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Wilson as Spellbinder.
Huntington Wilson. Assistant Secre
tary of Stale, left today for Chicago,
where ho will register anil, on October
17 and 18, make two speeches In sup
port of tho Tnft Administration. He
will return to Washington next Sunday.
Map of the Balkan States Which Shows the
Population and Comparative Strength of Armies
GAVE $12,500
mm' chase's n
The Hrhuhert I'lsrers aad
Planus re the Highest Grade
Instruments In the World.
Topu.ltJt.von 6.S5SO0O
Governor's Manager Admits
Harvester Company
Helped Campaign.
Turks Repulsed and Vic
torious Army Continues
Advance Toward Scutari.
Government Likely to
Back and Watch the
V r09ltticttiX,m.atS V Army
i7o om?
(Continued from First Pag )
Interests met. decided that Roosevelt
wai the light man to elect, and pro
ceeded to underwrite tho campaign. In
this group, according to Judge Parker1!
Informant, were U. II. Hnrrtman, Jumxn
Htlllman, Henry a Krlck, George W.
i-emms. uoueri uacon, ejimrleii i.
Orooker, and Daniel a. Held. Theme
wort the names Judge Parker could
picCnmbs waa nrt on the Aland. Ho
said he know nothing nf 1901 or IfW
contributions. Io luted, beforo pre
senting a detailed list of contributions,
that the lampalcn to nominate Wilson
was becun by himself In May, 1911. He
bore all of the expenses of the cam
paign and ran most of the work from
bis penonnl offices and apartment in
.New York for two or threo months.
Established a Bureau.
"Curing the first week In June, 1911,
as I recall," he said, "I established a
bureau for sending out literature
about Woodrow Wilson, and com
menced a very large correspodnenco
all over the country with leaders with
reference to him. My. expenditures In
this way covered about $10,000, as
shown by the expenditure sheet.
"I received a number of checks after
the Baltimore convention, which were
turned over to the Democratic na
tional committee, us soon as a treas
urer was appointed."
He then rung tho ll't of contribu
tions footing up to $191,1103 1.
Concerning the contribution of
Frederic C. t'enfleld, he said It waa
In lieu of serlres, ns Mr. Pentleld
was going to Uurope. He said he
waa responsible for all the contribu
tions, but $2.0nn
"I wrote to Mr. Penfleld on the Nile,
and he sent me 12,000 In addition to
$10,000 previously sent. The campaign
was often In financial difficulties
'The campaign was not financed by
any of the States," said McCombs. sub
mitting a detailed account of the en
tire Wilson expenses aggregating $308,
183 00, a deficit of unpaid bills amount
ing to 114.617.
"The list Included practically all of
the money In tho entire country, ex
cept that raised bv the local State com
mittees," added McCombs
McCombs gave the names of Wilson
leaders In various States who would
know of expenditures.
Who Gave Money.
Senator Oliver nked McCombs re
garding a contribution of tSS.OCO raised
hy Cleveland H. Dodge and other
"Mr. Dodge was a close friend of
Governor Wilson," said McCombs "Ho
advised me b letter that the contribu
tors to his fund were Crus II. McCor
mlck. Jl'.MO; Cleveland H. Dodge, $31.
100: Thomas D. JoneB, J10.5W: David II.
Jones. $10,M0, and Edward W. Sheldon.
$1 wo."
Morgenthau, n New York realty
dealer, gave four checks for $5,000
each, McCombs said
A. I. Klklns, who gave $12,600, is
an associate of Morgenthru.
"I first obtained Information through
Rabbi Wise, of New York," said Mc
Combs "that Mr. Morgenthau was a
strong supporter of Governor Wilson
Crus McCohmlck Is In the harvester
business Mr Dodge called on his
friend for money. I think he first
told me he would raise $17,500 If I
could ralso a like sum, which we did.
That was last fall. I was $30,000 or
$10,000 In debt, personallj. last Feeti
ruary. Again after tho Illinois cam-
slgn I was in debt aguln. and Mr.
lodge would help me out Mr Mc
Comrlck was a life-long friend and
class mate of Governor Wilson. So
was Mr. Dodge."
