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Synopsis of Chapters Already Published
One stormy night a ship 1b wrecked ott
tn Scottish fishing village of Iverlachle.
and of air those on board only one man la
rescued. Tho survivor 1 carried to the
cottage of Dominie Dalglelsh, where his
urprlslng likeness to Ronnie Prince Char
He Is noted. The sensation Is Increased
when the man gives his name "Charles
Edward Caslmlr" for such also was the
name of the great Stuart Pretender.
There Is a tmsterlou woman In the vil
lage, named Janet Glen, who has nothing
to do with her neighbors, and Is believed
b them to be In communication with the
powers of evil. Janet silently enters the
dominie's cottage, takes one look at the
distinguished stranger nnd withdraws.
There Is another woman who also Is In
terested In tho "Pilnce." This Is the
dominie's winsome daughter, Margaret.
Ealglelsh boldly halls his guest as King
Pf Scotland. The stranger 1b moved,
out refuses to nato his Identity.
CHAPTER VI (Continued).
THK "clnn'' gathering was held In
the schuolhouso across the street.
There was never such a gathering
at least of tho clan. That
which was previously looked upon as a
convention of hot-headed Scotia mani
acs was afterward printed In the his
tory of Inverlachle as the most re
markable lnstanco of volcanic eruption
In all the annals of Jacobltlsm.
It would bo useless to attempt a de
scription of what happened that night.
In, fact, the happening was of that na
ture which defies any description but
confusion. Only the icsult Is certain,
and the nsult was as unexpected as It
was startling. Witness the fact that
one man was carried out of tha school
"OUBe, dead of heart failure
The meeting began quietly enough. It
nad more tho air of a social gathering,
but the fact that everybody was theic
augured something unusual from the be
ginning. In tho first plHce. Janet Glen was
tnere, and Janet seldom went anywhere.
More remarkable was the fact that her
escort was Dr. Tom Wallace, uclrcum
utance which set tho busybodles whis
pering. It seemed as If Tom was gut
ting Into tho tolls of the "diabolical"
Another Interesting item of gossip
was the presence of Peggy Wtillaco with
Captain Kllby from the fort. The Wal
lace family seemed to be pairing off.
Kllby was happy and unaware of any
thing umiBiial about tho affair, until
f"eggy, -a ho had been usual! v bright,
lapsed into tragic silence. That was
about the time when she saw Major
Herbert Fltzwlllliim enter and take a
feat near the front.
The domlnlo was In the cha'r. r-nd the
mi'ftln smi'ted with the hhigipg of a
puni Th'-n tho schoolmaster made n
tyjeech. In which he spoko of Scotland's
jiide and rlory as he did ut all gath
eilligs of the clan. The chairman was
followed by British Will, ho throw
nil diplomacy to the winds, declared
that the throne of England was ''tot
terln' to i tumble." that Napoleon was
iming to Invado "our shores," nnd that
it dldna worry him at all, execju that
lie regretted the absence of a rightful
King of Scotland.
He was Intel i upted In tho middle of a
mildly Hung pie '9 of redltlon by Major
ntzwlllldm, who stood up and threat
ened to arrout the speaktr foi treason.
That was the beginning of It Tho
Jacobite blood was up. Tho majoi and
the King of England were bcth hissed,
nnd tho chairman raved the situation
teinnoiarllv- nv allowing Davie Bin.
tho mighty blacksmith, to recite "Hcots
M ha Hii'" U was like giving whisky
to cure ln-biiatlun.
Hut the Celtic nthuiilnsm that greet
ed limns' great national ode would
have been hn'-mle-i-s had not a final ln-
Irtent him'. ii the flame into the ruri-
riwtlor D.ivle Blue was just thunder-1
ing the final line, ' J,ei us an or aie: I
when the door of tho school'iousc
opened to vlmit .in appurltlcn of the
roval S'uart! I
The lH.LiHaS of tno man to tne last
pretender wan InsMnttv notpd, even by
thehO who had en only a picture of
the fconrile pilnce. The appearnnce of
any man In .Stnait tartan would havo
been i nouh to precipitate a ellmnx Just
then, hut therj was mora than that
An old min named Cameron was In
the audience. He was calltd "Rock of
pps" for his wnlmv of euis. nnd ho
h.nl f iurfht with the Donnle prince at
rullodc'i. For vwa old Cameron had
been as one dead to the wcrld. But at
Flcht of the man In the dooiway. liU
vision suddenly cleared, his seniles re
gained momentary vouth. He sprang 'o
Ills fpet. called tho prlncs by name,
rushed forward with a shrill Oiiellc
war cr. and fell at the fett of Mar
garet Dalrlelrh. who accompanied the
ji-lnee. When thev picked up the old
innn, he was dead.
