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' "" ""tw.-"- ?J91SR:1
mrftffyi ijM?rr'SyfrV;' tri'tsr-yift-7i ,t;
I "'Open Shop" Versus. Unlon
; ism Becomes Issue at
.Dynamite Trial.
fEDeiial counr room, indian-
' ArouH, uct. 3. me "open'anop" ver
. sua labor unionism already hai taken
Its place as the sharply denned and uh
inistakabre Issue In the dynamtto con
i (piracy trials, and Judge Anderson cava
It recognition when he discarded a Juror
who said he refused to hire union labor
"when he knew It" I
The examination of talesmen today re-
oivea imeu into ,-ine rignta ot em
ploy ers to run their business to suit
themselves, without outsldii Interfere
epco'' against "the right of working-
men to organize tor tneir own protec
tion." ,
iThe puzzled farmer-talesman, safely
itttlns by this Scvlla from the irovern.
ment: '.'Do you think. It right -that' a
. manufacturer should be told by a union
1 Whom he can and cannofemployT" lm-
mediately louncs mmrt racing this
Crufrvbdls of the defense: "Do vou
, think It right that a man be discrimi
nated against by his employer simply
pecuse ne oeiongs 10 a uniom
.When the hearing was 'resumed today
two of the second venire of fifty men
were In the jury box for examination.
(Boatman Accused of
i Theft Is Exonerated
Harry Radcllff. a boatman, arrested
I recently on a charge of larceny pre
ferred against him by'attorneys repru
sentlng Harry Pulllam, owner of a
motdr launch anchored at the foot of
Sixth street southwest, was exonerated
, when arraigned In the United States
) branch ot the Police Court yesterday.
, Testimony was that Pulllam owed
I IUdcIlfte lor the piece of machinery
the latter was charged with stealing.,
4 l
" ' !
Pfesident Brumoack Calls Special Meeting To Take Up
Question of Paving ofRoadway on Cameron Street.
J Democratsto Perfect Organization.
President Hobleyi D- Brumback has
called a special meeting of the common
council this evening .at 8, o'clock, for
the purpose of repealing tho ordinance
recently passed providing for the pav
ing of a thlrty-seyen'foot macadamized
roadway on Cameron street between
Washington and, St, Asaph streets.
This Is done at the request' of property
owners on the thoroughfare, who' have
decided to widen ihe street to thirty
nine feet Instead, and to pave It With
macadamized block. The substitute
ordinance will be presented, after coun
cil has rescinded action on1 the other,
Tho board of aldermen has already
taken action on the matter. It -being
done at a special meeting held Tuesday
The organization of a JVIlson-Mar-shall-Carlln
club, under the auspices of
the city Democratic committee, will be
perfected at a meeting to be held In
Elk's Hall at 8 o'clock this evening. It
Is understood that the club will be
started with a membership of nearly
two hundred. ,
A "lodge of sorrow" In observance of
the death of Past Exalted Ruler Louis
E. Bchuman, was held by Alexandria
Lodge of Elks last night. It was de
cided that the following past exalted
rulers would act as honorary pallbear
ers: K. J. Qulnn, George K. Bradley.
Jacob Brill, Harry Flelschmann, W. II.
P.iKelley. Louis C. Barley, Charles C.
Carlln, David E. Robey. Harrv B.
Qulnn, and Howard W. smith.
At a called meeting of the Relief
Hook and Ladder Company, of which
Mr. Schuman was a prominent member
suitable resolutions to his memory were
ordered drawn ud.
The funeral will .take place from St.,
Ua.V'a raf.nlt. f-K.,..l. at A. In Ua.li-
day morning. """
D. Millard Kite, aged eighteen, son of
Mr. and Mrs. D. 11. Kite, died at the
family residence, 212 South Pitt street,
last night., following a long Illness of
spinal tfienlngltls. He Is survived by
his parents and two sisters, Elizabeth
8. and Marie Q, Kite. Prior to his
Illness he was employed -at the Alexan
dria Countv Lighting Company's office
In this city. Funeral arrangements
have not been made. y
For the benefit of the building: fund
of the new armory, the .Alexandria
.Llglt Infantry will give a.moying pic
ture show at the opera house next Mon
day and Tuesday' evenings. A number
of 'new reels, with subjects generally
military, win oe snown. '
A final decree of divorce on the
grounda of desertion was granted In
corporation court today to Ethel E.
Hprlngraann from her husband Ernest
F. Bprlngmann. In the same court yes
terday. Laura E. Richards Davis was
granted a final decree of divorce," Issued
on statutory grounds, from her husband.
