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f'i'ay' 'V''t's'r,",'r!JTifJ$fg'i--'Si).. -i -
one-time capitol .:u
of United states -,
A i
First Dinner 'Wilf BTServed
s'i Tonight During " " "
" Concert."' i'V
Lanier Place Was Once Seat
t m.
Of Government and.- '.
' Government a
Calhoun's Home.
I t "n. iVV "' ?-V" "jf" -f--; A J t"- ITfB"mr t !, 1iii. ' f
ri -: 1 : '
New and Old Buildings Mark Growth' of Capjtal-Church Edifice to Co $300,000
i IMP1ED. m
At noon today the .Hotel Powhatan.
th new nine-story strue'luw at Penn
sylvania avenue, Elghtfenth and II
I recti northwest, wu opened 'bv Man
ager Clifford M. Lewi. A pUtallc recep
tion was held during the, afternoon,
and the flrit meal, a specUl'.dlnner, wilt
be aerved tonight toetweu'nV? " and 10
o'clock, accompantedtiy'anlextenslvo
musical program. ' "v(
For the first time In (Washington the
Colonial style has been a'doptbd for a
large hotel. Throughout the"' house,
from grill room to the ' top-floor, Co
lonial types and standards' or beauty,
dignity, and unostentatton have been
followed. The first floor, entered either
from the Avenue or Eighteenth street,
contains the' lobby, palm court, break
fast room, restaurant, or main dining
room, and the George Washington li
brary. The .palm court Is In the cen
ter, and 'at om side U.a mezzanine or
chestra rostrum,' where the sonsole of a
grand pipe Qrgan la placed. Palms,
ferns, and other growing plants serve
to mak'e this court a garden room.
Here la to be'' a dally musical tea hour,
during which Unique' tea menus and
favors wll be provided. A huge tea mn
has been Installed.
Like, Mount Vernon.
Directly to the north and east (he
breakfast room opens from the palm
court, furnished with specially decor
ated furniture and. fittings, white across
a corridor from (he breakfast room and
fronting on eighteenth street Is the ML.
Vernon llbarv., -This, has beeh dcelgned
and furnished "rifter George Washing
ton's own library, at Mt. Vernon with
old mahogany bookcases, secretaries,
tables and sofas. The library has also
been well stocked with fiction and -current
literature for the use of guetts.
North of the library and breakfast
room and Joined ito the palm court by
a corridor Is the restaurant, or main
dining room occupying the entire II
street side and .fronting also 'on
J51ghteemi street toward tne park.
L Grand Johnson has furnished two
notable mural decorations for this
room, panels depleting tho landscape of
the valley of old Virginia.
lobby Beautifully Decorated.
The lob'by Is entered directly from the
Pennsylvania avenue , entrance and Is
furnished with massive divans and arm
chairs In Spanish leather. The velvet
hangings are of the prevailing mulberry
shade. In the bar, which Is also en-
lerea irom Pennsylvania avenue, there
is a noteoio reproduction or Jeromo
Ferris' , "Pochahontas Brought Captive
is jamestown," a mural decoration Hill
ing the entire end wall.
In the basement, below the palm
court) an attractive grill room has
been provided nnd decorated In pure
American Indian style. Trim Indian
pottery designs cap' the columns and
a irieze encircles. ine rooms deplet
ing rrhe Realm 'of Powhatan."
A tvWcallv .Colonial narlor ham hern
Placed In the mezzanine overlooking
win parai court ana wnoie nrst noor.
its Xurnlshlng of solid mahogany In
Heppelwhlte shapes, soft-toned Ori
ental rugs and cut glass imske the
room, one found scarcely ever out
side .of good private residences.
The bed rooms carjr oat the Col
onial Ideal or scheme ' of the house.
Solid mahogany In classic types are
In every rocm and the furnishings are
In keeping. A distinct Colonial note
is seen In the Jilgh-poated mahogany
beds. Alternate rooms have twin beds
and double beds. A notable suite Is
the George Washington, furnished
With teal antlnupR. All rrwim hov.
outside light and air and are so ar
ranged as to be coupled Into Suites of
unburn any aesirea numoer.
May tease Booms.
