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Will Direct Bank
Playgrounds Head
District Realty Transfers
001 it
Hold Up Clerks and Escape
With Booty by Giving
Emergency Signal.
PORTIND. Ore., June 17. White
Southern Pacific Passenger Train No.
11. the Charta limited, was speeding bet-ween
Drain and Yoncalla, at 11.15 last
night, two men. about thirty years old,
suddenly burst Into the mall car, held
up the clerks, looted sacks, and escaped
with their loot by stopping the train at
Yoncalla. It Is not known how much
booty the desperadoes got, but It Is be
lieved to be heavy. Posses from Yon
calla, Drain, and Rossburg are In pur
suit. The men wore no masks, so a
good description of them was obtained.
As the train neared Yoncalla, one of
the highwaymen pulled the emergency
signal and the train stopped. The rob
bers leaped out of the mall car, ran in
to the depot and disappeared down the
village street.
The conductor and engineer of the
train had no idea of anything wrong
until the signal to stop at Yoncalla was
unexpectedly Riven.
Officers at Drain and Rossburg were
Immediately notified and posses were
also started from those places.
The mail car was the only one dis
turbed by the robbers. Both outlaws
are described as being about thirty
years aid, 5 feet 7 inches tall and wear
ing dark clothes and hats. Neither wore
a mask and a good description of them
was had.
Pope Writes Letter of
Thanks to Dr. Grannan
A letter of thanks from Pope Pius X,
written and signed by his own hand,
has been received by the Rev. Dr.
Charles P. Grannan, of the Catholic
University. This distinction, of beir.R
personally addressed at the hands of
the Pope, is seldom accorded to church
men In the United States. To receive
the warm personal thanks of the head
of the Catholic Church, is an even rarer
honpr. The letter Is signed "Plus P. P.
The Rev. Dr. Grannan has won the
gratitude of Pope Pius by raising the
"Henry Cadden, jr., fund' to assist In
the education of vounc men to the
priesthood, where the bishops are not
able to meet the cosi. The fund is avail
able for use all over the world.
The Pope states in his letter, written
in Latin, that the Roman College of
Latin-America has become so low in
finances that a curtailment of the num
ber of students Is necessary
Following the statement concerning
the college. His Holiness writes
"Hence, you will understand rightly,
beloved son. with what gratitude we re
garded the announcement that you
would undertalto to relieve the pressing
domestic difficulties of the college by
enlisting at largo the generosity of tbo
Catholics of the United States of Amer
ica." Bicyclist in Serious
Condition After Crash
Severely injured when struck and
thrown from his bicycle by an auto
mobile at Sixth street and Pennsylvania
avenue yesterday afternoon, Lloyd De
ment, of 938 B street southwest, is still
In a serious condition at Emergency
Hospital. While the man is resting
easily today, the physicians say his con
dition is such as to give fear of Internal
Dement was at the hospital several
hours before he recovered conscious
ness. Last night he talked to the
nurses and physicians for a few mo
ments, but was unable to tell much of
the circumstances surrounding the ac
cident. According to witnesses, he rode
Into the path of the automobile in at
tempting to avoid a collision with a
street car.
Fire Chief Shot in Crowd
By a Jealous Husband
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., June 17. On
the crowded midway of a carnival
ground late last night, W. W. Church,
chief of the Huntington fire department,
was shot and seriously wounded by
Henry Watkins. The shooting created
a panic among thousands of visitors on
the midway. Watkins wife was stand
ing near Church when the Infuriated
husband fired
"I shot to kill, and if I failed it Is no
fault of mine." said Watkins after he
had been arrested.
"Church has been too friendly to my
wife for a long time. I have tried to
break it up other ways, but they failed,
and I concluded to break It up with a
Experience Saves $1 ,050
The experience of Mr. McAleer in building up-to-date
houses for the Washington market enables you to get a
$5,000 HOUSE FOR $3,950
Beautiful homes, with six delightful rooms, tiled bath, HOT
laundry tubs, servants' toilet.
Handsome red pressed-brick fronts, with large porches, full
8 ft. deep; rear yards with plenty of room for vegetable gar
den. LOT 20X140 FEET-
Note the Price-Only $3,950
Small Cash Payment. Balance
In Easy Monthly Installments
TO INSPECT Take 9th St. cars to Georgia Ave. and
Kennedy St., and walk a block and a half east.
