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'''!' I I
SfeD Wrfe Released to WorcesterJohnson May Require Another Week's Rest
Boehling May Go to Rich
mond or Be Tutored for
Big League.
1 '
Having Weathered Disastrous Storm, the Steam Roller's Steaming in Old-Time Form JAVELIN THROWING '
-ipt " ij- v l"w'i. ' ' i ..! TraXCEaSlc- - V --r rup with HITS
jaWWWWt SJSgSW J$ZFf MMRk U -Z u.'WrKrfWr Stockholm Announces That
SKc 'fU T .' Jfr T '"" the Carnival Will Open
SH vtbRfPamutf sf2u ( rl V T5!!? f n Y&gSii on July 6.
Johnson May Be Unable To Enter
Box Against Philadelphia
Or Boston.
PHILADELPHIA, 'juno 22-Stevo
' White, tho former Princeton University
i twlrlsr, picked up by Mannger Griffith
while the Natlonnls were In New York
last month nnd taken on tho Western
tour to pitch to the batters In practice,
has been released to Jcssu Burkctt's
Worcester club, of the ow England
I League. White wll lroport to his club
I Monday.
"When I took White." said Griffith
i today, "I was badly In need ,of pitchers.
I If he had shown ability to oust some
of the others from their positions, he
l would stay. However, I don't see where
I can use him, and so have found him
a place whero he should get plenty of
work and develop."
While Joe Boehling, tho Richmond
amateur hurler, may be sent to some
minor league berth, It Is more than
possible that Jack Ryan will be given
the task of whipping him Into shape for
I the big show. Boohllng Is as wild ns
a March wind, but ho has everything n
pitcher needs except control. Ryan's
efforts toward teaching Cashlon control
have been so well rewarded that Mana
ger Griffith believes he may succeed In
doing llkewlso with Boehling.
Walter Johnson, king of pitchers, may
not be strong enough to enter the box
for a week yet, and, with Boston and
Philadelphia visiting Washington next
week, the Nationals will bo forced to
combat them without their mound
mainstay. Johnson has lost twelve
pounds by his Illness, nnd will require
a long rest to regain his strength.
Barney Pelty, tho former Urownle,
1 will most llkelyopen the series with tho
Red Sox In Waslngton, Monday.
"Bob" Groom Holds
Champions Down
To But Two Runs
PHILADELPHIA, June 22.-Jumplng
Into a taxlcab In front of a hos.
pltal, where he had just had a drain
placed in his back, Groom rushed to
Shlbo Park yesterday and held the
mightiest sluggers of tho Athlotlcs In
the hollow of Ms hand, easily winning
his game by a score of S to 2. Such
an example of gameness has seldom
been seen In baseball,
Groom won from tho Athletics In
Washington Tuesday when ho should
have been In bed. He Is suffering from
a large abscess in his back, and
worked throughout that great holiday
contest when overy movement brought
Against tho stellar twirling of Groom
the Athletics oculd do nothing. For
five Innings the Athletics were hltless.
Three hits were made off Groom in the
la8t two frames, because, knowing ho
had his game In hand, the tall fellow
eased up a bit. He had left a sick
bed to awing tho Climbers up a notch
In the struggle for American League
Luck Featured Victory.
The Nationals won, but not wi.o:!'
through their own good work.' Groom's
support was wretched, and single
handed he disposed of batsmen when
his support wobbled In tho face of tho
pnemy. 'TIs true, the Nationals showed
some ability with the willow, but tho
pitching of the Athletic quartet was
the very worst Imaginable. It was no
particular glory In winning from the
Slackmen when they had such twlrlera
n the box.
However, this does not detract in tho
least from the good work of Hob
Groom. Ho never weakened at any
stage of tho game, and made monkeys
of such sluggers ns Eddlo Collins,
Frank Baker, "Stuffy" Mclnnls. Jack
Barry, and Ira Thomas. Indeed, had
his work not been first class, the score
might well have been oloscr, for the
Nationals looked very bad In the field.