In an instant the schoolhouse was
pandemonium. The people had little
thought for tho dead man, save as
tragedy added to the drama of the mo
ment, and that one who had known
Bonnie Prince Charlie had recognized
tho figure In the doorway. It was a
Btuart. The rumor was truth! A
prince had come again to Scotland.
Tho scene that followed was never
described, and could not be. Dr. Wal
lace and Ktlbv escorted Janet Olen and
Peggy through a yelling mass of hlnod
flrert madmen. It was easy enough to
escape by one door when the mob was
bent upon reaching another that door
In which the apparition had nppeared
and where old "Rock-ofAges" Cameron
lav huddled and still.
But the prince had disappeared, too.
and at his heels had gone the Infuriated
but self-sattlsfled major. Half an hour
later the mob had abandoned the school
house and was clamoring before the
dominie's house, demanding that the
prince show himself. Tnat was all the
people wished that the prince (show
himself to their loy-frenzled eyes.
Through tho night they stood thoie,
singing old Jacoblto war songs, hissing
the English King, and shouting for tho
prince. Jamie Dalgleish, half prcud,
half frightened, at the result of the
gathering, stood In the doorway of his
house and declared that the prince had
not returned Not until It was made
clear that the house had been locked
and that the dominie himself had open
ed it upon his return from the meeting;
not until six chosen men from the
crowd had gone through the house and
found no prince, wero the people sat
isfied that Caslmlr was not there.
But all through the night the uproar
continued. The town was In open re
bellion, with British Will clanging a
bell at tho head of the rebels.
Mijor Fltzwllllam had been tho fli-bt
to , uncertain that Oaslnv.r had not taken
jefuge In the dominie's house when ho
abruptly escaped from the school houco
turmoil While the crowd was clamor
ing In the cobbled street, the major tvas
following. a figure which he had seen
walking toward the shore. He recog
nized tho figure as Charles Edward
The man seemed to bo In no huriy
He was strolling along with his head
down, aprarentlv In deep thought and
heedless of where his steps might lend
him Thev led Mm, eventually, out of
Inverlachle to tho military road w-hlch,
passing Fort James, went on to the vil
lage of St Catherine's, where there waa
a ferry to the stronghold of the Duke
of Argl, Inverary
Fltzwllllam followed Caslmlr until
satisfied that the man wns not bent
upon making an escape There was a
fair moon shining through ragged
clouds, so It was an easy matter to
keep the quarry In sight At a point
where the road climbed over a horn of
rocks. Charles Edwanl paused. Pres
ently he left the load and climbed to
the top of the roulders which looked
o it in hunched grandeur over the salt-sea-arm
I.och Fine
The major waited a minute or two.
When he was satisfied that the tamo
. i,i,i,i.
Frank A. Munssy Co.)
iinse.isf sac .ssiisi
waa settled for a while, ha advanced,
cleared his throat and spoke with Ben
tie sarcasm to tho man on the rocks.
I do not wish to intrude upon your
highness, but will your prlncellncss con
ueBcend to an Interview?"
..,Tno..on,y movement on Casimlr'a part
2" tp inclining of his head in Fltz-?-iila.m8
direction. He remained with
folded arms, his body turned to' tha
loch, and he said quietly:
..?r0Jrt ?vcn'nB. Captain FItxwilllam."
t-hiV.T' 1 corrected Kltaswllltam, aston
name man 8houd know hl8.
r'i"i,1iTiarii,1.n.!m'ljor'" "'' Charlas
nSuar4.,."ri,ir "w,s Progress"
Fltzwll lam said nothing to this Ha
mis stailnx up at tho man on tho rooks,
trjlng to reconcllo the man with hla
. ,. u lu vo'io rem'niacence.
Wo-lmvc mat somewhere before'.'
lie said at isHt.
"If we Jmveyou should tccall it," was
fne cool answer. "If y,u umnot recall
ii a is piooaoiv Hardly worth recall
, . by heaven, we have met be-
";; exclaimed Fltzwllllam.
"A mure trifle, my dear cap pardoi
me'-major, unless :t Is conscience that
Biiio reu'in'scunc'j.
"No doubt I Hhall Tftr.emhi.r Inter.
tunned the major, who woh siting by
tint speo-h. "Then tho memorv may
tnve HguinHi you and your schemes,
And so, mv good friend whoever-you.
are. you me In tho service of Napoleon
a Ftench spy-hay?"
"That Is H He!" salj the man on tint
locks, turnlnc his ha-!k on iritzwllllnm
uid resuming his study of the far
"Is your name Charhsa Edward?" de
manded tho ma lor.
"It is."
"Malor Fltzwllllam." nalri thn man.
turning his head slowly, "you have a
crv poor memory.
"A IIS WOT ! wlthmlt KlilitArfnpnl"
cried Kltsswllllani furiously,, for there
was a memory .inout tnis man which
troubled him vaguely. "Did ou land
on thes-j shnr.'s and proclaim vourself
Cl.atlcs Edward, heir to Charles Ed
ward Philip Caslmlr Stuart und to ths
crown of Scotland?"
