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Thermometer Drops to Eight
Degrees Above Zero ,
At Chicago.
?J"CAOO, Nov. 13.-Whlle the enUre
ruddle West continues to shtver from
one of the worst early season storms
and cold spells noted tn Weather Bu
reau history, reports of deaths, injury,
intense suffering and Ipsa mounting up
Into the millions are pouring In from all
The death toll of the storm is now
At least 100 people have been Injured
by the tornado which preceded the bliz
zard. Ono of the Injured In Chicago was
a victim of heat prostration, Buffered
during the warm spell which preceded
tho cold wave.
Chicago experienced a fall of tem
perature of 61 degrees In soven hours.
It was eight degrees abovo zero hero
this morning. Many cities farther west
and north have temperatures far below
this mark.
A storm on Lake Michigan has en
dangered many lives. A tow boat with
a crew of seven was tossed clear across
the lako and, ice ladden. stranded upon
the shores of Michigan.
At least two railroad wrecks and a
panic on an elevated train In Chicago
endangered many lives, resulting from
the storm.
nn5S tornado preceding the cold wave
kl!. elBht and Injured forty in
Fatality At Easton, 111.
Two were killed and seven Injured at
Kaston, 111.
Central and southern Illinois, with a
drop of 68 degrees, experienced Intense
suffering from tho cold. The cold has
cut off the supply of natural gas, the
only fuel supply of a large percentage
of the families In thoso sections.
Many boats on Lako Michigan are
missing, according to reports from
Duluth, and great loss of life is feared.
Baltimore and vicinitv is getting a
taste of real winter today. The ter
mometer registered 25 degrees at 8
o'clock this morning, having dropped
46 degrees Bince 3 o'clock yesterday
UJbur.K!j was ,the coldest town in
J381 todaA when tho official ther
K10oSE.r.1fl8tered,14 abov nroit
?.,f-Slo0lS tnls. mornlng. This constl
!ed. ? d.rop '.n temperature of 54 de
Kf, l5 twenty-four hours.
w 11Dlll8S official thermometer
was 28 above zero at 8 o'clock. At the
oultt was 26 abve in Atlantic
City and 22 In Scranton.
Gale Lashes Seaboard.
A terrific gale lashed tho Atlantic
coast in the vicinity of New York. A
barge with a crew of fourteen was
torn loose from her tow and blown
about helpless. The United States rev
enue cutter Mohawk was immediately
dispatched to her assistance.
A report from Fort Terry on Plum
Island early today stated that a
schooner had stranded In Plum Out
at the helghth of the storm.
A report from Fort Terry stated
that the schooner was the Edith K.
Dennis and that all of tho crew hud
," 8Jv?.d except the captain.
The high point In the wind's velocity
came about midnight when there was
a rate of soventv-two miles an hour.
The thermometer at midnight reg
istered 38 degrees In New York.
The wind maintained Us terrlllc ve
locity for hours whllo tho mercury
kept steadily dropping. At davbrealt
the wind began to lessen and waj
blowingat thirty-eight miles an hour
at 8 a. m. ,
At Albany, N. Y., tho temperature
stood at 28 degrees at 8 o'clock this
A snow storm driven by a gale visit
ed utlca early today and the mercury
registered 28 degrees.
Cold Wave for Whole
Country Is Predicted
Winter weather is to be experienced
this week over practically thu entire
country. Such Is the official ndvlt'e of
tho Weather Bureau given over the sig
nature of Chli-f Willis L. Moore. Tho
advancv eastward of the cold wave thu
lias held the Middle West in its frozen
clutch for several days is predicted to
grlve the lowest temperatures of the sea
ton the first of this week.
A norm is predicted for tho Epstorn
States the latter part of the week. It
1h now off the North Pacific coast. Thli
change, so It Is forecast, ill l.e pre
ceded by warmer weather, with rains
1p. the Southern and enow in the North
ern districts.
Three Diplomats Tell
Of Arrival At Posts
Three American diplomats telegraph
ed the State Department of their ar
rival at. their posts of duty. Minister
Calhoun reached Peking today and took
charge of the legation there.
