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Gathers Data and Corres
pondence for Clapp
Probe Tomorrow.
- NEW YORK, Oct. 3. Holding the
long dlstanco record for continuous
-campaigning. Col. Theodore Roose
velt Is snatching a few hours' rest
at Sagamore Hill today. The Pro
gressive Presidential candldato need
ed It, for he had traveled somo 11,000
miles and had delivered several hun.
dred speeches In thirty days, when
he reached Oyster Bay last night.
Mr. Roosevelt leaves for Washing
ton tonight atad will tostlfy Friday
before tho Senate committee Inves
tigating campaign contributions. He
will forsake the seclusion of Saga-
moro Hill late this afternoon, when
he comes to New York to participate
in a conference with Qeorgo W.
Perkins, Frank A. Munsey, Senator
Dixon, and other Progressives re
garding the third party outlook and
the colonel's forthcoming tour of
the Middle West. Immediately after
this conference Mr. Roosevelt will
take the train for the National
Second Tour Begins Monday.
Tlie tentative pinna are that the col
onel will begin the second lap of hli
wing through tho States next Monday.
The Bull Moose candldato probably Will
head )rnt for Illinois and will then en
ter Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and
Ohio, turning eastward again about ten
days hence. Colonel Roosevelt sought
rest only when he reached New York
ICBterduy afternoon. Just before reach
ing thnt city ho bade good-by to the
newspaper correspondents who liavo
accompanied him on the 11,000-mile Jour
ney through twenty-seven States.
"It has been a bully trip, an Interest
ing trip," he said. "Now 1 am going to
trv to havo a day of real rest with my
family at Oyster Hay. I wish you
would tell your office that I will have
absolutely nothing to say until I reai.li
New York tomorrow night. I want to
b away from everything for a few
hours at least and would like to have u
)lttle quiet."
Little Rest on Trip.
The colonel smiled as he recalled that
he had had little rest for the past thir
ty days. Mr. Roosevelt acknowledged
that he might take a horseback ride or
play a game of tennis this afternoon,
but the colonel regards this as recrea
tion. What he particularly desired to
sav was that the gates to Sagamore
IIIU would be closed to all and that he
wanted to live like an ordinary mortal
for one day at leaBt.
Mrs. Roosevelt and Miss Ethel Roose
velt met the colonel at the station In
New York late yesterday and he was
whisked Immediately to Oyster Bay In
an automobile.
Mr. Roosevelt spent a part of today
in gathering together the papers and
correspondence he may need when ho
tstlfles before the Senate committee, to
morrow. The colonel wants to be In
position to answed any question put by
the Senate campaign fund Investigators,
and he Is reudv and even anxious to
appear before them, as Indicated by
his letter to Senator Clapp a month ago.
when he asked a hearing Immediately
after John D. Archbold had been heard.
Hopes to Finish Tomorrow.
As It Is estimated that Colonel Roose
velt write more than 100,000 letters when
he was President. It Is something of a
Job for the colonel to put his sands on
the corrcsDondenco with Chairman Ullm
or others about whom the committee ,
iimlv inquire.
When he reaches Washington tomor
row the colonel, of course, will testify so
long as the committee may desire, but
he hoDcs to concludn In time to rottim
to New oYrk tomorrow night. This will
tend to his correspondence, write an edi
torial or so for the Outlook, and re
cuperate before starting on his second
New York Progressives today feel
that tho Democrats of the State made
shrewd political move when they
nominated Congressman William Sulior
for the governorship last night. As one
Progressive leuiler put US "The action
of tho Progressives In nominating Oscar
Straus gave Sulzer a nomination he
has sought for sixteen years and which
has been perslsenly been refused him
by Tammany."
Mr. Straus Is making such strides In
the present campaign that the Demo
crats were sorely porplexed In the se
lection of a man who would stand a
show. Dlx was considered out of It.
r bvz&
a ,i, "
" L&fthUr? LtAP' I
rw m.Kjm .fiv'
'.With the Presidential Can
didates Today
I'KOORESSIVE Colonel Roone
Tclt conferred with Frogrresahe
leaden nt Ojster Bajr. '
ItEPUBLICAlf President Taft at
,tendn llrockton fair. ,
DEXOCHATIC Gorernor Wilson
was to speak at the Conscrya
lion' Congress at Indianapolis.
Hilt OF
Convention One of Most Re-
markableJn History
Of Party.
SYRACUSE, N. T., Oct. SiWIlllam
Sulzer has come Into his own. The am
bition of the New York Congressman,
who Is proudest when told he looks like
Henry Clay, has been realised after
years of struggling and he Is today the
candidate of the "first" unbossed Btate
convention held In many years by the
Democracy of the Empire State for the
ii i-hest office In the State.
