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Confident of Gaining Michi
gan,, After Tour Through
' The State.
WJtb the Residential jCrr
dlddtes Todap '
PROGRESSIVE Colonel ' Hooe.'
Tolt at Dnlnth.
BEPUBLIVAN-Taft toptlnned
his auto trip through Vermont
DEMOORATIC-rGoreraor Wilson
at Chicago.
SOCIALIST Eugene T. Debs
TT la Bar'CUr, Mich.
Chafln spent the dajr at Union
town, Pa.
SUPERIOR, Wis.. Oct. .-Elated with
hli triumphal trip through Michigan,
Col. Theodora Roosevelt came Into Wis
consln this morning-, entering the Btato
for the first time since ha began his
Progressive campaign last spring. He
has been confident right along that Re
publican Michigan Is for him, but his
rousing- receptions gave him positive as
surance Of his ground. Especially the
two monster meetings last night in
Houghton and In Calumet. There was
no discounting the fact that they prob
ably were the biggest receptions the
colonel has had since his return from
He was assured last night before he
left Michigan that he will carry the
northern counties of' the State without
a doubt
Expeeti Brg Vote.
He was further assured that Hough
ton county In which are the towns of
Houghton and Calumet will give him an
overwhelming vote. The Taft vote, he
was Informed will be negligible. In his
speech here this morning he spoke of
the legislation enacted In Wisconsin for
the example of other State He told
about mill owners in, North Carolina
asking him the other day to urge the
adoption of national laws abolishing
cnna labor, but that they did not ap
prove of some states adopting such
laws and others not.
The hardship would be that whero
child labor was permitted the mill own
ers could sell a given product under
the competitor In States prohibiting
child labor.
Colonel Roosevelt said he full- asTeed
with that proposition, and was In favor
or laws against cnua moor, lie quoted
from writings from Oovernor Wilson
who takes the position that the passago
of such laws would be unconstitutional
unless there was an "absurd extrava
gance of Interpretation of the Consti
tution of the United States."
Points to Platform.
After quoting these words the colonel
gave another sentence from Wilson in
which he denounced as mischievous the
effort to regulate labor at mills and
factories by the Federal Government.
He called attention to the plank In
the Democratic platform which reflects
Wilson's written views on these subjects.
Another plank declares for denying
the trusts permission to engagn in in
terstate commerce. The inconsistency
of a platform that denies the trusts
tho right to engage In Interstate com
merce, yet unconstitutional and Improp
er to prohibit the entry Into interstate
commerce of trust made articles repre
senting the blood toll of little children
Is the absurdity of the Democratic can-
uiaato ana nis piauorm, aaid tha col'
oneL ,
New Jersey Town Terrorized
By Series of Night
NEW TORK, Oot I0.-The epidemlo
of Incendiary fires which has terrorised
Whltehouse, N. J., for the past ten
days Is believed to have ended by the
suicide of one man and the Imprison
ment of another, in the qounty Jail, at
In the ten days ten buildings have
been destroyed. A vigilance commit'
tee was formed to patrol the town, ' nhatlc In declaring the lack of education
United Societies Ask for Re
appointment of Head of
Juvenile Court.
An indorsement of the administration
of Judgo WlUlam II. De Lacy In Hit
Juvenile Court was given by the Uni
ted Hebrew Charities at Its annual
meeting In Eighth Street Temple last
evening, and the erection of a new
structure for the work of the tribunal,
was advocated.
Tha report of Lee Baumgarten, presl.
dent of tha association, was an elabo
rate review of the work of tha year,
and Its decisive recommendation that
Judge De Laoy be reappointed to his
position was adopted by a unanimous
vote. The following Is the paragraph
relating to tha Jurist: ,
"We are glad to extend to Judge
WlUlam II. Da Lacy our sincere thanks
for his courtesy and to congratulate our
Washington community of all denom
inations In having so able and mpar
tlal a Jurist to occupy the position, es
pecially where the judgment of tha Ju
venile Court means so much to all phil
anthropic societies, ahd It Is sincerely
to be hoped that his reappointment, so
well deserved, will soon be announced."
