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Daily Number of Transac
tions Exceeded in Last
Six Days. '
Massachusetts Avenue Heights and Fourteenth Street Terrace Scenes Illustrating Suburban Development
Type of Bungalow Being Erected in Fourteenth Street Terrace.
Detached Frame Dwelling Showing Type of Suburban Building Out Four
teenth Street
(Big Sale of Lots Made in
Massachusetts Avenue
$ - --w6-9ps?iBT-3q"j-' "f '
iDetached Houses, Some of Them
of The Bungalow Type, Are
Being Constructed.
' The rapid suburban development of
the city Is nowhere more strikingly il
lustrated than In two subdivisions,
Massachusetts Avenue Heights and
(Fourteenth Street Terrace. Each has
distinctive features, but both show the
tendency to push the confines of the
icity outward. Both show the tendency,
Jin every part of suburban Washington,
,Bway from blocks of houses and toward
Individual homes.
In Massachusetts Avenue Heights
(Thomas J. Fisher & Co. today repoit
'sales of a total of 147 lots since the
opening of the subdivision on April 3.
There are S33 building sites in the en
tire subdivision.
Rapid Progress in Grading.
Rapid progress is being made by the
grading contractor in leveling and Ail
ing, and in cutting streets. This is a
'huge work, and it Is estimated that
the amount of dirt which will have
been moved when the Job Is finished
'would be equal to a pile 150 feet deep,
'covering the entire area of Franklin
'Park, 400 by 600 feet in dimensions. A
etreet has been cut through from Mas
sachusetts avenue to Woodley road, fol
lowing the lines of Thirtieth street,
'Park drive, and Thirty-second' street,
tand Woodland drive has been cut al
most entirely through. Cleveland ave
'nue, the route of the proposed exten
sion of the Columbia poad line of the
"Washington Railway and Electric Com
pany, is fast being graded.
All of these streets wind through some
tot the most picturesque scenery In the
XHstrlct. They are flanked on either
telde by tall trees and wind through the
rwoods like country roads. Wooded hills
pre numerous and are of such contours
ids to enable landscape architects to
plain Ideal villas. The whole tract
"which up to a few months ago, was a
twild, untouched forest. Is now taking
ion aennite lorm, ana becoming part or
the city.
Plans Pretentious Residence.
Dr. James J. Richardson has pur
led three lots with a combined front
age of 304 feet on Massachusetts ave-
iu and Thirtieth street, and is bav
ins plans drawn for a, pretentious res
idence. Ell Fabre will build two houses
dq two lots which he has Just purchased
on Wisconsin avenue, south of Davis
street. Other recent purchasers are H.
Harrison Ham. C. R. Denmark. F. R.
Wheater. and Ella N. Ray.
' Tn P'niirrppnrh Ktrppt Tftrmpfl milt
jwldely separated from the other sud
ifllvislon, an interesting building devel
opment 1b proceeding. This property is
located near the end of the Fourteenth
Etreet car line.
Building Detached Houses.
It Is beginning to be built up with
petached frame houses of moderate cost,
similar to the adjoining subdivision to
pie south, Saul's Addition, but with a
somewhat different type of house. E.
E. Vroonan Is building a 19,500 house
pf unique style, combining some features
pt the bungalow tvpe. on Fourteenth
street, near the Plney Branch loop. Two
bther frame houses are being built on
the same street about two squares to
the south to cost about SS.750 each. J.
Carey King, who has a 5,000 house of
his own at the corner of Fourtecntn
pnd Gallatin streets. Is building three
bungalows, which Robert E. Heater is
pffering for sale.
une ot mese Dungaiows is on uaua
n etreet. near Thirteenth, and the oth-
rs are 6n the -west side of Thirteenth
Etreet, between Farragut and Gallatin
They are six and seven-room bungalows,
cf a type not often seen in this sec
lion, and are designed to cost about
In this subdivision, too, the new school
Jiouse In Farragut street, near Four
teenth, is up to the second floor polsts,
kind the foundations for the John Dick
con Memorial Home for Aged Men have
been laid, and work is progressing upon
the superstructure. Both buildings are
aro expected to be finished by the fall.
