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Scientists From Many Coun-
tries,Inspect Great
Falls Today.
PracVlcal lessons In geography will be
the order of business during the next
four days for tho party of sixty dis
tinguished scientists from all over the
wprld who arrived here last night on
their way back to New York after an
extended trip around the United States,
and from which they will depart to
their homes. Headquarters of the party
is at the Congress Halt Hotel.
At the head of tho parjy Is Prof. W.
M. Davis, of Harvard University, and
there aro representatives from Austria,
Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Hungary,
Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Russia,
Servia, Spain, Germany, England, Hol
land, and Switzerland, besides a large
delegation .from this country.
Visitors of Note.
Among those of especial note are
XiUden Callls, representing the Uni
versity of Paris; Antolno Vacher, of
the French ministry of publlo Instruc
tion: Henry Bucklt and Allan Grant
Ogllvle, of Oxford! Prof. George C.
Chlsam, of tho University of Glasgow;
Jules lo Clercq, former president of tho
Spy' Belgium aeographla Society;
Vladimir Doublanshy, the famous Rus
sian explorer, and Dr. Rlcardo Beltran
y Rpsplde, secretary general of the
Spanish Royal Geographic Society.
Details of buslnesn here Include meet
ings at tho Smithsonian Institution
Monday and Tuesday, a special enter
tainment as guests at the reception to
be given this evening at the Pan-American
Union by Director John Barrett
In honor of the visitors and the dele
gates to the International Congresa of
the Chambers of Commerce, and a
luncheon at the Carnegie Institution,
tendered by that organization and tho
Carnegie Foundation tdr International
Peace, given Tuesday afternoon.
Smoker for Delegates.
In addition, there will be a smoker
at the Hubbard M.mnrioi hniMtn in
honor of the visitors. A trip was made
i iii , i '"""' wnere an inspec-
... ui mo piuuu wan maao ana lunch
eon was served. Addresses, were also
given by Dr. Henry Gannett, of the
National Geographlo Society, and by
N. II. Darton, of tho Geological Survey.
Gospel and. Central Union Mis
sions Observe Anniversaries.
Special praise services will be held at
the Gospel Mission and the Central
.Union. Mission each night this week.
Jubilee week Is being observed by tho
former, whUe the . twenty-eighth anni
versary of the' latter falls this week.
The Jubilee of the Gospel Mission
opened last night. George W. Wheeler
was In charge, and Edwin Howell was
the speaker. H. D. Gordon and Mrs.
Madison Clark were tho singers.
Central Union Mission begins Its ap
jilversary praise services tomorrow
night at 7:30 o'clock, with special music
and an address by Mrs. A. Farrar. The
speakers during the week at this mis
sion will bo tho Rov. P. Murphy, Arthur
It Guilford, the Rev. R. L. Fultz. the
Rev. C, E. Granger, Mrs. W. A. Oaw
ler. Dr. J. B. Clayton, Mrs. Herbert
Davis, the Rev. C. W. Whltmoro, Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore T. Applo, and
Franklin Carr
At the Gospel Mission the speakers
this week will be Mrs. .Fred Beau, JJ, H.
Warfler, William Knowles Cooper, tho
Rev. W, A. Melt In, the Rev. Henry
Anstadt, the Rev. Dr. W. R. Wedder
spoon, the. Rev. C. II. Russe. the Rev.
Dr. H. E.'Brundage, Ernest H. Daniel,
and Capt. Thomas II. McKee.
Special Farm Display
Prizes at Laurel Fair
C. R. HInchman, secretary of the
Maryland State Fair, Incorporated,
has announced the dates for the fair
at Laurel. October 28 to November 1
re the dates that officially have been
set Besides the regular list of prizes
$125 In special prizes for Individual
farm displays will be awarded.
Entries close October 23, and all
displays must bo In place by 10
o'clock the opening morning. Spe
cial cars will bo operated over the
Maryland electric line of the Wash
ington Railway and Electric Com
pany, and over the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad.
