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Attack on Courtroom. Poss'U
' bili'ty of .Wrtfch Offlcjals
are Atraia.
V .. , ... , .. '-
, , (ConUnuedrpp. First .Page.) ,
that frat' manfril'tbe alt rig lit. ' Ho i
the Hyp 'of man'l'wont; A Jjury box
filled wHlj'hVklnd woufd .satisfy, me.
The-hfh,er,'claei t( pfeVrifa'tira better
T 'amnlenaiMl. M.n'nf tntidrianri. will
readily un"Je"fiitndthe; position In Jo.
.willed j-Hrn.uirrcy; .guprop..nfen tymr
be -casllr .fooled ibiiUieVcloytr '.net
work which I. understand,,the t)lsrlct ,
attorney, la jprf pared 'to weave1 around
ithe first panelawJienJlLeexUntlnatton of
the men was resumed today. '
Secufe'TypOurox-'- -
Juror No. 2 was.easllyaeoured during 1
1 lha Aral ttAttx In It? 'lufan'a 'f tlnKairt f
.o.iaija aivua aia uw.Jaawii u. wa
C. Purcell, a chemist, who declared
that he had no" opinion" regarding the
case and cquld try. the defendant fairly.
Mclntyrc, evidently Impressed with his
falrmlndedtiesa, patsed him. v
. .After icven men had been Interro-
?ated and quickly disposed of, John It
tardy, a retired business man, was
drown. He had read about the case,
but had no poslthe opinion and wail
finally accepted tioth sides and sworn
as Juior No. 3.' ,
t Witness 'Disappears.
i While the talesmen wero" being ex
amined It became known that one of the I
most important witnesses (or the prose
cution 'had vanished.'1 This1 witness 1-
the Salvation Army girl n howas across
the street' from the Metropote Hotel
when Rosenthal was killed In Jul). 'She
was an eye witness of the tragedy
District Attorney Whitman has a pri
vate detective trying to tlnd the girl be
fore she Is needed on the stand.
ifr. Mclntyre, Is the latest figure hi
the case to receive a death threat. He
got the following .letter, postmarked
"Brooklyn, Oct. 7,". through the malls
today, then turned It 'over to the postal
."You put up the murder of Jack Ze
11. If Hecker Is ecqulttcd. woe unto
you. a bullet for yours. If Decker Is
convicted and you stay his, execution,
you will die you SHAM- die before he
does. No crook Is writing this nor Is
a maniac."
Lieut. Becker's Wife Is
Confident of -Acquittal;
Smiles at Her Husband
NEW YOBK. Oct, S.-Jhe remarkable
assurance of acqillttal ' displayed .by
Charles Becker is spared' by his wife.
If her. wqrde .and manner -during the
opening day' of hls'tral yesterday ore
any Indication of her, mont 'attitude.
Modlshly gowned an,d hatted, she was
the picture .of well-bred prosperity, as
she, was ua'pered Into the court, room
bv un obsequious court- attendant.
There was nothing about her to Indi
cate that sho as uny.more Interested
In tho -trial thJn any other spectator.
"1 feel Just fine," she said In answer
to u friend's question. VNo; I am not
discouraged a bit, everything Is going
plpndldlr." '
Her smile was cheery, her manner
conndent, as she tittered the words.
Woman of Keen Mind.
There Is riothlng o'f tli teary cling
ing lne aboiit Jlelen Becker. A pretty
womun. iiharmlngly feminine In out
ward nei-mlng, there Is an Immense
reserve force -of Itard-hendfd nractl-c-allty
about her, ratlly discernible to
the experienced obpener.
For sears slin has been n school
teachei, ami the little school ma'am
mannerisms are rather pronounced.
Film In irannei. quick and decided
In speech, rncnmpromlsln- In attitude,
one reallzex nftei studying her that
sho Is ji woman who makes up her on
mtnil without lonsultlpg any other
A weaker woman would hac been
crushed In .tho relentless strength of
Charles Deckel. Ope more Idealistic
could not have qidured conditions re
caled by events Just passed.
It Is n matter cf rero-d that Helen
DeeKer bnnked most of the money her
husband lino msstcrlous'y acquired du,r
ln; the months he was the "czar of
the gambll'i; uquad."
Smiles at Her Husband.
In person Mis. Jteckcr Is small apd
tilm. Ye,sterda she wore n blue gown
with a small blue velvet hat, a black
coat, black shoes and uhltc glqves.
Sho followed the proceedings or the
court with Interested nyes. nn I onte
smlhsn cheerily at her husband as he
caught her eve. It Is evident that they
are rare good comrudes.
liuu mum o, rmo little Helen Derk
erknows of her husband's Lecreta will
never ho known, for her thin, firm lips I
mark the tvne of uoman that can keen
a seciet to the dibth. lull this mum nnv I
can confidently assert from seem? her
In the court-room.
