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Af-Trr -rf
Production of Poison Here
. More Than Double
v That of 1911.
r i
r . .
Alexandria Board' of Education Sends Gloom-to 'Heart
ofSmall Boy John ArmstrongGhaloner , '
Will' Give Out Statement. v ,
More than 16,000,000 poupds of arsenic,
ienough to kill off the population of the
'nation, was Imported Into the United
jStateB last year. The production of
white arsenic In the United States In
Mil was 3,133 tons, more than doublo
the amount of the preceding year. The
farsentc was obtained as a by-product of
melting operations, and tne output is
by far the largest over recorded In the
United States.
White arsenlo, metallic araenic, ar
feenlo sulphides, Paris green, and Lon
don purple were Imported by the ton.
j Uses for Poison.
The principal uses of arsenlo are In
i glass making, In pigments, and In ln-
lectlcldes. The use of pans green
acetoarscnlte of copper) In paint Is
somewhat limited on account of Its
jolsonoua quality. As on Insecticide It
a used largely by gardeners, orchard
its. and farmers.
If pure,. It Is comparatively harmless
o piant me, owing to its lnsoiumuty,
iUt tne tnoxiae ib onen present in some
uanttty. and If carls nreon Is then used
t'ts fatal to plants, especially In dry
sllmates, where it Is not soon washed
iff by rains.
Experiments conducted by a number
it the State agricultural experiment
tatlona have demonstrated the value of.
irsenie when combined with lime as an
. iffectlve spray against Insect pests.
, Medicinal Uses.
A number of arsenlo salts and oxides
ire used medicinally, among Uiem the
bromide. Iodide, trlsulphlde, trioxlde,
todlum arsenate, and potassium arse
lata. ClsulDhldo of arsenic, both natural
nd artificial, is used as a paint pig
nent. in calico prlhtlmr and dyeing, 'n
arming, and as It burns with an intense
nite Hunt, in nreworus. uipiment, tne
Isulohlde. called also king's yellow. Is
sed as a mint pigment and as a re-
uclng agent in chemical work.
i luo inujuuo la ueeu ill paiiiio, lur piw
serving hides, both for taxidermists and
In the leather industry, as on antiseptic,
jand In killing animal pests.
, Reducer for Silver.
Sodium arsenate is used in dyeing with
turkey-red oil and In printing fabrloa;
the arsenlte In making soaps for use on
3kfns ad hides. Potassium atsenlte Is
used aa a reducer for tiilver in the man
ufacture of mirrors.
.A copy of the report on arsenic may
be obtained free on application to the
llrector of the United States Geological
3urvey at Washington, D. C.
Alexandria's publlo schools will re
open this f year a week earlier than
usual, September 9 being-chosen as the
date at a meeting of, the city school
board, ' held 'last evening. This an
noun6ement ,wlll bring gloom to the
small boy, ,who expected a slightly1
longer vacation. The books for the
registration vof pupils will be opened
and the permits Issued one week earllor,
conunencljig September 2. It is ex
pected th,at the headquarters will be In
the Armory. Hall, on South Royal street,
as usual.
It was also stated by members of the
board that they had.nbandoncd the Idea
of procuring buildings where the over
flow from tho primary grades could be
accommodated. Two locations were un
der consideration, but it ' was found
that the expense of refurnishing these
rooms would bo too great. Instead,
half-day sessions will be held for the
first and second grades, doing away
with tho necessity for new quarters.
No mention was made of the resolu
tion which was Introduced In the city
council by C. B. Marshall In reference
to the board's reduction of Colonel
Flcklln's salary. The resolution hav
ing met with defeat, tho incident Is con
sidered closed.
It was expected that Judge It. H. I
Chichester, of Frederlok, Va., who heard
the arguments on tho quo warranto
proceedings brought by Robert S. Bar
rett against pity Councilman Urban S.
Lambert, would arrive in this city to
day and announce his decision in the
case, but nothing was heard from -him,
up till noon today. At the hearing last
week, the Judge took the case under
advisement, and announced,-informally,
that he would probably return to Alex
andria today.
that he cannot go farther north than
But one case of obstructing the slde-
morning, that of Tony Fiermonte,' a
walks was presented In pollco court this
morning, mat or xony fiermonte, a
Greek fruit dealer, whose place Is on
upper King street. After having tho
of the merchants, following tho whblo
law explained to him. 'Tony promised
to make the necessary changes. Most
sale arrests of the last few days havo
taken warning and complied with tho
law. i
A record crowd from Alexandria last
night attended tho Elk's celebratlon-.at
Luna Park. Yesterday waa. given over
to the Odd Fellows' organisations, and
tonight Is Bet apart for Catholic socie
ties. A charter has been granted by the
State corporation commission to ,tlio
Wire-Cotton Cordage Co., Inc., of -Alexandria.
