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aV. Mornine 'Servicest At Manv
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X -
Special Thanksgiving aorvices were
held fay practically 'all .Washington
churches, tcday. 'Practically all -services
were held (it 11 o'clock a. m
y s Congregational Church,, npoke ;on tho
it and kindred subjects.
il I . woman's surf rase,
Jav" - union Borvlco of nil churches on
4 Capitol Hill was hold at 10:80, o'clock at
CL the Ninth Btrcot Christian Church, Dr.
. V ilV W! RnrnffR. fnf Tnliir1n fnmnrlnt
Hi . -"Z" -'" "--". - -o..-.-. ..w... w.....
A; Methodist Episcopal Church,. Breaching
r uu bbfihuu. A. ' juuiB ticvwhi uuwu
Wlillo favoring
Goodwin opposed
UK ...
mooting was held between 7 and 8
o'clock this morning, nearly 100 persons
.SpecUl. Service.,, .
A apectat Thanksgiving service" Vai
held -at 11 o'clock at the Church of the
Epiphany. . t
At Calvary Mathodlsi , ..Episcopal
Church, an lnformfal upeclal servlco was
held 'at 11 o'clock, by tho ncv. John
T Ensor. , dlvidlntr his time with the
Rev. P. -WV Jeffries.
Alt -SoutlaX Church and lhe Church pi
annual custom. The union services be
, ter held at' thp latter church th8 year,
the, pastor of the visiting churehpreach-
, ed, Dr. U. G. B. Plerceaddres8lnKsthe
congregation on "Tho Spirit of Thanks-
, Blvlng."
A'serraon on Paul's -nords of thank
ftilnws on tho completion of his jour
ney to Rome was delivered at tho Ver
i mont Avenue Christian Church, br the
Rev. Earl Wlltlcy,' Special muslo was
WvledWrttae ThankBglvlnK service,
M 'collection was mado for benevo
lent purposes.
Holy Communion at 7:30 o'clock and
aU'cerroen at 11 o'clock, comprised 'ithe
services at Trinity rrotestant episcopal
Clmrch today. r r. ," '
t Oseeml trid Custom.
Br. B. H. Woodrow dellvcreS a sor
xnom on "Iilberty. Eaualltv and Frater
lty" at the First Congregational
Church, where, In providing for Thanks
flvlB servloesi,tlie cutrtom of forty-six
years was obioryed.'; The chorus choir
provided migto.? &,&& jn
Special music and a sermon by Dr.
adcllfle were features of the special ser
Tlee at the Now York avenue church.
The annual Thanksgiving sorvlco of
lhe Sunday wchool and the children's
vested choir of tho 'Washington dloceso
f the Protestant Episcopal Church, was
fceld yesterday, and today the Individual
hafohos are conducting their own
services. Yesterday's services wore
held In the .Church of the Ascension,
Twelfth street and Massachusetts -avenue
northwest, A prooesslonal, led by
the children's choir of 200 boys and girls,
robed In surplices, opened the services.
Superintendent Dale, of the Sunday
school department. Curate Hale, and tho
Rev. J. Hennlng Nelms, rector of the
Church of the Ascension, had charge.
Woodward & Lothrop
.Distribute Turkeys
1 ' To Married Employes
The practice of giving to each mar
ried employe of the Arm a Thanksgiv
ing turkey, established thirty Or more
years ago.i was again carried out yes
terday by Woodward & Lothrop, when
thousands of pounds of the "national
bird" were distributed In this way.
The best turkeys which Virginia,'' farm
ers could raise -were purchasod by tho
firm. Mr. Woodward and a personal
representative of Mr. Lothrop person
al lv supervised 'tho purchase of the
birds. &
Play By Pupils .
"Unexpected Company" wis tho name
of a play given by pupils Of the Bacred
Heart Academy yesterday,- Tho play
was supplemented by a general Thanks
giving program. Those who took part
In the play were Margaret Braltmayer,
Agnes Daly, Helen Wrcnn, Margaret
Callahan, Katherino West, and Marlon
Johnson. -
v .