Eeven rooms on each floor and two
bath rooms have been left unfurnish
ed for the accommodation of those
wpo aesire to furnish them them'
Selves, thus lWlntr In. their own nnnr
Ws with none of the annoyances of
.iuuni nig. ne noiei service will
be at th'e-command of those -who lease
these rooms. They ar.fi. so arranged
as to. be grouped Into suites of two,
three, four, or five rooms and bath,
or seven rooms and two baths. This
um- wic j-uwnsian a unique rest
dence .Institution In hi miwi
Every modern article of equipment de
signed for the convenience and com'fort
tu sucin nas Deen provided by Mnn
aKer Lew s.
The outlook from the hotel, and es
pecially from the bedrooms Is one of
the moat pleasing In the city. To tho
north the best residential section of tho
city may be seen: to the east the view
Is directly down Inln tha u'wi. iin.
grounds and on -the south and west the
uiwuiu aim ma mils or Virginia.
Cut This Ad. Out
Come Out This Evening
Or Sunday
10th and D Sts. N. E.
One of the Highest Points In the City
S rsilii
I ,fyvt w?7
I i-vfVJi ln'-xvy
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HHbVSi v rJffi'" IKz iH m It 1jMihifHHbVbbibBbibiH
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Two Hundred and, Six
Transactions Closed in
Six Days.
A new record for 1912 In the number
of realty transactions elfectcd In six
days was established In the second
week of October which closes today
The brokers succeeded In completing
20G sales, thcieby exceeding last walk's
record by thirteen sales and excelling
the nativity of the first week of May
the former banner week of 1012 by nine
By1 a strange coincidence the week
ending October 14 was the ricoid-brce It
er or 1911. That week nor only let a
nsw flcure for tha vear. but umaKhfHl
all previous records 'In the history of
local realty operations. There worn 2JI
transactions closed In that week.
While tho result of the efforts of tho
brokers this neck showed a decline of
eighteen sales from the high mark of
tho corresponding week of last year. It
la Interesting to note that on a com
parldon of the activity of tho past two
weeks with the similar period of last
October, the current month Is only nve
,aales behind last year's "world's rec
The first week of October, Mil, saw
only 190 sales made while last week
there were effected 193 transactions.
The total for the two weeks of the
prerent month Is 399 as compared villi
404 In the nrst fortnight of October last.
The feature of the week's trading was
the return or the outlying suburban sec
tion to the lead of the market, having
furnished ninety-five parcels to the
total of 321 lots Included In the week's
business. The near-urban district was
a close second with nlacty-four lots
conveyod. A boom in northeast prop
erty brought that quarter into third
place, outstripping the other city sec
tions.. An aggregate of sixty-four lots
were transferred there. Forty-six lots
were sold In the northwest, twelve In
the southeast, and ten in tho southwest.
' Another business property sale was at
no. ldiu seventh street northwest, wnere
was formerly located the coal yard of
Johnson Brothers. Robert Callahan. 1r..
Is the new owner, having paid 111,379 for
ine property to winiam A. wimsau,
who held tho title In trust.
The feature of tho loan market was
furnished by the building associations,
which, advanced to members an aggre
gate of $125,700, an advance of more
than $50,000 over their output of tho pre
ceding week) Straight loans continued
to lead the market, loans of this char
acter totaling $317,603.63. The sum of all
the notes given for deferred purchase
monoy was $124,183.62.
County property was pledged for a
total of $294,845.86 this week, while land
In the northwest was offered as security
iur tiw.iov. 411a recora ot loana in tne
other city sections was: Northeast. 8(4,-
idu; nouincasi, fj.,ui.w: southwest,
TW.vw.iw. ,
Cor. 10th & D Streets N. E.
6, 7 and 8;Room Houses.
Hardwood Finish Throughout.
Electric Lights Hot-water Heat.
Mprn and llicbtril until I) o'clock tonight
' Come Out This ISti-olug or Miindny,
H. R. Howenstein & Co.
1314 F Street N. W.
i. M , f 'f'
- - y - - -
Will Be Convenience, to De
positors in Northwest
Residence Section.
A building which will be of great
convenience to depositors In the north
west residence section ot tho city Is
that of tho new branch or the United
States Trust Company, at Connecticut
avenue and Dupont circle, now nearlng
completion. It will be the largest and
handsomest branch ot this Institution
and will be equipped with safe deposit
vaults, silver storage vaults, and every
convenience ot the trust company's
main building.
