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Full Strength of Washington Ball Club Will Be Shown in Games on the Road ?
Near Admiral Becker, of the Navy, Sinks the Hopes of Happy Highlanders
Cashion, Becker, and Mor
gan Among Twenty on
Support Cullom Bill for
Gigantic System From
the List.
tf&L WRVv I 19 H knows! ea" XfflMlll I W&? f-- VWX
4 &li BveKBECKdJ y-j n gmtH "
Jm I nTt$,V f Jzim r IX HuJ I Chough to takb ) ,6
fflcAleer's Players Will Reach St.
Louis Tomorrow in Time
for Supper.
Twenty roble young athletes, the en
tire playing squad of the nifty Na
tionals, accompanied by Manager Jim
my McAleer, Prof. Joe Quirk, and
"Perduke" Fowler, business manager
of the cutflt, will leave the Union Sta
tion at 6:45 o'clock over the Pennsyl
vania for St. Louis, being due to ar
rive there tomorrow evening In time for
supper. Every player on the pay roll
will be Itaken, and the youngstprs.
"Husk" Cashion, "Buck" Becker, and
Kay Morgan, will most likely be found
In the line of battle before the feam
returns home.
Not since early spring has the team
possessed so much confidence as it has
now on the cvo of hitting the Western
trail. The good condition of the regu
lar twlrlers. together with the acces
sion of Becker and Cashion, has put
the team on its feet, so to speak, and
It will open up Its Western campaign
with every hope of at least breaking
Former Trips Disastrous.
Both trips West this season have
been disastrous. But one game has
been won in St. Louis. Walter Johnson
being handed a victory there on the last
trip Cleveland has had a picnic with
the Nationals' pitchers. Chicago has
been only able to break even on the
South Side with the McAleer minions,
and Detroit has had to hustle for every
victory over the army of the Potomac
However, right now the Nationals be
lieve more in their ability to take the
measure of the four AVestern clubs.
The veterans, with the single exception
of Kid Elberfeld, are in top form, and
Bill "(Cunningham has started a winning
streak that threatens to make him a
regular intielder for the rest of the
season and make up partly for the ab
sence of the great little pepper-box.
Walker Rejoins Team.
Dixie Walker, the Alabama beauty.
has rejoined the team, and Is In good
shape. Ho says he Is ready to take his
turn on the slab, and most likely will
be used in turn on the road When In
shape the big fellow is one of Mc
Aleer's strongest and most successful
pitchers He was going like a whirj
wlnd when Injured.
Manager McAleer Is confident that his
pitching staff Is now strong enough to
cope with the sluggers of the West.
Johnson. Becker, Hughes, Cashion,
Groom, and Walker will be used on tho
trip and, backed up as they have been
backed up since coming home, they
should at least win half ihelr games.
Ray Morgan, the youngster purchased
from Danville, in the Virginia League,
will very likely receive a chance to show
lit rlat-s, nnl this Is all he asks a
chance. In his workouts here the lad
shows his inexperience around third
base, but constant practice will teach
him how to Judge the angles and how
to get the ball on the sliding runner.
Manager McAleer is watching his work
closely and, while unwilling to make
any snap Judgment, Is Inclined to think
that "Duke" Farrell picked up a real,
live ball player.
Minor League Results.
American Association.
Minneapolis. 9, Kansas City, 3.
Columbus, 11; Louisville, 4.
Indianapolis, 4; Toledo, 3.
Milwaukee, 9; St. Paul, 4.
Carolina Association.
Oreensboro, 14; Greenville, 2.
Charlotte, 11: Spartanburg, i.
First game: Winston Salem, 4; Ander
son. 1. Second game,: Winston Salem,
S; Anderson, 1.
New York State League.
First game: Elmlra, 6; Wilkesbarre, 4;
Second game: Wilkesbarre. 9; Elmlra, i.
Blnghamton. S; Scranton, 1.
TJUca, 3; Troy, 0.
Syracuse, 9; Albany, 6.
Virginia State League.
Richmond. 15: Danville. 12.
Roanoke, 10: Norfolk, 3.
Petersburg-Lynchburg game post
poned; rain.
Western League.
Des Moines, S; Sioux City, 5.
Denver, 9; Lincoln, 0.
