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Sensation Sprung In Case to
Determine Parentage of
I Alice J. Farrar.
Tho most sensational feuturo In the
case to determine whether Alice J.
Farrar, five years old, Is the daughter
of. Ada D. J. Farrar Sheridan, who was
employed In tho General Land Office for
twenty-ejght years on tho theory that
sho was single, was developed today be
fore Justice aDn Thew Wright, In
Equity Court, No. 2, by Mrs. Etta Q
Shields- Head, sister of tho alleged
mother, who said that Thomas P. Sheri
dan, who has been named aH father
of the child, proposed to elope with her.
Tho litigation Is over an estate worth
about J.60D left by Mrs. Sheridan, letters
oC administration having been granted
In Prince George county, Md to In
terests friendly to Mrs. Shields-Read,
while similar letters have been granted
by the District .Supreme Court to Mr
Sheridan, who claims to bo the woman"?
husband. The Maryland court also ap
paolntcd Mrs. Shields-Read guardian of
the little girl.
Question Of Jurisdiction.
Justice Wilght made It plain at the
outset today that tho only question bo
fore him was that of jurisdiction, that
Is, whether tho estate of Mrs. Sheii
dan, who died at Landover, Md., should
be administered under tho direction of
the District or Maryland courts. How
over, other questions crept Into tho tes
timony. Mrs. Shields-Held said, that Sheridan
had admitted to her that he had been
married before he wedded her sister.
Miss Fariar, whose estato Is tho ob
ject of litigation. Also sho charged
that ono ono occasion he proposed to
her that they elope. She was heavily
veiled in black and appeared in mourn
ing for her sister, who died Septem
ber 3.
Sheridan admitted today that he rad
been arrested teveral times, but said
that each time he had forfeited his
bonds rather than court publicity. He
said that hd had been guilty oacr time
of ejecting his sister-in-law, Mrs.
Shlelds-Reld. fiom his home, 501 Stan
ton place, after she had Intruded. Once,
he testified, she appeared and Bmasrcd
In windows when refused admittance.
Denies Elopement Story.
Ho denied with laughter, that was
suppressed by the court, that ho had
offered to elope with his Btster-ln-law.
Attorney E. L. Gles Introduced, whl)o
Sheridan was on the stand, a record
of the General Land Office, tending to
show that Mrs. Sheridan had been ab
sent from her duty only four days at
one time during the first six months
of 1307, when the Farrar girl Is alleged
to have been .born. During thoso four
days, Sheridan testified, she attended a
woman's single tax convention.
Mrs. Shields-Read testified that the
girl was born In April, 1907, and that
next day her mother went to work !
the General Land Office. She said that
BhorUy afterward she and her sister
arranged a scheme whereby the child
should berleft on the doorstep of their
home. This was done, sho claims.
District Industries
School Study Begun
Copies of the bulletin from the Census
Bureau giving statistics of manufac
tures and Industries In the District of
Columbia were today distributed to all
fourth grade teachers of tho city.
These bulletins will be used by teachers
as guides to tho study of the District's
Industries being undertaken by pupils
this year.
Tho first factory visited by Bchool
children was that of Corby's bakery.
This was followed by the construction
of miniature reproductions of the plant
in, pasteboard and other similar mate
rials. Compositions on the "Life Story
of a Loaf of Bread" also were written
by pupils.
Some of the reproductions of the fac
tory show bags of flour, hoppers, storage
rooms and other accessories of the fac
tory. In the near future the Chapln-Sacks
plant is to be visited, and later an in
spection of the Union Station will be
Subpoenas Served
For Trial of Packers
CHICAGO, Nov. 13. While prepara
tions were being made for a new grand
Jury investigation of the Beef trust,
United States marshals are busy serv
ing subpoenas on witnesses today for
the ten millionaire Chicago packers.
Alter nine years of investigation Into
the Beef trust, the packers will be
placed on trial next Monday before
Judge' George A. Carpenter in the Uni
ted States district court, on criminal
charges of pursuing a scheme to mo
nopolize and restrain Interstate trade in
fresh meats, in violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law.
The penalty which may be inflicted In
the event of conviction, is a fine of
$5,000, a sentence of one year in the
county Jail, or both.
