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Georgetown s Squad Is Dae for Radical Changes Unless a Marked Brace Is Seen
By Goldberg
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.First Scrimmage 'at West
Point Held Since the
Stevens Game.
WEST POINT, N. T., Oct. 10. The
Army team had iti first scrimmage yes
terday afternoon since the Stevens
same last Saturday. '.The -men Were
drilled In goal kicking and the ends
were coached In getting down under
punts, llobbs and Prlchard doing the
kicking. The former Is a southfoot
kicker and gets his punts oft fast and
tor long distances. Hobbs also shone
brilliantly In the back Held and made
several tine runs for long gains. He Is
without doubt one of the best backs the
Army team has had In years.
Prlchard seems a fixture at quarter
and his handling of punts and running
them back In a broken field was one of
the features of yesterday's practice.
Markoo was In at end In Gillespie's
place and played a hard and fast game.
J.yman also played In Hone's place on
the other end and did well. Captain
Devore only played In port of the scrim
mage. Five touchdowns were scored by
the regulars.
A most unexpected shift In the
Georgetown line-up Is to occur, accord
ing to Information received today unless
the work o fthe eleven shows a notice
able Improvement. Almost on the eve
of the Important game with Washington
and Lee the step is to be taken unless
more spirit Is shown in the dally work
out, and unless the players keep them
selves In condition.
Undisguised dliigust ' was shown by
the coaches In practice yesterday, and
the good work of Murray and Derby,
whlch,ahone particularly bright, did not
In any way stop expressions of opin
ions by the coaches on the mediocre
caliber of the work displayed by the
It seems to be almost certain that a
wholesale shake-up Is liable to occur
almost any time. The coaches express
themselves as being far from satisfied
with the spirit shown by the members
of the team. It Is realized that three
hard games follow In succession, the
laBt being the contest with the Indians,
which Georegtown Is more than anxious
to win.
In the backflcld at present Murray,
Costcllo, and Dunn are holding down
the positions, with Calnan at quarter
back. The only man apparently sure
of his position Is Calnan. who seems
to possess all the requisites of a heady
general. He Is mixing the plays up In
good style, shows the ability to dl-
Nationals' Official Batting
Names. G.
Williams 60
Gandll 117
Laporte 120
Milan 151
Foster 154
Mocller 133
C. Walker 11,
Johnson . ..56
Schnefer 61
Morgan 82
Shnnkg 116
Alnsmlth 61
McUrlde .' 152
Cushion 13
Hughes 91
Uenrr 66
Flynn 20
Knight 82
Tuugbn 27
Groom 43
Pclty 17
Engel 17
AB. R. H. 2b. 3b. IIR. SB. SII. TB. EB. Ave.
15 14 51 11 4 0 2 8 70 19 .321
443 59 187 20 15 2 19 15 193 66 .809
402 45 123 22 5 0 9 14 155 82 .300
598 107 181 23 11 1 87 4 229 48 .303
018 99 175 31 10 2 26 3 232 57 .283
519 90 142 23 10 6 27 10 203 61 .274
110 22 30 2 1 0 11 0 31 4 .273
143 16 38 5 4 2 2 7 57 19 .266
165 21 41 7 3 0 11 4 54 13 .248
277 40 65 0 7 1 11 8 91 20 .235
396 52 91 14 7' 1 22 18 122 31 .280
186 22 42 8 1 0 4 11 52 10 .226
521 55 llf 18 8 1 16 19 148 82 .223
103 6 28 4 1 2 2 ' 1 35 12 .223
60 10 13 8 1 0 0 4 18 5 .197
101 22 37 5 1 0 8 8 '44 7 .194
71 9 12 3 1 0 1 1 17 5 .168
93 10 15 2 1 0 4 7 10 4 .161
51 5 820000 10 2 .137
102 11 12 0 0 0 0 13 12 0 .117
21 1 200001 20 .095
17 1 10 0 0 0 1 1 0 .059
What the Pitchers Did
,outs. Names. O. W. U W. L. T. SO. BB. II
Johnson 50 32 12 7 3 0 314 92 259
Uroom 42 24 13 2 2 0 177 91 2S8
Cushion 20 10 6 110 83 103 146
Hnghcg 81 12 10 1 0 2 101 83 197
Engel 17 3 5 0 1 0 .26 02 72
Vaughn 27 6 11 1 2 0 84 60 110
l'elty 17 2 8 0 0 0 25 27 81
JIuHser 7 1 0 0 0 0 10 15 10
Akers G 1 10 0 0 9 14 21
E. Walker 9 3 0 0 0 0 29 20 72
GrlMth 101000 00 1
Hwrlng 11.000 01 1
Altrock 1 . . 0 0 0 0 2 1
Schaefer l.'.OOO 00 1
White 1 . . 0 0 0 10 2
Gulllu 2 . . 0 0 0 0 3 0
Schegg 2 . . 0 0 0 3 4 7
Boehllng 3 . . 0 0 0 2 6 4
Becker 4 . . 0 0 0 5 4 8
Five hits
or less.