Five Dollars a Foot
For I Street Property
Five dollars a square foot for prop
erty in I street between Twelfth and
thirteenth, streets northwest was paid
this week by an Investor who pur
phased from E. Stelneman the two
Ihree-etory dwellings at 1222 and 1224
1 street. The property has a frontage
of S1.6 feet and contains 3023 square
Xeet The sale was made through the
office of Stone & Fairfax.
Two other sales are reported today
Uy Btone & Fairfax. Charles Parker
'has, purchased from A. D. Parr, of
Lynchburg, a tract of ground front
ing 200 feet on C street, 117 feet on
Tennessee avenue and 75 feet on
Thirteenth street northeast for $5,000.
Mr, Parker Intends to subdivide the
ground and construct ten or more
six-room hourses.
B. Jarvis has purchased from J.
W. R, Sumwalt, the eight-room
dwelling at 1447 R street northwest
for $6,500 The purchaser will occupy
the house.
W. E. Richardson Buys
Chevy Chase Residence
William E. Richardson has pur
Chased a large residence on the south
tide of Morrison street. Chevy Chase,
X C for $11,000. The house was
built by John Simpson & Sons and Js
considered one of the best houses In
the section. The sale was made
through the office of Thomas J. Fisher
& Co.. Inc.
Thev also report the sale to Lem
uel W. Todd, of the 200-foot frontage
on the west side of Thirty-ninth
street between Harrison and Hunting
ton streets. Chevy Chase Heights for
$5,500. Plans have been ordered for
a large residence upon the property.
J. W. Slack Puts in New
Water Main at Clarendon
J. W. Slack, the builder, has com
pleted the Installation of a water sys
tem designed to supplv 100 homes at
Clarendon. ' Va. Mains are now being
laid and service pipes have been run
Into most of the residences. With the
exception of he water system at Fort
aiyer, this Is the first rvstem of any ex
tent In Alexandria county.
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The Old Naval Observatory in the
Dealers See Many Advan
tages in Exhibition Like
One in Chicago.
"Real estate," "building," and
"Ideal homes" shows have Just been
held with success and satisfaction to
their promoters in New York. Cleve
land, and Chicago. In Washington
some have looked at the experience of
the shows in these cities, seen the
Impetus they have given to interest
In real estate and building invest
ment, been surprised at the Informa
tion which has been brought out
through the medium of these shows,
and wondered why a real estate and
Ideal homes show would not be a good
thing to have in the Capital.
The Chicago real estate show has
Just closed. Its results and features
are described in the current l&sue of
the American Bond and Realty Jour
nal in part as follows.
"One purpose of the real estate show
was to gle people who are returning to
the soil some practical experience in
farming in and about Chicago on hair
acre or acre plots, or even city lots.
There Is abundant room for experiment
ing on the 1,200 square miles of terri
tory in and about Chicago, for it has
been estimated that, instead of being
a congested area, it has at present only
four persons to an acre.
What It Might Do.
"The real estate show demonstrated
also that Greater Chicago might easily
support 3S,400,000 people, or half the
population of the United States. It
was a desire to place these facts before
the people and bring them to a realiza
tion of the vastness of their possibilities
that prompted the planning of the
"As a result the firms exhibiting at
the real estate show represented more
than $100,000,000 worth of property, and
tills does not Include the 103 suburbs in
terested in the show, these suburbs hav
ing a population of half a million. The
Interest of the suburbanites was aroused
by meetings held in each town at the
request of the local business men's as
sociation or the call of the city authori
ties. The invitations were extended to
all the citizens of each town, and they
were requested to decide whether or not
they believed their community should
participate in the show The merchants,
bankers, and land owners in these su
burban towns co-operate with the pro
moters of the exhibition, and by their
united efforts a fund was raised to de
fray expense of exhibits and exhibition
Many Exhibits.