That a house of detention be estab
lished for boys guilty of minor offenses
was also urged for short-term commit
ments as preferable to the National
Training School. Tha report was em
sanitary conditions, at grades of work
which cannot be expected to prove Ve
muneratlve when they arrive at ma
turity." There were WO applicants for relief
during the year, and 'about 2,000 cases
were disposed of at the office, Including
judgment between husband and wlta
and children; making tha newly ar
rived Immigrant, understand American
laws; providing sanitary surroundings;
compelling husbands to support their
wives and ' children, and protecting
widows and orphans.
Tha Alliance of Jewish Women wan
commended' for Its work In visiting tho
Jewish sick, and C. E. Darnell, super
intendent of the National Training
School, was thanked for his co-opru-tlon
In many cases. More than 1J0
persons have been benefited by the He
brew Free Loan Association, and
thirty-eight children wore cared for at
tha Jewish Foster Home,
President Baumgarten urged that an
Institution for delinquent girls be es
tablished and appealed for Increased
subscriptions to carry on Its work.
and even the mid-week prayer meet
ing waa called off so that homes
should not be left unprotected.
The suicide was Thomas J. Durllng,
a farmer. The suspect held under a
charge of arson Is Elmer Vanderbeek,
formerly a baker and neighbor of Dur
Darling's body was found hanging to
a raiter in his Brothers earn. He had
been severely cross-examined by County
Detective Hann and private detectives
from Newark, who suspected that he
and Vanderbeek were the Incendiaries.
Durllng was to have been arrested.
and the detectives ware only waiting
Instructions from the prosecutor's of
fice. The first of the ten Incendiary fires
Im Whltehouse vmp discovered on the
nlzht of SeDtenrser 90. The flames
spread to Voorhees' drug store and the
house or uamuei UKinman. ine dam
age was estimated at $10,000.
A public meeting was called and a
reward of 1500 v. as offered. That same
nlaht three buildings, valued at tlOOO.
weno burned. The reward was doubled
and a cltlxens' committee was appoint
ed. Within twelve hours the barns of
tha Union Hotel were destroyed. The
next three nights a score oj men, armed
with shotguns, patroled the streets, and
there was no nre.
Meanwhile the detectives had been
hard at work and Information leading
to the examination of Durllng and Ven.
derbeek waa gathered.
All styles of Heaters
The small gas or oil heater will save you double its
cost in the next month. Morning and evening some
thing is needed to "just take off the chill'
It will be too cool for no fire, but if you start up
the coal heater there's a big waste of fuel and the
rooms become overheated.
Come in and let us show you what is best for com
fort, convenience, and economy.
The cost is very small, and whatever you need will
gladly be added to your account here.
Peter Grogan&Sons Co., 81 7 to 823 7th St.
For President:
Of New Jersey
For Vice President:
Of Indiana
A Paoplt's Government by the People
District of Columblar Office of the Dem
J.".,1'.? J?a.tlonal Committee of tbo
United States. No 609 Rlgga Build
ing. Washington, D. C.
The Finance Committee for the District of Columbia, appointed
by the Democratic National Committee, Invites subscriptions to the
Wilson and Marshall campaign fund from all persons, without regard
to former political affiliations, who desire the election of the Dem
ocratic candidates for the offices of President and Vice President
of the United States.
Subscriptions may be sent to William V. Cox, treasurer, at this
office, No. 609 niggs Building, either dlreotly or through any club or
association, or. If preferred, they may be sent directly to Holla Wells,
treasurer of the Democratlo National Committee, Fifth Avenue Build
ing, New York City.
All aubscrlntlons sent by or through any organisation will b
credited to It, and to every Individual subscribing, whether directly
or through an organization, unu no nuiur n me amount or his
11 vh
subscription, will bo sent, personally, a nanasomeiy engraved receipt
signed by the treasurer ana omer oiucera ui uie national committee.
Tha Dresent stage of tho campaign Is such that all s
Bosslble are needed and earnestly requested,
and that IIE WILL
E. soUTIIAItn rAIlKIcn, Chairman.
WILLIAM V. COX, Treasurer.
JOHN F. C08TELLO, National Committeeman.
Finance Committee for the Dlitrlct of Columbia.
By order of the Democratic National Committee:
WILLIAM G. MCADUU, Acting unairman.
irir.Nnv MOnOENTHAU. Chairman Finance Committee.
to be tha chief causa 0f poverty, and
also that lack of ambition on the part
of the poor was one of the chief factors
In making poverty permanent.