Houses open daily and Sunday for inspection.
Willige, Gibbs & Daniel
603-605 1 3th Streets N. W.
Bltfcl1' ? n yH
Former United States Senator, Who Is
to Succeed to the Presidency of the
United States Trust Company Here.
Former Senator Pledged
Enough Votes to Assure
His Election.
Former United States Senator Nathan
B. Scott, of West Virginia, will be elect
ed president of the United States Trust
Company at a special meeting of the
directors of that institution to be held
Monday afternoon.
A caucus of the directors of the com
pany was held last night, at which
enough vot's wre r'edged to assure
the election of the former Senator. Ho
has accepted the nomination and will
sere as an active head of the trust
Senator S-ott. before his election to
the United Stated Senate. In which he
served two terms, was at the head of a
bank in Wh-elinir. W. Va. Ho retired
from the Senate March 4 and has been
mentioned as a possible banking head.
Old Plans Abandoned.
His local and West Virginia friends
wete planning the formation of a $2,000,
COO trust company for Washington, with
the aid of strong financial backing and
nssurance of business from New ork
financial interests. This corporation
was almost reidv to start when the
present opening developed, ar.d it was
rt-o-neil better to undertake the unbulld
injr of a goinj trust company, with $1.
O'kiOO'j cat irnl. a fair surplus, and one
that is already on a paying b&sls. The
'Jnitn1 Srates Trust company now pajs
5 rir r cent annual dividends to its share
holders. Mr Scott will bo an active head, he
holding that the president of a fiscal In
stitution should not be a figurehead. He
will bring to the corporation the benefit
of his financial Judgment and ability,
the confidence that goes with a success
ful career, and a large personal follow
ing. Long a Banker.
"The banking business is a good one.
I ve been in It a great many years,
but my first love is glass making."
said former Senator .N. B. Scott today
In connection with his taking the presi
dency of the United States Trust Com
pany. "I am taking this position because I
want something to do. and I shall try
to make the Institution one of recog
nized eminence, if courteous and fair
dealing can do It.
"But. as I say, glass making is more
fun. The active manager of the Cen
tral glass works at Whellng now Is
a young man whom I took at twelve
years of age and sent him to night
school while working ror the company.
Under your child-labor laws he couldn't
have gone to work then, and might not
now have been the manager of the
concern and a rich man.
"Our glass does not need any adver
tising and no one will think I am try
ing to advertise It If I say it is the best
in the world. Why, they can't make as
good in Paris or Venice or any other
old place."
Warns Persia. Against Great
Loan From "Financial
Charging that the wheels of Govern
ment In Washington are directed by.
financiers In New York city, E. C. Get
slnger Btartled the Persian-American
Educational Society this morning. Mr.
Getsinger's declaration was explicit.
Speaking of prospects of America lend
ing money to Persia, he said:
"It Is this vury same American money
trust, which Is the American breaker
ahead for Persia. Let that kind of
money once get a foothold in Persia,
and Persia will be governed from New
York, as the Government at Washing
ton Is directed from New York city."
"Persia does not know," said Mr. Get
slnger, "that American trust money Is
the money which financial buccaneers
acquired by most dishonorable methods,
whose exploits In finance became so
dishonorable that these bankers were
being called 'swindling promoters' and
'financial buccaneers' in all the largest
magazines published in this country."
Sounds a Warning.
Mr. Getslnger sounded a warning sev
eral times to Persia to be careful from
who she borrows In this country.
"It will be only a short time." said the
speaker, "before the Persia parliament
will be acquainted with the fact that a
Joan of 110,000,000 Is desired for Imme
diate use. It is this first J10.000.000 that
will cast the die. To this financial feast
of apparently little import whom Is
Persia going to Invite to sit at her side
as guest?
Taking the measure of the modern
American financier. It is not difficult
to conclude that ho will press forward
with due diligence, and become the hon
ored guest at the banquet. Should this
become true, there can be but one con
clusion, and that Is, that such a guest
will not only consume the feast entire,
but Is likely also to cat the host."
