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Shanks Foregoes World' s Series Clash to Go Under Knife Sea$6h Endsin;East
. .'tr i 'vt-&&ifT'' TTJ''i&$?FTlriHfcfifT,sili "lr''"""i"i'
i Howard Shanks Will Hurry
Here to Go Onder
r -Knife.
Schaefer and Altrock Expect to
Appear on Stage in
Three young Climbers will go under
the knife here next week. Dan Moeller,
Howard Shanks, and Arnold Gandll.
thus of the ladi who have done o
much thlt season to put Washington on
the baseball map, will return from New
Tork to have their tonillf 'extracted.
Indeed, Shanks la In such a hurry, to
have this operation take place that he
will forego an opportunity of seeling
the first fame of the world's series,
coram back to the Capital tomorrow.
The ether two will undergo their opera
tions next Wednesday.
Gandll and Shanks have sufferad the
most Xfrotn their refractory tonlsls this
season, neither being In shape tq play
his fctat ball for the .past seven weeks
wholly on that account. Moeller has
not complained quits so much, but his
tonsils have bothered him Off and on
for three months,
"I'm not coins to see the world's se
ries open," "Hank" Shanks told tho
writer before he left for Now York. "I'd
rather have mv tonsils cut out ana end
the pain, I've suffered this past month
or two. I'm coming right back here,
have the operation, and then so home
to Monica, where they make great flap
Jacks these cool mornings."
Season Ends Today,
The major league season ends today
for tho Eastern teams, the Western
tesms closing tomorrow. However, trie
Climbers will stick together for two ex
hibition games, one In Hoboken, tomor
row and one In Hartford, Conn., Mon
day. Tuesday tho lads will be, Clark
Griffith's guests at the opening game
of the world's series at the Polo
'The Climbers of 1112 will be paid oft
Wednesday here and depart for their
homes, scattered al lover the land.
Moeller and Oandll will remain heie
for a few days. Johnson will write Im
pressions of the world's series for The
Times before going back to his Cot
feyvllle farm.
Bchaeffer and Altrock are expected to
hook up with a theatrical promoter and
to tour the country In a baseball
sketch all winter. They will make their
headquarters In New York for a week
or so after the season ends.
How They Stood.
-Washington fans may be Interested In
the official standing of tho American
Leaguers In their contest for the prUe
automobile offered the man proving of
; ftet value to his team during
... ,., vwiiiuie,i. ncro arc xno ng-
Hpeaker, Boston ,
Walsh, Chicago ,
Johnson. Washington.,
i H
....... 1$
Milan. Washington.
ivuou, Boston.......
Collins, Athletics...
Baker, Athletics....
Cobb. Detroit
Jackson. Cleveland.
Wagner, Boston....,
Gandll, Washington
Hhotten. gt. Louis..,
Pratt. St. Louis ....
I'oater, Waahlngton
Gardner. Boston..,.
Crawford, Detroit..
Barry. Athletics....
Carrlgan. Boston..,.
Tionany, uetroil 3
Birmingham. Cleveland
Moeller, Washington 1
MeBrlde. Washington 1
Mcmnea, Athletics 1
Daniels, New York 1
As a final teat for the Red Sox clout,
ers, Connie Mack plans to have Plank,
Coombs, and Bender oltch today's game
against them A third of tho receipts
today at Shlbe park ro to a babies'
Fotel'a Cold Feet.
rinding himself facing a crisis, Horace
Kogel's cold feet are appearing and he
comos out with a denial" that he made
wholesale charges against the 'honesty
of the National League umpires. He
sajs that he gave merely his reasons
for wishing a change In the method of
seleotlng officials for the world's series,
The whole affair will be presented to
the directors of the National League
this winter, and many believe that the
ousting of Fogel from the presidency
otsthe Philadelphia olub will be the
When Fog"l applied to haxe Mai
Lason umpire In the Philadelphia city
championship series, he was- turned
down with the following statement:
"President Kogej, of the Philadelphia
baseball club, has made serious charges
ngalnst the honesty or National League
umpires. Until those charges have been
investigates no national League urn
plro should umpire anv games ,for the
Philadelphia club except those called
for by his National League contract."
