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The Sandman's Stories
NCE upon a time there was a
little, boy named Oscar. He was
deformed, and his two Bisters
with whom he lived were
shamed of him.
".They were very haughty girls, and
3g wnen their father died he, left his
ealth to be divided between the three.
; .children, thinking that the daughters;
wuwaoe Kina 10 uscar.
But no sooner was their father burled
than the staters left Oscar alone, and
they traveled In a foreign country, f t
They left enough money tot keep him
from starving, and Oucar lived alone
with one faithful servant who would j
sot leave him. I
One day Oscar was looking through!
some things that had belonged to his
fAthftr And fnlltlri n .1lr1n1la Innlrlnir frnlrl
v-?ox. It was small, and, on the cover,
.i wu the figure of a dragon. It's ieyes
were of garnets and they seemed to1
,- twinkle as he held UMn his hand.
'v , He opened the box and on the crlm
v t son lining he saw a ring. It Was of dull
.fold color and thejbpdy-of a dragon i
. ' xunnra mo ring, wmie us neaa was
1 the setting, and In the top of It was a
, , n large emerald. The eyes were garnets
v. . like the ones on the outside of the box.
, .Oscar looked with admiration at the
I beautiful stone, and as he looked' Into
f jits depths he seemed to see a strange
country where there were people wear
;"; , Ing turbans draped around their heads
n land robes of white.
Then the scene changed and he saw
m. land where the people wore fur gar
i ments and were ' drawn on sleds by
i J many dogs.
" uscar oecame so interested tnat no'
" forgot all about how unhappy he had
. been. He turned the ring over In hlsj
; , , band and finally slipped it on his finger.
., He felt a queer tingle through hlB body
as ne am tso, ana suddenly he felt
s i strong, and his back began to stralght
? ezL
Oscar jumped up from the floor where
he, sat and found he was tall. He went
to a mirror and looked at himself, and
, Instead of the deformed, sickly boy he
had been he was a handsome youth.
"Oscar looked at tho ring again. "It
must ,bo a magic ring," he said. "I
wonder where It came from?"
"When the servant saw Oscar he was
po amazed that he could not speak for!
la minute, but when Oscar showed him',
the. ring and told him what he had seeni
m 'the wonderful emerald and how lt
had changed his poor, 'deformed body to,
one that ias strong and well, the old
"That ring was given to your father I
4n India," Tie said, "by an old man
wnom lie saved zrom a band of rob
bers. i'We were traveling through the coun-
try, and we took care of him until" Ws
friends came for him. When ho parted
from your father he gave him this ring
(and told him if ever he were In trouble
'to put the ring on the forefinger of his
'left hand, turn his face to the east,
land all his troubles would disappear
and prosperity would follow him the
;Tcbi oi nis iiie." i
, .v .... ...e .. w ...l, ..a... ....-,
laziness of Hens
ft Prevents Their Laying
'Of course the hen Is a loafer, and
3ier Indolence Is Inexcusable. Ask any
one wno ever Kepi or inea to Keep
thickens ana ne win ten you tne same
Ding. Regardless or wnat nis nens
ave cone ror mm in tne egg-iaying
me, he always feels that they might
ve done considerably better had they
realty triea.
The Popltry Assoclatl6n believes that
'Vie 'hens of the "country could do nearly
100 per.cent better. It charges ; that the
average hen lays only 80 eggs a 'year,
but could lay 160 without any particular
trouble or effort This seems plausible.
t Even if her egg output was Increased
to ICO, she would have every other
weekday and all Sundays off, and still
tajoy more extra holidays than the
'average human can ever expect. Chi
cago Record Herald.
.Gone to the Meet; So
He Didn't Need to Eat
A gentleman called at a certain house
In tne country and asked the servant,
who officiated as cook also, if her mas
ter was In.
The cook departed to Inquire of her
mistress and returned, saying, "No, he
ain't In. Missis says he's gone to attcn.
the meet"
" The visitor departed.
