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Begins Final Investigation of
Status of Certain Great
Corporations. f
v Attorney General Wlokcrsham to4y
tsetan flail study of retorts by agent
of the Department of Justice on al
leged vjplstlon of the Sherman taw by
several great corporation. A decision
a to prosecution will be reached in a
abort ' time In the caics of these
"trusts," which are the American Tele
phone and Telea-raph Company, the
American Press Association and. tho
Western Newspaper Union, and sub
sidiary companies ot the Standard Oil
Mr. Wlckersham will decide whether
the telephone company Is a comMna-
t tlon In unreasonable restraint of tradf,
whether the American Press Associa
tion and the Western Newspaper tin
ton have violated the terms ot the de
cree recently entered at Chicago by
Judge lAadlf and whether the stan
dard Oil sibsldUirles have violated the
terms of the dissolution decree of the
United States Supreme Court.
In the Standard OH matter the Gov
ernment hss been aided by, the "Waters
, Plirce Company, now enraged In lltl
Sitlon,wIth Standard Oil and all the
evidence the Waters-Pierco Company
men have has been furnished the
agents of the Department of Justice.
v .Mr. Wlcltorshom coma home yester
day from a six weeks' vacation In the
course of which, howevor, he kept him
self closely Informed ,as to the progress
of these lnvestlgatlon-4y his agents.
District Attorney Promists Some
x Interesting Developments
Within Short Time.
NEW "VOIIK. Oct. 10.-A fresh sen
sation Is Impending 'In the Burton W.
Gibson case. Assistant District Attorney
Wasservogel, who Is conducting the In
vestigation Into the cbnfesslon ot Rose
Ouerra, said there were no striking de
velopments that could be made public
as yet
"But there Is something stirring," said
he, "which we may Jiave In hnd by
Saturday or Monday.''
. There has come to Mr. Wasservogel
also news of another witness, a woman
who was Intimately acquainted with
1 Rosa Bzabo. who Gibson la accused ot
having murdered, who declares that not
umy uia aits, osttuu ten uer uiub aim
i planned to go to Europe, but that Gib
son was going to accompany her. Gib
son has always declared that Mrs. 8xabo
had no Intention of going abroad.
The Identification of Rose Guerra by
persons who may have seen the alleged
Mrs. Petronella Mcnschlk Is still de
ferred, while every feature of her story
Is looked Into, and her handwriting un
dergoes the scrutiny of exports.
District Attorney Rogers, of Orange
county, said the Gibson case would be
layed before the Orange county grand
jury late this week or early next. lie
looks for a speedy Indictment and ex
pects Gibson to be put on trial early In
High School Boys Will Have Or
ganization For Tramps
Into Country.
First steps were tsken by the T. M.
C. A. yesterday for the formation of a
"Century Hiker's Club" by high school
boys. Tramps will be made to differ
ent points near Washington and when
a distance of one hundred miles has
been covered in all the badge of the
club will be given the pedestrian. A
. two-day tramp to Esltlmore may be
made. The first hike will be held Sat
urday afternoon, when the boys will
leave the Y. 31. C. A. bjlldtng at 2
o'clock for some point not yet deter
mined upon.
W. J. Drjatu Jr., who kas recently
come to Washington to study law, en
tered the y. M. C. A. yosterday. A
number ot well-known figures have pre
ceded him, Secretary of the Navy
Meyer, Dr. F. A. Cleveland, chairman
of the Economy and Efficiency Com
mission, Herbert Putnam. Librarian of
Congress, and Senator Boles Penrose.
Marines Are Carried
" I St 4
To Scene of Revolt
The transport Prairie, with 750 ma'
rints aboard, has sailed from Santo
Domingo CHy for the northern coast pf
the Island, the storm center of the
Dmlncb revolt:
. Tho-runbdal Wheeling, will remain at
Bsnto Domlma Cltv. IJnlesa thn mm.
torn houses along the Haitian border
are reopenea uy me Dominican authori
ties the American commissioner and
I the marines will take charge of affairs
and forcibly rout, the rebels and .open
the customs houses.