Buy Newark Club,
Charlie Cbbetts and E. ,J, McKocver
have purchased the Newark club, giv
ing Joe McGlnnlty bis unconditional re
lease. The club will now be wholly a
farm for the Brooklyn club, of which
Kbbets Is president.
in n Avhlhlllnn ..Mm n , Coll. nrA
Ind., yesterday Cooper and O'Toole, of
mo riruica, anui out tne nomo team
without a hit and fanned twenty-seven
men between them, an almost unheard.
of procedure.
Jack Dunn, the Baltimore manager.
loses his protest, deorgo Malsel being
awaroea to ins bi. Minis urowns. Dunn
failed to have the Harrlsburg short
slop Join his Orioles early' enough.
Gordon Plays Doyle,
Spencer dordon, challenger, Is to meet
Louis I, Dojle, tlllo holder for the
championship of the District In the
tennis tournament now In progress at
the Bachelors' tennis club today. In'
' defeating Chapman In the finals )es
terday, Gordon earned the ilsht to meet
Dole and exceptional tennis is x-J
pected to result from tadsy s match,
National and American Beauty Roses
But Four Safeties Are Gar
nered Off of His Speedy .
NKW YORK, Oct. B -Stellar twirling
bv "Double Elbows" Bobby Groom, al
ways a tough customer for the High
landers to face, landed the second game
for the Grlffmen by a score of 4 to 2,
squirming out of many tight holes In it
masterly manner. The thin sllnger was
given excellent support In the pinches,
and set down his opponents with four
As In the first game, "Blppy" Wil
liams, the Nationals' big backstop, was
the evil genius of the Highlanders. In
the sixth frame he showed up at the
plote with two out and two on and ui
In. Blng! He crashed the pill to left
tor a single, and two more runs counted,
proving enough to give the victory to
the visitors. Did he laugh. He did
most widely.
"Dare Devil" Dan Moeller, the Roches
ter Rambler, counted the first run of
the battle In the third Inning, when he
drove the ball out to center field. Tho
sphere bounded off a stone and up Into
the bleachers, giving the UrlfTman a
bee trot around the circuit.
The sixth saw somo fireworks of mer
it, from a Waahlngton lewpolnt. Fos
ter uown, snian qouuieo, racing arouna
to the dish on Gandll'a resounding drlio
through the shortrjeld. Laporte doubled
to center, putting uanau
nks ro
Oandll on third.
Shanks' roller to McMillan caught Clan-
dll at the plate,
The Monaca Marvel
awlned the second sack without protest,
McBrtde hoisted an easy foul far
8wceney, but the big backstop dropped
It just as easily and Ford filled the cor
ners by passing tho Nationals' captain.
Then came "HlDDy" Williams. Nltk
Altrock shouted for a single and it
came, just like that, crush, and It
bounded to left center, scoring Laporte
and Shanks. , ,
Here's the way It looks In ths rec
Mnllr.rf. 113 0 0
All HOAt
Midkirr.sb, 4 0 13 1
Cha.. lb... IIHI
VtoiW.ib.;. 4 i t a o
Milan. cf.... 11101
Oawlll.lb ,. nil I l
1i.orH.Ib. 4 1 i 4 1
Danltli.lf.. 3 0 e 0
Ullvelt.rf J I I M
BlUOTD.tb... 3 113 0
Hhanka If... 3 12 0 0
Smith cf ... 4 1 0 0 0
MoUrldf.s 3 0 4 4 1
Wllilain,c. 4 I I 1 I
Clrpom.n..., I I M I
Mtlllllan 2 lit 3 1
Iweeney.c. 3 1 IK 3 1
Fonl.p ..... 10 0 4 8
'Wolvcrton 10 0 0 0
TAfal 115 11 7 1ft I
I Total
31 4.7 18 3
'Patted far Ford In tht ninth. t
Waahlngton v.'S SIS??
