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.New York' Physician Kille'd
By'Son in Fifof '
Commissioners Want Building on
" Site Now 'Owned 't New
ton and Warder-Streets.
NEW YORK.vOet U.-Kobrt Gorse,
th twenty-four-year-old 'ion , of Dr.
arid Mr. Charlei A. Oorse, wept In
sane yesterday at his father's home on
a larfe farm near . Xeadowbrook,
Oranr county, N. T., and three physi
cians wha came suggested that h'e be
committed to .the Mlddletbwn, Asyjum.
;CountyJ JudgepeeiVr 'came rroni Jew
'burin.' and', young dorse ,'was' formally,
committed toTttje .asylum. wrjere'He waa
to have" been taken in the afternoon?
Whle the physicians were' examining:
done, an athletic' muscular chap, ha
became vlolent-VFarm hands bound him
hand. and toot'.,, , . , .
Then.auddenlyhls reason returned.
JJ( begged to ,be released, saylnr that
he had been driven craay by 'a fever,
but his mother aatd that the bonds
must npt be taken off until he was safe
In the asylum.
Father Cuts Rope.
Gorae'e elder brother, Charles, and his
sister, Mrs. Lotto, agreed with their
mother that It would be dangerous to
release Robert, but Dr. Oorse, a man
close . to seventy, favored freeing him,
and pleaded for him.
The physician waa not allowed to re
lease his son. In the afternoon Charles,
his mother, and Mrs. Lotta left the
house. While they were gone Dr. Oorse'
cut the ropes that bound his son and
Robert apparently went to, sleep.
llardly had Dr. Dorse left his son's
room when Robert leaped from a win
dow and ran to the home 'of William
Kenny. He climbed Into the house by
window, and, finding u. shotgun,
leaped out with It.
Qore sneaked toward his father's
home, and went'to the office.' Dr. Uoree
nas bending over a table when hs son
entered tho room and screamed:
"flow I've got youl"
Shoots Physician in Rack.
As the madman aimed the gun, Dr.
Oorse tried to swing around In his
chair, but both barrela were dis
charged and he fell, ahot In the back,
arid died Instantly.
The Insane man turned and ran from
the house. As he passed the. home -of
Prank Henderson he aimed the gun at
the windows and snapped the triggers.
The Heridersons telephoned the Aque
duct police at Vallsgate, and twenty
flvo men were sent on the trail of tha
maniac. Automoblllsts came racing to
ward Newburgh, saying they had been
held up by a man with a shotgun.
Beaten by Wagon Driver.
The driver of- a fish wagon was held
up. When he saw the gun was not
loaded he leaped from his wagon and
beat Oorse with his whip till the latter
lied to the woods. There Policeman
Lowe captured him after a hard right.
Oorse was bound and; placed In an au
tomobile. .Taken to. the courttyjsll at KewbUrgh.
Corse became sensible. Questioned as
to why he had killed his father, he said:
, "I have no Idea. I only know that the
desire to mutder overwhelmed me and
father' was . the first person I saw. It
would have been .the same with any on
else I happened to meet."
May Play Golf Only, For Queen
' Fears He'll Get
OXFORD, England, Oct. 11. The
Prince of Wales began his university
career today. Kor a year he will re
main at Magdalene College here, living,
as fur as royuUy can, an ordinary fresh
man's life.
King Oeorgo wanted his son to "run
lodse, ' btit the Queen insisted on close
cliaptTonage by a tutor. Hxcept for
golf, his hlgnness will be debarred from
sports. Her majesty feared he might
get hurt If he( played rougher games.
West End Citizens Body
Names Officers Tonight
The first regular meeting of the new
ly organized' West Eendj Citizens' As
sociation will be held tonight at 1929
Pennsylvania avenue northwest. At
the meeting a permanent organization
will be enectea, mo nrsi meeting was
last Friday night, but at that time the
officers elected were for a temporary
period. '
W. P. Herbst, temporary chairman,
will call the meeting to order.
.The Commissioners," It waa learned
today, wlllf Include .in their estimates
an item for a;elxteen-room,eohool build
ink J to be erected on a site afready
owned by the District at Newton and
Warder 'streets. Park j View. Provision
for an eight-room building waa includ
ed In .the estimates last .year but Con
gress failed to make the appropriation.