Secretary .Stinjspn
Is Back' at' Office
After sn absence of nearly two months
during which time ho visited a number
ot army posts and reservations In the
West Secretary of War Stlmson has re
turned to the War Department.
Immediately upon his. arrival at his
o Dee the Secretary entered Into consul
tation with the ohlefs ot his department
on the estimates for the coming year,
which are to be submitted to Congress
In Deoember.
Auxiliary Committee
. Helping Democrats
Approximately ,006 has been collect
ed by the District auxiliary committee
to thb Democratic national -committee.
A' report rcvllnf this as presented
U the. meeting, at the Raleigh Hotel
last-nnihV A check for" U.W "has-been
sent the national committee and the
balance of the' aUm'wlU bo sent shortly.
t. jj. Jtrpjrijs VJra,lir,er of the commutes
tCeprricht. MIX frank A. Muasa? Osi
The SUb Of Conicitnce.
OP all the remarkable things that
had happened ta Oration with
in the eventful day or twe, the
oddest. It seemed to him, was
the opportune appearance ot his cblef
clerk, Jennlson.
- That he should have, oovered the hun
dreds of "miles between KenyonvUle and
Chicago, that he should have come so
accurately to the very, spot Where Oraf.
ton was In trouble, was little short of
miraculous. The man, saved by so bare
a margin from actual murder, leaned
against the wall and stared stupidly at
his confidential assistant.
'The officers were hurrying about:
lights appeared here and there In the
gloomy place until one coutd discern
without difficulty the whole squalid
scans. Jennlson stared up at Oration
with a strange sort ot dumb agony.
Then the spell broko as the policemen
gathered again and talked quickly
amonr themselves. Jennlson leaped up
the stairway and seised his employer's
band In cold fingers.
"Thank Ood, slrT" he mumbled. "OhI
thank Ood, Mr. Oration I"
Orafton shook himself together.
"I'm Inclined to think that the thanks
ars partly yours.' Jennlson," he said.
"How under the sun did jou know
what brought you here to tho very
place, at tbo very UmoT" .
"That's what I've come to tell that
and more, and I shall have to tell It
quickly, sir. Where can we go In this
place to talkT"
"I well, I don't know. They have a
very line dressing room. It I remember
correctly. Perhaps It's safe there now."
"It's safe anywhere now," the rounds
man Interposed. "They've left, even to
the owner of the Joint."
"Then we'll And It."
Orafton passed Into the bar. Jennlson
at his heels, and In a moment or two
had located the scene of his own dis
aster. With a lone sigh of.rellet he set
tled beside one of the unappetising ta
bles and stretched himself. In all his
life he had never Imagined such dell
clous relaxation possible. Business
troubles he had passed through and
troubles of other kinds, sickness and
personal sorrows; but this, a reprieve
from death, was different from all.
And Jennlson was the responsible
party. He glanced across .at the chief
clerk with more gratitude In his eyes
than words could express. The secre
tary flushed before the case and his
mouth worked convulsively for a
Then, to Grafton's amasement. Jennl
s6n's head sank to his folded arms and
he sobbed violently.
J'But, my dear fellow!"
"Just a moment, sir I can't help It,"
camo thickly.
nut. Jnnnlson '
"Mr. Orafton!" The other looked up
miserably. "Don't try to comfort me.
II Isn't the nervous strain that set
me off. you know. It's something a
great deal worse."
"Worse. JennlsonT"
"Innnltelv." You vou'le trusted me.
slrl Ood help me, you've always trusted
"Of course, I've trusted you."