Do You Own .a
You should own a Diamond not
only for tho added flnlsh It gives
your personality, but from tho
M.nnrinnlnf tt tin lnv..lm.nt Th.
f prices of diamonds Increase every
year. uurwg ine past twelve
months the Increase was IS per
cent In value. Better than the In
terest paid on your money by a
We Sell You a Diamond
on the guaranteed basis that you
can at any time exchange It for a
larger one and receive full value
paid on the smaller one. Every
stone haa been carefully selected,
and we guarantee any Diamond
hfttifrVi, 4hnn na .A na fl.lvlna, nn.l
us wo represent It.
Manufacturing- Jeweler and
Optician. .
708 Seventh Street N. W.
Why Do You Like to Buy Shoes at HM!f$
Read How This Question Has Been Answered by People You KNOjp
Their;Letters, Based on 'Actual Experiences, Make Interesting Reading
From an humble start way back In
1876, over thirty-six years ago, to the
three largest retail Shoe Establish
ments in Washington,' if not in the
United States, is indeed .a remarkable
story of business success and there
must have beenREMARK ABLE
R E A SONS for it.
What these reasons were are best
told in the actual written words' of
many of whom, you will notice, have
been dealing here from 20 to 30 years some, even, since
we first began business, 36 years ago!
People in every walk of life men of every profession
and trade, families of affluence as well as those of mod
esMneans add their testimony to the mighty volume of
'TRUTH about the " H AH N" Stores and the "HAHN"
Hundreds of letters were received and we regret that
space permits us to print only extracts from a few.
READ THESE LETTERS, for they are indeed worth
reading, as they state FACTS that every Shoe Wearer
should KNOW.
rereiattt'iWaWw i ok ap -v x
MMMar-aWi 'TTT tWLff13
'UaamaaaY M an - ' -' l. . - i aamw, itm.f',
aaaaW Lr- ! ' 9ii Emr
i Mam. rS
K t ' , II
I Jil U t II
. Ml
Mrs. A. F. Dougherty, 1013 East Cap
Itol Street. sayai "For the past
twenty years I hae been satisfied
with 'HAHN'S SHOES.'
"I have raised a family of 1107s,
who have romped, skntcd, played ball,
gone to school COURTED and MARRIED-
with 'HAHN'8 SHOES' on!
"And will recommend that their
little ones do the samel"
Sir. C. V. Mackintosh, Driver Truck
No. 1, D, C. Fire Department. sa)ai
"You wish to know why I like to deal
at HAHN'B-so I will tell you.
"I have been wearing your Shoes
for orer 20 years.
"When I was a Newsboy I wore
"After I grow larger I wore them
as a Messenger Boy.
"And now, after being a fireman In
the D. C. Fire Dcpt. FOR THE PAST
SIXTEEN YEAItS-I still find your
shoes to be THE BEST both fordrers
wear and also for Fire Service!"
Mr. John A. Klllnaer, Dept. of Jus
tice, sarsi "Regret that I am 11m
. Ited to E0 words, as I could write CO
pages about UV I LIKE TO DEAL
at irAnis-H.
"Havo been dealing with your firm
for 33 years, and can truthfully state
' that ever pair of shoes purchased
there during that time has been found
to woar.uB represented."
Mm. (Sconce K. Mnklns, 1233 II St.
X. i: aayai "I buy my Shoes at
HAHN'S because I get what I pay for.
"That's why I have been one of your
patrons for the past 33 years."
Mr. It. 1). Beard, 143 You St. N. Em
nai "I have bought my shoes of
jou for the past 11) years, and hno
never been disappointed In a single
pair, regardless of price paid."
Sir. OJIIe Green, 304 Indiana Ave,
najat "Tho moment I enter HAHN'S
STORES I KNOW that I will be
suited. Thtlr salesmen seem to know
Just what a fellow want and how to
give It to you and when you get It
you get SOMETH1NO BETTER than
you can possibly get elsewhere."