'Thomas and David II Jones were
also classmates of Governor Wilson "
said McCombs. "They gave $10 600 each
to Mr. Dodite.
"The dcllclt of JH.000 I was to have
met," added the Democratic chairman
"I sent to as manv Princeton mn for
contributions mjself.' the witness de
clured "That In a large way was th
nny the Wilson campaign was financed
No Fromlscs Reflected.
"There Is not dollar of that state
ment thatrellectH a promise, expressed
or Implied," McCombs continued em
phatically. "Mr. McCormlck contrlhut
uted as he would to Governor Wilson
ns nroldent of Princeton university."
"Time uro no stilngs or p edKrs to
an or tni.su uimriu itlonsT nsl.ed
Senator I'omeiene
"Not to out," McCombs ansneitd vlr
oi mial v.
"In I'tiiiiHvliunlii continued Sic
f'nnitiff. "Ihn tfiolf inn nf file mm.
palgn llit'mHvUeM tin llson men Wo
rent onli .'7l to Chicago fur oi utnlz.i
tloon purpores und onl) $10CO mor-j to
'ho State for tho prlmurv tiht heciuso
we hud no hope of eurrvlng It for Gov
ernor Wilson
"Speak i C'larl got It bv 130 OM"
Mr. McComlii appeared especially
solicitous to give the oommltee the
Imiiroslon that the coiitilhutlon of
Cyrus McCormlck, whom he admit
ted wji connected with the Harvester
trust, wus iiiutle because ho ond Gov
ernor Wilson vveie old clnssmatcs Ho
went Into detail In explaining how
nHvernor Wilson had tried to "Dem
ocratlro" or popularise Princeton. Ho
mid lie vvoiiiii witiitiraw toe worn
"democratize" us there seemed to hi
some objection to It. He emphasized
that McCormlck had nlwavs backul
WlUon In this movement.
Publicity Chief Items.
In tin list of expenditures the chief
Items were for publicity Mr. Mc
Combs said the principal work to be
done before the convention was In tho
way of publicity, because Governor Wil
son had little political acquaintance,
and It w oh necessary to p't the Amcrl
cun peoplo acttualnted with him
The expenditures statement showed
the sums sent to the various States.
Some of them sums were extremely low
1'or Instance, tliu statement showed but
$3 000 was sent to Illinois Scnatoi
Clapp tried to get tho witness to admit
mat mere weio aarmionai sums urna
In Illinois locullj, McCombs Ins'strM ho
know of none, and said
"My f i lends Inform me that Is all
that was spent."
He explained further that he had no
hopo of currjliu Illinois In the prc
comentlon light for Wilson, and so
made no effoit to put money theie oi
organlzo there.
In New Jersey he admitted the local
people had spent money w hlch did not
pass through his hands.
The complete list of contributions
Wlllard Saulsbury, $250: W. W. Smith.
$10; Hugh Mcline. JIM; Joslah Hill.
$250, railroad refund, traveling. J01;
Frederic C. Penlleld. $12 000. K J. Mac
Gulre. $50, p P. M. Cunester $10; Rob
ert M. Heath Jlo: Cook Cnnkllng $10;
William F. McCombs $10 000: William
V. McCombs, $1,000, John T. Collins,
$10; William Weiss, $100. Chnrles N
Smith. $1,000; Charles J, Miller. $100, J.
Spencer Smith, $10; Democratic pub
licity committee, $20: Chailes R Crane,
$10,000; Fulton McMnhon. $10; H. J
Harrett. $2,600, railroad refund, travel
loc $1 ; Louis Dean Spter, $25;
vv V
:t .
2Tt0 George X.
v Oreeee .
Clarence Snj'der, $3: Lawrence C. Wood,
$ll, Walker D Hlnes, $IM. George Fos
ter Peahotlv. $1M; 1. II Robert. $.',601);
II. P. McMaster. $2.'; George M. La
nionte, 1W; John Martin $.1XI- Georgo
T. Hundel. $:M10. K. Maglll. $.'.000;
lames Sprunt, $.T0, Hugh Mcltae. $100.
C A. Snow, $100: Newell Pfeffcr. $2,
A brain I Klkus, 12..Vi0, Lerov Snilngs,
$100, William P. Coe, $VX); A. K. Morton.