"Yftii brought ma out of a ehean.
hopeless, futurcless position and worked
m into a huslnexs man. you save me
charge of matters Involving thousands
and hundreds of thousands, and you
trusted me with them all I"
"Inaeea, I ain. I '
"JumI & minute more. sir. I've come
to tell you how I have repaid all your
kindness. Mr. Orafton, 1 stole those
Colson papers!
"You you did steal tlirmt" Orafton
sat back, literally horrified. Despite
the episode ot the envelope, his belief
In Jennlson's honesty had hardly been
shaken. "You"
"Yes, I stole them, sir night before
last." Jennlson straightened up and
brushed back his damp hair. I'll give
you the whole story as quickly and as
briefly as 1 can, Mr. Grafton, and then
wo shall have to act."
Orafton watched him wonderttigly,
Jennlson, taking breath, Klauced at
his watch, and then spoke quickly:
"I may as well begin nt the beginning,
Mr. Graf ton you'll understand better.
This whole KenyonvUle traction busi
ness has been one mass or gran from
end to end!"
"Nothing else In the world, sir. The
full details I can't tell, for I don't know
them, but I have a very fair Idea ot
how matters have been going. Colson,
I think, went Into the business origi
nally for what he could make out of It,
legitimately or otnerwise. He nas a
criminal record I"
"Colson has?"
"Yes. It's a long way hack, snd I
believe that he's been making more or
lees ot an Honest llvlnir for rears: but I
suppose this was too much for him. At
any rate, Mr. Orafton. that la the fact.
well, ana from what I have learned,
Colson has been making a vSry good
thing all through the business on con
tracts and rake-offs and so en. He
vtas Involved In some of It with Brady,
In a very quiet fashion, and after a
time they got to talking over possi
bilities. How .long they discussed the
matter I cannot say, cither; but be
tween them they shsped a plan the
plan that has been worked out."
"To steal the papers?"
Orafton shook his head.
"So Brady was- In It as well! I'm
afraid my faith In human nature has
been misplaced. Go on."
"They did not know how to go about
It. The notes and the bonds and all
were, of course. In the safe deposit
vaults at the bank, and, consequently,
where thev never could be reached, jt
,was a week or so ago that Brady took
me aside one day, when I went to his
office, and broached the subject.
"I'm not .saying it .to excuse myself,
Mr. Orafton, for nothing can do that,'1
said Jennlson; "but I did refuse the
offer ho made at the time and an
nounced -my -intention of revealing the
plot to you.
"Brady was furious. He wouldn't let
me out of the office Indeed, I have
sometimes' donbted If I was not in
serious danger, that day. He promised
to make KenyonvUle too hot to hold
me If I told you. On the other hand,
he promised me a large sum If I would
hflo b'm and Colson."
"How much?" said Orafton, angrily.
Jennlson avoided hi") gaxe.
"It was 1100.000. sir."
"And I've trusted you with more thn
that-fool that I was!"
"You can't make me se the matter
In any worse light than I see It now."
Lad. Jennlson,, wretchedly, "r under
stand wnai a comcmpiiDie cur I am,
Mr. Orafton, and Tm dolnir what little
I can td atone for It."
"Well, we compromised upon my
?romlso not to mention the affair, and
left. ,1 don't know how I faced juu
for a week, every day, with ' that On
my mind. However, day before yester
day BraJy was waiting for me at noon
when I went to lunch. He knew that
the notes were In our office, tnd he
knew that I wan the person most likely
to see them. He renewed his offer to
roe to steal them and hand them over
to him and Colson. That was all he
asked, and he doubled his original price
for the miserable work. When I re.
fused, be doubled nls threats! He
scared me. Mr. Orafton!"
Grafton's tight, shut lips, offered no
comment . ...
"In the end I accepted, air. At least,
we left It that If the notes could be
had without breaking Into anything, I
nas to take them. Then you wjnt
sway that night and left -ihem lying
rnusrely on the front of your open
desk I"
"Yes. that was an absurd trick, III
ndmlt." , .
