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Mexican , t Insurgent, ; With
Fifty Men, .Surrenders to ,
Federals at Cananea.
- General Escabosa, Mexican rebel
leader, who has been operating In 80
nora, has surrendered, with flfty of hta
men, at Cananea,
Pursued by federal, he attempted to
cross the IUo, Grande and seek refuge
on American soil. He found his way
blocked by American cavalry men and
decided t take a chance on 'obtaining
amnesty from the government troops.
This is the one note of encouragement
in tho news frorh the Southern republic
received at the State Department tortay.
Several smull bands of Escabosa'a
former command have gone Into the
AJos moupfalns to continue their guer
rilla warfare and to 'loot and pillage.
The wanton destruction of property In
the Mormon coldnles In northern Mexico
has been great, according to consular
dispatches just In. The State Depart
ment Is dally being Importuned to con
ceive some- plan whereby the Mormon
refugees In Texas may return to their
ranches and save their crops. It Is pos.
slble the Madero government may be
asked, to provide' suitable escorts for the
Americans in Dante r.
Date today a brief dispatch was re
ceived saying that a number of Amer
icans n southwestern Mlchoacan are In
danger of death from rebel bands.
Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson has
Been, instructed to Investigate their
slight and take whatever action Is
necessary to Insure their safety.
South of Torreon several railroad
bridges have been burned bv the rebels,
and the town la now cut off from both
north and south.
Ilrlg. den. E. Z. Stoever, In a tele
srram to the War nenartment trwiair w.
ports rebols In large numbers muktntf
cmnD near B&naerson, on tne Texas
border. To prevent damage to Ameri
can life and property. General Bteever
has ordered troops to Sanderson from
Fort Clark.
He adds that he has received word
that the rebels hae defeated a fed
eral force at Ascensldn In northwest
ern Chihuahua, and have taken that
Ordered Confined Thirty Days for
Alleged Failure to Pay His
Wife Alimony.
Henry W. Stewart, a master nhnn
ber, whose pace of business Is at 2?J7
Fourteenth street, was today adjudged
In contempt of court by Justlco Barn
ard, In Equity Court, No. 1, for alleged
failure to pay his wife, Anna It. Stew.
art, alimony In the sum of I0 a month
as directed August .10 last.
Tho contempt order directs ;hst the
marshal conllne Stewart In jail for
thirty days "or until he purges him
self of tho contempt."
Sensational chargta were made by
Mrs. Stewart In her bill for separate
maintenance, one allegation being that
lie horsewhipped her on August IS.
Replying to the accusations, Stewart
cbsrged that his wife attacked him
first, and tbat he wrested the whip
from her. He also alleged that on one
occasion a concerted assault was muclo
on him. In which his wife and her
father, mother, sister, and aunt partici
Airs. Elizabeth Cpok Claims Hus
band Has Indian Blood
in Veins.
Charging that her husband, John
Cook, alius John Bonaparte, has Indian
blood in his veins and that when hii
drinks he becomes cruel and abusive.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cook today Mid suit In
the District Supreme Court for an ab
solute divorce. Mrs. Cook names a co
respondent in her bill.
She claims that ha threatened her lite
several times and last March empha
sized 1.1a threat by brandishing a rltle.
Justice Anderson, In Equity Court No.
, Issued a rule citing Cook, who is chief
gardener at the Navy aril, to appear
In court Friday and show cause why
he should not pay temporary alimony
and be restrained from leaving this Ju
risdiction. Cook Is a pensioner and has
an Income of lid) a month, according to
his wife.
Attofnos Burton T. Doyle and Bins
gold Hart represent Mrs. Cook.
Asks Opinion on Charge
r. ror iNigm inspectipns
Secretary MacVeagh, of the Treasury,
today asked Attorney Oeneral Wicker
sham for an opinion on tho law which
allows customs inspectors to charge ex
tra for examination 'of cargoes at night.
Jt has been held that "baggage" and
cargoes are synonymous, and It Is
feared that If tho Inspectors were al
tawed to tax the steamship companies
for night Inspection of tourists' baggage
the steamship companies would charge
this to the passengers, In which event
.the customs service might be subjected
to much criticism. The opinion will let
the Treasury officials know where they
Season of County Fairs
And Poultry Shows Open
This Is the season of the county fairs
end noultry shows, and' from now until
February the neighboring counties In
Virginia and Maryland will be holding
their annual exhibitions.