It Is capitalized at $200,000,
maximum, and 110,000 minimum, The fol
lowing are its officers: J. Frank Traz
zare, of Galthcrsburg, Md., president;
J. H. Ontrioh, of Washington,. D. ,,C
vice president: and W. W. Griffith, of
Washington, D. C, secretary and treasurer.
There 1b quite some Interest among lo
cal newspapermen as to just what
statement John Armstrong Chaloner, the
millionaire brother or the rormor hus
band of Una Cavallerl and author of
the phrase. "Who's looney' now?" will
make upon hlB arrival hero Sunday
evening. In a letter received here yes
terday, he announced that he would
have something significant to Bay In ref
erence to the petition for Impeachment
proceedings he has tiled against Judge
George C. Holt, of New York, and In
timated that he would start a campaign
which has for its object a reformation
of the lunacy laws of tho, United States.
Hlsvletter gave the HotPl'Flelschmann
as the place of meeting, but It is stated
there that he cannot be accommodated
as the hostelry Is closed on Sundays.
Owing to legal reasons, Chaloner states
The royal arch degree will be exem
plified to a class of candidates at Mo
night's meeting' of Mt. Vornon Chap
ter, Royal Arch Masons.
John Schafe, an employe of the Port
ncr brewery, was struck on the left
- ..-T-i '
Departments Again Tempor
' arily Bankrupt Because
, of Political Delays.
arm by fragments from an exploding
ed medical attention from Dr,
bottle, sevor
ea meo
the artery. He recelv-
Lh L.
Congratulations Sent to
American Rifle Team
Congratulation on the success of the
American rifle team which swept eve
rything before It at tho Pan-American
competition at Buenos Aires, were sent
to Col. Charles Gaithcr, of the Mary
land National . Guard, and captain of
the team, by Assistant Secretary of
War Oliver yesterday.
That the South Americans fully rec
ognlred the fact that the United States
had the best rifles In the world, was
stated by Colonel Gatther In reply.
Will Delay Recognition.
Following a conference between Secre
tary of State Knox and Congressman
Sulzor, chairman of tho House Commit
tee on Foreign Affairs, It was announced
that the Chinese republic will not be
recognized bv the United States Qovern
montsuntll tho new government ihas de
monstrated that It Is stable, established
on a sound basis, and competent to ful
fill all tho obligations of a sovereign
An emergency appropriation resolution
was sent to the President yesterday
evening by Congress to provide for the
temporary bankruptcy In which the
Government again finds Itself ot the
threshold of ho second month of tho
new fiscal year.
It carried forward the appropriations
as tbey were in Juno and July for
another "half month." By August 16,
It is expected, the annual appropria
tion bills will have been passed. The
resolution was attacked in tho Senate
becauso It made no provision for the
Pensions authorized oy law recently,
n no Instance does It nrnvldn for esti
mates that were not on the appropria
tion rolls In June last.
Tho fact that nil lh hlo- nnnrnnrin-
tlon bills are still ponding, and that
tho work of development and exten
sion in all the departments Is at a
standstill, has caused many pleas for
more "speed" on Capitol hill. The
sundry civil bill nnnRed the Ronatn lost
Wednesday, but a conference on It has
not yet been called.
Although the postofflce appropriations
bill waB before the Senate yesterday,
but little progress was mode on It. The
debate was confined to the new features
ot the measure regulating second-class
privileges for publications of fraternal
and scientific societies.
Senator McCumber presented a reso
lution to meet the pension emergency
Just beforo adjournment. It authorizes
the appropriation of $30,000,000, or aB
much of that sum as may be necessary,
to meet any deficit on claims which may
be due or payable on or before Aug
ust 4.
Charges were made by members of
each party that the other was responsi
ble for delaying the appropriation bills.
Senator Warren said the Democrats of
the House had failed to act on many of
the bills. Senator Stone charged that
tho Republicans, on tho other hand,
were holding up the annual pension ap
propriation bills.
Bailey's Cross Roads Rider
Wins First Prize, Wash
ington Man Second.
ROCKVILLE. Md., Aug. 2.-Clever
tilting and stubborn contests marked
the annual tournament for the benefit
of historic St. John's Catholic Church,
Forest Glen, which was held yesterday
afternoon In trio 'presence of several
thousand persons from this county,"
Washington, and elsewhere.
