundred others to inspect the
building alter the formal ceremonies of
opening. The greatest care has been
taken In Issuing these cards, and it is
announced that no cameras, canes or
umbrellas could be carried into the
The Enormous Cost.
The new library, which nas been nine
years under construction has already
cost $10,000,000, and It is estimated that
J2.000.000 will be spent on It before it Is
finished, while the land on which it
stands is valued at fc.000.00O. It Is a
merging of the Astor Library, which
was incorporated in 1S49: the Lenox Li
brary, incorporated in 1S70, and the Til
den Trust, incorporated In IbisT. The to
tal endowment of the three foundations
Is $3,446,600. and the new institution will
start with 373,000 books on its shelves
In the next twenty-five years it 1b ex
pected that 4,000.000 more books will be
added, while provision has leen made to
Increase the present card index of
8,000.000 cards to 10.000.000 card3.
' The new library Is the largest single
building in the world devoted to library
mirnobes It has a floor iVice of 373.000
square feet, as against 346,000 square 1
feet in the Library of Congress, 'n
"Washington. The architecture Is a
'Dlend of the Italian and French renais
sance, and it is said by the critics to ex
ceed anv other building of Its natuie
in the world for combined beauty and
utility. It ha3 facilities never before
attempted, and as a masterpiece of con
venience Is believed to be without equal.
There Is a reading room for the blind,
a room for the children, with diminutive
chairs and tables, and there are eight
private rooms for the use of scholars.
Copyright, American Press Association.
Southerners Refuse
Dickinson Resignation
Jacob M. Dickinson, who recently re
signed the portfolio of war in President
Taft's Cabinet, cannot obtain so easy a
release from his duties as president of
the Southern Society of Washington
He has piesented his resignation, but
the Southern folk will not accept .
until next fall
It was the fact that the resignation
was presented at the last meptlng held
before summer's recess that enabled
the Southern Society to pay the compli
ment to its president. There will be
no more meetings until October, and
Lawrence Washington, M. W. Johnson,
an Dr Gustavus Werber, a committee
selected at the meeting at Confederate
Memorial Home, Z1 Vermont avenue
northwet. laht night, will tell Mr. Dick
inson he U to remain at the head of
the society longer The society adopted
resolutions of regret at Mr Dickinson's
departure from Washington.
Senator John R. Thornton, of Louisi
ana, vice president, presided last night.
Representative Thomas U. Slston made
the address of the evening Mrs. Nellie
Shlr-Cllff gave vocal solos. Percy C.
Bow en gave readings, and John Porter
Lawrence selections on the piano.
Several new members were admitted
last night, including Southern members
of Congress and their wives. Lawrence
Washington, Creed M Fulton, and
Major Holmes Conrad were appointed a
committee to nominate a vice president
from each of the Southern States. Sen
ator Thornton and Speaker Champ
Clark are the only vice presidents now
Notables Will Address
New York Bankers
Martin W. Littleton has accepted an
invitation to be one of the speakers at
the annual banquet of the New York
"' tlon on June 23, at
Manhattan Beach.
ws received this
morning by Representative Luther W.
. .u ot the baiters'
,. r'vr York State I resi
dent Taft promised to be present, and
i,i lnarft ..n address Among other
prominent statesmen who will attend
the banquet as guests of the associa
tion are Senator Root. Justice Charles
E. Hughes, of the Supreme Court, and
Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson.
Burial of R. A. Bogley
In Rockville Tomorrow
The Rev. S. R. White, of Rockville.
will officiate at the funeral services to
be held tomorrow morning at 9.30 o'clock
for Reuben A. Bogk-y, a prominent
Mason and church worker, at his resi
dence. 1507 Twenty-eighth street north
west. Mr. Bogley died Sunday night
at 11:50 o'clock of acute Indigestion.
