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ifessages Pour in on Presi
dent and Wife From
(Continued from First Page.)
v Jl bo followed Tiy members of the
Cabinet and their wives. Only the wifo
of Secretary Fisher will be absent She
Is out of the city.
The receiving stand is located on the
west side .of the center lawn. Over it
is spread a canopy, and above the
canopy Is an arch. This arch Is built of
cut flowers and green, and in the center
of it there is described in electricity
In each of the great trees on the lawn
are dusters of electric lights which will
shed a soft glow upon the scene. Ex
tending from tree to tree are hundreds
of Venetian lanterns in varied colors.
They will add to the brilliance of the
Play of Searchlights.
Three searchlights will play upon the
scene. They are located on the roof of
the State. War and Navy building. One
of them will be trained upon the new
flag over the White House, unfurled
for the first time this morning; the
other will direct its rays of many colors
on the fountain of the south lawn, and
the third will shine upon the Washing
ton Monument.
The electrical display about the man
sion Itself will be most gorgeous. Ten
thousand bulbs, it was announced this
morning, will illuminate the big house.
These lights will run over the entire
building and will outline it in Are. The
lights on the two terraces, running east
and west from the White House proper,
have been covered with red.
Beneath jail these lights on the lawn
will appear a resplendent throng.
Hundreds of army and navy officers
In full white uniforms will be there.
kThe Diplomatic Corps attirea in tne
regimentals ol tneir coun unuorms.
Ill mingle with the guesis, ana j.ne
-enine clothes of the women will
jake the scene one Of rare beauty.
Six Thousand Expected.
In all. more than 6,000 guests are
llnir prepared for Five thousand
nvltatlons have been sent out and
aany of these Invitations bid two or
three people to come. A great many
of these people are Washlngtonians.
Some of them, however, come from
distant parts of the country. It Is a
mighty Job to properly entertain so
many guests at one party, but the
White House staff has planned to do
It and do it with expedition.
The arrangements for receiving the
guests when they arrive at the man
sion were announced today. The
members of the House and Senate,
the Cabinet officers. Diplomatic Corps,
and other distinguished personages
arriving in carriages will enter the
i grounds at tne nonnwesi entrance.
iThcv will proceed to the east portico
Tphro fhpv will be ushered to the
' cloak room beneath the state dining
, room.
All other guests arriving in carriages
prill proceed to the entrance on the East
1e near tne .treasury, xney win uoo
p.lnnfc room under the "East terrace.
fho&e guests who walk, will also enler
y tnls mute, xnpy win oe buuwu .i
nee to the lawn.
Only the Invitations Needed.
Only the invitations will be needed
or identification by the quests There
i-e no cards, but the possession of an
Invitation will be taken as sufficient by
the ushers for all purposes.
On the lawn, the people will be re
ceived by the President and Mrs Taft
in the most informal manner. As they
approach the receiving stand, they will
be Introduced by Major Archibald Butt.
Mrs. Taft. will be able to receive most
of the guests, but If she becomes ex
hausted Miss Helen Taft will take her
mother's place on the stand. The mem
bers of the Cabinet will he in the re
ceiving line.
t first. It was announced mai m-y
i .im not mninv Dosltlons with the
ift family on the stand, but It was
tated this morning that this plan had
een changed
Luncheon in East Room.
Luncheon will be served In the East
oom As many of the guests will be
ved there as practicable. Others 'will
served on the lawn, according to the
esent plans. Punch bowls will be lo
cated on the lawn, and punch will be
yrved by the attaches of the White
After the grand march, the Engineer
Band will retire to the Interior of the
East Room, where it will play for the
remainder of the evening for the dan
cers. The Marine Band will take a po
sition on the lower lawn and will play
there during the entire evening. The
Washington Saengerbund, composed of
German vocalists, will sing at Intervals
during the fete J
Pope Sends Felicitations.
Felicitations are being received by the
President and Mrs. Taft from every
quarter of the globe. This morning
Monsignor Falconlo, the Papal delegate,
called at the Executive offices and per
sonally bore the greetings -jf Pope Plus
Then, too, letters and telegrams have
ben pouring In all morning. Some of
them are from abroad, while others are
from friends and relatives in the United
Bf tes, who have found It impossible to
present tonight. Telegrams from
vo foreign potentates have ccme. That
,.om Mehmed v, ruier 01 i-trsia, is aa
On the occasion of your sllvtr wed
ding. I offer slncero congratula
tions, as well as the wishes I form
for jour happiness and the prosper
ity of the United StateB.