Good Cheenand Grateful Acknowledgment of Blessings
Prevail Georgetown and' Lehigh In Football
Contest D. A. R. Unveils Tablet.
From the grateful hearts of tho city's
thousands today Is ascending a rich tide
of good cheer and, thanks, and on this,
tho most American of holidays, savo
Christmas and Independence Day, all
Washington Is more generally observing
Thanksgiving than, any 'year in its en
tiro history.
Commercial Washington, adopting tho
custorit of the 'Federal Govcrnmont, is
giving its' employes,, a rest from labor.'
In fact, more retail establishments ara
locked and barred, It Is contended, than
ever has been scon In the Capital on a
Thanksgiving Day.
Tho Congressional Library Is tho
only Government department which
is not closed. The city Fostof flee, and
a few of the departments which
cannot entirely suspend business,
have small forces of -employes on tho
Job, but these nVimbor ' few. At 2
o'clock' this afternoon, the Library
will open, and will remain open until
10 o'clock tonight.
This Thanksgiving Day is without
a sign of a storm' of snow or rain.
Tho air is Just chilly enough to make
the day Ideal, for tho athletic pro
grams to be carried out.
Qeorgotown moots Lehigh on the
Georgetown FJold this afternoon, at
2 o'clock, when the most Important
gridiron battle of tho day, in Wash
ington, will be fought. The All-star
High School team met tho Vigilant
Athletic Club's toam at the North
Capitol and 1 streets grounds at 11
A patrlotlcA.tlnge.wIU bo given the
day by the Daughters of tho American
Revolution. .Who wlll 'Unveil n tnhlrt
on tho old Tcter-house. 2618-2820 K street
nprthwestXat a o'clock .thla afternoon.
The tablet will set ;forta, the tact that
ucurtD n iwiuauiun,! on-'Jiia '131 viwi
to Washington, .was -guest at .this
house. ? ' v. ."'s '"y ' "
Present iTa'ana! v
FaiftUy eeleBxSte Day-,
Quietly At White House
ThaiJlcjlvrog at 'tlfe ,Whtte;'ousstot
MvnE uniiKQCjuiv.;i.nanKsgnring,,in
r ArijcHean-'-Horiies The President
anrt f.4f ffemllwA.&iiV.fcl l.lrtM am..Iaak
-. . .. .af.atftireMudi uivtIIQ RC1VICCK
returned Jiome-TTor a -turkey dinner, and
in the ovenlng will receive a large num
ber of friends. That Is the whole pro
gram, "except tho fact that Miss Helen
Taft 1b entertaining a house party and
will give a dance and theater party to
night. The President did no work today. At
11 o'clock he went to St. Patrick's
Church for a Pan-American service.
High mass was sung by Cardinal Gib
bons and priests from Washington and
Baltimore. He returned from this ser
vice at one, rode for an hour In his
automobile, and then joined the family
at dinner.
Mrs. Taft, Miss Helen, and the mem
bers of her house part', all of them
Bryn Mawr girls, attended services at
St John's Church.
The Taft family circle was not com
plete today. Neither Robert Taft, tho
young Harvard law studont, nor
cnarile, now In school In Connecticut,
was able to come home this year. No
relatives of cither Mrs. Taft or the
President are gueBts at the White
Dinner was served in the state din
ing room today, and the great thirty
pound Rhode Island turkey, which
came yesterday, held tho place of hon
or at the President's board.
This evening Miss Helen Taft will
give an Informal dance for her guests
in tho East Room. Tho President prob
ably will go to the theater also.
Government Printing
Office Workers Hold
Thanksgiving Fete
Before' going, on their' one-day holiday,
tho hundreds of employes at the Gov
ernment Printing Office yesterday gave
their annual Thanksgiving entertain
ment. The Rev. Hugh T. Btevenson,
pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, made
the principal address, after which Pub-
lio Printer Donnelly made an address of
A musical program, consisting of vio
lin soleotlons and singing by tho Gov
ernment Printing Office chorus, was
glvon. Tho exercises wero held In the
main-hall on the sixth floor of the big
prlntshop. ,
Southern Relief
Society Brings Feasts
.To Twenty Families
i '
At least twenty" families in Washing
ton today will havo real Thanksgiving
feasts through tho efforts of tho pouth
orri Relief Society. Twenty baskets,
containing all the necessities and many
of tho luxuries of tho season, have
been distributed by tho soolety under
the direction of. Mrs. Georgo Covington,
president of the relief committee.