"Everything one could wish to know
about life in rural communities was
made plain by the exhibits, which were
comprehenblve and Instructive. There
nere plans of model towns, mars, plats,
photographs illustrating scenery, archi
tecture, churches, schools, and public
buildings. The exhibits also included
statements of local improvements, such
as gas, water, electricity, pavements,
streets, and kindred advantages. Analy
sis of water supplv is given, statements
of taxes made, railroad, and interurban
time tables were furnished, and month
lv ticket rates were explained in the
"The persons In charge of the various
cooths wero competent to answer all
ouebtions about suburbs and to quote
prices on lots, houses, arid country acte
age. "The city authorities of Chicago have
been quick to grasp the significance of
the real estate show and co-cperated
In the plans to the fullest extent. The
striking exhibits made by the city for
ester was of as great interest to su
burbanites as to Chlcagoans. Ideal
front and back xyards, with practical
suggestions for the planting of trees,
shrubs, flowers, and berry plants were
planned by the city forester, and he
and John Davey, of Kent, Ohio, deliver
ed lectures on the subject of trees,
shrubs, plants, and gardening in gen
eral. What Is a Flat
"What constitutes an ideal flat? An
swers to this question were attempted
by the real estate show promoters, who
have on exhibition flats and apartment
houses showing the advantages each
district of the city has to offer, how
much rent should be paid and what
the tenant may expect to receive in re
turn for bis money.
Midst of Suburban Development on Massachusetts Avenue. A 'Typical Scene
Week's Realty Transfers in
1224 F street northwest Walter E. Bell to
Union Trust Company, truste. part orlclnal
lot 1.. square 290. J10.
Vallej stieet northwest Frederick 1. Sid
dons tt al, trustees, to William M O'Brien,
part lot 10, square 1171. $1,300.
1917 G street northwest and Twentieth street
northwest, between O and H streets George
W Llnklns ct al, trustees, to Gertrude S
Fre, lot D, square 120. and part original
lot Z, square 120. $5.
1513 G street northwest and Twentieth street
northwest, between G and H streets George
W LlnWns et al., trustees, to Sarah E.
Brown, lot E, square 13). and part original
lot 3, square 120, to.
Sixth street northwest, between F and O
streets Thomas H. Eans to W Wallace
Chlswell and Harry A. Kite, part original
lot 22. square 456, $100.
Sixth street northwest, between F and G
streets W. W. Chlswell et al to Thomas
H. Evans, part original lot 22. square 06,
1C Q etreet northwest Celestla A. Smith
to Horace K. Fulton, lot 63, square 203, $10.
1647 Crescent place northwest Margaret Ogle
et lr, William F to Henry White, east
half lot 6, block 6, and lots 35 and 36. block
C. $10.
Wisconsin avenue and S street northwest
Maurlle J. Adler et al. trustees, to Henry
SI Baker, part lots 40, 41. and 43. square
12, and part of nock of Dumbarton, $30.
C00. 3519 H street northwest Patrick J Gallagher
to Ellen Gallagher, lots 18 and 13, square
17. 110.
LMngman place northwest, between North
Capitol and First streets Hannah White to
Haes W. Hawkins, lots 117, 136. 13S. 123,
130, J 13. square 62S. (10.
Twelfth street northwest, between Q and R
streets James H Wlnslow, executor, to
John W. lewls. part lot 4, square 303. H.S00.
303 Florida avenue northwest Blanche W.
Taylor to Henry B, Hunterson, lot Is, square
519. $10.
807 O street northw est Henry K. Hunterson
et ux. to Blanche W. Taj lor, lot I and part
lot K, square 338, $10.
1235 W street northwest Wilton J A. Bliss
et ut to Meyer Blumberg. lot "9. square
271. $10.