"Up tn the moment you left, sir. I
had no Intention ef complying. I sup-
AAA A A ft A A A ft A A A A
uosed, of course, that you would at
least, lock-the. wre tolled things In the
safo,-mit .when'. I. saw Ahem' there the
temptation was too much, somehow.
Even then -I, conquered lt and left In
a hufrybefOro'lfcoUId'return. -
"But all the evening the Idea haunted
me I raa s- well be honest and I
thought what I could do with 200,OOU cf
my own. I-thought how easy It would
be to go away when tho first excltcmont
had calmed down and live the rest ot
my life as I pleased. Up to 11 o'clock,
though, I crusbod It back; but then the
temptation got the better ot me.
"I went back to the- building. By
chance, Parker was In the basement. I
managed to sneak In and up by the
stairs.' I found the naoera. and was
Just about to pocket them when you,
camo tip In the elevator. 1 knew that
It must' be you. for no one else would,
dc iiaeiy -.to aemonsiraie mat emer
gency stop. In the middle of the night.
"what was I to doT If you came and
found me wlth'the papers In my posses
sion. It was all over. If you found me
at alt. It would have been bad enough.
For a moment 7 felt panic-stricken.
Thcn'the'lhsptratlon came. I seised one
of your envelopes, .thrust In the notes,
directed it to Brady dropped It In the
chute and darted back Into the offices.
The fire escape ladders, 1 found, had
been' taken away. I huddled Into the
corner, and waited for you to find me.
You didn't." , ,.
Orafton nodded and smiled tartly.
"Then you went awav and I climbed
back and turned on the lights for a
moment to see It there were any signs
of my detection. Tho desk was closed:
I turned out the lights and hurried out
by way of the elevator."
"So It was you, after nil, Jennlson T"
"Yes. The rest of that night's do
ings I have heard, of course, from
Brady. He had not expected the docu
ments to come In that way, nor at that
time. Hence, to keep up the appear
ance of perfect friendliness, he was
wllllns to help you. He opened tho
box. saw the envelope with my hand
writing, and you know the rest."
"I do. indeed. It was Brady whom
we chased, then?"
"Yea; he fearod that you might be
able to get the box open somehow, and
he returned twice In his effort to un
lock the thing. The last time he drop
ped the key.
"And Colsonf
"Brady saw him some time after he
left yuif, .told him that the documents
were probably In their hands, and had
him leave. It was Brady's Idea that
he might persuade you to stay her;
for n day or two, but Colson doubted
It. Then they decided on the cheme
of drugging you, and Colson knew
this den of old. That Is tho whole
"And a very choice story It Is," said
Grafton, bitterly, "The honest politi
cian, the great and good and upright
business man. and the trusted confi
dential clerk!" ...... ...
"I was the worst of the lot, said
Jennlson. "I'm dolns: what I can to
make amends now."
Orafton looked at him more kindly.
"I understand that. Jennlson. "Now
that you've finished with the past, go
on to the gang's present or future-
"After you had gone yesterday, sir,
the thing hit me harder than ever. It
tortured my very life out I couldn't
rest or eat or think of anything save
what an unmitigated scoundret i had
been. Colson reached town again this
momma ana we neara inai you na
been disposed of. That settled It. I'm
glad to say. I ran for the depot, got
here as quickly as possible, sought lh
help of the police and we didn't come
any too soon." . M M
"You did not." Orafton shuddered
.iii.. i, tiii what the ultimata
purpose of all this rascality"
inai is an arrs. j" ..
hear of Kenmore CorvelT"
"Kh? No. Who is her
a tnrtrrr escaoed from Jollet three
or four years ago," said Jennlson. "Col
son seems to know him. and Brady
doesn t regara mm as an uner inuiao.
At all events, he had been somewhere
In KenyonvUle for nearly a week!"
"Awaiting tne rouDeryt
"Yes. The rest, as I know now. has
been fixed. Colson, on the streaglh of
his reputation, has arranged for some
very large loans from the bsnks as
soon as his notes to you are satisfied.