"Persia today," said Mr. Getslnger In
beginning his address, "Is struggling to
arise, to ascend, to break through the
mists of its dark ages, and bask in the
light of a constitutional government. It
would be hypocrisy on my part If I did
not point out to the Perlan peoplo such
dangers as aro liable to arise from the
United States. My patriotism Is noc
so great that I would hide the trickery
practiced by men in my own country in
the financial and commercial world.
Cites Persia's Advantages.
Mr. Getslnger said big opportunities
are open to young men of business abil
ity in Persia, "where vast opportunities
await them, where their experience and
ability are awaited.
"By all means young man go East to
Persia to New Persia. But in the name
of Heaven take only with you our busi
ness virtues not our vices."
Mr. Getslnger would like to see the
Persian loan a popular subscription with
a Washington banking or securities
company acting as trustee.
"The Washington bank." said he. "hae
rrnnt rpsniirres. Thev have lamo Quan
tities of clean money. Why not nave
Persia look over tho Washington field
and Investigate what can be done "in
that direction?
Washington Heiress
Weds Her Legal Adviser
Washington friends and relatives ex
pressed surprise today at news of th
marriage Thursday at Jersey City of
James Howard Graves, assistant attor
ney of the Department of Justice, and
Miss Frances Shrewsbury, of Washing
ton, formerly of Charleston, W. Va,
Mr. Graves left Washington Tuesday
for New York, ostensibly on business
That Cupid was an Important flguro In
his business Is known today. Miss
Shrewsbury and her brother also trav
eled Tuesday to New York, meeting Mr.
At noon Thursday the marriage was
performed at the home of the Rev.
A. J. Meyer, 303 York street, Jersey
City, in the presence of a party of rela
tives and friends of the couple. Tho
newlyweds left Immediately after the
ceremony for a honeymoon trip.
Miss Shrewsbury has resided in Wash
ington for several years, living for a
time with her mother in the De Soto
apartments. Thirteenth and Masachu
setts avenue northwest. She is said to
have Inherited a fortune in West Vir
ginia. Mr. Graves was her legal ad
vlses 81.00 Harpers Ferry, Martinsburg.
J1.33 Berkeley Springs. J2.00 Cumberland
and return June 18th, Baltimore &. Ohio
R. R. Special train leaves Union Sta
tion at o;id a. re, auvu
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Sample House. 1426 G St. S. .
Six Large Rooms and Bath. Holland Window Shades.
Handsome Paper. Large Concreted Cellars.
Every Room a Front Room. Floors Planed and Oiled.
$300 CclSll Monthly
House Open and Lighted Until 9 o'Clock.
1314 F Street N. W.
II Mm$M$$W
Who Has Been Chosen Director of the
Washington Playgrounds.
Directors Here Will Pay Sal
ary Difference From Their
Own Pockets.
The executive eommittoo of the Wash
Ington Playground Association met at
noon today In the office of. Secretary
James K. West, and decided to reach in
their own pockets and give Edgar S.
Martin the additional compensation from
the regular salary, which will be neces
sary to Induce him to come to Wash
.Mr. Martin at present Is director of
nlayjcrounds In Columbus. Ohio. It Is
understood Columbus wants Mr. Martin
and Is willing to pay him J3.000 a ear
to fetay The director of tho Washing
ton plaKro.ind can only receive under
the la." a salary of J1.M0. This, how
ever. Is for ten month' work, and the
directors of the association who have
been unaole to find any local man
capable of fillinK the office, want Mr.
Martin so badly that they have decided
to nu.ke up the difference by private
Denied He Held Out.
Just what extra compensation will be
paid Mr. Martin could not be learned,
although it was said after tho meeting
that there was no truth in the report
that he had been holding out for 3.000
to come to Washington.
Tho extra two months In the year Mr.
Martin will be busy promoting the boy
scout mo ement, and It Is for this that
he Is to receive the extra pay. Mr. Mar
tin had practically assured the members
of the Playground Association that he
would come to Washington if they met
tils figures, ar.d the action by the execu
tive committee today Is taken to mean
that he will arrive In Washington in
time to take up his new duties on
The directors of the association also
took up at their meeting yesterday aft
ernoon the question of the purchase of
a permanent playgrounds site for Mt
Pleasant. It fceems assured they will
recommend the purchase of the present
temporary site, at Fourteenth street
and Columbia road northwest, and not
the place at Thirteenth street ana Co
lumbia road, or that on Park road, be
tween Fourteenth and Lamont streets,
which were offered.