1336 Eleventh street northw est Isidore Saks,
trustee, to Joseph J. Darlington, lot G,
square 313, $5,560.
O street northwest, between Fourth and
Fifth streets Thoodore Michael et ux. to
William J. Holtman, lots 97 and 9S, square
512, $10.
H street northeast, between Twelfth ana
Thirteenth rtreets-J. Clarence Welch to
Charles C. Herdman. lot 34, square 287. 1100.
947 Massachusetts avenue northwest Gilbert
W. Cave to Henry G. Thomas and Crandal
Mackey, trustees, part lots 6 and 7, square
370, 310.
1612 Sixteenth street northwest Woodbury
Blair et ux. to Delbert H. Decker, lot 56,
square 179. $10.
Rhode Island avenue northwest, between
Fifth and Sixth streets George M Em
merich et al , trustees, to Edward Volland.
lot 30. square south of 475. (1.925
1318 and 1320 Eighth street northwest Steph
en A. Miller et ux. to Emily F. Hallday,
part lots 25 and 26, square 399, $10.
R street northwest, between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth streets John W. R. Sumwalt et
ux. to Beatrice P. and Jessie K. Jarvis,
part lot S3, square 207. $10.
N street northwest, between Thirty-sixth
and Thlrty-evenUj streets Laura J. Craw
ford et al. to Mary E. H. Graef, part lot
63. square 1223. $10.
K street northwest, between Second and
Third street The Purchase Company to
Wilbur F. Nash, lot B, square 653. $10.
Wilbur F. Nash et ux. convey same prop
erty to Emma Levy, $10.
Massachusetts avenue northwest, between
Ninth and Tenth streets Charles A. Pettlt
et ux. to Miriam P. and Caroline A. Bailey,
part lot 6, square 370, $10. t . . .
Rear of I street northwest, between Twenty
first and Twenty-second streets Allda M.
Henriques to Helen B Bache. east one
third of lot 41. square 77, $10.
1101 New Hampshire avenue northwest
Clara O. Meyer to Harry D. Hutton, lot 3S,
square 72, $10.
1813 Fifteenth street northwest Warren L.
Holmes et ux. to John D. Leonard, lot 131.
square 206, $10.
222 Second street northwest John E. Laskey
et ux. to Frederick Fltchett, lot A, Reser
vation 11, $10. .......
Rear of Thirteenth street northwest, between
V and W streets 'Wilkes C. Prather et ox.
to Grace G. Schulz, lot 93, square 235. $10.
1407 Sixteenth street northwest Joseph Rich
ardson et ux. to William T. GaJHher, lot
83. and part lot 84, square 195, $10.
T street northwest, between Nineteenth and
Twentieth streets H. Bradley Davidson et
ux. to G. Gilmer Eacy. lot 37, square
109, $10.
1222 and 1224 Eye street northwest Emanuel
Stelnman et ux. to Ivan K. Strasburger,
lots 19 and 20. square 286. $10. ivan K.
Strasburger conveys same property to Lev
erett M. Kelley. $10.
482 and 4S6 Louisiana avenue northwest
Trustees of Corcoran Gallery of Art to
Barbara M. Graf, west half original lot
15 and east 25 feet of original lot 14, square
490. $10.
711 Eleventh street northwest Ada C. Moody
to Abraham Llsner, lot 19. square 345, $10.
151 and 153 Pierce street northwest Katherlne
J. Falconer to Babette W. Krumke. lots
99 and 100, square 557, $10.
1006 S street northw est Catherine A. E.
Thomas to Daisy A. Wylle, lot 15, square
335, $10.
Prospect street northwest, between Thirty
fifth and Thirty-sixth streets Eliza E.
Johnston to president and directors of
Georgetown College, part lot 45, square
1222, $10. ,
1346 Emersos street northeast Thomas K.
O'Brien et ux. to William G. Fischer, lot
127. square 1029, $10.