"Parents aro too eager to make of
their offspring a source of revenue,"
said President Baumgarten. "Children
of tender age are subjected to long
hours of employment, often under In-
This Qlrl Ricovind
From ConsisHiptiin
The makers of Eokman's Alterative,
which is doing so much good for con
sumptives, are continually In receipt of
wonderful reports of recoveries brought
about solely through the use of this
medicine. These reports are always at
tiiv wutuwMra u. ijr vita iiua.caicu. mm
many of the writers In their gratitude
have suggested that like sufferers write
direct ana learn wnat it ma tor tnero.
Here Is one specimen.
411 Second Ave , Aurora, III.
"Oentlemtnl Pardon ma for not writing
soonar, but I wanted to see If I would stay
cured I can now truthfully ear I am per
fectly well. I wlah to ,eipreM my heart
felt thanks. I have no pain, no cough, no
night sweata. no hay favar. Hlnea a child
of two yeexe, I have bean ailing with lung
irouoie, wnicn grew woree u I grew oioer.
At tha aga of fourteen, tha doctor said If I
could not be sent Routh I would surely die
ef Consumption Every winter I would be
aura to have either Ilronehltir. Plaurlay or
Pneumonia. I had Typhoid-Pneumonia, one
time. I had catarrh of tha stomach and
ooweia ana naa nay rever ror me last few
yeara; but have not anything of tha kind
thla year.
"I will anawer all letters aent to me.
aaklng a history of mr caae, from any one
aufferlng with lung trouble."
(Hworn affidavit) ETTA I'LATH.
(Five yeara later renorts atlll well.)
Eckman's Alterative Is effective In
Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever: Throat
and Lung Troubles, and In upbuilding
the system. Does not contain poisons,
oplatea or hablt-formtng drugs. For
sale by O'Donnell'a Drug Stores and
other leading druggists. Ask for book
let telling of recoveries, and write to
Kckman Laboratory, Philadelphia, .Pa.,
for additional evidence.
jr7rrr73nftWfV?rm JsfaKhV&IMlBilwMmK " iTiniezexexeHrrM
ancTGirl "S
wery Boy.
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of the family.
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to please you and yours.
As a special offer,
daring October
and November only
we will tend yoa
oar new illustrated
catalog of prctcntB
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Address Premium DepL
I T k "
TTi ill
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The Oldest Blood Disease
The inoSt ancient hlstorv furnishes evidenrn Mint winnf-lr..! ..(T.i
with Contagious Blood Poison. The disease has come down through all
the nges and Is to-day, as it has ever been, a scourge and blight upon
humanity. The symptoms of Contagious Blood Poison are the same as
n Its earliest history, but its cure has now become an accomplished fact
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Blood Poison, and cures Jt la all Its forms and
stages. A person who ha3 Been cured of Contagious
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return of its symptoms at any future time. This
great medicine checks the progress of the poison
and gradually but surely all sores and eruptions
heal, ulcerated mouth and throat nass awav. the.
hair stops falling out, copper-colored splotches fade
away, and when the blood is tborouehlv tMirifidno
Sign of the disease is left Home Treatment Book and any medical ad
vice free to all who write. S. 8. S. is for sale at all first-class drug stores.
i SWltl srtUNU Ufv ATlANTAt GA.
km i lllinr i
Ml llfl-
Fa jiUf ii jyr
The one store in town that caters to every feminine1 fashion fancy
a woman's store for women the store of personal-service.
The Women's' Store the Fashion , Center
Showing styles that accentuate the tall, lithe figure styles that
impart slender lines t,o "round" figures. Styles designed to give a
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ChlnchUU Coat, $19.95 and $25
Very smart models. Full length or three-quarter length. In navy,
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Waists '
50 dozen sample Waists in Chiffon Messaline, Satin, and Dresden
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Friday.' $2.00
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present membership In an ef
fort to further reduce the cost
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Important Read This for Your Protection
NOTE Friends and patrons of this organisation should read
our list of membership carefully each week, as chances occur
from Ume to 'time. Instances wbere dealers who are not members of this
organization, but have represented themselves as such, have not been
infrequent, and we make this announcement for the protection of our
patrons as well as ourselves.