An Old Customer (name withheld)
aysi "You are known as a HE
"Your success Is due to fair dealing.
In that customers receive goods to the
full value of their money.
"Your establishments, organization,
enterprise and GOODS are commend
able." Mra. Ilosc Dngr, 820 17th St, sayai
"I like to buy HAHN'S SHOES be
cause I believe In the men them
selves who carry on the business. The
reputation of their house Is such that
they cannot afford to handle anything
but rellabla and substantial goods."
Mm. . I.. Hummer, Clarendon, V.,
! "Because twenty-odd years
of a SQUARE DEAL and courteous
treatment liavo convinced me that It
wouldvbe folly to chango the old for
the new."
Mr. Homer J. Ilrovrn, 410 Warner St.,
aysi "I find that your shoes are
as represented. Furthermore, your
firm shows a desire to please, having
once replacod a defective pair and
smoothed out a difficulty such as. will
sometimes occur In any buslnrss
proving to mo that you deal fairly
with customers."
Mra. ,W. F. Hubbard, RI fheainut V,
Takoma Park, D. C saysi "Over
three years ago I bought a pair of
"The following April I took a trip to
California, and wore those shoes con
tlnually during the nine months of my
"The Shoes hive kept their shape to
ISif . gay have been no expense and
MI: W"TJT" J "ammaeher, lOOS 8th
,h?,Jzfm,'"-,"l touy my hoes at
HAHN'S because I am an experienced
shoe man and recognise GOOD SHOE
VALUES when r see them-havlng
been a Shoe Bailsman myself for
twelve years before accepting luy
pr.X.nt Pltln as a Letter Carrier,
.". .b4i?B.y,?.,?l,e' ' "nl that
J "TRI-WEAn" 13.50. MEN'S
SHOES positively outwear any shoe
made for Letter Carriers!" ,
Mr. A. Beverly Barron., 2300 14th
S, saysi "The demands; of the
American Schoolboy on Shoes are un
y, Usually severe. I. have nolltcd' when"
shoes -for my boys ,were purch UcOJ.
at the reliable 'House of HAHN' and
comfortably ntted by the carMUl sales
mn there that those Shoes soles es-.
peclally have lasted about TWICE AS
LONO as shoos bought for them elsei
Hfr. JaMr 1Qot a-!,- r
I notice that the same courtesy Is
extended to all at HAHN'S whether
juu i:uifio uu jooi or in your auto.
Mr. L. II. MlddlekautT. Letter Carrier, A
430 II St sajai "For over threo
years I have worn BLACK HAVEN
SHOES, and they have proven mort'
satlsfactory-ras I wear a single pair
day In and day out as a Letter Car
rier, and they LAST FOR A FULL
This I consider a most severe test!"
Mrs. Mary C. Itucr, 1818 Nerrton St-
ayai ;'Your large, varied, and up-to-date
assortment of footwear of
standard quality, durable, and at low
est prices, together with courteous at
tentions, every effort to please, and no
misrepresentation, have held my pa
tronage for the past twenty years."
Mlsa Marcaret Sutton. 002 Sd Staayai
"Mv f?rAtiHfathr th. lai- T....I..W.W
Eichorn, dealt with HAHN'S for over
thirty years, always finding the shoes
uumioruiuie, ueasonanie, ana of the
Best quality In Washington.
CHILDREN are still of the SAME
Mr. Frank J, Hell, 230,1 II St, aaysi
"For the past 2fl years my entire fam
ily havo bought HAHN'S SHOES-and
It certainly must have been the
has kept us Customers of yours for so
long a period."
Mra. Harry W. Pote, 1423 F St. N. IC
saysi "My reason for buying all
our Shoes at HAHN'S Is because we
KNOW they are depend.
able people, and when .
one of their clerks
tells you anything about
a shoe .the Arm Is
behind his statement. My
experience In tho last
eleven years of always
dealing there PROVES
what I say."
