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Declares .RredecessocA Alms
to Become Head of Benev-
olent Despotism!"
nEVKJU.Y,- Mais., Oct. 6.-Declarlng
that colonel Roosevelt "ajms to be
come the head o( a benevolent despot
ism," and that the "new program would
make a'ciar of trie' President," Presi
dent Taft yesterday Issued a bitter at
tack on hla predecessor In office.
iThe President seems, serenely sure of
his'" re-election and of the triumph of
the political doctrines and principles to
which he Is pledged.
"I entertain- no feeling of bitterness
toward 'my former frle'nd, Mr. Roose
velt," President Taft Bald when asked
to explain the meaning of a phrase he
had employed In a speech that tho
whole purpose of the Progressive party
movement was for tho gratlltoatlon of
a personal ambition and vengeance."
("What I meant waa that Mr. Roose
velt' was seeking to gratify two desires
election to tho Presidency for a 'third
term and i vengeance upon the Itepub
llcant party for refusing him a nomina
tion for a third term. X simply regard
my' former friend, Mr. Roosevelt, as one'
of the' most wonderful and rare men
In" the world a remarkable example of
what human naturo Is capable of doing
with Itself, for Itself, and by Itself
When unbounded ambition and certain
attraotlvo personal qualities are united
In .a single Individuality."
The conversation then switched to the
bfol)der, Issues of the campaign.
, Says It Would Be Despotism.
"Mr. Roosevelt and hla followers," the
President continued, "In their tendency
wjould do away completely with the
Constitution framed by the Fathers of
the Republic and substitute for It the
"British form of constitution, which Is
no constitution at all, but merely a
tradition. They would wholly destroy
all s constitutional limitations and re
strictions, and replace them with the
Unchecked will and emotions of a baro
majority of the people. They would
make the Congress a. permanent con
stitutional convention, subject, only to
the momentary whim of a bare majority
of the people that they themselves could
control, and their full program would
iilace that control In the hands of the
'That would be a monstrous form of
despotism that quickly would utterly
destroy our liberties and lead to the
establishment of a monarchy probably
by a referendum to the people them
selves "The Progressive party program seeks
in Its every essential etall to strengthen
the Kxecutlte authority. It seeks to do
this by taking from Congress the ex
clusive power to legislate and from the
foiirts the exclusive authority to In
terpret the laws and apply the es
tablished constitutional restrictions and
limitations For these It would substl
. tute commissions to be appointed by the
President, subject wholly to his will,
that would set at naught Judicial ad
justment and legislative enactments.
' " Would Make President "Ciar."
"This would lead to the concentration
of the power and functions of govern
ment In the Executive and make the
President a more absolute monarch than
the Czar of Russia. In the end he alono
would be the center of authority, tho
gher of all good gifts and the admin
istrator of rewards and punishments.
"In the face of so threatening a situa
tion as this I am a conservative, and I
feel confident that in tho same sense
the overwhelming majority of the Amer
ican peoplo Is conservative. In opposing
sternly the triumph of the Progressive
party s program we are striving reso
lutely to preserve our Institutions from
the enchanting glamour of a dream on
the one hand and the Insidious en
croachments of one-man power on the
Whig Nominee's Flag
At War Department
A relic of the Presidential campaign
of 18 Is on exhibition at the War De
partment It Ib a Hag, bearing the pic
ture of a 'coon, some verse, and the
names of Henry Clay and Frellng
huseji, the Whig nominees for Presi
dent and VIre President, defeated by
James K. Polk and Qcorgo M Dallas
The nag waa carried In political pro
cessions by the. lato John McCurdy, of
Bhlppensburg, Pa. It is torn and faded,
but the characters are still legible.
Decorations for Weddings.
Gude provide tho choicest flowers and
most artlHtlc decorations for neddlngs,
Ac, 12H F.-Advt.
That Cann.t Be Duplicated
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ifii.fi .void elitwhere nn
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lirlie Stl.OO
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Kahn Optical Co.
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Opposite U, 8. Patent Office.
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QUANTITT I'arkases con
tain MORE than other
liranda Insist on having
Reasserts Confidence-in Suc
cess of Progressives and
Death of Republicans.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Oct. (.-Olf-ford
Plnchot remained In St. Paul to
day, speaking In the afternoon at the
St. Paul T. M. C. A., and will leave this
evening for Wisconsin, where he will
beard Senator It. M. La Follette. In an
Itnervlew he said:
"A statement was made recently by a
entleman here,' said Mr. Plnchot, re
ferring to Charles D, Hllles, Taft man
ager, "which confirms what I am now
saying about the Republican party be
ing a dead Issue after this election."