The structure, which will be complet
ed shortly after the first of January,
will cost approximately $50,000. It Is
three stories high, with a basement of
the same dimensions as the other stor
ies It fronts seventy-five feet on Con
necticut avenue and eighteen feet on
Dupont circle, and the total area cov
ered Is about 2.&00 square feet. The
architecture Is of the early Italian type.
III L''isiSBSSSSSsBBSSsSBSs8liBtl.S'V '? t H ''J
III II ' HBBVj$ t " $ 'ft". . ,
III II' sssSSsssssVIsssssTIssssbssssssHSkP' " "''' '- 'i - wfiLi
III II BsssssSVW&rsssssssssssssssoSaKSwBHnisssss . t il' & .!'"
Ill II iMEiSViBiHTuiP ' Vfci
IN H if 1 r II BBjttftByyf jMh
III III HR ftiiiHltinilllll II sfWR H. m B iHr&J'SlSiiiH
III ll f&Jy i Jll H llllltllnl Jrf JVsWwHllB' SBBBBBBBBBBsl IsB iH H lH HBC3i''aSBBH
III III LssTstffcWWlsysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssJlSssssssssssss tkU $SwfjVJrcflstftBssMsllinsillUJlrsilll
III um ' III mt'IB a?jf .Bjli2aVlvliMlssssBB
m j ie8iaenuai rarK m i
M within II 1 1
' Two Miles of M lltl
I --The W1te Hou"r I
General Sales Agent
American Security and Truit Co. , III
III AmoB H. Plumb, Trustees HI
The exterior construction Is of tapestry
brick, with limestone and terra cotta
The bank will occupy the entire first
floor and basement. The first floor will
have marble flooring and wainscoting,
and tho celling will be ot ornamental
plastering of various colors. The bank
ing screen will be bronze ot handsome
design. Lockers for the clerks are nn
Important feature of the new building.
The second and third floors will be
apartments and will be among the
handsomest In 'the city. They will be
of eight rooma.eactv with three baths.
The woodwork will be of white enamel
throughout. The walls are paneled and
the floors of hardwood.
There Is a private entrance to the
apartments from Connecticut avenue,
leading to automatic elevators ot the
latest design, that can be run by the
public, requiring no attendant.
J. II. de Klbour la tho architect and
K. T. Nesblt & Co., of. New York and
Washington, are the bunders.
Baker Estate Sells
Property for $50,000
The property on the southwest corner
or Fourteenth and Corcoran streets
northwest, was today transferred to
Krsnklln T, Banner by the estate of
Henry M. Baker, the purchase price
being approximately $50,000. Tho pur
chase was made through the office ot
Moore & Hill.
The property fronts fifty feet on
Fourteenth street and 120 feet on Cor
coran street. The Improvements con
sist of two three-story stone buildings
facing on Fourteenth street, Nos. 1611
and 1816 and three three-story residen
ce on Corcoran street. It Is understood
Mr. Banner win hold the property as on
" ' ' ' .spBii I
t llQlll3fLBKiiaissLsflljLflljLsH
I lLEBBaH!B9l..........iB............VaHVBtetf jsBBSv 'WK. ll P
sssLVLbB lLBsss&rVBssKWsQsssFjBBSsTsK l'
ISBISBISBiH' IssttBHsKiiV 1 KHsVlilH llslBISBBHfVB.lHTll 1
sHnilB 1H$HiriBflHUHl4BViBVBM'
HB oH iHiVunuiSHIVVili H i all
COST $300,000
An edifice, modern In every detail,
and extremely attractive In Its" archi
tecture, costing not less than $300,000,
will bo erected by tho Mt. Vernon
Place Methodist Episcopal Church
South. In this city.
The exact location for the church
has not been solected, but It Is safe
to say that It will not be built on tho
site of the building now In use. The
church owns a handsome piece of prop
erty In the shape of a triangle, at
Massachusetts avenue and K
northwest, but It Is nroctlcallv certain
that this will be sold and the money
used In the purchase of another site.
There seems to be some objection In
locating the church In this section.
It Is planned to go several blocks north.
A number or options on deslrablo prop-
ertv Is held by the church, and one of
these probably will be selected within
the next few months.
