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'-rer- "
German Officer 'wKo Spe'flt
$l,250,OOapn Actress Ar-
rested In Paris.
PAIII8., Oct 13. Baron ' Clement ..von
Itadowlts, nephew of a former Oermafi
ambassador at Madrid, wag arrested,'!"
a i bar, near the Paris Opera yesterday
on a' charge of swindling and Js now In
Bante prison. In order to marry an
actress, with whom he -was Infatuated,
on Radowltz resigned hta .commission,
In 'the Prussian army andC.befcalpe a
naturalised Hungarian. ,Jn;sJ'y!',,he
dissipated a fortune. or I.JWVO.O.'
. Recently he boughVfroma.dealer In
Ghampes-Elysees thpestrles, and fur
niture to theval)e--of US.tpo fpr a
chateau :he( bad .rented near EJontalpe
bltau. '.Here' he lived In great. luxury,
keeping a staff of. eighteen servant
and' three automobile! and' fifteen
horses.' -,'v -..
U)iortly sifter th.e .dcjlverj'. of. the fur
niture and tapestries, von lladowlts
pawnedthem, and In order, to obtain
further credit from the dea)er he prt
duced an alleged forged Will of Ills
grandfather, under thn'termr qt which
he wai to recelro $2jO.W on' attaining
the acre of thirty, las mtfnti. ' '
The baron had 16,000 In notea In his
possession when ire was arrested. His
companion? known as Dane d'Argint,
Is also held 'at the disposition of tile
nolle. When arrested she we wearing;
jewels to the value of more than
School Plans All Day
Outing on Saturdays
Pupils of the Friends Select School
will have an all-day outing on 'Satur
days, beginning this week, at, the play
grounds opposite "Friendship," on Wis
consin avenue. The playgrounds were
formally opened yesterday, with a
luncheon served by Mrs. 8ldwell. wife
of Dr. Thomas W. Sldwell, principal
of the school, assisted by the teachers.
The grounds are equipped with
nwlns, see-saws, and other devices to
be found In the public playgrounds.
Injured Carrier Pigeon
Seeks Refuge in Home
A btue-and-whlte carrier pigeon with
a shattered wing was found 'fluttering
In the area at the home of C, P. Boss,
S3 Q street northeast, this morning. A
metal band Inscribed "D. B. 1623" en
circled one leg.
Mr. Boss Is of the opinion that the
bird, while on a long-distance flight,
flew against some tall obstruction and
broke Its wing. Ie la caring for the
wounded pigeon In the expectation that
Its 'owner may appear and claim It
How to Keep Bugs6ut
Of Mails Is Question
Department of Agriculture officials
have- a neat little problem to think over
while not at their desks today. By
the terms of a new law, nursery stock
may not be admitted to the malls until
a certificate' is attached 'that It Is free
from Insects. The law was Intended
to apply to commercial shipments,, but
It seems, to Include those bulbs, plants,
and shrubs which Congressmen send
to constituents to the number of sev
eral hundred thousand.
Haw the Inspectors of the department
will ever be able to do this tremendous
work besides their regular duties Is an
unsoUed question as jet.
Coon Club Hunt
Postponed Week
Extremely warm weather for this time
of the par hnil rflllfl.ri n iMilnAn.m.tit
In the date for the opening hunt of the i
Washington 'Coon Hunting Club, I
Preston C. King, of the Chesapeake!
and Potomac Telenhnnn CnmnAtiv. nnri I
J. ("Jako") T. Moffctt, superintendent
nf thtt U'nntilnlHnn tliiltaii unit PIsa.
trio Compun, were counting on-a blgl
nuni last nignt in some or tne surround
ing counties of Virginia and Maryland,
but called the chase off because the
Weather kus too hot.
Should It turn cooler this week, the
first hunt will be held Saturday night,
October 10.
U. S. Cavalry Band Gives
Concert at Fort Myer
Visitors to Fort.Moyer toda heard
the Fifteenth United States Cavalry
Band pluy at guardmount and In con
cert, as Is the case regularly on Sun
days. The band today, under the direction
of Arthur S. vVhltcorrib, gave Oliver's
"Awake! My Beloved, Waket'f and a se
lection from Verdi's "Ernanl," among
other numbers.
