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Gourt "Decides- in Favor, of
. Woman When Pair.
' ; Is Arrested.-v
J ' '-.
'Tbst a wife has a perfect right to
eject a' husband 'who enters a 'place of
, business iwjilqh she Is'oonductjng-'unlen
ife first proves h(s title, to 'such (busi
ness, was therullog laid 'down' by -Judge
I'ujrh In 'the District branch 'of the
Police Court today' In 'the Joint case of
teon and Sarah 81111s, husband, and
wife charged 'with disorderly conduct.
81111s and his wife determined some
time ago according to the evidence
gven In the' caQ that they 'could make
more money by operating two stores In
stead of one. The husband, who Is
located In the grocery business at 3304
M street northwest, agreed that his wife
established a similar business at 3J8S
" M street some doors away. The com
Donation bought their goods In large
quantities and realised larger profits.
, One day not long ago, how ever,, it cloud
came upon the marital, and Incidentally
the, commercial, herlzon of the 81111s
combination. The "trust" became two
separate and Indhtdual Independencies.
Slllts declared on the stand that his
Wife contracted bills at her store and
he had to pay them. He decided to
harness the stores Into one again de
spite the fact thut he and his wife's
heart beat on as two. When he went
to transfer the stock from her store
she threw him out. Doth were arrested
and charged with disorderly conduct.
"She has a perfect right to throw
WU out" said the court. In deciding
tho matter. "'You must first prote jour
title to the goods which aho claims as
hers. You have no right to enter hor
store and try to take her property
with out the consent of the law than
you have to enter the place of a stran
ger and try a similar act."
Sills caused merriment to ring through
the court room by confiding to the
Judge thot Captain Schneider, of the
' Seventh precinct, had ndlsed him to
lock his nltc In live rear of the stoie,
and then move the stock to his own
place. Judge Pugh said he thought
Slllls misunderstood the police captain.
The court dismissed the case' against
Mrs. Sills, and took the personal bond
of the hi.sband on his promise not to
furthr-r molest his wife until the case
had been settled by civil action.
House Reading Clerk
Out For Free Trade
"I am an out-and-out free-trader." as
serted II. Martin Williams, reading
clerk of the House, In the course of nn
address at the Klggs Building last night
In which he took a series of shots at
otlstlng tariff schedules He declared
the tariff Is responsible for the Increase
In the cost of living and that for every
dollar the peonle nav Ilucle Sam, In the
way of dutv they pnv $5 to a monopoly
protected nnd benefited hv the tariff,
John Coxtello. national committeeman.
Introduced Robert K. Mattlnglv to the
three hundred present. Tho chairman
of the Democratic committee Uicn took
the meeting; In charce. Inrrvdurng Na
than II. Williams. It. n. Dalderson and
I.nfe Pence.
Large Conventions
Are Coming Here
The National Capital's full quota of
conventions will he held here during
the months of October and November.
The International Congress of Cham
bers of Commerce next week will he
one of the most Important ever held
here, nnd at least five others have been
scheduled to follow.
The Patriotic Order of Americans will
convene here October 15 and 10, and the
American Clan Oregor Society vxlll olso
lie hem this month at a date not yet
The United Daughters of the Confed
eiacr heads the list for November.
Their convention will be held Novem
ber 13 to 16 The Association of
Feed Control Officials will follow on
November 18 and 19. and on the latter
date the National Association of Hall
way Commissioners will also convene
In this city.
Minister To Lecture on
"Ups and Downs of Life"
Tho Rev. Dr. It. M. Wharton, of Bal
timore, lectures at Llnthlcum Institute
tomonon night at 8 o'clock. For the
past tlftecn days Dr. Wharton has been
IUIIUUI.1IMK ictnni ,.i tut; i , ..
lncton rtaliMst Church.
His subject for tomorrow night Is
"The U and Downs or Lire.
That Cannot Be Duplicated
In Washington
lltit aold-nlled On-not.tllp K-
f;lufif; ntled with fln French
tie Sold uwhtr nn
II Zir Special price.
ICahu'r Special Mfocal Leiuei
"One pair to see near and tar."