Clyde Milan had a particularly pooi-
Say, dropping a fly ball and then hurling
1 to tho grandstand, and, later, letting
a ground ball go through his legs for
three bases. However, tho Tennessee
Wer made up partially for his lapses by
a couple of catches that only he and a
very few others can make.
Tho contest was snuffed out In tho
opening session, when "Minstrel Man"
Morgan, the pitcher adorned with a
ctvalry stripe, blew It away with his
wlldness. He walked Moeller and Fos
ter, the soulmates, nnd Milan laid down
a neat bunt for a single. Chick" Gan
dil, rising to tho needs of tho moment,
poled a hit slnglo to center field, scor
ing Moeller and Porter and putting
Milan on third base.
Forced In a Run.
Howard Shanks waved his bat around
long enough to get another walk and
Connlo Mack called upon young Pen
nock, his youthful ehud from tho Weno
Jiah Military Academy, over In Jersey,
to save tho day. Pcnnock's sweeping
curve ball swept nil around the plato,
but newr went across It for Ruy Mor
gan, who walked, forcing Slllon over
the disc.
George McBrldo's foul hoist, fell Into
Mclnnls" glove, but John Henry spanked
a clean single to left field, bringing Gan.
till and Shanks ncrofS tho pan. nobby
Groom Japanesed In truo pitcher fnsh
lonand Thomas nailed Morgan trying to
nip third at tho same time, closing a
most disastrous Inning for the chum
Moeller laid down a perfect bunt
along the third baso lino that Pennock
failed to get In tho second round, but
perlshrd stealing on Thomas' excellent
prg to Collliw. Foster rolled to Collliw
and then Milan strolled. "Chick" Gan
dil diopped a TexaB Leaguer in Bhort
center nnd Milan showed his class b
print!u all the way home on the sln-
fi;R Gondii taking second when Barry
urled home. Shanks walked, but was
caught oft first base by a snap peg from
Groom Makes a Bingle.
McSride's clean blnglo to left opened
the sixth. Hcnrv forced his skipper,
but Bo,. Groom poked a single to right
and the bases were Jammed when
Moeller ambled. "Fateem" Fotter
slapped one at second base that Jack
Barry barely knocked down, but Henry
Cutting. ;g BitRflBS. - r' jYVxVli :Tar- JffS-J l.ltWS&ilmrffttCl rWmCtZ
tmb ocm COM
"Quite to Fe Expected, But It's All Over Now," Says
Veteran Manager, Speaking of the Two Double
headers With Athletics.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Juno 22.-"Th as great accordingly. But I'm still
slump of mv team nas quite to bo ex-
iiected," a.vK Manager Griffith. In
hpeakins; of the poor work against the
woi Id's champion Athletl"s in the two
double-headers dropped In a row.
' '1 hat's always the way It breaks for
a te:im after It has won a long string
of victories. It's the backdraft, tliat'b
"I've seen It happen with many a
club In the big league, and I've had It
happen with many clubs of my own.
Whllu they aro winning, tho players
arc working under n very high tension.
Then the break cemes. Thev lcso :i
game and linmudlatelv tho tli'ggera be
come the worts hitters of the lot, and
tho best fl"lders look bad. It can't
he helpi'd. It's a part of ths game.
"I'm not worrying 'n tho least about
my toam, and I don't want the funs
to lose anv step over these defeats,
cither. My boys have shown what they
can do, and, us soon as this slump
passes and they get together again,
they'll ba winning .ncre games In a
Dotes on Team.
"My team now Is tho samo one that
ran wild in the West The players have
thi class to hang on and I'm sure that
they will como back and phuko a lost
of these so-culled champion aggrega
tions down into the se:ond division.
