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Nationals' how Present Worst Looking Spectacle of Any Time This Sets&n
League rVeiWreckfng.
laXtaiSv tC?bBmUh oC th ApPa-
years ott,C,i'ar thero ? a hundred
years 05 orry m . 5 -
:'Sue jesIdenV 1 .
''One Rem" Games.
Adding to Those on the Injured Roster, We Now Include Milan, Gandil, and Foster
" as n live pafnes duHni i.
ie Week that 'were settled bv thl
narrow margin 'of ono Tun.
'Nationals' Sick and Injured
Players Are Slowly
LOUIS. Mo.. Sent.1 18. Manasrer
Clark Griffith It In. a quandary today,
and hardly knows what 'to, do to set
away from the jinx which aeams to pur
bub him. It U bad enoughUo have men
out of the came with Injuries, but when
the all-powerful Ban Johnson is ex
pected" to rob the team of another man
by suspension, Grlfflth'israt a loss to
know how to shift .his men.
,aandll -is little better today. His
sprained wrist will probably keep him
out of the line-up for a day or ao. al
though he may start In the same to
morrow. Kid Foster is on the sick list.
A'fth can hardly walk, and the little
flyer. Zeb Milan, is nursing his Injuries.
John Henry is mending slowly and
play got Into the games at the end
f'f the week. Griffith is up agalpst it
n another way, as his possible sub
stitute for first, Herman Sohaefer, is
out on suspension. Were John Henry
able to catch, either he or Alva Wil
liams could take the first basing for
a while until "Chick" Gandll get Into
the line-up.
Moeller at First.
Danny Moeller will have to go in at
flrst tomorrow if "Chick" Gandll is
unable to work. Frank Laporte is the
wily regular in the inlield, as Ray Mor
gan was in at short yesterday when
peorge McBride was chased oft the field
nnd Bill Kenworthy was placed at third
iwhen Eddie Foster wrenched his ankle.
This isn't all. Grift is momentarily
expecting a telegram to the effect that
George McBride is laid off on account
of dilatory tactics in taking his time
in walking oft the field yesterday when
ordered off by Umpire Tommy Connolly.
,Georgo was somewhat hufty and argued
too long with Tommy, and after talking
the subject over Connolly thought the
Nationals' leader was a bit too strong
In his talk. After being waved off Mao
took all kinds of time getting to tho
dug-out and Grift is expecting to suffer
for this, too. All told, injuries and sus
pensions have shot the team to pieces,
the pitchers only being able to take
their regular positions and turns on the
Griff at Cincinnati.
Grift is at Cincinnati today with the
baseball moguls In the grand grab for
the minor leaguers for whom the mag
nates have put in a draft. Griff hopes
to be able to land a couple of good
pitchers and possibly an outfielder, al
though little hope Is held out that there
are players available or worth a trial.
Chicago ....2 (I 0 0 1 1 0 6 x-4 7 0
New York..O I 0 1 0 0 0 0 02 10 0
Battel ies-Cicotte and Kuhn; Caldwell
and Sweeney.
fit. Louis.. ..2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 x .i 7 2
Boston 0 1 1 0 1 a 0 1 0 ( 11 1
BatterieB Baumeardner and Alexan
der; Hall, Vandyke and N'uniinaker
nnd Cadj.
Boston o o o n l o o 12' 5 6
Bt. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1 7 0
Batteries Wood and Cady; Hamilton
and Stephens. Eight innings, darkness.
No game played.
Baseball Standings
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pet. Win Lose.
TWon 97 S3 .71,
Philadelphia.. SI 56 .691
MMSH'N .... R2 F.7 .53.)
f'hii'ago 67 69 .493
Detroit M 75 .41
Cleveland .... B2 76 .452
Nv York ... 4i .SS .553
St. Louis 17 S9 .35
Games Today.
No Games Scheduled.
Yesterday's Results.
Washington. 6; Detroit, 3.
Athletics-Cleveland Rain.
St. Louis, 5; Boston, 4.
Boston, 2; St. Louis, 1.
Chl?.go, 4; Ncv York,
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pct."-Wln. Lose.
New York ... 95 40 .704
Chicago 83 M .620
Pittsburgh .... S2 53 .607
Cincinnati .... 68 68 .600
Philadelphia.. 63 K9 .477
St. Louis 67 R0 .416
Brooklyn 60 M .368
"orton 42 93 .311
Games Today.
llrclnnatl at Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn
Chicago at New York.