Going lntoi the -cooking region soon
afterward the mistress was horrified to
find the charred remains of a leg of
mutton, smelling and smoking away.
"What does this mean, Bridget?" she
4xcl aimed.
"Please, mum," was the confused re
ply, "I 'eard you say master had gone
io attend the meat, an' so I didn't
Jfcother-- about It!" Ideas.
Bather's Shine Habits
Costly to Management
C M. Daniels, the champion swim
mer of the New York Athletic Club, said,
is 'he paced the beach at Coney Island:
, 'The .suhjtct of bathing reminds me
ef a notice I saw posted on the bulletin
board of Dash's bath houses one
AugKBt afternoon last year. The notice
"'Will the party who Is In he habit"
of cleaning his brown shoes on the bath
ins towels please leave the shoes at
'the office before bathing hereafter, as
We would rather clean nis shoes than
jFrash his towels." New York Sun.
1 Now After Safety.
"" Orville Wright, the veteran flyer, said
the other day in Dayton:
T "Our aim is to make fiy'tig safe. The
important thing is not now to produce
Mfoplanes that will go 150 miles an
bour. but to produce aeioplanes that
won't fall down."
Mr. Wright smiled.
."I'm reminded of a flying story," he
went on, "a story about a man who
called at a mplane selling agency and
. " 'My older brother bought a biplane
bere last month. You told htm If any
thing broke you'd supply the missing
'"Yes. Well?' said the manager.
"Well,' said the other, 'mv brother
want you to supply him, right away.
with six new ribs, a left leg half a
.Aosen assorted fingers and a medium-
,Ued Roman nose.' "Exchange.
Send Your Laundry to Conger's,
JH & N. Y. ae., If you want to ba sure of
satisfactory work and prices. Regular col.
Isctiona and delivery In all sections. Tel. W.
4Z7 for wagon to call.
$20,000 production Saul & David, Vir
ginia, 9th, F & G, today.
Romeo and Juliet
$1.00 Skirt House
Skirts tailored from your
own materials, by first-class
ladles' tailor, for G1 AA
Dressss tailored to order
from yur own mate- flje AA
rial Otl.UU
08 ltth Sts Groua Flotr.
and he changed It and turned his face
toward the east.
A sound of distant rumbling was
heard, and the old servant held fast to
Oscars arm; thb house trembled, and
then all was dark.
Suddonly' there was a (lash of light
and Oscar saw In front of him a man
wearing a whlto robe end a turban. He
bowed low before Oscar and hald: "You
are now a prince of India, and thin 1b
your palace. Your faithful Bcrvant be
side vou !s all that remains of your old
life." The man illxappoarcd ns he finish,
cd speaking and Oscar looked about. Ho
was In a gorgeously colored room
dresred In the costume Of a prince. He
vnndcred through the xooras of tho
palaco: each one was more .beautiful
than the other.
Then .ie went Into a garden where
fountains tilaycd m the warm sunlight
and beautiful flowers were growing.
Birds with brilliantly colored plumage
Hew among the'treos. soft jtmlns of
fill THE
music sounded from unseen Instru
ments nni Oscar wondered if he woro
not drearalnx.
The old servant, dreesed In his new
and strange costume, did not look nat
ural, but he kept close to his master,
and Oscar knew he would not leave
One day when Oscar aa riding along
ine roaa auennea dv ms manv serv
ants In their gorgeous trappings v he
saw two ladles nasslnw. They were bis
sisters who had forsaken him.
They gazed In admiration at the
nrlnce and never for o moment. thought
It was their poor little brother.
Oscar took two Dearie from & neck
lace which 'he 'wore and sent them to
his sisters bv one of hi servants.
He never saw them again, rout ho
felt he had treated them better than
they had treated him, and he lived
happily In his palace 'n the lend where
It Is always summer beloved bv nil
who knew him, for ho sought out tho
poor and lonely and helped "them with
his vat wealth.