"'J.-. sfl.
f N ' ' f
W msPM fifu
Woman's 'Cool' Nerve " Friitrates
' " Attempt of "Pocketbook
- 'Thief..
A bolt attempt at rdobbery In broad
daylight and on a crowded thorough
fare was frustrated shortly before noon
today by the ool nerve of Mrs. Isadora
Freund, the Intended victim.
Mrs. Freund was walking up Sovenlh
street from her homo at No. 1J15. when
a colored man. approaching swiftly from
bqhfnd grabbed her by the arms and at
tempted'to wrench her pocketbook from
her hand.'
Mrs Freund twisted herself free and
fought the mamofr. Seeing that the In
cident had attracted little attention,
she screamed repeatedly, until several
persons ran toward fJichi. Mrs. Freund
then, took refugu In u. ncsr-by grocery
store, ,wheroiShenearlylcqllupa,d,
The 1 colored murTran In thejopposlto
direction," , and was 'seen to , enter a
colored' apartment'over'the1 Greek res
taurant on Seventh 'street, between M
and N streets.. Policemen Dronnan,
lialler, and Hewlett attracted by the
screams and -the gatherlngcrowd, gave
chase, and '.'captured Robert", Turner,
thirty-seven years, old, the alleged as
sailant of Mrs. Freund.
Crops Finest in
Years, Says Wilson
That the crops of this year, as he has
observed them In his recent Western
trip.' are the finest for many years. Is
asserted by Secretary of Agriculture
Jabies Wilson In a statement above his
own algnature.
Secretary Wilson says the crops now
pg harvested and that have already
been harvested or will be this wall
Would bring cheaper meat If stock cat
tle for feeding purposes could be found,
but that such cattle rae lacking., He
says the farmers must sAon Killing
calves and build; up their herds of cat
tle, but' this "will 'tajca j several years.
In the I meantime, h', urges that people
eat mutton and, that Ifartrlerai give at
tention to ralslngjmuttomsneep.
Secretary Wilson .disputes the .theory
that 'farmers' cannot, afjord to . breed
cattle 'on high-priced 'land,' 'If hcare Is
taken and correct methods .used, he
hqtds that' cattle can be 'raised profit
ably on such.land and affile same
time the land.kept Inngoodtcondltlon.
To Test Boatswain
As Tug Commander
Rear Admiral Hugo Ostcrhaus, of the
Atlantic fleet, has ben directed by the
Navy Department to detail a board to
examine Botawaln Gregory Cullen In
practical navigation and pilotage to de
termine his capability for the com
mand of tugs and small auxiliaries.
The examination Is to be made at the
request of Boatswain Cullen.
At present warrant officers who nc2
callable of commanding tugs have no
official way of petting their qualifica
tions Into tho oftlclul record. The Pro
posed examination opens the way. Tha
Navy Department Is Interested, because
the demand for men capable of this
work Is greater than the commissioned
personnel can supply.
Family Given Estate
Under Babbington Will
The wljl of Thomas A. Babblngton.
dated September 17, last, leaves alt
his household effects, except a piano,
and the premlseavit 1028 Fourth street
northeast, and 93 Myrtle street north
east, to his wife His saloon at 34
II street northeast. Is left tp his son,
William T. Babblngton, who Is named
as executor.
To Joseph Babblngton, another son,
are left the premises nt 21 and 23
Defrees street northwest, and (4 Mr
tie street northeast. Katherinc Bab
blngton, a daughter. Is given the
piano and lot 10 In square 676 The
ramalnlng estate Is left to the two
Army Officers Finish
90-Mile Riding Test
The twenty-nine army officers sta
Governors Island, N. Y., who hove been
tloned at 'the War Department and at
going upon test rides at Fort Mer dur
ing the last three days, completed their
ninety-mile trip jesterday afternoon
and successfully passed the final physi
cal examination afterward.
Both horseifrand men fared better yes
terday on account of Cooler Weather.
Other test rides will be held beginning
October 18 and October 24.
Former District Man
Seeks Reno Divorce
William H. Loomls, formerly a de
partmental official hrro and also a for
mer resident of Baltimore, has filed a
suit for dltorca In Reno against his
wife, Florence R Loomls Tho nature
of the complaint Is not disclosed.