Keu York 0 0 0 0 0 1
0 0-1
0 0 1
rtuna-Moeller, Milan. Utperle. Shanks,
.. Mailman TwA.baia hlLa-.Milan. La
portr, Smith HamtiNn-tfMller. Wln
baaes-Can. Slump, ghinka, McMillan 6ao.
rinee ny-McHUlan. Lafl en baata-TTsah.
in.ian. I: Haw verk, t flam on balla-Off
Oroam, 3, otf Kofd, I. Htrupk out-ny utoom
iYby Wrtr-J' f.u& baU-WlllUms. Um
plr-Mn. Dlnan sna Hart.
At Philadelphia
0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-3 8 4
f.l-ll..lnlila O110 02O0X-I 7 2
Detunes Collins and Carrlgan:
Ucuck and Egan. Umplres-Egan and
At Detroit R.1I.E.
Chicago ....1 1OSOO0 1S1-7 14 0
Detroit 0 00 00 0110-2 7 3
Batteries T. Walsh and Sullivan;
Boehle and Onflow. Umpires O'LIn
and McCreevy.
,Vt Brooklyn K U.K.
Glanla 002 00 10.1)0-3 a U
Brooklyn 00D 00 4 04X-S IJ 0
Batteries Marquard, WlltBe, Ames,
snd Hartley:. Curtis and Miller. Upi
Plres Klem and Orth. ....
At Beaton- n.'Il.U.
Philadelphia ...100100000-2 9 4
Boston 4 7 0 9 2 10 0 x-ll 15 I
BatterlM Matthal, Klnneran. and
Moran, Ileus Mid narldin. I'mplrs
Ji hustone and Uason.
the rtuak man eunauri the carar U alotr
The Play drift by In aluBltf'h flan
Only day or tno until
The standi are bare and the park la atllli
Only a day or two to score
lae wlnnlns run to a vrelroine ri.art
Ihe I'lajer fllra through the outbound state
Ihe season enda hut the ltrrorda nalt.
In so Jar as tho dope and statistics
chance to compote with Slahl's wonderful outfield rests
with his ability to display tbe samo talent which com
prises Mr. Burbank's genius.
As far as the dope goes Murray, Snodgrass, Devore,
and Becker are not to be classed with Speaker, Hooper,
and Lewis tbe slashing Muskeeters ot the Bostonlan
garden. This trio has been mentioned before in tho
public prints under large, black headlines depicting
their valor on the field of battle.
They form the best outfield In the, game from either
league for they can bit, field, run, and throw. They
play a ground ball like an Inflelder, cut In quickly and
shoot It from spot to spot with tbe accuracy of an
east sldo gunman potting an unsuspecting pal.
Speaker leadsLewis follows and Hooper rounds out
this admlrablo cluster or talent. Taking them collec
ts ely they form the one Big Edge of tho series the
toughest handicap which McGraw must face.
Suppose fop example that Mathewson and Tosrcau
are upon a par with Wood and Collins
Which pair of slabmen bas the toughest task as
signedthat of pitching to Murray, Snodgrass, and De
vore or that of pitching to Speaker, Hooper, and Lewis?
To,rnako an equal fight otit, Mathewson and Tesreau
must outpltch Wood and Collins, for they will be pitch
ing to a stronger offensive club, due -In the main to tbls
predominating Influence of outflsld power.
This Is where Mogul McGraw must use his Burbank
stuff to draw close to an even break. By grafting Mc
cormick's batting oyo on Devoro's outfleldlng hands,
and by further grafting .Shafer's fleet legs upon Mc
cormick's batting eye, tho combination will furnish him
an outfielder who may even make tho redoubtablo
Speaker arise and hustle.
in nih.r wnrrfa. if Devore Is not hitting well, Mc
Cormlck will bat for blm In the pinches, and If McCor
mlck peols off the desired blow Mr. Sbafer will Imme
diately do the sprinting for McCormlck. By wielding
of battle "the Giant leader expect, to
slvo strength. For, after Mccormicn nas nrco nis t venng mm biuhu
Play Good Ball.
