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"HJMjf' iV&M
Chamber of Commerce
Guests to Be Honored by
Local Body Tonight.
Kantner, in Molsant Mono
plane, to Attempt Feat If
Weather Permits.
Women Admitted to Practice Law
To Fly Over City
Extra Panel Necessary for
Trial of Shoemaker Ac
cused of Murder.
Bridgle Webber Tells How
Police Official Went Look
ing for Rosenthal.
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yes. lie smiled when he . glanced
up again and began to twist Ilia mus
tacho nervously.
At noon It was learned that Mrs.
Mllano and her three little children,
wno were suiihiiviictj uuui twunijn, ,, .
Y., to attend the trial, the mother apj J
daughter as witnesses, were without J
funds to buy their lunch. Several fel- I
low countrymen were willing to bosrbw
their charity, but Attorney James 1".
Kelly, one of the counsel for the ac
cused father, took the family to a cafe
and bought them a bounteous meal.
A line legal point developed at the I
outset of Che trial, Daniel W. Daker,
former United States attorney, another
attorney for Mllano, raising the que- I
tlon that the code docs not provide for
the. summoning of additional talesmen
when the regular panel Is exhausted, i
ine tneory was combated by the aov
ernment attorneys and Justice Stafford
took the Government's view, subse
quently Issuing the order for the extra
venire of sevcnty-flvo mon.
In the oxnmlnntinn nf th tatAamn
the only unusual question asked was
ui oy Attorney linker, wno inquired
f the nrosDCCtlvn lurnrn had nnv
prejudice against the Italian race.
viuito a number of talesmen were ex
cused because they had conscientious
scruples against capital punishment.
Alienists On Hand.
Anticipating that the defense will
be based on a plea of Insanity, the
Government had Dr. D. Percy Hick,
ling, of the Washington Asjlum and
'Jail, and Dr. Edward M. Brush, of
Baltimore, two well-known alienists,
In court to observe the defendant and
his actions during tho trial. They sat
close to the prisoner.
Attorneys Kelly and linker have not
yet announced their line of defense,
but It Is understood that they will
attempt to prove an alibi for their
client, and In the event of the failure
of this effort will resort to the plea
of Insanity.
Flft -eight witnesses havo been sum
moned by tho Government to prove the
murder of the little Smith boy. The
prosecution will be based almost wholly
on circumstantial evidence, as the only
testimony thus far available, It Is under
stood, simply proves that the lad was
last seen alive when he entered tho
Italian's shoe shop on tho afternoon of
September 9, 1911.
Miss Nettle RadclofT, of Philadelphia,
who has been described as "the woman
In yellow," and wrongly so, according to
District Attorney Wilson, will be an
Important witness for the Government.
She will testify that she gave the Smith
boy a quarter to get change, and that
he went Into Mllun'a place with the
What happened In the shoe shop Is a
matter of conjecture or suspicion. The
next morning the charred body of the
boy with head battered In was found
lying on a couch. The lounge, as a
gruesome exhibit, Is quite outside the
court room door, and will be brought
before the Jury.
The defense has about a score of wit
nesses but Attorney Kelly says that
several of the witnesses for tho Govern
ment will give testimony for the de
fendant. Ills confinement In Jail for thirteen
months wrought a great change In the
appearance of Mllano. Ills hulr has
whitened to a great extent, and his
military bearing, born of service In tho
Italian army, was conspicuously ab
sent. A pallor has replaced the
swarthy complexion he had when ho
was arrestee: more tnan a ear ogo
Assisting In tho prosecution of the
case Is Assistant United States Attor
ney S McComas Hawken, who con
ducted the examination of the talesmen
Body Found in Debris.
Firemen poking among the debris of
a blaze In a cobbler's Bhop at Fourth
and II streets noithwest on tho morn
ing of September 11, 1911, first discov
ered the charred remains of Harry
Elton Smith, the twoIe-year-old boy
alleged to have been tho victim of
Tony Mllano. Mllano' Tony, tho shoe
maker," he had called himself was
taken Into custody suspecttd of arson
and murder.