Coronation Service to
Be Held in Church Here
A special coronation sen-Ice will bo
held in Washington at noon on the day
King George is crowned, Thursday.
June C2 The British embassy has sent
out an official notice regarding tho serv
ice, which will be held In St. John's
Episcopal Church.
The notice says that the service will
be attended by the "His Majesty's am
bassador and the embassy staff." The
notice Is given out "for the Information
of any British subjects, persons of
British birth, or any others who may
wish to attend."
$28.90 to Milwaukee and Return.
June 19. 20. and 21. good to return to
reach starting point by Juno 30. See
ticket agents. aqvi
Denials. Made That Uncle
Ike's Big Campaign "Bar
rel" Involved Bribery.
Talk of an investigation by the Senate
of the United States into the election
of Senator Isaac Stephenson of Wiscon
sin has stirred up the supporters of
"Uncle Ike" in that State, and they
are, rushing to his defense.
Senator Stephenson's personal organ,
the Milwaukee Free Press, has come
out In a long editorial, copies of which
it Is distributing in Washington, defend
ing his election. It attacks the investi
gation which has been conducted by a
committee of the Wisconsin Legisla
ture. It charges that the Investigation there
cost $40,000, that there was no proof of
bribery or attempted bribery, that the
resolution which recently was adopted
by the State senate calling on tho Sen
ate to unseat "Uncle Ike," was purely
political, and that there Is nothing for
tho Senate of the United States to In
vestigate. It is not denied that large sums we.e
spent by Senator Stephenson, but It Is
said this was chiefly for organizers and
workers. It Is charged by the Free
Press that the testimony before the
Joint investigating committee showed
that a. similar scrutiny of Governor La
Follette's campaigns would have devel
oped exactly the same conditions," with
the exception that Mr. Stephenson him
self paid for the organizers and workers
he employed, "while in Governor La
Follette's time an army of State em
ployes was used and their expenses paid
by the State."
Senator Stephenson Is not a little stir
red up over the talk of a Senate inves
tigation, and In talks with his colleagues
he Is Justifying his course.
Robert M. Kivett Reports
Many Northeast Sales
A number of sales In the suburban
northeast are reported today by Rob
ert M. Kivett. George W. Kell has
purchased a house at the corner of
Eighteenth and Hamlin streets. Ellas
ton Terrace, James D. Boyd purchas
ed another corner. Both will occupy
the houses. Jacob H. Davis purchas
ed the bungalow at 1842 Rhode Island
avenue northeast and lots In Ellaston
Terrace were sold to Edward L. Mln
ton and Floyd E. Whltlock.
The sales of two houses In Rose
Lawn subdivision are also rennrted
by Mr. Kivett. Gertrudo Cross pur
chased a $4,575 houso from plans and
specifications and Herman Schubert
purcnasea tor 13,600 a house which
Is now ncaring completion. The
southwest corner of Rhode Island and
aims avenues has been sold at "50
cents a foot to a purchaser who will
put up a drug store.
Twenty-five Lots Sold
At Virginia Highlands
Twenty-five lots have been sold and
six houses contracted for at Virginia
Highlands during the week. A total of
$35,0fl0 of business Is reported for the
week by Theodore J. Morgan, sales
manager of the Virginia Highlands As
sociation, Inc. The following have
bought lots and contracted for homes
for immediate construction: E. R. Wal
lace, B. McFarlon, Laura Kendlz. K.
N. Mount, Robert Burg, Mary A. How
ard, Francis Thompson. W. H. Rob
erts, E. E. Souvestre, Floyd M. Owen,
Pierre Bonslgneur. F. H. Louvers. R. C.
Bryon, C P. Wlckham, T. A. Wickham,
and L. M. Locke.
Arrangements have been made with
the Alexandria Electric Light Company
to light the town, and after August all
intersections 01 streets win have lights
set upon decorative poured cement
$87.00 to Pacific Coast and Return.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Good gotng
until June 21st, valid for return until
September 15th. Liberal stop-overs and
choice of routes Ask agents Advt.
Located on Lamont street, be
tween Sixteenth and Mt. Pleas
ant streets; y block from ex
clusive Sixteenth street, and
block from Mt. Pleasant cars.