0 12 3 4 5
0 0 8 2 7 3
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0,0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0
versify the attack with the limited
number of plays at bis disposal, and Is
a fairly good broken field runner and
catches punts wU.
The backfleld, however, la far from
satisfactory, although Murray Is doing
well and has so far supplanted Kury
for the time being at least.
Tho ends. Donnelly and Bergln, are
having their hands full keeping Derby
off the regular line-up. Coach Bennls
said yesterday that Derby showed will
ingness and spirit, a thing lacking In
the work of the others. Van Brocklln
Is still out with Injuries, and may not
work in Saturday's game.
The line lststltlrweak on the flanks,
while the center 'trio Is not showing
the form calculated to win football
games. Just what will happen Is await
ed with considerable Interest.
It Is more than likely that there will
be two backtlelds developed for the In
dians' game. Humor has It that Cos
tello. Fury, and Murray are to be used
as a lighter backfleld. with White.
Dunn, and Tormey In the backfleld of
the second string. All three of the sec
ond string backfleld are Injured at pres
ent. White and Tormey unable to take
part In the srrlmpmgeH. It Is expected
that they will bo In line for work next
week, when they will be worked out
In the positions.
Catholic University Is looking ahead
to Saturday's gume with Hock Hill, and
Ccnch McDcvitt Is getting his men In
line for a hard workout, with every
Idea of a win. Disciplinary measures
have been necessary because of the fail
ure of one or two men tu observe tho
training rules.
While the team has had little scrim
mage work, every afternoon now Is
spent In harder practice. The men ap
pear to be well drilled, and, while there
ure few stars, the team work Is making
up for this deficit. Just what strength
the team can develop Is unknown and
the flist game will be watched with
n.ore than passing Interest.
Western High suffered the loss of
Left Halfback Jonts yesterday. Jones
was working well In the backfleld with
Bethel and Howard and was almost
certain of maklr.g a regular berth. Pu
rental objection took Jones away from
the team, and his los3 will be felt, as
there appears to be no other backfleld
men capable of taking his place. In
ai'dltlcn tq Jones. Dick Houghton wilt
be lost to tho team on account of tho
fact that he has entered Tech.
With Janes, Houghton, Cranford,
Pate and Brady out of the line-up.
Western will have difficulty In getting
n well-balanced team this season. Sev
eral new men have reported for the
team, among them six first year stu
dents who are Ineligible for the team.
Sporting Gossip
"Every Knock Is a Boost."
Matty the marvel.
Is Matty the marvel? Pitching mostly
with his head, making his brains do
the work his mighty arm did years gone
by, he staved off the lied Box through
eleven long Innings. Given the poorest
support, he held his nerve to the end.
never giving a pass and always working
the batsmen to the limit, lie is still
llio greatest of them all.
Magnates money-mad.
The magnates' madness for money
Is spoiling tho games In Boston. Left
field Is short at best, but McAleer and
company have built seats along tho
bank to handle the fans wishing to see
the big series. It counts two bases to
hit the ball Into those seats and a
schoolboy can do that. Parks should
be forced to worry along with their reg
ular capacity rather than be allowed to
ruin the games. .
Manager Birmingham.
Joe Birmingham has been signed as
manager of the Cleveland club and It
Is certain that he will be given hearty
support by his players and the fans
of the Forest City. Birmingham Is In
telligent, a veteran, ani has the nucleus
of a strong ball team. He has earned
his chance and Charlie. Somers should
slve him a free rein.
Great Is Walsh.
"Big Ed" Walsh lived up to the press
notices when he allowed the Cubs one
lilt and let but twenty-eight men
come to bat. He was unfortunate In
'nndlng the victory, for such grand
work Is deserving of the ultimate
laurels. What a wonderful quartet of
pitchers the American League possess
es In Walsh, Wood, Johnson, and Plank!
Athletics win.
Toung Houck showed good form yes
terday, and Connie Mack Is, one game
nearer the city title at Philadelphia.
What a difference there Is between the
Athletics series this fall and that which
brought Franklin Baker Into world-wide
prominence last seasonl It was Baker
yesterday who routed the Phillies, with
Eddie Collins, and the champions of
last year now took to be the easy win
ners of the series In Philadelphia In
Your confidence in a shirt to do its iull duty in wash
and wear is well placed if it has the Arrow label
Arrow Shirts
arejiiade in fancy, white and iull dress styles.inmany
sleeve lengths. The colors are guaranteed to be fast.
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Oct. 10.-Wal-ter
Camp, Jr., was In the varsity scrim
mage for the first time this year yes
terday afternoon. Lefty Flynn, wtuM
has been playing the regular fullbcck
position for abput ten days was not
at the Held because of recitations, and
Camp took his place.
Camp Is not yet up to his last year's
standard and shows the effects of his
recent Illness. As It was he mails cr.e
of the touchdowns. Captain Spalding,
who was In the game for the first tlmo
In a week, tore off a couple of line
plunges which Markle duplicated, and
then after a coudIa of short iralna
through the freshman guards Camp!
tool; the ban over the llnu for a touch
dovn. Camp retired from tho game soon af
terward, us did Spalding and Markle,
and n new string of backs went In,
D-ckert for Markle, Castles for Spald
ing, and Welser for Camp. The now
bncksi made no spectacular plays, but
by steady rushing brought the ball to
the 10-yard line. From there Castles
went straight through center and over
the line.