Made at nntat quality Krencli cru-
Jr'lc."?1 $1.00
K Solid Gold Eyeglasses, titled
with Jltieat French crystal lenses.
special. $2.26
We cut and grind pur own lenses
on tho piemltis
Kahn Optical Co.
(.or. Tin and a sis.
625 7th N. W.
Opposite V. it, Patent Office.
(or KIIOULD Mil) Miller's
Helr.Ilalilnc Uuckwheat. t)e
Miller's next time and you II
umlcrstamluhy It's In sreal
er demand every day. (Juar
anleed. BTltlCTl.V 1'UllB
Wholesalers, 11th and Mts. 8. E.
Rivcrman Accused of Allowing
Games on Houseboat
" ' 'Near'Ro'sslyrtf
.''Homer Wells, tbe rlverman arrested
yesterday by Detective String-fellow, of
the Third precinct on a charge of con
ducting a gambling "Joint" on a house
boat In the Potomac river, after he hid
ueen reieasca uj ine Virginia Buinori
tlcs on (a question of Jurisdiction,, was
arraigned. In the United 'States branch
Jpf'the' Police Court today, where he
waived preliminary examination and
wis held In $600 bond for the actton-'of
the grand Jury.
(The arrest ot Wel Is one of the first
seps or the -crusade to be waged by
the authorities of Maryland, Virginia,
a'rld the District In an effort to break
UP gambling and other vices on board
qf, boats on the Potomac Wells oper
ates a. nouseooai near Jiossiyn. lie
was arralsned veaterriftv hefnr JurtvH
Wells, of Alexandria county, but
pitaaea iacx or jurisdiction or the Vir
ginia court and requested that his case
6e1 taken to the courts of the District.
V hen wells wan arrested last Bundav
by Deputy Sheriff Henry T. Palmer, It
la alleged that four men and two women
vere iounu drinking on his houseboat.
It Is further alleged that policy and
other other forms, of rambllnr were
KMng on, proof of which Is said to be
.possession of both the District and
Virginia aumonucs.
Four, Who Receive Degrees From
Washington College, May
Practice Here. v
Four young women, graduates of the
Washington College of Law, were ad
mitted to practice yesterday In the Su
preme Court of the District The four,
all distinguished In one way and an
other, are Miss Rebecca L. Love, Miss
Katherlne C. Pike, Miss Mary C. Far
mer, and Miss Alice Dlrdsall.
Miss Farmer, who will hang out her
shingle In the IDstrlct, saved her aged
grandparents from death In a Are at
their home. In Massachusetts avenue, a
few days ago. Miss Dlrdsall will open
ap office In Phoenix, Arte Miss IJlrd
sail, who has been chief clerk for one
of the largest law offices In Los An
geles, completed tbe three-year course
under Dean Ellen Bpenccr Mussey In
one year, making an average of 97 per
cent plus.
Mlaa Pike has been a clerk In the raus
toms division or the Treasury, she has
the distinction of being the first woman
ever carried to rea by a revenue cutter
to Loard an Incoming ship for Inspec
tion of cargo. Miss Pike will practice,
lav. In New York.
.Miss Love, who Is a Virginia girl and
one of the. best students tho college ever
had, will study languages for a time at
Goorge Washington University.
These four women lawers were suc
ceastul applicants for admission In a
class In which three women and seven-tv-seven
men failed.
Twenty Persons Injured on the
B. and O. at Chicago
Junction, Ohio.
The engineer and fireman was killed
and twenty persons Injured when the
Daltlmpre and Ohio New York-Chicago,
flyer No. 14 crashed Into a freight train
In the yards hew today. The wreck
was due to fog.
The engineer was crushed to death. It
was necessary for a physician to cut
off tho fireman's leg before he could be
freed from the burning wreckage, and he
died later. The engineer was L. E.
rtanahon, of Garrett, Ind.; the fireman,
Joseph Leland, same city.
$7.50 Solid Mahogany
TION of the SAVING for the
early purchaser.
It is only one of the several
hundred odd pieces left from our
September Sale that are similarly
W. B. Moses & Sons
F and llth Sts. N.W.
Dr. Anderson, Also Related
To LongWorths, Jo Live '
on Nineteenth St. N.W.
