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Pepcos Meet Cornells Today in What May Be Pennant-Deciding Contest
By Goldberg
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Pepco-Cornell Contest Is One of the Deciding Games of
Post-Season Series Thompson Will Probably
Pitch for Former.
Post-Season Series,
Game today Cornell ts. Fcpco,
at Capital City Park, North Cnpl-
tol nnd streets. Umpire
Yesterday's result Bankers, 4
Postoffico, 3.
Game today Printers ts. Nn
tlvity, at Enst "Washington dla
mond, Thirteenth and B streets
northeast. Umpire Betts.
Yesterday's result Ninth, 8;
Printers, 2.
Game today Southern ts. Park
at R. It. Y. M. C. A. diamond,
Fifth street and Florida UTonue
northeast Umpire Colllflower.
The Cornell-Pepco game today 13 ex
pected to decide the championship of
Section A of the post-season games, and
will go far toward nominating the win
ner for the Intercity series. Cornell and
Pepco have each won a game in the
aectlon, and are looked upon as the real
pennant contenders, the Bankers and
Poatofflce being somewhat behind.
The game this afternoon should prove
attractive enough to draw the banner
crowd of tho games in the post-season
series. Cornell Company has loomed
up strong In the closing weeks of the
season, and Pepco Is perhaps the most
popular of the amateur baseball teams
In the city, winning the Independence
League pennant after a long, hard
Manager Cornell is likely to start
Thompson in the box, with Noyca
catching, while Manager Gray will use
Balzar, who has had unusual success
this season.
The Section C games are slated to
start today, Park, winners of the North
ern Association flag, and Southern, of
the Railroad Y. M. C. A. League, hook
ing up In a game at the Railroad V. M.
C. A. grounds.
Section A Bankers vs. Rsstofflce.
"Chief" Greene, for the Bankers, and
Walter Ferguson, for the Postofflce
team, opposed each other yesterday, the
honors being even. Tho Bankers man
aged to win by a -l-to-3 score, due to the
fact that errors lost Postofflce Its
chances to win.
J'mmy Kerr, veteran player of the
Postofflce team, made the stellar catch
of the afternoon when he caught Noyes'
short By after a hard run. The Bank
ers opened up In the second inning,
scoring two runs on an Infleld hit by
Riddle. Adams' error of Dyer's bounder.
a wild pitch to flrst bv Ferguson, an.l
u single by Z.ichai'y after West haa
Singles by West and Zachary again
counted lor the Bankers In the sixth
Inning, VI est beating the throw to the
plate for a single tally. Postofflce auo
scored in the sixth on Riddle's error,
a sacrifice hit bv Vaughn and Bradlev'h
I double. Jn tho next round Postofflce
managed to count two. Beard got a
lire on Hayes boot, Fenton doubled,
;ind Kraft brought both runners across
with a neat single.
The winning run came across for tne
Bankers in the eighth frame. Rawllngs
doubled and scored on Barnhardt's er
ror. -
The Printers, champions ot the Mai
quette League, are out of the running
for the honors in section B today, hav
ing been defeated by tho Ninth team
in a cloo 3 to 2 game yesterday. Ninth
Is practically conceded the champion
ship of the second today, naving three
straight wins. The game was one of
the best of the series according to the
many fans who took in tho contest.
Ninth opened up with two runs in
the flrst inning, and the Printers came
In for a single run. Tying up in tne
third frame the game ran nip and turk
for threu Innings when Ninth managed
to put the deciding run acrosb.
Three fast double plays marked tho
jame. the Printers getting two. In
dividual fleldlng stunts were In order
throughout the contest, and while the
hitting was not especially heavy, tito
game wap made interesting by the clev
er work cf the fielders.
In third place today.
The Nationals are In third place today
because they hBve struck a decided
slump with the stick. However, there
is little use In becoming exelted over the
situation. With the return of their
Battlng ability, nnd It may appear al
most any day, the Nationals will again
be in the running. They aie bound to
cume back, so cheer up, bugs.