The ring never left his finger night
or day, and often he gazes Into the
depths of tho emerald and beholds
strange lands and ttrango people, but
he never wishes to leave. Ho has
learned to love the people who havo
become his own.
Tomorrow's story: "Glppy."
Indiana's Method
Of Obtaining Plums
A local politician, recently visiting In
Indiana, remarked to a political friend
that It Beemed very easy to obtain Gov
ernment positions. The Hoosler replied:
"It 1b easy whsn you stick together
like we do In Indiana.
"Why I know one fellow that was up
for a position and had two or three
frler.ds go to Washington for him, and
while at the Capital, one of them wired
back to a friend of his for him to wire
the President, recommending the can
didate. He did so. and on the return
home of the booster, he found a letter
from the friend In the neighboring
county stating. 'I wired the PreMdent
that Lake county was wild for Smith,
but who the hell's Smith?'
"And that's how we Hooslers win."
Louisville Times.
His One Provision.
The committee had called to suggest
government by commlsslon"to-.Nero, and
that eminent ruler listened attentive!)
und united approvingly.
"It looks good to me," he said, "pro
viding, of course, that I am the com
mission." Whereupon tho committee laughed
dipin atmaiiv ana witnarew. ciovo'
land Plain Dealer.
It) AslV o
,BBk C
The New Store's First Reduction Sale
TODAY is a fitting occasion for the announcement of this sale. We have much to be .thankful for
this Thanksgiving Day. We have won success far beyond -our expectations. We thank you
for it. This reduction sale is distinctive from other sales BECAUSE NOTHING BUT
NEW AND HIGH-CLASS APPAREL IS OFFERED YOU. The prices are about half what you would
expect to pay.
Great Values in Stylish Suits
$29.50 Values, $ 6.95
About 200 Suits In this lot And thoy aro tho
smartest models shown this season. In imported
novelty mixtures. Men's wear Serges, Cheviots, etc.
$40 Suits, $25
Suits that are different in style, classy and beau
tifully made. In the most desirable fabrics.
500 Reversible Cloth Coats in tbe handsomest
combinations. It is not regular stock but a lot that
we purchased because the value was too good to
Price, $J5 You save exactly $ JO
G Street's Most Fashionable
Women's Outergarment Store.
Capital Society Fittingly Observes -
Nation's Day for Giving Thanks
Services Well
Attended Yany Promi-'
nent OlLchls Leave City.
Thanksgiving, the great American'
family holiday, Is being fittingly' ob
served today by society In the National
Capital. Services In the churches were
well attended this morning; by prominent
society folk. Tho President and Mrs.
Taft attended the Pan-American cele
bration at Sl Patrick's Catholic Chlrch,
as did many 6f the Cabinet officials and
diplomats. " '
There wlU be a family gathering at
the White House tonight for dinner,
though the family circle will not be
complete, on account of the absence of
the two sons, Robert Taft, now taking a
post-graduate course In law at Harvard,
and. Charlie Taft, a student In his un
cles school at Watertown, Oonn. The
group of young people who are tho v
gVS8t" ? tno Resident and Mrs. Taft
XL1 mitH? a m.erJ?r ?art?r at Unnor, ana
later will probably be Joined by a few
oj hers for Informal dancing in the
East Room, or a visit toone of the.
The Vice President and Mrat Sherman
fo.Wendlnw the holiday at Oielr home
r UJi'cai Y'i. and nt come to
Washington until Saturday or Sunday. I
In the Cabinet circle, some of the of
ficials and their wives and families have
gone out of town for tho day.. including
the Secretory of State and Mrs. Knox,
who are enjoying a family reunion at
their estate at Valley Forge, Pa., and
the Attorney flnnm-nl And wU.
sham, who are visiting their son-ln-'i w
.Miu uuuKiuer, ir. lUHl Mrs, AlDert
Akin, In New York.
