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Report of Senate Committee
Urges Radical Reforms in
Navigation Laws.
(Continued from First Page.)
tanfc had struck, but who yet failed
to go to the rescue, came In for much
condemnation. Senator Smith declared
Lord has a "tremendous responsibility"
Placed on him which It would be diffi
cult for him to escape.
Praise for Wireless Men.
Tor the gallant operators of the wire
less, for Captain Rostron, of the Car
pathla, Senator Smith had the highest
praise. He spoke In especially warm
terms of the conduct of Operator Phil
lips, of the Titanic, who paused In the
chaos about him long enough to give
a cup of water to a fainting woman.
, On the White Star line, for sending
this magnificent ship to sea with an un
trained and undisciplined crew, a crew
that did not know what to do when
the- JrIIs came, the Michigan Senator
placed a heavy load of responsibility.
He called for such regulation of the
' wireless as would "clear the sea of lta
conflicting Idioms." Ho reflected on the
White Star Company sharply for the
manner In which .false and misleading
information about the disaster was
given to the public on the tragic Mon
day following the sinking.
In striking fashion, Senator Smith
thus emphasized the lack of discipline,
the unpreparedness of tho Titanic and
her-crew for the terrible situation that
followed on the crash Into the Iceberg:
At 10 o'clock on that fateful Sunday
evening this latest marltlmo creation
was cutting Its first pathway through
the North Atlantic Ocean with scarcely
a ripple to retard Its progress.
Assurance of Strength.
"From the builders' hands she was
plilnged straightway to her fate, and
christening salvos acclaimed at once
her birth and death. Builders of re
nown had launched her on tho billows
with confident assurance of her strength,
'while every port rang with praalse for
Uielr achievement; shipbuilding to them
was both a science and a religion; par
ent ships and sister ships had easily
withstood the waves, while the mark
of their hammer was all that was need
ed to give assurance of the high quality
of the work.
"In the construction of the Titanic no
limit of cost circumscribed their en
deavor, and when this vessel took Its
place at tho head of the line every mod
ern improvement In shipbuilding was
supposed to havo been realized; so con
fident were they that both owner and
builder were eager to go upon the trial
trip; no sufficient tests were made of
boilers or bulkheads or gearing or
equipment, and no life-saving or sig
nal devices were reviewed; .officers and
crew were strangers to one another and
Passengers to both: neither was fa
miliar with the vessel or Its lmplements-f
or tools; no arm or station practice
or helpful discipline disturbed the tran
quility of that voyage, and when tho
crisis came a state of absolute unpre
paredness stupefied both passengers and
crew, and In their despair the ship went
- down, carrying as needless a sacrifice
Of. noble women and brave men as ever
clustered about the judgment seat In any
single moment of passing time." (
For the British board of trade and Its
outworn and inadequate regulations,
Senator Smith had this to say:
"We shall leave to the 'honest Judg
ment of England Its painstaking chas
tisement of the British board of trade,
to whosi laxity of regulation and hasty
Inspection the world Is largely Indebted
for this awful fatality. Of contributing
causes there were very many. In tho
face of warning signals, speed was in
creased and messages of danger seemed
to stimulate her to action rather than
to persuade her to fear."
And In the same connection, he made
this observation:
"The lessons of this hour are. Indeed,
fruitless and Its precepts lll-concelved
If rules of action do not follow hard
upon the day of reckoning. Obsolete
and antiquated shipping laws should no
longer encumber the parliamentary rec
ords of any government, and overripe
administrative boards should be pruned
of dead branches and less sterile pre
cepts taught and applied."
Wants Adequate Legislation.