Great Demonstration
In Honor of de la Barra
Tex., Nov. 13. Senor Don Francisco
de la Barra, one time President, has
departed from Vera Cruz for Italy,
Where he will present the thanks of
JVtexlco's government for Italy's part Jn
tbe centennial of 1910.
Bchool children lined the wharf and
showered Senor de la Barra and his
wife with flowers. Several small ves
sels carrying excursionists accompanied
the Champagne, aboard which the
couple were passengers, several miles
out to sea. Vera Cruz dispatches say
the demonstration has rarely been
equaled In that port Triumphal arches
span the streets in the downtown sec
tion. Here at the capital the city Is illu
minated, while thousands attended a
fireworks dlsplay'ln the Zoclalo in cele
bration of General Madero'a election.
Nurse Shoots Doctor
For Breach of Faith
MARIPOSA, Cal., Nov. 13.-Dr. F. L.
Wright, county physician of Mariposa
o. year ago and a prominent physician
In Oakland, lies at home here In a pre
carious condition as a result of a gun
shot "wound Inflicted by Miss Elsie
Frank, an Oakland nurse.
Miss Frank is in Jail. Dr. Wright was
divorced in Oakland a year ago and
later Miss Frank becamo a nurse In his
office. She charges ho promised to
marry her. A month ago he married
Miss Georgia EUlngham.
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CW.GROVE'S ilcnaturo li on .ch box. 15c
Lawmakers to Have Private Dining Rooms in Order to
Get Away From Public Gaze High Prices
Still to Reign.
The Senate and the House both are
trying to get moro and more from out
of the public eye when they cat their
meals. They cannot stand ttn gaze of
the proletariat.
Evidence of this growing desire for
excluslveness is seen In the arrange
ments for meals which are being per
fected In the Senate and Housa ends of
tl.a Capitol. Wise men who are accus
tomed to ponder on the signs of the
times will see In these arrangements a
symptom that Senators and Represen
tatives are getting farther and farther
away from the plain people, and losing
their democratic simplicity.
House's Arrangement.
The House Is going to have a private
dining room for Its members, into tne
sacred precincts of which an ordinary
mortal cannot venture unless he uses a
Jimmy. Tho same sort of an anange
ment Is being made In the 9enata wing.
In the House restaurant there Ion
nave been rooms supposed to be used
onlv by members of the House, their , Seante cafo, despite the fact the Rules afternoon from his trip to Chicago, dnel Roosevelt will deliver a Taft dele
families, or Invited guests. The H uie Committee fixes the prices. The com- He expectB soon to let the contract for gatfon to the national convention Pres
restaurant now Is belnn ovchouled. mlttee. however, novor depresses the !i 1.C ...m.. i w.hinrmn npar-H.nt t .j ..,,......?. .r.f.:.
and. In addition to the rooms where they
could eat formerly, there will be. across
the corridor, a room that la especially
The Senate, which Is Republican. Is
Just as exclusive as the House In this
matter of lunching and dining. On I he
Only Three Permanent Mem
bers Selected When Trial
Is Reconvened.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 13. "With
only seven veniremen of the fifth panel
remaining available, the attorneys In
the McXamara murder trial today re
sumed trying to secure twelve impartial
Jurors. When court reconvened today
District Attorney Fredericks resumed
interrogation of Alexander Grlbllng,
passed for cause Friday, but whom the
State now wants to eliminate because tie
has a strong prejudice against General
Otis and the Times.
Juror. Sexton also asked the court to
be excused because his brother Is dying
and Judge Bordwell took the matter un
der advisement. If the condition of Sex
ton's brother becomes worse he prob
ably will bo excused.
There are only thiee permanent Jurors
In the box; I.lsk, Greeri, and Bain.
Three tentative Jurors have been passed
by both sides of whom Sexton may bo
excused The Btato must challenge
Clark McLaln, a Pasedena banker, wtio
holds to the gas theory and considers
General Otis a handicap to the city.
The defense will eliminate Major Brews
ter Kenyon, a millionaire oil man, be
cause It Is discovered he is a great ad
mirer o'f Detective Burns.
Motion Picture Firm
Loses By Court Ruling
The question of whether the making of
moving pictures Interferes with the
dramatization rights on an unlllustrated
book was decided today affirmatively by
the Supreme Court of the United States.