Emperor Nicholas, of Russia, also
sent greeting in the folldwlng tele
gram: "The day of the departure Of the
American squadron I express to
J you the great pleasure I had In
this visit to our shores. I also con
" vey to vou my cordial congratula
. tlons for tomorrow's silver wed-
ding." , ,
A number of foreign rulers sent their
congratulations this momine. Ambassa
dor Bryce brought the best wishes of
King George Tne following messages
were given out at the White House:
Stockholm. June 19, 1911.
President Taft. Washington.
Pray accept my warmest congratu
lations on occasion silver wedding
end my best wishes for happy future.
Panama, June 19, 1911.
William. H. Taft, Washington. D. C.
Sincere congratulations. I wash you
I many years happy life.
Tokyo. June 19, 1911.
The President. Washington.
I beg to offer to you and 'Mrs. Taft
my heartfelt congratulations upon this
auspicious occasion of your silver wed
ding, and my very best wishes for your
continued good health and happiness.
Tokyo, June 19, 1911.
' he President, Washington.
On the auspicious occasion of your
iUver wedding I beg you And Mrs. Taft
Many Relatives , of Former Executives to Be Guests of
Tafts at White House Celebration Tonight Mrs.
Grover Cleveland Is Expected. -
Since the invitations were sent out a
few weeks ago for the silver wedding
celebration of the President and Mrs.
Taft at the White House tonight, the
event has been If paramount Interest In
diplomatic, official, and resident society.
Many of those who had already left the
city for the season to spend the sum
mer at various resorts nave returned to
the National Capital for the occasion,
and the gathering at the Executlvo
Mansion this evening will be the most
brilliant and distinguished assembled
in Washington in June for many a
The Vice President and Mrs. Sherman
will be present, as will the entire per
sonnel of the Cabinet, accompanied by
their families, with the possible excep
tions of Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Fisher,
wives of the Secretaries of the Navy
and Interior, respectively.
Diplomats to Attend.
Of the somewhat depleted ranks of the
Diplomatic Corps, practically the entire
contingent still In town. Including the
French Ambassador and Mme. Jusser
and, the British ambassador, James
Bryce; the Japanese Ambassador and
Baroness Uchlda, the minister of Bo
livia and his daughter, Miss Calderon;
Countess de Bulsseret. wife of the re
tiring Belgian minister: the Spanish
Minister and Mme. de Rlano, the Nor
wegian Minister and Mme. Bryn, and
the members of the embassy and lega
tion staffs will attend.
Mrs. Taft win not wear her wedding
gown, but at handsome costume of white
brocade and Bllver, .with a court train.
Two interesting members of the White
House party, who will be much in evi
dence tonight are Miss Herron, Mrs.
Taft's unmarried sister, and Horace
Taft, the President's brother, who were
the only attendants at the marriage
tventy-flve years ago today, the former
acting as bridesmaid former sister, and
the latter as best man for his dis
tinguished brother.
In addition to these two members of
the bridal party the guests at the White
to accept my mope respectful and sin
cere congratulations. May ery bless
ing and prosperity always attend you
Rome, June 19, 1911.
President Taft, Washington.
Please accept on this auspicious day
my most heartfelt congratulations and
best wishes for the happiness and pros
perity of your family.
Madrid, June 19, 1911.
President Taft, Washington :
My heartfelt wishes and congratula
tions to you and to Mrs. Taft on your
sliver wedding. AIlFONSO, R.
. Copenhagen. June 19, 1911.
President and Mrs. Taft, White House,
The Queen and I beg Mrs. Taft and
you to accept our slncerest congratula
tions on the occasion of your silver wed
Tokio, June 19. 1911.
President of the United States. Wash-
lrtfrton. T C'
On the auspicious occasion of your
excellency's silver wedding I beg to ex
press my slncerest congratulations as
well as my best wishes for your con
tinued good health and well-being
Hamburg, Hohensollern, June 19, 1911.
The Preident of the United States of
America, Washington:
I beg you to accept my slncerest con
gratulations on the occasion of your
silver wedding.
Paris. June 19. 1911.
His Excellency. Mr. Taft, President of
the United States of America, Wash
ington At the time your excellency Is cele
brating your silver wedding I beg of
you to kindly present my respectful
congratulations to Mrs. Taft and to ac
cept mv most cordial wishes for your
happiness. I avail myself of this fav
orable circumstance to renew to jfur
excellency of my feelings of constant
friendship wit nan tne most, pieasua
because you have recently been so kind
as to enhance, by your presence, the
brilliancy of several Franco-American
Pittshurgers' Greeting.
Congratulations have also come
from the Rodof Sholom Congregation.
Pittsburg, from former Gov. Andrew
L Harris, of Ohio, from the National
Millers' Federation, In session at Ni
agara Falls. N. Y.; from the Reno,
New, Commercial Club, and from
scores and scores of other organiza
tions and Individuals.