Tho first prize and tho honor of
crowning tho.qucen of love and beauty
went to Thomas Head, of Baileys Cross
Roads, Va. Ho rodo as Knight of Mun-
son Hill. Second, third, and fourth
prizes, which carried with them thn
prlvllego of crowning tho maids of
honor, were won by A. D. Langley, of
Washington, who rode as Knlehfc bt
Anhauser-Busch: J. M. Blandford, of
Washington, as Knight of Dlstrlcr-of
Columbia, and Philip Love, of Belts
vllle, Md., as Knight of Prince George,
The other riders were Lucian D. Love,
of Beltsvllle as Knight of Maryland;
.Lawrence Selblc, of Washington, Knight
? ?' Jos.ePhi Leo Love, of Burtonsville,
Knght of Montgomery; Henry Hurst, of
Balloys Cross Roads, Va., as Knight of
Langley; William L. Herron, of Wash
ington, as Knight of Washington; W.
J. Altcheson, of Laurel, as Knight of
Birmingham Manor; Nelson Fisher, of
Laurel, us Knight of Washington Ave
nuo; William Altcheson, of Bcrwyn, as
Knight of Berwyn; L. Altcheson, of
Laurel, as Knight of Limber Loss; 8.
Herron, of Fairfax Courthouse, Va., as
Knight of Columbia, and S. 8. Altche
son, of Laurel, as Knight of the Forest.
In the royal set. which was danced
about 6:30, Miss Blanche Fawcett. of
Colcsvllle, was crowned queen of love
and beauty, and Mrs. A. D. Langley, of
Washington: Miss Kathertne Marlowe,
of Burnt Mills, and Miss Lillian Dallam,
of Laurel, were crowned first, second,
and third maids of honor, respectively.
The charge to the knights was deliv
ered by J. Dawson Williams, of Ken
sington, and the coronation address by
Bralnard H. Warner, of Kensington.
Tho Judges wore Messrs. Preston B.
Ray, Clarence W. Beall and James 13.
Kemp, and Douglas M. Blandford was
chief marshal.
Miss Nannie Pearl Flrobaueh and
Jesse LflwTs Bensabaugh, both of, Lex
ington, Va,, and Mrs. Jcsslo M, Jacobs
and Henrv Humes Dccble. both of
Washington, woro married In Rockvlllo
yesterday oy.itev. Jjewis waison, ot
tno l'rcsDytenan unurcn, at tno nomo
of the minister.
Purchase pf Cottage
On Reservation, Illegal
The .purchase Df a( cottage on the
military reservation at Fort Barran
cas, Fla., for 1300 has been declared -Illegal
by Com1 pt roller of tho Treasury
Tracowell. Tho" War Department thus
finds Itself in tho position of having
violated the law,
The Comptroller holds there was no
appropriation from which the purchase
could be made. The cottage was built
by an enlisted man, and was bought
with tho Intention of using It as a
Bryce Will Return.
LONDON, Aug. 2. Ambassador Bryce
will return to Washington In September,
Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey an
nounced In the house 'f commons to
day. He was answering' a query con-
corning a report 'tnaturyce wouia never
go 'back to America.
Tin. Mines, in Alaska
May Prove Valuable
" I fe
At latt America has a native source
of tin supply, The United States uses
nearly p) per C(int of all thp tin pro
duced In the world, yet until a few
years ago, there was no tin mined in
tho United States. It had to be im
ported. Workable quantities of tlnt that wilt
make an appreciable cut in importation,
have been discovered In the Buck Creek
region. In Alaska, howuvcr, and an ex
tensive survey of tho region is 'being
.made by the Geological Survey.
I lllllHu ft I 111 l
ZjjtlL JUiP'
. "S3w Z3Z'J'
Contagion Avoided
by TyreVs Powder
For tho treatment of all catarrhal
and infected conditions of the mucous
membrane, thcro is nothing so effec
tive as Tyrco'a Antispptio Powder.
Not onlj is it positive in its action,
but it is" absolutely-safe in the hands
of anyone. Contains no poisons, thus
making it the ideal sterilizing agent.