When the convention reassembled to
''ny. Sulier had been named for govern
or with former Congressman and Comp
troller Msryn II. Olynn, of Albany, as
his running mate for lieutenant govern
or, and all that remained was the com
pletion of the remainder of the ticket.
The convention which nominated Sui
ter, after a session that lasted well In
to the night, was one of the moat re
markable In the recent history of the
State. His candidacy, ever since he was
n. member of the assembly at Albany,
has been persistent, but every ttmo he
seemed to have the coveted nomination
In his grasp the leadors have vetoed his
Year after year he has organized a
hand of his own personal friends and
has tramped up and down the State
organizing delegates for his cause only
to have them snatched from him when
the decisive moment came.
Plan? to Make Arrangements Be
fore Opening of
The first meeting of the board of
directors of the Board of Trade since
last Juno will be held next Monday
afternoon at 4.U o'clock 'when plans
for the work of the organization pre
paratory to the next session of Congress
will receive attention.
Arthur C. Moses, first vice president
of the board and acting president, will
preside. He may be elected president
to fill the vacancy created by the
death of Thomas C. Noyes. Members
of the board also expect that Mr. Moses
will be advanced to the presidency for
the ensuing year following the election
of directors at the annual meeting of
the board next month. B. H. Droop,
treasurer of the organization, has also
been mentioned as a candidate for the
presidency. The name of E. C. Gra
ham, second vice president, has alto
been put forward as a presidential pos
sibility. A meeting of the committee on mu
nicipal art. of which Richard B. Wat
rouH is chairman, was held this after,
noon at the rooms of the board. Tho
committees on charities and corrections,
of which Walter C. Clephane Is chair
man and on public library, of which
Fred O. Coldren Is chairman, will be
held at 4:15 o'clock. Tomorrow after
noon at 4:15 o'clock the commute on In
dustrial Interests, of which D, S. Por
ter Is chairman, will hold a meeting.
Automobile, Avoiding
Boy, Strikes Another
To avoid running down three-year-old
George Goodenough, of 024 Maryland
avenue southwest, Jeremiah Baltimore,
chauffeur ofr George A. White, of 462
Maine avenue southwest, ran his ma
chine on the sidewalk at Sixth street
and Maryland avenue last night and
struck another small boy. The child
was knocked down, but not Injured.
"Joy Rider" Goes to Jail.
. For taking an automobile belonging
to Qeorgo R. Llnklns, a lawyer, with
out the owner's permission, and damag
ing tho machine while "Joy riding" with
It, Daniel Campbell, colored, was sen
tence to pay a tine of 1100 and to serve
six months In tne workhouse. In the
District branch of the Police Court yes
terday. In default of the payment of the
line, the man will have to serve a six
months' additional term at Occoquan.
&ZL,. I .
aatV j.
HV i vKf
JtfSiW(wffl. '&. rfgfsssss
Roosevelt Voters Not Dis
couraged by Taft-Subsi-dized
Papers of State.
West Virginia being the home of one of
the "seven governors" who urged Col
onel Roosevelt to stand for the Repub
lican Presidential nomination previous to
the Chicago convention. It is quite nat
ural to seek for largo numbers of
Roosevelt followers In this State. They
are here. Excepting California, one
can And no Btate where Roosevelt bos
a stronger lead among the people.
Now, It matters but little whether
Governor dlasscock. In Joining with the
other governors who asked Colonel
Roosevelt to become a candidate, did
so because of the strong sentiment of
the Republicans in his Btate for Mr.
Roosevelt, or whether the popularity of
the governor himself, brought large
numbers of adherents to the cause.
The point Is that these Roosevelt
voters have followed him Into the
third party. West Virginia Is a pro
gressive Slate, industrially. The his
tory of the development of West Vir
ginia Is the history of a people who
were quick to realize the value of their
natural resources, and who went for
ward with rapid strides. When this
development began. West Virginia
threw off Democratic allegiance and be
came a Republican State. The native
citizenship la that of a hardy people,
with sturdy, even rugged, characters.
They broke away from the Old Dom
inion and organized a new Btate dur
ing the war period, and this zeal for a
cause they believe to be right, holds
good today.
Backed Sooievelt in 1908.
Loyal to their political faith In 1908,
West Virginia stood by William H. Taft,
but largely because he had been rec
ommended to them by the retiring Pres
ident. In fact, owing to factional dif
ferences within the Republican party
that year, the State would have gone
to the Democrats, but for the admira
tion the voters had for former Presi
dent Roosevelt, and their desle to sup
port the President of his choosing.
West Virginia has attracted but little
attention this year, politically, since
Governor Glasscock took his stand In
favor of Colonel Roosevelt Having
but eight electoral votes a, gain of one
since 1M8, and having always returned
large Republican majorities, thesltua
tlon has not been exploited beyond the
borders of the State.