St. Louis at Boston
Yesterday's Results.
No Gam.es Scheduled.
Among the Minors.
Southern League.-
Montgomery, 1, Birmingham, 2,
New Orleans, 5; Mobile, 6.
Memphis I, Atlanta. 4 (first game).
Memphis, 2; Atlanta, 3 (second game)
American Association.
Kansas City, 3. Milwaukee, 1 (first
game). Kansas City, 6; Mllwauke. 2
(second game).
Toledo, 7; Indianapolis, 6.
St. Paul. 0, Minneapolis, S.
Two games urranged for. today be
tryoen Columbus and Louisville -were
postponed because of wet grounds
and will 'be played UtnGrrow,
International League.
Nevtark, 4, Baltimore, 1 (first game)
Newark, ; Baltimore, 2 (second
Montreal, 5, Rochester, 2.
Jersey City. 1: Providence 8 (first
game) Jersey City, 2; Providence, 3
(second game).
INMMM ' , - t , , .
. '
JgaTeAUINft .SECOND Tva.iCC W f t jlJX ZftjX
A t-o-T OP- 7VR-MUO e&DRAGOlEO ,li!ii V- N f fyJ' J J pOSTBD I MUR'T l k ,'
, ,bohs weas cavatH-t bbtva-bow NWRCNCHESrV j pPi sPRAiN I - -
ZZZA I sTitAM&iPiN 7 aTL i QuitrrX ' fz 5 ""we suspend! I
V -Tg) JFo it mO ( lHOUtMT $lf iyPOTtfMAC J 3&f HgAP TO0g V tLl ' JK
J ... . . J - I J
Nationals Get Decision De
spite Rankest Kind of
Big League Hitters of
a Day
Player Team. A.B H. T.B. Pet.
KENWORTHY. Nat. 2 2 2 1.000
Compton, Browns.... Ill 1.000
Hall, Red Sox 1 1 1 1,000
Maftick. White Sox. 4 3 5 .750
Gardner, Red Sox... 3 5 .750
Chase, Yankees 4 3 3 7J0
Pratt, Browns 3 2 3 .667
Crawford, Tigers.... 3 2 2 .667
"Wallace, Browns 3 2 2 .667
MILAN. Nationals... 5 3 3 .600
DETROIT, Cept. 16. With a strange
looking line-up, depleted by Injuries and
banishments at the hands of Ban John
son, and his awful umpires, the Na
tionals grabbed the final gamo from
the Tigers, 6 to 3. Owing to the dark
ness the game was called in the eighth.
Until the seventh, the Nationals play
ed ludicrous baseball, but they made up
for It In that session, pounding Troy
and Wlllett for all their six runs.
George McBride was banished by Lm
plre Connolly, and may draw a suspen
sion. Gandll and Foster were Injured,
and when tho battle ended, Morgan was
at short, Moeller at first, Kenworthy on
third, and Moran In right. The young
sters had plenty of pepper though, and
did good work.
Jennings tried out another of his fall
crop of 1912 in Bobby Troy, who has
been making records all season for Ad
rian, In the Southern Michigan League.
He swung the first ball for a strike
on Danny Moeller, and great applause
resulted. However, Dan waited him
out for a walk, and Immediately stole.
Then a bit of bush play spoiled the Na
tionals' hopes of seeing their leaders
Corridon Shows Gray Matter.
Foster bounced to Corridon, who,
feinting a peg to first, ran Moeller
down. Foster bad strayed too far from
first, and was run down on his way to
second. Brainy work for Corridon and
a sleepy performance by the soulmates,
Moeller and Foster.
MJlan banged a single to center and
wrenched his ankle when he stole sec
ond. His sore member slowed him up,
and he died at the plate when Gandll
singled to left.
With two gone Crawford laid down
a bunt which Johnson hurled to right
field. Sam rushed around to third on
the hurl. However, McBride closed the
frame by shooting Cobb'B bounce to
Laporte slapped a single to right cen
ter to open the second, advancing on
fihanks' perfect sacrifice to Troy. Again
Corridon nailed a runner when he
selxed McBrlde's high bounder and
spiked Laporte madly dashing for
third. Williams' easy roller to Bush
spelled five.
Gandll had injured his wrist trying to
stop Johnson's wild throw and left
the game. Moeller covering the cush
ion and Kenworthy going to right.