Minister Du Bols reported to the de
partment that he has reached Bogota,
and Ambassador O'Brien telegraphed he
had presented his letters to the King of
K u&
A oi'Jck. Mfe. loothtns. healing, uitlseptlo cur
for Bora Throat, briefly deicrtbei T0MSILINK.
A small botUa of Tontllino Uata longer than moat any
caaa of Sara Thrvab TONSIUNK curee Bora Mouth
and uoaraeneai ana prerenu wunjj ana uipnineru.
"p own
ill ft
111 W.(fc
IU Jill YfJft
IU"1 lvw
Boy Scouts as They Appeared on "Mike" to Country
aaBaaBTaaBttlaialaMaaaaaKiiaH iiiaiBXyiaiiaiiaiiaiVliMn!tiJia9v!iiiH!E
photo o.y. qpjcj
Missing Girl Thought
To Have Stage Ambition
An ambition to win fame and fortune
before the footlights Is bcllcvd today
to have been the motive which prompted
slxtcen-ycar-old Lillian Bond, of 1538 T
street northwest, to run away from
home about a week ago. Mr. Bond, the
girl's father, who has reported her dis
appearance to tho police, said that he
belloved his daughter had gone away to
Join a theatrical company.
Miss Bond, who Is small of, stature,
is a brunette, and described ns pretty,
For some time she was ambitious to
go on the stage, but her parents re
fused to give their consent,
No word has been received from her
since she left home, taking only a few
articles of wearing apparel with her.
At first her parents thought she might
have gone to visit a girl friend here,
but Inquiry failed to reveal her where
abouts. Director Martin to
Go to Kansas City
Following the close of the playground
season, ;te. S. Martin, director of play
grounds, will leave ,for Kansas City,
Mo., where he will aid In the establish
ment of a department of recreation. Mr.
Martin probably will bo away from
Washington two weeks.
The Kansas City authorities bave
decided to establish a department of
recreation, and have asked Mr. Martin
to assist In tho woik.
Arrangements were mado today for
moving tho offices of tho Washington
Playgrounds' Association from the
Metropolitan National Bank building to
the District building.
Mrs. Pillow Painfully
Hurt While on Car
While on a Fourteenth street car this
morning, Mrs. Mary Pillow, sixty years
old, of 1464 Clifton Htreot northwest, was
painfully but not seriously hurt about
the legs and body. Mrs. Pillow had ust
boarded the car when It started. She
was thrown to the floor.
$5.00 Silk Napped
Beavers $2.90
Eight different shapes in btyck
long napped Beavers; blaclonly;
sold everywhere for tfjf) r
$5.00. Special tA.yU
$8.00 White Beavers
Pure White Napped Beavers,
many styles; $8.00 djq Qt
$1.50 Felt Sailors 49c
Black and Navy Banded a q
Felt Sailors, ready to wear ttV v
$5.00 Trimmed Hats
Velvet and Silk Hats, trimmed
with velvet, fringes, j zq
and wings; $5 value.. 4I.Uy
25c All Silk Ribbon 9c
Moire and Taffeta Ribobn, 5
inches wide; black and col- q,
ors; 25c value, yd " v
$5.00 Coney Muff and Scarf,
black and brown. e ftrj
Special W6yj
Also Required to File Bond.
Court Approves Hutchins
Paris Bill.
Counsel representing various parties
In the litigation over tho $3,500.) worth
of property of Stllson HutchiiiH, ap
peared before Chief Justice Clabaugh. In
i:iilly Court No. 1, today, and wlt
titcsed the signing of tho order, whore
by Trustee Dante Is directed to give an
cccounting and file a corporate bond of
Under the directions of tho order the
bills pressed by Mrs. Rose Koellng
Hutchins, wife of tho millionaire, will bo
HrBt presented to Nathaniel Wilson,
guardian ad litem for tho millionaires,
(lid then to the trustee for pay:nent,
providing there is no objection. Inci
dentally, the court ordered the payment
of i31o on the lease tor tho Paris npurt
ment, which In past due.