With the notes In hand. Carvel will
forge your signature wherever neces
sary, and the loans will go through
within two hours after noon tomorrow!"
"Oood Lord!" exclaimed Grafton.
"The thing seems to bo worked out In
detail." . , . .
"Not a thing has been neglected, sir.
They reckon on leaving town by 3
o'clock tomorrow with some three mil
lion dollars among them."
Orafton sat back agape. The thor
oughness of the whole plot, and the
revelation ot the true characters of the
men In whom he and many others had
had such Implicit confidence, dum
foundod him. ......
"Jennlson," he sold slowly, "you havs
been well, perhaps no more than a
very weak fool. You have coma within
an ace of ruining me, and you've de
stroyed my faith In mankind. But you
have made all the restitution possible,
and I thank you sincerely'
"I don't deserve tliat. sir."
A Canttaaatiea of This Wtorr Will
Be Fouad In Tomorrow's
Isane ( The limes.
Terrorizes Family;
Sentence Suspended
John Mills, the railroad yard brake
man, employed at the Union Station,
who Is alleged to have terrorized tho
members of Ills family and neighbors
with a gun at his home, S23 Seventh
street southwest, Tuesday night, was ar
raigned in the United Stat.es branch of
Police Court yesteraay on a, cnarge oi
assault with dangerous weapons, and
on entering a. plea of guilty waa sen
tenced to four "months In Jail. The com
Slalnant was Policeman Wesley I.
reen, of the Second precinct, at whom
Mills is alleged to have snapped the
empty gun when the policeman entered
the house to arrest htm.
On the plea of tho defendant's attorney,
D. Edward Clarke. Jndo Aukam sus
pended sentence and placed the man on
probation. Mills pleaded with the court
that he picked the gun up In an excited
moment and snapped It at his son. Ha
declares he knew the weapon was un-
Violent Cathartics
Injure Health
SUs? PwesbTss ukci hantt adiea St
Ubkto iniare the towel. "Why net ins
a psnlv vegstabM remedy
last has ba skccmIuI'7
waa bT siiiuoBs tec
nutacsotwr. Acts
pady but ssrelr
ad aet sly
tlis . n .a!
c.rps. Vm tin' for duxtMM. laaW.
boa, uck beadacbe sad all u'tw tousles.
TU CCNIHNC stial bear titaatsis
t IX ' I .
Other-'Meh "Higher tUp" Are
mentof t)r. NyeV
COLUMBUS, Ohlo Oc id-Following
the. making ot a full' oomeealon"ln
which lie Implicated other legislators
and men "highs r up" to Attorney Gen
eral Hogatv last Sunday in the pres
ence ot Prosecuting Attorney Edward
C. Turner, of. PVanklln county, and a
court stenographer, pr. George, B. Nye.
representative In the last legislature
from Waverly, Pike county, has plesded
utlty to having solicited a bribe for
his vote on theKlmbell bill.
The bill provided for the, red'etrictlng
of the Pike and Adams county Judicial
districts. Dr.- Nye was not sentsneed
today, and 'Probably will not be until
after the grand jury is reconvened.
Mr. Hogan also announced that Dr.
Nye had disclosed the Identity of the
persons who are "putting up tho
money" for the defense bf the accused
It was through N)e,tht the ieghiuv-4
tlve bribery waa originally exposed, re
sulting In the Indictment of seven mem
bers of the Legislature snd four oth
ers. Nye himself was' Indicted on eight
different counts.
Dlegle was convicted as a go-between
for the legislators and the bribers, and
Is now serving three years In tho peni
tentiary Senator L. It. Andrews, of
Irouton. was convicted, sentenced to a
term of nine months In tho peniten
tial y, and now has Ills case appoaletl
to the circuit court. Senator Iaaac
Huffman of Hamilton was convicted,
sentenced to a term cf three years In
the penitentiary, and now has his raso
before tho circuit court.
