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JJrr)r"r-lS ".,-J e."tyi,
'Atlanta Society Appeals in
, , Vain for Cards of Ad-
ATLANTA, Ga., July 26. Atlanta' so
ciety, who, with the morbidly curious,
have been looking forward to ylewlng
the trial of Mrs. Daisy Ople Grace, on
a charge of assault with attempt .to kill
her hUBband, were disappointed tdday
. 'Wlien Judge L. B. Roan practically de
' elded to exclude, the public from his
court room. '
The cramped, dingy room where the
wife mustanswer to the charge of
shooting Eugene Grace only seats 123
persons. Thousands have already ap
plied to court officials for "cards of
admission." Judge Hoan frowned on a
plant to rent the, city auditorium and
force Mrs. Grace publicly to play her
part In the tragedy.
Counsel on both Bides agreed today
'that thq trial would toe of short dura
itlpn. It was expected that a Jury would
, tba obtained early on Monday, -when tho
lease Is set, and that a verdict would
tie returned by Tuesday evening. Tho
prosecutlon has twenty witnesses. It
was said that the defense would prob
ably not call any witnesses.
Eugene Grace was shot sometime dur
ing the night of March 5, while asleep
at his home. No one? heard the shot.
(Grace dragged himself to the telcphono
and managed to call the police late 'In
the day. Mrs. Grace, who left the bed
room early In the morning for a brief
trip out of town, was charged by her
husband with the shooting, although
he said he was shot whllo asleep. Mrs.
Grace denied the story, and hinted at
another woman In the case.
Grace hovered near death for weeks,
"and Is now paralyzed from his chest
'down, the bullet having lodged near his
plnal cord.
Brothers in' Hospital.
"William Roy, thirty years old, and his
brother, David Roy, slightly younger,
pot Into an argument near the family
pome at 17 Sheridan road southeast, and
Concerts Today
By United, States Engineer Band, at
Smithsonian Grounds at 7:30 P. M.
March, "National Emblem".. Bagley
Overture, "Merry Wives of Wind-..
sor" ...' Nlcolal
Sextet .ftpm "Lucia" (byt request),
Waltz, "The Skater" Waldteufel
Selection, "II Trovatore" Verdi
(a) "Garland of Old-Fashioned
Roses" Keltkely
(b) "At the Ragtime BaH"...Wllson
"Dance of tho Serpents" ....Bocolarl
Descriptive Fantasle, "A Day at
West Point" Bendlx
"The Star-Spangled Banner." r
By thoU.r S. Soldiers' Home' Band,
at 4 P. M.
March, "Taffs Inaugural" (1909),
Overture.. "GUy Mannerlng"..BIshpp
Spanish Dance, "Escamllla"...RodIa
Selection, "Auld Scotia," .
Harry Lauder
Rag oddity, "Rag-a-Tag Rag,"
Excerpts from "Mile. Modlstet,
Morceau, "Cupid's Patrol" MVjret
Finale. "Federation".... .....iKlohr
"The Star-Spangled Banner."
By the Fifteenth Cavalry Band, at
Fort Myer, Va., at 8 p. m.
March, "Sanltol" Daniels
Overture, "Tannhauser", . ... Wagner
Concert waltz, "Dreams of Child
hood" ...Waldteufel
Selection, "Little Boy Blue"...BerneT
Sextet from "Lucia dl Lammer-
moor" .,,. Donizetti
Patrol, "irlBh" .Puerner
Excerpts from "Bright Eyes,"
Rag oddity, "Procrastination Rag,"
"Tho Star-Spangled Banner."
The Safe Deposit De
partment of this Coin
puny maintains a Biie
clal vault, provided for
the storage and safe
keeping of sliver,
trunks, and. other
bulky articles of value.
This feature of our
service Is greatly ap
preciated by those ab
sent from their homes
during the summer
Articles valued at not
over $1,000 are stored
for $1.00 per month. In
cluding drayage within
the city limits.
a zar y
Gets a Promotion
www " rawfl! ' L in nun
sssssB&wfe 0!&?BSsbbbbbbb1
' fl
fl '
f -Phot6" by 0. V.. Buck.
aa a result both are under treatment
at( Casualty Hospital for cuts on tho
face and head, supposed to havo, been
JiMIIUkVU Willi lUiUlfl
Fireproof Storage,
Packing. Moving.
Owing to the reorganization of this corporation, we propose to sell a large quantity
of goods at big reductions.
