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Georgetown Coaches Plan Rest for Eleven Immediately Before Meeting -Carlisle
The Privilege of Being Particular Is. All Right If You Don't Kill It
By Goldberg
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Georgetown Eleven to Get Three-Days' Period of Quiet
Preparatory to Facing Carlisle on
That Georgetown will bend every ef
fort In preparation for the Indians when
the teams meet on October X, la noted
from the announcement made today that
the men selected to take part In that
contest will be taken away for a three
day period before the game.
The coaches and captain have coma
to the conclusion that perfect rest and
quiet wbqre the finer details can be
studied over and the finishing touches
can bo Riven, will best be brought home
to the men where they are away from
all other Influences.
It Is Intended to take the men to soma
nearby town, where good food can bo
obtained und perfect rest and quiet will
be thu order. Here It will be possible
to go over all the details which havo
been taught, and to point up the team
for the big contest.
Georgetown is more than anxious to
win from the Indians. This game Is the
objectlva point of the campaign, and the
schedule has been laid out with a nicety
which so fur has worked to advantage.
All of the couches have been satlslled
with the showing to date, und the win
against Washington and Lee Saturday
f rovel conclusively that the team Is at
ast rounding Into shape.
It Ih rumored- that Hill Hollenback and
Bob Torrey, former University of Penn
sylvania football players, and Intimate
friends of Eddie Dennis, will be on hand
to lend asslstanco to the linemen before
the Indian game. Torrey und Hollen
back have coached teams which have
been successful In coping with the
Indians' style of play, and will material
ly aid the Blue and Dray.
In addition to the present coaching
staff It Is more than likely that several
former Georgetown stars will be on
hand before the Carlisle game to put
In several days' work with the squad.
The ten-day period between the game
with Carolina A. and M. und the Indian
game will bo put In In hurd work, with
every reason for success.
Georgetown Is not discounting the
strength of the Indians In the least and
Is more than anxious to wipe out the
defeat of last season. Firm In the be
lief that the team will be bi ought to
the point where It can successfully de
fend Its title us All South Atlantic
champion again this season, the coaches
are more than anxious to round out
the season without the loss ol a single
em tent.
Light practlco will be In order today
at the Hilltop In preparation for the
Carolina A. and M. game, which takci
place at Raleigh, N. C, on Thursday.
All of the men with the execution of
Van Brockltn came out of the Washing
ton and Lee game In good shape.
Tomotrow the team will have Its onlv
scrimmage of the week, and Wednesday
night the squad will Icavu In a special
car for Raltlgh. Carolina A. and M.
Is coached by Eddie Greene, the former
Penn star, and Is sure to present a
strong team, although Green had but
five regulars at the start of the season.
The return of Dove White to the line,
up has bolstered the team on both of
fense anil defense. Lnst year White
was accounted the best defensive full
back In the South, his backing line
wing the feutuie of every Hilltop con
tort. In the Interferenf n ho tn nhln trt
pavo tho no.) foi the runner to reel off
long gains, and, with Jim Dunn nnd
AMilto In shape the hackflold, which has
worried the roaches not a little, will be
in gooii lorm.
Yale Fears Game With
Army Next Saturday
NEW HAVEN. Conn., Oct. H.-Satur-day's
contest vvlth the Army eleven
Is occupying the attention of tho Ell
couches this week, and the greatest
fears are entertained V-st tho soldiers
repeat their victory of last year. Tho
utmost endeavors vvlll bo mado to whip
the Blue Into shape to win. West Point
has won twlco In succession from the
Hluo, and the couches do not Intend
to let the cadets, bonst of three vic
tories In a low.
The Vali) line Is still sluggish and
sleepy, but this will bo speeded up this
week to equal thu hurricane attack of
the backfleld The bucks are phuln,?
good fuotbull, and I-'lynn, Phllbln,
Spalding, and Cornell will lo the quar
tet to enter the Army game.