"Pardon me. mujur," raid Caslmlr
atr.us-iiiiy; "you are somewliat rapid,
and you fotjte.t that the wind Is against
jtmr voire If I caught your full utter
ance, you wish to know If I Winded on
tliOM1 Hhoi'M. You had better ask tho
Aiuciarir brotnen. who know mora
about mv nrilval than I do. As to who
I nm. or what I ma, or mav not, have
proclaimed mv.s-.slf. I am under no obli
gation to .inswor at this unFtemly time
and mace.
"And furthermore," ho added coolly,
"If I were what you seem to believe I
pretend to me, It Is hardly likely that
I should make a confidant of the British
army, as represented In Major Herbert
Ho turned to tho sea again. The major,
troubled by the man's knowledge of his
Christian name, and utterly at a loss
for further words, chewed his underllp
and gritted his teeth together. Tho man
was laughting at him playing with
him d-J- him!
Five minutes later, when Charles Ed
ward turned his head, tho major had
disappeared. It seemed a little matter
to the prince, who straightway resumed
his reverie there upon the rocks over
looking tho sea.
Fltzwllllam was presently back In the
officers' room at the fort. Kllby had
not yet teturned. The major sneered as
he glanced at the clock. He had seen
tho captain's companion at the gather
ing. He thought he knew where Kllby
was tne root:
For half an hour he continued to
pace up and down the room, his hatred
and fear of the man on the rocks
hatred born of Intellectual Inferiority,
fear born of elusive reminiscence grow
ing every moment as he thought of the
manner In which Charles Ldward had
coony answereu or evaaca nis pertinent
or impertinent, questions,
"Caslmlr! Caslmlr! Yes, yes. The
name mused J-Itzwllllam. Its fa-
miliar, cui wnere me ueuce Ann ne
Knew me. wnai aoes ne Know anout
me?" Had he been a man with a clean
past the question would haidly have
arisen. "Y'es, he knew me when I was
a captain Whero was It? Captain
that was five years ago. Where was I
-then" Ah!"
He suddenly came to a dead halt. Over
his Hushed, full-blooded race spread a
hue that was more of lemlntscent guilt
than of terror.
"My nod'" ho whispered.
And that was all, while the ticking of
the big clock In the outer guardroom
acme distinctly through the heavy
Fltzwllllam's memory had returned.
A Continuation of This Story Will
He Found In Tomorrow's
Inane of The Times.
New D. A. R. Chapter
Organized Here
The Harriet Selden Heth chapter, of
the Daughters of tho American Revolu
tion was formally organized this week
In Washington with the following offi
cers. Regent, Mrs. Margaret M. Berrj ;
vice regent, Mrs. Sylvia Coutee Mere
dith, recording secretary, Mrs. Eliza
beth Knox Harrison; corresponding
secretary, Mrs. Frances Ambrose Hill
Home; treasurer, Mrs. Estelle Sher
wood Hjde; registrar, Miss S. Cary
Peachy; historian, Mrs. Louise Frazler
Tho chapter Is named In honor of the
late Mrs. Henry Heth, widow of the
Confederate general. Her daughter,
Miss Nannie Randolph- Heth, Is presl
dent of the Southern Relief Association.
German Ruler's Son
Performs as Hero
BERLIN. June 22. The Kaiser's
youngest son, Joachim, performed an
act of heroism that Is being loudly
He was cruising aboard his yacht, the
Induna, when he saw a boat capslzo
during a squall, the crew clinging to
the keel and signaling for help. Tha
prince Jumped Into a dingy with two
seamen and quickly rescued the wreck
ed seamen.
Eastern Shore is now connected direct
with Washington. New rapid transit.
See W.. B. & A. Electric Railway.
Washing Oriental Rugs Is a Special
Feature of Conger's carpet-cleanlngserv-Ice.
Experts of long experlence-satls-factory
handling of expensive Orientals
guaranteed. Phone W. 427 for estimates.
Cambridge is now only five hours from
Washington. New, drlect rapid transit
every day. See W.. B. & A. Electric
Summer Rates, Stag Hotel. Investigate
Ocean City is now only six hours from
Washington. New, direct rapid transit
every day. Special excursions Sunday.
See W., B. &. A. Electric Railway.
"Judas," Magnificent Hand-colored Fea
ture, : reels Sal and Sun. Vlrg lull Theater.
Miss Laura Merriam Is Entertaining
Week-End House Party in Virginia
Miss Helen Taft the Guest
of Honor at Liberty
Miss Laura Merriam Is entertaining
a week-end house party at the country
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Merriam, at Liberty Furnace, Va.,
in honor of Miss Helen Taft. The
party which left Washington this morn
ing Includes Lieutenant Commander and
Mrs. R. C. Bulmer, U. S. N of An
napolis, who are chaperoning the party;
Miss Taft and Miss Merriam, Paymas
ter Edward C. Little, U. S. N., and A.