'I have a first division team, mark
me, anil to why should I worry Fro
mientlv a nennunt-wlnner will como
jtlio a town in -Septeirbjr. F.nd clean
up Us strongest rival. The next day
this ranw team will look outclassed by
the weakest tc im in tho circuit. A
couple of days will go bv and then
the pennant winner wilt come back to
lis real f.nri nd will never bo beaten
""That's the way It has beonwllh the Na
tionals against the Athletics. They
dropped a paitlcularlv hard game to
therefore tho relaxation has been Just
.ii.n tll-lt ITS' Ulltl ti. euin . ....
talllid and Barry had bellows to mend,
later leaving the battle to havu his
shoulder repaired. Gfoom scored when
Milan boosted to Oldrlng.
The Nationals made no moro runs,
though thev Jumped upon young Har
rell" another rookie hurler who adornol'
tho mound In tho last three Innings.
Watchful pegging by Thomas and head
long and yes, bonehoaded base running
bv Shanks, kept the Climbers from run
ing up any higher score.
Lord opened tie gamo for the Ath
letics with a triple up against the right
field barrier, ecoring while Morgan was
getting Oldrlng's roller. Thereafter
they were kept busy trying to pound
Groom's messmerlc curves and benders.
Strunk Is a fast runner, but when he
singled to left In tho Bccond he wasn t
fast enough to beat Shanks' perfect
peg to McBrlde and the queer-Ioooklng
chap faded away rapidly, Strunli a
blngH was the last the Mackerels got
until Maggcrt poled his s.nglo to cen
ter in tho eighth after Groom hud
cased up.
In the fifth the Mackmen got a man
on third where he was marooned. Mc
lnnls hoisted a fly to short center and
Milan called for the ball, coming in
under It like a fast freight. He got
the ball all right but dropped it. To
make matters worse he picked It MP
and handed It to a fan sitting in the
first row of tho stand behind the Na
tionals' dugout, Mclnnls going up to
the mldwav cushion on the heave. Ho
stayed there, though, for Jack Barry
ond Hardin Barry breezed and Milan
made his phenomenal gallop over Into
right centei and got Thomas' try for a
McBride Drops Fly.
McBrlde dropped Lord's hoist to open
the sixth and after Maggert and Col
Una had perished with rollers to Groom
ano nbs J VfiL jm. rlT1t
lRCHBAitse XriSLh'
dniinc on mv team. It'll bi no there
The Athletics have a Ions home
series ahead of them which should
prove of much benefit to them In their
climb to tho top of the ladder. Barring
their one series of five games In four
days In Washington, thev will be at
homo continuously until July 2j. What
Improves their chances, too. Is the
large number of double-headers, bargain
dav attractions being scheduled with
almost every team In tho league. Out
of forty contests, thirty-six are carded
for Shlbe Park,
However, tho Nationals come In for a
long string of games on the Florida
avenue grounds and It Is on these that
Manager Griffith counts to keep hl
team up In the hunt for honors. Thirty
one games will be played within tho
Bhadows of tho concrete coliseum be
fore the Nationals once more hit the
trail for tho West.
Tho Boston Red Sox start four games
In Washington Monday and after them
come the Athletics for fivo games In
four days. Then the Highlanders ap
pear for fivo more games In four days,
closing tho visits of Eastern clubs un
til Labor Day. This visit of tho High
landers will be their last in the Capi
tal for the entire season, bv the way.
Then the Westerners.
The Western clubs, headed by th'j
Naplanders, trek In upon the Florida
avenue diamond on July 9, playing con
tinuously until July 25. Postponed
games must bo played by tho Napland
ers and tho Browns.
Such a lone string of games on their
own grounds should enable the Na
tionals to creep up In tho race and hold
their own with bulldog tenacity. They
are a fighting team and this home
series fchould aid them wonderfully In
an attempt to bo In a favorable posi
tion when thev again hit the bumpers
around the frontier.