Representative Owon J. Kvana.-ot
Stark county Pleaded irulllv to aoeect.
Ing k bribe, and was fl'ied KM. Sena
tor oeorge K. Cetone and Representa
tives Frank M. Calvpy of Cleveland,
Edward T Crawford, and A. Clark
Lowcry of Ironton. are yet to be tried.
Stanley Harrison, assistant serjeant-at-arms
of the senate, and lo loan agents
also remain to be tried.
Wilbur Wright Leaves
Quarter of Million
DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 10. Wilbur
Wright, according to an accounting
filed In the probate court, left an es
tate of CTJ.tW.M. The account was
filed by Orvllle Wright, hts brother.
who gets the major part of the estate.
Twelve years ago Wilbur and Orvllle
Wright were conducting a bicycle re
pair shop and were barely able to make
ends meet.
Tne entire estate coea to h la brothers.
sister, and father. HH two brothers.
Reuchlln and Larln Wright, and sister
Katherlne each vets PAWA. One thou
sand dollars Is given to Bishop Milton
Wright, the father. The remainder of
the estate (tn".na.75) goes to Orvllle.
Pimples Go
Beauty Comes
Too Just Can't Help Harlng; a Bfu.
tiful t'orapiexion If loo. Use
Stuart g Caldnra "Wafer?.
rimples! Horrors! And what a
wonderful change when they are all
gone. Most everyone has noticed this.
Nowadas, when you see a real beauty,
the chances are Stuart's Calcium
Wafers wrought that wonderful change.
It takes only a short time, even with
very bad complexions the kind that are
disfigured with rash, eczema, bolls,
blotches, and liver spots.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers cause the
skin pores to breathe out Impurities.
The lungs bum up a great amount, but
"Nature Imposes upon the skin tho larger
burden. Kvery Uck ot the clock means
work, work, ork for these wonderful
Wafers. And every Instant new skin
Is forming. Impurities become less and
less, the pores are To-lnvlgoratcd, and
soon such a thing as a pimple, black
head, or any other eruption is Impossi
ble. Tou marvel at the change.
The soft, rosy tint love-taps the
cheeks; the neck, shoulders, and arms
show the health of youthful skin In
fact, you Just can't help having a beau
tiful complexion If you use Stuart's
Calcium Waters.
They ore put up in convenient 'form
to carrv with you. are very palatable,
and are sold by druggists everywhere
ut 60 cents a box.
The Wahington &-01d
Dominion Railway
Through Electric Service
between Washington and Leesburg, Vs.,
and Intermediate points, affording the
public an excellent and, frequent service.
Schedule of trains on be 'obtained at
703 15tn 8t. N. W.. 805 If St. N. W.. and
SCth and M Sts. N. W.
. -
Three-Quarters of American
Farm Products Cheaper
During September.'
The serage of farm prices of the ten
Important commodities declined (.t per
cent during the month of September,
according to figures published today by
the Department of Agriculture. The
commodities Include corn, wheat, oats,
barley, rye. flaxseed, potatoes, tobacco,
cotton, and hay, which represent throe
fourths of the talus' Of American farm
The price of these commodities plus
butter, chickens,' and eggs Is, In terms
of oommodltlea, 2t per cent higher than
the average on December 1 for the laal
forty-three years.
Despite this fact, the Index price of
these commodities Is'lowernow than a
month ago and Is lower than on Oc
tober 1 In any of tha laat three years.
The average price of the several com
modities, according In flenrwn nfhird
Irom Department of Agriculture In all
Rana oi ine country loiiows: uorn,
1.702; wheat. KIM; oats. lO.SU; barley,
tout; rye. 10.701: buckwheat. $0.60";
flaxseed, 11.147: potatoes, JO.r.11; hay,
Etr ton, 111.76; cotton, per pound. I0.1U;
utter, to 2M; chickens, 10.11G; eggs, per
doxen, 10.22.