He was born in Rockville seventy
seven year ago. He was a member of
the Columbia Baptist Church, of George
town Mr Bogley was tho organizer
of many of the Baptist churches In the
State of Maryland He had been em
ployed in the navy yard for the past
fifteen years. Surviving hi mare four
children two daughters and two" sons
Mrs Mary "V. Simpson. Mrs. Ruth B.
Richardson, Reuben A. Bogley, and Dr
Kdwln H Eogley. Hls wife died one
j ear ago today. The familv will accom
pany the bod to Rockville, where it
will be buried under Masonic ceremonies.
Commencement Program
For Eastern College
Commencement exercises of Eastern
College at Manassas. Va . will begin
Sunday at 11 a m. with the preaching
of the baccalaureate sermon by Presi
dent Hervin U Roop, Ph D.. LL. D.
The evening of the same day a campus
praise service will be held at 6.4S, and
this will be followed at 7:30 by an ad
dress before the Christian Association
of the college by the Rev. Charles E.
On Monday. May 29, an exhibition con
cert will be given by the advanced pu
Sils of the music department. On Tues
ay come class-day exercises, field-day
sports, and a public meeting of tho
Alumni Association.
Wednesday at 10 a. m. the graduation
exercises of the class of 1911 will com
mence. Orations will be delivered by
Miss Anna Mather, John Hayes, and Z.
Douglass Robertson. Merrill E. Gates,
Ph. D., LL D.. and L. H. D.. formerly
president of Amherst, will speak on the
theme, "Patriotism in Time of Peace."
The presentation of diplomas and con
ferring of degrees will be followed by
the dedication of Voorhees Hall for
Young AVomen.
Abandoning of Infirm
Parents Hit by Pomerene
Senator Pomerene has Introduced In
the Senate a bill to provide against the
abandonment of infirm and destitute
Late yesterday the Senate passed a
long list of District bills. They included
a bill to define the duties of guides lu
the District and provide for a license fee
from them.
Another bill provides for better regu
lation of the birth registration. Another
excepts dealers in second-hand books
from liability for license as second-hand
The bill was passed authorizing the
surveyor to adopt the system of desig
nating land in force in the assessor's of
fice. The bill to allow receipt of tax
arrearages due the District to July L
1908, at 6 per cent interest in lieu of
penalties and costs, was passed, and a
number of bills for street extensions and
Thomas P. Moore Busy
Denying He Is Suicide
Thomas P Moore has been made the
unwilling sufferer of the "faked" suicide
note, found in the Eastern Branch, Sun
day. Mr. Moore, who lives at 1501
Thirty-first street, and who has offices
In the Hutchlns building, has been busy
all day answering his telephone to deny
that his body lies in the Potomac river.
It all am about because a Joker who
thought he would scare the police,
dropped a bottle, containing a note to
the effect that one Thomas Moore had
taken his life, into the rl'er. The police
took no notice of the note because It
was dated 1S36. but was written on
paper bearing the printed date 1900
Thomas P. Moore, of the Hutchlns
building, wants all his friends to know
that he Is alive and well.
ANNAPOLIS. Md.. May 23.-The Na
val Academy contingent was delighted
this morning with the news that Super
intendent Gibbons had approved the re
quest of the first crew to enter the
American Henley, at Philadelphia next
Saturday, thus practically assuring the
entry of the big navy crewln the senior
event for eights.
Permission had alreadv heen trrantwi
i the second and fourth class crews to
i enter In their classes. Though the mem
i bers of the first crew had Deen hoping
io gei permission to enter the big event
next Saturday, yesterday they gave up
hope of takln- part, though they re
ceived permission to get Philadelphia as
spectators of tne race. The crew stop
ped practicing and was not on the water
for the first time since midwinter, when
the weather permitted.
However, the matter was 'placed be
fore the superintendent and he decided
to approve the request. The mid
shipmen will be matched In the
senior event against the Wahneta Boat
Club, last year's winners; Columbia
and other crews. The midship
men are especially delighted in getting
a crack at Columbia, whose victory in
a race on the Severn spoiled a clean
season's sheet of winnings for the lo
cal men.
Pupils Give Exhibition.