Apartments consist of 4 and
5 rooms each are exceedingly
well lighted, ventilated, and
handsomely decorated.
Especially attractive induce
ments until October 1st.
Our representative will be at
the building Sunday from 10
a. m. to 5 p. m., and will give
you full particulars.
Managers of Properties,
526-527 Munsey Building.
If there is any roof work to be
done, consult
roofing experts. We are the old
est and most reliable roof ex
perts in the city and our -work
is absolutely guaranteed, and our
prices the lowest.
Let us furnish you with esti
mates on this summer's work.
1306-8 New York Avenue K. W.
Phone Main ISO.
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Whitney Cloie Hayes W. Hawkins to Alex
ander Farhood. tlot 40, block 2. 110.
Moore & Barbour's Second Addition Mabel
JV, Davit to John Edwards and Hlen O.
Edwards, lot A, block 10. J 10.
Woodley Park H. R. Dulany et a!., re
ceivers, to William A. Hill. lot 2, block
IS. 4.a. ' WUHtra A. Hill et ux. to
Franklin T. EAnocr. half interest In same
property. $10,
Petworth Charles W. Williams et ux. to
Timothy D. McCarthy, lot S3, square 3r,
Burlelth Frank B. Cogswell ct ux. to Ger
trude E. Lewis, lot 5, square 1301, $10.
3303 Georgia avenue- northwest. Petworth
D. Darby Thompson et ux. to Sue G. Ben
rend, lot 42, square 3027. HO. . . . .
1410 Belmont street northwest Hezeklah
Thomas et ux. to Emma Wilson, part lots
3, 4, 5, south grounds Columbia College, $10.
fhglestde William L. Stewart et ux. to John
L. and Olive 8. 'McGrew, lot 107, block 3,
Meridian HIll-Leverett M. Kelley et ux. to
Ivan K. Btrasburger. lot 3. block 15. 110.
Columbia Heights Edward H. Way et ux. to
Allen W. and Lena Guyer, lot 43. block
25. $W- . . ...
Bloomlngdale Anna L. Keese et au to Cath
erine McGahey, lot 80. $10.
Ingleslde Harry A. Kite et at to Celeste A.
Bmlth. lot 7, block 2. J10.
North Grounds Columbia College Henry Eber
bach to Oilier F. and Elizabeth B. Busby,
inf lire tin
Bellevue John J. Mlnahan et ux. to Fer
dinand G. Punier, lot 94. HO. Ferdinand
Purner et ux. to John J. and Margaret
Mlnahan. part lots and 94. HO.
Efflng'ham place William J. Flather et aL,
trustees, to Sterling N. Brown, lot S and
part lot 7. block 2. $2,700.
Unthlcum estate 3. Percy Thompson et ux.
to James D. Hobbs, part lot K HO. James
D. Hobbs conveys aame property to Vir
ginia A. Thompson, HO.
Ingleslde Lewla E. Breunlnger et ux. to
John v. ana tame -, onra. mji. .
1 110
Mt. rie'asant and Pleasant Plains-Francis
A. Blundon et ux. to Harry M. Dante, lot
657. $10.
Massachusetts Avenue Heights American Se
curity and Trust Company et al., trustee,
to Reld S. Baker, lot 4. square 1931. $10.
Same to same, lots 7 and . square 1931. $10.
Same to same, lots 22 and 23, square 1933,
$10. Same to same, lot 4, square 1942, $10.
Same to Henry C. Fisher, tot 2, square 1942.
$10. Same, to Wlllam S. Beyburn. lot 22.
square 1933, $10.
American Uniierslty Park-James L. Talt
et ux. to It. C. Smith, lots 9 and 10, square
Chevy Chase Fulton R. Gordon et ux. to Et-
bert Charity, lot 21. and north half lot 20.
square 1743. 32.394. , ... T a
Potomac Heights Potomac Heights Ind
Company to William F. Jackson, lots 43.
U. . block 1449. and lots 19. 20. 21, block
Anacostla-Lella L. Watson et vlr, George
O . to William 11. Acion. ius -w mm -.
Barry Farm Henrietta J. Hunter to the Na
tional Sewing Council of United States of
. 1 in f; and 7 nortlnn 2. 110.