Calling for adequate legislation that
Would prevent such losses as this, Sen
ator Smith said:
"Regulation of steamship transportation
Is as necessary as regulation of railroad
transportation and less difficult to ob
tain. Transportation by rail Is con
ducted through settled localities, where
many residents would quickly discover
and Immediately report any irregulari
ties or disregard of safety requirements,
while by water it Is conducted beyond
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the criticism of any except the actual
passengers on the ship, making It all
the more necessary for definite regula
tions. "Lanes of travel must be more care
fully defined, strength of bow more posi
tive and watertight subdivision to limit
submergence, life-saving equipment bet
ter and numerous enough for all, dis
cipline and practice a rudimentary ex
action, eye more keen and ear alert to
catch the warning cry, as on British
battleships as woll as on our own, pow
erful lights should bo provldeMor mer
chant vowels to search out hte par
tially submerged derelict; buoys should
be carried by every ship to mark tem
porarily tho place of tho ship's burial
In case of accident; and men of strength
and spirit there must be, won back to
a calling already demoralized and de
cadent. "But 10 per cent of tho men before
the mast In our merchant marine are
natives or naturalized Americans; even
England, that, twenty years ago had
barely 7,000 orientals on her merchant
ships,- now carries over 70,000 of that
alien race. Americans must re-enlist In
tms service, they must become the sol
diers of the sea, and, whether on look
out, on deck, or at the wheel, whether
able or common seamen, they should be
better paid for their labor and more
highly honored In their calling; their
rights must be respected, and their work
carefully performed; harsh and severe
restraining statutes must be repealed,
and a new dignity given this Important
field of labor."
Committee Not Biased.
Senator Smith In his ODpnlncr rpmrlrn
told of the work of tho subcommittee.
Ho said the committee had been guided
soieiy by public Interest, "without bias,
prejudice, sensationalism, or slander of
tho living or dead."
"Energy Is often moro desirable than
learning," he said, "and tho Inquisition
serves a useful purpose to the state."
He recounted the story of the warn-
InfiTft thA Tltonln linri ranAhrA 9 .1...
presence of Icebergs. Yet high speqd
" iiiuwumiieu us me vessel rusnea on
to her doom.
Warnings Are Ignored.
Of warnings of danger and the In
difference to the warnings of Captain
Smith, Senator Smith said:
"At npon on that fatal Sunday tho
steamship Baltic warned her of ic
within five mlloa of her track and near
the place whore the accident occurred;
M 5 o'clock In the uftei'noon and again,
an hour before ho ncrident, when but
A... 4(Ib nwn.r .tin a A.. nnl.ln Pnll
m vvr ..i.io . ... . b,,- o.ua.(oui vail
fornlnn lgnaled tho Titanic to beware
of dunor, which her operator curtly
Pcknowledged; the same ovenlng tho
Titanic transmitted to the Hydrographlc
Office In Washington a message from
the Bteainnhlp Amerlka. saying sho had
fiassea -two large lcenergs1 near tnu
ruck of the Ill-fated ship. In the fai-j
of thee warnings, eaeh revolution of
her engines marked at the moment of
th ollMon her highest speed of
twenty-four and one-half miles ner
Praises Captain Rostron.
Telling In detail of the failure of Cap
tain Lord, of the California, to give
aid, and commending In high terms the
conduct of Captain Rostron, of the Car
pathla. Senator Smith said:
"Why did the Callfornian display Its
Morse signal lamp from the moment of
the collision continuously for nearly
two hours If they saw nothing? And
the signals which were visible to Mr.
Olll at 13:30 and afterward, and which
were also Been by the captain and offi
cer of the watch, should have excited
more solicitude than was displayed by
the officers of that vessel, and tho fail
ure of Captain Lord to arouse the wire
less operator on his ship, who could
have easily ascertained the name of the
vessel In distress nna reacnea ner in
time to avert loss of life, places a tre
mendous responsibility upon this officer
from which it will be difficult for him
to escape. Had he been as vigilant
in the movement of his vessel as ho
was active In displaying his own signal
lamp, there is a very strong probability
that every human life that was sacri
ficed through this disaster could have
been saved. The dictates of humanity
should have prompted vigilance .under
such condltons.
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Drastic Revision of Navigation Laws Chief Feature of In-
vestigation by Senate Committee Ismay Not Blam
ed, But Officers of the CJalifornian Are Scored.
Bitter condemnation of the officers of
the liner Callfornian for their failure to
rush to the asslstanco of the Titanic,
recommendations for drastic revision of
the navigation laws, and Btrlct regula
tion of radio-telegraphy, was the lesson
In the Titanic disaster as summed up
today In the report of the special Sen
ate Investigating committee. Senator
Smith introduced the report In the Sen
ate today.
The report is a Blxty-two page print
ed document The report has already
leaked out as to many of its features.
Ismay Not Criticised.
