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Girl Who Knew Smith as "Angel"
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Hawaiian Steairiship Com
pany's President Gives
Out an Explanation.
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Hunt Ionian in Northeast
Part of District and in
(Continued from First Pago.)
' ey about him, And have committed tho
jWMlo-ihe police do not tnke this In
cident uerlously, they are making an In
yeftlsntlon. t Smith Denies He Was
Ever an "Angel" for
Theatrical Troupe
, James Smith, held for the brutal as
sault of Morris Bennett and suspected
ot being the murderer of William
Mlcklo, the Seventh Btreet merchant,
.today denies the reports that he was
at one time head of a theatrical' com
pany and. was an "angel."
-When seen at the District Jail' this
. HI'S10?? y .a '.mes "Porter. Smith
afked If Marie Biggs knew so much
about him and was so positive In her
statements that ho was once with a
theatrical company, why It was that
she was. not brought before him. He
. denies even knowing any suclf girl.
"As to 'Goldle' being my wife, It Is
all a pack of lies. All I know about
this woman Is that her name Is GoUl
I was introduced to her two or three
years ago. Afterward wo were In the
Marlboro Jail together. As to her being
my closest companion and friend, tha
Is also a mess of lies. v
"I understand the Walkers and others
were before the District Attorney yes
terday. Well, "when they try me I
might make It hot for all that gang.
"I am not. afraid to go to Chlraio
, In fact, I "would enjoy the trip. I am
' not the .man wanted there and they
J cannot prove anything on me.
"I know a lot of women, but I know
nothing much of 'Goldle,' other than I
have been In her company several
"If the police locate 'Paddlefeet' they
will have to move faster than they are
at present She is shrewder than the
police think."
When told that Morris Bennett was
getting along splendidly, Smith seemed
greatlv 1 ased, but at. tho same time
denied ing any knowledge of the
bru'i lit on him.
Costello Believes
;Britt Is Man Who Made
Saloon Disturbance
Walter Costello, proprietor of a sa
loon at Sixth and G 6treeta northwest,
Jiaa, partially Identified Lawrence Brltt
as one of the men whom he saw In his
cafo the Friday morning after the Mlc
kle murder. Air. Coxtello raw Brltt's
pictures In The Tlnv:s yesteruuy and Im.
mediately 'notified Police Headquarters.
The Central Office detectives today
are Investigating the matter with a view
of V ascertaining .whether Brltt was the
man seen, an ixth and Q streets the
morning (lollbwlotr the Seventh street
tr&eedv. r' """.
It Is possible that t am mistaken."
ait. cosieno saw, "as I nave not vet
hid on opportunity to tee Brltt since his
picture appsared In The Times. The
photograph, liowever, Is an exact repro
duction of the features of one of tho
men who came into our wilcon, and,
after a series of Jests with his compan
ions, produced a largo roll of bills and
ordered drinks. I cvorheard hlm Bay
several times to his companion that
we certainly had a largo, fine tlmo last
J Became Boisterous.
'The man showed by his manner he
was unaccustomed to having money In
any large quantities. He became bois
terous, and I was forced to ask him to
Mr. Costello says that Sidney Smith,
a colored porter, who works In the sa
loon, also Identified the picture of Brltt
In The Times yesterday. Smith, he said,
brought the copy of the paper to him
yesterday afternoon and told him that he
was sure that Brltt was the man. This,
he said, was after he, Mr. Costello, had
.already satisfied his own mind of the
, Regarded As Important.
,The police believe that this Is an Im
portant piece of Information, and may
TO long ways toward clearing up the
mystery of the Mlckle murder. James
Bmitb, now held as a suspect, contends
that he can prove that he spent the
TUursday night on which Mlckle was
murdered at the homo of John Walker,
on Cedar Heights. He says that he can
prove this by Brltt.
'if the police are able to learn that
Brltt was not In the Walker residence
on that particular night, this will tend
toi disprove Smith's nlleued alTbi.
Central Office Detectives Evans and
uuea are now looking ror Brltt, and
will question him recardlnc his move
ments on the fateful Thursday night and
mo touowing morning.
Marie Biggs Tells of
Smith's Adventures in
Theatrical Business
Adventures of the James Smith barn
stormers, tho mysterious theatrical
troupe, where not even the members
knew each others' names, and In which
the never-falling source of Smith's
money and his close attachment for
".Goldle," the leading lady, attracted
attention of his associates, were latd
bare yesterday by Marie Biggs, a pretty
seventeen-year-old-glrl at the House of
the Good Shepherd.
