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Shorter Tfiis Afternoon ,
and Tonight Friday Fair,
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iSiafc; CUNARD OFFICIALS 4 s.rrjr.'if ; "
lSf:IS Wncr'l' CTTDnAnC ? tr vy rrj&.jojM jama a
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Committee Takes Sergeant-at-Arms to New
York to Make Arrests, If Necessary, to
Obtain Testimony.
Armed with subpoenas which practically enable the United States
Government to place every officer of of the Titanic, of the White Star
Steamship Company, on the steamship Carpathla under arrest, a sub
committee of tho Commerce Committee of the Senate will leave "Wash
ington for New York city this afternoon.
3. Bruco Ismay and the officers whom the Government means to
interrogate will be held by force, If necessary, and they will be com
pelled to tell everything they know about tho Blnklng of tho giant steam
ship Titanic.
In order that the subcommittee may be in a position to enforce its
demands, It Is taking tho Sergeant-at-armB of the Senate along with the
party. Police officers will also bo on hand to see to It that the au
thority of the committee and of the United States is recognized.
This extraordinary action by the Pres
ident and the subcommittee of the Sen
ate was taken us the result of a re-
Passes toPier Issued to Relatives of Those on
Board Rescue Ship, and Ward in Hos
pital Made Ready for Sufferers.
NEW YORK, April 18 With every wireless station along the coast
trying frantically to get Information from the rescue ship Carpathla,
radio-communication conditions were at their worst and messages were
sent and received with the utmost difficulty. In addition to the enor
mous pressure of business, weather conditions were bad.
After hours of unavailing efforts by the scout cruisers Salem and
Chester to obtain information from the Carpathla, they were prepared
to give up in despair. At 11:30 o'clock an arrangement was made to
eliminate the many land stations that were interfering with communica
tion. The Government ordered all land stations not to attempt to talk
to the Carpathla or the Salem, but to relay messages from the Chester.
At the same time the Marconi and United Wireless Companies or
dered all distant stations to keep out of the field of communication. The
stations at Wellfleet, Saugaponcck, Slasconset, and Sea Gate were given
orders to pick up the Carpathla as she came within easy communica
tion radius. All othor stations were ordered to keep out.
port that the Whit eStar officials of tho
Titanic who were saved, which Includes
Mr. Ismay, had planned to return at
once to England, fearing the wrath of
the people and tho probe of tho Sen
r( einvestlgators.
The President was informed that a
steamship In the Whlto Star service Is
belnj; held In readiness to sail the mo
ment the Carpathla arrives with the of
ficers of the Titanic.
In addition to taking alonr the sub
prnas for Mr. Ismay and the officers
of the Titanic, the subcommittee haa
snt a notice to the headquarters of the
White Star Company that the United
States expects the company to hold
these men for the investigators.
Will Use Revenoe Cutter.
The President ordered the Secretary
of the Treasury to aid the investigating
committee In reaching and boarding the
Carpathla. A revenue cutter will be
used for transporting tho Senators and
customs officers will accompany them
to see they aer permitted to board tho
The President and the subcommittee
of the Senate evldentlv have very llttlo
hope that the White Star officials Hill
(Continued on Third Page.)
The first direct communication be-,
tween the Carpathla and New York was
shortly aftor 11 o'clock, when the Mar
coni offlco picked up messages ex
changed between the George Washing
ton and the Carpathla. Up to that time
wireless operators had been calling the
rescue ship repeatedly without getting
an answer. The Washington ascer
tained that the captain of the Carpathla
expected to have her at her dock "some
time tonight."
Thomas J Stead, assistant to tho
president of the Cunard lino, announced
that the speedy Mauretanla would prob
ably overtake the Carpathla in Now
Vork bay. Chairman Uooth, of the Cu
nard line, Is aboard the Mauretanla,
and he has promised to get all the in
formation from Captain Hostron possi
ble and flash It ashore.
There was a tremendous demand for
parses from the Cunf.rd line today, but
only a fraction of those seek'nvj ad
mission to the Cunard pier could be
accommodated Scores who sought
passports wer out-of-town persona
who had relatives or friends upon the
Titanic In some cases the visitors
had no further ground for hope than
the forlorn assumption that their rela
tives might have been picked up by tho
Carpathla and their names misspelled
In wireless messages.
Passes Issued.
Tho Cunard line had Issued passes to
t.200 persons up to l o'clock this morn
ing while Superintendent Henry, of the
port, had Issued passes for the admis
sion of 3,000 other persons. No pho
tographers were allowed.
Titanic Burvlvors today had placed
at their disposal tho free and exclu
sive use of a ward In St. Luke Hos
pital, accommodating lxty. With this
offer goes ambulance and medical serv
ice at tho pier when thfe Carpathla
lands This offer was made to- Vice
President Franklin, of the Internation
al Mercantile Marine Company, by Mrs
W. A Bastldo. wife of Dr W A Bas
tldo, of 67 West Fifty-eighth Street
and was thankfully accepted by Mr
Report Says Roats Were Being Loaded When Great Steamer Went
Down, and That Many Were Drawn Beneath the Surface.
Carpathia Hampered By Heavy Winds and Fogs, and
Is Proceeding Slowly to New York.
BRANT ROCK, Mass., April 18. That some of the lifeboats being used to rescue
passengers of the Titanic went down with the the liner was the thrilling story told by a
wireless dispatch sent from the Carpathia today and intercepted at the station here.
This message indicated that three officers of the White Star liner were communi
cating to their office in New York city the details of the disaster.
The message stated that the passengers were being taken off when the great boat
went down. Some of the boats, trapped in the suction caused by the sinking of the liner,
were overwhelmed and dragged to the bottom of the Atlantic, making it impossible to
succor even all of those who might have been accommodated by the lifeboats on the vessel.
The message read: . ,
"Passengers were beiqg removed when the Titanic sank.
"Many lifeboats went down with the wrecked steamer. It was impossible to re
move all of those on board in time. There was no other ship in sight."
To this message, which was sent from the Carpathia shortly before noon, was
added this additional information about that vessel:
"Heavy wind and fogs. Proceeding slowly."
NEW YORK, April 18. Vice President P. A. S. Franklin, of the White Star lino,
announced this afternoon that the Carpathia, carrying the survivors of the ill-fated Ti
tanic, would dock between 10 and 11 o'clock tonight. According to the latest informa
tion received at the White Star offices, he figured the Carpathia should reach Sandy
Hook about 8 o'clock.
Asked whether he had received messages from President Ismay, who is aboard
the Carpathia, he replied such as had come were all of a personal nature.

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