The Speaker of the House is one mem
ber of the official circle who Is not
spending the day around his own
hearthstone, having gone to Raleigh,
N. -C., on a speech-making trip. Mrs.
Clark, who Is visiting relatives In Colo
rado Springs, has not returned to Wash
ington, and la not expected for two or
three weeks. Miss Oenevleve Clark,
their schoolgirl daughter, went over to
Phlladelnhla. with a. nartv nt hnnl
friends,'' to attend the Cornell-Pennsylvania
game at Franklin Field.
The' Georgetown-Lehigh game on the
Georgetown Field, will be the attrac
tion In Washington, and will draw the
usual Thanksgiving throng. Many will
go from 'the game to greet tho Thanks-
Svlng Day debutante," who, this year,
Miss Edith Grade, and who Is to bo
presented at a large tea at the homo of
Colonel and Mrs. Oracle.
Some of those who will celebrate the
day by entertaining at dinner are Gen.
and Mrs. 'George L. Gillespie. U. S. A.,
retired. Rear Admiral and Mrs. Brown -son-.
U. , S. N., retired, Miss Amaryllis
Gtllett, who is asking a small company
to meei'jvirs. mattnew x. Hcott, prcsi-
dent general of tho D. A. R., and Dr.
ana Mrs. uuncan MCKlm.
At Friendship, tlfe country place of
Mr. .and Mrs. John R. McLean, a large
company were asked to midday break
fast to meet the brother-in-law and
sister of the latter, the new ambassador
of Russia and MmcOeorge Bakhme
tleff. -
! '
The ninth annual dinner of the Wash
ington Corral, Military Order of tho
CCarahao, will be given Saturday even
ing, December 16, at the New Wlllard.
The "Carabao dinner" has become one
of the events of the winter season,
bringing together from all parts of tho
country representative men of official
life, and of the armtr, navy, Marine
Corps, and, civil life. The committee In
charge of the dinner is composed f
Capt. John J. Knapp. U. 8. N., chair
man: MaJ. Gen C. F. Humphrey, U. S.
A..' retired; MaJ. Gen. W. P. Blddle. U.
S. M. C, Brig. Gen. C. R. Edwards.
U. S. A.: Surg. Gen. C. F. Stokes, U. S.
N.: Capt. Bobert L. Russell. U. S. N.;
Major William E. Horton, U. S. A.;
Paymaster D. M. Addison. II. S. N.:
Major Harrv L. Pettus, U. 8. A.; Capt.
Julian M. Cabell, U. S. A., retired;
CnpK James A. Moss, U. S. A.; Capt.
Reynold 'J. Burt, U. S. A.; Capt. Warren
Dean,' U. S. A.: Capt. Granville R.
Fortfescue, and Dr. Joseph M. Heller.
Will Entertain In
Honor of Debutante.
Lieut. F. B. Wllby. U. 8. A., and Mrs.
Wlby will entertain a party of young
people at dinner tomorrow evening at
their quarters at the Washington Bar
racks preceding the hop, in compliment
to Miss Frances Hodges, the debutant
daughter of Lieut. Col. H. F. Hodges,
U. S. A., and Mrs. Hodges.
Mrs. B. H. Warder entertained at din
ner laBt nltrht In comDllment to Coun-
Vtens Louise de Gontaut-Blron and Miss
The New Store,
yjfiiaiNq. -ypciffl
Who Will Make Debut Today At Par
ents' Home,
Lelshmon, daughters of the Ambassador
to Berlin.
AmougLthe guests were Brig. Gen. and
Mrs. Clarence Edwards, U..S. A.. Capt.
and Mrs. U. S. Grant, 3d, Mr. and 'Mrs.
Edward K. Rowland, of Philadelphia;
the American Minister to Argentina and
Mrs. John W. Garrett, Miss Julia Meyer,
Miss Margaretta Mucveagn, jonn Bar
rett and William Hltt.