The athletic contests of Miss M. A.
Robbey's pupils at the Curtiss School, in
Georgetown, their exhibition of bas
ketry, mat and carpet making, metal
and woodworking have won commenda
tion for them. The N Street Special
School, and teachers and friends, were
guests at the exhibition yesterday In
the Curtiss School.
Police Court Must
Pass on Rachet Horns
Judges of the Police Court will ulti
mately be called upon to decide whether
the regulations which provide that auto
mobiles must be equipped with horns,
authorize the use of the noisy rachet
Major Sylvester yesterday notified all
the precln ts to warn automobilists to
se horns of this type sparingly, and only
when necessary to warn pedestrians.
He instructed the police to warn the
owners of cars first, and if they per
sist in sounding the rachet unduly, to
obtain warrants for them, and then al
low the courts to decide the merits of
the cases.
Who Wants A
Nice Head of Hair?
Easy to Get One in a Few Weeks
by Using Parisian Sage.
Lack of nourishment that's the rea
son hair falls, out, grows thin, fades
and turns gray. ,
Dandruff germs dig Into the hair roots
and rob the hair of its nourishment.
Parisian Sage, the delightfully re
freshing hair grower and beautlfier not
only completely destroys these germs
but penetrates into the roots of the
hair and furnishes the stimulating
nourishment that causes hair to grow
abundanuv and lustrous.
Parisian Sage Is guaranteed to put an
end to dandruff; stop falling hair and
scalp itch In two weeks, or money back.
Large bottles 50 cents, at Henrv Evans
and James O'Donnell. and druggists
"I used Parisian Sage and it did my
hair a great deal of good. I find it a
very good hair tonic, the best I ever
used. It's a very good scalp cleaner,
hair grower, and beautifler." Yours
very truly, Alice Baumgartner, Hague,
N Y.
Any invention that saves time and labor is bound to come into
universal use. Witness the sewing machine, the telephone, the
electric light and scores of others. They were received with doubt
at first; now every intelligent person takes advantage of them.
So Fels-Naptha soap will some day be used by every woman in
this country who washes clothes. More than a million now make
it save them time, bother and hard work, and the number is grow
ing every wash-day. If you are not one of these million modern
women, you will be some day just as
soon as you have courage enough to break
away from old-fashioned methods. Every
week your delay means another half day
of backbreaking labor, coal or gas wasted,
danger of colds from steam, unnecessary
wear and tear on clothes.
With Fels-Naptha you can wash in cold
or lukewarm water without hard rubbing,
and in half the time it takes by the wash
boiler method. Follow closely the direc
tions on the red and' green wrapper.
No Imitation for Anty Drudge.
Grocer's boy "The boss told me to tell you he was just
out of Fels-Naptha, but that this soap is just as good,
and he's sure you'll like it."
'Anty Drudge "Just out is he! Well, he's going to
be out some more. If he thinks I'm going to use an
imitation of Fels-Naptha, just so's he can get a big-
.ger rake-off, he's got another think coming. Some
other grocer will get my trade in the future."
There are competent guides
who will do all the work on
camping and boating trips
In tho
L Adirondack Mountains
Or, after a few days in that mountain air,
you will probably feel like it is fun for you.
The beauty about it is that you can
"go as far as you like."
There are wildernesses to explore, or the
quieterpleasuresof golf.tennis and boating.
There are Through Cars from New York
to the Adirondack and Cattkill Mountains, Thousand Islands,' Saratoga
Springs, Lake George and Green Mountains. Your local agent will give
you complete information.
Let Us Plan Your Vacation
Tell us in a general way what you require, the number
in your party, the amount oi money you wish to spend
andwe will propose one or two trips for your consid
eration with complete information. Address
New York Central Line Trayel Bureau
Room 2071 Grand Central Terminal, New York
whenever you are hot, tired or thirsty insert it in a bottle of cold
and in a few minutes that languid air you bore before
you stepped inside the drug store will have passed away
and you'll feel "fine as a fiddle." You think you're
drinking beer all the while, it's so like it-in taste, flavor
and appearance yet it's non-intoxicating. A real tem
perance beverage for hot weather.