"I want mv team to stay behind the
leaders until tho right time comes for
tho grond rush," says Griffith. "The
strain of holding on to first place In a
bruising battle Is something terrible
and my youngsters might feel It more
than a bunch of veterans. If we can
bo within three or four games of first
placo when tne rusn comes, won nave
just as good a chance as any of the
others to win tho pennant.'
and Gandlll, Ray Morgan used his sieve
long enough to give Baker a life and
scoro Lord from third. Groom put en
all steam nnd made Strunk force Baker.
Baker pounded a clean safety to right
in tho ninth and so did Claude Derrick,
who hud replaced Jack Barry, but John
Henry closed tho one-sided game by
running all the way to his dugout for
Thomas' low foul fly. The Nationals
hod started to win again and left tho
field happy as a bunch of boys let out
early from the village school.
Right here you have tho dope on the
game that has put life Into tho Clim
Thomas. c.
1 0
riandll.lb .
9 2
1 1
Henrv.c. ...
Totala... SJ 12 27 11 5
Total!... 31 5 27 11 1
Washington 61000200 0 S
AthUtlca 10 0 0 0 10 0 0-';
Ituna I-ord (2), Moeller, Foater, Milan (2),
Gandll. Hhanks, Henry. Groom. Left on
bacna Athletlca, I. Washington, 7. Haee on
errora Athlftlca, 2; Washington, 1. Two-baie
hit Gandll. Three-baae hit Lord. Sacrifice
fly Milan. Double plays Thomas to Baker,
Lord to Mclnnls (I). Hits made Oft Mor
gan, 2 In 1 Inning, off Pennock, 3 In 2 In
nings, oft Harry. 4 In 4 Innings, oft Jlerrell,
S In 3 Innings. Struck out Uy Pennock, 1;
by Darry, 2. by Harrell. 1; by Groom, 6.
Bases on balls Off Morgan. 3; off Pennock,
3, off Barry, 2, off aroom. 1 Umpires
Mewrs. Egan and O'Louihlln. Tim of fame
I bouri and i minute.
y'w! ACT TO ft I fk 1 "rT
Baseball Standings
Gamea Today.
Waahlngton at Philadelphia.
Cleveland nt Detroit.
St Louis at Chicago.
Boston at New York.
Standing of the Clubs.
woo. 1U Pet. Win. Lo
Boston .7? 13 .GS7
dilCHgo . .. H5 24 .693
W-VSH'TON.. 35 23 .643
Philadelphia.. 32 r ,M2
Detroit 28 32 .67
Cleveland .... -5 20 .455
New York 17 54 ,f33
St. Louts 13 S9 .231
Yesterday's Results.
Washington, 8; Philadelphia. 2.
Boston, 11; New York. 3.
Cleveland. 6; Dctiolt. 2.
Chicago, ?; St. Louis, 1.
Gamea Today.
New York at Boston.
Philadelphia at Brooklyn.
Chls-ago at St. Louis.
Pittsburgh .at Cincinnati.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Iyiit. r-et, win. L
Nf-w lork.. 41 11 .7M 72 7T4
Pittsburgh ... 30 22 .577 .MT. .5V.
Chicago 27 22 . .J69 .53
Cincinnati ... 31 26 .514 .552 .534
Philadelphia.. 21 27 .4W .449 .4.D
St. l.ouU 24 ?3 .407 .417 .400
Brooklyn .... 20 31 .I9 .404 .5X5
Poston IS US ,i6 .32S .313
Yesterday's Results.
New York. 5; Boston. 2.
Brooklyn. 7; PhlUdslpr.ia, a
Chicago, 7; St. Louis. 6.
Pittsburgh- Cincinnati Rain.
At American League Park R.H.E.
Boston 0 5 10003 20-1116 0
Highlanders 0 0 0 0 0 10 113 9 4
Batteries Wood and Cady: Qulnn and
Sweeney. Umpires Evans and Wester
velt. At Chicago R.H.E.