Found gulltv or Innocent Helen .Beck
er Is the kind of woman who will stand
by her husband to the bitter end.
It's the Little Dandruff Germs That
Are Causing'Your Hair to
Thin Out.
Parisian Sage Stops Falling Hair
and Does Not Contain Poison
ous Lead or Dyes.
The clever young man of today dotsn't
take' any chances pn loslnir 1ilsrnlr. A
man who Is baldheaded'at 30 looks' like
45. and Is placed at a disadvantage whun
seeking employment.
it ou nave
d a n d r u ff it
means down
near the roots
of" )our hair
an ' army of
dandruff germs
are quacking
the hair root
and destroying
.lis vitality.
'Then hair
f all a out:
grows thin and
Ualdnesa re.
' - suns, y o u tut
man; put J our faith In delightful
J'ARIBIAN PAOE.'.lt iwllltstop falling
hair, kill dandruff cerrmv abolish dan
druff and Itching scalp', or moneybBck.
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bottle at James o:uQnneH'H and dealers
everywhere, airl with Aiibilrn .hair on
ever j carton. Ask for .PAniSlA'N
BAQE. ' - ' " '
Lv,. MllS
Directing F(owcr Show
''nlsssssssssssssssssM PhSKSH
HHHHBr ' .i iB2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.''-f
a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aT ' i .71 X r aaaa ,. aBBBBBBBKBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBr Xim
. i ISK., . V..M ,ft tlHV PttraBrssssssssissTKii
rVHBttJ.IH HK wJBBr .('"raaaaaaaBX'VaflL
I assssssssssssssssssssssssfrnBWW HE&&iEJH
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaX&&lffcnH ' BW9KlB
bIbIbIbIbIbIbIbIbMIPw YsBbMbIbI ataiBiBiB&lr SttflflH
. ssssVsssssssssssssssmiasssssssB W ' WZ??JM' '
HHHK.' V iJM lHlilir'ii.lililililH HlililiK K ' VHESRTan
BlBlBlKlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBlB1 BlBlBlBlBlHBBBBlBlBlBlftKaMflwV
fflBBV Ken In'Charje of BrobkUnd'i Plant
nospital 'Physicians Declare -Wil-.liam
Walker Canot Rag'ain
Use of Legs.
William A. WqlkeK'ia, stagand at
Poll's Theater,! waa'tsrlusl Injured
today wbvn J a piece! of, heavy, sclera ry
fell 'on' him, fraeturlng hfs spine. He
was taken to thVCmergency-'Hospltttl
vvherertjie doctors saldhej ould ijeyer
rcciiln the ,iise of h legs lft.he sur
vived tho-injunv- -(-'
Tho lnjyrl n.np;lstiilrlJitlicce, years
o Id and llviyi at 5lIvi',Tvvclfth street
Offilals'tfleVf Nothing
r Ut,Itjury to tight
William l' Hyiftrheck. nf Itatturv V.
Third FleldtArtlllery, one of the eighth
men wjirrear uy tne premuture explo
sion of a lliell ,ln. a ihnlnch field gun
on tne on nanna, ya , rli
anna. Pa . ride ranse.
prouapiy win 1
Bed Jioitpltal.
not bo brought to Walter
Tho inciulr HtarUd'bv the War De
partment, has mi far brought forth no
detailed 'lof6rnlatlon regarding the' acci
dent. It' Is supported none of the men
u ere dangerously, hurt, or details Would
hayf (if en sept toitho Washington au
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Admiral Southerland Sends
W.ireless'Repprting Sub
jugation of. Rebels.
Admiral Boutherland late today sent
a wireless message to the Navy De
partment, stating that the American
forces occupied the town of Chlchlgalpa
on October 4, after a brleg fight In
which five American marines were
slightly wounded.
Sorgeant J. Smith was shot In tho loft
wrist. Corporal C. Clement waa wound
ed In. trie light forearm. Private II.
Hudson waa wounded In the scalp.
Private F. I Harris had his thumb
Hhot off, and O. L. Tolmadge, an elec
trician, was hit in the foot by a stray
The department has not jet received
confirmation of the seizure, of the town
of Leon, where three marines were re
ported to have .been killed by a moh
last8unday. ' " S
Under command of Lieutenant Colonel
Long, the Americans mardhed Into
Chlchlgalpa Sunday morning 'and were
met In ,the streets by an Irdcsponslble
mnh who onened fire. The marines re
turned the if Ire, killing if If iy of the mob
and wounding forty others. The rioters
were driven out of v the town.