By the Glass In the Bottle
Ask For It at Soda Fountains
Phone Lincoln 254 For Home Delivery
Now ts the time to bur for those who want the best bicycles at the
right price. On account of our enormous stock, which we have bought
tn large quantities, we are in a position to sell the consumer at the same
price some dealers have to pay for them.
Bicycles of every make, color, and description for everybody. Hun
dreds to select from. The public Is cordially invited to come and inspect
our display.
J35 CYRUS Bicycle, equipped with COLUMBIA and HARTFORD Bi-
Thor hubs. Fauber one-piece hang- cycles at reduced prices,
er, roller chain, spring The greatest selection of High-
saddle, and extension (J- rj Tf Grade Tires ever offered, from S1.25
handle bar Dx I 03 up. Good seconds in puncture-proof
J30 ECLIPSE Bicycles, extension Tires from 95c up.
bar and spring sad- fl"fi Cfk Pirate Pedals, with steel rnrt
die OJLU.uU ball bearings, per pair OUC
S40 SYRACUSE Bicycles, made by Genesee Pedals, ball bear- Cf?n
the Pope Manufacturing (JJOO CA 'nss finest made, per pair OOL
Co . muUtOM Columbia Oil Lamps, regu- QF.
?50 CROWN Bicycles, made by the lar price. $1.80; now selling. . VOL
Great Western Manufac- (gQA AA Starr Bros.' Balls, 50c and 75c.
turing Co OOU-UU now selling 25c and up.
New York Cycle & Auto Supply Co., 1332 G Street N.W.
The highest point of woman's
happiness is reached only through
motherhood, in the clasping of her
child within her arms. Yet the
mother-to-be is often fearful of
nature's ordeal and shrinks from
the suffering incident to its con
summation. But for nature's ills
and discomforts nature provides
remedies, and in Mother's Friend
is to be found a medicine of great
value to every expectant mother.
It is an oily emulsion for external
application, composed of ingredi
ents which act with beneficial and
soothing effect on those portions
of the system involved. It is in
tended to prepare the system for
the crisis, and thus relieve, in great
part, the suffering through which
the mother usually passes. The
regular use of Mother's Friend will
repay any mother in the comfort it
affords before, and the helpful
restoration to health and strength
it brings
about after S; -.4?. A
baby comes.
Friend is for
sale at drujr
stores. ,Write for our free book for
expectant mothers.
What you don't need, aoute one eU
wants. You caa net money for tt
tbrousb a null "For Sals MUc" ad
IB The Tiraea. ,
Floor Stains
land Varnishes 3
P tho- kind that make bright, j
5 attractive floors and give last- p
ing seYvice.
g Easy to apply. Said in small si
il or large quantities at reason-
si' able prices. B
IGeo. MtL 0 F i
f 41 8 7th St. I
Walnutta Hair Stain
Restores Onjr. Stre&ked ot
Bletched Hair or Momtsehj
Instantaneously. Gives) any
shads from Light Pr ra tt
Black. Dots not wash or
rub off. Contains no pot
ions and Is not sticky nor
trrcasy. Sold by all drug
iclits. cr we -will send vou
a Trial Size for 20c. postpaid, tares size
(elfht times as much). 60c It your drusttst
don't sell It. send direct to us. Send the
jellow wrapper from two bottles purchased
from a drurjl't and we will (Its you a full
size bottle for nothing. WALNUTTA CO.
Hth and Olive at.. St. Louis. Mo. Sold br
People's Pharmacy. Ttb & Mass. ava. N. W.
A Small Ail. la The Times "For Sale
Utse." column la tbe quickest and
most effective way of disposing; of
anything; you do not need. Slaay
people pay rrell for second-sand articles.
f J,, -N.jA
e & &.&& kj , sotteBt-tefc'
5-i .

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