Chicago 013 0002 2x-8 8 2
St. Loula 0 000 00 0 0 11 5 6
Batteries Walsh and Kuhn; Allison
and Btephons. Umpires Hart and Con
nolly. At Detroit R.H.E.
Cloveland 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 10-6 9 1
Detroit 0 000 0 2 00 0-3 4 2
Batteries Blandlng and O'Nell: Sum
mers and Stanage. Umpires Dlneen
and Sheridan.
At Boston R.H.E.
Giants 020020100-6 9 2
Boston 0 1100000 0-210 1
Batteries Marquard and Meyers; Per
due and Rarlden. Umpires Brennan
and Emslle.
At Brooklyn R.H.E.
Brooklyn 4 0 1 0 0 1 1 Ox 7 10 1
Phlladephla 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 3 1
Batteries Rucker and O. Miller; Sea
ton, Rlxey, Dooln, and Kllllfer. Um
pires Eason and Johnstone.
At St. Louis R.H.E.
Chicago 011003101711 0
St. Louis 12 000 12 00-6 10 3
Batteries Lavender and Archer; Wil
lis and wingo. umpires Kiem and
Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh; game post
poned on account of rain.
Among the Minors.
American Association.
Columbus, 14; Toledo. 6.
Kansas City, 7; St. Paul, 0.
Minneapolis. 2; Milwaukee, 1.
Indianapolis-Louisville game post
poned; rain.
Virginia League.
Norfolk, 6; Portsmouth, 0.
Newport News, 7; Petersburg, 5.
Roahoke, 6; Richmond, 1.
Southern League.
Memphis. 8; Nashville, 8.
Montgomery, 7, Mobile, 2.
New Orleans, 8, Birmingham, 5.
Chattanooga, 7; Atlanta. 7 frame
called eleventh inning; darkness),
M6AN 61
A win at last.
All during the Western trip the Na
tionals were saying things about Cy
Morgan and hoping for another oppor
tunity to get at him. In tho Homecom
ing game the Nationals were unablo
to get to the minstrel man, but yes
terday made good with a will hammer
ing him off the mound and. getting a
lead which proved to be enough to win.
Cy Morgan got bumped.
Rob Groom nlichcd a crc.it came and
well deserve the vU'.ory. After three
years' of patience the twlrler has como
around nil rlcht ar.d Is moving the
value of holding on to him. Groom Is a
winning, dependable pitcher, and yos
liTdav worki'd with but two days' rest
with a handicap in that ho has hart a
ooll on his shoulder. The tall twlrler
checked the slugging Athlitics In up
proved itylc.
Milan makes errors.
rteckcr and Akers do not like Mon
tical. and it in whispered that neither
of the youngsters gave the Montreal
club the bet they had. Roth have
reglstred V;UKs against the town, hut
nre loud In pralsea of ttvi treatment
accorded them by Blllv Lush. The for
tner YP.Ie ccach rc.illzss that he has a
roi'r club, and Is doing everything pos
sible to land several genu players.
Eoth of the pitchers could have done
better had they put more heart In their
Gandll continues hitting.
Lush has let out Mickey Kellher,
the local boy. who had a trial with
the Vlttcbutgh team, and has signed
Kilty Brancl'.rld. the former Pirate,
who was recently turned adrift by
Louisville. Lush is after Sherma-i
Oiune, the Catholic University pitcher,
and e.xpectr. to give him a trial. Kell
her has not been well since lolnlnn
Monti al, and is let go for this rea
son. Groom did the work.
Just when this follow Marquard Is
i;olng to lose, a gams Is the general
topic of conversation In New York
Senatorial Snapshots
Small crowd, considering the two
double victories fof the Mackmen.
Groom pitched perfect ball, walking
but one man and allowing only five
Milan sandwiched in a marvelous bit
of baserunnlng and a perfect running
catch with three execrable errors that
put his pitcher In a hole.
