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Reasons for New- York
Change Applicable Here,
I It Is Said.
Jhnt'thft decision of tne, New York
x-uono service commission to order unl-
Yersal. transfers upon the surface street
railways of that city, comes at a for
. tunate time, and will aselst tho, cam
paign fop transfers upon the street 'car
una of the district, and that the rea
sons 'fdr the order are Just as nllca
ble to 'conditions In the' District as they
ate In New York, are, the opinions to
day of Charles W.-Darr, chairman of
tn citltena' Conference on Universal
Transfers, and .Capt James F. Oyster,
president of the Chamber of Com
merce. , j , v
"The order of the New York commis
sion," Bald Mr. Darr, "comes at a pecu
liarly fortunate .time, for It will dem
onstrate to Congress that If the com
plicated, systems of New York can bo
made to Issue 'universal transfers. It
ought to be a-comparatively, easy mat
ter to arrange In Washington. The
order, too, and the reasons set forth
by Commissioner Cram for Issuing It,
cannot help but attract .the attention of
many members of Congress and impress
them with the example the metropolis
has set for.the Capital."
. ' Oyster's Statement.
Qaptaln Oyster agreed with the state
ments made, by '.Commissioner Cram In
tbetr-vr applicability to I-conditions In
"Washington. "While I .am a corpora
tion, man In the; sense that I believe
orery' corporation- Is Justly entitled to
all reasonably, profits, yet I think tha
transfers here .would 'not work a hard
ship upon, the railway companies.- and
that, .on the other hand, the people are
entitled to-this privilege, .since the rail-way--vconipanica
occupy the public
yhe.ew York .public service commis
sion' yesterday afternoon ordered Us
counsel to draw; an order directing all
.the surface street railways to Issue free
'transfers, so that the people of 'New
'York -can ride from any point In. Man
hattan to any other point upon the pay
ment of one fore. The order will be ef
fective January 1. It will provldo for
the issuance of transfers between all
Branches of tho company to which the
Initial fare Is paid and. also to one other
company and from that company back
go the company which received the. fare.
.There are 1M transfer points.
Reasons for Order.
The reasons given by the commission
tor tho order.. as expressed by Commis
sioner Cram, are as follows and are be
lieved to be exactly the same reasons
for, asking universal transfers In the
r- "Transfers are beneficial to the pub
.'Ho service corporations, the traveling
public, and the municipality.
.Theybeneflt the public service cor
porations, because they Increase their
traffic: this Is shown by the fact that
their receipts were greater when uni
versal transfers existed than the re
eel pte -after .their abolition.
"Ilrst The larger gross receipts were
obtained practically rwlthout" any addi
ctions) eitpenMb to the companies. The
transfer system also leads to a great In
;cieaso In Phort trips, which are more
profitable than long ones, and trans
fers were, .universal when the share
holders operated the companies (before
the receiverships In other words, when
the companies were operated by their
"Second The transfer system Bftves
the public the additional fare, lands
passengers closer to their destination,
-and appeals particularly to women pas
sengers. "Third Ihe municipality benefits In
the increased value of real estate, the
Increase of traffic enhancing the value
of the .abutting property."
Americans In London
Have Turkey Dinner
1 TjONDON, Nov. SO. Americans In
Iiondon today are celebrating Thanks
giving with the usual facilities. The
hotels that cater to the tourist trado
are serrlng special dinners, of which
the "American bird" Is a prominent
feature. Many English families have
entered Into the spirit of the oocaslon
and are giving parties for American
Opea House Is Kept
By German Societies
The German societies In the District
are keeping '"open, houso" Joday for
their members, without formal oxorclses
or, social events, except an oyster roast
at Hermann Fischer's garden, 2308
proast wllf call out a large attendance'
of Germans and their families.
The clubhouses of the Washington
Baengerbund, Arlon Qcsang Vereln, and
Columbia Turnvercln wllf be open all
day, and Informal gatherings of mem
bers and their families will be In order.
The dances held by the Baengerbund
and the Turnvercln last night were the
annual Thanksgiving celebrations of
these organisations.
The danco of the Turnvereln In' the
Turn Halle, MS M street, was attended
by 200 couples. The dance order con
tained twenty numbers.