Forfeits His Collateral.
David Troshtnsky. of 200 Four-and-a-
half streets southwest failed io appear
for trial In the D strict branch of the
Police Court today and forfeited !
collateral, inspector jioDeri A. uuer
rant, of the Health Department, cha""d
h'm with keeping an unclean grocery
Thirty (30) Bright, Clean, Attractive Stores
No matter what flour you use
or hard It may be to please you
on the flour question, we posi
tively sruarantee that SANI
superior, and If. after trylpg this
flour, you can say you ever used
better flour, we will cheerfully
refund the purchasing price.
6 lb. bags, special 20c
12 lb. bags, special 39c
24 lb. bags, special 75c
196 lb. bbls., special.. $5.90
An absolute saving of 20
per cent. Try one bag at our
Sanitary Butter, lb 35c
Pure Lard, lb 14c
Flakewhite Compound,
lb lie
Cottolene, small 27c
Cottolene, large 53c
Snowdrift, small 25c
Wesson's (40c size) Oil. 30c
25c Pompeian Olive Oil. 13c
Vita Italian Olive Oil,
pint 35c
Vita Italian Olive Oil,
quart 63c
Capital City Trlde. the best'
quality vld anywhere, OK
Toor oleo will disgust you.
Capital City I'rldo Is In a class
of Its own, and Its superior qual
ity will at once appeal to you.
Havcnner's Oyster Crack
ers, )b 7y2c
Havenner's Cracker Meal,
lb 7 yac
Havenner's Cracker Meal,
yt lb 5c
Bulk Cracker Meal, lb.... 6c
Soda Crackers, lb 8c
Gingef Snaps, lb 8c
Cream Fingers, lb 15c
Hydrox, lb 40c
Fancy Cakes, lb 20c
If the price appeals to you then it's merely a question of quality; we leave the quality question
to you. Just take home a loaf of our bread and try it. You will find it high grade in every particular.
One Loaf 9 4c
Hth k Irrlne sts. 9th k Ere
24H ihu U
6th k G Bts.
Xorth Capitol
3312 Georgia are.
18th & S bts.
16th k I! sts.
UU 7th st.
20th k U nls.
3103 M st.
1st & T sts.
SO It. I. arc.
1681 North Cap
200 F st.
Unavoidable Automobile Accident
Takes Place on Good
Hope Road,
Members of tho grand Jqry now In
session In Upper Marlboro, Prince
Oeorge county, Md., figured In an auto
mobile accident In Anacostla yesterday
evening. They were William O. Fisher
nu i. t. uryani, oi uerwyn, Md.,
who were returning from Jury duty In
the Maryland town. Just as (hey
reached Good Hope road, near Sixteenth
street, a child ran across the path ot
their automobile, which was being
driven by Mr, fisher. The child was
knocked down.
Bha was Katherlne Plepa. three years
old, whose home Is at 1KI Sixteenth
street. She was Injured about tha faco
and hands. She was removed at once to
the office of Dr. R. A. Pyles. Her Inju
ries were pronounced to be not serious.
Girls! Get a 25 cent bottle of "Danderine" and try this
Also stops falling hair; destroys dandruff.
Your hair becomes light, wavy, fluffy,
abundant, and appears as soft, lustrous
and beautiful as a young girl's after a
"Danderine hair cleanse." Just try this
moisten a cloth with a llttlo Danderine
and'carefully draw it through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time. Thla
will cleanse the hair of dust, dirt, and
excessive oil, and In Just a few momenta
vou have doubled tho beauty of your
Resides bsautlfylng the hair at once.
Good Until Saturday's Closing
STANDARD TOMATOES; regular No. 3 cans.7Vic
Evaporated Apricots, choice qualityper lb. . . WzC
Lenox Soap, eight 5-cent cakes for 25c
Spearmint Gum, 2 5-cent pkgs. for 5c
from finest Western stock, ivery egg AfC
guaranteed a good one, dozen aiav
We ar naming; this exceptionally low price to
Induce you to try these eggs, feellnc confident that
after you have tried them you will continue to
ctll for them.