"Buzz" Foster had several hot-oft-the
wire stops around third base, and got
his man every tinier He went over be
hind the bag for Mclnnls' drive In tho
seventh, but tossed out that speed mer
chant with feet to spare.
Ira Thomas contributed a "swinging
bunt" In the third. The ball rolled
slowly toward Foster, who dived for It.
picked It up, and tossed out the lumber
ing backstop by yards.
Howard Shanks, on a hit-and-run,
went as far as second base In the sev
enth without seeing that Lord had
taken Morgan's liner. He was doubled
up easily, but he disabled Mclnnls when
he Jumped for the bagi
Moeller came flying across the green
sward In the third, and took Lord's foul
fly close to the cement coping about tho
field. It was a classy bit of fielding,
and proved Moeller to be a perfect
timer of a fly ball.
The Friars, attired In natty linen
dusters, straw hats, and swinging cap3
paraded around the field Just before the
game. They occupied seats behind the
Athletics' duaout. but did nu cheering
during the funeral services.
these day. The "RubV Is rapidly
supplanting Christy Mathewson as tho
idol of the fans. Marquard won agam
yottc-day. although he was hammered
hard by the Biaves, nnd w-as never out
of danger during Cie entire contest
Yale Is outrowed.
All eyes ore turned toward tho stretch
of water under-the famous Poughkeep
sle bridge where the college crews are
dipping the water In preparation for the
annual rowing classic scheduled for
Friday next. The finishing touches will
be put on this week. Cornell, Colum
bia, Pcnn, Syracuse, and Stanford all
look good to their respective follow
ers. Poughkeepsle will be a live town
during the week.
"Chief" Greene
Announcement of a swimming carni
val to be held at the bathing beach Is
expected In a short time. Dr. W. B.
Hudson is working out the arrange
ments, which are expected to furnish a
day's sport calculated to set a high
mark for like events. It has been tipped
off that the meet la to be held outside
of A. A. V. sanction, which Is going to
cause some talk among the Washington
Becker and Akers are peeved.
Accounts of tho Harvard Yale boat
race on the Thames yesterday Indicate
that the Crimson won all the events
about as it pleased. The Harvard crew
was a virtual machine, and when the
big race of the day was over, the
Crimson men were far from exhausted.
Yale, however, must be admired for the
pluck demonstrated In the face of al
most sure defeat. Every man of the
Yale crew put every ounce of his en
ergy Into his Btroke.
Pumping Station withdraws.
Many fast tennis matches were wit
nessed on the courts of the Columbia
Country Club Thursday and yesterday,
and indications point to some rare
sport when the finals are contested to
day. Norrls McLean, as usual. Is ac
quitting himself with honors, he hav
ing scored signal victories against
Evans and Herrlck. He should be a
strong contender for the honors of the
Phillies Trade Titus to
Boston for Doc Miller
BOSTON, Mass., June 22. The Boston
National League club has traded "Doc"
Miller, tho hard-hitting outfielder, to
the Philadelphia National Lenguc club
for John Titus. According to the Infor
mation given out in regard to the trade.
It was man tor man. and no monpy con
sideration or other players entered Into
tho transaction.
Miller said today that while he had
been officially Informed as to the ox
change, he did not care to sav anything
until ho had talked with President Ward
on Saturday morning Miller said that
he had not been feeling well this season,
and that both his batting and fielding
had fallen off in consequence.
728 Thirteenth Street
Orer 30 Years,' Practice Treating
Stomacb and .Venous Diseases.
Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Con
stipation, Ulxzineas. Bad Taste. Full
Hess After Eating, Wakefulness, Lqm
ef Flesh, Heart Trouble, Palpitation.