The Baengerbund dance brought out a
big' attendance In-' the ballroom of the
clubhouse at ,& O. street northwest.
The special ball committee received
many compliments on the Success of the
partyt "
Pedestrians Soon to
End 8,000-Mile Walk
walk of 8,000 miles will' be finished by
Mrs. Stella Woolf and. her husband,
Dwlght H.. Woolf, when they arrive at
their home In1 Kansas City, Kan., today.
The trip started at Ban Antonio, Tex.,
more than thirteen months ago. The
couple went first to Atlanta, and then
to New York, where they. turned their
steps toward home. 'Previously they
made two other walking tours, and have
covered a, total of 10,300 miles on foot.
.When you get into a rut, walk4 out,"
said Woolf today, as he explained that
he took up walking; In order to get the
outdoor life which' his physician two
years ago said he must have. At that
time Woolf was ,' music i dealer. His
neaun was poor, and the doctor told
him he would have to -get out in tho
open or die.
"Let's walk," suggested his wife, "for
rm going; along."
With them 'went the family pets, a
faithful pony, which has drawn a cart
containing their baggage, and a dog.
Alberta Legislature
Begins Winter Session
r ' i
EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 80. The
legislative assembly nf Athnrti nmn
opened this. afternoon by the lieutenant'
rnvumnr. itu. awa.. k,iH ...-,... ...
the customary ceremonies. Tho session
promises to be one of more than ordl-
nn.rv Imnnr4anA mi i.ii.. ...
d i '?lslatlvo program will be
- ?luo,n' policy or nortnern
railway development The plan pro
poses to provide to the fullest extent
resources of tho northern country.
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Fallen Arch
We are qualified to exactly cor
rect Arch Defects. Onr Improved
Metal Arch Support permanently
adjusts all arch Irregularities with
out indefinite treatment. Price 92.
Consultation Free
1214 F St. N. W.
(Ladles' Maid in Attendance)
Oahu Rapidly Being Con
verted Into Great Strong
hold By Uncle Sam.
According to the annual report of, Qov.
W. F., Frear, of Hawaii, to the Secre
tary of the Interior, which la made pub
lic today, 'rapid progress Is being made
In converting the island of Oahu, on
which Honolulu Is situated, 'Into a great
stronghold -for the protection of Amer
ican interests In the Pacific.
Governor Frear says that at Pearl
Harbor' the work under-the Navy De
partment has proceeded rapidly, Includ
ing extensive dredging and the con
struction of a huge drydock. The
dredging is expected to be completed at
the .end of the present calendar year.
Governor FrearV report says that
much progress was made In the 'year In
the construction of fortifications on the
leeward. side of the Island of Oahu for
the protection of '.Honolulu and Pearl
Harbor. A military- survey of tho Is
land, largely topographical, ls'nearlng
completion. Tho forces stationed at the
various forts and posts have been, add
ed to considerably In the course of the
year. Moreover, steps have been taken
to strengthen the National Guard. of the
Hawaiian islands. ,
One of the subjects engaging much
attention in the Islands, is leprosy, by
reason, of the location of the Jcper set
tlement at Molokai. That the life of
the lepers at this beautiful settlement is
not all monotony- Is' Indicated by the
report. He says at the close of the
year there were 692 lepers there. They
have organised almost a complete com
munity, with baseball grounds, debating
clubs, churches, race track, two bands,
moving-picture theater, and the like.
Highly Important work Is being done
In the study of the bacillus of leprosy
Several new lines of investigation have
been started.
Valuable work has Seen done In the
campaign against the rat to prevent
spread of plague.
Governor Frear goes Into many de
tails of conditions 'and affairs In the
islands. Ho says the last year, like the
three preceding it, has been one of great
prosperity. He Bays that crops nave
been large and prices good; new Indus
tries have been begun and old ones
extended; transportation and communi
cation facilities have been increased by
additional vessols, by railway, street
railway, and road construction, and by
Improvements In wireless and telephone
systems; thoro has been much-building.
All Ships of 'Navy1' to Be
Equipped and More Army
Machines Bought.