Tho couple wore married In Baltimore
Often years ago. and have been sepa
rated for some time. Loomls, according
to a dispatch from Reno, expects no
contest, and no property eettVmen Is
Involved In the suit.
y s " in i . lfaVjJIAv'tk
sfsaBaBaBBaBaBaBBw I
Driven From Lands, Crops
Are in Danger Rebels
Sack Town.
The efforts 'of the American Consul
at Juarez to obtain from Moxlcan
generals protection for Mormons Whb
hae,becn driven from their lands in
Mexico have ao far been without sat
isfactory result
General Aubert and General Tellei,
the latter at Chihuahua, have been
asked to provldo troops to protect
these farmers 'along tllo iMextctin
Northwestern railroad, but havekfall
ed to meot the. requests. According;
to reports received at the State De
partment today railway communica
tion over the Northwestern to Chi
huahua was to be resumed today.
Urgent pleas for aid for Mormon
farmers were mads ten days ago. It
was then stated that unless these farm
ers could get back on their land the
crops would be ruined because of the
advance of the season.
A telegram was also received' by the
department today stating that rebels
had sacked the town of Valle de Bravo
In tho state of Mexico. The depreda
tions occurred last Wednesday,
Police Say Missing
Wife's Address Wrong
A new link In the mystery of the dis
appearance of Mrs. Lillian Rlcketts.
voung wife of Ernest Rlcketts, Detroit
Realty dealer, developed in tno case 10
"day. when the Washington police re.
celved a telegram from the chief of
police of Detroit, saying that Mrs.
Rlcketts did not live at the address gtv.
An v h husband. The Detroit tele
gram gave the additional information
that Mrs Rlcketts had her home, and
uvea in uoum ucua, inuiaua.
Morgan's Agent Expects
China to Secure Loan
Willard D. Straight, lormerly connect
ed with the State Department and now
the financial representatives of J. P.
Morgan & Co.. in the far Kast, Is In
Washington and called upon friends at
the department yesterday.
Whllo the proposed six-power loan to
China waa discussed, It Is stated that
no new plans were outlined and that
the department ana 4ir. sirawni iouna
themselves agreed In the opinion tbat
tho loan will be made eventually after
China again opens negotiations.
The Siqnarr Deal Proposition '??9 .?i I
Hiis on and as rrmilt we arc ? Cannol Be Duplicated I
rlllnjt more planoN than any n WaanUKton I
other house In Washington. SJMs I
I1"""-! . sIllMllMr-faifili
gMbP , ji ts . SBk HSIaia! "(,t OoM-niled Csn-not-illp B- I
C O I ' I? .mlsTW iIihm! nun with nna Vrtnch I
51 m, 1 11 Pill ss'-BpfiS1 priir: $1.00
T H Kshn's Bpclal Bifocal LtnsM.
Vf ft W IB I '.'PM l",r to see near and ir."
MO K 1 agTsB Mads of Unfit quaJlty French cm-
ft BL '' Special At nt
jft ffw I pries 91110
W J ! fKifUfk
We never make a false statement to
the public.
We can prove tf any person of Intelli
gence that we undersell any piano house
In' Washington on IlIOIl-OItADE PI
The fact that we carry the
most beautiful line of 111(111
ClIlADi: IINOS anil ITVll'.IIH
I.OVVUSjT lItlC'i; l ON Till!
can be ferMeri by a rail.
We are .manufacturers, and the ex
tremely low expense under which we
operate enables us to sell low,er than
any house In this clt) It must appeal
to you Come In today and we will
show you
Kreo Lie nf all netv universal music
roll cataloguts
Joseph Hall Chnse Piano Co.
1307 G St. N.W.
Iteniembcr. North Side of O St.
Iletviern 1.1th anil 14th Sis.
Former Delaware Fisherman, Left
' a Fortune, 'Succumbs To
liam S. Casey, aged fifty-four years,
was found dead nt the-foot-of-the
stairs on the socond floor of the Hotel
Mullen, In Market strct this morning,
death, .according to physicians who
were called In, havlnn resulted from
apoplexy, t
The' police say Casev was left a for
tune of SQveral thousand dollafu about
eight months ago. ',
He quit his occupation of fishing
and lived at the Hotel Mullen up to
the time of his death, spending- money
with a free hand.