Piatt Andrews.
Miss Merriam spent the week In Chi
cago attending the Republican national
convention with her aunt, Mrs, Frank
Mitchell, and returned to Washington
yesterday afternoon. Sho will also at
tend tho Democratic convention In Bal
timore next week, going over with
Miss Dorothy Williams each dav as tho
guest of Mrs. Norman E. Mack.
Miss Tnft was the principal guest at
a picnic party to Silver Spring, Md.,
last night, at which the Misses Noyos,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B.
Noycs, wero hosts.
Congressman and Mrs. J. Charleo
Llnthlcum, who have been visiting in
New York, are now at their country
flace, Twin Oaks, Just outsldo of Bal
Imore, where; they will entertain a
large house party next week for tho
convention, dome of those In their
party will be Congressman nnd Mrs.
Steven B. Avres of New York, and
Miss Ayres, Mrs. Anno Hamilton Plt
zer, Mrs. Champ Clark's sister, will
probably bo a member of their party.
Mm. Robert H. Travcr, accompanied by
her young daughter, MIsb Frances Traver,
a debutante of a couple years hence,
will leave Washington early next month
for an automobile trip to New England.
They will stop In New York en route.
In tho autumn Mrs. Traver and her
daughter will sail from New York for
a year of European travel.
Irs. John F. Parker, widow of Cap
tain Packer, who was aide to President
Harrison, Is visiting In Washington.
Later she will Join Mrs. Harrison at
her camp In the Adirondack.
What Is Seen
In every home where there Is a small
boy, or a little girl who Is Inclined to
be lively, the need of bandages, cotton,
and other accessories for cut fingers,
bruised heads, etc , Is constant.
Mothers who are well versed In the
art of "first aid," are In a position to
save a great many small bills, from
physicians, and If tho proper materials
are at hand, they can dress a wound
and care for it as well as a doctor.
Emergency cases, containing several
widths of bandages, mustard plasters,
absorbent cotton, petroleum Jellv, ad
hesive tape, surgeons' scissors, tweezers,
and small safety pins, are for sale at
a leather store on F strept, not far
from Thirteenth, for l W). When thpse
supplies have bpen exhausted they may
be renewed at almost any drug store or
medical supply shop
Daintily colored handkerchiefs
matching In tone tho coloring of gown
or hat, aro seen In all the shops, and
range In price In from 12 to 50 cents
a piece. Imported French moucholrs,
hand embroidered. In clever and origi
nal designs, are f.o to 25 cents. Tho
handkerchief counter of a department
store In F street, near Eleventh, is dis
placing some very attractive designs
In green, and som of tho daintier
shades of bluo. pink, tc These are
two for a quarter and 25 cents a piece,
the ones with an embroidered Initial
aro only 12V. cents.
In the show case of a house furnish
ing store In F Btrcet, between Twelfth
and Thirteenth, Is a display of pottery,
Demand Improvement
Of Rockville Pike
To frame a protest against the atti
tude of the Rockville county officials
for their lack of attention to the Rock
ville pike, between the District Line and
ItocKvllle, and to study ways and means
of improving this roadway, residents ot
the lower county will meet at 2 o'clock
this afternoon at the home of Georgo
E. Hamilton, vice piesidcnt of the Cap
ital Traction Comp.inj, to doculq upon
a couiee of action
Dr L. F. Pagu, director of the office
of public roads, will attend the meet
ing and offer whatever advice Is possi
ble Residents along the Rockville pike
declare that roadway Is neglected In
favor of tho upper county roads, wnere
there are more voters. They consider
this outrageous In view of the fact that
residents of tho lower county near the
District pay tho bulk of tho taxes.
Nellie Grant Sartoris
To Wed Chicagoan
CHICAGO, June 22 Announcement
was made here today of the engagement
of Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris. only
daughter of former President Ulysses S.
Grant, and Frank H Jones, who was
Assistant Postmaster General In Presi
dent Cleveland's Administration and
now Is secretary of a Chicago bank.
The wedding will take place July 4, at
Mrs. Sartoris' country place, In Coburn,
Ontario, and will be In the presence only
of relatives.
Get a DUST-NO Cedared Garment Bag
Dust-proof, Moth-proof,
Insect-proof, Moisture-proof
D..iil? PJS,T;N., onens on the side. Holds
several garments Easy to put one in and take
out without disturbing others Close with
a dnul.ln fold. Made of specially propared
blue paper. It keeps white garments' from
turning yellow and laundered garments crlsn
and fresh. Protects all clothes perfectly any
where. Lasts for years. Saves your money
uj rating juui ijiuiiii-a-
Flve sizes, 30c to $1 00. Buy from your
local dealer. Sold In Washington. D. C, by
Woodward & Lothrop Co. I.amburgh & Bro
Goldenbrs'. E Morrlmn Papr Co.