The Fairfax county fair will be held
at Fairfax, Va., October 23 and St.
This will be the flrtt annual event of
Its kind by this association, and tho
promoters are anticipating a big suc
cess. They have provided prizes to
b awarded for the best exhibits.
The second annual fair of the Fau
quier Countv Agricultural Society will
bo held at Marshall. Va., October IS.
17 and IS. Besides tho rjihlblts. there
will be a number of races.
Jlow Choir Boy-Painter Fell to Death
11' " .''," ' . . '.! ". - ' -' " ''i """',', jr.np
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V-- r 1 ' 'IV ' ssnnTTnnananananV'' nnssananananana- T rnMsssssT 1
rfeft iJBm nnAJlAl?$snnvannn.r' , fc
iK;i!' t iEsr-.i''r' . ' . !.Sm VrV nTenTessnTenTsl ' JS;suHI
I flejKft!rfc xfJMM K''Ai$nnnnnnnnnnnnnHnTCflflnnnl
jjiw &? fw(b??il,-'i? '(sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnw'linnnl
nil tmMKU'iwMsi?m
hfVV.Vvi USfHI Wit vsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnEanl' 4"t n Vnsnsnsnsnsi
i7i.myif1 isMMsssssslssssM mlkJf i-asnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsVUnVnSL. J?Jr, ansnansna!
W ti iiTrsssssBassKat iBlraMVNvll
I 3 Y'lKtWAftannnnnnnnnf ffi"?S.Vtfl aH
nHssssssssssnWUi t iasHsVssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnl k " iy!s3 rlH
H ! T JtasMBsnsHnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnH-Jt , wllu7W(H
'ssVflssHsl 4u.fls.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.sKssi -? JB55
bbKbsIbbIbIbIb&bIbWs(c?v sslslslslsHsilB'K'nT U
1 ssHs.s.s.s.s.s.HMll-Bw'BSi'iSi'ilwiiyy
; IHi.s.s.s.sHBllril'Sa vKH Vral09
I LMsssssssssslilliimgiM ll-.llirq
LHi...HIIIII ill MiH:Hflki
'HsKsssHExM iifB3BlryssMaLsMLslM
, WnwESKi S&mMM UUeIssbIbIbIbHsbIbIbIbsbIbIbIbIbHI
1 SIMli3fc?lnsslsvi: O-ALiTvrBsBIH
Plroto by O. V. Buck.
' William F. Smith, choirboy of Tilnlty Church, who fell seven stories to
Instant' dldth while working as a painter on flre-escapo of Hotel Bellevue,
striking end of hanging ladder at Hist floor of fire-escape and bearing It ot
electric; ONIONS
Department of Agriculture
Hopes to Aid Crops
by Wires.
"Electric onions! Electric onions!
He-ete's y.'r 'lectrlo onions! 'A-ail
Kinds o" high .voltago' vegetables! Flno
electrlp currants from the best plants!"
Such may soon be the morning sing,
song of the Greek huckster. If the hopes
of i the .Agricultural Department are
realized by he now and Improved elec
tric apparatus for farming now being
Installed bv Its experts.
For some- months Dr. Briggs, head of
the experiment section of the Bureau of
Plant Industry, has been exploiting thu
use "of electricity In thc'lmproved culti
vation of plants at the Government
farm across the Potomac river. Thu
particular scene of his efforts has been
an acre and a huf fled lying Just
across the road from the entrance to
Arlington residence. Thus far, owing
to Imperfect apparatus and unreliable
source of electric supply, these efforts
have been attended with but qualified
A few days ago, however, Dr. Brggs
received from abroad a new and com
plete apparatus, and yesterday this was
installed In the little building set. In
one corner qf tho experimental field.
Within a week the entire plant will bo
ip working 'shape, the field soWn In
wheat, and, the poles and wires for
the proper application of tho electric
currents to the soil In place upon tho
Now Used in Europe.