General Irlaa and about a dozen other
rebel leaders, asked for safe .conduct to
leave the country, and this was granted
by Admiral Southerland and President
Diaz with tho proviso that they should
nKcr leader of the revolution has
laid down his" arms und General Zelo
,i..n nn nf chief lieutenants of General
Mena. is dead. To show tho character
of -Ztledon. United States Minister Welt
zel .yesterday sent the following cable
gram, to the. Btale Department:
"One of the Nlcaragnan rebels taken
pilsnner when Zeledon" was captured
has Ihformed the government that Zele
doT and his twenty-five partisans, while
lleclng toward the" Costa Blcan bound
ary, met three women, whom Zeledon
murdered In cold blood In order to pre
cnt their bringing news of his move
ments 'to tho pursuing forces."
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Fourth Annual Show of Dis
trict Garden Spot to Be
' Success.
The fourth annual flower, fruit, and
vegetable exhibition of the Brookland
Brotherhood will be held In Ixrd Mem
orial Hall this afternoon, evening and
tomorrow afternoon and evening.
This la" tor o:citslon looked forwtld
to with great pleasuro b the citlzehil
Zt Ti.-i.rj . i ,. J '.
of Brookland and community. Througli
the efforts of Charles F. Tanslll dur
ing the past few years, Brookland has
developed" Into .one of the prettlmi
gardcn"spots in .'the District. He has
encouragea the cultivation .of roses and
other flowers, anHwhnro.a few yeaiK
ago only 'an average amount of floweis
Were.n-own In this suburb. It'lstnnw
.the boast'1 of the citizens' that almost
Bier; yuru suuincu wun llianial.
The exhlblta at 'this show ara enn.
ilderably. more exttnslve than In any
other held. More prlres are offered,
but the competition la keener than ever
The Brookland Citizens' Association,
,of which M. iM. McLean Is president,
and the University Heights and Vicini
ty Citizens' -(Association., of which C.
P. Judge Is president, have Joined with
the Brookland Brotherhood to make
the exhibition asurcess.
One of the features will be the large
number of exhlblta by the Housewives
In the Jellies, jama, apple-butter, and
D. H. Oertly Is chairman of the com
mittee in chargn of the show. He Is
assisted by W E. Hall, vice chairman,
Charlea V. TnnslII, secretary; J. 1
Prlmm, assistant secretary; W. O.
Ueuallen, C. U. Etx, and A. A. Car
penter. Mr. Tanslll Is president of the Broth
erhood, under whose direct auspices
the exhibition la given.
Maryland Man Indicted for
leged Assault on Nine-Year-Old.
The grand Jury sitting at Upper Marl
boro, Prince George county, haa founa
a true bill against Armand D. Rcstor,
and he will be tried this month In
circuit court on a charge of criminally
assaulting Lulu Chaney. a nine-year-old
The Bestor case engaged public at
tention for several days and at first
resulted In his acquittal before a local
magistrate. State's Attorney Roberts
was not sattsfled. however, and broucht
Ilcator before a second magistrate who
committed him to Jal! in default Of
bond, and caused him to be held for
the action of the grand Jury.
The grand Jury tookiup several minor
cases today, summoning witnesses In
the case of Henry Jackson, colon!,
eharged with horse stealing, and Frank
amin f.ntnrv.,1. charced with house
breaking. A nan aozen oim-r iinuui
cases were disposed of.
Alleged Gambler Arrested.
William F. Mann, ono of the six al
leged to have run gambling games at
the Rennlng race track on Labor Day,
was arrested In Richmond, Va this
afternoon, according to a dispatch re
eelved at police headquarter With the
arrest of Mann four of the alleged
gamblers have been arrested and the
police believe tne oiner iwo win uo u.i
nrehendfd within a short time.
i:czkma cirnisn in to to .to days'.
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William H. K. Redniond.Bei
.', lives Erin May Be Na
, . tion in a Year.
"Ono4nay not prophesy nnl thing with
crtalnty, but It does look as Ireland
win up iree n year irom vn tunmiB
May." .today said William If. K. nod
mond. iirotlier of John Iledmopd, Irish
parliamentarian for twenty-nine years,
and possibly the drat, premier of ire
land when homo rule la arantedi
:. Mr iltr-dmond. accompanied by lrs.
.VJtcdmond. atrrlvedMn Washington at 1
o-'cl6ck this afternoon from Chicago to
be the guefct nnd stientter at a reeeDtlon
H evening at 8 o clock-nt the Oarden
Theater, on Ninth Street.