Teoplf i Drui: Store. Inc.
Selex Specialties Co.,
Honduran Envoy Here
To Relurn Knox Call
Dr. Alberto Membreno, of Honduraa,
has arrived In Washington to return for
his government the visit made bv the
Secretary of State, Mr, Knox, on hli
recent cruise In Central and South
American waters. Dr. Membreno Is the
second special envoy fi'om Latin
America sent to Washington on a simi
lar mission, tho first being flenor Her
rarte, of Guatemala, who spent several
days here a week or so ago.
Dr. Membreno, who was received by
tho President at the White House yes
terday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Is at
present .envoy extraordinary and min
ister plenipotentiary from his country
to Mexico, and the second vice preM
dent of tho Republic of Honduras. He
also bears the distinction of having
served his country for two years, some
time ago, as minister to this country.
Viscount and Viscountess do Blbour
will go to New York, next week for a
few days prior to sailing for their an
nual European trip.
Cant, and Mrs. William B. Caperton,
IT. S. N., wero the principal guests at
the dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. James
Andrews Swan at their Newport cot
tage last night,
Mrs. Lloyd Black, of Leesbur. Va., Is
visiting the Misses Fowler, of 1338 Thir
tieth street.
Cards aro out announcing the mar
riage of Mrs. Brunhlldc Elizabeth Ran
dall and John Blake Coffman. The cere
mony took place Wednesday afternoon,
Juno 19. at 5 o'clock, at Epiphany
Church, In the presence of a large
ratherlng of relatives and frltnds, the
Rev. Randolph H. McKlm officiating,
assisted by tho Ttev. Thomas Hubert
Mrs. Dan B. Miller, Jr., was the ma
tron of honor, and Mr. Coffman's best
man was Dan B. Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Coffman will be at home
nfter July 1, 1519 Vermont avenue.
Miss Lota Robinson, who has been vis
iting Mrs. John R. McLean, will accom
pany her to Oreen Spring Valley next
week. The McLeans have taken a house
In the valley for convention week In
in The Shops
in pastrl shades of green and brown,
w-hich Is individual, both in design and
workmanship. Each Piece of this ware
Is turned out by hand, and each pleco
Is tho lesult of one person's effort and
Idea. The pottery Is made at a shop in
Boston where the wage earners do the
best that Is In them and manage to put
some of their own Individuality Into
each piece that they turn out. As on
can Imagine, the work Is attractive and
tho results original.
Porrldgo sets for children, bread and
milk sets, small toilet sets, breakfast
plates, flower bowls, salad bowls, and
candlesticks, are a few of the forms Im
pressed upon the product of the pot
tti Conventionalized animal forms
aro much used In the decorative de
nlgns, and quaint and homely Inscrip
tions aro placed upon many articles. The
effect of the finished product depends
upon beauty of form and surface, ex
cellence of coloring and qualntness and
simplicity of design. The price of these
pieces ranges from 2 to $5.
As long as the one-plecc dress Is the
vogue, tho princess slip Is a necessity
and all kinds of styles are to be had, lu
any material from silk to lawn. Long
cloth, nainsook, batiste, lawn, and
crepe cloth are a few of the materials
of which the slips are made. On the
ccrnr of Eighth street, at the market
space, a department store Is selling an
odd lot of princess 6llps, chemise, and
combination suits. Lawn slips, odd
sizes, trimmed with lace at nock and
sleeves, round neck with a flounce at
the bottom are &5c, marked down
from $1.
Fined and Sentenced
For Taking Joy Ride
Frederick Thomas, colored, charged
with taking the automobile of his em
ployer, H. Wlnshlp Wheatley, without
permission and damaging the machine
in a "Jov ride," was sentenced to pay
a fine of $100 and to serve six months
In Jail In Police Court this morning.
In default of the payment of the fine
the court ordered that he serve an
additional six months Thomas was
anested last night after he had run
Mr. Wheatley's automobile Into a pole
at Connecticut avenue and McKlnley
street northwest. The machine was
damaged to the extent of JJ00.
Plans to Establish
Hebrew Institution
The establishment of a central edu
cational and social institution win bo
discussed at a mass meeting of Hebrew
residents of the District at S o'clock
tomorrow night. It Is hoped to erect
a structure which will afford space for
lecture, class, and study rooms, a li
brary, a gymnasium, and an assembly
hall for social gatherings. It Is par
ticularly designed for recent Hebrew
Immigrants to the city.
According to Joseph L. Tepper, mem
ber of the Hebrew Institute Association.
It Is expected a fund of J10.000 or J15.000
will be raised at fir.st, with this sum
Increased to at least J50,000 before the
building Is completed.
fw M Ham
77 I
'Mm ill
Daughter of Speaker
Clark Going to
MUs Genevieve Clark, daughter of the
Speaker and Mrs. Champ Clark, will at
tend the Baltimore convention next
week, spending the week there with her
cousins, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Lewis, of
ShclUyvlllc, Ky.