The case In which the opinion was
handed down was that of the Kalem
Company, which makes moving picture
lllms, against Harper & Brothers, Klaw
Ac Erlanger and Henry L. Wallace, who
hold the literary and dramatic rights of
General Lew Wallace's famous novel,
"Ben Hur."
The Kalem Company advertised mov
ing pictures of "Ben Hur" in sixteen
ucenes. In 1908 they were warned by
Harper & Brothers, who hold the rights
from the author, that those moving pic
tures were In violation of the dramatic
rights to the book which were sold to
Klaw & Erlangerv The case was taken
into the courts where an Injunction was
asked against the Kalem Company. This
was granted and appeal was taken Into
tho Supremo Court of the United States.
Kentucky Can Tax
Railroad's Ships
The attempt of Kentucky to levy
taxes upon ocean-going steamers of the
Southern Pacific railroad, although
they had never even approached
thi borders of that State, succeeded
today through a decision of the Su
preme Court of the United States.
The State contended that as the
Southern Pacific Is organized under the
laws of the State and the main onice
is legally located in Kentucky, it had
a right to levy on all the ships of the
concern, no matter where plying. The
Supreme Court affirmed the decision of
tho court of appeals of Kentucky.
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IIGAata m luOCA
1 fUJli b22f
Senate side there Is a now prlvato din
in? room being finished. This is Just
across the corridor from the restaurant.
A Senator who does not feel particu
larly exclusive will 'go into the old
dining room for members of the Senate,
but if he Is feeling more aloof than
usual from other folks, ha will ea acioss
the hall into tho new private dining
Senators have been known to step up
to the counter in run view or tne worm
and buy sinkers and correo. But this
seldom occurs. A Senator rarely par
takes of food with the common herd.
Justices More Simple,
Singularly enough, the supremo Court
of tho United States doesn't go to much
fuss In this matter of meals. The mem
hA nf tnm ntirt hHim thiil. Ittnnn.tf
brought to them In the conference room, contract can be let and the contractor BarnCB jrt of the ..old Qaard," Is
They are mostly simple lunches. Trusts chnt the new building will bo com- willing to dellvor It to him, It Is said,
are smashed, and other big things done, I peted within tho next sixteen months At the eamo time, Republican lead
on bread and milk or broad and crack- the expectation. It Is tho purpose of Crs said, Colonel Roosevelt's support Is
-l -"-" .wo... .. -v --1
tuiu uuiieu.
High prices still will reign in
figures so that tho restaurateur can
bring suit for confiscation of property
under the Constitution. Over on the
unH.. ths PAnnfltiiMnn nt,A rtrt ,Ha
House side they are going to havo a
lunch counter, so that a man who has
only 10 cents to spend can at least get a
Dedication Will Be Attend
ed By Prominent Clerics
and Lay Members.
Washington's newest charity, a homo
for eged Catholic gentlewomen, will ho
tOrmull" ODCnerl and rlpllrnl.1 tnm,.
row afternoon at tho building secure.i
for the homo at U38 N street northwest
Prominent Catholic clergymen will
Darticlnate In th rrmnniH niMi
Glbbons had
planned to dedicate tho
home, but will be unable to attend.
Tho home will bo in tho bulldlnc
occunled for ..nnomii. v... ,u ,,
nfI,0H.0nLrlUT..by . ir'8 '
scnooi or tne Misses Kerr. A reunion
of former pupils will mark tho dedica
tion ceremonies tomorrow. Many of
the students have contributed funds to
establish the home, where fn ante-
Dcuum days, and until a few years
ago, some of the most prominent younr
women or the Capital were educated
ThrcA wnmon nn,., -.. .1. i. J
inree women now aro sheltered at'
the hnmA a ,,... .. .. t.
cured and plans made to care for others
., .....u dvui urn uo du
who need aid In their declining years.
At 3 o clork tomorrow tho dedicatory
exercises will be held. After the cere-
monies a reception will be held by the
honri nf lnrtv mr,n ,ro-. ti, .....,
a nr ,h u'm i x- ' r. ,..".