St. Joe, 11; Omaha. 10.
Southern League.
Chattanooga, 3; Mobile, Tl.
First game: New Orleans, 4; Atlanta,
0. Second game: New Orleans, 6; At
lanta, 5.
Memphis-Montgomery; wet grounds.
Birmingham, 2; Nashville, 0.
Tristate League.
Harrl8burg. 4; Lancaster, 3.
Reading, S; York, 1.
Wilmington, 2; Johnstown, 1.
Trenton, 10; Altoona, 4.
South Atlantic League.
Jacksonville. 8; Charleston, 2.
Macon. 3; Augusta, 2.
Columbus, 8: Columbia, 0.
Albany, 3; Savannah, L
Eastern League.
Rochester, 11: Providence. 1.
Buffalo. 10; Newark, 4.
Baltimore, 2; Toronto, a
Montreal, 5; Jersey City, 3.
New England League.
Lynn, 3; New Bedford, 0.
Lawrence, 4; Haverhill. 1 (first game);
Lawrence, 13; Haverhill, 4 (second
Brockton, 3; Worcester, 6.
Navy Yard Hurler Will Accompany Team to St. Louis
as Regular Member of Pitching Staff as Result of
Shut Out Victory Over New York Kilties.
Dazzllngly brilliant support, coupled
with his own coolness, enabled "Buck"
Becker to fit out the Highlanders with
duck suits yesterday to the tune of 3 to
0, and he accompanies the team tonight
to St. Louis a regular member, subject
to taking his turn on the hill with the
other hurlers. The tall southpaw from
the navy yard has been through the
Are and has been found true, but yes
terday George McBride, G. Ermlnle
Schacfer, and Doc Gessler, In the held,
and "Rubbershlrt Bill" Cunningham
with the stick made It possible for him
to escape from the clutches of the en
emy Bert Daniels, exulting Inordinately at
being allowed to play in the gardens
during the absence of "Birdie" Cree,
chronic gardener and landscape artist,
slipped a slow roller to Conroy In the
serond session and landed safely. He
romped to second while Schacler was
getting .lack Knight, and softly Jumped
Into third on a wild pitch. Becker was
wobbling a bit and passed Hartzell, put
ting himself very much in a hole.
Gardner's punch shot at Schaefer on a
difficult bound, but the comedian
grabbed It and, with a perfect toss to
Street, spiked Bertie as he slid Into the
celery atsh. Then, to prove his claims
to being a tig leaguer, Becker promptly
whirled Blair. That waa some Inning,
believe us.
Second a Lively Inning.
Come to think of It, the second spasm
for the Nationals was some inning, too.
Gessler skied to the ubiquitous Hemp
hill, but McBride collided with one of
Warhop's subway shoots and took his
base. Conroy' s pop to Gardner made
two out when "Rubbershirt Bill" Cun
ningham strode to the pan. The gum
underwear Infant plastered a double to
right, and McBnde chased himself over
the dish. That one run kept growing
bigger and bigger, too, down to the
eighth, when two more came over. But
right then that lonely tally was some
With Warhop gone In the third Wol
ter reached first on a slap Schaefer
couldn't quite choke. McBride then
dashed toward third and nailed with
his bare hand Hemphill's prospective
single, getting the fleet Wolter at sec
ond. That was a beautiful stop by the
best shortstopper in the American
The fifth again saw Becker held up by
his faultless support. Earl Gardner
opened with a crashing blngle to left.
Blair sacrificed him nobly, and then
Doc Gessler ran well nigh to the fence
in right center for Warhop's savage
clout Intended for a triple. A moment
later Wolter reached first on a teaser
to Schaefer, Gardner landing at third.
"Gabby" Street and McBride, two wise
old cranlums. Immediately fooled friend
Gardner, for when Wolter made his
break for second the Nationals' cap
tain returned the pill to "The Powah
ful Mr. Gabby" In time to retire Gard
ner at the pan and end tho inning. Beck
er's sigh of relief made the flags wave
on the roof of the stands.
In the eighth the Yankees again show
ed their spirit, and had a man on third
before the end carne. Wolter singled
to center, to be forced by Hemphill.
"Fatty Charlie" hiked to third when
Chase doubled to left along the line.