Charles P. Davis,
Edward J. Fleming has sold to Mar
garet K. Whttten the lot of ground on
North Columbus street, between Madi
son and Montgomery streets.
.William H. Hodges, superintendent ot
schools of Alexandria county, la prepar
ing a list of pupils who ;wlll be eligible
to enter the high schools of Washington,
In event the school board decides to pay
for their tuition out of the county
funds. Final action will be taken on
the matter at a meeting to be held
later in the month,
-ipsi as . is
Inquest Over Miss Nannie
- Haffner Held at Dis-
trict Morgue.
A Coroner's Inquest was held at the
District morgue today over tho body of
Miss Nannie Haffner. seventy years old,
an Inmate of the'. National Lutheran
Home for the Aged, Wlnthrop Heights,
D. C, who was killed last night by, a
street car at'nhodo Island avenue and
Seventeenth street northeast.
Mips Haffner, who had bcon sewing at
the home of Mrs. Elmer U. .Catlln, 2017
Q street northwest. Was bn her way
back' tb the Institution when the acci
dent happened. For some reason Miss
Haffner. Instead of fettlng off at Eight
eenth atreet. where the home Is located,
rot off at .Seventeenth street.
As she walked back of the care she
stepped In front of a westbound car.
When Motorman Arthur Warner saw
her It was too late to avoid an acci
dent. The car struck her with consid
erable force. She waa hurled a dls-
Itance of several yards, and her body
gencv Hospital, whero It was found. In
addition to a number of other Injuries
and broke bones, she had received "a
fractured skull.
Miss Haffner had been an Inmate of
the home for years. Bhe Is survived by
a sister, who also lives at the home,
and a brother, Harry Haffner, who con
ducts a boarding house at W5 K street
Killed in Car Crash.
PITTSBUROH, Oct. 3.-In a collision
between street ears on the Braddock
and East Pittsburg, line near East
Pittsburg- this morning, one person was
kltt4. twALfatallv hurt, and a score of
,.;. oiiwra 'seriously injured.
r ' '-, i
semi-detached dwelling at 7JS dlrard
atreet northwest for JJ.WO.
Mrs. A. A. Johnson bough from D.
J, Dunlgan the new -two-story, dwelling
at 1011 spring road northwest for U.310,
The three-story building at 22M Four
teenth street northwest was sold -for
B. M. Vail for I0,O0O. Tho name of, the
purchaser Is withheld.
Dr. ty. F. R. Phillips Makes
Purchase From Mrs.
' ' Nettie B. Meyers.
, Dr.W.F, n. Phillips aa purchased
from Airs. Nemo 11. Meyers the two
corner properties at Tenth'and.Monroo
streets northwest, 1001 and 1007 Monroe
street, for $23,000. One Is a' detached
'frame dwelling and the other a. three
story apartment house. The property
'fas a frontage ot 130 feet on Monroe
street nda so feet on Tenth street. The
sale rwsslmude through the, office of
Uardlner & Dent.
In part payment for the buildings Dr.
Phillips transferred to Mrs., Meyers a
lot 90 by 100 feet on the -West side
of seventeenth street, between R and
H streets northwest, at 'a price of
110,000. 4
Three other sales are reported today
by OttrUtner & Dent. 8. "M1 Shepherd
purchased from Mrs. Leah Corbln the
two-story brick dwelling at 3017 'Elev
enth atreet northwest, for H.7S0, and the
Realty Transfers
Vl P strMt northwest Henry Hchnslder el
uz. to Fannlt W. Uennty. lit M, squsro
6M. 110. '
WmI WooirMis Husena p. Withers Vi Jsdms
T. W. CUmsnt. lot W, square 4IU, lie,
ill A ttrMt hortheast Blliatoth H. Flclcllnz
to Amelia M. and-Anna T. FKkllng, lot if.'
squsrs 7M flO. Joseph II. Pickling tu tame,
asms property, 110,
South , Carolina avenue southeast, betwaen
Tninetnin ana rounrenin siroois Starr J,
Ilresn to Itlchard TS. and Ruth I. More
land, lot T. square 10. 10. ,
Sixteenth Street lllzhlands Holmes. Central
Realty Corporation v Clayton D. Mell, In
It and part lot 10 and 12, square ntl. IIS.
Walter street -southeast, between iTweltth and
Tnirteenin sireau i aui i. iiuner to v.
Wallace. Chlewell knd Harry A. Kite, lot
Hi. square lnj.-tl?.