A.U ... """'" "." ""'... 'u
utner orricers are Mrs. E. McNeil, vice
president; Mrs. W. A. Wimsott. treas-
urer. and Miss Worthlngton. secretary,
Among the directors are Miss Alice
Riggs, Mrs. Herman E. Gasch, and Mrs.
Samuel Hill.
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Bids to Be Oepned Wednes
dayConstruction Work
to 3e Pushed.
Tho Treasury Department is hopeful
that the construction work on tho new
building for the Bureau of Engraving
and Prlntinir soon will bo under way.
On Wednesday of this week bids aro to
bo opened on this now structure." Just
when tho contract will be let depends
nn nrhnth'nr ttnv Complications OTlSQ
uIMi fannAP.f In thn hlds
It U tho intention of Secretary 'Mad
Vcagh however, to let the contract ut
ti.h .afllci.t nnaalhln rinv nftrr the' bids
nn.nml Th work nf construction
la in Ha nllfthftri from the moment the
I SncrAtiirv
I . ..M.l nf VI nrltvilnlHtrntlnn.
secretary nincveasn io o n "" ,
Secretary MaoVcagh returns
Il" union Station. The probabilities
" .V' hniidine wll be constructed at
-- " ..w -w - . . -
Vermont crranlte. and thus mauo to
harmonlxo with the Union Station.
Student Balloonists
Rescued From Peril
CLAREMONT, N. H., Nuv. 13,-Thelr
tullocn bumping the tcps of forest trcos
where their anchor had caught, three
Williams Colleg3 students wcro discov
ered ly farmers of Unity and rescued
from their dangerous position.
After si-mo of the smaller treos had
teen cat away the aeronauts were ablo
to rlldo down Ihilr anchor ropi-.
The sky voyagers were H. Percy
Shrarman, former president of the Will
iams College Aeronaultral Society nml
I lint of the bnlloons, the Stevens "I, H.
pilot of the balloon, the Stevens 21, H.
Jones, of New York city. The ascension
; was made from Plttsfleld, Muss., sov-
tiuy-ouvcn wiles rein uniiy.
Marriage of Piatt's
Widow Is Confirmed
NJ3W YORK. Nov. 13.-The report
that Mrs. Lillian Janeway Piatt, widow
of United States Senator Piatt, was
marrled a wcck a William B. At-
wa,or' nn avlator ot Central Valley.
was con(lrnic1 bv E6r Fclton. Jus-
"co of the peace, who married the cou-
nle at Suffern.
Mrs. Piatt at first denied the report
when It came out on Saturday at Sprln
valley. It had been agreed that the
marriage was to bo kept a secret until
marriage was 10 do xepi a secret unii
'a:Ovhen Atwater and his bride ex
pect to start for California.
May Nominate Leader
Of Southern Society
Nominations for president may bo
v.Cicu iuw6"i " oj't-v.u.. uuBiucBn
,i , n.,iv,, oi... ,u
HAnnltfAil 4ihI fW ft n4 n AAttnf l mau
""" " "'" ""- "-'' "' '"
niatflnt nf rim nmnc-a rT I ' mail rw lVnl-
ton tn "the Colorado building. Speaker
I champ Clark Is now first v'iee prcsl-
dent 0f the society,
To secure a .president not Identified
with any political or other faction Is
desired by tho majority of the society.
At the meeting tonight plans also will
bo made for tho annual meeting of tho
society early In December.
Some of tho Capital's most prominent
residents aro members of tho society,
which has pretentious social and civic
activities outlined for tho winter sea-
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Pointed Out That Task for
Taft Would Be Found
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov.
President Roosevelt, by
13. Former
probably, will bo called upon to namo
tho next speaker for tho Now York.
general assembly, which the Republic-
ans carried in tho recent elections.
Up-State Republican leaders declared
today that President Taft would be
called upon to name the speaker, and
that ho .would bo placed In a most em
barrassing position by so doing. The
Chlof Executive doslrcs a solid Now
York dcleeatlon to thn Tlpnnlillpnn eon.
vnnllnn ahrl UtaA nlmtrmnH lltlltnm
necessary to the success of Taft's os
Plratlons, and they predict that If Col-
man as speaker, but will instead see to
it That a Roo&vSit ml u VZLl t0
- - . " .... .