To start with, we intend to sell all stock now on hand at such a deep cut in prices as
has not been seen in any special sale ever before held here. We are strengthening our sales
forces and fritting the delivery department in shape to handle the extra call upon it with
dispatch. ,.-..-
It is needless to add that the same high standard of quality and fair treatment which
has made this house notable for over 50 years will be maintained with jealous care.
To the thousands of patrons here and elsewhere, whose trade and friendship have en
abled us to build up the largest and most complete retail furniture establishment in Amer
ica, we desire to express our heartfelt thanks. We assure them, also, that our highest am
bition in the future, as in the past, will be to meet their wishes and to guarantee them
absolute and entire satisfaction in every dealing which they may have with this house.
We cordially invite the public at large to look through the 36 large salesrooms of
the store in order to get an idea of the immense stock of high grade goods we are carry
ing, and the very low prices at which they are being sold during this great Reorganization
Sale. W. B. MOSES & SONS.
All Departments Contribute to
Brass Beds About Half
These are the finest Brass Beds made, and these
prices are phenomenally low for any of them.
' Now.
$40.00 $19.50
$27.00 $15.95
$50.00 $39.90
$25.00 $12.50
$31.00 $11.75
$44.00 $13.25
$32.00 $14.75
$31.50 $12.85
$55.00 $29.85
$20.00 '. $9.00
$40.00 $21.00
$55.00 $27.50
$42.00 $20.00
Cool Rugs for Hot Weather
Fresh From the Prairies of America.
CARLOAD PURCHASES enables us to quote these
Rugs at LOWER PRICES than were ever before offered.
18x36 in.' Special 19c
21x45 in. Special 28c'
27x54 in. Special. . . .49c .
30x60 in. Special. . . .'69c
36x72 in. Special 89c
Stencil Border Grass Rugs
In Green, Tan, Blue, Red.
6x9 ft. Special.... $3.15
8x10 ft. Special.... $5.25
i - 1 1 1
Secretary to Deputy Com
missioner Williams Is Given
1 'Promotion.
Announcement was made today of tho
promotion of Joseph N. Shawhan, pri
vate secretary to Robert Williams, jr.,
Deputy Commissioner of Internal Rovo-
niie, to the position of revenue agent
with charge of tho St. Paul, Mlnn.l
Mr. Shawhan, who has been a resi
dent of Washington for m eleven years,
will leave tho city In a day or two to
take up his new' duties. He Is a native
of Gibson county, Ind., and taught in
the public schools of that' State', Ar
kansas, and Kansas, until 1888, when ho
was made an lnatrucfor In. th,o, Kentucky
University, at Lexington',' Ky." This' po
sition he held until, 1S87 having studied
law In the meantime, and being admit
ted to practice. '
Mr. Shawhan then became private
secretary to Governor Bradley, of Ken
tucky, and a. little later entered the In
ternal' Revenue Service. 'In 1901 he was
transferred to' the Revenue Bureau here
and five years ago became secretary to
Colonel Williams.
Mr Shawhan and Mrs. Shawhan for
merly resided In the Burlington," and
have been living In tho THomas, on
Thomas circle, In recent months'.
W. B. Moses & Sons
Great Reorganization Sale
to Be Reduced $200,000
Were. Now.
$40.00 $17.50
$40.00 $15.00
$45.00 $26.75
$33.00 $19.40
$16.00 $8.00
$36.00 ....$16.00
$42.00 ....$16.00
$60.00 $30.00
$35.00 $17.50
$60.00 $20.65
$38.00 $13.50
$70.00 $34.50
$33.00.. $19.90
54x90 in. Special. .$1.93
6x9 ft. Special.... $2.95
8x10 ft. Special.... $4.25
9x12 ft. Special.... $5.75
9x15 ft. Special... I $6.75
9x12 ft. Special.... $6.75
9x15 ft. Special.... $7.95
Korean Situation Not Such
as Would Warrant Interfer
ence by United States.
Not a single complaint has been re
ceived at the State Department from
the American missionaries in Korea,
Who are said to be subjected to lndlgr
nltles and to face expulsion from that
oouritry by Japan. J
Reports that the American Missionary
Society r nbout to (lie a protest with
the State Department, have been re
ceived In Washington ever since the
first stories front Korea reached this
country. Up to date, however, no ac
tion has been taken.
For this reason tho State Department
has been very slow to Interfere with
Japan.' ,
Basis of Plot Theory.