Daniels, the maker of three safeties,
was up, and another blngle was on tho
cards. Becker shoveled a little more
roa!. got up a good head of steam, and
forced him to boost a short fly to "Zeb"
Warhop Unfortunate.
Warhop was unfortunate In the last
of the eighth. Gardner let Becker3
roller slide through him to right, and
tho lanky hurler rushed to third when
Milan doubled to right. Hal Chase
chewed four pieces of gum at once dur
ing this excitement. Schaefer sent up
a terrific skyscraper to Wolter, and
Becker marched over with a run he
didn't deserve. Then "Red" Walker
c-racked one at Gardner, and Milan slid
under the throw to the pan, bringing
in the third tally of the combat.
The Yanks were desperate In the ninth
and "Ote" Johnson, the gent with the
home run penchant, tried to bring in
two runs, or even three, but failed be
cause of the amazing strength of young
Becker. Conroy dashed over to the bag
for Knight's crack and round-housed
him at first. Hartzell's splash was Just
out of Cunnlngnam's reach, but "Gab
by" Street hustled half way to his own
rathskellar and gobbled Gardner's foul
shoot. Foxy Walter Blair waited for
four wide ones, putting two on and
giving the Yankees a chance.
Chase sent "Ote" JohnEon up to tho
bat. They move the fences back lri the
minors when this fellow approaches the
pan. He can knock the pill 371 miles,
more or less, by actual measurement
Yesterday was not one of the times.
It looked for a moment as If "Buck"
Becker was going to walk nlm, but
finally he had him three and two. The
last ball shot across the dish, and
Street was already on his way to the
clubhouse, followed by Umpire Egan,
when Johnson woke from his slumber
and wanted to argue it out with some
body. There wasn't any use, because
Groundkeeper O'Day's trusty broom
brigade would have swept him away In
no time. And so it ended. Becker
whitewashing the Yanks with three
runs to his own credit. But don't for
get Bill Cunningham's savage two-spot
clout and the catches and stops of
Gessler, McBride, and G. Ermlnie
Schaefer. They made It possible. The
Joyful tale:
Milan.cf... 4 110 0
Bch'fer.lb. 3 0 8 10
Walker.lf. 4 110 0
Gwsler.rf. J 0 2 0 0
M'Brlde." 2 0 5 6 0
Conroy.3b. 4 0 0 3 0
Wolter.rf.. 3 3 2 0 0
Hem'lll.cf 4 0 5 0 0
Cha.clb... 4 16 10
Danlls.lf. 4 3 2 0 0
KnlKht.ss. S 0 4 4 0
Har'zell.3b 3 1110
Cu'ham.2b 3 2 3 11
K3ardnr.2b 4 110 1
Street.c... 3 0 6 3 0
Blalr.c .20310
Warhop.p. 3 0 0 2 0
Becker.p.. 3 10 3 0
Johnon.. 1 0 0 0 0
Total.. 23 6 27 17 1
Totals.. 31 izi 1 1
Batted for Warhop In the ninth.
Washlwrton 0 10 0 0 0 0 2 x 3
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Runs Milan. McBride, Becker First base
on error Washington. 1. Left on bases
Washington. 5; New York. 10. First base on
balls Off Becker. 3: oft Warhop. 2. Struck
out By Becker, 2; bv Warhop, 2. Two-base
hits Milan. Cunnlncham. and Chase Sacri
fice fly Schaefer. Sacrifice hits Knight and
Blair. Stolen base Daniels. Hit by pitcher
By Warhop, McBride. Wild pitch Becker
Umpire Messrs. Egan and Evans. Time of
same 1 hour and 23 minutes.
Sherwood Team to Play
Sunday School All-Stars
A benefit game has been scheduled
between the Sherwood team, pennant
winners of the Sunday School League,
and an All-star team of the same
league, for tomorrow at 5:30 o'clock.
The proceeds will go for the relief of
Robert Cameron, who was injured in
a game between Sherwood and Anacos
tla. Tomorrow's game will be played
on the Sunday School League grounds.
Baer's Half-Price Suit Sale
No Sinn Can Afford to MIssj
Tola Sale
$15.00 Fancy Suits. .$7.50
$25.00 Fancy Suits $12.50
"Tile Popular Store."