"The principle of using electricity to
promote the growth of plants has been
exploited to a considerable extent in
Europe, notably In England, by Sir
OJIver Lodge, the famous scientist.,"
sald-Qr. Brlftgs( "In my previous 'Work
this year, conducted upon wheat In
this same Held. I have followed the
lnes laid doyvq by him, but my ap
paratus was very crude and unsttls
factory; also I got rny current from
the Falls Church electrlo line, front
which tte curs were continually draw
lpt; powtr thut was.. Insufficient In tie
beginning, and which as rendered
practically useless for scientific experi
ment, by the uncertain druft of the
oara'uppn the current, which thus often,
tailed me ut critical times." Now, ho
tyer, I will net my power from a de
pendable source.
"My new apparatus Is much mora
cornplete and efficient In eycry v.u
than the old, principally through the
more efficient valves, whereby the elec
trical current can controlled. Thlt is
dona txr the large glass vacutun globes
with wnli-h the apparatus Is equipped."
Wires in the Field.
Ihrre are placed throughout the field
at a distance of twenty or thirty feet
opart, poles on which the electrie
wires leading frbm the little house are
rpn, much ns one would string them for
a grape arbor. These wires are about
Blxteen feet abovo the ground. Through
the nlres a cof.tlmufous current -of dec.
tlclty Is run. ,"
"I have nothing to Suy about the
practical jirse pf this method at this
juncture," said Dr. U(lgu'u."
Three Hundred Attend Open
ing of jyieeting to Last
.. ,Fiye Days.
With more than 300 persons present,
the Baptist Training School for Sun
day school workers opened a five-day
meeting t the Fifth Baptist Church at
9 o'clock this morning. The Bev. Sam
uel Q. Nell, of, Philadelphia, opened the
school with a half-hour devotional serv
ice. Three addresses were" delivered. Ad
journment was taken at noon until 4:30
o'clock 'this afternoon. Each day the
same hours will be observed.
The first speaker was ue Bev. A.
B. Withers, of Bridgeport, V. Va.
His subject was "Unfolding Life." Wll
son Holmes, of 'Granville, Ohio, spoke
on "The Task of the Sunday School."
The last address was by the Bev. Dr.
George T. Webb, of Philadelphia, an
"Christian Growth and Service."
Speakers, for this afternoon and even
ing will be the Bev. Dr. E. M. Stephen
son, of Harrlaburg, Pa., "Culture ot
Childhood;" the Bev. W. E. Chalmsrs,
of Philadelphia, "Attention Helping the
Teacher;" Miss A. E. Meyers, of Phila
delphia, "The Elementary Teachers'
Personal Qualifications;" tho Bev,
George T. Webb, of Philadelphia, "The
Home and the School."
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7,-Nervous
breakdown Is the reason ascribed today
(or the suicide of Select Councilman
Thomas J, Byan, promoter or amuse
ment enterprises, and a member ot the
Donnelty-Byan political alliance, who
was found dead In his offlca In the Land
Title building. A bullet fired through
the mouth and lodging In tho brain
caused death.
Financial difficulties, developing from
Ills losses at Coney Island, where J200.000
of his Investments were wiped away by
tire a year ago, was first ascribed today
as the cause for Byan's act. This was
later denied, however, by Charles P,
Donnelly, his politician assistant, who
declared that the deed could have been
caused by nothing other than a com
plete nervous breakdown, which ren
dered him Irresponsible for his act.
The Inquest Into Mr. Byan's death
will probably bo held tomorrow.
Tor Infants and Children.
Tfia Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
eigaaturo of
Pays $150,000 for Big Feed
ing Ground, to Save
Wild Fowl.
NEW TOBK. Oct 7.-Mrs. Blisaell
Bags has bought Marsh Island, La..
for $160,000 and will mako It a refuge
for birds. Control will be placed either
In the hands of the Federal Govern
ment, the State of Louisiana, or an as
sociation organized for the purpose.
Marsh Island Is tho most Important
winter feeding ground for wild ducks
and geese In the South, with the possi
ble exception of Currituck sound, wild
fowl of tha central United States go to
it In winter, for food and shelter when
mora northern streams and lakes are
under ice. Millions' of blrda'hava been
slaughtered there. With the cessation
of this wholesale killing American wild
fowl will Increase enormouslr in num
ber, expert say.