To aid In coaching the forwards, Ar
thur Howe, field coach, has sent for
"Ted" Lilly, Ned Glass, Hay Blglow,
Gobs and Paige. Jack Field Is also ex
pected to assist tho backtleld coaching.
"The chief criticism I have to make
of Yalo In tho Lafayette game." said
Coach Howe today, "Is the Inability to
understand the signals. Cornell was all
right, but the backs and forwards were
lost the moment he started his signals.
This must be remedied before the Army
game or It will be fatal."
Princeton Preparing
For Dartmouth Game
PRINCETON. N. J., Oct. 14. Prince
ton Is rjow beginning to smooth out
Its eleven In preparation for the
husky Dartmouth eleven which comes
here October 26. The Hanoverians
have a powerful attack and a sturdy
defense and Coach Cunningham has
nis work cut out for mm in noisier
lnr up the. weak Tiger forwards.
Princeton has yet to meet o strong
defensive team. Syracuse may ha
strong In this department next Sat
urday and. the coaches here are hop
Inc It Is able to test the flying back
Meld. Baker did well against V. P. I. at
quarterback, but he has not cinched
his place. Captain Pendleton may yet
ne piayea bi nis Old position 10 mnae
room for "Tubby" Waller at half
Meridian Outpoints
' The Regents Eleven
Followers of the Meridian football
team are enthusiastic today over the
victory over the Regents bv an 18 to 6
score. Each team scored In tho opening
nerlod. hut Meridian took a brace to
ward the last of the game and won out.
RawllngB, zappom, imine, and cog
gins played well for the teams, and
aided materially In scoring the points.
The teams will probably meet again In
the near future.
Cardinals Struggle
To Ten-Inning Tie
HT. LOUIS, Mo., Oct. 14. The Cardin
als and Brownies struggled ten long In
nings to a 2 to 2 tie score before 20,000
fans In the Sunday game for the city
championship, and tho contest will con
tinue today. Earl Hamilton and BUI
Steele pitched excellent ball, and each
deserved a shut-out. That he did not
get It was because of painful support.
All four runs were made through er
rors. The score:
Cardinals 0 0110 0 0 0 0 02 7 2
Browns 0 002000000-2 3 3
Batteries Steele and Bresnahan;
Hamilton and Alexander. Umpires
O'Brien and Flnneran.
Will Officiate.
Bill Roper, who Is practicing law In
Philadelphia, has begun work as an of
ficial for the Pennsylvania football
games on Franklin Field.
Games Between Big Elevens
Should Be Far More
Circular Letters
Bund Up Business
If vour business needs new life
more stnblllty use the circular let
ter and watch tho bis results it
pulls. The circular letter cunnot
be told from n personally dictated
letter and Is bound to be read.
Many prosperous firms owe their
prosperity in these circular letters
you need them In jour business.
District National Bauk Building.
Looking at the many bitter disap
pointments given tho followers of the
hitherto strong elevens by so-called
smaller teams thus far this season. In
dications ape that this Is going to be
a great year for tho little fellows, and
It Is chiefly because more liberties with
the forward pass have been granted
under the rules and that extra down Is
Using the ssme reasons, the coming
'battles between the big fellows Yale,
Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn
sylvania, Brown, ets. should be far
more thrilling than those of last sea
son, and fewer no-score games should
be the rule.
It goes without saying that the three
downs took considerable from the at
tack last yrar. Coaches devoted all
their attention to tho defense, trusting
to chance to provide opportunities for
scoring. To this, more than to anything
else, did Princeton credit Its champion
ship. Hammering at the defenso from
ono season's end to the other, the Tigers
were Impregnable, and tn Sam Whlto
they possessed the man fated to bo al
was where he should be when some
thing might happen of benefit to his
Much Better Game.
It Is n much better game, this year
than It was In 1911. Perhaps the victor
In the Yale-Harvard battle will be de
cided, though neither side has managed
to score In tho last two years. In
deed, It is a good bet that the defeated
eleven will run up a few points for It
self, something that has not happened
since 1EM, when Harvard was beaten
12 to 4.