South BrooVland Benjamin F Edwards, et
ux. to Wilbert V and Zula S Renner. lot
13. square 29M. I3
East Dean wood John D. Brldaham et ux. to
John D Brldaham. Jr. lot S10. square o217.
Same to same, lot HO, square 521J. HO.
Same to same. lots 1 to 4. square o222. $10
South Kenllworth Bernard O Brown et ux.
to G W Johnson, administrator, lot i4.
square 5153. HO
Wisconsin Avenue Park Capital Realty
Company to Marie Estelle d Rincray.
lots 29 and 30. square 173?. $10. Same to
W D Peck, trustee, lot 2. squaTe l-x,
10 Same to Mary E. Hushes, truste.
lota 1. 2. and 3. square 1711. HO.
BrlKhtwond Park Timothy D McCarthy to
Charles W Williams. lot . block 24. HO.
University Heights Patrick F Hannan et
ux to the Catholic Education Pres, Inc..
lots 3, 4. and 5. block 12. 310
Burvllle D II R Drury to Geortre H But
ler, lot 51. block . section 2. HO
Anacostla Emma Wilson ct vlr. J. Clayton
to Hereklah Thomas, lot IV). 310
Connecticut Aenue Heights Connecticut
Avenue Highlands Comnnny to John K
Hayes. lot 34. square 20R1 10. Sam o
Herbert A. Klpp. lots 15 and 1. square 2050.
Wisconsin Avenue Park Anna Mt Moore to
Estelle M Allison, lot 14. square 17W. H
Massachusetts Avenue Heights American Se
curity and Tnnt rnmnanv et !-. trus
tees, to Alvln M Lothrop. lot 2. ra
214i. fin Same to same, lot 3 square
1TS. 10
$i.oo Southern Railway Si.oo
Sunday excursion fares Washington
to Bluemcnt and intermediate points
and return. Trains Lv. 8:55 a. m (Ltd.)
and 9:15 a. m. (local). Advt.
J. ,,
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.BBBPiBHBi&sBHB .LHIBilli.HBt.Bi.iHBIHBF'. 7.isBiiiBBSl r
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Two Sold Three Left
At 7th and Quincy Sts. N. W. (Petworth)
These Make IDEAL Homes. New Construction the
Best Arrangement unexcelled.
Two stories; large concrete cellar; parlor, reception hall, din
ing room, large pantry, kitchen, and closets on first floor; three
large communicating bedrooms, beautiful tiled bath, FINISHED
IN WHITE, and large closets on second floor.
HOT-WATER heat, HARDWOOD finish both floors,
double oak floors, handsome mantels, combination gas and electric
fixtures, laundry tubs, servants' toilet m cellar. Representative at
sample house, 627 Quincy N. W., Sunday and evenings. Take
9th st. cars, get off- at Quincy St., walk 2 squares east.
TERMS TO SUIT. Price, $4,500, or call at offkiTof
702 11th St. N.W.
Look For Red Arrow Sign.
Chevy. Chasa Heights Chevy Chase Land
Company to Hugh A. Thrift and Jacob B
Gruver. lot 31. square 1S7. $10.
Handle (Park Edward K. Plant et ux. fo
United States Realty Company. lot Z.
square 98. HO.
Saul's Addition Hosmer M. Johnson to
Louisa P. Bowman, lot 27. square 2709. HO,
Squares 311, 3t3. 450. 42 Whitehaven Nettle)
L. Cockrell et vlr. Samuel W.. to Katla
Klrby, part lot 5S, square 341; part original
lot 11, square 359. part original lot 12. square
450; lot 12, square 341; lot 34, square 4265; lot
17. block 4, Whitehaven. St- Philip and
Jacob, $10.
Ehadyslde Ben B. Favorite et ux. to Wil
liam K. Hill, lot 21. square 2970. HO.
Addition to Takoma Park Laura E. Dyrs
et vlr, James W.. to Ouida B. Favorite,
lot 5, block 11. HO.
Hlllbrook Suburban Homes Company to Wil
liam A. Carver, lot 40. square 5077. $10.
Massachusetts Avenue Heights American Se
curity and Trust Company et al.. trustees.
to Edwardj E. Hayden. lota 1 to 5, square
1928, $10.