The order was prfnentcd by Attorneys
Brandenburg & Brandenuurg, who rep
resent Trustee Dante. It Is based on
the petition of theso attorneys, altnough
o petition looking toward tho same end,
filed by Mrs. llutchlns' attorneys. Glt
tlngs & Chamberlain, was pending In
Justice Wright's branch of Equity
Chief Justice Clabaugh made the an
nouncement that he would hear no more
arguments in the case until Trustee
Dante had submitted his report cover
ing the period of his trust from March
7, 1910, up to the piesent time. This ac
counting 's due within ten days.
Underwear Sale Manufacturer's Samples
At about half the price you would
consists of men's, women's and
garments of nearly all styles and
Women's Silk and Lisle
Union Suits, -worth $2.50, QOf
Ladies' Silk and Wool
Vests and Pants, worth- QO
$2.00, at "
Ladies' Vests and Pants, fine
woollen garments, in QQp
white and grays, at each. .VOL
Ladies' Union Suits, QQr
worth Si. SO. at VOL
$1.00 Union Suits
50c Union Suits
They are all the fall weights,
just the kind you'll need.
Ladies' Silk Fleece Vests OQf
and Pants, pure white, at.Vv
Ladies' Woolen
Ladies' Sweaters at dQ pA
98c, $1.50, and up to MJ3v
These Coats are made from
the finest wool yarn, come in all
colors, with the military or sailor
collar. They are worth up to
Makes Uniform Rule
For the Publishers
Under orders issued by Postmaster
Ooneral Hitchcock, publishers of period
icals carried at second class postage
rates will have the jnltnrm privilege of
rending their publications to subscribers
a year after the subscriptions have ex
pired. The difference In the privilege has
made it difficult for the postal employes
to discover when tho rules wcr.s beln
lolatcd. Furthermore, Mr. Hitchcock
can sco no Just causo for permitting one
publisher to have the use of tho malU
for a greater length of tlmo than
Horse and Runabout
Stolen From Market
The theft of a horse and runabout
was reported to the police of the First
precinct this morning by James La
Fontaine, a produco dealer. In Center
Market. The rig was taken from one
of tho B Btreet entrances to the market.
Take a little Diapepsin now and
your Stomach will feel fine
in five minutes.
Every family hero ought to keep
some Dlapepsln In tho house, as any
one of you may havo an attack rf in
digestion or Stomach trouble at ar.y
time, day or night.
This harmless preparation will di
gest anything you eat and overcome a
distressed, out-of-order stomach five
minutes afterwards.
If your meals don't tempt you, or
what little you do eat Beoms to fill you
or lays like a lump of lead In your
stomach, or If you have heartburn,
that Is a sign of Indigestion.
Ask your Pharmacist for a M-cent
caso of Pape's Dlapepsln, and take a
expect to pay. This sample lot
children's fall and winter weight
Ladies' Vests and Pants, C A
worth $1.00, at 3"
50c Vests and Pants 0 Cr
39c Vests and Pants 1 Q-
25c Vests and Pants 1 0L
Misses' and Children's Vests
and Pants, all sizes
5oc qualities
39c qualities
25c qualities
20c qualities
All sizes included.
Men's Sweater
Men's $1.00 Sweater iQp
Coats ' v
$2.00 Sweater Coats iCf).
Sweater Coats, to r
worth $3.50, at $1.DU
Fine Worsted Sweater Coats,
worth $5.00,
Daily Jaunts Into the Woods
and Fields of Maryland
and Virginia.
Scouting expeditions are proving moro
popular than ever now that fall has
arrived. Every day finds the khaki
clad Boy Scouts of the District In
Maryland and Virginia woods. Nuts
and persimmons give added pleasure to
the expeditions.
Last Saturday four troops hiked to
Cherrydale, Va., In order that a prac
tical demonstration of their work might
be given for the edification of those In
attendance at the conference for tho
"Older Boy." While at Cherrydale,
they cooked dinner In the woqs, using
light equipment they carried In pre
paring the meat. After dinner they
played tho scout games and finished
up by playing with the conference
James E. West, national secretary of
the Boy Scouts of America, was In
attendance, and showed that 90 per cent
of the Boy Scouts are active in church
work. He called attention to the fact
that interest In the church troops kept
the boys In Sunday school at Just tho
age when they were most inclined to
leave It.