The President and Mrs. Taft had an
agreeable surprise this morning when
they received an old satin slipper
from Miss Harriett Forbush. of Lan
caster. Mass Miss Forbush explain
ed that this slipper had been worn
by a great-great-grandmother of hers
at her w.eddint? many years ago. She
said, too, that this bride of a century
age was also the great-great-grand-mother
of the President. ,
Presents continue to come in great
wagon loads. They were received al
most every hour during the morning,
and the families now assembled for the
celebration took great delight In Open
ing them. Mrs. Taft. herself, was pres
ent when many of them were taken
from their boxes.
President Sends Thanks.
The city of Augusta, Ga., which
claims the President as a citizen, sent
a handsome silver punch bowl, and this
so pleased the Executive that he at
ence returned his thanks in the follow
ing telegram:
June 19, 1911.
My dear Mr. O'Connor:
Mrs. Taft and I have Just re
clved at the hands of Mr. Wright
the beautiful silver punch bowl.
with stiver waiter and cups and
ladle, as an expression of the con
gratulations of the citizens of
Augusta upon the occasion of our
Silver wedding. Our relations to
the people of Augusta within the
last three years have been so close
and so full of pleasure that we are
greatly touched by this evidence
of their kindly feeling, and I hope
that you will convey to those
whose expressions of friendship
are contained in this gift an as
surance of our profound gratitude
for their thoughtfulness and gen
erosity. Sincerely yours,
Hon. J. J. O'Connor,
Acting Mayor,
Augusta, Ga.
Gift From Charleston.
The city of Charleston, S. C, also
rent a handsome gift.' Tills was a sil
ver compoto for coffee. The Rev. Rab
bi P. W. Jacobs, of Jacksonville. Fla.,
called personallv at the White House
todav and presented the F.xecutlve with
a silver pitcher and tray. This, the
rabbi said, camo from all the Jews of
Jacksonville. '
Other handsome present have come.
Some of them are from 'out of town, I
but mon of them, are- from friends In I
KashI&gt0a. Xho msmbersct tta. Cab-
House now are Miss Delia Torrey. the
President's aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Henry
w. xait, or New YorK; airs. varies
Anderson, sister of Mrs. Taft.
Relatives of Presidents.
An Interesting coterie of guests to
night will be the relatives of former
Presidents, all of whom Mrs. Taft has
endeavored to locate and invite. In this
group wljl be Representative and Mrs.
Liongworth, who are expected to be the
only representatives of the Roosevelt
family present.
Others of the Presidential group will
be Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd Lincoln;
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Patterson, of
Greenville. Tenn., the former a grand
son of Andrew Johnson; Major Fred
erick Dent Grant and Mrs. Grant, U.
S. A.; Lieut, and Mrs. U. S. Grant.
3rd: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse R. Grant; Miss
Nellie Grant, Mrs. Nellie Grant Sar
torls, all of President Grant's family:
Col. Webb Hayes. Mrs. Scott Hayes,
Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford Hayes, Mr.
and Mrs. Burchard, Prof, and Mrs. Har
ry Jii. cxmui, vii x-reoiucm. no? co
family; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Allan
Arthur, Miss Nellie Arthur, and Mrs.
McElroy. sister of President Arthur;
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Garfield, Mr.
and Mrs. James R. Garfield. Mr. and
Mrs. Irwin Garfield. Mr. and Mrs. Ab
ram Garfield, and Mrs. J. Stanley
Brown, the latter a daughter of Presi
dent Garfield.
It Is expected Mrs. Grover Cleveland
will make her first appearance at
the "White House tonight in years, ac
companied by Miss Rose Cleveland,
sister of the late ex-President.
Mrs1. Benjamin Harrison, 2d, Mr. and
Mrs. Russell B Harrison. Mr. and Mrs.
James R. McKee. Miss McKee. of for
mer President Harrison's family have
all been invited, but Just how many
of these invitations will be accepted
it is not known.
A quiet family dinner will precede
the reception tonight, as the function
Is scheduled to begin promptly at 9
o'clock. On account of the absence
of the usual small admission card
from the invitation, guests tonight
are expected to present their invita
tions at the door.
lnet sent individual presents, as did
many army and navv offlceis who
have been cloeelv associated with the
Taft Administration.
Anion? tho presents that have been
received and their donors, are:
Colonel and Mis. Roosevelt, antique sli
ver bowl. United States Senate, silver
tea service, engraved "W. H. and H H.
T., lSSf-1911: House of Representatives,
three dozen sliver service plates, appro
priated engraved: President's Yale class
of 1S7S, twenty-Inch sliver fern rtlish.