It was learned today that most of the
building fund has been 'promised by he
fcneral board of the conference. It hav
ng pledged $20,000. The church of
ficers and members are expected to
raise the remainder. Tha present
building and grounds snd the other lot
owned bv tho church will be sold.
Handsome offers for these lots have
been made to the church.
The new church will have a combined
seating capacity of between 2,500 and
$3,000. It Is to be so built that three
services can be carried on at one time,
and vet In case room la needed for a
big nevlal or mass meeting all sections
can bn made Into one. These compart
ments are to be separated by big rolling
doors. "The main auditorium will sest
1.700 comfortably. The flew Dr. E. V.
negester Is pastor of tho church, '
Levy After Sulzer's Seat.
New York dispatches say that Con
gressman Jefferson M. Levy, ot the
Thirteenth New York district, haa been
nominated for the House to take the
nine nf Pnnffr.m.n William Rlllvep.
i wno is running ror governor,
ssssssssa i - a is jsf- HT
Your Rent Money Will Buy One
of These Beautiful Homes
Nos. 412 and 414 M St.N.E. Nos. 1200 to 1216 5th SlN.E.
Four Sold
Instead of paying your next month's rent, make a small de
posit on one of these homes, move in, and finish paying for it a
little each month.
These homes are full six and seven rooms, hot-water heat,
gas and electric lights, large closets, beautiful tiled bath, and
every modern convenience. Lots 20x100 feet. Investigate them.
Prices, $3,800 to $3,950. Terms to Salt
Sample house open and salesman on ground daily and Sunday,
Dickhaut & Schwarz,
Agents, 1929 Pa. Ave. N. W.
Famous old Lanier place, facing Capi
tol nliar ot IIia nnlnt wh.m M,MflanJ
avenue breaks In Upon It. has within
a century fallen from Its high estate, of
being tho seat of Government of, the
United States' to 'a "plain;- "llOmesTpun
boarding house ot th"year'ui2. ',,
It la one of tho mellowest' anVmost
Picturesque old dwellings Irf 'the 'city.
It was erected almost ' simultaneously
with the founding of the city, "and first
broke Into fame In 18H. when It housed
Congress for a considerable period. 'In
that Ill-fated year tho British captured
Washington, and, In Vandal fashion,
raxed the Capitol to the ground. When
the redcoata abandon! ihi. rtfv r.n.
greis was compelled to And a temporary
meeting place,' and Lanier place wait
selected for the honor. Until 18H the
lawmaker nf the nnflnn mf Witt.- it-
Once Home of Calhoun.
In later years John C. Calhoun lived
and died there, and made 'It a center
of the most Intellectual and aristocratic
circles of the city. In the ante-bellum
days It was the home, of many 'Southerfii .
Senators (and Congressmen.' and the
eyes 'Of the South were upon It whert -.
Calhoun died there'ln.lMO. It endured
another vicissitude of fortune when, In
civil war days. It was converted Into a
prison for captured' Confederates.
Wlrtt. the famous. prison keeper, ot An
dersonvllle, Oa., was confined there
after his capture. He was charged
with cruelty to Federal prisoners under
his care at Andersonvtlle, and was exe
cuted on the back lawn of the premises.
Its history for many years after the
war Is obscure. In recent years It be
came well known once more' as the
residence of former Senator John C
Hpooner of Wisconsin. When he teft If.
the owners of the property desired to
keep It vacant for some years, but It
has been recently leased to M. )- Lett,
and will be used as a boarding house.
Known as "Brick Cipltol."
It has been known under many titles
Many persons who never heard of
Lanier place- have known or the "Brici;
Capitol" and "Old Capitol Prison." Both
ot which names have been applied to
It. It Is doubtful It there Is' another
residence In the District which Is more
picturesque or full of historic Interest.
Many reports of ghosts and spooks
have added to the legends and tradi
tions clustered about It. The execution
of Wlrtz in the back yard and the con
finement of Confederate, prisoners in
the very rooms which had before echoed
to the gayety of a distinguished
Southern company, added to Its un
canny reputation. Of late years It has
been neglected by Washlngtonlans, un
favored and unsung. But It la destined
tots, new sphere of usefulness by Its'
new lessee. , " .
Out of Sorts?
Lots of discomfort the
blues and many serious
sicknesses you will avoid if
you keep your bowels, liver
and stomach in good work
ing order by timely use of
,8aU arstywksra

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