Shanks made a fine running catch of
Veach's fly close to the line. Laporte
tossed out Louden, but Kddie Onslow
singled, only to fall a victim of Wil
liams and McBride when lit ti tU to
Foster does Sightseeing
,..m u suik ... i.m.u run
singica hq avotc unuer in mrociauo
m I I
peg from Jack Onslow. He, too,
wrenched his ankle, and so could only
go to third when Cobb fumbled Milan's
single. Milan was caught off first and
run down with Foster standing like a
statue watching it all. Ray Morgan
replaced Foster in the field, the midget
toddling off to the clubhouso to have
Mike Martin attend him.
Kenworthy beat out a slow one to
Corrldon in tho fourth, but nhoucd he
was another sufferer from base-runners'
insanity by letting Jack Onslow oatcli
him off the bag with a snap peg. La
porte skied to Vcach. but Sliankn
walked and stole before Bush tossed out
McBride. The fans were all laughing
at the painful baserunnlng of tho Na
tionals, who scored nothing in four
frames, although making bIx hits, steal
ing fivo 'bases, and getting two free
The Jungaleers finally took advan
tage of the bush baseball being shown
by the Griffnven and crossed tho plate
In the fourth. Corridon doubled to the
bleachers in light. Crawford drove a
sharp single to center, but "Rippy" "Wil
liams let Milan's perfect peg roll to
the stand, and Corridon scored.
Give Griffmen the Laugh.
Johnson steamed up and breezed Cobb
and Veach. However, Williams dropped
tho third ono on Vcach, who reached
first while the backstop was sitting in
the mud near the stand. McBride grab
bed Louden's roller near the bag and
made It a double play with a peg to
Moeller. Such ludicrous baseball had
not been Seen here for agea, and the
tans were openly Jeering at the GrlfT
men, who needed skid chains to keep
their feet on the raln-soakcd turf.
Another shower threatened when the
Tigers went to bat In the fifth, and
Johnson's teriffc speed was too much
in the gathering gloom. Both Onslow s
and young Troy faded away by the
fan route on twelve pitched balls. That
was sienar pitching and the big fellow
was given a hand.
"With one down In the sixth Ken
worthy was hit by a pitched ball and
stole a Laporto whiffed. He got no
farther, though for Shanks rolled, to
Corridon. Troy had horsesnoe.s hung
all over him.
"Donle" Bush tripled to the bleachers
an a playful starter in t'i; last half
of the sixth. Corridon fanned, but
Crawford'- savage single to centei
brought- Bush across Laporte took
Cobb's bounce, tagged Crawford, and
got th Georgia Peach by an e.,elasli
at first
Johnson Gets Two-Bagger.
After McBriAo has perished on his
bunt to Corridon, 'Williams beat out a
hot ono to the correl-thatchcd third
Backer, jnd raced around the circuit
on Johnson's great drive to rlMit for
two bases Jack Onslow kicked on
some of Connolly's vile decisions on
strikes, and was exiled, Kocher taking
his place Moeller crashed a single to
enter, putting Johnson on third. Dan
then stol. second, Johnson died at the
Olate on Morgan's little roller to tne ir
repressible Corridon.
Milan Mngled to center, scoring Moel
ler. Cobb's toss to third got away :rom
Corridon, rolling into the Tiger coop
Morgan scoring, and Milan reaching
third. Wlllett replaced Troy, and when
he started warming up in the box Mc
Bride complained so atrongly that he
was banished by "Gunboat" Connolly
Kenwoi thy singled to Bhort, scoring
Milan, and promptly stole. Ho scored
on Laporte's single, and shanks' single
sent Laporte over the pan with tho
sixth tallj. Moran, hitting for Mc
Bride, closed the attack with a strike
out. A Recruit Line-Up.
Two outfielders were In the Nationals'
Infield when the Tigers went to bat.
Kenworthy held down third and Moeller
guarded first Morgan slid over to Mc
Bride's place. However, this motley
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array got away with the Jungaleers sat
isfactorily. "Gunboat" Connolly decided it wns too
dark to play any more after the eighth,
and so ovciybody hustled from tho park
to escape tho threatening storm.