In spite of forecasts to the contrary tho
report does not criticise J. Bruce Is
may. It does not. In fact, go Into tho
question of his conduct. Tho story of
tho warnings of Ice, failure to regard
them, and the fact speed of at least
twenty-one knots was kept up Is told.
The report analyzes the testimony in
detail, and says this testimony shows
the five forward compartments were
flooded Immediately; that "the sup
posedly water-tight compartments were
not water-tight, and the sinking of tho
vessel followed."
Tho committee finds no- general alarm
was given the passengers.
Captain Lord, of tho Callfornian, is
severely criticised for not going to the
rescue of tho vessel. The responsibility
of this officer Is discussed at length.
The Callfornian Is clearly regarded by
tho committee as the "phantom" ship
of which so much has been said.
The Inadequacy of tho number of life
boats, tho failure to fill them, the lack
of system In loading tho boats, are em
phasized. The committee believes many
lives could have been saved naa tne
boats been filled, after reaching the
water, and had some of tho boats been
sent back to the scene of the wreck
In response to the cries of distress.
High praise is given Captain Rostron,
of the Carpathla, for his conduct In
going to the rescue of the Titanic, and
the preparations ho made.
Bodies Carried Away.
The fact bodies wero not visible Mon
day morning about the wreck, the com
mittee says, can be accounted lor only
on the theory that those who went
down did not Hbo or were carried away
or hidden by the Ice floe, while some
were carried away by currents.
Fcr the withholding of Information,
the committee Is sharp In criticism. It
does not fix responsibility for the famous
Hurtles teleeram. It criticises the wire
less operator on the Carpathla for not
handling his work properly after the
Tho recommendations of the commit
tee are as follows
"The committee finds that this acci
dent clearly Indicates the necessity of
anamonai legislation to secure sarety
of life at sea.
"By statute the United States accepts
reciprocally tne inspection certificates
of foreign countries having Inspection
taws approximating those of the United
States. Unless there Is early revision
of inspection laws of foreign countries
along the llneB laid down hereinafter,
the committee deems It proper that
such reciprocal arrangements bo termi
nated, and that no vessel shall be
licensed to carry passengers from ports
of the United States until all regula
tions and requirements of tho laws of
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"The committee recommends that sec
tions 41 and 44S8, Revised Statutes, bu
so amended as to definitely require suf
ficient lifeboats to accommodato every
passenger and every member of tho
"The committee recommends the as
signment of passengers and crew to life
boats beforo sailing.
Searchlights Aro Urged. ,
"The committee recommends that
every ocean steamship carrying 100 or
more passengers bo required to carry
two eleetrlo seachllghts.
"The committee finds that this catas
trophe makes glaringly apparent the
necessity for regulation of radloteleg
raphy. There must be an operator on
duty ' all times, day and night, to in
sure the Immediate receipt of all dis
tress, warning, or other Important calls.
There must bo definite legislation to
provent Interference by amateurs and
to secure secrecy of radiograms or wire
less messages.
"Tho committee recommends that the
firing of rockets or candles on the high
seas for any other purpose than as a
signal of distress be made a misde
meanor. "Tho committee recommends that all
steel ocean and coastwise seagoing ships
carrying 100 or more passengers should
have a watertight skin inboard of the
outside plating."
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Policeman Wheelock, of the Third pre
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the exclusive residential neighborhood.
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personal bond.
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partment today stato that a band of
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There are no disturbances in the No-
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provides for tho reclamation of the Ana
to the effect that the plan of assessing
against the sections of tho District ly
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The action o? the association Is In
lino with the attitude taken toward the
bill by tho other civic bodies of the city
to the effect thtat the plan of assessing
only a part of the District for the pro
ject would be unfair In that all parts of
the city would accrue benefits from the
reclamation of the flats.
Discussion of the bill occupied tho
greater part of the meeting, the differ
ent speakers on the subject all declar
ing that the entire District should be
called on to defray the expense In
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claimed. Resolutions were adopted
seeking an amendment ta the bill, which
would provide for a general assessment
to defray the cost of reclamation .In
stead of making the assessment sec
tional. Copies of the resolutions wero
ordered Bent to the chairmen 6f tho
Senate and House District Committees
and to the District Commissioner.
Matters relating to the improvement
of streets and the street car service of
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