I'sl Upsilon, antique silver platter, of
ficers of the Mavflower, silver platter:
officers of the Dolphin, silver center
piece; "The Tafters. ' Philippine party
or 1S95, twj twenty-incn silver ureclan
ewers and silver tray: newspaper men
at White House, silver basket. Wash
ington corns of newsoaper correspond
ents, antique silver fruit dish; Gridiron
Club, silver pitcher and waiter; army
officers who served with Taft In the
Philippines, beautiful sllter piece; Cin
cinnati Commercial Club, mammoth sil
ver lovlnjr cup.
wiveB. daughters ana wiaows or
army officers In Washington, light
diamonds, and platinum chain set
with diamonds, for Mrs. Taft; Vice
President and Mrs. Sherman, tall sil
ver vase; Speaker and Mrs. Clark,
twenty-five American Beauty roses;
Secretary and Mrs. Knox, huge sliver
vise for roses; Secretary and Mrs.
MaeVeagh, sliver fruit platter, with
Inner rim of gold; Secretary of War
and Mrs. Stlmson, tall silver vase and
tray; Attorney General and Mrs.
Wlckersham, repousse silver Jewel
case; Postmaster General Hitchcock,
silver vase: Secretary of the Navy
and Mrs Meyer, sliver loving cup
Mrs. Henry C. Corbln, half dozen
silver side dishes; William Berry,
Brooklyn, silver vase for roses; John
Barrett, copy of his latest book, orna
mented with silver; Lee McClung,
Treasurer of the United States, glass
pitcher encased in silver; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles D. Norton, sliver Jewel
case: former Spsaker Cannon Ameri
can Beauties; friends in Augusta,
Ga., massive silver punch service:
Senator Works, ten boxes of California
oranges; Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Cram,
of Bangor, Mev fresh salmon; Gov
ernor Mann, of Virginia, five silver
vases; citizens of Maryland, silver
punch bowl, tray and ladle.
Cincinnati Clubmen
Arrive; Are Hosts at
Chevy Chase Luncheon
We came from you alone," the Cin
cinnati Commercial Club's president,
J. A. Green, told President Taft at
the luncheon the club gave him at
the Chevy Chase Club this afternoon.
"We have no axes to grind; we have
no petitions to present. We come as
friends from home."
That was the spirit of the visit of
the Commercial Club of Cincinnati to
Washington today, to see their all
time friend and sometime neighbor,
William Howard Taft. of Cincinnati,
nefw His Excellency, the President of
the United States; and their other
sometime neighbor, Mrs. Taft, who
used to be Miss Nellie Herron, of Cln
clnclnnati. They came to see their old-time neigh
bor, to eat with him at a great lunch
eon at the Chevy Chase Club, at their
silver wedding anniversary, and finally
to offer to film and Mrs. Taft both
word and token of a twentv-flv von-
accumulation of good will and friendli
ness, t
Arrive at Station.
The members of the club arrived at
the Union Station atthelrscheduled time,
9:50 a'clock this morning. The Cincln
natians had traveled since' 3 o'clock
yesterday afternoou, but they looked
fresh 'and blithe and dapper when they
dropped or bounced, according to their
weigiu ana age, irom tne special train
of five cars on the Pennsylvania rail
road. '
The Cincinnati .men were in a hurry.
President J. A. Green kept reminding
them that at high noon the most im
portant thing In the world was going
to happen President Taft would re
ceive them. They had paused to pose
for a photograph, when- Major Butt,
the President's aide, and Gus Karger, a
Cincinnati friend of the President, ar
rived, with a hearty prelhnlnarv wel
come from the President. Major Butt
and Mr. Karger got into the picture,
At the shuffle of the camera shutter,
they were off like racers at the pistol's
crack. In one automobile after another
they dashed away to the New Wlllard
Elaborate Luncheon.
The luncheon uf 'the President at
Chevy Chase Club was a very elabor
ate but men generally say "but" In those
circumstances a most delightful gath
ering. The President sat at the right
and Secretary of the Treasury- Mae
Veagh at the left hand of President
J. A. Green, who was master of the
feast. The President's Secretary.
unarieg u. nines, ana juajor tiutt, ana
Representative Longworth. with tho
members of tho club, made up tho rest
- of tho party., . . .. ,.
Stock Values Strong With Bat
General Market Quiet, But
Prices Were Very Steady.
United States Trust Company shares
advanced to 123 a share and this price
was bid with 127 asked, a practical gain
of over J10 a share since the Street
became Informed of the selection of ex
Senator Nathan B. Scott, as president
The latter will, according to program,
be elected at a special meeting of the
board of directors this afternoon for
the unexpired term ending wjth the an
nual meeting In January. It Is Just
possible that there will be one other
change in the official personnel of the
institution. The sharp rise In values
would seem to Indicate that some one
or some Interest Is anxious to accumu
late stock a large part of which Is. ap
parently, held by other than the domi
nating Interests. That Senator Scott
will Dring a large following to the
bank goes without saying. He will also
hae an opportunity to exercise his
talents in handling the company.