This latest of Mrs. Sage" benefac
tions, which now approximate fST.OOO,
000. la In line with the interest she has
shown In animals in the past She has
been interested In the feeding of 'the
Central' Park squirrels.' the protection
of robins and the' work of the 'Audubon
Society. She has contributed frequent
ly to organizations caring for-animals.
Marsh Island Is on the Gulf coast,
southwest of New Orleans. Herons,
bitterns, loons, rails, and many va
rieties of shore birds, as well as ducks
and geese, winter there. It Is the most
popular shooting ground In the South
for market gunners. Eighteen miles
long and nine miles wide at the broad
est point, the island contains about
75,000 acres.
"It Is the most Important move In be
half of the birds of North America
since the will of David Wilcox provided
for financing the National Audubon So
ciety," said Dr. W. T. Homaday at
the New Tork zoological Garden yes
terday. "Every person who knowa about the
great annual migration ot-birds from
the upper lakes and plains down the
Mississippi valley to the Oulf will ap
preciate the vital need of feeding
grounds along the Gulf that are pro
tected from gunera. Today bird sanc
tuaries are Just as necessary as bird
food. The feeding grounds for birds in
Louisiana and the absence of adequate
laws for bird protection have made that
State until this year a veritable dark
and bloody ground. The slaughter of
wild Ufe has been Incredible. It la a
matter of official record that during one
season, that of 1900-1910, a total of
4,266,&U game, birds were, killed In Lou
Committee Returns From West-
minster. Haeerstown. and
Maryland farmers are much Interest
ed In the parcels post, according to
Chief Inspector Hobert Sharp, of the
Postofflce Department. The committee
which has been holding meetings In
Westminster, Hagerstown, and Fred
erick and planning the details returned
to Washington today and resumed Its
sessions at the Postofflce Department
Mr. Sharp Is chairman of this com
mittee, the other members of which
are John O. Koons, superintendent of
the division of salaries; A. A. Fisher,
chief clerk to the Second Assistant
Postmaster General; Clarence .IS. Hut
rcy, chief clerk to the Third Assistant,
and George L. Wood, superintendent of
rural malls.
The Maryland meetings were attended
by merchants, presidents and secre
taries of granges, and farmers living
along the rural routes.
To assist the committee In Its delib
erations, there came before It today the
postmasters of five cities, Pittsburgh,
Jacksonville, Suffolk. Va., Wilmington,
and Charles Town, W. Va.
Hoosiers m Honor
James Whitcomb Riley
Officers ot the Indiana Society meet
tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at the resi
dence or J. O. Lambert, president, 3L!
Mt. I'leasatH street northwest, to form
a message of congratulation to James
Whitcomb Blley, the famous Hooslcr
State poet, whose name Is loed by all
Indlanians In Washington.
Blley's birthday Is today, and In In
dianapolis a six-day celebration In
honor of the even begins. J, O. Lam;
UCII, w. Mio x.ccau.j u.iwtiiuciii, in
president ot the Indiana Society. "While
we are not noiaing any ceieDration in
Washington today In honor of the birth
day of Blley, all Indlanians here love
him and wish him many more years ot
happiness," said Mr. Lambert today.
At the meeting tomorrow night plans
fot the winter meetings will come ud
for consideration. The first fall meeting
is scneuuiea ror tne nignt ot uciooer is.
Do not neglect your
health laxatives are nec
essary sometimes. Make sure
of the best then go ahead.
Natural Laxative
by Physicians lor
IS ICth s:. H, TT.
ft jyitf v
How Mrs, Sage Has Given
1 Bsge Foundation for
Improvement' of Social
Conditions 10,000,000
.Hensselaer Polytechnic
f Institute, Troy, AT. V. 1,000,000
Emma Wtllard Sruool,
" Tro, N. V 1,000,000
Far ItecUanay I'resh)
terlan Ckurch and
School SfiOOfiOO
Forest Hills Gardens
ear Jamaica, r I. ,,, 3,500,000
j'Otft to rtlntltCH of Mr.