Dr. Joseph Longworth Anderson,
prominently related to President Taft
and the Longworth family and uncle of
Lars Anderson, United States minister
to Belgium, has rented the large resi
dence of Major David II. Porter, United
8tates Marine Corps, at 1819 Nineteenth
street northwest. The house, which
was rented through the agency ot Fran
cis Dennett Poe, Is a four-story red
brick structure of seventeen rooms, '
Among other Important rentals
through the same agency, Senor don
Kduardo Saurex, minister from Chile,
has rented the residence of Mrs. Fair
field Carpenter, at 1227 Sixteenth street
northwest The hotlso Is a four-story
stone house and will be used as the
headquarters of the ChUean legation.
Capt. Itoger Wells has rented the resi
dence of Admiral Stephen Itand, U, 8.
N retired, at 20C4 O street northwest,
a three-story house ot fourteen rooms.
Oscar Wendroth, the newly appointed
supervising architect of the Treasury,
has leased the house at 2036 O street
northwest, formerly used by Col.
Charles 11. Barth. U. S. A., aa his resi
dence. This Is a three-story building of
fourteen rooms.
Charles 8. Cobb, Assistant Attorney
General, has taken the large, three-story,
twenty-room house at 2025 Hlllyer place.
This Is a building of stone front.
Dr. Walter van Swlrengen has leased
the three-story residence at 103a Twenty-second
street northwCst, and Ed
ward W. Thompson has taken the
white stone and brick residence at 1603
Connecticut avenue, containing eighteen
Melville E. Ingalls, a Cincinnati, capi
talist, has leased the residence at 1WI
It street northwest, which he will oc
cupy until the building he Is now erect
ing on Massachusetts avenue. Just off
Dupont circle, Is completed.
Senor Salvador Castrlllo, Jr., minister
to this country from Nicaragua, has
moved his legation headquarters to 1745
Rhode Island avenue northwest, for the
ensuing year.
Judge in Lawrence Strike Case
Overrules Motion To Admit
Prisoners To Bail.
SALEM, Mass., Oct. 10. Judge Qulnn,
presiding at the trial of Joseph J. Kl
tor, Arturo M. Glovannlttl. and Joseph
Caruso, today overruled the motion of
counsel for the defense to admit the
three men to ball.
They are on trial for murder In the
Lawrence strike eight months ago and
must remain In Jail despite the delay
In securing a Jury. ....,,
All are members of the Industrial
Workers of tho World.
Auction Sale Planned
By Treasury Officials
Thomas Dowllng & Co , of 12 D street
northwest, have been designated by
Assistant Secretary Allen as official
auctioneers to the Treasury Depart
ment to dispose of all old second hand
desks, furniture, rugs, carpets, and
other castofts, that have become an
tiquated. The Dowllng Company was the low
est of several bidders for tho auction
eering privilege.
The first sale under the new arrange
ment will be held probably next Wed
nesday, when obsolete furniture, fix
tures and machines, thrown out of the
office of Charles A. Kram, Aultor for
the Postofflce Department, by a change
In the sjstcm of counting and tabula-
'it monev orders, will be put upon the
block to the highest bidder.
' i'S
Democratic Nomjnec's Voice b
Almost Gone As Result
' ' ' Of Speaking.
CHICAGO, Oct. ia-IIls, voice nearly
gone from outdoor speaking. Governor
Wilson today began the last lap "of hlf
ten-day campaign trip f n mly "deUrJ
mined that different arrangements must
be made before he consents o take
another suoh Joijrney. ' S"They put
one over on me," said tho governor,
smlllnr. y
The way they put It over was to ar
range about as many speeches as his
schedule called for In every State,
"I have enjoyed meeting' the crowds."
said Governor WIJon. "1,1 has been an
Inspiration, but the strain on my
voice Is more than t could be expected
to stand."