Bd Sox Invincible.
Jimmy McAleer's Red Sox seem In
ducible. Every club In the league has
failed to stop them In their rush. In
dted, they have won a majority of
games from every club but the Na
tionals, who hold them to 8 to 7. Their
path Is strewn with roses and they
should romp Into the honors. If this rec
otd is continued. It takes more than
one club to knock a team from the title.
Giants are slipping.
The Giants are slipping. They have
been slipping for the past month, too,
end Chance's Chicago Cubs have a lino
oppoiluntty of catching up with them.
J he berles opening today between them
tray mnrk the turning of the tide In
the National League race. Once in the
Had, the Cubs snould never be stopped.
Kllng is done.
The latest report, that George Stal
lings will succeed Johnny Kllng at the
neaa or the Boston National League
club has the ring of truth. Stallings Is
of big league caliber, while Kllng Is
about done In fnst rnmnnnv na a niaiH
and knows it. Jim Gaffney is a wise
business man, willing to let Stallings
hold the reins, and should meet with
more success In 1913 than In 1912.'
The wrestling bout.
It is not unlikely that wrstllng li
Washington has seen Its finish if lac.,
night's bout is to be taken into consid
eration In the last two matches here
rough work has marred the big match
of the evening, the police being forced
to stop proceedings. The wrestlers
have simply killed the game, and de
prived themselves of good money In
consequence, and they have no one but
themselves to blame.
Cornell to win.
By Grantland Rice
Speaking of Considerable Pitchers
Jnhnaon carries hale of mnokc
Marqunrd'a nlant ha a two-font drop
nuckerf You aald I, kid, SOMIS bloke
And one of the hent In the pitching croa
Alexander and WalHh and Gregg
In there wlnnlne and alvraya good
Sllplt along to the King of l'eg
And then again Ihere'n a guj- named Wood.
Ford' cunt lirenkn In a mystic maset
Grab the laurel for old man I'lankt
Mntty. picked on his vi Inning das,
Stacks like a million In the bnnk
Itlchle, Lavender, Cnombit, nnd Ilrunn
Pike along na a star liloke should
Tolling on for the Hurling Crown
And then again there's a K" named Wood.
The Grandolddope Is without doubt a wonderful In
stitution. You can't beat it. "Well," remarked a Giant
fan recently, "the edge Is all with the Giants, whatever
happenB this trip. Suppose they only return home even
with the Cubs? What then? The Giants have twenty
games at home In September and tho Cubs have sixteen
on the road. That's where the pipe will be."
It sounds reasonable, too. It would even sound
more reasonable If it wasn't for the fact that in their
last home stay the leaders won eight and lost eight,
while the Cubs on the road were winning fifteen against
three defeats. At this same ratio, the Giants had better
remain abroad and permit the Cubs to hustle along on
native soil.
Cubs hook up this trip in a series which stands as the
one big vital spot of the entire year's work.
The old gag, of home and road contests 13 now about
2 1-3 cents per hogshead. The Senators have done their
best work on the road this season. So have the Cubs.
The Red Sox have fared equally well away from home,
where they have won consistently. The Giants have
torn off as many victories abroad as they have under
the shadow of Mr. Coogan's frowning bluff. They play
the greater part of September at homo with the Cubs
on hostile soil, but this has about as much to do with
doping out the race as the price of golf balls has to
do with the high cost of living in grand old Odessa.
We hope the composing room has followed our sug
gestion and left "Crucial Series" standing in cold type,
ready for Instant use. If not, kindly rush the same to
the nearest linotype and have it set over a Chicago date
line. "Crucial" Is the only word when tho Giants and
President Murphy, of tho Cubs, charges Manager
Bresnahan with favoring McGraw to boost the world
tour planned this winter. Since the matter has been
under discussion the Cardinals have won five out of
seven battles with the Giants. If this be "laying down,"
we'd esteem It considerable bliss to see the Cards at
work when they were out there trying to win. C. Webb
Is still the Mad Mullah of the nation's favorite sport.