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NEW YORK, Juno 22. From Stock
holm today camo the complete program
of the tiuck and field events which will
bo held at ilia Olympic games next
nionin. Tho ovenU are divided In a
way that will ,ilvis every athlete a
:han?e of carrying off honors in two
eventK. The sprints arc separated by
several days, us are the middle dis
tant runs, tho dlstaise runs nnJ ths
weight eventx.
Tin fltt event to be decldxd Is tho
Javelin This virtually means thnt th'j
.Swedes will be the first to score a
victory. In this event they stand out
us b-'lng the be:tt In tho wo' Id.
On July 0, the opening dav of tha
corimnl, the final of the uuolln and
lieate In the lO.OMnetPr run, 100-meter
(ln!h and the '00-meter run will l.j
decided. On July 7, which. Is Sunday,
the iinals of thj I0,oo0-met?r, 100 and 0,
will follnv the preliminaries of the
t minim; broad Jump. The Pentathlon
will also be: held on that day
Last Day July 14.
On July 8 the finals of the running
high and standing broad jumps will bo
lit Id, as will heats In the 4hV meter ve
iny race and the ROW-met;:" walk. The
Javelin "-with buth hands, heats In the
1,000-metcr and 3,00) rueter tvns and the
final of the 400 relay race will make up
the lHt for July 9.
The pole vJult, shot put, I he finals of
the 1, 500-meter uii-l 5.000-metir runs and
the heals of the 2v0-nutpr uash will be
hcid on July li '. July 11 putting tho
hot with both handa. final of the J00
tiieter dash, final of the walking race
and hc.itrt In thi 110-mttcr liuidle race
wl'l be decided.
The dlscu.. best hand, heats of tin
4(fl-meter run. t'no 3,(Omcler team
r:ce and the final of the hurdle rao'J
will be held on July 12. Four finals
wi'd be dicliled on July 13. Vhey ate
the stardlnr high pump, throwing tli
dircuj;, both hands. 400-meter and tin
team rac-s.
On July 14 tho iiammci throw, th
marathon race nnd the fltst part of
the rcathlnn will be held. On the laht
dav, Jid ir. the 1,G0 meter relay ra ,
the ;ros-cnuntry ,-un. hop. step and
jump and the second part of the Deca
thlon will wind up the picgram.
Russell Returned to
Athletics by Atlanta
CHATTANOOGA. Tenn., June 22.
Disgusted with his miserable pitch
ing and Indifference in Thursday's
game, Manager Charley Hemphill, of
the Atlanta club, today returned
"Lefty" Russell to Connie Mack, of
the Athletics, with the Information
that he did not care to have the
Eastern League phenom in his club at
any price. To replace the hole left
by the departure of the $12.O0i
pitcher, Erksklnr Mayer was recalled
from the Portsmouth club, of the Vir
ginia League.
Soccer Players Get
Trophy From Briton
NEW YORK. June 22 Sir Thomas
Do War. a well-known Scottish sports
man, has offered to the American Ama
teur Football Association a cup valued
at $500 as a perpetual challenge trophy
to be played for by amateurs at soccer.
j Aiming High
4MH ,
Vow-o tti.m VVfmhlnt.tnn Wnnh-
ington society Is watching with
Interest the process of a ro
mance which began In Europe
between Prince Christian of
Hesse, of the German fleet, which
visited America, and Miss Mar
garet Perin, the beautiful daugh
ter of Mrs. George Howard, of
this city.
Some American girls' ambitions
run toward royalty and many of
the royalty aspire toward alli
ances with our American girls.
We all have our own ideas as to
what are really high aspirations.
Our aim is toward the highest
quality in clothes merchandise,
and if you come in here you will
see we have attained our aspira
tions. We are proud of the great value
in clothing we are offering in
j Serge'Suits $13.25
No better summer suits can be
found anywhere. These suits
are full of style and snap and
wear. You will want one the
minute you see them. Come in
Worth $18 of Any Man's Money.
The Man's Dept. Store
901-909 8th St. S.E.
"Down by ihc Navy. Yard"

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