Following is tho detailed score of the
Detroit 1912 finale:
Runh.ra. . 4 10 4 0
("orrlilon.Sb 3 1 : 0
Mo'ler.rf.lb 3 1 S 0
lVter.3b 2 10 11
M'ean.3b,S9 2 0 0 2 0
Cruwfonl.rr 3 3 10 0
Cobber 3 0 3 0 1
Milan. cf . f, 3 1 0 0
Oanilll.lli .1 13 0 0
Vcach. If ... 3 O 2 V 0
Ixmden.Cb . 3 3 : 0
U.Onii'w lb 3 1 11 3 0
Ken'y.rf.3b 2 2 10 0
I-Uorte III. ( I 1 3 01
8h.ankfi.lr . 2 110 0
J Onalow.c 3 0 2 10
Mcllrldp.pg 3 0 2 3 0
Kochr.e... 10 2 0 0
Moran. rr .1 0 0 0 0
Wllllaros.c 4 17 12
Trov.u 2 0 0 10
Wlllett.p.. OOOOO
Johnson, p . 3 1 0 1 o)
Jenitcn.p... 0 0 0 0 0
Jonea 10 0 0 0
ToLala... 32 1.1 i 11 1
Total... 2S 6 24 30 3
Batted Tor Jeruwn In lRhlh Inning.
Wajhlnglon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Detroit 0 0 0 2 0 10 0-3,
Run-Moclier, .Morgan, Milan. Kenworthy.)
Laportf. Williams. Fluih. Corridon. Craw
ford. Htolen bares Moeller (2). Koster, Mi
lan. Kenworthy J. Mcllride. J Onslow.
Two-base hits Corridon. Johnson, and lk
punt. inifcuaw iui niian hub Jll ir"j,i
it In 6 1-3 Innlncs. off Wlllett. 3 In 2-3 in-l
nltiK. off Jensen. 1 in 1 Jnnlns; Sacrifice hits
Shnnka and .Inhnaftn tinuhlA ntav. Cnrrlilnn
to Ixiuden to Corridon to Onflow to lxiuln-j
McHflde to Moeller; Laporte to Moeller tftl
on liases Detroit, li Washington if First)
Date on nans on iao. 3 Kirst base on
errors Detroit, 1 Hit by pitcher By Troy
(Krnorth), by Jensen (Morgan) Struck
out-Ity Johiifon. 7. by Troj, 1, by AVillctt.
I I'assed ball William I'mclrei Meosis
connonv nnn Hart,
and 45 minute.
Time or gamo 1 hourH
French Athlete Here.
Jean Anderson, the greatest all-around
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14 7h
1 1 I V
LStar 1912 Shortstop Will
Not Return to School
: This Year.
Malcolm Douglas, captain-elect of the
Virginia baseball team, will not return
to school this year. This was tho news
that leaked out in the campus today and
disheartened every follower of Virginia
"Little Dug," as he Is known, has
been the star shortstop of tho Orange
and Bluo for the past two seasons, and
last spring was rewarded for his sensa
tional playing and faithful work by
belnc chosen unanimously to lead the
baseball team the coming season.
When Clark Griffith and the Nationals
were In Charlottesville for spring train
ing, the work of Douglas so Impressed
the Washington manager that he
promptly offered the boy a fancy con
tract to sign after the school schedule
was finished. Douglas refused the offer,
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not desiring to play professional ball.
Douglas and Eppa Rlxey were easily
the stars of the university team, piloting
the Virginians through one of their
most successful seasons. "Dug" will be
sorely missed. He ranks as one of the
greatest shortstops who ever played on
Lambeth Field In a Vlrgnla uniform. He
still has two mote years of college
eligibility, but decided recently to cast
his fortunes with tho University or
Maryland. At this latter institution he
will continue a course In law started at
Douxlas' home belnc in Maryland, he
felt that since he Intended to practice in
his own State, ho could bo benefited j
moro by studying law there. A new i
captain must pe chosen to succeed
Douglas. The choice will probably fall
between Catcher "Ed" Finlay and Third
Baseman Douglas Neff. Both have
played regularly for two years, but the
eddu favor Finlay to gain thla bonor.
In recognition of tho service he has ren
dered in football also, where he plays
end. A meeting to select a leader of
the baseball team will not be held for
a couple of weeks.
Yale Eleven Drills
In the Changed Rules
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Sept. 16.-Real
work began' for the Yale or football
candidates today with all but Dunn,
last year's full back, and Cooney, a
promising guard, on the field. Drilling
In the changes in rules was a feature
of the day's work The men this sea
son have returned in unusually flt con
dition, and show the results of the light
summer work done by nearly all of
them. The selecting of a quarterback
seems to be the main problem before
I the coaches.
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