The stock market was uninteresting.
Sales were comparatively light; there
was no activity in anything, and prices
were steady.
Small sales of Gas were made at SS
with considerable stock offering at bet
ter than current prices and a limited de
mand. It is said that the company pro
poses to revive the commercial depart
ment project In the near future, through
dealers this time and with an exposi
tion of gas stoves, heaters, etc, etc.,
covering the range of appliances, and
with the Gas Company ready to make
the payments for the appliances and ac
Ject and the amendment to the Consti
tution will unquestionably be adopted.
Bid and Asked On
Local Exchange
Bid. Atk
U. S. Beg. 2's 100 100
U. S. Counon 2's Mfti ...
U. S. Reg. 3'8 101V4 102
U. S. Coupon 3b iui -
U. S. Reg. 4's 114 115
U. S. Coupon 4's Ill 115
Georgetown Gas 5's 10S 111
Washington Gas 110 110
Capital Traction R. R. 5's.... 113
Anacostia & Potomac 5's.... 101
Anacostla & Potomac Trust.. 10U4
City & Suburban 5's 103
Columbia R. R. 5's 101
Columbia R. R. ffa 103
Metropolitan R. R. 5"s 107
Wash. Rwy. & Electric 4's.... S4
Potomac Elc Cons. S's 100J4 103
Potomac Elec Lu S's 107i ...
C. & P. Telephone S's 103H 105
Amer. Tel. & Telga. 4's 110
Emerson St'm Pump S's 75 95
Wash. Market S's 1927 101 106
Wash. Market S's 1947 102 109
W. M. Cold Storage 5's 100
N. & W, Steamboat S's 104H 105
Rlggs Realty S's 103 105
Capital Traction 126
Wash. Ry. & Elec. com 34 35
Wash. Ry. & Elec. pf 88 89
N. & W. Steamboat 212H Z19
Washington Gas SSH SS
Georgetown Gas..... 100
Amer. Tel. & Telga 151
G. F. & G. Dominion 60
Wash.-Va. Ry., com 39
ash.-Va. Ry., pf 63
Mergenthaler Linotype 224H 226
Lanston Monotype 95 96
Greene-Cananea 74
American Nat. Bank 183
Capital Nat. Bank 210
Columbia National Bank 255
Commercial Nat. Bank 199
District Nat. Bank 133
Far. & Mech. Nat. Bank 268
Lincoln Nat. Bank 140
Metropolitan Nat. Bank ,. 21S
Rlggs Nat. Bank 685
Second Nat. Bank 159
National Bank of Wash 270
Amer. Sec & Trust 285
National Sav. & Trust 22S
Union Trust 141
Wash. Loan & Tni3t 221
United States Trust 125
Home Savings 300
Merch. Mech. Savings 167
Union Savings 240
tunk of Commerce ii-ft
East Wash Sav. Bank 13
Provident Sav. Bank 9
Arlington Fire Insurance 30
Corcoran Fire Insurance 80
Firemen's Fire Insurance.... 20
Franklin Fire Insurance 35
Ger. Amer. Fire Insurance.... 270
National Union Fire Ins 7-
TlrtTn! 'PI Tn 32
Columbia Title Insurance 4 5
Real Estate Titla Ins
Emerson Steam Pump 15
firnnho.. com 5
KGrapho , pfd - 25
aiercn. Trans, et Biorago..,.. jw
Security Storage ...... 200
Washlmrton Market l"
Chapln Sacks 10
st Issue of Stock
Now Open For
Co-Operativc Building
NO MATTER what your salary is
you should, save something. Small
sums systematically saved grow
with surprising rapidity. The Ideal
method of systematic saving Is through
tho Equitable.
Shares are $2.50 per month
shares before maturity on
the monthly payments made.
Interest per annum paid on
shares matured computed
from date of flrst payment.
Office: Equitable Building
1003 P Street N.W.
CU or .Writs for Pswphlsy
NEW YORK, June 19.-Some of the
old time commission houses expressed
keen disappointment with the action of
the stock list this morning. They ex
pected the success of the bond Issue,
and the rains that have fallen freely In
growing regions during tho last thlrty
slx hours to exert a positive effect oa
the market. There were strong spots;
indeed, on the average the list .was a
good higher, but this did not satisfy
the hopeful, who expected better things.