Har, douutlnK his be
quests , ar.0,000
'New Yerlc University.. SOO.000
Vale University 050,000
Prlaretsn University.. 350,000
, InteraatlonaJ Commit
tee, Y. II. C. AA 350,000
Yonnv Women's Chris
tian Assoelatlon 300,000
Mire Institute of Patk
oloiry. ninrkwell'a
Island ..,, 300,000
Town .of gag; llhrbor,
t- 1 300,000
American Illhl. Morletr SOOJtOO
Association for Belief
of Indlcent Female.. 280,000
(lift of Constitution
Island to U. 8. Govern- -
f ment .....?.... 17.1,000
Berca College- 330.000
Miscellaneous educa
tional sifts 1.000AM
Miscellaneous religious
srlfts 3.000.000
Miscellaneous gifts to
municipalities 1,000,000
Miscellaneous general
benefactions 3,00000
Total 2rs,000
Justice Gould Gives Applicant
Lesson in Respect Toward
Chief Executive.
Eleven applicants for citizenship were
todsy granted naturalisation papers by
Justice aould In Crlmlnsl Court. No. :.
following an examination filled with
amusing features.
Although the eleven new citizens will
not have the right of franchise In the
District, Justlco Mould inquired of near
ly every candidate about the Presiden
tial nominees, rjnrlco v. Kesso admit
ted that he did not know who the Pro
gressive nominee was, but the court
felt sorry for him and gave him citizen,
shin papers anyway.
"Who s President of the United
States?" asked the court In examining
Francesco Ouaragua.
"Taft," responded the applicant.
"WhoT" Inquired the court signifi
cantly. "Mr. Taft," was the response.
That's better In speaking of the
President," advised Justice Gould.
The new cltltens are Ferdinand Walk.
r. Jeremiah Herllhy, Morris Blchard.
Oulstlno Bantllll, Michael J. Hbeehy.
Knrlco V, ifesso, Daniel M. Ilealey,
John T. Tyler, Francesco Ouaragua,
Philip Bermsn, and Cornelius p. Car
mody. Ten applications were continued a
month for various reasons, the princi
pal one being to permit the candidates
to study up Government matters.
Woman Is Badly Hurt
In Trolley Accident
Whllj on her way to work this morn
ing. Miss Annie Hoover, twenty-eight
years old, of 331 Maryland avenue
rortheitst, was struck by a street car
at Klrtt street and Maryland avenue
and seriously hurt.
The fender of the car struck her and
threw her down, her head striking the
pavement. She Is suffering from con
cussion of the brain.
Obiggest business in
Is now recorded at the A & P Stores. People are learning every
With lie flnr-4 us am Viitctr tat Kare J .If I
Mtf "" "w ",w "a MVa
A & P Pure Buckwheat, No. 10 sack 35c
Franklin Whole Wheat Flour, pkg 25c
A & P Graham Flour, Sack 15c
Old Virginia Cornmeal, pkg 8c and 20c
Grape Nuts, pkg v 2 Vfcc
Cream of Wheat, pkg 14c
Postum Cereal, pkg 12c and 22c
Instant Postum, can 30c
Ralston's Breakfast Food, pkg 10c
Malt Breakfast Food, pkg 14c
Sultana Raisins, pkg 15c
Seeded Raisins, pkg lOc
Cleaned Currants, pkg 12c
New Citron, lb 20c
New Orange and Lemon Peels, lb 20c
Persian Dates, pkg lOc
Beechnut Ketchup, large bottle 25c
Beechnut Ketchup, small bottle 15c
Oyster Cocktail Sauce, bottle 15c and 25c
Pure Maple Syrup, bottle 35c
Tobasco Sauce, bottle 40c
Red Pepper Sauce, bottle 10c and 25c
Norway Kippered Herring, can 5c
Onion Salt, bottle 15c
Celery Salt, bottle 10c
Johnson's Preserves, all kinds, crock 55c
Evaporated Apricots, lb 12V2c
Soused Mackerel, can 15c
New Norway Mackerel, each 15c and 25c
35c lb.
The Above Special
Visit Our
( Parlors,
Le Droit Bldg.,
8th & F Sts.