Two speeches are scheduled here to
day, one at McVlcker Theater and one
at the Reventh nealment'Armory. The
governor will have lunch attthe'Iroquols
Club, hold a reception at.the Congress
Hotel and meet business men at Demo
cratic headquarters. '
Ugh! How Children
Hate Caatpr Oil
' f
To clean the little. one's stomach,
liver and waste-clogged bowels
give gentle "Syrup of Figs,"
Look back at your childhood days,
nemembor the physio that mother in
sisted on castor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How you hated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our children It'a different. The
day of harsh physic is over. We don't
force the liver, and 30 feet of bowels
now; we coax them. Wo have no
dreaded after effects. Mothers who
cling to the old form of 'physio simply
don't realise what they do. The chil
dren's revolt is well-founded. Their
little stomachs and tender bowels are
Injured by them.
If your child Is fretful, peevish, half
sick, stomach sour, breath feverish, and
Its little system full of cold; hns diar
rhoea, sore throat, stomach ache, doesn't
eat or rest well remember look at the
tongue. If coated, give a teaspoonful ot
Syrup ot Flge, then don't worry, bo
cause you surely will have a well, smil
ing child In a few hours.
Syrup of Figs, being composed enUro
ly of luscious figs, senna, and aromatlcs,
simply cannot be harmful. It sweetens
the stomach, makes the liver active
and thoroughly cleanses the little one's
vaste-clogged bowels. In a few hours
all our bile, undigested fermenting Jood
and constipated waste matter gently
.noves on and out of the system with
out griping or nausea.
Directions for children of all ages,
also for grown-ups plainly printed on
the package.
By all mesne get the genuine. Aak
jour druggist for the full name. "Syrup
of ngs and Elixir of Senna," prepared
by tho California Fig Syrup Co. Ac
cept nothing else.
Do You Want a
There's no reason why you
shouldn't own one and there la no
better place or time to buy It than
right here right now. Compare pur
prices with other houses and con
vince yourself that we give the
best values. You can buy a small
diamond now and we will give you
full vatuo allowance If at any time
ou want to change It for a larger
Manufactories; Jewelers aad
Hiin 3000. 708 7tk St. N. W.
For Friday,
904 G Street
The Formal Opening of Oar New Store, Cor. 8th lid D Sts., Will Take
Place Monday, Oct. ISth, When' SOiiVCttlWWlir'Be Given to the Ladles
Lltfcla Tablet.,
B strata each.
Oreatest of all Tonics
This tonic anil stim
ulant Is very beneficial
In the morbid and debtl
lated conditions which
are, characterized by
los of color, nervous
disturbance, palpitation
qf .the heart, want of
appetite-, etc,, also for
persons -ef a consump
tive tendency..
50c Pint BottIea29C
Fare Crrams, Massage Creams,
(incairieai laid rreami,
All ftvdHMd.
15c Daggett & namsdsll's lOe
ISc Datrirett A Kamsdall'a Z9e
60c Daggett A. Itamsdall's :ie
25c Pond s Vanishing Crean 10c
26c Pond's Antiseptic Cream... .10c
26c Pond's Cold Cream 10c
COr Theatrical Cold Cream, one
half lb 3.1c
SI Theatrical Cold Cream, 1 lb..tr
25c Sanltol Fare Cream 10
25c Sanltol Cold Cream 10c
19c White 19c
Pine Syrup and Tar
The best of all Cough Syrups
First dose relieves.
2.1 slse for inc.
French Olive Oil
This Is Die best grade Olive Oil
Imported Into this country.
Best for Salads also used Inter
nally as a medicine.
PUIs and Tablets ,
100 Lao.ic.tlr: Pills Saw
100 I.ady Webster Pills 34e
loo jtninuis laoieis jc-o
1AA fiilnm! TahlMM anv
I strength 18
130 Cascnra Tablets, C-gr 2ft
100 Blaud's Iron Tablets le
100 Hallcylate of Hoda Tablets 10c
100 AsDlrln Tablets SDc
I 100 Quinine Pills, 2-gr 18e
J"s fik
vv' I P9h V Mo .HHI .
is Lffifja I . yn wr g
Tired, Anne!"
"Why don't you do as I do pull your chair up to youi
Bell Telephone and let the stores come to you? It's fun be
cause it's no easy and satisfactory. In an hour I accomplish
what it takes you the whole day to do, and think of the time
I hare left for diversion!