Cuckoo Herring, plain, per can, 74c
Cuckoo Herring, in tomato sauce, per can 8c
YORK IMPERIAL APPLES; an especially Ckft
choice lot for this sale; good for eating Al
or cooking; peck fcaia v
Onions, lz peck, 15c; full peck 25c
Potatoes, No. 1, Fancy White, per peck 20c
Sweet Potatoes, per peck 25c
HAMS A selected lot of fine small size 1 Q$
hams, average weight 6 to 8 pounds, ItViC
per pound .' w4v
Note. These ham will be received and ready for sale
Friday afternoon.
Aunt Jemima's Pancake... 9c
Aunt Jemima's Buckwheat. 9c
Quaker Oats, pkg 9c
Puffed Wheat, pkg 9c
Puffed Rice, pkg 14c
Cream of Wheat, pkg 14c
Ralston's Breakfast Food,
pkg 10c
Macaroni 6c, 8c, 12c
Spaghetti 6c, 8c, 12c
Golden Tree Syrup,
9c, 14c, 23c
Pure Maple Syrup. .23c & 43c
Karo Syrup 8c & 10c
Duff's Pure New Orleans
Molasses 18c
Palmetto Molasses.. 9c & 14c
Red River Baking Molasses. 9c
Sanitary Baking Powder.
duaranutw1 In every way.
4-oz. cans 4c
S-oz. cans 8c
16-oz. cans '. 15c
Three Loaves for lie
ins H st
317 6th st.
603 II tit.
3d ft A sts.
1321 B st.
A K.
Members of ScottUh Rite, Carry,
Flowers to Mt.
Vernon. ' . '
Delegates to the second International
council of Scottish Rite supreme coun
cils left Waahlngton at 10 o'clock' tkls
morning for Mt. Vernon, there to pay
tribute to him who was first In war,'
first In peace, "and also, the first,
worshipful maater of the Alexandria
Lodge of Masons, Oeorge Washington.
A wreath was placed on the tomb. No
sessions of the conference will be held
The discussion of a report by Oeorge
Fleming Moore, grand prior of the
Southern Jurisdiction,, In regard to the
nr'ntlng of a new edition of the con
stitution waa presented yesterday af--ttloon.
The reading of the report con
sumed much time, as It was presented
In English, French, and Spanish.
Danderine dissolves every particle .of
dandruff: cleanses, purifies and Invig
orates the scalp, forever stopping Itch
ing and falling hair. '
But what will please you most will
bo 'after a few weeks' use when you
will actually see new hair fine and
downy at tlrst yes but really new hair
growing all over the scalp. It you care
for pretty, soft hair and lots ot It sure
ly get a SS-ccnt bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any druggist or toilet
counter, and Just try It.
Silver Label Peas 10c
Superior Peas 12Vc
Trusty Friend Peas 10c
No. 1 cans Tomatoes 5c
Red Clover Beets 15c
Red Clover, Extra Fine First
Choice Peas
No. 1 cans 12 Vic
No. 2 cans 18c
Hawaiian Ripe Pineapple. .25c
Hawaiian'Ripe Pineapple. .15c
Trusty Friend Stringless
Beans 10c
Schriver's Stringless Beans. 9c
Maryland Leader Peaches. 10c
Maryland Pears 9c
Red Alaska Salmon 17c
Pink Alaska Salmon 10c
Sanitary Sardines, can 5c
Domestic Sardines, 3 cans
for 10c
Market Stands.
100U C st.
7th k Venn. are.
207 13th St.
7th k D sts.
4B ' sts.
L'nstern Mat.
6th ft K sts.
Mt, Rainier.
Takoni Park.

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