E. S. Martin, District Scqut commis
sioner, spoke of the connection of the
Boy Scouts with the Sunday school
Many of those, who are to be most
aertlve In the campaign of the men and
religion forward movemont, were in at
tendance. Play and Book Give
Lesson In Forgiveness
Different from the average fictional
and theatrical situation where the err
ing girl no longer is given protection by
the family circle, but Is cast out In the
world with a "Ood-have-mercy-on-you"
prayer, is tho situation in "The
Family," from the play of Robert Ho.
bart Davis, which has been written into
book form by Edward Marshall, and
published by Q. W. Dillingham Com
pany, of New York.
"There's no place like home" is the
theme of the play of Mr. Davis. The
unity of the family is the plot, and the
dramatist and the author havo shown
how unity of this character may result
In complete victory for an erring mem
ber. In "The Family" an erring daughter
Is rescued merely by forgiveness. When
trouble came tho tie of blood asserted
itself, and tho love that bound brother
to sister, and parent to child, proved
stronger than water.
A photographic faithfulness of de
tail Is one of the striking features of the
book. With literal exactness, the trials
and tribulations of the members of "Tho
Family" are reproduced.
Rites for R. J. Beall.
Richard J. Beall, lifetime resident of
the District, who died at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. J. E. Price, at the
age of clghty-flve years, was buried in
Utcnwood Cemetery this afternoon at
3 o'clock, after simple funeral ceremo
nies In the chapel of Glenwood.
little Just as noon as you can. There
will be no sour risings, no belching
or undigested food mixed with acid,
no stomach gaH or heartburn, fullness
of undigested food mixed with acid,
sea. Debilitating Headaches, Dizziness
or Intestinal griping. This will ell go,
and, besides, tWre will be no sour food
left over In the stomach to poison your
breath with nauseous odors.
Pape's Dlapepsln Is a certain cure for
out-of-order stomachs, because It pre
vents fermentation and takes hold of
your food and digests it just 'ho eame
as If your stomach wasn't there.
Relief In live minutes from all stom
ach misery at any drug store, waiting
for you.
Theso large 60-cent cases contatn more
than sufficient to cure almost any
chronic case of Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
or any other Stomach trouble.
934, 936 and
938 F Street
Hayden's Busy
Suit Dept.
We sell Ladies' fcz nr
$10.00 Suits for.... 4O.V3
at $15.00 suits $999
These Suifs are made from the
finest all-wool materials; ihey are
satin lined, correct in style, and
we guarantee to fit
Ladies' Cloak
Dept. Specials
$10.00 Long Tight-fitting
Coats, in black or grays, with
large brass or pearl aa
buttons, at $3.UU
Specials in Men's
Underwear Dept.
Men's Fleece-lined or Ribbed
Shirts and Drawers, worth ne
50c, at Z3C
Men's Silk Fleeced or Cooper
Ribbed Shirts or Drawers OQ
They are worth 75c.
Men's Silk-finished Balbriggan
Shirts and Drawers; worth rn.
$1.00; per garment DUt
Fall-weight Union Suits, iCQ
worth $1.50; at Ut
Men's Extra Fine Australian
Shirts and Drawers, iOr
worth $1.00, at , , O V-t
Joint Committee of Trade
Bodies Desires Speedy
Action By Congress.
A pension bill so drawn as to cause
the least posslblo delay In Congress is
tho purpose of the Joint committee of
the Board of Trade and Chamber of
Commerce, in its work for relief for
pensioners dependent upon the fire and
police fund.
Tho question Is to be brought up at
the annual meeting of the Board of
Trade tonight by Waltor A. Brown,
chairman of tho public order committee,
and at the monthly meeting of tho
Chamber of Commerce tomorrow night
by William. F. Oude, chairman of the
special committee of that body.
While it is Impossible to state what
action will be taken by cither body,
the chairmen of tho two committees
have agreed that it Is necessary to tako
tho course of least resistance in order
to get a bill through Congress at the
earliest possible date.