Miss Nannie Randolph Heath, presi
dent of the society, had general .charge
of the collection and distribution of
tho donations. Tho distribution took
place at the Confederate Memorial
Home, 1322 Vormont avonue. The bas
kets woro given to the wives and daugh
ters of Confederato soldiers who arc
In needy circumstances. The baskets
contained chicken, turkey, potatoes,
tea, coffee, rice, sugar, and celery.
A large part of the money with which
tho baskots were purchased was raised
at an cntertalnmont last week, given
by tho members of the Southern Relief
Many Washington
Merchants Close
Stores for Day
Washington business men and mer
chants are observing Thanksgiving
more ' generally today than for years.
A majority of the larger establishments,
as -well as the smaller ones, will be
closed throughout the day, and the em
ployes, as well as the employers, ui
me use of tho holiday In whatever
way they may seo fit.
Through the efforts of the Retail Mer
chants' Association, the general closing
was brought about. In former years
tho stores, or many of them, at least,.
kept open tneir aoors tin noon, taiium
In line with the practice of the Federal
Government, tho many mercantile , es
tablishments have decided to make this
a full holiday.
Among tho members of tho associa
tion who have ordered their stores kept
closed throughout the day are: W. B.
Moses ft 8ons. Hecht & Co., William
Hahn & Co., Brentano's, R. Berberlch's
Sons, tho Bon Marche, the Hub Furni
ture Company, Woodward & Lothrop
the Palais Royal. Iansburgh & Bro.
Julius Garflnkle & Co., M. Phlllpsborn
& Co.. Smoot & Jelleff, B. H. Stlnemetz
& Son Co.. Duiln & Martin, L. J. Lau
man. House & Herrmann, S. Kann,
Sons tt Co., Goldenberg's, and the Fam
ily Shoo Store.
Entertainment Is
Given By Concordia
Mission Workers
The Thanksgiving entertainment of
the Concordia Mission Band, under the
direction of Miss Carrie Nelklrk, was
given last night. The "band" conBlots
of the younger members tot the Sunday
school. Declamations, tlnglnc and a
radloptlcon exhibition by Fronds Tahy
and Kmll Menrel was given.
Prizes Awarded
To Masqueraders
In Arcade Dance
Miss Marie C. Smith and T. E. Tawlvs
last night were nwarded prizes for the
most characteristic costumes worn ut
the Thanksgiving masquerade ur the
Bolvldere Dancing Club at the Arcade.
More than 200 couples attended.
F. Reynolds and Miss Catherlna Mc
Knlght were declared the handsomest
couple present, and F. II. Hltt and MUs
LUlie Mossberg, the most originally
cos umed. Both couples were given
' I ';0 i
. k
Thanksgiving Day Observed
' With UnionServioes In
M. E. Church South. "
Special Thanksgiving sen-tees were
hold at most ot tho churches hero to
oayt and the poor of the city woro
abundantly provided for by the charity
organisations. At the Mothodlst Episco
pal Church, South, union services were
celebrated,, at which a sermon was
preaohed by the Rev Dr. John Lee Alli
son, pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church. The amount realised from tho
collection will bo given to the Alexan
dria Hospital fund, services also were
held at Christ, Grace, and St, Paul's
Protestant, Episcopal churches.
The 8tato corporation commission at
Richmond yesterday granted a charter
to the Maryland-Virginia Railroad
Company, whose principal offices will be
located In this city. It is proposed to
run a railroad through the counties of
Alexandria, Fairfax, and Prince Wil
liam, having terminals at Manassas and
Nauck. but not touching this city. The
pPltl of the company Is placed at
11,000,000 maximum and $100,000 minimum.