Tho Christian missionaries In Korea
aro regarded as Immune' from Inter
ference, because Japan knows that the
various nations are propared to pro
'toct their representatives at all times.
It Is hinted that the-leaders In the
plot to assassinate Count Perauchl, gov
ernor general of Korea, .when they
found tho Japanese officers hot on their
trail, nocKca 10 tne missions for rerugo
under the cloak of Christianity.
These deeds of violence give Japan
reasonable' grounds for believing that
there is a definite terrorist movements
Bargains in Fine Fabrics
We offer a selection of Upholstery materials at great
ly reduced prices.
1 piece each of Colonial Tapestry in Red, Green,
Brown, and Cream; former price, $1.50; reduced to,
$1.20 per yard.
Were. Now.
Plain Tapestry, Col. Dark Green $1 .65 $1.25
Red Tapestry, Louis XVI . . . $2.00 $1.37
Persian Tapestry, small i $2.00 $1.45
Oriental Tapestry 2:25 $1.65
Brown Tapestry, Early English $2.25 $1.85
Wool Tapestry, Mosaic $2.75 $2.00
Silk Tapestry, Marie Antoinette $2.75 $2.15
Silk Tapestry, Adams $2.75 $2.25
Silk Tapestry, Louis XV $3.85 $3.00
5,000 Yards Carpets
All qualities, some full rolls. These we have sepa
rated into grades and marked at prices which are bound
to move tnem quickly.
Best Brussels
The kind which stands
up for years under the
hardest wear; every color
Worth $1.25
Now 87ic
Plush Wiltons
Beautiful designs, suit
able for library, dining
room or hall and stairs.
Worth $2.00
Now $1.1
Korea, according to State Department
Ho Right to Interfere.
If the plotters prove to be Christian
converts that fact gives the United
States no grounds for Interference in
the attitude here.
It can be stated positively that unless
thero Is some overt violence against
Americans or their property In Korea,
the State Department will not Interfere
With tho Japanese probe of tho con
spiracy, oven though the Oriental tacr
tics of torture are used to wrest evi
dence from suspects. .
An offclal of the department -stated
today that no American In Korea Is' In
danger, so far as Is known.
Veterans Arrange to v
Attend Encampment
Upon the recommendation of a com
mlttee appointed by tho local G. A. R.
posts to look after transportation of
tho veterans from this section who are
going to Los Angeles, Cal., to attend
the forty-sixth national encampment of
the organization, the following lines for
reaching the encampment city are desig
nated by Department Commander
Bloodgood: The Baltimore and Ohio,
Chicago Great Western, Union Pacific,
Oregon Short Line, and the San Pedro,
Los Angeles, and Salt Lake railroads.
The faro to Los Angeles, according to
a circular Issued 'from the Department
of the Potomac, G. A. R.,( headquarters,
will be S95.45 from August 28 to Septem
ber 4. The tickets bought during that
period will be valid until October 31.
Accuse Hackmen of '
Trampling Park Grass
The Commissioners are considering
the adoption of a regulation prohibiting
hackmen at the public hack stands from
standing on the public parkings. Sev
eral complaints of the destruction of
el-nun havo been received by the board.
On recommendation of Commissioner
Rudolph tho Commissioners today di
rected the Corporation Counsel to draft
tho necessary ordinance, which will be
added to the ponce regulations.
Best Refrigerators,
Baby Carriages.
This Sale
Wilton Velvet
N In a variety of color ef
fects, including the much
desired wood colors.
vWorth $1.50
Now 97ic
Mottled Velvet
Probably the most satis
factory wearing carpet for
halls rfnd stairs.
Worth $1.25
Now 69c
We Close at 6
Bargains for Tomorrow Are Ones You
Cunnqt Afford to Miss
Children's Dresses Sacrificed
Everything 'that's new lit Children's Dresses atthe smallestjprice
you ever paid. Come tomorrow and supply your future needs. 'AH
sizes from 6 to 14 years.
'ChiidreVs Colored Wask Dresses
40 Creases, values up to V)Qn
11.00. Rebuilding Sale. pTlco uO
168.Dresse8, values up to COn
$2.00. Rebuilding Sale price.. UI7C
85 Dresses, values up to (J- QQ
$4.00. Rebuilding Sale price 0&V
16 Dresses,- values up to d0 Q
$7.60, Rebuilding Sale price PAU
v CteMreas Wike Dresses
The Dalntirst. You fiver Saw.
oizes a to n yfcars. .
20 Dresses, values up
$2. Rebuilding Sale price
Natural linen and white linen em
broidered . .-.
