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Long Litigation In Georgia
x , May Soon Be Aired Be
Jk. fore Congress.
Speaker Clark may have In a day or
.two "till another request In his hands
, tor Impeachment proceedings against a
Federal1 judge. Dispatches from Mdcon.
Ga.( announce that Col. W. A. Huff Is
busily engaged In preparing his me
morial against Judge Emory Speer, and
that he. will first offer this to Congress
man Charles L. Dartlett. If Mr. Bart
lett declines to Introduce It, Colonel Hurt
vrlll semi the document to the Speaker.
Apparently fearing an attempt might
be made to Inflict personal Indignity on
him, Judge Speer has been guarded by
deputy marshals since he ordered the
arrest fdr contempt of Col. W. A. Huff,
who accused Judge Speer of official cor
ruption. "VWilloa great crowd was cheering Col
onel Huff In a public demonstration
yesterday, Judge Speer, on horseback,
with deputy marshals In his wake,
passed and the crowd gave the judge a
contemptuous glance as' he rode by.
Judge Speer left Macon for Savannah
kist night to take a steamer for Bos
ton. Two deputy marshalls accompanied
him and one. was on guard at his state
room door.
Not Burned in Effigy.
At Colonel Huff's request, Judge Speer
was not 'burned In effigy by the popu
lace, which largely sides with him In
his controversy with the Federal judge,
and many of whom would elect him
mayor, a position he once occupied. A
boom for him has already started.
Colonel Huff has issued a statement
saying that Judge Speer's reply, which
was delivered from the bench In a
broken voice and with tear-dimmed
eyes, does not answer the most Impor
tant and most serious charges.
The Huff estate was put in bank
ruptcy against Colonel Huff's wishes In
1899, and the case Is still pending In tho
Federal court. At that time the estate
Was worth more than $123,000, and tho
total Indebtedness against it amounted
to J3G.000. Even after thirteen years in
a bankruptcy court, Huff asserts there
Is still a surplus on hand for the de
fendant. More than $40,000 has been
awarded In fees, and It was the appeals
from these awards, together with natu
ral legal delays, that have kVpt the caso
In court for so many years.
In a letter "to whom It may con
cern." Colonel Huff charges that
Judge Speer has "been fedlng your
self, your pet friends and lawyers,
your relatives, and your hirelings out
of my estate for thirteen years, and
now I propose to feed on you."
In his tearful reply Judge Speer
argued that the long life of the liti
gation was due entirely to the many
appeals to higher courts made by Col
onel Huff.
On the other hand. Huff charges
that Spoer has prolonged the termina
tion of the case in order to have ground
and opportunity for the distribution of
fees. He contends he has been forced
to Impoverish himself and children
by making appeals from Speer's awards
of fees.
Makes Charges Against Judge.
The main case was taken to the Su-
fireme Court, and this, together with
he main hearing before the judge,
referee and masters, required three
years. Five other appeals on auxilia
ry features were subsequently made
and only the last one was won by
Colonel Huff. This was decided by the
Appellate Court recently. The decision
held that Judge Speer had no right to
award a fee of $10,000 to the plaintiff's
attorneys, out of the defendant's estate.
An application for a writ of certiorari
will corttlnuo the case at least two
Money Goes to Relatives.
The successive appeals on auxiliary
features have held up the distribution
of $91,000 of Huff's money which has
been on deposit without Interest for
several years in a bank of which Judge
Speer's brother-in-law, Cecil Morgan, is
vice president. The fees of J. N. Tal
ley, special and standing master dur
ing the entire litigation, will amount
to about $15,000. , Talley was formerly
tho judge's private secretary and is
law partner of A. N. Heyward, Judge
Speer's son-in-law.
Colonel Huff contends that his Is the
only -estate that has ever been declared
insolvent and yet could, after thirteen
years in court, show a surplus above all
claims, costs, taxes, and Interest.
Colonel Huff has reeclved hundreds of
letters and telegrams from all parts of
the South offering him legal and pe
cuniary assistance. Colonel Huff Is
eighty-one years of age, but as active
mentally and physically as he was many
yeara ago.
i ' '
Battle of Blenheim
Fought 210 Years Ago
The battle of Blenheim, one of the de
dslTe conflicts of history, was fought
on August 2, 1701. between the English
and allies, under the Duke of Mori
bo'rough, and the French and Bavarians.