Countess de Gontaut-Blron and Miss
Lelshmun are spending a few days at
tho Arlington.
Mr. and Mrs. James Gemmell, of Bris
tol, Tenn., have Issued Invitations to
the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Annie Malnes Gemmell, and Thomas
Highly Morris, of - Tennessee, Tuesday
morning, December 12, In Washington.
The bride-elect Is a niece of Mrs. John
A. Hazelwood with whom she makes
her home. A number of entertainments
havo been planned In her honor.
Mr. Morris cornea of an old. Virginia
family. Immediately after tne cere
mony they, will leave for Knights Keys.
from, wnere tney jrui sail tor
Havana. Cuba, to spend a 'month. "
Mrs. Gemmell will give a dinner party
In honor of her daughter and her
auest, Miss Dorothy Bernard, of To-'
ronto, Oanada. at the New Wlllard on
Saturday evening, December 9.
Rear Admiral Albert S. Barker, U. S.
N., and Mrs. Barker were hosts at din
ner last evening In honor of Mrs. Bar
ker's son-ln-Inw and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin C. Corning, of Albany, N
Y., who are .spending a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. Corning will return1 to
their home tomorrow morning
MIbh Anno Lomax. daughter of Gen.
L. L. Lomax. U. S. A., and Mrs. Lo
max. of 1907. S street, entertained a party
Informally at dinner last evening at her
home In compliment to her house-guest,
Mlsa Elizabeth Cox. of Gettysburg. Pa.,
who Is her guest for a fortnight. After
I the dinner. Miss Lvmax and her guests
auenacu ino nop ui run xayer.
Major Henrv G. Cole. U. S. A., and
Mrs. Cole, of 1910 S street, will be hosts
at a bridge party Monday evening In
compliment to Miss Lomax and Miss
Exquisite Dancing Frocks
They are rich and elegant creations. We made
a fortunate purchase of this stock a few days ago in
New York Street, Evening, or Dinner Dresses, in
Chiffon, Velvet Satin, Crepe Met,eor, etc.
Elsewhere you will pay $25 for dresses like these.
Our Price, $15
Lingerie Waists,. $198
The biggest values in "Waists of the year. The
very latest models.
. . Our Fur Dept
Is a wonderful succeBB. We only sell Fur Coats. If
yqu haven't bought yours yet, come in. You can Bave
from $25 to $50,
1J09 G.St. N. W.
Colonel and Mrs. Gracie In
troduce Diunter to So
ciety i his Afternoon.
Col, and Mrs. Archibald Oracle are
giving a large reception this afternoon
from 4 to 7 o'clock at their residence
on Sixteenth street ,to introduco to so
ciety their debutanto daughter, Miss
,Edlth Gracie.
The "debutante and her mother will be
assisted In receiving by a number of
the, season's buds, Including" Miss Mary
Howry, Miss Dorothy 'Taylor, Miss
Louise Walsh, Miss Estelle' Crane,
Miss Dorothy Brooks, Miss Eleanor
Flllbbrown, Miss Carrie Lee Chamber
lain, MUs Lemlra Glllette-Hlll, ' Miss
Elisabeth McCartney, Miss Elizabeth
Crenshaw, Miss Elizabeth Noycs, and
Miss Marguerite Caperton. t
Miss Margaret dale will preside at
the tea table, and Mrs. Lortmer Graham
will serve punch.. Others assisting , will
be Miss Anna Portner, Miss Mildred
Bacon, and Miss Adallne Culp.
The house will be tastefully decorated
with La Franco roses and asparagus
vines and the many floral tributes seut
to the debutante. ,
Mrs. Oracle will , receive the guests,
wearing a handsome Worth sown of
embroidered pearl-colored chiffon over
paie blue satin, with a corsage bouquet
of violets.