Evidence was brought to light by the
police that Mrs Francos Hooper, of 404
H street, had heard a scream In
MIlano'B s1iop about 5 o'clock the after
noon before the discovery of the boy's
body. Mrs Hooper said sho saw
Mllano choking some one In tho rear
of the shop
Earle Ahmay. fourteen years of age,
living at 935 V street, next came for
ward and told of seeing Mllano, as he
thinks, sitting on top of a small hoy
In tho rear of tho cobbler's shop Tho
man was striking tho boy Flro Mar
shal Nicholson swore that the shop had
been saturated with kerosene. Maggie
Mllano, tho arrested man's six-year-old
"bambino." admitted halng bought 6
cents' worth of coal oil at her father's
The second day after tho discovery
came the Inquest, signalized by what
was probably the most dramatic event
which ever took place at a public
hearing In Washington
A frill oiing girl, whose big brown
tvs xx ere wl d with horror und anguish,
nprun; at the ncritscd man and gripped
him by the thnit. It was Myrtle
Pnlth. sister of the little boy alleged
to have been bnitully done to death In
th cobbler's shot). Ptvo strong men
vore necessary to pry loose tho lingers
nf the girl from tho burly neck of Ml
lano. That afternoon the coroner'i Jury
brought In a verdict accusing the Ital
ian of the crime of murder and a month
later Mllano tried to kill himself in
Jail by hanglpg.
Series cf Tragic Events
Meantime his wife had been driven
from her home for non-pajment of rent,
his children were starxlng and without
protection from tho cold, and he him
self faced trial for his llfo.
But tho muidor, tho attempt of Myr
tie Smith to strangle Mllano in the hear
ing room of the morgue and the at
tempted suicide nf Mllano are not tho
only chapters In this procession of
tragic events A Uttlo later Miss Smith,
taking medicine In tho night, mistook a
bottle of acid for a heart tonic and died
after much sunering.
On December S9. last, the grand Jury
Indicted Tony Mllano on tho chargo of
nurdtr In the first' degree Tho true
bill contained three counts, one charging
that Mllano killed tho Uttlo boy with n
hummer, ono that ho ustd a piece of
wood, and tho third that the "weapon
used Is unknown to tho grand Juiy
The exact manner In which the Smith
boy met death has been mutter of
ronjectuie ever since the trnglc ex rut
'that the fire might havo been kindled
to cover up the crime bus been the the
ot y generally held, hut why, Mllano
ns alleged fchould II rat havu clubbed
Harry Smith to death has not been
dellnltelx determined and Is one of the
prints which tho trial may bo expected
to clear up, provided the m story la
ever ached
One theory advanced ns to the cause
of the assault on the child xxas that
Mllano may have misunderstood an Im
pediment In the Smith lad s speech and
thought tne boy was trying to tease
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A " Vft !&. " 4tsW 4sW sVJMEssisbsbsbsbssssiF J K h i I -M MS
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ijrt vFvppin isiyjjv, -
- - mm rujf u "
J srwnvs.rrwv
Nbry C TelrjxlejxL KflTeaRiNE C Pike
These four oung women were admitted to the bar of tho District Su
preme Court among a total of 147 admissions, the rest of tho number being
men All the four girls havo attained distinction in one way or another bes'des
becoming ersed In tho law.
President and Secretary Meyer Inspect Big Pageant at
New York Fighting Strength of Sea Force in
East Drawn Up for Review.
NEW YOItK, Oct. 14 The roar of
saluting guns, echoing and re-echoing
from tho nature-made cliffs of Nexv
Jersey and tho man-made mountains
and canyons of Manhattan, gave notice
to all within earBhot today that the
greatest naxal review In tho history
of the United States xxas on.