Walter street' soulpeast, between Twelfth
and Thirteenth streets Harry A. Klta et
al. to James M. Qrecne, lot ZS, rquare IMS,
Twenty-slith 'strait ' nerthwest. between K
snd L 'atreeta Harry O. Taylor to MaiuHa
Taylor. 'lots 17, II, St, and . square 4. 110.
Whlltlnfhim-John W. Uraxton efux. lo M.
Elisabeth, Drowning. Iota M snd It, 110.
Frightened to Death.
CINCINNATI, Oct 3. A telephone
message that he was about to be ar
rested charged with operating a hand
hook so frlchtened Joseph Schlckllng.
.aged fifty-two years, here today, that
Iht dropped dead at thn telephone.
4' '
' Looking twenty yean older than yot
really are; Being msde the Ifughlng ttocl
olvour Irlendi and the butt ol l-clr lokea-
I "Old ABe Clsis" limply bccsuie (rej
hairs are so closely associated with old af e.
I It Is very humiliating tb be grey and bsltj
I when your tie docin't Justify either to t
j clawed os r'Hsi Been" and set aside by
your young (riendl ai loo old for them to
dc turnea aown posnoiy. in yuur sppiica.
lion for that new position because
1 Get thejbeit of tlio grey hair don't N
them get, the, best 'of you.
'SB;BAT8 hair health
$1.00 snd (0c al Dnil Stores or direct upoa
receipt ol price and dealer's nsnel Send 10c foe
trial bottle. Pbllo Hey Spec. Co.! Newark, N. J.
- aa'alalliBWHBaBBBilBiBaaa- .X.
.aaaaWBJrTTffly .aaaaS CkBaTAC! 1lSs7sfalrirsVllslllsfa " il,' . ..slsaW.
Thirty (30) Bright Clean, Attractive Stores
The Best and Cheapest Places toSupply Your Gr ocery Needs. We handle only first class merchandise
and offer it to you at prices that mean a saving to you of $5.00 to $10.00 per month on your grocery bill.
Out 30 Busy Stores Are the Best Evidence We Have toOffer Yon of the
Satisfaction Our Plan Is Giving to Myriads of Washington Families Today
Why Delay Longer Let Us Have Your First Order Tomorrow
Potatoes, per peck 20c
Sweet Potatoes, peck -. 25c
Onions, peck 15c
Pure Lard, lb 14c
Compound, lb lie
Crisco, Vz lbs. . . . ; 23c
Crisco, 3 lbs '. .45c
Crisco, 6 lbs .88c
Sanitary Butter, lb 36c
Wisconsin Chese, lb 22c
Sanitary Eggs, doz 31c
BREAD, 3 Loaves for ....lie
When Butter Is High
Eat Oleomargarine
Capital Gty Pride Brand Olco
Is the Very Finest, lb
There is a vast difference, in the various
grades of Oleomargarine. Insist on having
Capital City Pride. Then you will know what
good Oleomargarine really is. At licensed
stores only.
Aunt Jemima's
Pancake, pkg. .
New Dried Fruits
Seeded Raisins, pkg - 8c
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Good Until Saturday's Closing
Walter Baker's Cocoa, per Y2-b. tin. .' 17c
Walter Baker's Chocolate, per Y2-b. cake 13c
Black and White Matches, per dozen boxes 14c
Sanitary Flour, 6-lb. bags 20c
Sanitary Flour, 12-lb. bags 39c
Sanitary Flour, 196-lb. bags $5.90
This flour is guaranteed equal to any that money can
buy we urge you to buy it.
Spearmint Gum, '2 pkgs. for. 5c
1-lb. Pkgs. Arm and Hammer Bread Soda. . . . '. 7c
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Red Boy Salmon (Red Alaska), can i 17c
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if so you can take advantage of these prices at stores named
Takoraa Park Store at Street Car Terminal.
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livery from 3312 Georgia A ve. Phone Col. 536.
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you want to pay
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Good Quality Mixed Tea
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0th & Eyo sts.
fitu & Osts.
KorUi Canltol ti K.
1st b V si
80 R. I. BT6.
1634 North Cap.
300 F st
Northeast. Southeast. Market Stands.
1115 U st v. lOOHCt. 6th 'riT '
317 8th st. .aH, 307 18th st. c , ,
503 ii st. ill c , Suburban.
t. 4 . ' Southwest. W. Rainier.
" " 7th & D sts. HyaltsTllIc
I82 B IK & N sts. Takoma Park.
A. LISNER Hoars 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. . G STREET
No Charge
' Tho eminent optometrist. Dr.