Milano to Be Placed
On Trial Tomorrow
'Tony Milano, the Italian shoemaker,
charged with the murder of Harry' El
ton Smith, ths eloven-year-old lad,
whose charred body with head bettered
In, was found in Mltano's shop on' Sep
tember 10, llll, will be placed on trial
before Justice Stafford la Criminal
Court s No.- 1 tomorrow,
Tha Government's case is based, it Is
said, on clrcumstandal evidence, but
there will be nearly a score of wit
nesses to connect the links. It Is al
leged by tha Government prosecutors
that the Smith boy entered the Italian's
stiop on the afternoon of September
and was not see alive again. The theory
of the prosecution Is that Milano, who
had been pestered by the boys In tho
neighborhood, and thought that the
Smith lad, who stuttered slightly, was
trying to annoy him.
It Is charged in the Indictment that
MJIano hit ths boy with a hammer or
"some blunt Instrument unknown."
Yellow Fever at
Frontera, Mexico
An epidemic of yellow fever has
broken out in Frontera, Mexico, accord
ing to telegraphic reports received by
Surgeon General Blue, of the Public
Health Service.
Active quarantine measures were
taken Instantly to prevent the spread
of tho disease Into the United States.
Its full extent Is not yet known.
Dr. I I Lumsden reported to the
surgeon general yesterday that he had
completed his work In the suppression
of the smallpox epldemlo in Cedar
Baplds, ana was ready to proceed to
Washington to report
15 bolld Gold Eyeglasses, lilted
with finest French crystal lenses.
Special. $2.25
Wo cut and grind our own lenses
on the premises,.
Cur. 7th and a Sts.
625 7th N. W.
Opposite V. H. ratent Office.
flllAIITY I ' he brand to order If you
Vunidii want both ouslltv and auan.
tlly. IVokases contain MORK
buckwhtat than .those or
other brands. Insist on
havlne MILl.Ert'P next time
XVM your Krocer'i No coniumrri uppllfd
Wholesalers , 11th and M Sts. S. E.
Mrs. John Logan Better. I 7lHk f,WJr
Mrs. John A. Logan, who was re- I mu I ?J f JB
ported to be seriously ill at her home, I 'Ft Avfl IsbbbbH
2S1 Thirteenth street northwest has re- I J I JaVCI sbbbbbssb
covered. She suffered with a severe I TJt I tv KvJNl I sbbbbbH
cold. I JjCjL I wl V saflMtl
Knights.bf Columbus
' Elect Their Officers
Washington Council, No. 224, Knights
of Columbus, mat last night and elected
officers' tor 1911 Those named were
Dr. Joseph ' A." Mudd, grand knight!
JlarryvE, 'Brooks,, deputy grand knight;
o..Ai Royer, chancellor: Robort J!.
MoNamara 'recorder; Dr, A. D. Wilkin
son, financial secretary; lo A, Stock,
treasurer; Dr, K. J, Collins, trustee,
Judgo Thomas H. Col Inn, advocate;
George H. Ogle, warden; James W.
Ellis, Inside guard; Edward Volgt, out
side guard l tho .llov. S. J. Morris, chap
lain, and James K. Colllltowor, lecturer,
George It. Repetll and Dr.tMudd were
made delegates to tho State council,
with If. E. Brooks and Joseph P. Cul
len as alternate!. Dr. Henry J. Crosson
and John A. Madlgan were c'clcted dele,
gates to the Knights of Columbus Build
ing Company.
American Beauty Roses Exquisite
home-grown specimens fresh cut when
ordered: Gude, 1214 F st Advt
80e Chi Bon
811k Head
White, pink,
blue, laven
der, and black
Silk Chiffon
Scarfs, 1W yd,
long, extra
width, 2 Inch
hematite had
SOe Mexican
Lace Hcarfa
and shams.
Long Scarfs
and full slzo
Shams, in new
and pretty
all-lace floral
land sett pat
terns; scallop
ed crocheted
5e Uableaehed
Fine count,
even thread
Unbjea.c.h e d
Cotton, rem
nanta of So
and; 6c qual
ity. - Spsclal
sale price,
I IsffsBaBBssf L fiassifTssBSBSBSBSBBClssasVl
Gigantic Values in House Dresses,
$2 Long Crepe WQc
Kimonos . . . . 4 9
Handsome shades of pink, lavender, navy and
light blue and red Kimonos, r of very best French
serpentine crepe that is guaranteed to wash perfectly.