That "One hand ball" will again form
a feature of the Y. M. C, .A. Boy's
Department entertainment durlns the
winter Id the opinion expressed today
following last night's games at the
association. Six teams played, the
final belnk won uy Tiiomns j. '
nm n.r that rnnt&tned bv Sam Zlrkt,
bv a 15-to-B store. arold Pottei's
"Yale" team won the first game.
Lewis Towues tesm won mo
728 Thirteenth Street
Over,30 Years' Practice Tre"lt i
Stomach and IVervoiu Dlacases.
Indigestion, Lass of Appetite, Con
stipation, Dltilness, Bad Taste, Full
ness after Hating; Wakefulness, Loss
of Idlest!. Heart Tiouble, Palpitation,
Kidney and Bladder Trouble, titrJc
lute, Sallow Complexion, Pimples,
Blood and Skin Diseases, Loss of VI
tullty, and .Special and Pilvatff All
ments of Both Sexes cured promptly
f'aOii ' administered)
ConHultuDun frit, medicines fur
tilshrd. iliaicis Ion. Hums. 9 to 1
and 2 to t. Sundays, 10 to 11.
Planted in the Right Gardens of the Major Leagues
By Grantland Rice
At the Season's End.
'Il'r duk cornea aeonnhatetrr the Oanir
'Ihe Day l brier uut hr trail af Kaniet .A
Hut up leaf alone aad we look ahead
llll the rare la run and thr dream la drartt
t nill, far back of the nlaaloar arare
f find that m rorae to bat no morrt
U r yurae the lurk and m rail It I'etr
'I he aeaaon'a done hut the Itrrorrla nail.
Outfields in the World's Series.
ro, McOraw's sole charge. Doc Crandall will bo subpoenaed for tint noxl or-
Hlnught, and thero
Sox favorites lu
. .-
Improves over
Impfove his offen-lfaccs a tough handicap and one that onlynklllful maneu
Dedicate Stadium.
CHICAGO, Oct. B The Chlcago-Indl-'
ana varSltv football game here today
will mark the opening and dedication of
the now University of Chicago stadium
The structure Is one of the largest and
handsomest of Its kind In the poultry
It was built at a cost of (200,000, and
will accommodate 30,000 spectators.
1 When the blood becomes infected with any unhealthy humor the ef
fect Isshown by boils, pimples, and rashes or eruptions on the skin.
Humors get intq the blood usually because of an inactive condition
ot the eliminative members. Remove these humors and no skin trou
ble can exist, because its very source is then destroyed. Boils, rashes,
not do better man puniy your blood with S. S. S.
It does not "patch up;" it cures. Book on Skiu Diseases and anj' med
ical advice free to all who write and request same.
. '
will be another fleet-hoofed sprinter
waning to supplant Doc on tho paths.
By this system McGraw will always have a fleet out
fielder at work In Dot ore or Docker, a good batsro.au up
in McCormlck and Crandall, and a fleet base runner on
In Sbafcr or Burns.
As far as tbe Giants aro concerned, their outfield
must bit much hotter than It did agulnst the Anletlcs,
where tbe combined batting average of the trio was ex
actly .095. Murray can do no worse and bo Is sure to do
better. After his tragic slump In the Big Show he
came back at top speed and has drawn his best year.