The first salute, nineteen guns, from
the Connecticut, answered promptly b
tho gunboat Dolphin as she dropped her
mud hook and broko out the Hag of
Secretary of the Navy Mc cr, came
promptly nt 9 o'clock and marked the
Inauguration of a day of ceremony
such ns Is seldom witnessed In America.
With the boom of the. last gun and
almost before tho faint apor of the
smokeless charge had wound lazily
show the murrlo of the saluting piece,
the admiral's launch was In the xxiter
at the ganguav leading from the Con
necticut, and Henr Admiral Hugo Osler
haus, clad In the blue and rold of his
rank, with his completo uttff, Jumped
Into their places nnd the launch sped
oxner to the Dolphin, on whoso bridge,
clad In Immaculate morning garb and
surrounded bv tho officers of tho gun
boat and thoio especially detailed to
assist him, xvas tho Hecratary of tho
Formal Visit Made.
The call was of the most formal char
acter. Tho drums were ruffled as the
uniformed officers camo over tho side,
there xxas a handshake, and then Ad
mrlal Osterhaus took position nt the
left of tho Secretary xxhlle tho aquadron
commanders began to appear In the
launches which had brought them from
their xessels.
Meanwhile fleet tenders had run to the
pier nt the foot of West Seventy-ninth
street, and were bringing to tho Dolphin
the membcrB of the House and Senate
Committees on Naval Affairs, xvho wore
to participate xxlth the Socrotary In tho
Initial review preceding the formal re
view ana inspection ny tne uommancler-ln-Chlef,
President Toft.
President Down Harbor,
Meanxvhlle down In tho smother of fog
that masked tho entranco to the har
bor Just a few rods from the Ambrose
channel lightship, the President was
resting on bonrd tho converted yacht
Mayflower. Tossing slowly at the end
of a long anchor chain, tho President's
craft remained alxvays In touch with the
big Connecticut by wireless, waiting the
hour Bet to sail up the river, and take
position at tho head of tho fleot.
At 9,10, Secretary Moycr and Admiral
Osterhaus entered the Connecticut's
launch und visited tho Wyoming, latest
of America's big gun lighting ships.
When tho Inspection ended, the Hecre-
Hays Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Taft, Miss Ioulse Toft, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry W. Taft, Gen. B. F. Tracy, Mr.
d Mrs Georgo D. Sheldon, Mrs. wll
am Fuller, and James D. Lxon.
As tho Mayflower anchored, avert
vessel In the fleet flrcd the Presidential
salute of twenty-ono guns While tho
guns were booming, tho Secretary of the
Navy and his complete staff went on
board the Mayflower and at tho sumo
time the President's flag was hauled
down from the yacht Then the May
tloxxcr got under way nnd steamed up
the rlxer to where tho Connecticut wns
anchored As tho President's yacht
anchor!, tho Presidential flag was
again broken out and as It was carried
out flat by tho breeze, tho Hoot again
The Commandcr-ln-Chlef, staff, dlxl
slon commanders nnd their staffs then
formally paid their lslt to the Mo)
flower and at 1 K tho President re
turned the call of Admiral Osterhaus
The President and Secretary Mtyer re
turned to the Mafloxxer Immediately
after tho formal call, nfter which the
President, In his vacht Inspected tho et,
tlro fleet at anchor.
Archbold Sinks Boat.
Hundreds of visitors aboard tho bat
tleship North Carolina and thousands
of persons In pleasure craft and on the
Hudson's shore off Fifty-third street
saw the world-famous steam launch
Vixen, owned by John D. Archbold,
crash Into tho Madxtc, a motor boat,
cut her In two, and hurl all except
one of her clexen passengers Into tho
river, lato yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Archbold was on board and ex
pressed his deep regret. Ho offered his
assistance to the unfortunate victims.