C07 7th at. nw.
lUt 7th t. nw.
ICO Kth aunw.
."2j Wlicomln
Si: II at. ne.
Mil und K iU.
31.2 llth (.
Committee Meets Tonight to
Plan Reception for
-Noted Leauwi-.
William K. Bedmond, envoy of the
Irish parliamentary party, who Is In
the United States pleading the cause of
home rule for Ireland, will arrive In
Washington at noon tomorrow. Ha will
bo accompanied by Mrs. Bedmond.
The visitor Is a brother of "Home
nule" Bedmond, the Irish leader who
during recent years has led the move
ment which has given Ireland many
distinguished names.
At a meeting of the District commit
tee of the United Irish League at (
o'clock tonight, in tha Becond National
Bank, final preparations for 'tha recep
tion and dinner to Mr. Redmond, will be
completed. Tha event will be held in
the Garden Theater, on Ninth street
northwest, at I o'clock tomorrow even
ing. After meeting Mr. Bedmond at the
Union .Station tomorrow, the party will
go at once to the Catholic University,
Georgetown College, and to Mt. Vernon.
Will Visit Press qub.
The personnel of the reception com
mittee Is D. K. Flnucane, W. F.
Downey, Francis Kilkenny, Jeromo
Connor. T.J. Fitzgerald. John F. Cos
tello. M. P. Griffin. Joseph Bradley,
B. J, Downey, Michael M. Doyle, J. D,
Flynn, Miss Davltt, and M. D. Crowley.
Tho following have been named as
members of the seaUng committee at
the theater: Francis J. Kilkenny, chair
man; Michael Davltt Crowley. Fred V.
Murphy, Blchard Downey, George U.
Sullivan, T. P. Fltzpatrlck, Oliver 8.
Le Beau. M. K. Ruddy, Fred Rice, J.
Leo Kolb, Joseph M. Hausler, Daniel S.
Masterson, T. Deery, John V. Cogan,
and M. F. Mangan.
Following the program at the Garden
Theater. Mt Bedmond will go to the
National Press Club, at Fifteenth and
F streets northwest, where he will b
the guest of the, club the remainder ot
the evening. Following la the program
ror the exercises tomorrow evening:
Redmond's Speech Feature.
Overture, Caldwell Orchestra.
Opening number, "The Star-Spangled
Banner," orchestra
Edward L. Cogan, chairman of com
mittee on arrangements. United Irish
League, Introducing Wendell Phillips
Stafford, associate fuitfca nt tha fln-
preme'Court of the District of Columbia.
oueeeii uy iiepreseniauve ftuchaei
Donohuo of Pennsylvania. '
Vocal selection by Thomss F. Mc
Nulty, of Baltimore.
Soeech bv the nt. Her. Xfr Willi. m
T. Bussell. D. D pastor of St. Patrick's
Vocal selection bv James Nolan.
Speech by William K. rtsdmnml
envoy of the Irish parliamentary party
iv inQ uimcu oiaics nna canaaa.
Sneeeh by Michael J. Rvan ..r Phila
"uoa aave Ireland." by audience, ac
companied by the orchestra.
Throughout the program tha orches
tra, under the direction of Jnunh f,w.
well, will play Irish airs.
Schooner Doomed, Crew
Refuses Life-Savers' Aid
CHATHAM, Mass.. Oct. 7.-The four
masted schooner Charles A. Campbell,
loaded with coal for Boston, went
ashore on a bar today In a fog and Is
doomed, according to the life-savers.
The crew or eight men refused to be
taken off by life-savers.
to cmtu: A r-ni.n iv nvi,- nsv
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tab-
!,!. TlrmrHafB rfttnri mnn..., fr I, .
Uo cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature la
H ;ts,ti uua, mv
i an uur urancnes ana nwKei sianus.
Great "3 ibt 25c" All the Week
A & P Condensed Milk, 3 cam 25c
Apple Jelly, 3 tumblers
Bull Head Catsup, 3 bottles.
French Muatard,
A & P Salad Dressing, 3 bottles 25c
I A. & P. Buckwheat, 3 pkga.