Murray will compare well with Hooper or any one else
in throwing or fielding, and tbe records show he bay
outblt tbe Red Sox right fielder by tweuty points. But
any comparison between Speaker and Snodgrass or
Lewis and Devore would bring only one answer the
same being Boston all eleven ways.- Not that Snodgrass
and Devore aro so far below par, but rather that Speak
er and Lewis form one ot the greatest combinations 'ever
Tbe work ot the Boston outfield wllj make jt hard
for McGraw's fast base runners to pursue their usual
avocations of moving from first to third on a single or
scoring from second on shqrt outfield bits. All three
Bcstonlans, as related before, come In fast and bard,
handlo a ground ball wonderfully well and shoot true
to tbe target. In tbls respect ot their play they have no
equals. ,
Summed up, the comparative values ot the two out
fields Is undoubtedly the chief factor in making the Red
tho bulk of expert centers. The two in the world's aeries here next Tuesday
-1.1.. a..1.. V..,n kl. ....t Tlt.11t m.lmmA IRft ftftV Thft hlffh Wllm
clubs match up fairly evenly beyond tbls respect. If
McGraw bad Speaker, Lewis and Hooper backing up the
nltchlnir or Tesreau and Mathewson or combining their
batting with Doyle and Meyers, he would consider the
fight a common canter, with everything over but tho
But the switch happens to be the other way and
unless tbe Red Sox trio fa'ls down or tbe Giant trio
present prospects, juiui j. 01 uotnam
v & - --?
Local Golfers Enter.
ATLANTIC CITT, -N. J., Oct. 6,-Many
Washington golfers are oxoected to en
ter tho annual fall golf tournment of
tho Atlantic City dolt club which Is to
bo held November 7, 8, and 9. Hand
some prizes have boen Offered for tho
winners In the II vo slxteens qualifying
for tne live cups onerea.
pimpies, etc. can never oecurea tnrougn tne ap
plication of external medicines, the niQst.to'be ob
tained from such measures is temporary relief.
S .S. S. CURES all skin affections because it pu
rifies the blood. It goes down into the circula
tion and cleanses it of every particle of unhealthy
matter. , Then the blood supplies nourishment to
the cuticle instead of irritating it with a fiery
humor. If you have any skin trouble you could
The Giants Play Exhibition
Game With the Luckless
Highlanders' Monday.
NKW YOrtK. Oct. 3 -The Giants and
Red Hox arc scheduled to wind up the
sua ton schedules In their respective
Itegites this afternoon. Unless more
players should bo hurt in tvtla''s
games, tho to teams will enter the
world's series in good condition.
Only one player will bo at all serl
oUsly handicapped. Larry Gardner,
third baseman for the lied Sox, has a
fractured ringer,, but It hus beermend
Ing ia'pldU. ind' he will bold down his
Mick. Tho Injured digit Is expected to
hinder his play howexer
Larry Doyle, captain and second
saiker of the '.Slants wo,s spiked at
Brooklyn Thursday, and seemed to be
somewhat crippled, but he was as swift
on his feet as ever In yesterday s
irame against tho Dodgers. Aside from
Gardner and Dojle. McGraw and Stohl
have succeeded In keeping their men In
the best of condition. '
The Giants will have a workout Mon
day afternoon, n keep in trim for the
opeptns series, meeting ths Highland
ers at tho Polo Grounds In a special
same foruthc sailors from the United
tftates fleet.
The" Red Hox have been vlsltlnz the
Athletics this week-end and, having
taken many solid points from the Ath
letics on tne uianis piav, win proooij
spend Sunday and Monday resting.
Expect $80,000 From
First Series Game
NEW YORK, Oct. 5 -It Is estimated
that the reclpts from the opening game
wilt exceed ISO.OOO. Tbe high water
mark last year was 77,OO0, but It was
chaiged that many seats which fell Into
the hands ot speculators romalned un
Under the new arrangement it Is
figured that all of the 38,000 seats will be
taken, and there will be standing room
for n few thousand more In the broad
promenade In tho roar of the grand
stand. The' commission will see to It
that the rules and regulations ot the fine
department are strictly obeyed, so that
the aisles and exits will be kept clear.
This Chicken
S b- T fysMnj
is some dinner. A delicious, well copked Chicken with all the
trimmings. It's really worth $1 anywhere. You'll say more
when you try one. Drop in and eat your dinner with us to
morrow. Toledo Cafe, 620 Pa. Ave. N. w.