If You Live in Northwest
Read the Following
This is an accurate list,,of grocers in the Northwest who are merVibers of The
League of Consumers' Friends. You should become familiar with these names and
also with these stores, as they mean much to .you in the way'of honest value at hon
est prices.
A. H. Plitt, Sixth and Q streets. W. T. Davis, Fifteenth and P streets.
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W. S. Brown & Co., 1614 14th street F. A. Dodge, Seventh and T streets.
J. R. Stone, 2444 Eighteenth street H. E. G. Besley, 3322 M street
W. S. Brown & Co., 1113 14th street O. A. Pendleton, 1336 Ninth street
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Marigold Oleomargarine, 1-lb. prints. 25c
This pure and healthful article hi taking the place
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Once used. Us future use is assured.
Fancy Sugar Cured Hams, per lb. ... 18c
Picnic Shoulders, the kind you will
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Gambrill's Patapsco Flour
6-lb. sack 19c
12-lb. sack 38c
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ity and price.
Good Quality Coffee, freshly roast
ed, per lb 25c
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Banquet Brand Coffee, per lb.( 30c
This coffee should be classed with brands sold at from
nve to ten cents more per pound to set a lino on Its
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No. 1 Potatoes, per peck 20c
Standard Tomatoes, 3 cans for 25c
Pink Salmon, tall can 10c
Al Brand Sweet Wrinkled Peas,
per can 12Vc
An exceptionally good article at a reasonable prloe.
Hecker's Flapjack Flour, per pkg. . . ,10c
For making breakfast cakes that please, this article
Is unexcelled.
Granulated Sugar, per pound 5Y2c
Good Quality Oleomargarine, 1-lb.
prints .'.it 22c
Fresh Creamery Butter, 1-lb. prints. .35c
Sugar Cured,. Boneless Breakfast
Bacon (sliced), per lb 25c
Royal Velvet Genuine Maine Corn,
per can ,
Pearl Hominy, newlymilled, per lb. . .3c
Economy seekers find It here.
Yellow Onions, good quality, per
peck . .- 6c
League of Consumers' Friends
D. T. nation, 831 Seventh afreet.
J, B. Dlgaie, Seventh and II atreata.
Thomas Iladen, 840 O street.
Luther F' Hall. Twelfth and II its.
Prank Mace, Seventh and F streets.
Columbia Tea A Coffee Co. 1S0S N.
Cap. St.
It. B. noherson. Fifth and A atrMta,
J. F. AUmlna A Son, 600 13th at.
J, M. Annandale. 1300 II afreet.
J. Kraua A Son, 810 13th at.
J, Ilrayahaw, Jr. Sixth and A streets.
tl T. Gover. Seventh and O streets,
w'llllam II. Lclmbach, Oth and O ata.
It. t2. W. Schmidt. Ulithth and D at.
A. G. Schmidt. 4 1-3 anal F ata.
M. J. Whelnn, Third and O street.
i. II. Goodrich. Eighth and F atreets,
R. SI. Tabb, IljfltUvllIc, Md.
W. J. Cook, Twelfth and Irving ata.
Urookland, II. 1.
u .BSnaaT
A. II, Plltf, sixth and Q streets.
C V. Sparrow, 806 North Capitol 'at.
V, S. Ilrovrn A Co. 1814 14h at
I. It. Stone, 3444 Eighteenth at.
W, S. Brown A Ce. 1113 14th at,
W. T. Bavta, Fifteenth and P streets,
C Itammllng. 313 Penna. avenue.
F. A. Dedge. 8eenth and T streets.
It. B, a. Besley. 3333 M street.
Ov A. Pendleton, 1330 Ninth street,
It. A. Itiilllna. Eleventh and M atreets,
II. C. Ilobcrson. Oth and S. Car. are,
O. E. Dohannon, 833 Fonrth street,
Urlnkley Bros. 1101 Third street.
Drtnkley Oros. SZ3 Fourth street.
F. P. Zusehnttt, Second and N atreets,
James n. Tune. 230 Eleventh street.
Ituland A llorta. 14th and A eta.
II rlnkler tiros. I OS J! street.
li, F. Lusbr. 8th and East Cap, ata,
ee Delivery to Every Section of the City

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