Mr. Plnchot continued!
"He," continued Mr. Plnchot, "de
clared that Colonel Roosevelt will not
carry a single Bute; that Wilson will
get eleven States, and Tact all the rest.
After such a statement,, nothing he says
can be taken seriously. ' Taft Is not giv
ing us any trouble. As to the Demo
crats, there la a flsht Two months ago.
Just after Wilson's nomination, I didn't
believe he had a chance to win. Wil
son waa stronger then than he la now,
or will be again during the campaign.
I now believe that we nave better than
an even chance. If we have a good
chance early In October, no one who
knows Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram
W. Johnson doubts what the result will
be In November.
"We are going to carry even New
York. They have been saying that
Roosevelt cannot get In without a land
"ii. hut I tell you that we have the
landslide. The farmers, the laboring
men, the factory hands, are almost a
unit for Roosevelt. They brain to re
alise a genuine flght la being made for
them." ,
Will Give Reception in
Honor of W.'R. C. Officer
Mrs. Margaret A. Walker, president
of the Department of the Potomac,-Woman's
Relief Corps, will give a recep
tion at her residence, 1111 Euclid street
northwest, Tuesday evening. In honor
of Mrs. Isabel Worrell Ball, who re
cently was elected national senior vice
president of the Woman's Relief Corps.
An Invitation has been extended to
the members of the patriotic organiza
tions of both veterans and their auxili
aries, Mrs. Walker will bo assisted In
receiving by members of her staff.
Fisher Leaves Honolulu.
Secretary of the Interior Fisher left
Honolulu jesterday and Is expected to
reach Seattle October 11. He will at
tend a meeting of national iiark su
perintendents at the Yosemlte National
Park October 14. It Is not known what
dsTy he w)ll return to Washington.
Extra Session Would De
velop Marked Diversion
on Tariff Question.
Aa a Presidential candidate, Qovernor
Wilson appears to, feel It his duty to
speak of the Democrats as a united par
ty, but those who are familiar with con
ditions In Congress understand that this
Idea,' has no substantial foundation.
Already there Is much talk here of an
extra session for tariff revision next
spring In case Qovernor Wilson la elect
ed. That dissensions would arise al
most as soon as such a session was be
gun Is Inevitable. It It should so hap
pen that the Democrats control the
House and Senate, there la likely to be
trouble between one faction of the
Democrats In the Senate and House and
the Executive much like that which
arose In the days of drover Cleveland.
Chairman Oscar Underwood, of the
Ways and Means Committee of the
House, and Governor Wilson have con
ferred and find themselves pretty near
ly In accord on the tariff. Underwood la
a tariff for revenue believer anA wants
a low tariff, not ffree trade. But over
In the Senate a number of leading
Democrats are unwilling to go as low
as Underwood wants to go.
Senator Simmons, who will heAd the
Finance Committee If the Democrats
control the Senate, Is a protection Dem
ocrat He does not label himself that,
but his votes do. He ts especially anx
ious to keep up the lumber, tariff and
he la well inclined to high duties gen
erally. When It comes to the sugar
tariff, the conservatives among the
Senate Democrats are unwilling to con-
alder Tree sugar, and ,in raei, sianu
about where most of the Republican
Senators do.
Qovernor Wilson, If elected, will find
when It comes to the tariff that there
Is no more unity among the Demo
crats In Congress than there was two
decades ago. How he will escape col
liding with the high tariff Democrats
In that body nobody haa yet been able
to figure out.,
Nor are the troubles of Wilson, If
elected President, going to be confined
to the tariff. On numerous other Ques
tions he will find he cannot get along
with the reactionary Democratic lead
eta of Senate and House. One of the
subjects on which he Is likely to have
difficulty Is conservation. Many of the
Democrats are flat-footedly against the
conservation Idea, as It has been urged
on congress ror years ty conservation'
Ists like Plnchot.
Are the Dead Really Dead, in Heaven,
lieu, or run
and satlsfaci
Hell, or Purgatory? Go and hear a clear
ana saiisraciory answer Bu
noon at Columbia Theater,
answer Sunday after-
I o clock.
To the Public:
In view of an offensive circular to
the Catholics of this city recently is-'
sued by the owner of a cancelled act,
the sole purpose of which was to boost
the receipt of the act elsewhere by
arousing religious prejudice, the Coi
moi Theater Company beg to state the
. reason for the cancellation of the act is
obvious to anyone who has seen it
The failure of the act to corhe up to the
high standard of the Cosmos Theater is
the only and sole cause why it was not '
permitted to remain.