A half dozen sailors plunged over
board to rescue those in peril, and they
were tho first to arrive. The collision
occurred only 100 feet off the etern of
the North Carolina, quickly a lifeboat
dropped off tho davits of tho battleship
and was speeding to the wreck Also
tho North Carolina's launch sped In the
same direction.
Ten passengers of the wrecked boat,
two of them little children, were floun
dering In tho water. Tho sailors
caught them and held them up until
the boats came
The navy lifeboat pulled alongside
the Madvlc, and Gunnersmato Claude
Farmer thought he saw a human form
through tho window of her cabin Ho
took a punch at the window and fol
lowed the punch bodily Mrs Victoria
Bauer, mother of Bernard Bauer, own
er of the Madvlc, lav Insensible from
shock In the boat. Parmer lifted her
nnd passed her through tho window to
his comrades.
Ensign Is Drowned.
Despite tho enormous number of peo
ple handled since the arrival of tho
fleet In the Hudson the only fatal accl
(Continued from First Tage )
years. I first met him In a Forty-fifth
street cafe. Later he come to my of
fice in a gambling house I conducted on
Second avenue. Ha never raided my
place, and he and I were friendly dur
ing all of the time I knew him."
"Did you and Becker ever discuss
Decker Cursed Rosenthal.
"We did many times. I met Becker
at 121th street and Sovonth avenue
shortly before Becker was killed. Harry
Vallon and Jack Rose were wttn mo
when Becker came along. Sam Schcpps
was also there. Bcckor said to usi
That Rosenthal Is mak
ing all kinds of trouble. He has gone
to Magistrate McAdoo and la trying to
see tho district attorney. Now, If he
ever gets to Whitman, it will be all
off In this town. Why don't you see
the boys and have tho
croaked '
"I said that croaking a man was a
serlotis matter, but he got mad and
said "That's all right. I want him
croakeH, and I will certainly take caro
or tne boys after the job is aone.-
"There was nothing else for mo to do
so I said: 'All right, Charlie If that
Is tho way you feel, of course I will
get In touch with the boys and have
tho Job done.'
"I went down to my poker room and
nfter I got there I got a phone mes
sage from Becker telling mo to meet
him In tho Union Square Hotel. I xvent
over there and we talked things over.
I met him again In the hotel and this
time he said to mo: 'Bridgle, why don't
you get on tho Job and croak that
"I said to him: 'Charlie, everything
will be worked out all right and the
Job will bo done In a few days I havo
spoKcn to the boys and It will be all
"Just then Jack Rose and my xvlfo
came along In a taxlcab and I got In
and we went out to the country. On
me way, I torn nose that Becker was
keeping after me to haxo Ilnsenthnl
croaked and that tho Job would have
to bo done I told them that I had
told Charlie tho Job would bo done In
a few days."
"Wcro tho methods bv which Rosen
thal was to be killed discussed"
"Well, Jack did not want the gun
men to do tho Job. Ho thought It could
be pulled off better In my poker room."
"Now, I want you to tell the Jury
about what happened In connection with
Rosenthal on July IS," said Moss.
Repeats Rose's Story.
Webber repeated the story as related
by Rose on Saturday of the gunmen
coming to his poker room. Previously
he ald that Jack Sulllxan had told him
and Rose that they and other gamblers
xvero to be subpoenaed to corroborate
Rosenthal's testimony before the grand
Jury regodlng tho paying of money
for protection.
"Then Hose asked mo where Rosen
thal was," continued Webber, "and I
told him I did not know but that I
would find out I went oxer to tho
Metropolo and saw thut he was thoro
und went back and told the boxs They
jcii at once.
"T lf mv nine fihnilt ? ft'plnrV nnil
walked down Itrnadwuv to Twentv-ser-l
nnd street and back again About 2 10
I went to the Times Square subway
station and from there I went to the
Cadillac Hotel "
"Did you see Rosenthal?"
"Yes, I saw his body lying on tho
sidewalk In front of tho Metropole Ho
til After that I went to my place and.
about 2'30, Sulllxan and Roso came In.