$500; I'rfderlck Parker, $3; James O.
Muller. $10, Shaefei. Hocll . Illnnlk,
$r.; Gustuve Wuerth II, W. T. Thorn.
$'; the Ilev. Hunvon Mcl.eod. $2: Harvey
Thomus. $0Vi: J Albert Van tinkler,
."1, Kdwln Parkei. $10; James Kerr, $J,
Jamfs (i. Wilson. $6". George I'lii-tfr
Peobody. $100, rr Samuil K Ami
strong, 110, Jomes F) Pheland. $1 000
II Palmer Hutchinson, $5. Nushvlllj V.
M. C. A, $!U), Dmlel Tellows Piatt.
$2,710; John S Armstrong. tlOO: Prnrer
Curtis $.i; John It. Dunlan, 10), Mi
Outerbrldge, "; Walter Hoswell, $.',
13. M. Thompson. $100; Ubert C Hos
well. $Vi. Henrv Morgenthau. J.-O.'um.
James fitewnrt. $"00, A It. Smith. 2",;
It Mount, ; W. S Arbuthnot, .
D S Wnrd. $10 II. Alexander. $100
A W .Paul. $26 Nathan Strnuss,
$250: Cleveland II Dodge und Prlnco
ttin friends. $85,800. V. M Staton, $5;
James Kerr. $5; John .1 Purer, $10;
John It nurton. $600. W. II. Daniels,
$300. Carl Monk. 110, A 8 Weston,
$5; A 8 Norton, $25, r II Llnnhcrg
er, $250: II C Peterson, $5: Prank
L Moves $25; H A Tllene. $250; Ir
vvlng T Bush, $1,000: T. N, Osborne,
$100: John It. Dunlap, MOO. Joseph t
Ouffey. a Princeton friend of William
F. McCombs $1,860: Philip II. Churrlw
man. $2: Prlnglo T Yeomans $5;
Samuel Untermejer. $7,000 Collected
through William O McAiloo $1,000.
collected through William O McAdoo,
$100, and collected through William O
McAdoo and lacob II Schlff, $2,500
Total, $101,506 81.
Interest In Parker.
There was a ripple of Interest when i
Judge Alton P. Parker was called to i
tho stand, following Mr. McCombs Ho
said that as to the Democratic cam-,
paign fund In 1901, when li wns a can
didate for President of that party, ho
had no Information at all. About All
Bust 13 he Issued Instructions to his
managers to receive no funds from
trusts or combinations. He never mado
Inquiries, then or later, as to what ttyy
had done,
"I had some hearsa) mldeiut," ho
went on, "leading to the speech I made
on October SI." That was the srvLeh
In which he first opened up the general
charge that tho Interests were buIng
the election for noosevolt "I had no
direct evidence. I have nuted that thu
former President, Colonel Hoose.velt, has I
in,.,, tii-ii in ii j i imi ii iii-id ii ii-tti-i iu
jour chairman Senator Clapp, which
seemed to characterize certain speeches
of mine. I havo brought here a copy
of mv speech of N'ovemti'i' 5, and ask
that It go In the iccoid, also excerpts
from other speeches. In which I referred
to this general subject."
These excerpts were from speeches at
various places, during the latter dajs
of the 1901 campaign.
"It was borne in on me," explained
juagc 1'arner, "inai inero was some
thing like a move of the so-called In
terests for Iloosewlt, I lecelved Infor.
million from various sources, but not
till, 1 believe, October 23 did I think
of maklne use of It publlcl. That day
un old friend came to see mo
Got Tip From Friend.
"'Old fellow,' he said, 'they've got
ou licked Hut ou go right on with
jour fight, make It to th end, hut
don't let It break our heait.'
"I asked what he meant,"
" 'Oh,' he replied, 'the campaign Is all
underwritten, and there's no show foi
you '
"I chatted for a time and got little
Information; nt length asking.
" 'Colonel, Is thu Standard Oil one of
these Interests underwriting tho fight
against me?'