"You haven't a Bell Telephone! Use mine NOW to
call the Business Office. You'll agree it's the best thing
you've ever done."
v Nassssws
Saturday and
15th and F Sts.
I'nmpelaa Hu-
ae Cream,
ftelallts Fon
der, la hexes,
Blake's Sage
The test of all.
Hair Tonic.
Stops the hair
from falling out
stops the ac
cumulation, o f
dandruff helps
the hair to grow.
75c bottle,
S2 92 92
Hot Water
These are extra
heavy with reinforced
shoulder and made to
sell for $2.00. We will
place them on sale to
morrow at DHc each.
All bottles guaran
teed not to leak for
one year.
98c 98c 98c 98c
Bargains In Soaps
6c Ivory , 4e
10c Kirk's Violet, S for 31c
10c Kirk's Hose, 3 for 21e
10c Kirk's Heliotrope, 3 for 21c
10c Kirk's Honey, 3 for 21c
10c Kirk's Oatmeal, 3 for ale
23c Poslam Soap , 20c
25c Castile 12c
26o Cutlcura 20e
Sc Bnowberry Koap, 3 for 12c
10c Dutch Cleanser Tc
Compound Licorice Powder, lb. 2.1c
Kpsom Halts, lb. 5c
Powdered Sulphur, lb loc
Powered Borax, lb lOe
Crude Carbolic, pint ISe
Soda Mint, pint IBe
Hay Rum, Imported, pint SKc
Dobell's Solution, pint ISe
Iron, Quinine and Strychnine. ..Boe
Syrup Hypophosphltes, pint Sue
Extract Vanilla, pint 83
Phosphoric I'mulsfon of Cod
LUer Oil, pint
At 16th Street Store OBly
Hegular 0c pound boxes ot Qg
mixed chocolates, special miIs
6c Milk Chocolates. 2 bars for 3c
Wrlgley Spearmint Gum, 2 for 3c
Beeman'a Gum, 2 for 3c
Adams Gum, 2 for B
The big Mint Stick 5c
Agents for Daggett's and AIM
grettl candles. Always fresh.
Oet yours here on way to theater
or during Intermission.
JrSPHn aflfsaMi
1 I
1 1 1 1 1 1 )WIWIIIIWJM
jiuuii vr viiuvi
Main 9000
The Chesapeake & Potomac
J-.... WW...WV.OF
Blarcbeaa re-
morero. Ite-
mowrm blaek-
keada la.taat-
Biake'a Cora
.. Car takes
tkera rlaht out.
91 H. S. Wampole's $1
Extract of Cod Liver OH
A reconstructive Tonic and TIs. 1
sue nulldcr; advantageously used f
for Coughs. Colds, and all Lung 1
irouDies; imn ana cmaciaiea per
sons are greatly benefited by this
preparation. Good for sickly chil
dren to .build them up. Special
for this sale.
$2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Imported Razors
Kvery Raioj- Is new
and all made to sell
for 12.60 and up. All
guaranteed and ex
changeable. Hair Tonics Reduced
25c Danderlne IT
60c Danderlne 34c
$1.00 Danderlne We
60c Wycth's Sage and Sulphur 34c
f 1 00 Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur 70c
25c Lorrlmer'a lc
60c Lorrlmer'a 30e
$1.00 Lcrrlmer'a TOo
60c Parisian Sage 34e
60c Has' Hair Health 34c
CIGARS 3 for 10c
Kmokr tbe James Itoas Clear.
Wo sell this regular 6c cigar at
special price, 3 for loci 8 for 23c
fl.30 box.
tjt Apetosa
(Perfrcto Graadee.)
3 for 10c 8 for 23c 1 1JH box.
Havana Smokers.
3 for 10c 8 for 23c i 1,1.50 box.
Patent Ofllce Cigars
Treasury Cigar.
Good aa the average lOo Cigar.
for 23c per box 2.00.
While Haas Perfect!!.
For those who like a big long
A 10c Cigar for Be
Clneo anil all regular Sc gooas
Id for 23c.
Ice Cream Soda 5c
The Best in the Qty
VL r .
mou re s
amasmx i ft Vl
K) v

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