Splendidly made garments, with all seams oyer
stitched, extra full width and finished with deep hems
and shirred yokes, bleeves and front Per
sian border braided. Tomorrow only
ai.TS Flannellette House
Ureases and Wrappers,
Worm thickly fleeced flan
nelette garments, In pretty
frray, black and blue color
ngs; 4 neat tailor-made
models to select QQ
from; 34 to 46 wise.. iOC
Boys' Clothing
Especially Built for
School Wear.
$3.50 School t l
Suit . . . . q JL
TAVst&.1iskn sffsa1
bo j a G to 16 years, of fancy
Rray and brown mixed cassl
meres; Knickerbock
er pants, perfect
' tS.00 All-Tool Suits, 13.08.
Handsome patterns In nob
hv nouhle-breasted Suits. In
fancy and plain colorings,
perfectly tailored, strong, dur
able garments; size's IJO QQ
to 16 years tDi,J70
U.00 Days' Otrrcoats, SI.D3.
Ilxtra neavy warm gray ana
brown cheviot Overcoats for
boys 3 to 0 years Double
breasted with em- (P-l QC
blems on sleeves.... tp-LwiJ
1.00 Ilojs' Pants,
Knloke r b o a k er
Dloomers, dark and
fancy cheylots in
plain colors and
stripes, all seams
tapod. 6 to 16 rn.
years uuv
VS.OO Cloth rtusslsa
itussian Bailor Hults,
with emblem trim
med shield and sailor
tollut; 2V4 lo QQ J
8 sUes UiKs
"Indian Summer" Coming
In November, Says Expert
The so-called "Indian summer'' hs
not yet arrived, and will not till the
middle or the latter part of next month,
according to Prof. Willis V. Moore,
chief of tho eWather Bureau, who s)s
that the present warm spell should not
be confused with the "squaw winter"
which appears Uler In the year.
Until there has been n real cold snap
and a fiury or two of snow, Pror,
Moore eays the real "Indian summer"
cannot appear. Tho warm wave which
swept Washington last week was not
unseasonable, and was predicted by the
Weather Bureau ten days ago.
Scottish Rite Masons
Clarence Nagel, of IMS West Lexing
ton street, Baltimore, Md., was robbed
of his watch, a marathon medal fob,
a .solid gold stickpin, and $5 In cash,
last night by two men who took htm to
his room In the Lawrence Hotel, tn
Penns)lvanla avenue, northwest
2J10 Loi
White Kid
Gloves, 1J5.
I in p o r ted
French White
Kid Gl o v e s,
full length, 2
button mos
quetalre; em
b r o 1 d e r ed
Aprons, 34c.
0,f ,b e s t
'A m'o s k eag
long sleeves,
belted back,
sizes 2, to 6
years; colors
'Where Your Dollars Count Most"
722-724 7th Street
This Gorgeous 4t 4 ) nt
$25.00 Suit i?..
Copied from Mh ave., )2S mod
els, of strictly all wool fashion
able rough pebble cheviot Coal
Is 32 Inches long with semi
fitted back, rounded bottoms,
notched collars, and mannish
sleecs and breast pocket: war
ranted satin lined and finished
with dress shields. Entire coat
Is feshlonably bound with silk
braid; nw side effect, front
i panel back, hitch
girdle skirt; fffO QT
all colors tDA.u,UO
$16.50 Serge Salts,
b'plendld quality, all wool senre
with Invisible self stripe; styl
ish 3:-lnch model Jacket with
the new pointed revers, braid
trimmed cuffs and French back.
Warranted satin lined with
dress shields. New gurdle
wslst skirt, stylish ffQ QK
panel model, all colors OtJtVO
Women's $10.00
Winter Coats, $5.50
Choice of all wool black kersey
and blue and gray Chinchilla
Coats; full 52 inches long. In
polo ulster styles, or the new
roll collar style with button
over reer, for storm fljr (TA
purposes DU.UU
$5.50 Women's Short
Black Cloth Coats,
Seperate black kersey cloth
Jackets. 32 Inch, seml-fltted
slngled-breasted model with
breast and hip pocket; mannish
sleeves and 3-inch cuffs, ex
traoidlnary val- (SO IJfJ
-Mendel's" nest S1.B0
Wrappers, tl.Sc.