'I usked that because It wus then
being charged wlde that tho Standard
Oil wus supporting me
"'Yes,' leplled my friend, 'Its one of
"Then he went on and told me of a,
conference of representatives. In New
- a -
I Apn7tton .03X63
: TrwttaMcn O,000
I v4.ir.a a . fa rum
J C.vJry
v . C.VJJ-
tv w jEAareRN xsm
Population ,122,200
Army 420,080
RdMrvtf, Ao 800,000
SJ e,v "D
a. ar m a
-PopxtltJtxont 9,500.000 X
.'Avmu H.OOOy
York, of various large Interests, at
which the political situation wns con
sidered, and It was decided that the best
Interest of the country demanded that
Mr. Roosevelt be elected, and so they
would get behind him.
Of those who he said were In this con
ference, I recall the names of 11 II.
Harrlman; of James Htlllman, president
of the National City Bank, und sup
posed representative of the Standard Oil
Interests, of Hinrj Krlck George W.
Perkins, and Itobcit llucon thin a part
ner I nthe Morgan firm, of Mr lliookir,
vice president of the New Haven road,
and Daniel G Held
'On the afternoon of October li I
went up to Ksopus, and on the way
thought It nil nvtr I thought that If
I were not to be elected I at least
could do one real service to the pulillf
this business of corporatc( Interests
tlnunclng campaigns seemed to me then
well, Just ns bad as I said In tnv
speeches Corporations would not con
tribute unliss they expected to get
something valuable In return
Decided On Immediate Action.
'Individuals, ns I then thought and
now think, should be permitted to give
as much as they please, but corpora
tions have no henrts and arc not going
to contribute bv reason of personal con
victions except In their own Interests
"I concluded that If I walled till ufter
election, und then made inv chaiges ami
discussed this subject people woull
onlv laugh and sav ho Is smarting from
wounds' I would get no nttcntlon If
I should bring the subject to the front
before election I would get nttcntlon,
und the service would be a rial one
"Prom that time on I referred to
this subject In various sneiches It
wub ten days Inter before Mr Honse
velt made whit Is sometimes rcfei
lel to ns a reply to me The nett
i venlng after that I attempted a. re
joinder to him, malting the speech of
the Saturday night before election.
In Ilrooklvn neforo going to thnt
meeting, 1 sent to the friend w h
had given me the storv on the con
ference of Interests, and nsked hlin
If I might usi the facts publicly. He
sent back word that he f ould not
consent to It "
"Judge Parker, who ore now living
of the men vou have nnmed In that
list'' asked Senator Clapp
'O I guess all all except Hurrl
man nrc still nllve. repllel Jtidgo
Parker, with a dtlnnt nlr The busi
ness of "putting It on (I'nd men has
been rather notable during the hear
ings, und Judge Parker seemed quite
nleiiscd nt the Idea that ho could
nume some live ones for the commit
tee to call In
At the afternoon session, when cioss
exnmlned Judge Parker made tho Im
portant stntement that Col Daniel I
T amont rormeriy a memuer or i icve
land's Cabinet, was the frlnd who. In
1901 told him that leading financiers
had met In Now York nnd had deter
mined to support the Tlentihllcan partv
and finance the Ileoubllean eampnlgn
fund. This Is the tlrst time the namo
I'as ever been authorltatlvelv disclosed
Colonel I.umont Is now dead.
Alleged Purse Snatcher
Held for Grand Jury
Charged with snalchlrg a purse from
tin hand of Mrs Amelia rraund, of 1315
Seventh stieet northwest Robert Tur
ner, colored, was arraigned In the
United PtnteB branch of the Pollco
Court today for preliminary hcailmj,
nnd was held In $1 000 bonds for tho
aetlon of tbi grand Jury,
Turner, who Is about twentv-elght
veurs old, pleaded not guilty to tho
t horse Tho ulleged purse snatching
occurred yesterday In Seventh stre t
northwest, near the complainant s resi
dence Tho purse contained $30 In bills,
some change und trinkets
7or Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho sjjf fiV""
Slsaaturo of tt7Z.&6taL
. .
Population. 17,1 00,000
Girl and Older Friend Ar
rested Former Was Ar
rested Here Before.
Mu) Patterson, twentl-elght sears
old, nnd l'lortncn Urltt. seventeen jeurs
old, both married, were orrestcd tndiy
b) Detectives Hnwlett, Pratt Mullen,
and Warren on churgi s of vakraney.
