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More and Better Sales Clos
ed Than During Earlier
Considerable Improvement was shown
In realty trading durintr the third week
of June. Not only were there more
sales closed, but the quallty of the
business exceeded that of the previous
weeks of the month. Business property
trading was again In evidence, and
several soles were made In this area,
where a dearth of activity had been no
ticeable earlier In the month.
In the loan market the activity this
wek was about on a par with last week,
exceeding the figures of that period by
only a few. hundred dollars. Both
weeks showed a material advance over
the loans of the first six days of June.
Trading did not evidence such lluctua
tlons as ruled In the market duilng the
preceding week. The largest number of
sales were made on Monday, when
forty-one were closed. This figuro Is
only two sales short of the record In
dally sales for the year. The business
Of the next three days was about the
same, Tuesday seeing thlrty-ono trans
actions effected, Wednesday thirty
three, and Thursday thirty-two. An
other difference noticeable this week
was the decline In activity yesterdny.
Friday Is usually one of the most active
days of the week, and frequently sets
the high mark for the week's business,
l eater-day saw but twenty-two deeds to
property placed on record.
The Week's Total.
The wtek's total of 173 transactions
Involved 368 lots and parcels of
realty More than half the selling
was In outlviiiK suburban sections,
where 189 parcels changed owners.
In the near-urban district, sixty-nine
lots were sold, while fifty lots were
conveyed In the northwest.
The southeast experienced a slight
boom, sales In that section Including
tl Irty-one lots, and exceeding; tlie
total ol both the northeast ami
southeast sections. Nineteen lots
Proposed Laws for City Expected to Be Approved at
Meeting of Council Next Tuesday Question of Sal
ary for Officer May Cause Hitch.
of twenty-seven pounds of brass from
wore transferred In the northeast andlUJ0 company. Identification of which
ten lots were oll in flip sdiiilnvoi
The purchase of the Hotel Johnson
bv r-harlen Jncobson at a flpure said
to be $150,000. was the chief event
of the wek in thp matter of sales.
Mi .Tacobsen nlieadv owned one of
th buildings occupied bv the hos
telry, and took over the corner prop
erty and tlie portion fronMng on B
street He nlaeed a trust for $75,0nn
on the propert purchased and th
pcrtlon piovlouslv iwned bv him.
Another business section sale ln
vi lvd premises .105 nnd 307 Ninth
street northuo-t boiitrht by Leopold
lilchold from Margaret R Sheckels.
Premises 4.V! Ninth street northwest
ficured twice In the week's salts
niln F Huhbv conveyed the property
to George E. Stewart Yesterday Mr
Stewart transferred the property to
f'harleH P. Stone anil Charles W Fair
fax George C. nergllng sold during
the week the business property at R-l
and 823 Fifteenth street northwest
to John C A clch.
Tlie largest transaction In the money
market this week was the placlnr of a
second trust for $20n,ooo on the "inter
state, building at 1310 and 1321 F stieet
northwest, now In course of erection.
The trust Is to secure nil Isue of sec
ond mortgage bonds payable April 1,
3917 with Interest of G per cent. The
first encumbrance on the property Is
Moore's Share Sold.
The dath of Clarence Moore, one of
the victims of the Titanic disaster, has
made necessary the sale of his interest
In the Hlbbs building, at 725 Fifteenth
street northwest, and In tlie firm of W.
.B Hibbs & Co. The surviving part
ners. W. B Hlbbs and W AV. Spaid,
have agieed with Mrs. Moore to pay
her husband's estate, JUO.OOO. for his In
terest, which was a little less than one
fourth and yesterday asked the Dis
trict Supreme Court to ratifj the sale
on behalf of the children of the de
teased The building is subfect to a
trust for S115.000, and the petition states
that $203,000 was expended on the fur
nishings and equipments of the build
ing. The pxact figures In the loan market
were f733.C0S.13 borrowed on the secur
itj of 203 lots at an average Interest
rate of Wt per cent. The Interest rate
shows a decline of one point since last
week and returns to the theretofore pre-
ailing figure.
The bulk of the loans were of the
"straight" varietv being made to pei
hons already owning the land offered
as security. Such loans totaled $553,
(i'iO.EO. The sum of all the notes given
for deferred purchase money this week
was $14i,327,6.j. The building associa
tions advanced to members $02,650.
It Is expected the much discussed
new city health laws will be stamped
with the approval of the 'city fathers
at the meeting of city council to be
held next Tuesday night. Already they
have occupied almost the entire atten
tion of each of tho two bodies compos
ing council for several successive meet
ing nights.
The laws as drawn up In the draft
are sweeping, nnd Include many meas
ures for which Alexandria has long
been In need. The question as to the
salary of tho health officer formed a
stumbling block when the matter came
up for consideration by the board of
aldermen, but It It now predicted that
this little difference will soon te ad
Justed. The common council, the lower body,
fixed the salary of the health officer at
$1,000 a year, and did not provide for
an assistant. The aldermen, however,
reduced this salary to $000 and provided
a salary of $400 for a deputy Tho
latter will In addition receive a fee of
50 cents for each time he administers
the tuberculin test, this being paid by
the owner of the animal Inspected. He
will also look after the Inspection of
meat, cattle, and milk.