Paymaster General H. T. B. Harrison,
u. 8. N retired, and Mrs. Harlson have
gone to New York and are at the Hotel
Gotham for a brief stay.
tt, . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Bewail are
spending a few days In New York at
the Walcott.
Mr. and' Mrs. J. Lyons, who were re
cently married In Indianapolis, spent
a few days In Washington during the
Miss Maud Brown, niece of Congress
man and Mrs. J. J, RuHsell of Missouri,
will leave Washington tomorrow for
hor home, at Cairo, III., where she will
spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Gibson have
taken the Blight cottage at Newport
for the summer.
Mrs. Leo Butimgarten left Washln.j-t-in
y-.'sterday to spsnd a fw weeki In
Atlantlo City. From there thfy will go
tn white Sulphur Springs for thv re
mainder of the summer.
.t. -.
Mts. Al qigmund has returned to her
home In Twenty-seventh street after
spending the past thrae weeks In At
luntlc City.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Rich nnd daugh
tet, MUs Fannyo Rich, and Miss Doro
thy Octllngcr hove returned to "Wash
ington after ,a visit in Wilson. N. C,
and Richmond, Va.
Mlfs Hi'lrn Barohfeld. of the Gotham,
Is spendlnr a few weeks in Atlantic
Miss Dora S-'hlfrmin, cf llarvnrd
stieet. left ilnrtnn the week fcr Clarion,
i'a., where Bhe will rpend the summer
with her cousin, Mn. I. Kaufman.
Mrs. Sydnev Uel'4c-nstcln cf I he Du
pont. Is spending n few days In N:vv
York with her sister. Mrs. 1. Saks
Mrs. A. M. Bacr has teturned to h"i
hi tno In the Netherlands after spendln-r
the put few w-eoks I nRlchmond with
her daughter, Mrs. Henrv S Straus.
Miss Selma Heyn. of Baltimore. Is In
Wasl lnton to attend thr t.-g .-II; to
be given lotnormw by the numbers of
the Fxcelslor Club.
Mis? Hcrthn Hnlli has lelurncd to
Ivt hor"e In Baltimore after spending
the past week with friends here.
Nixon's Will Keeps
Huge Estate Intact
RENO, Nev., Juno 22. Tho will of
Senator Nixon, made public today, dl
tects the t'ank of Nevada Savings Com
pany as executor, to maintain the
$3,000,000 estate as nearly Intact as prac
ticable. The widow will get one-half,
nnd a son, Bertram Nixon, tho othe:
half Tho son will receive J2J0 monthly
until he twenty-five years old, $'j
monthly from then until he Is thirty
yearB old, and Jl.'OO monthl until he
s thirty-five, wi.n u)1 n snare ln
bo delivered to him.
Each of four nephews and nieces ar
to get I2..V outright and 200 monthly
curing the life of ach. Thp Senator's
secretary will get S1.000. and two housi
servants 51.000 each. Frank Ixe. a con
fidential associate and friend, will re
ceive H25 monthly for life.
Promotion of Armes
Is Checked Again
The ambition cf Ma lot Georsc A
Armos. l S. A , of this eitv, to be
'ome a nnjor general, is likely to be
trusfated on:e more this ear If Con
fciessman Jam-M Minn, mlnoiltv lej.W
tf the House, has anything to say about
The bill to promote Major Armes Is
an annual feature m the House leglsla-
.r1"'"', Kesularly it finds Its
Way tO till! DllvatO rnltnrinr- .i ...l.iT
VV?J r??"l?rny: "fcJ-71 Ib' made. Vi,d
It Is
"a""c",u l me tegular calcn-
For lour or five
swons it haj been
The malor was in Indian fighter, and
has a gallant recoi 1 for service.
Senator Foster Better.
The conditions of Senatoi Murphy J.
Foster of Loul.lin.i who ic m -. .!
uirirtmoiits at the Cochran, from an I
attack of IndUestlu-i. Is uported as i
being l..Ht-r tod iv. Sor.atot 1'oMer
pass.-d it res' fin nleht it ... .' "i l."
attendants, and Is fee'l,n belter today.
C-.1QO 1.1b. loavc. to thr l.nrr.l
Don't Trust
to Chance
in baking, but make deli
cious bread, cakes, and pas
tries an absolute CERTAIN
TY by using
REMEMBER, you have
nothing to gain and much to
lose when you accept a sub
stitute. Always insist on
having Crem Blend Flour.
Wholesalers, jVVr.!1'""-
wholesale grocers In the
city We have the stocks
and tho facilities to meet
your demands promptly and
No Consumers Supplied.
fr1 ft
The Sandman's Stories
LING, kllng, kllng;" went tho
ring of the hammer all day
long on the anvil, and all
dav lonir thn lollv black.
smith sang a merry song. But ho did
not feel so happy way down In his
heart, for ho was very, very poor, so
poor, tn fact, that he and his little
daughter had nothing but dry bread and
water for a week.