Everyone seemed to anticipate the re
newal of bullish activity, at least along
speciality lines In the railroads, with
here and there attention given to an In
dustrial or two. In the latter 'expecta
tion the Street was not so much dis
appointed for Copper and Smelting did
show good strength with the bullish
gossip quite generally and predictions
freely made of still better figures in tho
near future.
The volume of trading furnished the
keenest disappointment for at no time
was there any activity, and the same
old in and out trading for the fractional
Today's New York Stock Exchange Prices
Quotations furnished by W. B. Hlbbs & Co., members of New Tork Stock
Exchange, Washington Stock Exchange, a nd Chicago Board of Trade, Hlbbs Building.
. High. Low. p.m. Close.
A., T., & S. Fe com.. .114 114 114 1 118
Atlantic Coast Line.. 132 131 12 U1
B. & O.. com JOSH 108 10SH 1 108
Brooklyn R. Trans.. ECU 80 80 I 80
Canadian Pacific 241 240 241 1240
Chesa.&Ohlo 64 (3 84 I 83
C, M. & St. P., com.. 128 128 128 1 127
Den. & R. G. com.... 28 28 28 I 28
Den. & R. R. pfd.... 59 67 67 I 69
Erie, com 8 86 86 I 35
Erie. 1st pfd 67 66 67 I 63
Erie. 2d pfd 46 46 46 j 45
Great North, pfd 137 137 117 1 137
Inter. Metro, com.... 18 18 18 I 18
Inter. Metro, pfd 62 61 62 I 62
Kan. City So. com... 36 6 36 I 35
Louis. & Nash .152 151 161 1 151
Lehigh Valley 178 177 178 1 177
Nat. Ry. Mexico 82 SIM 82 I 31
Mo , K. & T. com.... 87 87 87 I 87
M.S.P.&S.S.M. com.. 188 1S8 139 1 137
Missouri Pacific 63 10 60 I 60
N. Y. C. & H. R 111 111 11 I "I
N. Y.. Ont. & W 45 45 46 I 45
Norfolk & Western.07 107 107 1 107
Northern Padnc 185 134 135 1 134
Pennsylvania 124 124 124 1 124
P.C. C.&Ct- L. 95 96 96 I 95
Reading com 160 159 160 I 169
Rock Island com 34 53 34 I 33
Rock Island pfd 67 67 67 I 68
St L. & S. F. pfd 46 46 46 I 46
St. L. S. W. pfd 70 70 70 I 70
Southern Pacific 120 120 120 1 120
Southern Ry. com.... 32 31 32 I 31
Southern Ry. pfd.... 72 72 72 I 71
T., St. L. & W. com, 23 23 23 I 22
T., St. L. & W. pfd.. 61 51 61 I 61
Union Pacific com...l 185 1 1 186
Union Pacific pfd.... 04 U 94 I M
Wabash pfd 38 SSH 88 1 S8
West. Maryland 69 69 69 I 69
1:30 Sat.
High. Low. p.m. Close.
Amffl. Copper 71 71 71 I 70
Am. Beet Sugar, com 54 63 63 I 63
Am. Can. com 11 11 11 I 11
Am. Can. pfd 86 85 86 I 65
Am. Car & Fdy. com. 66 66 6C I 67
Am. Cotton Oil com.. 51 51 6 I 61
Am. Ice Securities... 24 22 22 I 23
Am. Sm. & Ret. Co... 82 82 82 82
Am. Tel. & Tel 151 151 161 1 151
Am. Woolen pfd 96 96 96 I 95
Anaconda Copper..., 41 41 41 I 40
Cent-Leath. pfd 101 101 101 1101
Con. Gas N. Y J 46 146 146 1 US
Col. F. &Lcom 85 84 35 J1
Inter. Harvester 122 121 122 1 123
C. P. R. com 15 15 15HI 14
Dlst. Securities I 37
General Electric J63 161 163 j 162
Goldfleld Cons 6 6 6 I 6
Great Northern Ore. 63 63 68 I 63
Inter. Paper 10 10 10 I 11
Inter. Steam Pump... 41 41 41 I 42
National Lead com.. 66 66 66 I 66
Peo. Gas of Chi 106 106 106 1 106
Pres. Steel Car com. 37 37 87 I 87
Laclede GaB 109 1C9 109 1 109
Pullman Company.. .162 162 162 1 162
Have Your Mind
Free from Worry
concerning your silverware and
other valuables during your va
cation place such belongings in
the fire and burglar proof vaults
of this company.
42TSAFE deposit boxes rented,
$5 per year up-rrard.
National Savings
and Trust Company
Corner 15th and New York Are.
Hibbs Building
TNew Tork Stnrlr Cirhsnrn
, Membtrs-f Washington Stock Exchange
Vv-aicaso noara 01 uraae.
bought and sold on same
favorable terms as we offer
tor trading In New Tok
stocks and bonds.