The Hrlit girl Is thn ' married woman"
with whom nthol Itctd. sixteen years
old, ran awn) horn her homo ,ln Cham
bersburg, Pa, several weeks ugo and
came to tils clt), whero xhe was found
on the street In nil Intoxicated condi
tion Tho Reed girl lemalned here nt
the house of detention foi several davs
before being sent back to Chambers
burg, pending un Investigation of the
case bv the Department of Justice.
When the police were making nn In
vestigation of the Heed girl's ense they
found the could take no action with
tho Urltt Kir I. ns she dlsnlaved a mnr-
ilago eertlllcate When nrrested today
the Urltt girl guvti her address as tHi
l, street nortnwest.
The Patterson woman, who. It Is said
has been an Intimate friend of the Urltt
girl since she has been In Wuslilngtou,
suld she livid at 9 Grunt place north
west, and also at 214 Indiana avenue
New England Landmark
Burns; Fireman Hurt
The Culver House, built In 1765, and
one of New England's historical land
marks, was destroyed by flro earl to
day. Lewis Hoster, a fireman, fell thirty
fee t from a ladder and sufTored prob
ably fatal Injuries
Do not neglect your
health laxatives are nec
essary son 2 times. Make sure
of the b?3t then go ahead.
E&m& lift
' Natural Laxative
by Physicians lor
615 10th s: , V
(Continued from First Page.)
Islands Italy has seized will again be
conceded to the Sultan, but that they
really will be governed practically us
the powers may direct and that Italy
will pay a substantial Indemnity to
Turkey foi Its lost territory.
Diplomats here agreed that whllo tho
conclusion of peace between Tut key
and Italy probably will facilitate a set
tlement of the present troubles In the
Ualkans, it may only precipitate hos
tilities. LqNDON, Oct. 14.-In the face of
positive conur.naiion irom not" "
thorltj at llerlln that Turkey and Italy
.1 l ....... t,a,,. I IP,I
lave BiKiieu iiimc uk'-c'"-" -
, I-.. .. .... C...ll..t. nfll.ln.l 1&nH
iiuriey, ui mi: i-.iihiibii .,.... --
.... a... ... .1 ... .. ..In. H-ifnlldf Intl.
fuuu 11 iu nay ua ruyuiK nvv. .".-
between fthc two countries were not pro-
if.au.tiii.'fiiinriiltl. T, Ufa nnl eeflaln
however thut his lordship's Information
could precede tho closing of an agree
ment. General Conflict
Between Balkans
And Turks Likely
Pessimistic reports on the Balkan
situation were received at tho State
Department today. Indicating that a
general conlllct umong tho Uulkan
states and Turkey Is probable. Tho
dispatches did not portend a general
conflict of tho powers outside the lial
kan peninsula.
The sources of Information were not
divulged by the State Department, un
the giound that any specific message
might be interpreted to Indicate the
ntlment of the Government with which
the diplomatic correspondent might be
In touch.
To state definitely that pessimistic In
formation came from Bucharest, Athens,
Iielgrade, or elsewhere would afford u
clue to official attitude In those coun
tries, which might be eontrued ns u
brench of confidence on the part of this
Montenegro is at war with Turkey,
Greece Is making extensive prepara
tions, and there Is turmoil and unrest In
Sen la, Bulgaria, and Iloumanla
Tl one familiar with thn Near Eastern
situation arc looking for a settlement
of the hostilities between Itntr and Tur-
l:e, feeling that there Is a disposition
on the part of the Turkish government
to make terms Just as soon as the atten.
Hon nf the population Is diverted to
something else.
Peace can be made with Hal), It la
sugcested, during a Balkan war without
fc curing the attention of the Turkish
people on the pence settlement. The ex
iaMng government will not have to face
tile storm or wrath tnat peace with
Italv would havo provoked some time
The opinion has been expressed that
Turkey, if left alone, can defeit the
Balkan states, men who hne lived In
Turkej stating that the Turkish soldier,
not even excepting the Japanese, is the
hardiest soldier In the world.