Wyiis street northeast, between Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets Charles A. Bakr et ux
to Thomas J. Hanlon, part lots 46 and 47,
square 1003. $10,
Wylle street northeast, between Twelfth and
'Jhlrteenth streets Emma IC Baker, trus
tees, et al. to Thomas J Hanlon, part lots
46 and 47, square 1003, $10.
405 M street northeast Sarah E. Carter to
Lilly M. and Gordon C. France, lot 65, square
S05, $10.
Florida avenue northeast, between Fifth and
Sixth stri-ole-WllIlam J Holtman et ux
to William E. Waggener, lot 47, square SJs,
71 Myrtle street northeast George A. Vl-h-man
et ux. to Mary F Gray (for life),
Eliza M Salter and Charl-s C Gaddls tre
malnder), lot 167. square 675, $10.
611 Third street northeast Rose B Ities to
John N. Riei. jr., half Interest in lot 77.
square 77$, $10.
M street northeast, between Sixth and Sev
enth streets William Pitt Kellogg et ux. to
Edward N Hopewell, lots 166, 167. 168,
304. to 307, square 655, $10.
Sixteenth street northeast, between East Cap
itol and A streetj Andrew D 1-offler et
ux to Edward W. Mollohan. lot 59, square
1070, $10. Edward W. Mollohan et ux. con
vey same property to John P. F. White.
G street northeast, between Thirteenth and
Fourteenth streets Mary E Hughes, trus
tee, to Capital Realty Company, lot 131,
square 1027, $10.
Florida avenue northeast, between Fifth and
Sixth etreeu-Willlam J. Holtman et al
to Theodore Michael, lot 44. square S2. $10.
Tennessee avenue and C street northeast
Susan R. Merrlam to James D. Burn, lots
23 to 32. square 1032. $10.
100S Ninth street northeast F Walter Brand
enburg et at, trustees, to William A.
Heine, lot 26. square 909. $.
533 Third street northeast George C Gert
man, trustee, to Antonio and Felomena
Norcla, kt 92. square 779, $ .
Wylle street northeast, between Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets-Walter Savoy et to
Ada H. Gasaway. part lot 65. square 1003,
Tennessee avenue and E street northeasts
John D. McNabb to Mary A. Finch, lot 67,
square 1053, $10
602 Florence court northeastJame u. uam
to Susan R. Merrlam. lot 174, square 100,
Florence court northeast, between F and G
streets James D. Burn et ux. to Annie H.
Nelson, lot 172. square 1051, $10. Same to
Sallle G. Colv In. lot 173, square 1051. $11
Wylle street northeast, between Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets-Joseph A. Roth to John
H. and Louise Gordon, lot 86. square 1003.
Wylle street northeast, between Twelfth and
Thirteenth streets Joseph A. Roth to Stuart
M. Leltzell, lot 85, square 1003, $10.
640 Tenth street northeast Joe T. Allison et
ux. to Anna M. Moore, lot 34. square 93a,
Tenth and B streets northeast-Charlie E.
Thatcher et ux. to Lillian B. Wild, lot 65,
square 933, $10.
624 Seventh street northeast Mary A. Finch
et vlr, Willis A., to John D. McNabb, lot
131, square 860. $10
493 K street southwest Frank A. Jones et
ux. to Floyd E. Davis, east half original
lot 9. square 433, $10.
301 Tenth street southwest Charles B.
Church et ux. to Mary A. Church, lot L
square 326. $1.
G street southwest, between Third and Four-and-a-half
streets Thomas Wise to Lem
uel Smith, Jr., lot 46. square 540. $1.
1001 Third street southwest Hannah Drts
coll to Francis Leonard, part original lot
23. square 541 $10.
G street southwest, between Four-and-a-half
and Sixth streets Zachary T. Mayn to
Francis M. Brlnkley, part original lot 8,
square 496. $10.
48 B street southwest-Ida F. Drury to Clara
Miner, lot 22, square 635. $10.