Cornell Is Looking
For More Kickers
ITHACA, N. V.. Oct, 10. Al Bharpo Is
out on a hunt for punters, place kickers
and drop kickers to strengthen Cornell's
kicking department, the reliable Captain
Butler being sorely missed. O'Connor
and Whyte, the principal hooters after
Butler, are in pretty bad physical con
dition. A number of promising place
and drop kickers are developing, tho
men making the best showing today be
ing Traeger, necs. Trainer, and Eyrlch.
This was Eyrlch's first systematic prac
tice at the business and he acquitted
himself creditably.
Navy Backfield Is
Given Attention
ANNAPOLIS. Md Oct. 10. The back
field -continued to havo the special at
tention of the Naval Academy coaches
yesterday afternoon, all the plays used
beginning with a direct pass to the
player, who carried the ball. The work
was an Improvement over that of yes
terday, thero being greater speed mid
more certainty In carrying the ball. The
backs who were used yesterday
were Captain nodes, Mc Heavy, Alexan
der, Leonard, Bates, and Nlcholls, with
Qllchrlst at quarterback. Bodes and Me
Beavey retired early, the latter having
hurt his hand, though not seriously.
Harvard Squad To Be
At World's Series Today
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct 10. -Members
of the Harvard squad will see the
world's series game today, while to
morrow the team will face Hamilton
Fish's 1909 team, the only absent mem
bersbelng Corbett and McKay.
Th forward tui. nA m ri.r.n.i
against It were the features of the work
at Harvard behind closed gates yester
day. The work was on the same order
and the team Is being rapidly whipped
Into shape for the game with Williams
on Saturday.
In yesterday's work the scrubs man
aged to get tho ball over the Crimson
line for a touchdown on a brilliant run
by Brandtee. Holllater's work on the
scrubs at quarterback was noteworthy.
Freshmen Sent In
Against Michigan
ANN AltUOIl. Mich., Oct. 10. Michi
gan got a tusto of real opposition yes
terday afternoon when tho freshmen
were sent In against the varsity and It
took ten minuses of the allotted tlttcen
before the varsity was able to shore
over ono lone touchdown. With Maul
betsch playing on tho reserves the op
position was strengthened. Tho Michi
gan Una was seen, to be weak when up
against class und it Is lucky. Indeed,
that there Is yet some time to remedy
faults before tho M. A. C. game on
Theoretical Defense'
Session at Dartmouth
HANOVER. N. II., Oct. 10.-Dart-mouth's
football squad had what the
coaches termed a reBt today, which sig
nified a long, hard session with tho
bucking strap, the grass drills and slg
nnl practice. Coach Cavanaugh went
further today In the development of a
theoretical defense than for some time
and nearly an hour was spent In ex
plaining and Illustrating methods of
meeting the forward pass. Rector and
Whitney were again on trial as ends.
Englehorn is developing rapidly and
will be tn form for Saturday's game.
Team Must Be Rapidly De
veloped for Vanderbiltand
Georgetown Games.
That the coaching' staff at the Univer
sity of Virginia Is to be aided materi
ally by old graduates from time to time
Is the policy announced today. "Cab"
Maddox and Christie Bennett are to bu
on the field today coaching the Orange
and Blue squad, and will lielo Coach
Elliott until other former players ar
rive. The coaches are realising that harder
wcrk will be necessary in order to
develop the team for the Georgetown
and Vanderbllt games, and that with u
number of cripples on hand, the team
Is at present greatly handicapped.
Gooclv Thorns, and Todd, who are at
present on the hospital list, were forced
Into signal practice yesterday, as It Is
realized that something must be done
to keep the men In the game It possi
ble. Todd will probably play in Satur
day's game against Hampton-Sidney.
Todd, Qooch, Thorns, .and Cook made
up the first backfleld yesterday In the
scrimmage against the scrubs. Blanch
ard at fullback on the second eleven
ripped holes tn tho varsity line, and
starred throughout the contest. Flnlay
and McDonald showed up well on the
Pennsy's Backfield Fast,
But Line Seems Weak
PHILADELPHIA, Oct, 10. Weakness
In the line, offset by brilliant backfleld
work, Is the opinion given out today by
the ePnn coaches about yesterday's II
to 0 defeat or Urslnus.
The visitors from Collegevllle were
able to tear the red and blue line to
'shreds In the first part of the game,
while the Penn backflcld, with such
sprinting stars as Mercer and Minds,
were able to work for long-end runs.
Penn handled the forward pass to per
fection, the ends belne especially apt
In getting hold of the long throws. Two
of Penn's touchdowns were scored In
this manner. lTrlnn rume near scor
in the early part of the game, ami
hut for the fio,..j Handling of the for
ward pass would have count.
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