The Cosmos Theater Company
numbers among its stockholders Cath
olics as well as those of other denom
inations, and it has always adhered to
its original policy, namely, "to please
its patrons and offend none." The rec
ord of its management is sufficient evi
dence of its desire to help our fellow
men irrespective of creed or na
tionality. The following letter voluntarily
sent us speaks for itself:
313 Second Street N. E.
Washington, D. C,
Octobers, 1912.
"I have made an investigation of the
charges Mr. O'Hearn has lodged
against Mr. Brylawski and found that
it was for purely business reasons his
act was discontinued at the Cosmos
"There is no reason, therefore, for
an appeal to the religious sensibilities
of the people of Washington.
"Mr. Brylawski has not only been
eminently fair to the Catholics of this
city, but he has, to my personal knowl
edge, accorded them some distinct
"Finally, I would add that I do not
fancy partisan appeals for advertising
progressive Candidate to
New York Declares He's
on Bujl Moose Wave.
NEWBUnO, N, Y.. Oct. 1-Whatever
he did not know about the Iniquity of
boss rule In New York State, Dr. Ly
man Abbott, early 'advocate of Colonel
nooosevelt; learned last night when!
Slth his sons. and. a thousand other
ull Moosers.,he stood" In the twlilnht
at the railroad station, In Cornwall and
heard Oscarls. Straus, gubernatorial
nominee,'' and Senator Frederick M
Davenport announce that they "have
Barnes, Murphy, and the other bosses
on the run." -J i ,
Dr. Abbott was prominent In the throng
as Mr. Straus' special train drew Into
the Corwall station, after the most
successful speech-making day of his
trip through the State.
"We have them on the run," Mr.
Straus said with more than his usual
fervency, "but they are not headed to
ward Albany. I am going. there, and
when I get there I want you all to
come and tell me what you want
"TJe,home with you the convlctlorf
that when you do come you will not
need a card of Introduction from either
Mr. Barnes or Mr. Murphy In a guber
natorial1 audience, I am going to be
your democratic Progressive execu
tive," In a brief talk before the train drew
away from Cornwall, Dr. Abbott as
sured Mr. fltraua that Bull Moose sen
timent In, New York State, particularly
In favor 'of the Stato ticket, has passed
even uie most sanguine nope or ninv
elf and the, Progressive candidate.1 The
demonstration In Dr. Abbott's home
town was one of the most enthusiastic
Mr. Straus and hla runnlna- mate have
received In their week of campaigning
The last gathering of this trio around
the State was here last night, and the
reception wns such as to cause Mr.
Straus 16 assert that he believed he "Is
Hosting on the crest of the Moose
wae." '
Pennsylvania!. Society
Resumes Meetings
The first fall meeting of the Pennsyl
vania Society of Washington wag held
In the Pythian .Temple last night.
Miss Annie M Eckbert arranged' a
musical pi ok'i am' Among thoso taking
part wero i Charles Hyer, Mrs. W. T.
Plumley, Col. Samuel P.. Stratton, Miss
Bertha Hansen, ,nnd Carl Brunnor.
amuel Stratton, president. There wore
present HO Pcnnsylvanlans. The nnxt
meeting win bo held on the night or
November 2.
Washington Presbytery
To Meet in Maryland
The Presbytery of Washington will
meet nt Darnestown, Md , tomorrow
night at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. J. T.
Marshall, moderator, will preside. Pi"
tors and others going from Washington
will l'navc the Union Station it pi
o'clock for Qalthersburg. where they
will take conveyances and drive to
Living'Increase General:
The coat of living -has Increased all
oer the world, according to reports re
ceived from American' consular officers
by the Department of Commerce and
Labor. Increases ranttnr un to 80 'ner
cent In the lart five years are reported
from India, China, and Australia. A
12 per cent Increase In as many years la
reported from England.
Comptroller WiM Pay ,
Part of Telephone Bills
x All telephone aervjee In t'th'e homes
of Government offlclalscanbe,paldiby
the Government ud" to' August 23. the
day of the passage of the I legislative
bill forbidding the psjrpierit fjpnl Qpy
erpment funds of telephone charge",
wNre'the telephdnesi ae-m the homes
of f officials. '' ' ''"'
A decision to thls'ef(ect..ras made-by
the Comptroller oftheJrxcasurs today
In an allowance of accounts tor various
such teleohones under tbe .Treasure De
partment, including one1 In the horns
of the director of theiHyglenlc Labors
tory. t , k
Bills to the very day of the passage
of the act, will be allowed.
L &
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' t

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