. "If the Liberal party holds Its power,
.home rule Is assured." said Mr. Red
mond, "and the prospects are that tho
n win so continue. Everyone Knows
e house of loitla la now Dow'erlesa to
veto thjibll.llntrcxluced lavt May. which
I requires two cara to go through and
iuid enece unaer parliamentary pro
cedure." Ulster Uprlslnt.
Mr. Iledmond expressed the hope that
me American people will not take, very
srnousiy me uprising in Ulster against
le granting
or norne ruie.
"Ulster Is by no means a unit against
with hair TiV nnSiiiion .hinI!S52 I ha" declared for Wilson, In a list of Re
ath'iSSrlK? KyttUS?' '.Vr nSTa" ' LuWIcan. who have turned down 'both
i rirct;nn ",. .hi nT..i."n.. r I ra" ana wiison. no statement lsimad
large percentage of the Protestants of "a- n . wiarnnain RtiBnia ninna
Ulster arc of similar mind. '-"-''" to lnti W',CQ"'" senators plana
or tne recent protests have been greatly i
-Mt. Redmond, It Is said, may be the
first premier of Ireland Instead of his
brother because of the enmlUes which
John, Redmond has made In his long
fight for Irish freedom
, Justice Wendell Phillips Stafford, of
the District Supremo Court, will pre
side atthe theater I gathering this even
ing, and Congressman Donohoe nf
Pennsylvania and the Rev.
William T.
Itussell will be amonr
the speakers, bo-
sides Mr. Redmond himself.
l Has Handsome Wife.
Mra. Redmond, who waa greeted by
the wives of soveral members of the
reception committee, is a handsome
woman of the traditional Irish type of
btauty, with blue eyes and dark hair.
The reception committee Included:
D. F. Flnucane. W. F. Downey. Fran
cis Kilkenny. John F. Costello, Jerome
COnnor. T, J. Fitzgerald, N. P. Griffin,
Joseph Dradley, R. J. Downey, Michael
M. Doyle, J. D. FUin, Miss Uavitt, and
M. P. Crowley. w
The seating committee at the theater
follows: Francis J. Kilkenny, chair
man:, Michael D. Crowley, Fred V.
.Murphy, Richard Downey. George K.
Sullivan. T. P. Fltzpatrlck, Oliver 8.
Le Ileau, M. n Ruddy, Fred Rice, J.
Leo Kolb, Joseph M. Hausler, Daniel S.
Mastrrson. T. Deery. John V. Cogan.
and M. F. Mangan.
Suffragists in Session;
DKS MOIN'HS. Iowa. Oct. 8 -At
conference of the Iowa Equal Suffrage
Association here today the preliminary
sieps were lauen in wnat is intenaea
to be the most active campaign that the
women of the HawKeye State have
ever waged In an effort to secure the
right of franchise. For thn present the
women win acvote mtur enorts toward
ivecurlng the election of those candi
dates for the legislature who have de
clared themselves favornhlc to the pro
posed suffrage amendment to the State
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Dreadnoughts Wyoming and Ar
, tkansas Welcomed on First
Appearance in Port.
: r- i
NEW YOItK. Oct. 8.-The big dread
noughts, Wyoming an'd Arkansas,
Joined the war fleet at1 anchor In the
Hudson river' today! this being- their
llrst appearance- In port. They y were
given ii warm reception asthey ayned
to their places in tho lino representing,
us they do, the lard word' In marine
architecture. The fleet will all be 'in
part by Thursday night. It Is expected.
Today, and. In fact, most of the re
mainder of the week, will bo given
up to pleasure, so far as the creus
are concerned. Heavy ahore leaves are
In order, as none will be granted .Mon
day and, Tuesday, when the grand re
view bv.the President Is scheduled.
. Many of The 'officers .and sailors at
tended the ball' game at the ' Polo
mounds today. ,
La FolletteVDecIares
Himself for Wilson
- CHICAGO, Oct, 8. That Senator Rob
ert La Follstte of Wisconsin, has de
dared himself for W!"on, and will tako
n active part' In the Democratic cam-
palgn Is a statement Issued today by the
algn Is a statement Issued today by the
llson National Progressive- Republican
nson National pro,
LeaffUK. Th laacrue
League. The league, . headed by Ru
dolph SpreckTef, the. San Francisco mil
llonalre, has Just opened a branch office
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over m House
chance you'll ever have to own
for this heavy
continuous post
IS N A M K.l.
men. In best
white or green
porcelain en
a m e 1 any
size. Value,
For Felt and- Fiber
Mattress, Value $7.50
lo r llu oil
I'vlt Mn("
trr.Ni nluc,
- 913.50
for llest
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trcANi ntnc,
" See Page "i
fl MH!

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