The real news of the West Virginia
situation has. In a measure, been sup
pressed. There are but three or four
newspapers In the State supporting the
Progressive movement. Again, the state
Republican committee, although expect
ing a large support from the Progres
sives who have no State ticket. Is. un
doubtedly, largely a Taft organization.
So. there has been a lack of DUbllclty
regarding the trend toward the Progres
sive ticket
Democrats Fear Colonel.
It should be sufficient to say that the
Democrats, sanguine for several weeks
of profiting by the Roosevelt sentiment
In the State, are now fighting the third
"party desperately. The Democrats had
reason, early In the campaign, to ex
pect great things In West Virginia.
There has been aa drift way from the
Republican State ticket since 13-14. and
only Roosevelt himself. In 1901. and his
Indorsement of Taft In 1908, kept the
State In the Republican column.
Tho Democrats did carry four out of
five Congressional districts In 1910, and
controlled the Legislature, which named
two Senators. So, with a split In the
Republican party this 5 ear, as It was
called early In the campaign. It looked
as If tho Democrats might well antici
pate a completo victory from tho top
to the bottom of their ticket.
West Virginia Is not a State to be
reckoned with as many other States.
.When the leading spirits of the citizen
ship decided to cut on from old Vlrglnlu.
awuy back there In war times, they did
not lose much time In taking definite
action. The people stood together, as
a whole, on the proposition. This spirit
pro1. nils today, and tho evidence of It in
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tho present political situation standi
out prominently
The Republican voters sent a hand
picked Roosevelt delegation to Chicago,
with Instructions what to do. Knowing
their delegates, they sat back at home,
watched the proceedings from afar, and
kept calm. When the crisis came there
was no telegraphing back .home for
further Instructions. The delegates from
West Virginia were fully aware of the
determined sentiment of the men who
sent them there. The people back here
In tho State, knew their chosen repre
sentatives in Chicago would do about
as they wanted them to. 80, when they
followed Colonel iRoosevelt Into an
other convention, there was no ap
plause back In West Virginia, but silent
Not a Biekwoods State.
West Virginia Is no longer a back
woods State. Every farmer in the State
gets a dally paper delivered near his
door. They were posted on every move
In tho national convention, and In the
towns and clUes, they knew hourly
each development In the lollseum. By
tho time the dolegates returned home
tho people of this State were of the opln
Ion that tho nomination had been ob
tained by fraud.
1 ThaHePuWIcana themselves, cxcepl
I"? the original Taft men. most of
whom hold office, voiced their approval
of what their delegates had done.
There was no need of any further light
upon the subject There has been no
chango of sentiment since, except that
the Roosevelt movement has grown, by
leaps and bounds, and Is today a sur
prise to any person who takes the pains
to Investigate among the people them
selves. This situation has coma about with
no aid from a State press. In fact, It
has come about In spite of a strong
Taft newspaper Influence. These West
Virginia people do not know how Col
onel Roosevelt has fared on his recent
Western tour. 'What they read In State
and some city newspapers Is colored eo
as to really bring discouragement. It
these people were easily discouraged.
But they have gone on about their dally
pursuits and Instead of waning, the
Roosevelt sentiment In West Virginia
has become stronger.
There are several counties in the State
where not a word favorable to the Pro
gressive cause Is printed. The old fa
vorite county newspapers are support
ing President Taft. with vigor and ve
hemence. One would expect to And the
Taft sontlment growing there, and the
Roosevelt followers changing front
Not so.
The real surprise In this State Is met
with when one gets out In the hamlets
and towns In the country sections.
There are any number or men who have
been Democrats since before the war
who announce their determination to
vote for Colonel Roosevelt this year.
The young men, too. manv of the first
voters, are strong for the Progressive
movement and have no hesitancy In
declaring their preferences openly.
10th and D
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Nominee Is Star Attraction at
National Conservation
row Wilson was the star attraction at
tho National Conservation Congress
here today. He was scheduled to ar
rive at noon and later to speak at the
Coliseum at the Btate fair grounds,
lie will also make a political speech at
Washington baseball park tonight
Gov. Herbert 8. Hadley of Mlsslout,
who was scheduled to speak this after
noon at the Coliseum, will not be here
until tomorrow. Owing to the fact that
Wilson and Judge Ben Llndsey 'were
to speak here tonight, the latter for
Colonel Roosevelt, tho Republicans had
difficulty In finding a suitable building
In which to hoid the Hadley meeting.
Later It was announced that Hadley
would be unable to come today owing
to official duties at home, but will
speak tomorrow night
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The furniture factories have been
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