While" France, Germany, and Bns
land are far In advance of the United
States In regard to aerial "fleets, officials
of tho navy and Army- entertain high
hopes that by next Thanksgiving Day
this country will bo far In tho load of
other nations. ' -
It is tho belief of Ce.pt. Washington
I. Chambers, commanding officer of the
navy uviatlon s:hool, that within a
vear nearly, every chip in the tyivy will
be provided with a hydro-aeroplane.
Biplane are being built by u well
known company tint r.inbe flown frm
off t-ic deck of a poworful battleship.
This Is considered cxtremqly Important
for the slmnle. reason' that If u fleet
1 Is provided with aeroplanes they, can be
I rropeny wnrin-ja -as o. wio location or
the enemy's ships by having , tho
biplanes make scouting trips about the
j waters occupied and controlled by other
; ships. .
It Is more than probable that before
I the, preennt. fiscal- year ends, there will
I be at lCHut lifteen.arroplanrts ,ln thu
I army strvlce, too. As soon 'f s tlio
j Wor repartment can supply tha. army
aviation school -with' officers they will
oe taugnt 10 ny ana aaaiuonai ma
chines purchased.
The Signal Cbrp has enough, money
on huiid out of the last Congressional
appropriation to purchae at least ton
more machines, wnloh. with the present
(lent, would give the 'army a total of fif
teen. Four of the army's biplanes are
now at Augusta and one at Kan An
tonio, Tex., where It has been since
tho outbreak in MuMco.
Italy May Abandon
The "Triple Alliance"
VIENNA.. Nov. 30.-A, special to tne
itelchapost from Rome states that the
French ambassador' has suggested that
Italy leave the Triple Alliance, com
posed of Germany, Austria, and Italy,
and join the English-French-Russian
entente. According to the Relchspost
correspondent, tho suggestion has .boon
favorably received. . Italy Is known to
have been dissatisfied with Its partner-'
ship for some time.
Judge Befriends Girl
Who Broke Parole to Wed
, .
4 PATBRBON, N. J., Nov. 80inWiien
Recorder Carroll called the name of
Margaret Rorlety. nineteen years old,
and asked what she had been doing, the
young woman replied, ''getting marJ
rieo." -wnai7" asked the -Recorder,
"Do they lock up people for'tKat?"
The young woman exDlalned-thafslii
had. been an Inmate of the State Home
for Girls for ten, months, and that a
short time ago she had boon paroled
to take, a place as maid with a physi
cian. Last Sunday she was .married to
Jacob Button, of No. 222 Twelfth ave
nue, this city. She leff her place when
she became a bride,. nad .her employer
informed the State Home authorities
that she had broken her parole. Proba
tion Officer Mahoney arrested her. Last
night he sent her to'acell, and she
remained there all, night , despite the
Pleadings of her.youn . husband jind his
offer to furnish eourltyA ' . ;
The recorder told- the-tbrlde.and .her
husband that hesdbubted .the legakxlght
of the State to miKe'ihe'aaTest.-bUtlSdi
Vised the couple itotaccompany.,the pro
bation officer to 'the Sta'te.Homerahdex
claln matters. - ' ;.-.'"'
Former Ambassador Vm
Heads Oil Conipafty
MJCXICO CrTT. Nov. k-rriiitJuLtri
Creel, formerly minister of 'forefgnixcV
latlons .and Mexican .ambassador; .In
Washington, has been elected Dresldeh(
of the Agulla OH Company, which, 'Is
tho holder of the Mexican oil conces
stons owned .by Lord 'Cowdrav: - .
Dr. C. W. Hayes, formerly,. govern
ment oil expert In Washington,"' 'first
vice president In charge of the explora
tion neia' wora,iana xnomas J. uyoer,
a seoondj-cpresentatlve of the'eompany,
deny unqualifiedly that any neo-ia..
are pending for the transfer of Lord
Cowdray's'ol! interests to the Standard
There Is no possibility of the passage
of the bill Introduced In Congress. to
renderoU concessions subject to the
same regulations as those which gov
ern mining. Dr. Hayes and Mr. Ryder
contend that sueh regulations wOold be
a 'nertous ' hindrance to industry and
development. A law Imposing an export
tax on oil probably will be enacted.