Republican up-State loaders believe
firmly Taft will l!noup with Roosevelt
on the speakership. Although Roose
velt has declared he is, not waging a
war on oarnes, me teaaers point to nis
past performances as Indicating his I
future acts. I
Then, too, they point out. President
Taft can hardly align himself with an
"old guard" leader like , Barnes in
New York, and dally with the nro
Kresslvo leaders in tho West. By so
doing, thoy say, ho would lay himself
open to charges of Insincerity. It is .
i pointed out that when Roosevelt and
I Barnes were ilghtnlg last year. Taft
threw all his support to the progress
ives and aided materially in their vic
tory. Laud President Taft
For Lomax Reprieve
Praise for President Taft for signing
the reprieve for Mattle Lomax was ac
corded tho Chief Executive at tho col
oied churches of Washington Sunday.
At the Cosmopolitan Baptist Church the
Rev. 8. P. Drew reviewed the history
of tho flght in the Lomax woman's bo-
The colored clergyman also spoke of
tho mass meetings to come In behalf of
th.e woman condemned to hang for tho
muruer oi ner jiusuunu. iiiese meet
ings will be as follows: November 10,
Mt. Morlah Baptist Church; November
22, John Wesley A. M. E. Church: No
vember 21, Central Methodist Episcopal
Church. November 30, Thanksgiving
ir.a&s meeting at Cosmopolitan Baptist
Tall Men and Women
May Enter Show Free
Elongated humanity Is at a premium
today. The doors of the Fourth Na
tional Food Show are to swing wide,
and the "Welcome" mat Is to be placed
. .- - m AA
at tne entrance ior an men ana an
. . .... ... .
women, wno are six teei laii. incy are
to bo odmltted to the show free, and
the Inducement Is expected to attract
Furthermore, BOO pint bottles of
"glngyale" are to be given to the first
half thousand to arrive at the show.
Five hundred packages of Jello wllj be
distributed In the same way.
Manager Perry P. Potrlck reported to-
day that so far no one had agreed to
be "married in tho hall for $25. Besides
money and a liberal supply of food-
stuffs, the young folks nre offered a
, wcddlne march by the band and bdu-
I quets of flowers.
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Wife of Alleged Slayer May
Go to Brooklyn Next
Fifty dollars has been nutuKTitiiui vv
tho Eocleta Unlono E irvtnii.in.i Tni.
lana for tho benefit of Mrs. Fortunata
Mllano, wife of the Italian shoemaker
charged with the murder of Harry Elton
Smith. At a. meeting nf th nritv
this amount was contributed by tho
members. It will be given to her In
full If she goes to Brooklyn next Sun
dayas she Intends to do, but if sho
stays on in Washington It will bjs given
to her In Installments of $5 a week.
Mrs. Mllano Is no longer at 206 Canal
street She Is now at 126 D street south
west with the family of Angelo Magglo,
a shoemaker and tailor. When seen to
day, Mrs. Mllano said that her depart
ure for Brooklyn next Sunday depended
upon the condition of ner baby. Tho
child Is sick, but If the attending phy
sician permits, she will go to her
mother's home Sunday.
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905, 907, 909 E STREET
Motion to .Dismiss Will Be
Heard November 22 By
Justice Wright.
Arguments on the motion to dismiss
the absolute dlvorco proceedings In tho
case of Charles A. Cotterlll against
Mrs. Henry Garland Cotterlll, were
continued to November 22 by Justice
Wflght In Kqulty Court No. 2 today, at
tho request of counsel for tho defend
ant. Tho motion is that the suit should bo
dismissed on the ground that Mr. Cot
terlll sought to ovado the District laws,
and went to Maryland and was married
a second time after he had been ad
Juged the "guilty" party In the divorce
suit won by his first wife The second
marriage to the woman ho is now suing
for divorce was within a week after ho
had been divorced in the District Su
preme Court.
Attorney K. L. Gles contends that the
motion will not carry. Attorney W.
Earl Ambrose made the motion to dis
miss, basing his claim on the codo
which prohlbts tho "guilty" party In a
divorce case from remarrying within
the District of Columbia.
We guarantee these
gloves as regular $1.50
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15th and H
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Room 217. Southern Dulldlue.
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3U3 III Jl. s' llranrh Ilntuti

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