The extra down and tho freedom In
the use of the forwnnl pass has laid
stress rather on tho attack than on the
defense. Princeton, with an accepted
weak line. Is running up high scores
through the magnificent work of a
backfleld composed of sprinters. Sure
ly this same backfleld should do some
thing against Harvard, Dartmouth, and
Dartmouth has surprised the fol
lowers of football with the strength of
ncr uuu. cutuniay me ureen rolled
up 55 points against Vermont, the
highest In the history of the clashes
between these two universities. The
backs of the Hanoverians ahnnlH rn.
der good accounts of themselves In tho
uig games to come.
At Yale Likewise.
At Yalo It la the same Btory. Tho
dally scrimmages generally see several
touchdowns, where laBt season saw
both elevens battling In vain to ad
vance the ball. Two years ago Fred
Daly led a Yale eleven upon tho Held
trained merely to stop the heavy Har
vard attack. They did that, and did It
well, but when the opportunity came
for Yale to take advantage of Its work,
no attack was visible to the naked eye.
The football followers, after watchfnir
Kllpattick take that forward pass over
the line at Princeton, Imagined that
Yale had an effective attack, but It
failed Ignobly In the Harvard game a
week later. The premium was upon the
defense and Yale knew it. They couldn't
win rrom iiarvara, dui tney could Keep
Harvard from winning, and did.
Pennsylvania, even after Its defeat
by the heavy Swarthmore eleven. Is
confident of Its attack. Indeed, but for
fumbles the Red and Bluo would have
scored at least two touchdowns nfter
getting the leather to Swarthmore's 2
yard line.
Have Great Backfleld.
Only once has tho famous Carlisle
backfleld been stopped. Washington
and Jefferson, catching the redskins out
of condition, held them to a no-score
tie. but In every other game thus far
Thorpe and Areas and Welch and Pow
ell have run wild. Speedy runs Inside
of the ends, dazzling forward passes to
alert runners and good, otd-fasnloned
line plunging mark tho work of the
Carlisle, eleven. Little attention Is paid
to tho defenso, so much depends upon
the attack under tho new rules.
Everywhere the story Is the same, the
tale of the offense conquering the de
fense. Football has returned to those
other days when championships were
decided on the gridiron and not left to
the experts In the Sunday papers. Yet
In all this return to old football, the
Injury list seems absent. The close,
pllc-drtving plas that once marked the
work of the big elevens, Is gone. No
more is a Byrne killed stopping a
tackle's back play. That ever-present
forward pass spoils all that. The onslde
kick never was a success, except for
Eddli Harlan and Paul Veeder, But
many can hurl an accurate forward
pass, and this serves to keep loose and
pliant the defense of even the biggest
If the rules have come close to mak
ing football a monotonous struggle be
tween the 25-yard lines, thev have also
made It a thrilling spectacle running
even behind the goal posts, and the
champion of 1012 on the Eastern grldlinn
should be determined on the field, with
out tho aid of rule books or plain
Vanderbilt Leads All
In Piling Up Scores
Vanderbilt leads all elevens so far
this year In piling up huge scores, with
n total of 259 points In three games.
Its opponents have yet to score. Car
lisle has scored 258 points In six games.
Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Swarth
more, Pcnn State, Trinity, and Army
havo yetito have a touchdown scored
against them, while Pennsylvania and
tho Navy, two of the strongest teams
on paper, have been defeated.
Field coals have been made against
Harvard and Yale, while touchdowns
have been scored against i-nnceion,
Dartmouth, Navy, and Pennsylvania.
Vanderbilt has run un at least 100 points
In two games, defeating Bethel 106 to 0
and Marysvnie loo to o.
Georgetown has yet to be scored on
and has piled eighty-six points In
threo games to date. Its record fol
lows: Georgetown, 39; Randolph-Macon, 0.
Georgetown, 21 j Mt. St. Mary's, a
Georgetown, 20; Washington and Leo. 0.