Thomas Gainsborough, one of the fa
mous English portrait painters, died on
this day In 1788. Napoleon Bonaparte
was declared Consul for life on August.
t, 1S02. The famous cruise of the Con
stitution began at Boston harbor on this
day in 1812. King Charles X. of France,
abdicated on tnis cay in ibw, and elec
tric light was tirst exhibited in Lon
don on August 2, 1864.
Portland, Ore., was swept by Are on
this day in 1873, and the United States
ggned treaties of arbitration with
reat Britain and France just one year
ago today.
German Officials Bar
English Boy Scouts
LEITH, Scotland, Aug. 2. A party of
fifty Boy Scouts on board the steamer
Coblenr, sailed from this port for Ham
burg and a trip through Germany.
Telegrams received from Hamburg
state that the authorities there will re
fuse to allow the Boy Scouts to land,
apparently regarding them as a part of
a military organization.
1U 11th it. N. E. Phona Lincoln 171.
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New Hampshire Pair Refuse to Accede to Proposal to
Do Away With Them Debate Reveals
Huge Deficiency.
A blow at tho attempts to prevent
tho consolidation of the pension agen
cies In Washington has been struck In
the Senate. As tho result, of debate
over the pension bill In that body, and
tho dlscolsuro that there Is a deficit of
$50,000,000 In the fund available for the
pensions of old soldiers, It has been Re
vealed that two Senators are standing,
in 'the way of an agreement on tho pen
sion bill.
Thoy aro Senator Burnam .of New
Hampshire, backed by Senator Galllng
er of that State. They are anxious to
keep the existing' pension agency in
their part of the country. The reasons
are political. Were it not for their in
sistence on retention of the agencies,
It Is said an agreement would by this
time have been reached on a compro
mise, whereby they would be -abolished
at the end of .the1 fiscal "year instead of
Immediately, as the pension bill which
the House passed provides.
Senate Stands in Way.
The House," year after year, without
respect to party, has voted to abolish
tho agencies. But the Senate always
stands in the way. The Senate is
weakening in its stand by the agencies,
however, and is about ready -to consent
to their concentration in Washington.
That this Is bound to come In a year
or two at most Is generally conceded.
It Is likely that the disclosure In the
Senate of the situation as' to the pen
sion fund will have the effect of has
tening tho consolidation of the
Honntnr Mr.Cumber. chairman of the
Tensions Committee of the Senate, is
the one who revealed tne aenciency in
the pension fund. He did so following
questions on this matter put by Sena
tnr Smith of Michigan.
Senator McCumber said that at the
end of this week mere vouia De a de
ficiency of about. 30,000,OGO. He said
there would "be new claims fully ad
justed to tho extent. of about $30,000,000
before the end of this week, and there
Is not the money appropriated under the
joint resolution or otherwise to pay that
Sharp Debate.
Then followed a sharp debate In which
Senator McCumber charged the House
with holding up the pension bill be
cause of Its desire to abolish the agen
cies. He insisted this was new legisla
tion, not proper on an appropriation
bill, and that the House should yield.
Senator Galllnger defended the agen
cies. Senator Smith of Michigan scored
the House and theDemocrats for with
holding pensions from "deserving
soldiers In their old age."
Senator Stone of Missouri, scored the
Senate, especially the Republicans, for
trying to hold fast to official patronage
In the pension agencies, and thus hold
ing back the pension bill. Benator Bryan
of Florida did the same thing.
The discussion did not result In any
formal action on the pension bill, save
that It served to turn on the light with
respect to the pension agency question.
Later in the day, Senator McCumber
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Introduced and had referred to the com-
mittco on Appropriations a Joint feBuiu-
tlbn to provldo for tho payment of pen
sions illll'lnrr the limn thn twn limmpit
are In conference on tho genera) pension
appropriation bill.
Thft naflfllrin nttllttn.. wai.NAt.n,A4 lM
connection with tho joint resolution to
uxicuu mo appropriations ror tno neces
sary' operations of tho Government for
i.iu' uioi iiiievil uuy oi AUgUHl.
Senator Warren brought this resolu
tion up soon after It had been passed,
the Senate yesterday afternoon. 4 ,
The effect of this action Is to give
the Government enough money to' run
on for tho first half of August, House
leaders have made the time thus short
in me nopo or iorcing early adjourn
ment of Congress. j
Bicycle Robbery
Charged to Boy
Charged with stealing n hYrvrla tu.
longing to Earl Griffith, of 616 B street
iiuiiuwl-oi, wuiun wins, a iweive-ycar-old
boy of 1228 Union street southwest,
will be arraigned before Judge William
H. De Laoy In Juvenile Court this after
noon. Mills was 'arrested yesterday after
noon by Policeman Strlngfellow, of the
Third precinct. Strlngfellow alleges
that Mills was attempting to sell the
wheel when he saw him. Tho bicycle
was stolen from Griffith while he was
In bathing at tho Municipal bathing
pool earlier in the afternoon.