202 Canal street southwest Harry ivorment
to Michael A. D'Manna. lot 61, square
677, $10.
B street southeast, between Third and
Fourth streets Henry H. McKee et ux. to
Robert H. Hazard, lot 36. square 783, $10.
Twelfth street southeast between G and
I streets-George M. Casper et uxu to
Charles J. and Bessie E. Ayers. lot 53,
square 1020. $10.
D street southeast, between New Jersey
avenue and First streets-Lucy M. Shaw
et Mr, Benjamin F.. to Jacob H. Llch
liter. lot G, square 634, $10. Jacob H. Llch
llter conveys same property to Lucy M.
Shaw, $10. . . .
Pennsylvania avenue eoutiieast, between
Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets Herman
R. Howensteln et ux. to Minnie Robey, lot
33. square northeast of 1065 KJS0.
610 D street southeast-Prank Schroth et ux.
to Gilbert B. Scroth. lot 30, square S74. $10.
121S B street southeast William H. Dike
man et ux. to Ernest H.and John T.
Bradley, part lot 69. square 1014, $10.
Fourteenth street southeast, between E and
G streets Henry J. Ready et ux. to Clar
ence T. Lacy and Harvey C. Belt, part
original lot 33. square 1043. $10.
Kentucky avenue southeast, between C and
D'streets William Murphy et ux. to Jo
seph 8. S. and Mary A. Thomas, lot 49.
square 1039, $10. ......
Kentucky avenue southeast, between G and
H streets-Francis E. Zepp et ux. to
Charles B. Pelrce. lots 12, U. 14. square
west of 1032. $10.
143 and 147 D street southeast James D.
Burn et ux to Susan R. Merrlam, lota 56
and 57. square 734. $10.
South Carolina avenue southeast, between
Sixth and Seventh .streets Bernard Leon
ard et ux. to Wlllam 'A. Hall, part original
lot 11, square 876. $10.
Sixteenth street southeast, between D and E
streets William s. Rvon et ux. to Julius
Wahl. lot 63. square 1075. $10. Julius Wahl
conveys same property to William T.
Evans. $10. ...
208 Tenth etreet southeast Florence J. Leltn-
in New Road Connecting Massachusetts Avenue With Woodley Road.
the District
, jrow to Wyer" E. Grant, lot 25, square 963,
Thirteenth street southeast, between B and
V strests Annie H Nelson to James D.
Burn, lot 19.'. square 1015. $10. ,
Potomac avenue southeast, near Fifteenth
street Herman R. Howemsteln et ux. to
Lee Sanford and Margaret E Sanford, lot
47, square northeast of 1065, $3,750
31S A street southeast John P. Duhcy to
Florence D. McAuIlffe. part original lot 3.
square 787, $10.
Third strt-et southeast, between L and M
streets Ralph W Lee ct al . trustee., to
Oorge W Marsh, part original lot 3.
square 769, $1,425. George W Marsh conveys
same property to John G. Slater. $10.
E street southeast, between Second and Third
streets Harry Wardman et al. to Maurice
P. and Barbara A. Walsh, lot 63, square
$765, $10.
Seventeenth and B streets southeast J
Irving Bealmer to Earl C. Butterfiel' lots
33. 40. 41. square 10S7. $10.
1234 D street southeast Eugene R. Whits et
al to E. C. Butterfleld, lot 70, square 1017,
Washington Heights Charles H. Davidson
et ux to Walter A. Dowd. lot 4. block 4. $10
Trinidad Ira J. Baker et ux. to Maggie Beall,
lot SI. square 4070. $10.
Petworth Alner Greenleaf to George C.
Hough, lots !S to 23, square 3132, $1.
Meridian, Hill-Mary J. Edwards et vlr, W.
Walton, to Henry White, lot 34. block 6, $10
W. Walton Edwards et ux. to same, lot
33. block 6. $10. Mary S. Ryer to same.
part lot 32. block 6. $10.