We had some drinks and talked things
over Wo staxed there until nearly 5
o'clock when we xvent out to meet
Congratulated By Becker.
"When he came along he smiled and
said to mo: 'Well, boxs, ou did a good
"Rose broke In and said' 'Charllo,
this Is terrible. There will bo troublo
oxer this with tho district nttornoy on
the Job. He lms the automobile num
ber and I am worried '
"Becker laughed at htm and said:
There Is nothing to worry about. I
haxo told xou that I would sco this
through All that Is necessary Is for
the boxs to He low for a few dajn
"Then Becker told me to give Rose
$l,Cn0 to pax the boxs, saying that would
make ii.buu ne woum owe me. I earn
all right, but Rose Insisted that thero
would be trouble.
"Bcckor i.ald' 'There Is nothing to
xvorrx about, xvny I passed the Metro
polo shortly before then mxscdf, and If
I could hax e seen the
I would haxo done the Job myself.
I told my chauffeur to drlxe slowly and
had my gun bo that I could haxo done
the Job.'
"Becker then left us and wo went
oxer to Eighth axenue, where I gave
nose tne i iw
This ended Webber's direct testimony
nnd Mclntvro legan his cross-examina
tion bx dolxlmr Into the tiast life nf the
witness, who admitted not only running
gnmoung nouses, mil also naxing con
ducting an opium Joint on Pell street,
In Chinatown.
"Your placo was frequented by degen
erates and xx omen, xxbb It not?' de
manded Mclntyre.
"I don't know," lazily replied Webber.
"Kxer Berve women there?"
"You knew jour business was unlaw
ful?" "Sure," eald tho witness
Mclntjre fnlled In nn effort to show
that tho witness, Rose. Vallon, and
Bchepps wore opium or morphine users.
A large reception at tho Pan-American
Union tonight at 9 o'clock Is the last
event on the program of entertainments
provided by the Chamber of Commerce
for tho delegates of the International
Congress of Chambers of Commerce,
who have been the guests of the city
for the past two days.
Tomorrow morning at 9.30 o'clock the
party of 800, composed of tho delegates
and their families, will leave for Phila
delphia, where their tour of a dozen of
the most prominent American cities
comes to an end.
For tonight's reception the entire
special committee of 200 from the Cham
ber of Commerce will act as a reception
committee. These gentlemen, with their
wives, and headed by John Barrett,
director general of the Pan American
Union, and the officers of the chambr,
will meet the guests at the top of the
south stairway In tho Pan American
In spite of tho Inclement weather
the trln bv boat to Mt. Vernon this
afternoon was largely attended. Tho
delegates expressed a determination
uf seeing Washington's home, rain
or shine, and almost the entire dele
gation was on board the boat at 2:30
One of the achievements of note,
which seems likely to result from
tho close association of the delegates
to the congress during their long
tour of the country Is tho formation
of a Cosmopolitan Club, with promi
nent business men from all parts of
the world as members and with
branches In commercial centers
The Idea In forming the club Is to pro
mote reciprocity and good feeling among
the business men of the various nations
In order to promote more frequent visits
of business men to other countries. It
Is planned to have tho members of the
club In anv country nay all the ex
penses of a visitor from another country
wno is niso a memuer or tne ciud.
ssasasasasasasaP' ' ' ss
sasssassV AM
m. - , : Am
Hi- isKllB
1HMbMHi7 '''biibsibsibsibsibsibsibsibsiH
J, Harold Kantner, who has been fly- ,
ing the Molsant monoplane at College
Park for the past three weeks, expects
to circle over Washington some time
tomorrow afternoon. If condition ara
zood for living. He does not plan to
do any spectacular stunts whlie over
the city, but xviil sail 1.500 feet or nigner
so that tn case nn thing should go
wrong with his engine he could prob
ably glide to some vacant lot In safety.