In view of the rapid growth of the. sub
urb It 1st the opinion of the tCommts
stonera that a alxteen-room' building; Is
now nceara. ' f j i
.The number of chlldren'ofisohool.aae J
in Pane view, according to a census
t,Ken oy toe rarK view uiusens- As
sociation, Is '800. InspecUonwlll"be made
by tbe Commissioners within the next
few j days of the new colored manual
training school In Q street between
North Capitol and First streets. The
bunding contains eight rooms and cost
IfO.ooa It la now being, usedtfor school
work.1" i
Women faint when
street cars crash
jpotorman Injured and Passengers
Bruised in Northwest
Passengers on both cara narrowly
escaped Injury last evening, when a
Columbia road car rammed the rear
end of a Georgetown car at Four
teenth street, and New York avenue.
Traffic waa tied up for., more than
an hour. -
The accident caused ; much ' excite
ment. The Georgetown car was
about half filled, with passengers, and
mere were a number, or passengers on
the other car. Several women faint
ed ' and there twaa a amall nanlc.'
among the passengers for a few min
utes, a crowdor several tnousana
persons soon gathered.
The Georgetown car was -knocked
off the tracks andMotorman John J.
Wehausen was hurt about tha abdo
men. He waa treatod At the Casualty
Hospital. Although several of tho
Kassengers were badly shaken up anl
rulsed, they declined hospital treatment.
Miss Margaret V. Kelly, or Mint,
Weds Major R. L.
Miss Margaret Valentin Kelly, fam
ous until she resigned a short time
ago, as the highest paid woman em
ploye In the clusslfled ser'vlco of tho
Government, today Is the wife of Maior
Robert L. Callan, United Statea Coast
Artillery. The ceremony took pluce
yesterday at Portsmouth, N, H., where
the bride's brother, an attorney, resides.
An early morning nuptial mass was
performed In the Cathollo Church of
Portsmouth. The bride's brother save
her away, and the wedding party re
turned to his' residence for breakfast.
Only a small family party was pres
ent at tho church. Major and Mrs.
Callan will livo at Fort Hamilton,
Uu,. where Malor Callan hi stationed.
Mrs. Callan wus assistant director of
the mint, and. In tha absence of Di
rector George Roberts, hod complete
cnarge or tno great money coining es
tablishments of the Government.
Probation Officer
Admitted To Bar
John R. Dillon, chief probation of
ficer of the Juvenile Court, and con
sidered by the boys'1 and girls who have
had to go before that tribunal as a
"big brother," has successfully passed
the bar examination for the' District.
However, he does not expect to leave
the Juvenile Court. He Is permitted to
practice. If he desires, before the Dis
trict Supreme Court and ' the District
Court of Appeals.
Says Wife Picks Rows
To Keep Him Jailed
Dennis ' Drlscol!. who. served
several months In Occoquan because he
failed to support his wife and child,
again was arraigned In Juvenile Court
tcptrraay ana was semencea to six
months more In the workhouse.
Driscol! declared that as soon as he
completes a sentence and desires to be
"In life anew and support his family,
that his wife deliberately picks u row
with him In order to get him Jailed
Quartet From Northwest Dis
appears at About
, Same Time.
The police have been asked jo search
for two boys and two men -who are re
ported as missing from' their homes in
different parts of the city.
They are Ralph Murtaugh; seventeen
years old,, of lfij Thirty-third street
noithwest: Charles Learnyson, aged six
teen, of 31 Reservoir street northwest;
Clarence Carson, aged twenty-five, of
8003 M street northwest, and James
Fleming, aged thirty-one, of 633 Colum
bia road northwest. i
'Mrs. James Murtaugh,, mother of
young Murtaugh, called at headquarters
this morning and said her son had not
been home since Wednesday night,
whtn'he left the house' about t o'clock,
saying he would be.'gone but a abort
time. He la described aa Ave feet tall,
weighs 120 pounds, and has light hair
and complexion. lie wore a blue suit
and a brown cap.
Young Learnyson alsol left homa
Wednesday night. His parents think he
may nave leu use oily. -110 la alx feet
tall, weighs 137 pounds, and has two
scars on the left side of his neck. Ho
wore a dark suit and gray cap.
Carson disappeared on Wednesday,
according to the report to the pqllce,
while Fleming has been missing since
yesterday morning.
Freshmen Elect
.iiviiiim UM,s, v. -WW AUrJK, WKH
chosen president of the freshman class
at Georgetown yesterday, Edward Mee,
of Boston, was elected vice president;
John Keresy, If New York, secretary,
and Gardiner Duffy, of Now York,
Directors Will Entertain New Y.