While not an especially remunerative
position, there Is considerable competi
tion for these offices, announcement of
which is yet to be made.
Most of the local produce dealers have
ulicady compiled with the section which
requires the screening of edibles placed
on display,
John Gorham, an employe of the
somneni rallwa, was lined $10 in
police court this morning for the theft
Report of the matter was made to tho
Collce, and the animal was killed. The
oy's Injuries were Blight.
Potomac Lodge of Odd Fellaws at its
meeting last night arranged ror tne in
stallation exercises of the newly elected
officers, which will tako plnce July 5.
The Installation will be made by J. T.
O'Meara, district deputy grand master.
The Initiatory degree of tho order was
conferred upon one candidate.
Funeral services for Mary K., tho
etght-month-old daughter of James
Wood, will tako place from the family
residence on Prince street at 3 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
The ownership of the Hotel Rammell
has been transferred by Mrs. Augusta
itammell to her son, William L. Ram
mell. who with Robert p. Whitestonc,
of Culpoper, Va., will conduct the busi
ness under the firm numo of Whltestbno
& Rammell.
The following committee has been des
ignated to make arangements for tho
coronation ball to bo held In Armory
Hall on the evening of July 4: Noel
Graner, chairman; Richard Talbot,
James Patterson, 1r F. A. Bavllss, O,
H. Kirk, James Roberts, A. Herbert,
James S. Douglass, Vt alter C. Foster,
Arthur K. Warfleld. and J. Fred Birr ell.
It Is stated that tho validity of a re
cent decree In corporation court In the
case or the Virginia Safe Doposlt and
Trust Corporation ugalnst K. 1, KldU
and others will be put to a test. ICIdd
was ordered to return a deposit amount
ing to about $2,000, which he had with
drawn from the bank Just prior to Its
failure, ,
Other Promotions Expected
to Follow in the Department.
Dr. Jolln h. Nnrrls today assumed
his duties as deputy health officer of
the District. He succeeds Dr. H. b
Sawtclle, who has resigned. The ad
vancement of Dr. Norrls, who has
been connected with the Health De
partment for a number of years, will
result In several promotions In the
department, anl tho appointment of
a new employe -at $000 a year.
When the District appropriation
bill becomes operative on July 1, it
will bo necessary to practically
revolutionize several branches of the
Health Department, because of re
duced appropriations. These reduc
tions are personal services In the con
ttiKlous disease Inspection and super
Mslon, from Jll.ooo to $10,000; main
tenance of tho crematory, from $2,500
to $1,500; maintenance of tho bac
teriological laboratory, $800 to $700,
and for the abatement of nuisance
from $2,500 to $1,000.
Health Officer Woodward said today
the decreasing of contagious disease
Inspection csrvlce appropriation might
make It necessary to transfer some of j
mis worn to me regurar inspection
force of the department.
Five laborers are employed ut the
pound Their duties consist chiefly In
Impounding stray dogs, and with the
new regulation for the Impounding of
stray cats. Dr. Woodward says It would
not 'be practicable to reduce the size
of the force.
'W-r-M-Wl-M-$-H ..,lrtII.,tillt,.;..i.,;l.iJ
.1 '&$&& C''''&
Comptroller of Treasury Decides
Unfavorably on Aopeal for
Return of Expenditures.
After years of lighting In Congress
and in tne courts ana before the ac
counting officers of the Government, an
other decision against tne mate or .Mas
sachusetts In Its claim upon the United
States for reimbursement for civil war
expenditures has been rendered by the
Comptroller of tho Treasury. This de
cision, reaffirming the decision of
Mmi'tt P.. HUM. mill thn nrllntl nf itn
Auditor for the War Department of I
June 23. iy, win prormbly stand as
mar record in inc cane, inougn it may
again no ncrore congress.
Massachusetts orlg'nallv made o claim
of something over $2,000,000 for civil war
cxpenuriures. Jater tnis claim was in
crcaced to over loin minion
The Liver is the
Road to Health
If the lirer it right the whole trttem m right.
gentljr awaken your
sluggish, clogged'
up lire and cure
trptet (torn-
ach, in-
loi of appetite, tick headache and Ktt?,
Purely vegetable. You need them
Small Pill. Small Dom, Small Price.
TU GENUINE mutt bear trgnahm
" IA " - I
r LISgSStejrjr'fc. '
i ifg"T''-rtiY ; iMgr" ,
ifl j J a ima. 'aBL'mb i -i s jmr r
Jf- w&mMms ,;'''.:- .1
S ' VmVk ilmEtSk;-. it sv.
EmVmuL H&ml HrkflrreXruf&.r"'- -
mffi m.7mfflm&. , ,. m
,-ji WMU- wma&??rywmm&&
Wm-iCmmMmm W&m lllilH
w,yMHmMm iiihi. v&ifmsBm mmmmmwn$-"
4mfltaiim''Tiiill! I ill I ITmnH
.mmmmmv iviTTLr
Jr u1!'
was made by Speelal Officer Green and
Superintendent Kelley for the com
pany. Gorham asserted that he had
found the metal In the scrap heap,
and had carried It away, although he
was aware that this was not permitted.