Ha punned to make the trip this after
noon, but rain has caused a postpone
ment. After he returns to College Park, Miss
llernetta A. Miller will make two short
lllghta In the machine.
Kantner expects to leave College Park,
at 4 o'clock, provided It I not too
cloudy or windy, nnd as he can get
fifty-five miles an hour out of his ma
chine, he should pass over Washington
about 4:15.
Lieut. Harold Gelger, of the army
hydroaeroplane station at the War Col
lege, will make some flights over the
Potomac river between 4 and S 30
Settlement House
Benefit Show Tonight
The Washington Alliance of Jewish
Women will be In chahrge of the Be
lasco Thwtter tonight, where a benefit
will bo given toward the establishment
of a settlement house In tho upper
southwest section of tho city or the
lower northwest section.
Mrs. Adolph Kahn. president of the
alliance, said today that tho exact lo
cation for the house had not been determined.
Plague Outbreak Under
Control in Porto Rico
"No case of plague having developed
In Porto Rico since September 12 the
outbreak may be deemed well under
control so far as the possibility of In
fecting man Is concerned," says a bulle
tin of the Public Health Service, Issued
todax. "The Infection, without doubt,
still persists In a xcry few localities to
a limited extent among rats."
How extensive a work was conducted
In lighting the ploguo In Porto Rico I
shown by the fact that the Publlo
Health Service caught and examined
17,000 rats during the outbreak.
A disquieting dispatch from California
tells of the discovery of plague Infected
ground squirrels In Contra Costa county.
Rats undoubtedly Infected the squirrels.
Three Colored Inmates of Slat
er's Court Are Sent to
James Watson, Delia Fox, and Abra
ham Jones, 'colored, who disturbed the
peace of Slaters court northwest Satur
day night and disheveled the appear
ance of three precinct policemen who
tried to quiet them, were sentenced to
pay a fine of 110 each In the United
States branch of the Police Court to
day. Sergt. Harry Lohman went to the
house In Slaters court, according to tes
timony, when he heard cries of "Mur
der." He blew his whistle, and De
tectives Howes and Simpson answered
Tho three officers, according to their
testimony, "had all they could ao to
moxe the occupants and disturbers of
the peace from the house to the First
precinct station.
Besides the nncs. In default of which
each of the defendants will serve thirty
days In Jail, Jones was sentenced to
serx-e ninety days, ana xvaison win jo
to Jail for eleven months
Seven Navy Department
Officers Attend Review
Beven nax-al officers connected with
tho Navy Department will witness the
rex lew of tho 127 war xessels at New
York today and tomorrow. Secretary of
tho Navy Meyer today reviewed the
long line of fighting craft and with him
on the Dolnhln were Rear Admiral C.
J. Badger, Capt. T. M. Potts, aide to
personnel: capt. A. a. winiernauer,
aldo to material, and Capt. T. S. Rod
gcrs, chief Intelligence officers. Rear
Admiral N. C Twining, chief of the
bureau of ordinance, and Chief Con
structor Richard M. Watt were also
on tho Dolphin today.
Rear Admiral Philip Andrews, chief
of the bureau of naxlgation, and Mrs.
Andrews will be on the Dolphin to
morrow, when tho President, on the
Max flower, rex lews the fleet as it
steams out to sea.
Under Snn.ervi.sion of the II. S. Treasury L
In the Hall of Fame
If Andrew Carnegie had not
saved his money so that he could
make wise investments he would
not today be in position to donate
millions for charitable purposes.
There are just as many opportun
ities for making money today as
ever before.
We Pay 3 Compound Interest on Savings Accounts
E?i ' W
lf x Jr
7th and Jlasn. Atc. K. V.
"th & il St. '. E. 436 7th St, S. VT.