The Safest Investments
Are those that do not fluctuate during dis
turbed conditions of the money or stock mar
kets. First deed of trust notes (first mort
gages), well secured on real estate In the
District of Columbia, constitute "gilt edge"
Investments. They do not depend upon the
financial responsibility of Individuals or cor
porations for their stability and are exemst
from taxation as personal property. We can
supply such Investments In amounts from
1500 upward. Send tor booklet. "Concerning
Loans and Investments." ; s
727 15TH STREET-N. W.
Light Business
profit continued, with no . one taking
much chance, either war. and the shorts
Just about as well satisfied with their
position as they were before the bond
bids were opened. As a matter of fact
there was no real doubt .about the Issue
being successful, when the rate and the
plenutude of money is considered. The
public is not In the stock market to
any appreciable extentr the bond de
mand has lessened,. and the attractive
ness of the Panama 'bonds appealed to
investors with unemployed money. Just
as much as It did to the great financial
Interests. The fact that- some of the
banks of this city that are supposed to
be In the Inner circles of the Treasury
Department, did not get within sight of
an allotment has caused much comment,
and there arerumors of one bank short
of the bondB through sales when issued
on the curb.
After ail lslsald and done the market
Is moving; still moving in its restricted
area, one day showing strength, and
losing It the next, the net changes for
a period of several days being unim
portant. With assurances of large crops
and an adjournment of the "Inquisitorial
congress mere may do a return to lire
and activity.
Ry. Steel Spgs. com.. 83 38 38 I 38
Rep. X. & S. com..... 80 80 30 so
Rep. I. & a pfd 91 94 91 93
Tenn. Copper 42 42 42 I 42
U. a Steel com 79 78 79 78
U. S. Steel pfd. J19H 119 119H118
Utah Copper 51 61 61 I 51
Va.-Car. Chem. com. 64 63 64 I 64
West. Elec Man.... 77 75 77 I 75
Western Union 80 80 80 I 80
Amer. Tobacco 4's... ss 88 ssi4 1 tsw
C. B. & Q. J. 4's 97 97 7 97
C, R. I. & P. 4's 76 76 76 78
Pa. Con. 3's, 1915.... 96H 96 96 97
v- 8- 6tee' 2d S's 105 105 105 1 105
TOfJayS SaleS On
Tho I ni-ol 17vt,nMn-
1 He LOCal tXChange
?.hI?on ,?as l W0SU0.
f.?P"I Traction. 2126.
vasmngion itauway & Electric, pfd,
Washington Gas. 15S 25SS.
Mergenthaler, 2Q225.
United States Trust, 10125.
Potomac Insurance, 13033.
After call Washington Gas 5's, J5003
New York Cotton Market.
Furnished to The Washington Times by
A. G. Plant & Co.. 714 fourteenth street
Open. High. 'Low. 1:15
July 14.75 14.80 14 65 14.65
August 14.48 1164 14.41 14 49
September 13.33 1154 13.33 13.49
October 13.1S 13.23 13.13 13.15
Atlantic City
Beginning June 23, 1911.
Week days.
, ..105 P. 31.
...5i45 P. 31.
Lv. Washington
Ar. Atlantic City
Returning leave Atlantic City, be
ginning June 24, 2.15 p. m. week days.
Arrive Washington 6:50 p. m. (
Through Train of Buffet
Parlor Cars and Coaches
Is More Attractive Than Ever
Excellent Dining Room Service
On the Maryland shore of tho beauti
ful Potomac, eleven miles below Wash
ington. Brilliantly illuminated. Danc
ing and other amusements, children's
playgroand, athletic field. Boat leaves
Seventh street wharf at 10 a. m.. 2 and
7 pm. Round trip: Adults. 2S cents;
children. 15 cents.
Enjoy the Ever Popular
Palatial steamers leave Seventh street
wharf at 7 p. m.. returning at 11 p. m.
Splendid music, dancing, cafe service
unsurpassed. Round trip: Adults, 23
cents; children. 15 cents.
One Tray. Round trip.
New York 98.75 915.00
Boston ....:... 913.00 9254)0
Providence .... $14.00 923.00
Including berth and meals at Sea.
Popular Ronte to Kerr York and
New England' Resorts.
City Ticket Office, Bond Building.
720 14th St Phone Main 1520.
Wharf foot of Seventh St Phone
Main 3760.
Str. Charles Slacalester,
Leaving wharf. 7th and M sts. S. W.. dally
except. Sunday, 10 a. va. and 2:30 p. m
Nights. 2Se.S0e.7Se.tU Mats.. ..