White linen embroidered, with colored
broidered green pongee and fancy effects
A few odds and ends in all
All-Silk Taffetas, all colors, in plain and stripe ef- .
fects; also the White Embroidered Washable kind. 1 QC
Worth up to $2.50 $1.33
All-silk taffeta, pongee and embroidered panel white linen; also
some fancy silks, with Dresden borders and black and D1 CO
white effects. Worth up to $3.00 S'U3V
Children's Parasols, all colors, fancy effects. Worth
up to 69c n
Ladies' $1.50
Ladles' Ingrain Silk Hose; dou
ble sole, high spliced heel, gar
ter top; all colors. $1.50 QRa
value. Special 5ut
Ladles' Chiffon Gauze Lisle Hose;
double sole, spliced heel, garter
top; all colors. 50c value. OCT
Special uDC
Ladles' Lisle Hose; double sole,
spliced heel, garter top. 35c OCrt
value " tU
Ladies' Lisle Hose; double heel
and toe; black and tan. 10l
19c value A47C
v At h and Less Than h Price
Positively all $2.75 values at half price. $1.38
The $4.'00 value at half price $1.98
Our S4.50 and $5.00 Worsteds $2.98
Extra quality, all wool. $6.00 and $7.00 values $3.98
The imported. $8.00 and $10.00 values $4.98
Also our $3.50 All-wool Cassimeres and Serges,
Juvenile Russian and Blouse Suits; sizes 3 to 10- M Cfl
Choice 4I.Oy
50c 2-clasp QQ
Silk Gloves 5C
Two-clasp Double-tipped Silk
Gloves, in black, white, and colors;
regular 50c value. Rebuild- QQa
lng Sale price -. OUC
lS-button Length LUle Gloves,
in white. Special 50c r7Kt
and 'l
16-button Length Double-tipped
Silk Gloves, In white; regular
$1.00 value. Rebuilding RQn
Sale price ' UtC
16-button Length Guaranteed
Double-tipped Silk Gloves, in tan,
black and white Fownc's
and Kayser's make. Spe- (IJ-I AA
12-button Length Double-tipped
Silk Gloves, in black, white, 7C
and colors. Special I C
Two-clasp Washable Chamolsette
gloves, In white and natural Kftn
color. Special Out
J . II 1IM
Insert this Want
This is the initiative,
,P. M. Tomorrow
18 Dresses, values up Ho rrn
$2.50. Rebuilding Sale price I JC
0 Dresses, values uprto $3. nn.
Rebuilding Sale price. iJUC
34 Dresses, values up tofi1 QQ
$4. Rebuilding Sale, price. SJLf4&
69 Dresses, values up toffl '7Q
$5. 'Rebuilding Sale pricey vJL.I 7
21 Dresses; values up ,to CO QQ
$7.50. Rebuilding Sale price tPUt&U
8 Dresses, values up
to $12.50. Rebuilding gQ 7Q,
Sale price pOtV
Must Go
or white em- JCf
Silk Hose, 95c
Misses' Gauze Lisle Hose; dou
ble sole, high spliced heel, garter
iop. duc vaiue. ape
clal 35c
Misses' Fine Ribbed Lisle Hose;
black, whit, tan. pink, sky nert
and red. 35c value tu.
Misses' Silk Hose; double Bole,
high spliced heel, lisle gar- Q(r
ter top. $1.5Q., value... ...... JU
Infants' Fancy Socks; double
fioel and toe. Special,
12'2C and 25c
Women's Fine Sumrqer-wclght
Gauze Wool Vests and Pants, In
white" or natural wool. 41.25 rTQ
value. Tomorrow, each ItC
Women's Extra - size Ribbed
Vests and Pants; vests are high
neck with long or short sleeves;
pants or tights ankle or knee
length: lace trimmed or plain.
39c value. Tomorrow, OK
each iJOiy
Women's Fancy Vests; low neck,
no sleeve, with lace or crocheted
yoke. 2Go and 35c values. -f Q
Tomorrow XOt
3 for 50c.
Boys' Fine Ribbed Athletic
Shirts; sizes from 24 to 34.
35c value. Tomorrow, 1Q
each XC
Boys' Fine Ralbrlggan Shirts
and Drawers; shirts are high neck
with long or short sleeves; draw
ers ankle or knee length.
9c value. Tomorrow, OK
each iOf
Hello, Central
Give Me
Main 5260
Ad for me Alright
Benefit by the suggestion.

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