He'd probably be willing to be Identified as the "man
higher up" in New i'ork's police scandal to draw his
share of the head lines for u fortnight
Running second up to the first of September may be
an ideal nosition in the race from which to launch
a sprint, but It depends also on how far said second Is
wedged away from the guys out in front. The Senators
are not a total loss yet, but the psychology of their
position is likely to wane If the present gap is stretched
within the next few days.
District Marksman to Go With Analostan Gun -Club to
Matches In Monumental City Many Other Wash
ingtonians to Participate.
Phil Steubener, one of the best marks
men In the District, not only at clay
pigeons but especially at live birds, will
accompany the members of the Analos
tan Gun Club to Baltimore August 27,
r8, and 23. for the second annual tourna
ment of the Maryland State Sportsmen's
Association. Steubener, who seldom
finishes with a record less than 95 per
cent at the weekly Saturday shoots, is
In the best of form and will undoubtedly
make a good showing.
Those who have already signified their
Intention fit attending the tournament
follow: Miles Taylor, secretary; Dr. B.
L. Tajlor, Dr. A. V. Parsons, E. W.
Ford. Dr. A. B. Stlne, James A. Brown,
Frank Huseman. President C. S. Wil
son, and about six others.
One hundred singles In 20-target events
will lie shot on practice day and the
flrst and second days will have the
regular 150-target program. The three
man State team race at 60 targets per
man will be the first day's feature and
the event in which the locals expect
to shine. The winners will receive three
handsome gold medals.
On the final day the State individual
championship, open to all amateurs re
siding in Maryland and the District
of Columbia, will be shot at 50 targets.
A diamond watch fob will be awarded
theriarylander bv the Emerson Hotel,
of Baltimore. Shooting will begin at
9:30 o'clock each day.
Toney Joins Cubs.
CHICAGO, Aug. J5. The Cubs' pitch
ing start was augmented today by the
arrival of Fred Toney, former Cub, and
Grover Laudermllk, brother of the erst
while St. Louis phenom, from the
Louisville American Association club.
Ty Cobb poled his 176th hit Tuesday, leaving hla
average at .446 for the year, as he now numbers 396
trips to tho plate. Cobb has hit safely in eighty-flve
of his ninety-seven starts, which accounts in large
measure for the difficulty Trls Speaker and Joe Jackson
have encountered In reaching the crest. Overhauling a
.440 batsman is reputed to bo considerable undertaking,
even for a Speaker of the House of Swat.
Add to the "Dim Dream" compilation the slump of
the Red Sox.
It's either now or never," remarked Commander
Mack in an address to his troopers. Last call for "Last
stand in last ditch."
Cubs Ready for Clash
With Fading Giants
CHICAGO, Aug. 16. In a warlike
frame of mind, Chance's Cubs were
confident today of taking the flrst of the
crucial series from the Giants. The
suspension of Johnny Evers, Chance de
clared, would make no difference. The
Cubs would win anyhow, he said.
"We'll trim the Giants without the
Trojan," was the sentiment expressed
by the entire team.
Either Matty or Marquard will take
the slab for tho Giants, It was an
nounced. Chance will probably pick
Lavender or Richie.
"Relay Plan" Proposed
For Golf Tournaments
NEW YORK, Aug. 15.-The United
States Golf Association contemplates
changing the present urrangement for
deciding the national K0lf title.
Instead of having all the competitors
play each day, compelling some to start
at daybreak, It Is planned to have two
or three sections. This will avoid the
confusion that marked the recent Buf
falo meet.
Big "League Hitters of
a Day
Players Team. AB. H. TB. Pet.