Then Hansel, the boy who worked for
him, was the poorest of all. And Hansel
had dared to fall In love with the pretty
daughter. So, while tho hammer played
a gay tune on tho anvil, the smith was
realty sighing In his heart about his
poverty. But Hansel went about the
shop In his rags picking up horse shoes
and laughing at tho smith's sighs that
always ended his songs.
At dust tho glow of the forge cast a,
bright light over the shop, but without
the door was darkness, so the' Btnlth
did not sec a small, queer-looking man
that looked In.
"I would llko you to mend this chain
for me," squeaked the little man, as h
held up a chain of polished silver. But
the smith did not look around. Think-
Ing It was some boy playing pranks, he
laughed and said. "Hun along home,
laddy, and don't bother me when I am
finishing up my work."
"Don't bother you. Is It'" screamed
the tiny man In a rage. "We will see
nbout th&t I am the King of the trolls.
1 live In the Ruby mountains, and when
I come to a dirty blacksmith llko you
I get Impertinence. I will teach you
a lesson yet," and tho angry fellow dis
appeared In the night.
" The smith was very sorry he had of
fended tho king of the trolls, for he
knew something bad was likely to
Diplomats Having
Fun at Convention
CHICAGO June 22. Foreign diplo
mats who are visiting Chicago during
the Republican national convention
seem to And the process of getting Into
the convention more Interesting than
the state or condition of being In.
Ono of those who found It most dif
ficult to gain an entrance to the con
vention hall Is Frederic Pezet, minister
from Peru. Scnor Pezet presented his
card at one of the doors and asked
that it be taken to some one In au
thority For answer the door was
slammed In his face. Afterward he
was admitted.
Alfred Mitchell Innes and Lord Eus
tace Percy, of the British Embassy,
got enough of the convention proceed
ings early this morning and left the
hall to go motoring. Captain de Cham
brun the French naval attache at
Wa?hIrigton stayed but a short time.
Tho Latin-American diplomats are the
onlv ones who dlspla much Interest.
Ignaclo Calderon minister from Bolivia,
was notahlv Interested, and asked a
great manv questions.
When John Barrett, director general
pf the Pan-American Union at Wash
ington, Informed the Latin-American
diplomats that after the convention the
fighting legions below them would
shak nands and be as good friends or
betters than before, they were inerdu
lous. Eclectic Doctors
Decide on Dallas
The National Eclectic Medical Asso
ciation closed Its annual convention In
the city ;,esterday. It was decided to
hold the next conclave of tho associa
tion in Dallas, Tex. The following of
ficers wero elected: Dr. F. L. Will
meth. of Lincoln. Neb., was selected
president to succeed Dr. A. F. Ste
phens, of St. Louis. The following of
ficers were also chosen- Dr. E. M.
Ewing. of Harrisburg, Pa., first vice
president; Dr. Marv B. Morrey, ot
Texas, second vice president, and Dr.
G. B. Bilstol. of Mlddlebury. Conn.,
third vice president.
The following officers wero re-elected.
Dr. William P. Best, of Indianapolis,
Ind., recoidlng secretary. Dr. W. N.
Mundy, of Forest, Ohio, corresponding
secretary, and Dr. E. G. Sharp, ot
Guthrie, Okla., treasurer.
When Your Feet Ache
From Corns Bunions, Sore or Callous
Spots, Blisters. New or tight shoe.
Allen s Foot-Ease, the antiseptic pow
der to be shaken into the shfles. will
give Instant relief. It Is tho greatest
comfort discovery of the age Sold
ovorywhpre, 25c Don't accept any
substitute For FREE sample address,
Allen S. Olmsted. Lo Hoy, N. Y
uMUIiiKtoti'M Leading Theater.
The House Next Door 50c
Matinees Thurs. and Sat. 25C
Next Week "The Climbers."
a -50 0l78
The Big Muilcal Comedy Hit.
Three Twins
With an Augmented Cait.
i BEL AS CO LM ,,Int- 25c
Tnrituht Af 8il3U3c, BOc. 75c.
1 1ST WFFK I)on "' the
U!J1 iTLLft Farewell Performances.
Goodbye Reception Sat. Mat.
In Jeiome K Jerome'g Comedy Drama,
"The Way to Win a Woman"
Hand Concerts, dfco., Tomorrow.
fc.-X V "F- I "w fc I
happen. The trolls wero a little people
who lived miles away In the Heart ot
some high mountains and they spent
their time digging rubles, so all wero
very rich. Viie King wan a veiy pow
erful man In magic, and the smith
knew could do a great deal of harm if
he wished.
The next morning the smith got a
note from the King, saying that no in
tended to como some night and steal
the smith, hiding him forevor In tha
mountain caves.