Ralph Martin Samuel, can be con
suited without charge because
without mutual respect and con.
fldence neither can be satisfied. A
consultation Is necessary. Offlco
on first-floor. Hours, 9:30 to 5:30.
A Best 50c Broom 27c
It'a a promlso and It will be kept tomorrow
Friday Is to be a day for all' House Cleaning needs
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Dustless Mop
Tho O-Cedar Polish Mop Is being demonstrated
here Basement Floor1. It's tho ono and only Mop
that can be washed and used Indefinitely for Hard
wood, Varnished and waxed floors, and all surfaces.
A Dust Allayer, A Labor saver.
h I i - ' "" " I !
dlator, 4 tubes. JjkiV I'-OO Carlsbad China Dinner and
li.SS Oil Heater. heavy cast top JW Tep. Sets, SO pieces; finest quality.
full size. Miller and stand. BH assorted decora- (Pr frj
smokeless bur- M OQ m tlon OO.V I
SI 47 E3, 'j.BBsSP11 j.
-m tuxssi fitaH 11.60 Nickel neadlna- Lamp, lanra Wia"9.
M HsssK-"'asl Cs Willi IVIItLll UUID HT I III V siiHsssssssLsM
VW Sn complete pXJ.V HUIB
I V Sl lii l" "cler Fryer w.th
I H . .TTTT i JR 9.00 Square '" bask'e" law'iiier.'.1.1!. 19C
H V I d 1 ' r WWC DlntnR Iloom ft sCBHsfc
"tra heavy with JMi meTa 1 finished sKxlll Ktjfil
steel rim on top fJflXi skirt, complete M WR. fl
1 iottoIJi T'T'V. with Welsbach Hj 1 UW jjfl
I WlB ssBsH S1"? Js Sl WWOKM c Jelly Glasses,
I UV . B decorations. f2HH Hs&. KkEjKS lln cover. Isg
I u mJ lsLLHl SI fQ Hin& ijfijillB first i,
I sBsSSR 9XAJV CSBBPS quality ...l'C
I a1,2Ri 'U '"' 9as!ssSi MRKmBE SEjfJTQl 6c Mason's
I 1-1 1 BOcKSx. JOT rf ru"bernath Toll KlIliuBll
I (biaw '"" over' IBl 5 ends. 48c utflHflll
II. W mm 29c Bracket T a b le Lm p. gT. jaf Ufi81lsfjffsW
I'sL T f t'Ch,fnriKail 5.,.h. .n;'SeChwatr.f H'A HV
m sLsLH 9 and 6 ft. tubing, , T,, ,. 11.00 It o u n d
I B mS3k SS In vankcl Iron, Willow Clothes
1 19o Coal Hod. tW PtJIC famy 9- n"V.V"- fiQP
I heavy Iron, IP &7 "'" with cover. OJC
bottom... IpC l?o Scrubbing MjSfU - II ssV IKi4tv
Pall, iralvanlzed ".' rBW II .-. Ih
I Oil zzz2ZZ -"a pBiEPiy
I ffV IV SS1139K fi9o Nickel t .
I IK ml 'l,Bfmm Alarm Clock, . J B II
I uBM . guaranteed A fin 39c Inv c r t e d VI n
I ilEK 7c Bcrub Ilrush, one year. . 4 C Welsbach Oas sJjMIBSjMMMsasll
-I rjT l 5C Wttl -9c JSSMUkArnnmAVn'Xie
69c Http Lud- 26c Dust Tan I KiWB tRl I IMsf II
dor, S ft , and Rood sfUFIltl ssS D 1 WQ 1 1
sa .'59c ss.ttiv.r.wc 4H3 USBSk I ml)
20C HPlf.tVrlnrInn- Xfni. n.t rm st M JT W
:"::.:. .zoc I
handle, best make.
19c Cetllnp; Dusters, good II).
quality, with six-foot handle i.it,
15o Cans Ready Mixed If).
Taints 'and Stains, large slxe XUU
$1.26 Step Lad
der Chair. 4 ft.
)i 1 pt h, strongly
made and varnished.
7So Nursery
Chair, with toy
tabic, varnished,
strongly AQn
made .... HiQC
Hath ltoom Fixtures. Nickel-plated
18-lnch Towel Bars. Hoap
Dishes, Tooth Ilrush Holders.
Tumbler Holders, Toilet Paper
Holders, IJuth Seats, Match Safes,
Ash Itecelveis, Soap Dishes Iftp
to haiiB on tub Kach XUC
Babbitt Soap, 3c
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A. Lisner G Street

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