No concessions, granted to Lord Cow
dray or to other developers of oil, field
by the former administration are to be
Dies AfteFFafi
Into Hot Syrup
BALTIMORE. Nov. . 30. Sufferlnr
J agony for thirty hours, Hugh'Embrey,
runy here, who fell In a vat of boiling
syrup,, died this mornlnfr. The man was
horribly "scalded, skin falling from his
body in large strips.
V -
Battle With Snow ,
' Fatal to Teachcr
BPOONHfc. Wls.,rov. 30,-After bat
tysgAher , way1 through snow drifts In
sero (Weather, for two and one-half
miles, Jennl? Dieroslers, n seventeen-year-old
school teacher, reached the
home of Ernest Johnson, near Barron
nett, but fell'dead from Exhaustion soon
after she entered the door.
The girl -'had. started to , walk from
her Doaramg nouso'to tne scnooi nouse,
.1 '
Saving In VarioUfcv Bureaus
In East Year Noted
' By Mr., Meyer.,.
. ' ? ;
. v.
i In dlscusslnk the economies 'effected
JVithe administration of the NavyVDe
pirtment In aha last year, Secretary
r'XisaVtn'giof,,Ji6,000 during tlieilast
,yar,runder;the;Bureau of ConstrQtlon
and Repair, haw -been made, .in th,o cost
of' docking .vessels", at navy yards. This
isa reduction of 0 per cent.
'fiubs'U'tutes'for linseed oil, etc.,, have
lng,vof.(.abouttO,000 a year. By manu-
Tanlliilnor.nrtlnlpB at. vortln .tuhcrrt it hn'
bccuifaundfliaycan be madu cheapest,
large savings' have been in 'i,'Vi. n
'statvceithe'ctnt.of standard mess tables
t'tnv' reduced from JM'af ne navy
:yafti;tcT$ltM.--' . - ,-' f
v ".By' purchasing lenp' at -Manila, tho
department saves fto a ton, or about
lio.ppo 'annually. " ' ":
.i VTIio,Burpau of ,Stean Engineering
renortsthe deDaartmont is now mntn-
.tainfng'a fleet. 20 per' cent larger than!
tnat ot.two'yearBago.'swiiniiBn appro
priation .for thtv bureouof OO.OOQ.Iess.
'TheBureau of ' Ordnance reports a
reduction of almost 10 cents a pound in
the cost of manufacturing powder, a
million pounds of which were made
last year." , .. .
Will King aTGdrfg t '
Halt Eloping Girls
POUGHKEEPSIE. .N. T.'. NOv. .30.
Emulating thfe; example of. the nian who
locked the .stable-door after .his" horse
had been stolen, the superintendent-at 1
the Glen Eden pemlnary. In .Hyde Park;
iuuui . nun- cs))ieu a, nigai -wiuiuiuu
who Is' to be-found on a gong and, shout
at the top. pf hia,volco'tho-' next. time' a
pupil. tries to climb tout of 'a window to
get .married.. , ,
This is because Miss Mae Zimmerman,
a student. at the Instltutipn eloped .Thurs
day night by way of a. dormitory win
dow twenty- feet .from the: ground. She
wastrasststed 'by several .of her class
mates, who- lowered h'er by, a rope made
of bedspreads. , rOn tho lawn she was
received by -GeorgoH. Maines, to whom
she was married, an hour, later. ..'
Your' Catarrhal
By KEE Ssunlf
v Just, a little Kondon's purest Catarrh
Telly, muffed into, the. nostrils relieves
soothes; and -heaU the affected' membrane,
whlch raw- r, inaimed, . brings on'catarrBa
beadachcr-! ,!v . -, ' - '
D net alMln thli aroeMtic. uthnde cmM as
tlcMint.'arnt.'ol mjtn toodr far ride 4sacM
PKuntfinn. Vbics imcne tht'U a( btu.
Ask your Dragglst
" -, WW -..,.
Write uto4-r lot (reeMm
ple or, a 2ic or-jOc 1-m.r.
uiktrr tube Ce-ula-,B-i,
WiMml 'rptv'anl'li oil'
stewlaa. ttfiF".
MKEsEtk :
si--WsasiiM-------5-l w
Tih mrr j
1 1:1,1 I 1 J I III 1 t 1M1 1 111 llf
a nrfrfrirnVi "Ji
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