"I don't know what to do," Cried tho
poor smith. "I never intended to hurt
the fellow's feelings."
"Let me go and beg you off." pltaded
Hansel. "I am sure I can get him In a
good humor. If I do, will you give me
your daughter?" And the smith said
"Yes," very gladly.
So taking a big bag. on hla shoulder.
Hansel set out lor the Kingdom of the
trolls. When he reached the King's sal
aco he was shown Into a big room, all
glittering with gold, and the throne
was entirely of Hashing rubles. Hansel
begged the King not to steal the smith
away from his homo.
"I wii lot him go free," said tho
King, frowning, "on one condition. You
are a very stupid-looking fellow, and
if you can answer sensibly three ques
tions I will ask, the smith shall never
be harmed by me."
"All right," said Hansel. "Fire away
with your questions."
'i'iPV1 ,f you fa" t0 answer sensibly I
win keep you prisoner for life," replied
the King. Hansel thought that a hard
condition, but determlnodto carry out
the thing to the end.
"Well, my flrat question is: 'How
many horseshoe nails there are In 10
narrels In the smith s shop?" said the
King. Hansel scratched hlo he3d, then
"&"."" on a bIt "t paper, replied:
There are Just 8,739.' Of course he
was only guessing, but as the king
knew nothing more than he, the an
swer was very sensible and the troll
ald It was correct.
"Now, how long will It take a bird to
fly from here to tho moon?" asked the
"If he flleB fast enough he can do It
In a day." replied Hansel, and the troll
owned that the answer was very good.
"Now, what must I do In order to be
a good King of the trolls?" was the
third question.
"Oh, that's easy," laughed HanBel.
opening his bag wide. "The very best
thing you can do is to leave the amlth
alone and send me home with this bag
full of rubles for a wedding present for
his daughter."
And the old troll was so amused by
Hansel's witty answers that he had tho
bag filled with rubles and the boy re
turned happy to the smith In a few
days Hansel nnd the girl were married
and lived In great splendor for the rest
of their days on the riches that the
King of the trolls had given them.
Lake George
7-Day Personally-Conducted
July SI
Up the historic Hudson River: a
day at Saratoga Springs; through
beautiful Lake George and Lake
Champlaln: two days in Montreal
affording an opportunity to visit
the Chateau do Ramezay, Notre
Dame Cathedral and other points
of interest.
from Washington
Proportionate rates from other
Ask Agents for booklet, or address
B M. Newbold. D. P. A., 15th and
G Streets, N V.. Washington. D. C.
Tour to Thousand Islands July IS, Au
But 15. 2f; Maritime I'mvlnces July 2t;
Adlrondacka July 31, Muaknka Lakea Au
guft 1. Quebec Augut T: Yellowstone
I'arkAugust 10, Great Lakes September II.
Pennsylvania R. R.
Atlantic City
I Icnbeirii
Leading Resort House of I lie World
.Ionian While & Sunn Co.
Ocean City, N. J.
Ocean Clty'a Largest and Leading Howl
Opens June :9th. Capacity. 600. Orcheatra.
Cuisine. White St nice. etc.. of hlgheit
tandard. Pergonal management of T. W.
White. Propr. Make early reservation. Writ
tor Booklet and rate. i
Asbury Park.
tK 4th ne. White eerWcc. under earn
management, booklet. D. J. IUCHARDSON.
Ocean City, Md.
Ocean front and ew; reasonable rates First
booked, best aersed. J. D. SHOWELL,
Colonial Beach.
T.TNWOnn One-half block from beach.
iiiil VYJJXJ Rooms large and airy.
Spacious porches, dining room unexcelled.
Rates extremely moderate. Special rates to
parties MRS. McKENNY. Prop.
water In yjrd Apply to MISS HUNT. 3221
Mt Pleasant N V , or M E DODU,
Colonial Bvuch, Va
FOR RENT First cTas campsT Colonial
Beachi eery convenience, for particulars
address BOX 2K. Tlmea office. l
5. s, $7 per week Gas In every room,
artesian water, pavilion on front DIt M.
B GROSHON DPS Open July 1. 1
Coolest pi nee at Colonial Reach. Quiet
nnd restful. Excellent table. Hates.
JO to S. Mrs. C. J. SMOOT, Prop.
Heal KMntc Broker.
The choicest hsilldlne lots, cottages,
nnd buKlnessj plncca for sale.
Braddock Heights.
cooking; moderate prices; cool and Uellchtfm
air. Ad. MUs Blser. V O.. Rr'dock Hts.. Md
On Catoctln mountain, altitude 1 mo ft
pure air. good water and no moan ui ton. .'ii
modern conveniences. Kor terms, etc ad"
l!?K Urf. V1?3- " "YERS. Braddock
H.UUU. Frsderlck Co.. Hi., garage attach."

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