This Is the girl who said Smith ac
costed her on Pennsylvania avenue,
lurod her to the front room of an old
Inilcrn hpndnunrtnrft nt Rfvpnth nnH n
i streets, and thero Induced her to loin
-. ha "At th TJnnnVi" xnmnnno
Although positively Identifying
"Goldle," and nearly all the other eight
or ten members of tho company, Marie
Biggs gave Identifications and descrip
tions of Smith that were wholly con-
' Half Shut, Cunning Eyes.
"He was a short, heavy set man
with a thick upper Up and peculiar half-
nhut, cunning eyes," she said yester
day. 'Today when shown a picture of Smith
she denied having known such a man
Inatead, she -pointed out as the Smith
she knew a rather tall, clean-cut, well
built boy whose picture was taken with
the company.
.A little later, taking another picture
and making the Identifications tally in
very other respect she came to the
Jlcture of a man very evidently not
ames Smith or the first Smith she had
LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine, tha world Wld
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(eUobw. .Look tor lnturt&yr.01tOVE.c,
iLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVPP. t NUKKMSSk
sssssssT .
MM T i iiBTr -Xsasllllllllllllllllllllllllllw
identified, and said he waB the Smith
wno neaaeu tne company.
Though she had; been In tho House of
the Good Shepherd for nearly nine
months unci is reported by the mother
sunerior there to be amenable' to dis
cipline she displayed an unfathomable
loyalty to her oia associates when she
was questioned for several hours yes
terday and for Another hour this morn
ing. She gave definite and distinctive clues
that promise to be valuable In locating
"Goldle" and a red-haired woman who
was also In the company. She gave de
scriptions and addresses that' will help
to locate otner memoera or tne mys
terious band. But she declared she
knew nothing of Smith, though she ad
mitted laving oeen out witn him many
times, and even denied knowing his first
Knew Willard Stout.
Marie Biggs knew Willard Stout. He
was not a member of the "At tho
Ranch' compary. she sold, but she hod
seen him hanging around. When Bhown
a newspaper picture of .the James Smith
held for assault and suspected of worse
crimes, she looked at it long and then
shook her head.
"I nover saw hlm," was her reply.
Only a tracing up of the clues that
point to "Goldle's" whereabouts and
the Jocatlnir of other members of the
company will determine whether Mario
Biggs, who admits she was the boon
companion of "Goldle" and who Is
thought to have been Intimate with
Smith, will prove a valuable witness In
me proDe into amitns past.
Marie elaborated today the account
she gave yesterday of the Smith she
knew. She told how the curiosity of
the company had been aroused over the
source of his ready money, which he
spent lavishly.
"Smllh said he could go out any time
he wanted to and get money," she said.
"And he did It. He spent it on all of
us. I have been out with him often."
The girl named fashionable uptown
cafes where Smith had taken her, and
also told of .several places less' well
known tWhere she anOiSmlth had gone.
"We'all wondered too," she said,
"what .mysterious. 4nfluenco Smith had
over 'Goldle.' Theyweren't married, be
cause Smith said he had a wlfo some
where else, and always kept her picture
with him. But they were' often to
gether, and nearly always went out to
gether after rehearsals." ,
Marie Biggs also told of the little
room In the third .floor front of the lodge
quarters at Seventh and D streets.
"Lots of girls came up. there, more
than were in tho company,"' she said.
"And there were lots of loungers around
there all the time. That is where I
used to see Stout."
Grand Jury Returns Two
Murder Indictments
Indictments charging murder in the
first degree again William Nixon and
James E. Thomas were returned today
by the grand Jury In the District Su
preme Court. Nixon is accused of kill
ing William Stewart, while Thomas Is
charged with fatally shooting Robei
Chesley. All are colored.
The grand Jury Ignored recommenda
tions of the coroner's Jury that John
and Lillian Clark be held responsible
for the death of their child, Ethel
Clark, who was burned to death when
left alone by her parents.
These other Indictments were re
turned: y
Walter Smith, housebreaking and lar
ceny; Dudley Butler, carnal knowledge
Ernest Johnson and Frank Taylor, as
sault with a. dangerous weapon: Heze
klah Barnes, robbery, and William
Graham, grand larceny.
Yeggmen Want Trial
For Federal Leniency
RICHMOND, V.i Nov. 29.- Uncle
Sum's roll'-T of dealing leniently with
yeggmen end other criminals Is under
stuod to be tho motive behind tho ef
forts now being made to have two
yeggmen in the Houston, Va, Jull
transferred to Richmond for trial in the
Fedeial court.