3128 M Street N. W.
South Side of Street
Baseball Standings
Yesterday's Results.
Washington, 3; New York, 0.
Cleveland, 2, St. Louis, 1.
Chicago, 2. Detroit, 0
Boston, 2. Philadelphia, 1.
Games Today.
New York at Washington
Boston at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
Detroit at Chicago.
Games Tomorrow.
New York at Cleveland.
Detroit at Chicago.
Standing of the Clubs.
, Today-,
Win. Lose.
W. L.
Philadelphia.. 69 3s
Detroit 7 41
Boston 56 53
New York 53 54
Cleveland 55 53
Chicago 53 53
Washington .. 45 CI
St. Loulb 33 75
.64S .639
.24 .615
.51S .509
.509 .500
505 .433
.505 .493
.420 .4(0
.312 .303
Yesterday's Results.
New York, 3. Philadelphia, 2.
New York, 5; Philadelphia, 4.
(Called sixth Inning, darkness.)
St. Louis, 3, Pittdbuig, 1.
Boston, 13. Uicoklyn, 9.
Chicago-Cincinnati No game.
Games Today.
Philadelphia at New Yori:.
Brooklyn at Boston.
Standing of the Clubs.
Pet. Win. Lose.
Chicago 62
New York ..
St. Louis ...
Cincinnati ...
Brooklyn ...
Boston ,
Wolgast's Rival Riled
By "Crawl" Remark
CHICAGO, Aug. 15. Packy McFarland
Is fighting angry. Replying to Tom
Jones, Wolgast's manager, who said
that the match would be held Septem
ber 15, If Packy did not "crawl" out of
it. Packy said:
"So he says I am yellow and afraid to
step inside the ring with Wolgast? I
will be th first in the ring. I will
show Wolgast something about this
game that he has never seen before."
Western Buds Lose.
The Georgetown Juniors won from the
Western Buds, yesterday by 11 to 5.
Both pitchers were hit easily, but no
errors were made by the Juniors.
3, $3 & 4 Shoes
The workmanship which has madeW.L.
Douglas shoes famous the world over is
maintained in every pair.
AH the latest shapes, including Short
VamDS which make the foot look smaller. ,
also the Conservative Styles which
have made W. L. Douglas shoes a house
hold word everywhere.
If I could take you into my large faclorici
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carefully W.LDougIas shoes are made, you
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from factory to wearer, all chargeprepaid. W. U DOUGLAS, 152 Spark St. , Brockton, Ma.
W. L. Douglas Sho Co., 905 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Flynn goes to St. Paul.
Now that it has been definitely an
nounced that Jack Flynn has been sold
by Pittsburg to St, Paul It Is to be
hoped that all this talk about the first
baseman coming here will be quieted,
for a time at least. When Flynn was
here last winter studying law at
Georgetown, the announcement that
Washington was after his services was
published, and many believed that there
I was some truth in the report. McAleer
continued to deny it until finally at tne
December meeUng of the American
League the manager made the positive
statement that he was not after Flynn
a-nA would make no bid. This led
friends of the club to get McAleer to'
talk with Fred Clarke, the Pittsburg
manager, about getting players, but
when Flynn was mentioned It was mu
tually considered a joke. From high
officials of the Washington baseball
club have come absolute denials that
the owners here ever contemplated the
purchase of the law student.
Moeler making good.
The fans of this city may well be
enthused by the recent work of the
recruits from Rochester. Hardly a
day passes hut that at least one of
the trio does something noteworthy.
Yesterday it was Dan Moeler's turn
and Just to show how good he Is he
proceeded to make five hits out of
' flve
times up. Including rour two-
baggers, and he scored four runs.
This certainly speaks well of the
ability of the future National.
Cornell surprised.
There were few among the many
spectators at Capital City Park yes
terday at the beginning of the game
who believed that the Aloyslus club
had any sort of a chance against the
strong Cornell club, but before half
thn Innlnes had been nlnved it was
realized that the representatives of I
the church were out to fight to the I
last ditch and that the paperhangers
had underestimated the strength of
their opponents. Aloyslus got a big
lead and lasted Just long enough to
have the contest end In a tie. It was
virtually an Aloyslus victory.