W. C. -Officials ' "
"Tonight. ' V
Miss Jessie" L. Marrlner, of Water
vllle. Me., and Miss Helen M. Wyman,
the two new secretaries of the Young
Women's Christian Association, will be
tendered a, reception tonight by the
board of directors In the club house at
the corner of Twelfth and F streets
northwest. An elaborate program has
been arranged for the occasion.
Miss Marrlner, who wilt act as asso
ciation extension secretary, haa done
extensive social service In New Bed
ford. Mass., and New York city. MIm
Wyman, who will be ohyslcal director
for tho coming year. Is a graduate of
the Posse Gymnasium, of Boston, 'and
for the past year was recreation di
rector at Altamont camp. New York,
Following the reception the' Round
Table will present two-plays, entitled
"The Livelihood Clearing House" and
"Registration Day at' the Young Wom
en's Christian Association." The. plays
were written especially for. the associa
tion by Edward Muh. ' ;
Cafe Republique i. ,
'To Open Wednesday
v - - ' r'
The Cafe Republique, with Joe.HUl;
man aa manager, will reopen Wednes
day evening for dinner. Mr. HlllmanJ,
who la well known to Washington
people aa the manager of '"Harvey's,','
plans to make the .opening an auspi
cious occasion. Souvenirs, special mu
slo and other features have been ar
ranged, and reservations are now be
ing made for tables. '
On this one day only there will be
no a la carte service, a special table
de hote dinner and after-the-theater
supper having been arranged. .'
Mr. Hlllman has purchaaed almost
all the fixtures that were in the cafe
under Its former monagement, and
except for several Improvements. It
will be conducted along practically
the same lines it baa followed In the
There's Only One
Man's Store
1005-7 Penna, Ave.
Where You Get
Money's Worth
Money Back
Wonderful Selling .
of Fine Fall Hats
At Bargain Prices
During our Great Birthday Sale we are not only break
ing all records in clothing selling, but. have also been doing
a truly remarkable business in hats double that of any
previous year and It's all because we are selling the best
hats at the lowest prices ever quoted in the District.
D. J. K. $2.50 Fall Derbies
and Soft Hats
gome Peoplr Ask g.1.00 For
Same iluallty Hat.
?3 "Cosmepolitan" Fall
Derbies and Soft Hats
Many Hats Are Hold Kor gS-0
That Arn No lleltrr.
Genuine Stetson New Pall Derbies, $3 CA
Some hatters get $4 and $5 for them QpJ
Our Great Birthday Winner
$20 Suits and Overcoats
We've had some big clothing sales before, but this
eclipses all of them. Right at the beginning of the season
we offer you $20,Suits and Overcoats at $15.15 to celebrate
our 15th Birthday, and we've sold hundreds of them. The
qualities speak for themselves you can't match them any
where even at $20 they're selling like hot cakes at $15.15.
At 125 we offer you the largest assortment of Overcoats
and Suits shown In this city and on every garment we
f guarantee a saving of 15. They are superly tailored match
ess In quality matchless In value
D. J. Kaufman
Penna. Ave.
Where You Get
Money's Worth
Money Back
J. Kelr Hardie 4.Has ' Issue
Sam Gompers.
' ' v
.' ' vv ., ,. , i
Advocating! the alllanoe of Interests
between tha Socialists and the labor
unfonlsts. J. Kelr Jinrdfe. lender! of the
labor'party. In tho (English parliament,
addressed a banquet, of Socialists and
labor' men'at'tfie" "Frits neuter Hotel
last evening, .lM.uejr)Jh.hlm was taken
by 'President Samuel Oompers,' of the
American federation of Labor, who
aald. In a brief speech, that' conditions
In the United 8lates were different
from what they were In England.-atid
that Socialism was not needed here.
"There 'itUl .exists -In the United
8tates,' said the aged .labor, leader, who
bears a close resemblance to Secretary
-Wilson, "friction bctween'Soclallsnvand
v . It t J t - i
trades' unionism. These movements are
essentially the same, as they are1 both
w6rklhgmen's movements."
lie said he thought his presence and
efforts In America might have some in
fluence In breaking- down the barrier
Which keeps the two movements apart.
He argued that going Into politics would
greatly help the trades unionist move
ment, as It had done In England, Mr.,
Ilardle godd- naturedtv scored Samuel
Oompers, president of the American'
Federation of Labor, who was present.
aa being opposed to the merger of tha
two forces.
"Don't be split up and divided," urg
ed Mr Ilardle. "Why line up vwlth th.e
old parties, of which there Is the' He-
&ubllcan,.tbe Democratic, and the Bull
loose, but in reality oply one, with
three leaders.rand all working. for the
Interest of 0 the tapltallatle 'classes.