809 Allison street northwest, Petworth J s
Gruver et ux. to Gertrude R. Schultz.' lot
31, square 19, $10.
Pleasant Plains Barbara W. Prentiss et ir
Spencer, to George B. LaughUn, jr., lot 336,
Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Plains
David J. Dunlgan to Bridget O'Connor, lot
47. block 8, $10.
Pleasant Plains Robert H. Featherstone to
Raleigh Sherman, lot 29. block 12. $10.
1410 Belmont street. South grounds. Colum
bia College Maud B. DeLauney et vlr.
Mctor V.. to Hezeklah Thomas, -part lots
3, 4. and 5. $10.
Effingham place Howard University to Em
ma M. Schllck. lot 29, block 18. $10.
Whitney Close Bralnard H. Warner et ux.
to Edith H. Gottwals, lot 8, block 2, $10.
Meridian Hill Louisa E. James et vlr, George
T., to Henry "White, part lot 32, block 6, $10.
Washington Heights Harry Wardman et al
to Walter D. McCaw. lot 212. $10.
Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains William
E. Edmonston, et al., trustees, to Allen
W Miller, lot 12. block S. $1,500.
Lanier Heights William C. Woodward et ux.
to Horace A. Dodge, part lot 48. $10. James
W. Murphy et ux. to same, lot 387, HO.
Woodley Park Thomas P. Bones et al. to
Clarence H. Conger. lot 62, block 15, $10.
West Bloomlngdale Geor;re C. Pumphrey et
al. to Monroe M. Sellnger, lot 63, block
1. $10.
Ingleslde WHUam L. Stewart et ux. to Paul
R, Boesch. lot 108, block 3, $10.
Columbia Heights John P. Stuckert et ux.
to James A. Finch, lot 60. block 25, $10.
Craven Terrace Rignald W. Beall et ux. to
John G. Slater and William R. Hedges, lot
97. $10.
Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains Charles
B. Pelrce et ux. to Guy B. and Carroll
S. Zepp. lots 12 to 17. block 2, $10.
Ingleslde Lewis E. Breunlnger et ux. to
Annie M. Sargent and Georglanna D.
Steele, lot 72. block 21. $10.
Holmead Manor Jennie E. Abbott et vlr,
William H.. to Charles A. Johnson, lot
151. square 2828. $10.
Holmead. Manor Charles A. Johnson to Jen
nie E. Abbott, lot 37, block '44, $10.
Holmead Manor Edwlna P. Chamberlm et
vlr. William N., to Edward Whitney, lots
44 and 45, block 44. and part lot 32, block
45, $10.
Rosedale and Isherwood William X. Obold
to Annie C. Obold, part lots 5 and 6,
block 22. $10.
Mt. Pleasant John T. Arms to Adelaide EL
Kinney, lot 395. $10.
3214 Sherman avenue northwest James D.
Burns et ux. to Susan R. Merrlam, lot 92,
block IS. Mt. Pleasant. $10.
Belmont road John J. Drury to Peter A.
Drury. part lot 13, block 22. Kalorama
Heights, and part of Widow's Mite. $10.
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
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(All dealers. BeCwesdbatttstoa.
Owner of the Palais Royal
Buys Lots Adjoining
The largest downtown realty trans
action of the week was concluded to
day In the purchase by A. Uaner of
four buildings and lots running through
from Tenth to Eleventh street and ad
joining the Palais Royal on the north
for $75,000.
The two three-story buildings at 711
and 713 Eleventh street northwest and
the two three-story residences at 712
and 714 Tenth street northwtst are in
cluded in the deal. The property on
Eleventh street was sold at $12.50 a
square foot, and that on Tenth street
at J7- The total amount of space ac
quired by Mr. Llsner is ".COO square
feet. The first piece of property was
sold through the office of Tyler &
Rutherford, and that for the Tenth
street piece went through the office of
"Weaver Bros.