Maloney making good.
Billy Maloney, who used to play with
Georgetown In the nineties, has made
quite a hit with the fans at Toledo.
After having a trial with the Chicago
M.. Wk
Cubs and Brooklyn Dodgers he drifted
back into the American Association, In
which he has recently proved to be a
star. A weak arm is said to be the
only weakness of the outfielder.
Good cricket
Capt. Jim Rose, of the Washington
Cricket Club, was telling me today that
his club has finally arranged for a
game which should prove most attrac
tive to all followers of cricket In the
District. On September 2 a picked team
from the Washington club, consisting of
twelve men. will meet a team known as
the ZIngard. composed of eight profes
sionals and four clever amateurs of the
clubs of Philadelphia. Any one who has
been a devotee of the ancient game
should realize that such a contest should
furnish some pretty good sport.
At "The Sign
Store Closes Daily, Including
Saturday, at 6 P. AT.
These suits, made for customers during the season,
have remained uncalled for. All styles and all sizes are
represented and every garment is perfectly tailored.
Suits as low as $7
Coats and Vests as low as $5
Coats as low as $3
Trousers as low as . . $2
906 F STREET N. W.
The usual cause of Rheumatism is an excess of uric acid in the
blood which weakens and acidifies this vital fluid, and prevents the
proper amount of nourishment being afforded the muscles, nerves
and tendons. The pains and aches of Rheumatism may,, be tempo
rarily relieved by the use of liniments, hot applications, and other
external treatments, but the disease cannot be permanently bene
fited by such measures and is bound to become chronic and danger
ous if such things are depended upon alone. S. S. S. cures Rheuma
tism in the only way it is possible to cure the disease. It goes down
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Thousands and Thousands in
Motor World Who Would Give
Washington motorists are taking a
lively Interest. In the gigantic system
of seven great national highways radi
ating from this city proposed In a bill
introduced In the Senate by Senator
The Automobile Club of Washington,
the Washington branch of the Touring
Club of America, unattached motorlsU
by the thousands, to say nothing of the
several hundred motorcyclists, are en
thusiastically In favor of the proposed
vast road system, which would make
Washington the center of a wheel of
reads passing through practically every
State In the Union.
William S. Duvall, president of tho
Automobile Club of Washington and a
pioneer motorist of this city. Is a
strong supporter of the proposed na
tional highways. "The good roads plan
proposed by General King and intro
duced In Congress by Senator Cullom
is one of the greatest and most desir
able things that could be conceived for
the motoring fraternity of this country,
which numbers thousands upon thou
sands. I believe every automobile clut
and every motorist who dellgnts In
touring will lend influence toward se
curing the enactment of the Cullom
bill. I shall bring the matter to the
attention of the Automobile Club ot
Washington at its next meeting."
"To say I am delighted with the
Cullom bill providing for a great svs
tem of national highways leading out
cf Washington Is putting It mildly "
said Leroy Mark, vice president of the
Touring Club of America and man
ager of its southeastern branch.
' "Where hundreds of motorists now
I tour in their cars, the building of
the seven national highways with
their connecting lines would mean
that untold thousands of automobile
owners would take to long-distance
touring." '
Cltude Miller, a well-known auto
mobile dealer and an enthusiastic
booster of good roads, said the pas
sage of the Cullom bill would un
doubtedly be urged by practically
every motorist and every motoring
organization In the country as well
as commercial bodies In every State.
Wine & Benson, who handle the
Premier. hae Just been appointed
agents In Washington and vicinity for
the Abbott-Detroit car and are ex
pecting a shipment of 1912 models
within the next few days. The 1912
line of this well-known Detroit-made
car is said to embrace many popular
models. Dr Charles Perclval's 100.-000-mlIe
trip In an Abbott-Detroit
"Bull Dog." now In progress. Is one
of the greatest feats ever attempted
with an automobile
R. C. Smith, president of the Overland-Washington
Motor Company, Is
spending the week-end at Torrlngton.
Conn., where his family Is sojourning
during the summer.
of the Moon"
'Wonder What .Vert z
Will Say Today"
In Connection With
This Rebuilding
Sale,We Are Clean
ing Out All
x-.-jtsUi-... MrfLf
.t ..

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