See Today's Star for Interest
ing Store News for This Week
Wm. Hahn & Cos
Three Reliable Shoe
Main Store, 7th and K Streets
1914-1916 Pennsylvania Ave.
233 Pennsylvania Ave. S. E.
ty $
i JrzL
. a daVv I lL. kteSicSi irajaw
ir i0
" arfT?sts& -j
pB3Ba lip
Our recent contest, offering prizes
-- - "
Vta J for the most convincing answers to the
i$fflJ question, "WHY DO yOU LIKE TO
iL'ArVMWtVV'NnilV CUnCC AT UAUMC2'' ...o-
I4fc mcftlfln .... f. , .
''IfL' yf'J? clmnllr rlttllfnarl lfd td itlngf R.U.rlnn
.JVWTi '"y uwiukvu nun mv muoi uatiwuiK
a x-i .1 ..i..i..iiii. in. .. ji..
lesymoniais 01 ine puoucs jaiin in ine
One of the most important conditions
of the contest was that each 'person
must be prepared to testify before a
Notary Public as to the absolute
TRUTH of the statements made so, you may depend
upon it, these letters embody NOTHING BUT ABSO
Read these letters read what Washington men and
wpmen, perhaps some of your own friends, have to say
about us. Note that these letters PROVE that our Serv
ice to the Shoe Buying public, in both our business meth
ods and in the merchandise offered, has practically reach
ed perfection.
Now, ask yourself the question: .
"Can I afford to buy MY shoes anywhere else
than at Halm's?"
Mra. A. C. Seanmaeher. 1220 Port
Steven Itoad, Brlaatvrood, D. C,
aaysi "I am a widow and have
raised seven children and five grand
children. , .
' "All of them have worn and are
now wearing HAHN'S SHOES
which I have always found. In my
circumstances, the cheapest and most
durabto in the long run.
"All mv family numbering 22 per
sons In all constantly wear them
with satisfaction." .
Mrs. A. Patterson, 20 F Street IV. VU
saysi "I have been a resident of
Washington all mv life and mv fam
ily have all dealt with WM. HAHN A
1579-over 33 years ago). WE HAVE
NONE OF US, sq far as I know,
"That Js why we like to buy Shoes
of HAllN'S." ,
Mr. W. R. narske. 02 O St. N. "'
aayat "My chief reasons for deal
ing at Hahn's are that I can get what
I want, when I want It. and, at tho ,
price I want to pay."
An (ltd Customer 'oT 3S 'years (name
withheld) aaysi "I could not feel
satisfied to" al elsewhere. "Have" al-
ways found their shoes as represcnt-
"-ed. I KNOW because 1 havo testid
their quality In my family many
Mra. F. C. Crews. Library of Congress,
aaysi "I havo bought .more than a
hundred pairs of shoes from Wm.
Hahn & Co.. and am still a regular
customer of thlrs. This Is tho strong
est testimony I -can give- as to my
faith In the value of their goods, tho
correctness of their prices, and -tho
civility of their salesmen."
Mr. August Orlmm, Brentwood, Bid.,
aayai "Have been' deallrtg with
HAirN'S since thev flrst started In
business at 102! Pa. Ave. (nearly 36
years ago), and J have yet to re
ceive a pair of shoes that has Tailed
?o give the UEST OF SATISFAC
TION!" Sirs, Winifred Cunningham. 3420 13th
St.. sayai "I buy my shoes there
because I get more for my .fnoney
than elsewhere: MY HUSBAND. W
cauae vour shoes are easier on his
feet than any others; M? SONS, be
cause vour shoes are so stylish looK
Ing; and MY DAUGHTER says, 'Tho
Clerks are more polite there than
elsewhere.' "
Sir. Jaa. H. Antes, "1'OB,",,.""?.,r
"I can send my children to HAHN B
STORES bv themselves and they get
the Identical shoes that I would get
If I went with them. Have been buy
ing Shoes there for myself and fam
"Mv Children havo always been fit
ted to their llrst Baby Shoes at
HAHN'S. and have continued wearing
HAHN'S BHOESastheygrewup. Fpr
we And these shoes WEAR BETTER
and LOOK DRESSIER than any
Sirs. Edith timer Wood, 2143 N St?