The brass was valued at $3. A fine of
$10 was Imposed on Gorham.
As a result of sensational charges
made by a grand Jury In Alexandria
county In reference to the existence of
gambling houses there, H. A. Smoot
has been appointed a special officer by
the court to break op such practices.
Harry Bettls. a sixteen-year-old boy.
leas bitten on the knee by a dog last
night while standing on King street.
Executors of Hutchins Will File
Motion Before Justice
A motion was died today by Walter
S. Hutchins and Charles L Fralley,
executors named in the will of Stilson
Hutchins, the millionaire newspaper
founder, asking that certain portions of
the answer of Mrs. Rose Keeling Hutch
ins, the widow, reflecting on the mental
capacity of Mr. Hutchins at the time he
executed the document being contested,
be stricken out.
The two executors take the position
that Mrs. Hutchins has virtually
waived her right to contest the will and
has agred to accept the 35 per cent of
the remaining estate willed her, and for
that reafcon her allegations about the
mentality of her husband should not be
permitted to remain to prejudice the
case. I,ee Hutchins, a son. Is contest
ing the will and prolonged litigation
over the $4,000,000 estate Is expected.
The arguments on the motion to strike
out the objectionable parts of Mrs.
Hutchins" answer will be heard by Jus
tice Wright next Frlda.
You Have Thought
Many Times How Much You Would Like To Have Your
Own Home In
Chevy Chase
"The Best Suburb of The National Capital."
Have You
Ever Taken The Few Minutes Necessary To Find Out The
Details As To How You Could Do So?
It would doubtless surprise you to know how easily
the building of your own home could be financed.
Let Us Tell You
Thomas J. Fisher & Co., Inc.
General Sales Agent
NOTE Our Branch Offices at Chevy Chase are open
Sunday and Full Information may be obtained at either of
Army Officers' Pay
In the event that the Army Appropriation Bill does
not pass Congress in time for the usual pay disbursement
to be made, we desire to say that the Union Trust Com
pany will be pleased to cash the pay vouchers of any of
ficers in the service who may wish their funds before the
regular appropriation bill becomes available.
Union Trust Co.
Southwest Cor. 15th and H Sts.N.W.
Times Want Ads Bring Results
bl rir
Dally Mats., All Seats, 10c Evenings, 10c and 20c
The Home of Quality Shows
fflumpfiul ifeium 6iwnciir0f1ie(jnMf
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flirts aid Iwftxis
f RAV heflataNWIier
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mo AND
lie Somnambulist"
5f ngeis diid DflnecKS
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musical Cbmedun
Show Never Stops J iTM.
Here's a Home You Can Own
On Terms You Can Pay
In a quiet location, ideal for family life, with a neighbor
hood composed of thoughtful, earnest persons.
Nos. 412 and 414 M St. N. E.
Nas. 1200 to 1216 5th St. N. E.
These homes are of the beautiful colonial type and were
built under direct supervision of the owner, thus insuring
careful construction throughout. Each home has an im
pressive front full 20 feet wide (the width of homes selling
up to $10,000). Large, roomy porches where one can lounge
through the summer.
Each home is full six and seven rooms, which will be
papered and finished to suit buyer, with attractive lighting fix
tures and spacious closets. Hot-water heat, gas and electric
light make for ideal housekeeping. Every modern conveni
ence is included. A 100-foot lot leaves a large rear yard
where the youngsters can play and grow.
PRICE $3,800 to $4,250
Call Main 7026 and let a salesman take you to see these
T homes.
1929 Pa. Ave. N. W.
One Left!
Nos. 529-31-33-35-37-39-41 Sold
No. 543 is the choice of the row. Side light, side and rear
alley. Lot 20x150. Two-story, six-room colonial brick. Hard
wood interior finish. Pretty mantels and fixtures, gas range, por
celain sink, large concrete cellar.
PRICE $3,650
Terms Small cash payment and $30 monthly, including all
611-613 Harvard street N. W., similar houses to the above 3
except the lots are not quite as deep. g
PRICE $3,250
TO INSPECT Take northbound 9th Street car to Harvard
or Kenyon streets, walk one block east or call Main 4884 for auto
to motor you out. Open Sunday.
812 14th St. N. W.
muumuuttmmna sammatmaaainmm
8 Rooms and Bath
1013,1015 and
1017 K Street
Finest Homes Ever Offered
in This Section
rrrrrrBrirfertidvl T . & ultL hftJ8y tlBBf vl
KkHrflF ' KS? SflrV 9)4rMlrlrBrH
Combination electric and gas lights. Hot-water heat.
Double porches front and back; 40-foot terrace parking.
Hardwood finish throughout. Extra large yards. Steel
construction. 8 rooms and bath.
Open and Lighted Until 9 P. M. Daily and Sunday
H. R. Howenstein Co,
1314 F Street N. W.

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