Famous "Mendels" make
Wrappers, In tailor-made
models, nlth tucked yokes,
high collar on band, open
cuffs and lined to waist;
bla.ck, blue and gray QQn
mixtures OU
91.T5 Wool Klderdonn
Saeques, OMc.
Warmest of house gar
ments, wool nap cider
down Sacques, In pink,
blue, red and gray; high
collar stle, with scal
loped crocheted edges and
silk frog fas- QQ
tened tOl
$10.00 Chic
Newest 1-plece model
gray, blue. Drown, ond DiacK. I'lcture repre
sents one of S handsome models offered Mon
day at this special price...,
fUillta frtF
nt - c?-i no
W j.mrs
Suits, 00c
bine and
striped cloth
M m il 1
sssssf Jl
1 i
(Joes to Mpet His - -Scottish
James Ramsey, of 41C Sixth street
northwest, left for NewYork esterd,
where he will meet HJs sweetheart, Miss
Agnes' Scott who comes from Dun-frits,
Scotland, to marry him. The marriage
license already has been issued, and
the ceremony will be performed In this
city within the next few days Cy the
Rev. Dr. Donald C MacLeod, pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church, of whlrti
Ramrey is a member.
(Carroll Electric Co.
We carry a complete stock at
and onr prices a'e low.
faftractiea Midriwrj
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Phone Jttaln 7330-TJU1
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Welaht Rib
bed HhlHs
Short sleeve
h 1 k li neck
shirts; knee
length, lace
trimmed drawers.
3.7c Women's
Ontlns; Peltl
" coats, lSe.
Knee length
underskirts of
fleece nap
outing, pretty
light patterns
' wide shir
red ruffles.
be Fast Kdge
Tea Towel
lag. 4Hc,
Bleached and
faat selvldge
free from
starch, color
ed borders,
N. W:
You Cm Do Better Here
for Your Child's Garments
Children's Corduroy Bear Skin
Cloth and Boucle
Coats, Garments
Worth to $5.00
Norfolk belted
styles and single
and double breast
ed Cloth Coats, for
children 2 to 11
eais. all heally
lined and In all
$2.00 'Girls School Dresses, 98c
Oalatea and Percale,Sallor and. Long
walsted Dresaes. for girls t to 14 j ears:
pretty light and dark colorings; high
neck and long sleee stjlcs for win
ter use; colors warranted QQ
'$6.50 Big 'GMs;'tots,a$3.98
All-wool Blue Beaver Coats, for girls
to 15 years; new rolling collar of red.
tan Dr light blue broadcloth, with at
tached rever buttoning oer fuclng:
side effect; large button Q QQ
trimmed iOOtVO
$2.00 Corduroy and Felt Hats, 98c
Red. Blue and Brown Mushroom and
Stiff-brimmed Hats, for girls 3 to 9
years; new fall shapes, made of excel
lent quality plush, corduroy and QQn
felt; ribbon and fur trimmed 30C
98c Girls' School Dresses, 49c
Fast-color Percale Dresses, for girls 2
to 14 ears of age: high-necked, long
Ieoe styles for fall wear; yokes of
plain contrasting colors and self- AQt
strapped; unusual ulues ftiC
Wrappers and Kimonbs
75c FlaRrtdlelte Kimonos
aid Sacques
Good quality
Flan n e letto
belted or loose
fitting sacques
and Kimonos,
with high necks
and pointed col
lars or V neck
styles Trctty
nhades of gray,
blue, laender.
plnk,etc; colors
warranted fast.
Serge Dresses, $4.99,
dress of all wool French Bente In
neh Bente In
flO.OO Robes
Pierre Satin
Dresses, 3.U0
Stunnln r 1 y
modeled one
piece dresses
o f excellent
quality satin
messallne In
every wanted
color. Includ
ing black.
Collars and
cuffs of con
treating shaded satin.
Lace Jabot
f3JSO Satin
Itich change
able and plain
shudes. Boft
wearing all
si 1 k Messa
llne Under
skirts, gored
models with
shirred ruf
fles $1.95
Dlaek Satin
and White
Shirts, '40c.
Uhlrts for wo
men, of fast
color black
satlnes and
white unl o n
linen. High
turn-over col
lars, breast
pockets, and
open cuffs.
.See the S1.00
WalMs selling
s,,k M .98

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