Thcso efforts aree being vigorously o
pestd oy State's Attorney Booker, of
H&llfux countv, who feels confident the
ccruxed yeggmon will get much longer
tcims In the State court than in tlte
Federal tribunal. Accotdlng to police
records, the men are "California
Shorty" and "Eddie" Roth. They are
charged with having burglar tonls In
their possession, though they aie sus
pected of being responsible for moro
than a half doren postofdee and hank
l-obhetles In Virginia and North Caro
lina within the last six months.
Chauffeur Blamed
For Motor Collision
Responsibility for the collision between
the automobile of J. B. Flick and a car
driven by Clarence Thomas, on M street
a week aco wan fixed bv the tine that
was lmoosed on Thomas In District
branch of Police Court today. Thei
chauffeur, Thomas, was called upon to
pay $20. The collision occurred at,
Twentieth and M streets northwest and
Judge A. R. Muilowny held that the
Flick car, which was on a numbered
street, had the right of way under the
traffic regulations.
For Infanta and Children.
tbi Kind You Havi Always Bough?'
Bears the
II you ATer bar anything ton
oat need) cet money lor It through
tke "Fox Sale MJjc ads la lk
Klaus. . . .
Underwood Declares Due
Consideration Will Be
Given Board.
Agreeing with Speaker Clark that the
tariff will be tho overshadowing issue
during the next session of Congress,
Congressman Oscar Underwood, Demo
cratic floor leader of the House, reached
Washington today and declared that tho
Democrats Immediately will get busy
on tariff revision.
"We will wait upon the President for
a reasonable length of time to send In
the report of the Tariff Board," said
Mr. Underwood. "Wo will consider a
report of the board Just as we would
any other evidence submitted to tho
Ways and Means Committee, and then
we will frame a bill according to Demo
cratic principles. I am hopeful of
enacting into law, bills revising beveral
schedules downward before the end of
the session. I hope Minority Leader
Mann Is wrong in saying we will be
here until October. I trust we can get
away In June,"
Mr. Underwood believes little gcenral
1rrfuln t Inn ndti lu nnl a n IM. au
jelon, considering tho pressure of ilarlft
issues and tne big appropriation bin.'
"Democratic chances are better tolay
than ever berore," said Mr. Underwood.
"The people are displeased with the
President's veto of tho bills we passed
last session. The Democrats have an
excellent show for a victory'tn 1912."
Mr. Underwood was unable to com
ment on anti-trust legislation until ho
reads the approaching mesago of tho
President on that subject.
William Messer Named
Wrongfully by Error
An account of the filing of a larceny
charge In United States branch ' of
Police Court, published In The Times,
wrongfully made William Messer ap
pear as defendant In the case. Tho de
fendant was a colored servant girl.
Through the efforts of Detective Wil
liam Messer, of tho Central Bureau, the
girl was arrested and was sentenced
to serve slxtv days In Occoquan, i
the jewelry she stole was recovered.
It was as one of the Government wr
nesses that William Messer appeared
in the case and The Times hereby cor
rects the error of the previous account.
Puzzles Monte Carlo.
MONTE CARLO, Nov. 29. Casino au
thorities are trying to discover the
"system" of Appleton, an American,
Some say he's lucky, and will lose If be
keeps on playing.
THERE'S but one coffee for
yourThanksgiving Dinner
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Importers New York
Congressman Attacked in
Steel Committee Probe
Wants Vindication.
Following the refusal of Chairman
Stanley to have tho Steel Investigating
Committee Inquire into a newspaper at
tack upon Congressman Martin Little
ton, members of the committee, Mr.
Littleton announced today he will ap
peal his case to the House early next
'Rising to a question of personal privi
lege, Mr. Littleton will ask the House
to reverse Chairman Stanley and to
order an inquiry by a special commjt
toe Into the authorship of the news
paper attack which accused Mr. Little
ton of being an ally of the Steel trust.
Chairman Stanley and Congressmen
Beall and McGUtlcuddy. the two Demo
cratic members of the Steel Committee,
take the view that that committee has
no jurisdiction to probe the charge in
volving the personal integrity of one of
its members.
Mr. Littleton said thin afternoon that.
owing to the shortness of time between
mis date and tho opening or congress,
he would appeal to the House proper
'nstead of to tha Individual members
of his committee.