Fewer No-Score Games
Likely to Be Seen
This Season.
Cornell Preparing
For Penn State Game
ITHACA. N. Y Oct. 14.-Somewhat
encouraged by the Improvement shown
by tho Cornell football team In Satur
day's game with tho New York Unl-
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pleasant or injurious effects. Book on the blood and any medical advice
erslty, the Cornell coaches will begin
work today for one of the hardest earry
season games on tho schedule, that
with Penn State on Saturday,
Captain Ilutler, who has been out of
the game for several weeks, will be ablo
lo get Into the line-up against Penn
State; while It. B. Whyte and Jess
Whyte, who have not played In a week,
are also expected to report. There wera
no additions to the Injured squad as a
result of Saturday's game, and the
coaches figure on getting their best men
Into shape this week.
Doubles Drawing Made
In Columbia Tourney
Play In the tennis tournament at the
Columbia Country Club will be contin
ued today, following the matches held
over from Saturday. The tourney will
run until the finals are reached and,
according to the committee In charge,
the drawings for tho doubles will be
made today and the matches started
promptly tomorrow.
In point of numbers the Columbia
tourney this )ear Is surpassing expecta
tions, the best men In the District tak
iu part. All of the District cracks are
entered, and as the third round Is near
'ng the best men are being pitted
'nst each other.
The matches In the second round and
those In the thlnl round will be played
oi'av. If the play Is rapid there is a
possibility that Spencer Gordon, pres
ent District chnmplon, and Harold
Dovle, former title holder, will get to
gether In the seml-nnals.
Some twenty players are eligible for
the consolation prize In the men's sin
gles, and there Is likelihood of pla)lng
off the matches In this event today,
Chicago Cubs Find
Walsh Easy to Beat
CHICAGO, Oct. 14.-"Blg Ed" Walsh.
looked upon as the one best bet In the
city championship series Is today bowed
In grief, for the Cubs defeated him with
consummate ease In the second game of
the series, 4 to 2, Ed Reulbuck reveling
In the cold wind, and pitching superb
ball. Walsh allowed seven hits, two
of them doubles, and one a homer. Tho
White Sox hammered out four doubles
and four singles off Rcylbach's dollvery.
The biggest crowd 'tHat ever attended
a game at the West Side Park saw tho
contest, the official figures showing that
30,393 fans wero there. Tho total re
ceipts were 121,197, of which 111,446.33 goes
to tne players pool.
The lame crowd became unruly be'
fore the game got under way, and tho
handful of police were powerless. A
small riot oroao oui in mo oieacncrs,
and was subdued onlv when the Cubs
with bats In their hands, went to the
aid or the bluecoats.
The scoro: R. H. 11.
Cubs 00000130 x 4 7 0
White Sox 00000110 0-2 8 2
Has Machine.
The Venderbllt eleven which nlavs
Harvard, November 9, evidently has a
scoring machine. The team rolled up
105 points against Its opponents tho first
week oi me season.
Old Dominion Boys Hoping for Victory Despite Poor
Showing Against Hampden-Sidney Eleven
Last Saturday.
Vlrglnla clashes with the University of
South Carolina' eleven today on Lam
beth Field, and, despite the poor work
of tho Orange and Blue Saturday
against Hampden-Sidney, scoring but a
single touchdown and field goal, tho
best of hopes are held that victory will
perch upon the banners of Virginia,
South Carolina had a struggle to win
from Wake Forest, 7 to 2, and this
encourages the local players.
Two games are on Urn schedule here
for this week, as Virginia Military In
stitute comcB here Saturday with one
of the best teams It has had In the
history of football there. Last season
the cadets threw a scare Into the
cohorts of the Orange and Blue by
scoring the first touchdown, but Vir
ginia rolled up twenty-two points be
fore the final whistle blew,
V. M. I. found no trouble winning
from Hampden-Sidney. 27 to 0, a week
or so ago, white Virginia just managed
to make ten against the same eleven.