t.i "I like to buy Shoes at
HAHN'S because thev Cost Little and
Last Long. One of my boys recentlv
went through a pair of C Bhou
(bought elsewhere) m two weeks,
from HAHN'S lasted hlra THnEL
See Todays Star for Interest
ing Store News for This Week
Jtr. Wm. W, Hill," 4310 Georgia Ave
nue X, IV, says i "Many years ago
I was attracted by the straightfor
ward Shoe Guarantees contained In
tho newspaper advertisements of
HAHN & CO., and have patronised
them exclusively for myself and fam
"For several vears past I have been
saving II to 11.00. per pair and getting
thq ssme Stylo. Comfort, and Wean
bv wearing their K.S0 'BLACK
Mra. Annie Lewis CamphelL 1410 Co
lumbia Road, sayai "My parents
bought my Shoes at HAHN'S when
I was a little girl and NOW MORE
follow their example. HAHN'S
means the same to meMhat It did to
DRST there la la Shoes. The test
of time tells!"
Mrs. Samuel Knsr. Pallium, Primea
George, conaty, Md-, aarat "I have
dealt at HAHN'S , BTOREfl for
THIRTY YEAR8. Their shoes are
always comfortabVs and satisfactory
In every way and we are always
pleased with them."
'i i f ' ' ' ' . ' '
Mr. O. C. Dlmond, 1363 Xewton St,
aaya "I always find that the UP
PERS of HAHN'S SHOES retain their
shapes better, and tho SOLES wear
from one to two months tanner than
shoes of -eqttal prices bought else
where." i
Mra. Margaret Tanner, 1431 23d St.
8. &. aayai "I waa brought up In
HAHN'S SHOES, and when I reached
tho age when I had to buy mv own
shoes I tried others, only to find that
HAHN'S SHOES wore twice as long,
, looked best, and felt the most com
fortable." . .
Mra. F. D, Cobb, 1B38 Eye St, aayai
"When vou ask for a certain shoe al
HAHN'S you get It!
"TOUR comfort YOUR price
YOUR style are glwen personal con
sideration. "The clerks are, willing to sell you
what YOU Want!"
Mrs. -A. S. Horner, Cherrydale, Va
sayai "I wish I could tell every
mother In Washington about HAHN'S
RITE-FORM SHOE3 for School ChH
dren. Thev are tho best that money
can buy.'" , ,
Mrs. Jas. McNalry, Berwya. Md aayai
"I have been a Customer of
HAHN'S for more than 30 years, be
cause I. like my mother before roe,
have always found vour shoes Splen
did Wearing exactly as represented
.prices to suit all pockerbooks in short.
Mr. Frank L. Thompson, 344 13th St.
N. K- aayai "Twenty-flve years or
more In dealing with the HAHN
STORES hae brought us not only ,
economy, but GOOD WEARING
FOOTWEAR. To whloh We submit
tho FACT, that It Is due to honest
goods, courteous and kind service,
thorough satisfaction." ,
Mr. n. H. Standford. 4143 Condalt
Road, aaysi "A ohance purchase of
HAHN'S SHOES, sold me by a pains
taking, courteous salesman, followed
bv the unusual wearing qualities of
the Shoes, attracted my attention to
HAHN'S. I returned again, ana yet
again,- until ten yoars have elaosed
without variation In either the HIGH
QUALITY of the goods or the treat
ment reoulved."
Three Reliable Shoe
Main Store, 7th and K Streets
1914-1916 Pennsylvania Ave.
233 Pennsylvania Ave. S. E.
PI r
Main 300.

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