The debutante will wear white satin
veiled in chiffon cloth- and trlmmod
with pearls, and 'diamonds In her hair,
and will carry a shower bouquot pf
lilies of the valley and orchids.
Colonel and Mrs. Grade will entertain
the receiving party f of supper 'and later
a number of young, men will Join tho
, party for Informal dancing.
- -
WUIiarar H. Wagaman and S. A.
Saltsman were hosts at a small dance
I at the Dumbarton Club last -evening.
Chaperoning the party were Mr. and Mrs.
u. Bowaoin uraigniiL Mr. and Mrs.
Richard D. Hunt, and Mr. and Mrs.
Harold O. Godwin.
Among the guests were t Mr. and Mrs.
P. W. Finney. Miss Elaine -Williams,
Mies Bessie Hoover, Miss Josephine
Wagaman, Miss Louise White, Miss
Winifred Ambrose. Miss Marian Elisa
beth Booker, Miss Wilson. Miss Wood-
waru, miss camp, Wilson Heiden Wash
ington, R. Beaman Neale, Wlll.Spurgen,
James Drysdale. John Brooks. James
Earle Hollydav. Tench T. Marre., Ben -
son B. Smith. Archibald King, and
unaiies gcnuitz. '
nmoofcwarb & Xotbrop
A. V.
The enormous variety of the items displayed upon the several floors , select
ed with especial reference to the wants and requirements of -buyers of gifts makes
this the recognized
Everywhere appropriate gift hints greet you, and every-department contributes in some
way to the general holiday aspect of the store. Increased space has been given the departments
containing the many dainty and beautiful articles so much used for gifts, while our great stocks
of personal wear and household use from which selections are often so wisely made were
never in better condition.
Our facilities for the saving of time in shopping are greater than ever before thus enab
ling buyers to select with more ease and accomplish more in a given time than in most estab
lishments. The store will be open until 6 p. m. daily exc. the three last evenings of the Christ
mas Shopping Days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) when we will remain open until 9 p. m.
The wisdom of shopping early is given further significance by the fact that
much of the distinctly gift merchandise comes from countries too far distant
to permit of duplication and in these lines exclusiveness is very evident.
Keep Right
At It
Here Next Week
Miss Ruth' Hitchcock, daughter of
Senator and Mrs. Hitchcock of Ne
braska, wjll be prosantod to society at
an afterr.oon tet Wednesday! Decem
ber 20. Senator Hitchcock and his
family wlfl arrive Ir. Washington next
week, and will tke "possession of tho
apartment at lite H street, which they
have taken for the winter. '
Mrs. Leonard Wood, wife of the Chief
of staff of the Army, will entertain at
luncheon come of the -reason's debu
tantes on Friday, .Decembor 3.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Edward Shoemaker
nnve cards out announcing the mar
riage of their slstei, Miss Maude Jo
fjphlne Shoemaker, to Walter Thomas
Pen tori, which took place today. Mr.
ahd Mrs. Ponton will be nt homo at VA
New Jersey avenu? southeast.
Tho Indoor Outdoor Club, of the
Young Women's Christian Association,
will hold 1U fourth annual Christmas
liiunar in the suvorlatln roi.ms, S.3
Twelfth street, Friday and Salirdy,
December 1 and '2. for the benefit of
Vacation Lodge1 fund.
The marriage of MUs falnnte E. Car
ter,, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Carter, to Howard McKlnloy took place
at noon yesterday at the home of the
brHe parents, 109 Fifth street south
east. The wedding ceremony, which
wsb performed by the Rev. John E.
grlggs, pastor of the Fifth Baptist
Church, was attended by a small party
of relatives and lntlmatn fHonda
Miss Mabel Ellis Dlaved thn wmldinar
music and the house was adorned for
tne occasion in palms and clusters of
wnue roses- ana enrysantnemums.