ABORN English Graad OFsW0M
Mon.. Tues.. -Wed. Nights;. Vfei. XM&
FAUST t-- "
inurs.. tm . ana Est. Nights, JUAii q
wTmieru suucaaa aan n
vomoinea luta ana Cnor
loom corapnle. vh. and :
Aoorn comic Opera Company' In ;
ocau on sue. tor an psnor
, '
1 1 1 natiT ' '
15c, m, Tie !-'
Trelawny of tfce
. Wells .
With Mr. HOPKTJfg .
Row Trelawny.. " , Q
Next Week "If I "Wrt-XiM".
'1 be Colombia Player i
Iarael Zang-nrlir Powerful Play, Zl
The Melting Pot "
Next Week The Channlne Amerfcsa
That's What They AH SyV
There's Where They All G!
Atlantic City.
Pacific and Arkansas Avenues. Spaciotu
'rounds adjoin teach and boardwalk. ObI
medium priced hotel where guests may
50 from house to surf in bathing atti
rithout using streets, which is prohibited.
P" f a' houses with attendant to cart ft
fitsisfrte. Running water in rooms, frwj
W sea wattr baths, public and private.
'Sfiecial rates tt.SO to 14.00 dally; 38.09 H
$2l. SO weekly including choice table supplies,
m tnL, wi,:f;e-V fWW
.U 7 11 j - .. j T
Tennis courts and croquet grounds be
tween hotel anrt beacn. booklet xnauec
upon request.
Most complete guide of Atlantic City, pub
lished with beautiful celored map and tlma
tables; also list of reliable hotels with rates.
manoorougD - Blenbela
(CAPAC1TV 1100)
The leading resort house of America.
Particularly attractive during
Atlantic City's 6reat Summer Seaeoa.
4M private baths, each supplied with hot
and cold sea water. Exquisite music Is a
feature. White service in both American
and European Dining Rooms.
sBedford Springs, (Pa.) '
Karnoim Bedford Medicinal
Waters. Tennis. Golf. Horse.
Howling, Swlinmlns Pool I
H. E. BEMIS. Manager.
H. 91. WIXG, Assistant Mgr.
,!$W,Jl! J&IbhJkm-wXM 'M!"yw
Situated In the famous Shenandoah Valley
of Virginia. Sulphur and mineral waters and
baths. For booklet, rates, aad further In
formation address W. A. FENWICK & SON.
Proprietors, tVaterUck. Va.. or Hotel Don
aid. Wash.. D. C
"Grand View Cottage." fronuns bar. OceaA
View. Va.. Mecca of the South. Salt water
bathing, fishing. crabbing, amusements.
Abundanca of sea foods. Rates J3.00 to MOO.
Colonial Beach.
FOR RENT Colonial Beach. Va.; largs
house, near beach front, suitable tor board
ing house or dwelling: furnished complete;
reasonable. Address NAVY COTTAGE. Co
lonial Beach. Va.
nearest to wharf. GEORGE T. SHANNON.
Id Sth st. N. W.
FOR RENT Furnished cottages at Colonial
Beach. Va. SHANNON. H21 9th St. N. W.
Ocean City, Md.
Mt. Vernon Ocean View Open Juno 10. 1SU
SDecial rates to season people. All home
conveniences. J. D. Sbowell. Ocean Cltr. Md.
Braddock Heights, Md.
On Catoctln mountain: altitude 1.I00 ft;
pure air: good water and no mosquitoes; all
modern conveniences. For terms, etc.. ad
drss Mrs. THOS. H. MYERS. Haddock
Heights. Frederick Co.. Md.. garage attached.
Heights, Md. Plenty of shade. Urge room.
white service; good meals. For rates address
CAMP SCHLEY INN The Ideal summer re
sort. Open to guets June 1st. Pieoty of
shade. MIS3 COBLENTZ, Braddock Heights,
and desirable location for roomers on the
heights: large ally rooms. For terms address
MRS. MAY 3. MARKELL. Braddock. Md.
cated. S minutes to fine bathing teach:
postofflce, hot cold water. IS rooms, bath,
water highest test: J200 down at time of en
gagement, balance end season. E. E. HAR
PER. Vineyard Haven. Mass.
Merchants & Miners Trans. Co.
14-day trip, personally conducted. ?63, In
cluding necessary expenses. Leaving Balti
more Friday, July 21. A most pleasant and
Interesting trip.
lOlay trip, personally conducted. IC In
cluding necessary expenses. Leaving Balti
more Tueiday. August 22. A most charm
ing trip.
W. P. TURNER. P. T. M., Baltimore. Md.
Grand Concert at
hevy Chase Lake
By Large Section
U. S. Mariae Baad
Every Evexunir.'"tncludlnE
,jSS--- Sundays,
Daadag. ".AdoUsaleB Free
- .
' J

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