9rv jPSs&JHslllllllllllllllllllllllllllllH
sisisisisisisisisisisisisBlsslisisisisisisisisHsElC " 4sWJBssyBnssKB I
Breaks Speed Law
On Way to Church
That he owned an automobile the
speed of which astonished him was the
novel plea entered In the District
branch of tho Police Court today by
James Depew, a young automoblllst
nrralcned on a charge of snecdlng.
"You wero going thirty miles an nour,
according to the policeman who arrest
ed you," said the court to Depew, aa
the latter took tne witness etana.
"I don't believe my machine can go
that fast." replied the defendant.
"Well, you see, you haxe a better ma.
hclne that you thought you had," said
the court,
"I was on my wav to church and
really exceeded the limit unconscious
ly." stammered the defendant.
"Oh, well, If iou were so Inclined
while breaking the law," said the court,
"I will Impose the lowest fine 15"
Small Cash Payment
Balance Monthly
126 to 134 12th Street N. E.
Just a few steps north of beautiful Lincoln
Park the most attractive up-to-date
houses ever offered in this section.
Come out this evening or Sunday.
rooms and Bath.
Hardwood Finish Throughout.
Parquetry Flooring.
Hlectrlc Lights
Larue. Lots With Large Parking to
Double Porches, 7 by IS ft
Holland Window Shades.
Hide-oven Gas Ranges.
Extra I-argo Closets.
Mirror Doors
Floors Planed and Oiled
Paved Streets and Sidewalks
Room for Oarage or Stable.
Open Daily and Sunday and Lighted Until 9 P. M.
la.r5;,tree.tU,? ?, "Z0X?.? '? ! dents occurred, early yesterday, .when
wagged a slgnn.nd the Dolphin start- j KD'Kan.K cil o" e board from one .
vessels f,The1cnr?ai,lrvlwaa,a1 tn?rt?i" motorboats as heTasSout
;e!.s.eI1 V,,r VJ?.F.r?tt e"' rcv'ew a..?e?r?r to bo un tho gangway of his shin after
Secretary Reviews Fleet,
Immediately astern of the Dolphin
came tho gunboat Nashville, with news
paper representatives, photographers,
and lnlted guestB on board. Then
came tho river steamer Hendrlck Hud
son, with Mayor Oaynor and tho New
York city committee. Thore was an In
tersal of a sea mile between tho first
three craft and tho ml icellaneoiis col
let tlon nf ossein that accompanied
them Under the rules all craft had to
keep that distance from the Inspecting
essels, nnd the regulation was rigor
ouslv enforced by the Revenue Cutter
'lho Inspection ended, the vessels re
Hired tn the places assigned to them,
and at 11 30 the Mayflower, with Presl
'aft on board, sailed up tho river
to her anchorage ofT West Thirtj-tlrst
heard. Ifi addition to the President,
were Mrs Taft Miss Taft, Major
Ilhoades, Mrs Laughlln, Mr and Mrs
Larz Anderson, Mr. and Mrs, John
returning from shore A strong tide
was running at the time, and all efforts
to rescue him proved In vain
A few minutes later a sailor from the
Nebraska, one of a party of eighteen
officers and men, returning from shore
leave In a launch, suddenly pitched
from his position In tho stern of tho
boat and fell oerhoard
The launch was stopped and one of
the officers plunged oerboard to the
rescue of tho man but nlthough ho
dived three times ho was unable to
reach him
Boy Scouts Go Through
Massed Drill in Park
Nearly 100 boy scouts, pnrt of nine
troops, went through a massed drill
Saturday afternoon under direction of
Advisory Scout Wood The maneuvers
took placa near Plerco's Mill and In
Rock Creek Park
A massed drill ono Saturday after
noon In each month has been scheduled
lor the scouts.
1314 F Street Northwest
Jgjpf tt TyfCpesiA'jTtCKtc
TIMES Want Ads have placed
many a good servant and have
secured many a good place of em
ployment. A Times Want Ad in
The Times will solve
Solve the Servant Problem

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