Tho bride, who was tarnrtA nnrt
given in marriage by her father, wore
nor traveling sun oi navy Diue serge
wun a email niue nat. ana carried a.
shower bouquet of lilies of the valley
and violets.
Miss Maude B. Carter, who was her
sister's only attendant, wore a gown of
nlle green messallne. satin and carried
an armful of Bridesmaid roses'.
William S. MacDonald was best man
for Mr. McKlnley.
An Informal reception followed the
wedding ceremony and later In the day
Mr. and Mrs. McKlnley left Washing-,
ton ror a Nortnern weaaing tup. upon
their return to Washington they will be
at home, after December 16, at 1768 KU
bourne street
About 300 young people attended the
first formal nor of the seasqn at Fort
Mvir last night.
Mrs. Garrard and Mrs. Summemll re
ceived .the guests for the committee
which Included Major John H. Allen
"n'or C. P. Summerall, Capt. ,J. C
aBmhardt, and Capt. J. R. TJndsey.
The ladies' committee Included Mrs.
Johnson. Mrs. "Sherman Miles, and Mrs.
1 victor Foster.
Several informal dinners preceded the
I hop,
We" Are Ready For
Holiday Headquarters.
One way to find employment Is to watch the Help
Wanted columns of The Times each day. If you
do not find the position you want the very first day
you read fhese advertisements, keep at HI Read
them every day. Do this, and sooner or later your
opportunity will arrive. Washington's best employ,
ers use the T !p Wanted columns of The Times be
cause they have found by experience that it pays to
Question Box
Tlraw Inquiry DceartsMatt
Plajttlt ro if there Is a premium m
any of tbe following coin: Penates 4te4
WX UU, UO, MM. a, S-ont stoee dated UK,
aud a l-ont pleoe dated 1W.
T. T. I.
There Is no premium attache to
these coins.
Tlima Inquiry 'Departments
Kindly UU ma what will prevent a eake
from tolling when It ! taken out of the
oven? , ANXIOUS.
If a eake falls when It Is taken out
of the oven there Is either too muoh
flour or too much baking powder used
or it has -been Jarred while In the oven.
Time Inquiry Department: , ' ,
Please answer the following query: ,If I
were up In Maine or New Hampshire' or any
other Northern State and was desirous of
visiting Washington, which expression would
be proper, going down to Washington,' D'. C,
or going up? - I contend that the latter
is proper. Thanklnr you In advance, I am,
Youra reapectfully, D. B.-'R.
Either of these expressions Is ; a' col
loquialism, but the more common ex
pression Is to say going down to Wash
ington, D. C, because . pne . generally
speaks of going down South andvUP
North. .
Times Inquiry Department i
When food is served. In side dlahea. aooh
aa peas, corn, beana, etc., ahonld' they be
eaten out of the dish or pvt'on your pata?
How should liquid, aucb aa cream aadce and
gravies, etc., -that cannot bo eaten with a
fork out of the plate? la It allowable to
pick up a piece; of chicken with the flnrera?
Please give me the correct ue of tho anger
Knwi Youra trill v. II. H. II.
Food should "be eaten Ifrora "tlie 'side
dishes with a -fork. Cream, sauce .and
gravies should bo poured over the food
and eaten aa a -sauce for tbe food. ' It
Is not permissible to pick up a piece
of chicken with the Angers. The finger
bowl Is used to dip the finger .tips, la
after finishing the meal.
, j-
Tlmea Inquiry .Department:
'Kindly tell roe tba difference between
Brazil nuta and butternut, and where the
latter may be found. Oratefuljy yours,
- ' LAURA.
Brazilian nuts are wrinkled andjrf
angular, havlng'a haid shell and a -pure
white kernel, whl-:h,'when fresh, tt firy
agreeable. The butternut Is commonly
known as the white walnut or walnut
It has a hard shell with prominent
ridges, and the kernel Is very dcllilous.
They ne commonly found In North
t -i I
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