No immediate improvement of the
property Is contemplated by Mr. Lisner,
but it was acquired by him to provide
for future enlargements to his depart
ment store whenever they shall be
come necessary. Work upon the large
addition to the store on G street is
now rapidly proceeding.
ssssssssssaW &
Anything You Don't Need
Something You Want
Use and Read THE TIMES
Barter and Exchange Ads
Gain of Nearly 10 Per Cent Noted
in the Volume of
Two new records for 1911 were estab
lished by the local realty brokers -as a
result of their efforts for the second
week of June, and in evidence of their
determination to make this the banner
month of the year. A new number for
dally transactions was hung up, and the
total of closed sales for the week ex
ceds any previously reached In six days
this year.
The flrst week of May had, heretofore,
held the record of sales with a total of
190. This week shows a gain of nearly
10 per cent over that figure, with a total
of 206 transactions closed and deeds pass
ed. These are separate transactions,
and the computation does not include
the additional deeds made necessary
when a piece of, property is conveyed
to a third party and from him to the
June 1 6 Banner Day.
The honor of the new record for daily
transactions belongs to June 16, when
fifty-one sales were closed. This number
is an advance of five over the record of
April 3, which was forty-six sales, and
which date had appropriated the laurel
previously worn by March 31. when forty-one
transactions were recorded, tho
highest number up to that time this
June 16, in attaining the new record
for dally transactions came near es
tablishing a new figure for the number
deeds filed with the recorder of deeds
this year. It fell short, however,
four papers of the number offered for
record May 11. Then 143 Instruments
were filed, yesterday 139 were recorded
A gain of nearly 10 per cent Is noted
this week over the record of Its Im
mediate predecessor In the volume of
business transacted by the brokers. This
week the sales lnclluded 318 lots and
Darcels of real estate, while the first
week of June involved only 291 lots.
Suburban Leads.
Outlying suburban property led the
market in the number of sales, with a
total of 100 parcels sold. The near-
urban district Is found In second place.
with seventy-three lots to Its credit.
Within the city proper, as usual, the
northwest Is In the van with sixty-nine
lots transferred. In the northeast forty
one lots were conveyed, twenty-five In
the southeast, and eight in the south
west. An increase of nearly $100,000 is no
ticed in the money market this week
over the figures attained in the pre
vious six days. The total this week is
$S37.4S3.97, borrowed on the security of
273 lots at an average miereai rate oi
5.5 per cent.
,ew loans again leau uic loarnei,
with a total of $380,560.05. although they
are hard pressed tor nrst nonors oy
th total purchase money notes, which
amount to $353,273.79. The outrut of the
building associations was Jl03.ou0.
County borrowers were out in force,
and used up more than half the money
loaned, demanding J156.2u0.15. Next
came owners of land In the northwest,
with a total of $212,799.13. The record of
loans in the other sections Is northeast.
Si24.iT5.o9; soutneast, r-i.tw; souurwesi.
Thornton Carusi Buys
Lot as an Investment
Thornton Carusi has purchased from
Frank "W. Remain the three-story
dwelling at 935 H street northwest as an
investment for about $10,000. The lot !s
19 by 85 feet. The sale was made
through the office of Thomas J. Fisher
& Co., Inc.
By a scientific mechanical ap
paratus we can cure all trouble
of the foot and all troubles caus
ed try the foot, such as flat foot,
fallen arch, bunions, callouses,
pains of the back, headache,
cramps, pains in the calf of the
limbs or shins, cord contractions,
and a hundred other aches and
pains. "We positively cure all
these troubles. Patients taken on
our monthly payment plan. W e
have on file for your consider
ation a list of cured patients,
residents of Washinton. Consul
station and examination free.
Office Hoars, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.
'Phone Mala 7630.
Washington National
Impression Co.,
717 Eleventh St. N.W.
t ,fjZi 3fK.j,- -?.y & Us-ffcS
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