Succeeds Justice Wright.
Justice Job Darnsxd succeeded Jus
tice Dan Thew Wright on tho District
SuDrome Court bench veaterdnv nrM will
preside until August 15, whon Justlco
uouid win taKo rnarso for two weeks.
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Attorney Takes Stand In
Most Optimistic Frame
of Mind.
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2. Confidence
of his acquittal of the charge of Jury-bj-lblng
was expressed by Clatcnco V,
Darrow today when he came to court
for the third day of his cross-examination.
Darrow was in an optimistic frame of
mind, duo to tho great advantage he
gained yesterday through tho practical
rebuttal of tho prosecution's attack on
his "lack of motive" contention. Prose
cutor .Ford had left an opening nnd
Darrow lost no tlmo In getting before
tho Jury and Into the records a state
ment whereby he made it plain that
Immediately preceding tho arrest of
Franklin he felt certain tho McNama
ra caso would bo settled, which would
leave him no motive for the brlbory of
Lockwood. '
Franklin's arrest, however, changed
tho situation, and from that time on to
Thanksgiving Day he was in grave
doubt that an ultimate settlement
would bo made. By this means Dar
row accounted for various telegrams
and all tho other acts of himself and
associates which indicated that thoy
expected the trial to continue.
Firemen Promoted.
On recommendation of A. J. Sullivan,
acting chief engineer of the Fire De
partment, the, Commissioners today
promoted F. P. Dcmlng, private of
class 1, to assistant engineer. H. R.
Carr, private of class 1, was promoted
to class 2. C. N. A. Coombs was ap
pointed private of class 1 for a pro
bationary period of twelve months.
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xtty Jtetttii
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Picked Up, In Rowboat
After Interesting
The Anacostla police today are holdung
three youngsters whom, they designate
as youthful river .plratos. Impelled by
a spirit of adv6nture, say the boys
themselves, they have been playing this
role on Anacostla. They are Albert
Deal, eleven years old, of 916 Sixth
street southeast: Joseph Fontlne, aged
ten years, of B18 Second street southeast,
and Leroy T. Mitchell, an elghtTyear-4
old colored boy, whose home is near
Sixth street and Vlrglna avenue south
cast. '
Plcked-mp on the Anacostla river last
night about 8 o'clock In a row boat laden
with nautical odds and ends, tho boys
are explaining today how they cruised
along the shores and obtained possession
of the property. James Miles discover
ed the boys In their nocturnal cxpe
dltlon on the river and he turned them
over to a bridge watchman. Policeman
C. R. Brown took charge of them any
thoy were sent to tho Anacostla sta
tion house.
The- boat was filled with life pre
servers, reels, fishing rods, corn-cob
pipes and boathouse belongings, which,
the lads said, they had picked up from
time to time in their cruises. They de
clared they had foum) the boat near
the arsenal.
In telling their story of how they ob-
imucu lite jiiuTCi.y win uw;n uiiiJi'-d
some companions. Policeman Brown waa
assigned to Investigate this part, of their
story today. James ;Mlles Identified a
wrench, a hammer, some fishing 'rods
and other things In the boat as the
' 'ODcrty of a boat house on the shore
of the river.
at $30
Veiled Prophets Will
Give Second Excursion
KalllDOlls flrottn. Nit. 1T, Xfvatl nrrt.-
Veiled PrnnhMa nr lh. 17nnlinntnH
Realm, and the Washington Florists'
liuu navo set Friday, August 23 as the
date to hold over again their annual
outing at. Chesapeake Beach.
JUiy 24, the date planned foivthe ex
cursion; was rainy and bad, and, al
though 2,000 persons mado tho trip to
thO Beacll With ttlCsmtln ntiil' tiln -tlnr-
IstB, It was necessary to 'postpone, the
auueiic events ana other numbers on
tho program.
The same program will be repeated,
with several new additions. William
gette band" will parade tho boardwalk,
with fifty "suffragettes." f.'II. Kramer,
tho florist, will repeat his "snake-charm-
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