Being a powerful germicide and an
tiseptic, Tyree's Powder is for gen
eral use. Especially efficacious for
Erickly heat, poison ook, hives, insect
itcs, sun-burn, offensive perspiration,
tender feet itching. Unsurpassed when
used as a douche. A twenty-five-cent
box will make two gallons standard
antiseptic solution. Strongly recom
mended by physicians. Sold by drug
gists everywhere. Send for booklet
and sample, J. S. Tyrec, Chemist,
Washington, D. C.
banking is prac-
tically as essen-,"
tlal aa accuracy, and
the Union TniBt Com
pany,' realizing the lm
portanco of this to busi
ness men, has provided
every facility and
equipment that, can,
make for' expediency in
handling the accounts
of depositors. 2 In
terest paid on checking
&& JZmSszL ' I
Czs&mmlr' XL&
3 Quarters
Equal a
At the 19 J. T. D. Pyles' Stores
- -mmma -om-llSSSMi
You save the other quarter and yet obtain the very finest foods. Our enormous purchasing power
we buy in carload lots enables us to offer you only quality meats and provisions at prices far below
wiw,v mc -vwo 5--w. ., i ui u IU 111C ICH lUUitJ ailU LULU 11 UIC OAVIU&,
10c Packages Jellycon,-per package 7V2c
10c Packages Jello, per package 7i2C
10c Packages' Puddine, per package 7y2C
15c Packages Zatek Icing for Cakes, pekg , 10c
10c Packages Jello Ice Cream Powder, pekg '. 7y2C
12c Packages Gelatine, per package 9C
5 lOc-Packages Gold Medal Oats for 25c
15c Cans Herring Roe, per can joc
3 Loaves Bread, for iqc
New Fancy Potatoes, per peck . ,
Potted Meat, Ham Plaor, per cnn. ..-.... ,
Potted Meat, Tongue Flavor, per can ,
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Zatek Icing for Cakes, 15c Package
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Eagle Brand Milk, per can
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BOc Brooms
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Fifteen lbs. Ice Cream Salt for
Quaker Matches, per Dozen Boxes. ..-.-..
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Mustard, per Large Jar .-....-.-.....
Molajaea, per Large Jar
High-grade Oleomargarine, per lb
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3 Cakes C and O Olelne Soap for...-..-.
30e Jars Olives, per Jar
Three Package Marco Macaroni or Spaghetti
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Kma 11,i.. III.... r..l . .1 a '"'
AVIIlnir'B Cocoa, per-.4 pound can ,14c
30c Cans Finest Qualify Hawaiian Pineapple, per
can 0
Fat Back, per Ib Jo
Fresh Creamery Butter, per lb ."!a0c
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Imparted Sardines. In Bouillon, 4 cans for "'"4-t
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Mackerel, each1 .... ....;.. ;
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18c Cans P "T5
15c Cans Admiral Brand Kippered Herring".'.'.!!'.'."."iie
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wn -. ,-...;, ...... ..., Villi mr ....
Star of the Bast Potent Flour, per barrel
Quaker Puffed "Wheat, per pkg
Ginger Snaps, nrr lb
Bent Compound, per lb,
80 J Penna. Ave.
Be Bottles O'Malley's Oil Polish, per bottle
BOc Young Lady Brooms
30e Cans Mnckerr, per can
12c can Apple Butter, per can
Golden Spray Peaches, per can
.. Oc
413 Fourth Street Southeast.
14 Eleventh Street Southeast.
12 Good nope noad, Anacostla.
Four-and-Half and G Sts. S. XV.
Faurth and II Streets Northeast.
Third St. and Maryland Ave. N. K.
11 Seventh Street Northeast.
Die F Street Northeast.
Fifteenth and G Sts. northeast
'Giro yonr Order at any ot the above stores, and tbe express man
All Over Town
Grocery Stores
020 Pa. Ave. Northvest.
143S P Street Northirest.
214 II Street Northwest.
Sixth and H Streets Northwest.
Netr Jersey Ave. and n St. N. W
8338 M' Street Northwest.
052 Park noaU Northwest.
1405 Park Road Northwest.
1714 Fourteenth St. N.'-W.
1420 Seventh Street Northwest
Chicago Underwriters Co.
Made by the World's Foremost Clothing Manufacturers .
CLOTH CRAfT, Cleveland, Ohio ADLER BROS., Rochester, N. Y.
This is the most famous clothing stock ever gathered together under one roof. The
company being compelled to dispose of the stock in a given time sold out the balance of
the stock to us at our own figure.
During their sale they sold out entirely of the cheaper grades. These suits, therefore,
represent the best of this vast stock.
There's no time to loseget in while we have your size in the exact style you wantthis means
803 Pennsylvania Avenue N. W.
trill deliver it, large or small, for 10c.

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