A & P Pancake
Puffed Wheat, 3
B & O Molasses, 3 cans 25c
A & P Pickles (Mixed, Gherkins, or Chow
Chow), 3 bottles 25c
I Manzanilla Olives, 3 bottles 25c
Prunes (65 to
Evaporated Peaches, 3 lbs 25c
Campbell's Soups, 3 cans 25c
Seeded Raisins, 3 pkgs 25c
Sliced Peaches, 3 cans 25c
Grated Pineapple, 3 cans 25c
Cohees Salmon, No. V2 can, 3 cans 25c
Mustard Sardines, 3 cans 25c
Grape Juice, 3 bottles, 25c
P. A. Potted Beef, 3 cans 25c
Paprika, 3 cans 25c
Guaranteed, 31c doz.
Prices Do Not Apply Outside of City
Contradicts Gompers '
, Regarding Decision,
In reply 'lo a statement by Samuel
Pompers. president r the American
ederatlon of .Labor, said to have been
mada In Boston, John D. Dlckman de
nied today that he had ever accused
Justice Wright of giving out his labor
decision to '!Tom. Dick, and Harry"
before It was delivered from the .bench.
Mr. Dlckman, who Is an employe at
the Government Printing Office, ssys
he knew nothing of the matter. r
Tuberculosis Remedy )
Based on Mediciie
To say that a specific exists for tha
cure of Consumption Is perhaps too
strong a statement, but In Eckman'a
Alterative we. have a medicine that has
been the means of saving many a life
to years ot usefulness, and in perma
nently benefiting a large number ot
Certainly a person afflicted with a
wasting disease should be well fed with
wholesome.nourtshlng food, but frequent
ly raw eggs In quantities cause a diges
tive breakdown, and then no food nour
ishes. As for milk, a very good food
for many, but a producer of biliousness
for some. ,
Any diet that keeps a Consumptive
well nourished Is the right one, but
what la going to Improve the patient!
Rckman's Alterative has brought about
full recovery In many cases of Con
sumption. Let thoso speak who know.
Here Is one:
M 8asnnsh St.. Ilochester, N. T
. "Gentlemen: On June x, iter, I was
operated upon for Tubercular peritonitis it
Ht. Mary's 4ImpUsI. Rochester. N. Y. After
the operstlon ray physician cave ma up as
hopeless. 1 was then urged by a priest to
take Eckman's Alterative, which I did. My
weight at the time was 73 lbs. I began to
Improve snd steadily gained In health asd
strength. I now weigh IS poujuW, and am
absolutely well. m Believing 1 owe It to my
self and others, 1 make this autement,"
(Rwurn Affidavit) EDNA rINZER.
Eckman's Alterative Is effective In
Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever, Throat
and Lung Troubles and in upbuilding
the system. Does not contain poisons,
opiates or habit-forming drugs. For
sale by O'Donnell's Drug Stores end
other leading druggists. Ask for book
ret telling of recoveries, and write to
Eckman Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa.,
for additional evidence. ,
Sdiubcrt Pianos and Players
We not only give you surface
facts, but dve right downn to rock
bottom foundation of things. We
are protecting the public. This Is a
piano business on an honest basis.
.We do everything that we advertise
to do.
Jama nh HaU Chasa
We aave your from COO to 3300 on,
the best make of piano in the world.
We arc purging tho business ot all
Tkla Is For Yottr Interest
1 The dealers, fo their own pe-'
cunlary benent, are trying to stop
my operations. What do you think
of that? Come In and I will tell you
all about It
Free use of all new universal music
roll catalogue.
Joseph Hall Chase Piano Co.
1807 G Street -N. W.
lUmemWer. North Side i of CI St.
n.,ii 13th and Utn Mis.
day of the economy or dealing 1
i" H
3 jart 25c
Fancy Head Rice, 3 lbs 2Sc
Flour, 3 pkgt 25c I
pkgs. 25c
the pound), 3 lbs 25c
CHEESE, 20c lb.
Our Branch
1318 7th St.
Oa. ave. N. WV
ziit and K sts. mkl.
Cntr market.
(th & K ata.mkt.
Saetern inkt. aa.
.Alexandria llranch
5.K5 King si.
1536 7th St.

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