Daniels, Yankees.... 4 4 6 1.000
Crawford, Tigers.... 2 2 6 1 0"0
Mullln. Tigers 2 2 2 1.000'
Olsen. Naps Ill 1.00U
Spetker. Red Sox... 1 1 1 ll
Snell, Browns Ill 1.000
Thomas, Athletics... 4 3 4 .'oO
Bender, Athletics.... 4 3 3 .750
Dolan. Phillies 4 3 3 .760
LAPORTE, Nat'ls... 3 2 3 .667
"Rube" Waddell Is
Divorced Third Time
Heavyweights to Meet.
Tomorrow night at tho Majestic Thea
ter Jim Galvln and Leo Pardello will
meet in a finish match at heavyweight,
and Bumps Turner will take on Jock
Connors in a middleweight bout with a
one-hour time limit. In all probability
Tom Dodge will be matched with some
athlete of his own weight.
Both Pepco and Cornell will have
their followers !n the game today, whicn
should prove the best of the section A
contests to date, und the lesuit is ex
pected to go far toward determining the
winner In the post-season series. Man
tger Corntll has a raft of good pitchers
which -irts expected to offset the hit
ting Jt length of the pouci company
Specific Blood Poison
Specific Blood Poison usually begin3 with a tiny sore which is the only
outward evidence of its presence, but down In the blood the treacher
ous poisoc is at work and soon its chain of symptoms crop out. The
mouth, and throat ulcerate, sores and ulcers appear on the body and the
glands in the groin swell. Mineral medicines cannot cure Specific
Blood Poison; they only shut the disease up in the
system to oreaic out atresn later. S. S. S. goes
into the circulation and removes the last trr.ee oi
the infectious virus, tones up the stomach, towels,
kidneys and all portions of the system, and thus
makes a perfect and lasting cure. S. S. S. is made
of roots, herbs and barks and does not contain a
particle of mineral or other harmful drug. .Thou
sands have cured themselves of Specific Blood Poi
son by the use of S. S. S. It will cure vou if you
will give it a trial. Special Home Treatment Book and any medical ad
vice free to oil who write. S. S. S. is for sale at all first-class drugstores.
NEW YORK, Aug. 15. "Rube" "Wad
dell, sometimes alluded to as "e intrlc
waddell, ' Is again In a "state of b.'ngle
blessedness," or a "blessed state of
singleness," according to the point of j
view. For Mrs. "Rube" the third an-1
nounccd last night that she has secured
papers which show that she was abso
lutely divorced from Mr. "Rube" In
Mobile, Ala., on July 9 of this year.
Said ex-Mrs. "Rube" Waddell:
"Mr. Waddell and I were married In
St. Louis on April 4, 1910. lie was so
cruel to me that we separated, and I
sued hlra for a divorce. 1 have been
granted the decree, but 'Rube' Is now
in Minneapolis, and I don't know
whether he knows about It or not."
Mrs. waddell was Madge Mugulre, of
Now Orleans.
804 Seventeenth Street
07 Yii'AKS' ftueceimlul practice In
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Nervous, nud Special DUetiMea uf Alea
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pation, 1'llM, Throat, Lung. Uraln, Heart,
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Ulood I'oUonlnK. Uruptloni. Ulcers, and all
frUate DUiuyes cured for )!( by sart
mttLi ds.
Private Wultlug Itoom for Laillea.
10 to 1: 3 tb Sundays. 10 to 11
'EmZi& - yy' .BBBBH'
I lHBsa . .. iw Hi
fwmm The Great Surrimer M
mmm Clearance bale or mLMm
i wmK&Mk Oflfprc vnn an nnnnrtnr.it v Ir ...&.. o
jmwtonenm. w.w-.v twm . vK,v. w-..v , ..,-.x
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ing ShocM, leather
or rubber hoIch, re
duced to i.:id.
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to 17c.
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Turkish Hath
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to aoc.
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-m to vacationize in a new pair
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v '

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