Saturday the cadets defeated tho strong
Gallaudet team from Washlntgon, 26 to
6. Thus It will be seen that they have
a chance of winning from Virginia.
Changes Necessary.
Radical changes must be made In the
Virginia eleven to bring victories In tho
clashes with Vanderbilt and George
town, both of which have excellent
teams this season. For three quarters
little Hampden-Sidney held Virginia
scoreless. Suclt a weak attack will
prove disastrous against the powerful
forwards of Vanderbilt and Georgetown.
Tho coaches aro much worried, too,
over tho situation.
"Looking at tho poor work of tho
tetm," says Coach Rice Warren, "1
should say that no one man Is at fault.
Perhaps It Is owing to the extremely
warm weather. Last year on the same
date Bt, John's held us to a single
tuuehdown, and yet tho team came
through all right later on."
Virginia's backfleld seemed loose as
ashes Saturday, and this did not es
cupe the keen eyes of two scouts In
tho Btands. Jimmy Driver, a former
star halfback and now coach nt South
Cirollna, and an unknown expert from
Lexington viewed tho work of tho Vir
ginia eleven and smiled broadl).
Blanchard a Failure.
Big Blanchard has proved a decided
failure at fullback, and will very likely
be shifted to his old position, at tackle.
His work Saturday was wretched. Ed
Flnlay, the veteran end, was circled
several times by the fleot-footed backs
of Hampden-Sydney.
The line was outplayed by Its lighter
epponent, too, another cause of worry
to the coaches. The forwards seldom
got the Jump and were always caught
high In the air by the driving attack
of the Hampden-Sidney backs.
Captain Todd la hobbling around to
day on his Injured leg, and Is not ex-
.sTiciu'iiKCHAsi; uaci:s ISVKItY OTlintl MAY.
pectcd to pipy again for a couple of
weks. His absence Is certain to be
felt, for the team quickened lta paco
noticeably Saturday while he was di
recting Us attack.
Vigilants Confident
Of Retaining Title
Joe OllvcH. manager of the Vigilants'
Independent football team, which last
year won the championship of the Dis
trict, Is confident that his team will
again annex the Utle following yestei
day's dafeat of the Fort Washington
eleven by a 43-to-O score.
The Vigilants wero able to decisively
defeat a heavier team, owing to the
sensational work of "Cuppy" Farmer.
McKenzle, and Parker. Tho Vigilants
made their gains on long end runs, and
held, the Fort Washington team so that
It was able to make but two. first
downs during the game.
Arcade Bowlers Get
Schedule Well on Way
Commencing Its third week of bowling
tonight at the Arcade alleys, the Arcado
Duckpln League sets full sail Into a
schedule which will not be completed
until April 18. Secretary Cordlo 11.
Mann has just completed the compila
tion of the Arcade schedule In Its en
tirety, the games bowled to date havln
been slated early In tho summer so that
the league could get a seasonable start.
Officers of the Arcade Duckpln Leaguo
are: Joseph R. Costlnett, president; G.
J. Tucker, vlco president; Cordle H.
Mann, secretary and treasurer, and J.
II. Richards, jr., official scorer. A board
of directors Is composed of the captains
of the eight teams of the league.
The teams arc Sherwoods, Holmeads,
Arcade Market, Imperials, Laborltes, G.
P. O., Bankers, Immanuel. Four
matches will be bowled every week. Im
perials and Holmeads meet tonight.
Stars of the Diamond
Entering Vaudeville
Among the stars of baseball who
will be seen the coming season on tho
vaudeville stage Is "Rube" Marquard,
star pitcher of the Now York Giants,
who has formed an alliance with Blos
som Secley, the sketch they will uso
being written by Thomas J. Gray.
Gray Is also at work on a sketch to
be used by Germany Schaefcr and
Nick Altrock, the clowns of the Wash
ington team. Mlko Donlln, of the Pitta
burgh National Leaguo team, has
formed a partnership with Tom Lewis,
who has Just closed a short season
with "The Yankee Prince."
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