A conference with the Commissioners
upon the form of bill to present to
Congress may be held tomorrow, al
though the hour for the conference has
not been set. The relation of tho pro
posed legislation to the half-and-half
principle of appropriations is expected
to do careiuuy consiaerea do in at tne
Board of Trade and Chamber of Com
merce meetings, and at the conference
with the Commissioners.
It is believed that the sentiment for
Immediate relief will operate to recon
cile pension advocates to the passage
of a bill providing for the entire fund
out of District revenues, with the ex
ception of the proposed Itt per cent
from tho salaries of the members of the
two departments.
Alabama Hotel Burned.
HUNTS VI LLE. Ala., Nov. 13.-Flre,
belloved to havo originated from defec
tive wiring, destroyed the Huntsvllle
Hotel block. The loss Is estimated at
$200,tt0, largely covered by Insurance.
Looking From Dining
The Attractiveness of These Handsome Homes Rivals
The Splendor of Their Beautiful Surroundings
Owners of these "Park View" homes will enjoy the same advantages
for rest and rerreatlon as the owners of vast estates without any of
the expense.
Right ut tho very threshold of the h'omes are tho Bplendld grounds
of the Soldiers' Home Washington's most beautiful park a verltatTle
fairyland for young and old alike. Such surroundings add to the attrac
tiveness of these homes add to their future value.
Six rooms and bath, spacious, well lighted and ventilated. First
floor finished In mahogany with parquetry flooring. Second floor
given natural finish of the wood. Altogether the most artistically de
signed 6-room homo you ever saw.
Price, $4,500
faSer First SanHCiskPaymiil) Vott Month
(This 132.50 includes all Interest)
TO IN8PECT Take Ninth 8troet cars to Park Road; walk one square
past to Warder Street, and one square north to Newton Street or tele
phone Main 2-3-4-5, our selllnir agents, who will be pleased to put their
automobile service at your command.
MIDDAUGH & SHANNON, Inc., Builders and Owners
SHANNON & LUCHS, Selling Agents,
713 14th St. N. W. ;reX.GMB
PARQUETRY floors are
one of the many
pleasing features of
these 14th and Perry Street
homes. We picture a corner
of one of the front bed
rooms. All the floors, both
downstairs and upstairs, are
parquetry and the trimmjngs
throughout are selected hard
wood. There are 6 rooms and bath,
well lighted, ventilated, and
conveniently arranged with
an idea to the artistic.
Each home has a -double
back porch and a massively
Fifth Lecture Added
To Clinic Course
Another lecture besides the four
previously announced will bo given thlrt
wetk under the nutt.lces of The
Woman's Clinic and tho American
Medical Association, ,Thls fifth lncturo
will bo by Dr. Ocorse airord. a dentist
at the Hubbard school, Friday after
roon at 3:30 o'clock, on "The Teeth,
Their Uses. Abuses and Care." '
The directors of The Woman's Clinic
voted last evening to accept the offer
of the American Medical Association
to have the whole scries of lectures'
given under Joint auspices.
Greeks Hold Service
For Murdered Bishop
Greek residents of this city United yes
terday In a testimonial to the late
Bishop of Brevena, Macedonia, who was
murdered and mutilated several weeks
ago, supposedly Turks.
A mass for the bishop was sung to
day In every Greek Church throughout
the United Stttf-s. The Greek residents
here held services in the mission on
joun Marshall Place.
into the crowd of weak,
weary, depressed; or are
you filled with vitality and
Health i th founda
tion of success.
Nerves, Brain, and
Body should be staunch
Scott's Emulsion
the best of food-tonics, is
the firm footing for health.
all omtaaimrm
Room Into the Parlor.
pillared colonial front porch
with second story balcony.
The construction is pressed
brick reinforced with steel.
$38 Monthly
(Which includes all interest)
buys one of these homes,
after the first small cash pay
ment has been made. The
total price for these modern
6-room and bath homes is
but $5,000.
any 14th Street Car going
north. Get off at 14th and
Perry Sts. and you are right
at the homes.
Sample Home Open Till
9 p. m. Every Day.
713 14th Street N.W,
"Look for Our Green and White Sign"
25c. and 60c. Hoipltil Site ti.00. All DrunoUta.

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