It Is optional with the company whether
the lino shall be propelled by electricity
or steam. Tho following are named as
Incorporators, all of Alexandria: Alex
ander Huter, president; Samuel L. Mon
roe, vice president; G. Washington
Lewis, secretary and treasurer, and H.
Nofl garner, cfardner L. Soothe, Rich
ard B, Washington, and J. Randall
Caton. t
Miss May F. Kaus, of this city, and
Charles E. Hawklna. fnrmor ilnnn.
drlan. now residing In ashlngton, were
ijuiciiy nmrnea in mo parsonage or tho
Methodist Episcopal Church South by
,tfce Rev. Xfcfry M.1 Castor, paster, last
ovenlng. '
The police lato yesterday afternoon re
ceived notice to tho effect that tho store
Of Hlbbs A Gibbons', at Manassas, had
been entered tho night before and sev
eral pairs of shoes stolen. This morn
ing they were notified that Phillip Twy
tnan, a one-legged colored man, had
been arrested and the stolen property
reoovered. Tho police state Twyman
was convicted here four years ago for
entering the store of James T. Roche
and given a sentence of four months.
This is the third robbery the Manassas
firm has had tn nlno months.
Convicted of beating F, B. Wells out
of a board bill amounting to $9.26, and
Albert Huff out of $3, James Ramsay,
glass worker, was sentenced to thirty
days in jail in police court .today.
A special meeting of the board of al
dermen for considering the council's ac
tion on tho annexation ordinance, has
been called for Friday night by F. F.
Marbury, president of 'the board.
A daughter was born to Postmaster
ana mrs. J. a. uggoorn uus morning.
Americans In Paris
Dine and Listen to .
Talks By Educators
PARia Nov. 30 The Thanksgiving
eve banquet of the. American Club at
tho Carlton Hotel last night brought
together about 1E0 Americans. Rob
ert Bacon, the American ambassador,
was prevented from attending be
cause of an official dinner which he
was giving In honor of the French
minister " of foreign affairs, M. de
Selves. Jules Claretle, who was also
Invited, was 111, but sent a letter. In
which he spoke warmly of the bonds
of friendship uniting France and the
United States.
Professor William -Davis, of Har
vard. who Is lecturing at the So
bonne. nnd Prof.' Mark C. Baldw
woro among the speakers. Prof.
Davis said he rejoiced that he had
not found tho superficial Paris known
to Borne Americans. On the con
trary he was convinced that tho
healthful, laborious, creative Franco
was the true France.
Prof. Baldwin said that the great
est cause for thanksgiving was
President Taft's Initiative with re
spect to international arbitration,
which. If adopted by tho Bon ate.
would nrove an all-Atlantto agree
ment of throe great nations to pro
vent war.
Furnace Causes Fire. ,
An overheated furnace eausod a flro
Which did 1100 damage to the basement
Of the home, of Mrs. Fannie IS. Miller,
1(77 Rhode Island avenue northwest,
this morning. Tho house is ownod by
L. M. Kelly, of the- Ocll apartment
house. Insurance covers the loss.
Naval Boats Safe.
Advloes haVo been recelvcn .at thel
Navy Department that the collier AJa3
and the naval tug tJncas -with ibargtai
In tow, have, arrived safely itt'ttuan-v
tanamo. Borne 'alarm had beta felt fori
these Vessels, but the Navy Department
was confident no mishap had befallesJ
them. jj
The only Baking Powder
made from i
Royil Grape Cream of Tartar
Saves Butter, Flour, . ,.
Eggs and makes
home baking easy
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. . - ....... .
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HmmmmmV ' Vj V(0
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Jv,: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmbte ' aAmmmwaammKmmml1
If you have been adding to your cost of living by paying
high prices for what you eat, the time to quit is now.
Begin this day to purchase your supplies from one of our
stores where quality groceries are always obtainable at LOWER COST OF LIVING
PRICES, and note the saving. The result will surprise you.
Please Note
The Columbia Tea & Coffee Co.
1505 N. Capitol Street
are new members of
this orgamlzatloii t.