Blocked Street When
Chickens Escaped
Although several oollcemen testified
that "chickens chickens, nothing but
chickens ' (nf the unlmul variety) block
ed the passageway of Seventh street
northwest, near P street, Saturday
night, John Heibert, a huckster, who
wus nrralgned on a charge of congest
ing the trafhc of the thoroughfare, de
clared that there had been no "black
atlon" whatever
John owned the chickens (of the ani
mal varlt), und was trlng to dis
pose of them His colored customers
snurmed about the feathered bipeds and
obstructed vehicles and pedestrians who
wont to use the public highway going
io a no iro
"No blockatlon whatever, jour honor.
Merely dlsposln' of bv hens, and trans-
actln my muslness," was Herberts ex
plunatlon to the court.
"Alright Herbert, if there has been no
blockatlon, I will take jour personal
bond not to hnve any more In the
future, ' said the court In disposing of
mo case.
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31-fc Kill !
American Interests, commercial and
political. In tho Balkan states aro so
small that the United States may sit
back In' comfort and watch tho eagt r
expectancy of Europe toward the Montenegrin-Turkish
war utter having been
for some montha tho subject of Euto
pcan amusement becuuso of the trouble
some situation In Latin-America.
In the five countrhs Involved, besides
Turkey, only two ministers aro main
tained, Jacob Schuiman, tho new min
ister to Greece, arrived at his post only
a short time igo. With Greece, for pur
poses of tho United States diplomatic
service, Montenegro Is combined. A
minister Is maintained at Bucharest, tho
rapltal of Itoumanla, and with this
country la combined Servla and Bul
garia. The United States has a consul
at Belgrade.
There are several educational Insti
tutions in these countries In which
American religious organizations nru In
terested and In the several capitals n
few Americans may be found, more In
Athens than elsewhere. Commercial in
terests are extremely small, partly be
cause these countries nrc not commer
cially developed and because there Is a
tacit agreement umong the nations that
southeastern ICuropo la tho commercial
territory of Europe.
That such an understanding existed
was recently shown by the German
press, which Indicated Its dlspleasuro
when the Bethlehem Steel Company, the
only American bidder on the nrtnor
plate for new Greek war vessels, landid
a contract worth. In all, about $3,600,000.
American Interests In the bidding were
watched with Interest by the State De
partment and tho auccera of the Ameri
can company brought a certain satis
faction to the department.
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ViLtA5?'lilAltll,l1' Uraneh Jl
zr 3wi s-'s Kim ft 5r .... .. -. m
Every time we sell a Hehnbert
we make a hit and that means
a home run for ua always Schu
bert owners would not chango
their pianos for anything else
We are manufacturers and save
jou the middleman's profit, and
that means about $200 saved.
See us before ou buy and you
will not buy a piano elsewhere.
Free use of nil new universal
music roll catalogues.
Joseph Hall Chase Piano Co.
1307 G St. N. W.
Bemember, North Hide of G St,
Iletn-een 13th anil 14(h fUs.
hew isTonn 162H ith st. n.w.
on All Frames Made
During This Sale
Art Store
Good Oct. 14th to 19th
Laundry Starch, 2 lbs 7c
Pacific Toilet Paper, 7 rolls 25c
Double Tip Matches, 7 boxes 25c
Evaporated Apricots, lb lie
Hawaiian Sliced Pineapple, can 16c
Grandmother's Oats, pkg 7c
Domestic Sardines, box 3c
Marshall's Kippered Herring, 2 cans . . 25c
Red Alaska Salmon, can 15c
A&P Laundry Soap, 8 cakes 25c
Pretzels, lb 7c
Presto, pkg 10c
Shredded Wheat, pkg 12c
Sultana Peaches, can. ...-,... ,17c
A&P Peaches, can 22c
A&P Cherries, can 25c
Club Cheese, pkg 10c
Neufchatel Cheese, pkg 5c
Welsh Rarebit ChecBe, pkg.. 10c
Cream Chcoso, pkg IOc
Fancy Prunes, 20-30 lb ... 13c
Prunes, 40-B0 lb 10c
Prunes, 00-70 lb, S lbs 25c
Now Dates, pkg 10c
Our Branch
1318 7th St.
r - ,- -f I3J0 in 31.

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