LOUIS MANDES. Prop. Parcels Checked l:r.c5.
, , ','
Sporting Gossi p
''Every Knock It 'a BootL"
Williams Am'"W f r" - -,
f r,.
"Rlppy" Williams' gretplnch hitting
In the comes In New York Is worthy of
great praise. The big backstop lilts
better than either Henry or Alnsmlih.
Ilsnry is a better catcher than either
of the other two, but I look to see Will
Isms supplanting Alnsmlth.next J ear
na'the, regular. cafcherfwith' Hefiry. He
certainly, deserve'. the phco-Jt
The oiher cheek, , ' VI
The 8t, r Louis BrqrVnlesjpinjhed tho
Nationals, out af achsjnea. tof beat out
Ihe Red Sox and nowftiie'Ortffinrn have
turned the other1 cheek'by. awsttlng the
lllghtar.der's Dd''epabljn;,-i?l4vall to
claim the credit for'taklngntlje Mound
City team out of Hit. plate'. 9eball
Is a' at range game, lin't it?
' Heas hsi class.
- A""
Otto- Hess, the fbemer '.Cleveland
southpaw, won his eighth successlwi
victory vesterdsy for i&ui, 'notion
Bfaves, the tallenders In "the National
League, thereby "'entitling., himself to
much' Credit. When a pitcher can di
that, h'c must have a.lo'j of skt. I Iras
should be wlth'alnncr, for then he
would receVe'-roort credit for Ms per
'formanccs. jr-t
i j J
Gordon vs. Doyle. ', .,
,WJiajt,U .Xpectd;Mbe.'iHe best tn
nis'of the year'ls the match scheduled
today between Louis Boyle arid. Spencer
Gordon, In the challenge round for the
District tennis title. Both players are
golnsr at their best, and, although DoIe
Is playlnf a a-feat same It would not ton
surprlslna- to sco Gordon annex the title.
The doubles finals will bring" "but an
other good match, while the consols
tlpns assume proportions of -a finals foi
the title In looking over the number of
good men. ,
Coaches satisfied.
Georgetown has been lomlmx slowly
all season, and the coaches on the Hill
top appear to bo nell satisfied with tbe
progress so far. Just what the men aro
able to do today villi be taken as a incis
ure of the work which Is to follow latvr
on. Next Saturdsy Washington and Lee
will be far from an easy proposition, a
Jim Riley Is getting ai good team to
Virginia watched.
It Is almost certnln that Vlrglnla'a
work against Randolpb-Macou today
will be watched with a view of getting
a line on the strength of the eleven
cGorgetown failed of getting forty by a
single- point against the team that meets
Virginia this afternoon and -direct com
parlsoas wlH be made tonight when the
score is learned M
Wind Up Tomorrow.
Manager Carson will coricliiae his
series of baseball attractlous at L'ninn
Leaguo Park tomorrow rrhh a -double
header between tho ex-Washlngtuii
Giants nnd the All-Star Columbia nine
Baseball Standings
Standinj of the Clubs.
Won. Lost Pet, Win -Ecie
.1M 41 -tSlI .OL .651
Philadelphia.. W
Chicago 76
Cleveland- .... 74
Detroit 69
St. Loul 5:
New York .... 48
Games Today. t-
Washlngton at New York.
Cleveland at St. .LouW M
Chicago at Detroit.
Boiton 'at Philadelphia
Yesterday's Results. . '
Washington, 4; -New York. 1
Chhago. 7; Detroit, l
Philadelphia, 4; Boston, I.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won. Lost, P!t. Win. Lo
New Tork.
Pittsburgh i
Chicago ....
Cincinnati .,
.613 .
Philadelphia.. 73
St. Louts 63
Brooklyn &
Boston 51
Games Today.
New Tmk at Brooklyn
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati.
St. Louis at Chicago.
Philadelphia at Boston.
Yesterday's Results.
Boston, 14, Philadelphia, '
Brooklyn, 8: New Vork, 3.
Dinner for 35c

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