Tne charge to which Mr. Littleton ob
JectH was based on his attitude that as
the Government has instituted suit
against the Steel trust the Stanley Com.
mltteo ought to cease Its hearings.
i3ody of Girl Suicide
Is Sent to Camp Springs
The body of Miss Delia Ogden, the
young woman who ended her life yes
terday by Inhaling Illuminating gas in
her room at 1014 Twelfth street north
west, was today sent to her former
home In Camp Springs, Md., for In
terment. Miss Ogden was formerly a nurse it
the Government Hospital for tho In
sane. She was obliged to give up the
position because of her physical condi
tion, and for some time had been on
the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Coroner Nevltt sold he believed Miss
Ogden's mind had boen temporarily af
fected as tho result of looking after
Insane persons at tho hospital.
She left a letter addressed to "Black
Eyes." "Black Eyes," the coroner wan
told, was a young woman who worked
In tho same restaurant where Miss
Ogden had been employed for a short
time as a waitress.
Countess and Sister
Revisit the Capital
Old friendships In Washington are
being renewed by Countess Louise
Oontaut-Blron and Miss Lolshman,
daughters of the United States Am
bassador to Germany. They are stop
ping at the Arlington Hotel, and plan
to remain In the Capital for some
. Countess Blron Is the widow of a
well- known Frsnch nobleman. She
nvas iimrnea in runs uuoui rour
years ago.
Hours For Thanksgiving Week, 1911
The Great Market Center
Only one car fare from any section of the
Ladies' Waiting Room, B Street Wing
Ladies' Cafe, 7th Street Wing
FOLLOWS i On Wednesday, November 29, open
from 5 a. m. until 9 p. m. On Thursday
(Thanksgiving), open from S a. m until 11 a. m.
tar Patrons are urged to MAKE timely PUR
CHASES for Thanksgiving. In order THAT THE
dealers and their EMPLOYES may also enjoy
the day.
FRANK G. WILKINS. Superintendent.
15th and H
You have admired the Exterior
now call and Inspect the Interior.
Each Office Is complete In every
detail, roomy, light, sanitary, perv
fectly ventilated. Nothing to com
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More to Offer Tana Any Other
Untitling; of Its Kind
Rent moderate. Limited amount
of desk space. Up to and Includ
ing Oct 14, building will be open
nights for Inspection until t
Room 217.
Soutbern Building,
Cloned All Day Thurndnj-.
Christian Xander's
Thanksgiving Beverages
Suiting All Purses.
Family Quality House
909 7th St. TrMY
Every Business Man
and Housewife Knows
that The Times Is the recognised Help
Wanted medium of 'Washington,
Stating that ships designed to meet
the Government's pec'ncatlons must
depend entirely on the $760,030 annual
subsidy offered for the Panama mall
service, tho American-Hawaiian Steam
Bhlj; Company's mysterious "bid" has
proved net to bo a bid, but a counter
proposition," to tha Government
The "bid," which has attracted so
niui-h uttentlon since it was received
Saturday, will ba opened this afternoon
at 5 o'clock by Postmaster General
Hitchcock, and Second Assistant Post
master General Stewart
1 he American-Hawaiian Steamship
Company, which is credited . with hav
ing the larnost fleet of American ahlps
In point of tonnage, said that the ships
It i ow owns,coulrt nut be mide t con
form to the specifications of tha Gov
ernment It does net consider the sub
sidy a sufficient inducement to war
rant the building of new ships for tho
mall scrvlco alone.
According to George S. Dearborn,
president of the ateamehlp company, the
concern has offered the use of its ships
In carrying mall at a price much less
than that which would be received by
a subsidized line. Mr. Dearborn's com
panay has eighteen fourtecn-knot ships,
each with a tonnage of 10,000. They do
a Joint freight and passenger business.
Slxtcen-knot passenger boats to comply
with the Government's requirements
were figured on, but it was decided an
Investment In them would be unprofit
able. Tho counter proposition of the com
pany Is that :t will carry the mails at
a flat rate of 4 cents a pound. This,
so President Dearborn says, would cost
the Government $5,000 a year, as
against a subsldv of S7EO.O0O. Mr. Dear
born has given out a statement In Nov
Yorl: that when the Panama canal Is
opened the fleet of eighteen vessels will
be Increased to thirty, and that al
though tho cargo-carrying ships are two
knots slower than the ones called for
by tho Government the great reduction
In cost of mall transportation would off
set tho difference.
Mr. Dearborn made the text of the
company's offer public In Now York
preparatory to the opening of the propo.
sltlon hero this afternoon.
Is a Constitutional Disease
It originates In Impure blood and
requires constitutional treatment,
acting through and purifying the
blood, for Its radical and permanent
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Hood's Sarsapaiilla
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xeplets or Catarrlets, 60c druggists
or mall.
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