These Prices For Friday and Saturday Only
Diamond "C" Hams, quality unex- 1 flfl J
celled, per lb : .'. . J. 02C
Meeker Self-raising Buckwheat, Calif
per package !Fl
Golden Crown Syrup, delicious with buck-fcl
wheat cakes, per can 5 tl
High Grade Oleomargenne, 1 pound Sf Sjf
prints OC
As a substitute for butter this article has no equal. It is
pure and Is being used In many homes where butter was at one
time considered indispensable.
Choice Michigan Potatoes, 0 ata
per peck $UC
Picnic Shoulders, sweet and juicy, per fa
pound JL mfZ
6 lb. sack 23c
Hecker'. Superlative Hour
Riosa Baking Powder, 1 pound
If quality and price appeal to you this Balcing Powder Is
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ant proof of its merits.
Pure Lard, " g
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New Hominy, ' fgf g
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Pure Strained Honey, CfcaV
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. . fo lb. sack -20C
G,brUl'. P.Upo Hou, )2 ,b sacfc 22c
The increase in the sale of this high grade flour produces
conclusive proof of its superiority.
New York Hand Picked Beans, -ff
per quart JL "V-
'1 can corn,
3 T Quarter !EB1M.rX 25C
League of Consumers' Friends
C. llarbiu, Ninth und F streeU.
George C!a?rett, SUteeuUt and B itreeU.
J. F. Allwlne & Son, M0 TwclfUi itmt
J. M. Annandalo, 129 H street.
J. Krans Si Son, 010 Hit's street.
4. DrayBHBn, Jrn Sixth and A streets.
D. T. BatsoB, 621 SeteiiUi street
J. . DIggle, Seventh nai H streets.
Thomas lladea, 649 O street .
Luther F. Hall, Twelfth and n streets.
Frank Mace, Serenth and F streets.
5. P. PenrsoB, Elgrhtb and O streets.
Columbia Tea & Coffee Co 1605 N. Cap. St.
JL . ltobcrson, Fifth and A streets.
A. G. Schmidt, Four-and-a-hnlf and F ats.
V. J. Mfhelaa, Third and C streets.
E. Cockrlll, 486J6 N street
Thomas Dean, 1826 Four-and'a-hnlf street
J. II. Goodrich, Eighth and F streets.
H. T. Goter, Seventh and C streets.
William A. L. Iluntt 8M FoHr-and-a-half at
tTllIlam H. Lelmbach, Sixth and G streets.
IL E, IT. Schmidt, Eighth and D streets .
W. B. Beslcj, tewlnsTille, Yu.
E. M. Tabb, UynttsTllle, Md.
R. Wilson, Xenllfforth, . C.
S. F. Smith Co Bcrwyn, Md.
C. Rnmmllng, 818 Penna. areane.
V. A. Dodge, Seveith and T streets.
M. Oppenhelmer & Son, 008 Ninth street
0. A. Pendleton, 1MB Ninth street
A. H. Plltt, Sixth and Q streeU.
C V. Sparrow, 806 North Canltol street
IT. S. Brown & Co 1614 Fourteenth street
M. E. Buckley, 1245 24th St
Brlghtwood Market, 5607 Georgia Atc.NVW.
J. It. Stone, 2144 Eighteenth street.
M. Ehrhardt (Florence Market), 1727 21sl st
J. RIebl, Jr Fifth and H streets.
W. 8. Brown & Ce Ills Fonrteenth street
W. T. DbtJs, Fifteenth and P streets.
H. C. Robcrson, Ninth st & S. Carolina are.
B. E. Smith, Sixth nnd D street.
G. E. Bohannon, 35 Fourth street
BrJnkley Bros 1101 Third street
Brinkler Bros 108 M street
F. P. Zuschnltt Second and N streets.
James B, Tune, 260 11th st
Rulnad Si Howes, 14th and A streeU.
Brinkler Bros 923 Fourth street
L. F. Lusby, Eighth nnd. East Capital sts.
B. A. Rollins, Eleventh nnd M streets.
"Free Delivery to Every Section of the City"

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