Labor will lose whoever wins, The
only way t6 win for labor, la to Tote
the Socialistic ticket, and make Its
total vote aa big aa possible. Capital
will become alarmed, and grant .the
detpanda of labor when there) Is a
big5 Socialistic vote."
' T." V. Powdorly, chief of the Bureau
of Information of the Department of
Commerce and Labor, assailed the In-,
duatrlal Workers of the World, and
said' violence would gain nothing.
William' M, 'Coleman made a 'plea for
socialism, and Otto Holder paid an
eloquent tribute to- Kelr- Hardie.
-r'Gensus of Tobacco. ,
A complete tabulation of all'stock to
bacco on hand In' the United States Is
being made by the' Census Office. Most
of the data- for a report on available
tobneed leaf ore in, and a More of clerks
In the manufactures division are tabu
lating the results. . K ,f ,
Revival To Open.
A revival begins at the Cosmopolitan
(colofed) Baptist Church Sunday' mbrn-Ino-
and will conilnti ft ,,. ..-t..
,The rtov, C, C. Coloman,.of fhlliidel-
jmia. win conuuci me services. A spe
cial choir will sing nt'each servlccj The
morning services will be at H o'clock
apd the evening at 7: JO.
Follow Your
Common Sense
fnd it will lead you in the right dl
ecjlon. 'A p'erson, when sick. Is -very apt to
gTfcsp t a straw. Unworthy articles
are alluringly advertised to cure all
manner of Ills and you are made the
goat for experiment unless you ,use
common- sense. Everybody is occa
sionally) or frequently. In the throes of
a bilious attack of which all the symp
toms a,re nature's danger signals for
Vpu to do something before It Is too
late, Headache, bad stomach and i con
stipation are' tbe forerunners of most.
Intestinal diseases. Attacked In .time,
in a cdmmonisepse way, they soon pass
over. Study yodr case' ahd study the
remedy. Take something which will
effectually operate, first ron your liver,
then on your stomach, and lastly on
your bowels, Take something which .na
ture has furnished and which 'In Kin
touched .nor altered by the human
hands'. -A natural remedy la the choice
of every doctor. Hunyadt Janoa Water
Is their 'choice. It Is the most Ideal,
sensible and safest' NATURAL Laxa
tive Mineral Water and half a tumber
ful on arising acts speedily, sure and
gentl. v
Employers Most Successful
In obtaining the services of
intelligent men and women '
are those who use the help
wanted columns of : : :
The Washington Times)
Credit Dispels the Darkness
If you are living in a rut you are rusting out existing in the dark, friend. Why not come
across into the sun-flushed Valley of Hope and Happiness? The road eads straight and true why
npt take it and get those home furnishings -today by paying the, "easy wayr' and just as you say?
"Credit dispels the darkness" it is the search light that brightens the road that leads to a happy v
home of your own. Come in and get out of that rut!
Furniture of the Better Sort on Out Easy Payment Plan
iW Issa'l afaT W
rj"ffflss: loa
This Exact $16.50
Quartered Oak
Swell Drawer
Hand- polished
Oak Dresser, like
cut; panel end;
large French plate
mirror; dustproof
drawer construction ;
latest style wood
pulls. '
An exact match
for the Dresser. Pol
ished Oak Chiffonier,
with French plate
mirror; dustproof
drawers, and new
style wood pulls.
An Extraordinary Bed Outfit
Including Massive "Porcelain"
!m "TTrTv
; W alllllllJf A j)5- :
if f 1' i if I OAjvt'Stitl Ir - m
;JffiiMi,... f l-J
r TO"! llllllfr.n J mil III 111
I,- r'vm i iik " ":H
w ill In T I -tr )"t 1 ll 'Via&Af
sjjTll jJU ll lisaafasassssW
Iron.frame Woven-wire
Spring and Soft Cotton
top Mattress the entire
' combination complete for
$2.00 Baby Walker "Am'm" fmi m
niln JkWL DDC
H f" T xSM.
Improved Baby
Walker; stoutly
.made; benCwood
rtm and wooden
teat and tray (not
tin). An excel
lent device that
enables the baby
to learn to walk
without danger of
ThlB Chopper
cuts every kind
ot product used
in preparing
meals. It haa
(our steel knives.
,each designed (or
ft different pur
pose. These
knives are flat, re
versible and self
shaipenlng. Tho
"hopper Is strong,
sunltary, easily
kept clean and
weighs only Z
pounds. Cook
Book free with
each machine..
Cor. 7th
& D Sts.
Cor. 7th
& D Sts.

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