Foxall Heights Everts A. Hayes et ox. to
John W. A. Carroll, lot K. square 1354, $L
Today's Real Estate Transfers.
Handle Highlands Washington Loan and
Trust Company, trustee, to James Henry
Brow n. tots (0 and S3. square 5512, $10.
Handle Highlands U. S. Trust Company.
trustee, to James Henry Brown, lot 60,
square 5C37, HO.
Handle Highlands James H. Brown to U. 8.
Realty Company, lot 50, square 5637, and
lots SO and 63, square 5512, 110.
Randle Highlands U. S. Realty Company to
Tllden M. Smith, lot 50. square 5637. HO.
Handle Highlands U 6. Realty Company to
Luther B. Darr, lot 60. square 5517, HO.
Randle Highlands U. S. Realty Company to
Harlle G. Sparrow, lot 63, square 5512, $10.
Wicons!n Avnue Park Capitol Realty Com
' Pasternak, tots 2 and.
17, square 1739, $10.
"Tern iweniy-nrsi. ana
Twenty-second streets Charlotte M. Mof
. ... ii. utickley. part original
it c. si.50.
Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains Eugeas)
Mt ei i.jc. n Ricnard S. Wolfe, lot 61,
b'rck IS. HO.
N '-v "outhwest. between Four-and-a-half
and Sixth streets Helen E. Van Trump et
p Katherlne C Wells,
lot 115. square 502. $10.
R . etwest Wathlngtoa
' t " - ' ra Heff. west
half lot 32, square 2067, H. ...
S. . - - - -ins Allen w.
Guyer et ux. to Edward II. and Georgia
C Way. lot 211. block 4. 310.
Brightwood Park Thomas E. Jarrell et ux.
to Robert C. and Hazel M Lowen. tot 63,
block 8. $10.
Kentucky avenue southeast, between C ana
D streets William Murphy et ux. to John
J and Mary A. Burke, lot 50. square 1033.
Cbe-y Chase Heights-Edward J. Stellwagen
et ux. to Egbert A Clark, lots 11. 12. 13,
J 623 Seenth stret northeast Martin L. Gott-
wals et ux. to John D. McNabb, lot Tt.
square 891. 310. , .
Bloomlngdale Percy J Grady to Martin I
Gottwala. lot 7. block 14 J10
Columbia Helghts-Georg- S Cooper et ux.
to Thomas Bones and S. Percy Thompson.
Iota 73. 74. 75. block 33. HO.
Sixteenth and A streets southeast-George A.
Gray et ux. to Margretta E. Sharp, lot 40.
square 1CS6. HO. ... ..
Chevy Chase-H D. Gordon et al.. trustees.
to Fulton R Gordon, lots 20 and 21. square
1KT 12.400. Same to same, lota 2. 3. 4. .
square 1743. Fulton R. Gordon et ux. to
Alfred W. Cummlngs lots 20 and 21. square
Ro-ed'ale and Isherwood-Walter A- Dowd to
Ida C. Clemmer. part lot 7. block 22. $19.
Same to E. Clyde Herbert, part lot 9.
block 22, 310.
Petworth-Herbert Lewis et ux to J. B.
Gruver lots 23 and 26. square 40. $10.
Cleveland Park-Louise Taylor to Horace
Keen, lot 13. square 20S4. HO.
Shadyslde Walter A Johnston, trustee, to
Robert M. Gray, lots 24. 25. square 2370.
713 Eleventh street nortnweJf-MafZi
Tznaga to Abraham Llsner. part original
lot 5. square jm. jw. . ,,.
14 New Jersey avenue northwest Richard
km io -"' -VL V.,,.ii t r....
H. Brown et ux- i" vnuui ""-"
lot 30. square 511. HO.
Building Permits.
The following building permit was issued i
today: ., .
To Crnmial Mackey, for a two-lory brick,
concrete, and iron garage, at 3295 Mstreet
iioiuiu'tst. architect and builder, Crandal
Mackey, estimated cost. 32.000.
$1.25 to Baltimore and Return
Saturdays and Sundays via Pennsyl
vania Railroad. Tickets good to return
until Sunday night. All regular trains
except the "Congressional Limited."
..& S3 ..
3. -. s. ., ,i

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